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Only Paper in
East Clackamas
NO. 40 o v VOL. 5
K ST A C A D A , OREGON, T H U R SD A Y JU N E 19, 19 13
$1 A V E A k
Big Bargains in
Desiring to reduce our
stock of Wall Paper for the
next 30 days we will sell the
grade of flowered papers at 20 cents per
double roll.
Regular price 35 cents.
We also have on hand some beautiful patterns of paper
which we will sell at the very reasonable price of from 10 to
20 cts. and 1 to 3 roll remnants, 5cts perroll.
Size 9x12 Axminister and Tapestry rugs will bt offered
for sale at greatly reduced prices for the next thirty days.
White Sewing Machines, Cash price $33. We also carry a
complete line furniture, Columbia Phonographs, and records.
Economy Fruit Jars, Caps and
Jelly Glasses.
W. D. and L. M. Henthom, Proprietors
Odd Fellows Building
Celebration underthc direction of The Estacada Ladies Civic Club
Kirkpatrick Council, Knights | Three children of Mr. and Mrs
Mr. and Mrs B. C. Hartson of
and Ladies of Security, who will Leyton Reisland who live at Wilson Eureka, Cal , uncle and aunt of L
give a picnic in Estacada park. j hill, have been very s!ck with scar­ E Belfils. Mesdames I.. A. Heist
June 29, extends an invitation to let fever, the eldist hoy being es­ and J. Schone of Portland, sisters
everybody to come and have a good pecially in a bad condition but lie of Mr. II I fils anti Mr. and Mrs
time. See notice elsewhere in this : as well as the other members are j Deelev of Portland spent Sunday at
paper. This organization is only a | convalesccnt
Dr Adix is the ;the Belfil’ s home.
little over a year old but today has physician in attendance.
nearly 600 beneficial v members.
VV. F. Cary and Miss Val E cker1 Piedmont M ¡rooms vs. Estacada,
A plea-atit
plea-ant family reunion was [ weut to Seaside Saturday where)
held at the residence of F. W. Bates1 they joined Mr. and Mrs. Pyle for ] at Estacada Sunday afternoon 2:30. I
at Garfield last Sunday, the follow­ an outing. The two former re The Maroons are a fast aggregation
ing persons were present: Mr. and turned Monday but Mr. and Mrs. and are coming with the intention |
Mrs. Edwin Bates of Estacada, Mr. Pyle will not return until the last of | of trouncing the locals who have
and Mrs. E. W. Howell of Ashland, this week. They report a most en been defeated but once this season.
If you enjoy good ball placing at- j
Mr. *..u
and m
N. . o Bites
and two
j ■>*..
is . Ii. is
n e s anu
n vu i I j o y a h|e tr jp .
the game Sunday and boost
daughters of ' " Barton and . . Mr.
for the heme team.
Mrs F. W. Bates. It had been |
nearly three years since all had m
, .
Tne Special meetings under the
and a fine dinner and a good tune1
„ ,
direction of Rev. 1 . L. Jones,
A meeting to organize a Rod and
was enjoyed by all
which began at the Methodist Gun Club will be held at the Cary
Church last Sunday will continue
The 4th of July is uear and the every night this week. Two ser Mercbautile Friday June 20th at
strawberry social is nearer, why vices on Sunday at n A. M. and 8 1 2:00 P. M
This club is to be organized
don’ t the Ladies Civic Improve­ P. M
primarily for the improvement of
ment club get busy and have a
Mr. Jones is an eloquent and in­
thistle cutting day before either day teresting speaker and lias much ex- I the fish and game conditions in the
I surrounding country and in the
arrives There are a great manv perience in evangelistic work.
! mountains. It is hoped that every­
weeds and thistles along the side-
Services begin at 8 P. M. every one interested in the fish and
walks which do not improve th e|njg |lt
game will attend.
looks of our little city. Why not
Everybody invited to attend.
all get busy and tidy up along in j
front of their homes before some
Kirkpatrick Council No. 2227,
one asks you to do it ? Let us trv
Knights and Ladies of Security,
to have a clean city to entertain our
Arthur Howard
a young man will entertain members and the
employed by the Otto Kletcli saw public with dancing, athletic games,
B. O. Boswell.
mill company at Dodge met with a etc., at Estacada Park. The finest
As a result of the May examina­ bad accident Wednesday
While ! orchestra in Portland has been en
tion of eighth grade pupils in the hauling a load cf logs the team he gaged tor this special excursion and
county schools, only 137 oi^t of 394 was driving commenced running picnic, and plenty of refreshments
received diplomas that will admit and in some way his leg got fa st; will be sold on the grounds. Ad
them to any high school in the 1 bttween the logs and the bones mission to dance 25 cents. Come
state. 154 were “ conditioned’’ and were badly crushed. He was at 1 and spend the day in Estacada, the
will have to take examinations in I once taken to tllis city and placed beautiful city on the Clackamas
one or more studies in June or I under tlle care 0f Dr. Adix who River.
That but a third took the voung man to a hospital
passed is said to be due to the fact j a [ P o r t l a n d . T h e i n j a r v i s a v e r y
that the questions were very hard serious one and Mr. Howard will be
but fair. In the last year of the fortunate if he is not crippled per-
Unusual interest was shown in the
grade schools, it seems that an manently.
election of school officers at the
effort was made to teach the pupils
school election held Monday night.
too much of subjects that are not of
Ninety nine ballots were cast for
■ practical use. However, the writer
choice for condidates and eighty
is not posted on the subject and can
At 9 o'clock of June 14, the three ballots at the election. The
not say how much truth there is in j j awards for the best gardens were j primary vote stood Harkeurider
the above statement. Pupils of the announced at the schooj grounds.
fifty one. Demov forty eight. The
Estacada schools who passed the
In Class A (6th, 7th and 8th vote for director was Demoy forty
examinations are George Hicks, grades) 1st. William Oberstaller, three, Harkeurider forty.
Dora Currin, Sam Barr, Gladys ; auto ride to Portland,
Portiand, donated by ¡clerk
I clerk the vote stood J. A. Somers
Townsend, Joseph Demoy, Paul j w Reed; 2ad Elmer Sutterfield. forty, W. H. Holder forty three,
Frazier, George Mathewson, Doro- aut0 rjde t0 Portlaadi dollaled bv The present board is L. E Belfils,
thy Miiler, Nettie Woodle and J. W. Reed; 3rd Helena Frazier, {J- W. Reed, A. Demov and W. II
Grace Dennev.
best pair of shoes in store, Cary’ s Holder. Mrs. S E. Bates the re-
clerk refused to be a candi-
Glorious Fourth
Merc. Co ; 4th Nettie Woodle, box
date lor re election. Had she al-
That Estacada will have the !of chocolates, R. G. Marchbauk.
lowed her name to be placed in
greatest fourth of July celebration Class B (4th and 5th grades) 1st
Joseph Woodle. auto ride to Port -1 nomination she would have in aH
in its history is now an assured fact.
auto ride ! probability been elected by a un­
All of the committees are having land; 2nd Elmer Hannah
animous vote as she has made an
excellent success and much interest to Portland; 3rd Albert Hannah,
excellent official.
and entbusiam is being manifested fonntaiu pen Iistacada Pharmacy;
by all citizens. The parade prou - 4 th Fred Sutterfield, box of choco-
ises to be a most elaborate affair lates Ed Bonner.
Mrs Anna Hunt, wife of John
and many surprises are in store
along that line. The committee on tion in Class A are Josie Harketi- Hunt died Tuesday evening at her
music has secured the famous rider, Vera Cowan, Morlev Browne, home soutb nf die river. Deceased
Kreidt band and orchestra of Port- Ruby Me Willis, Carrie Hannah, was horn in indianna seventy-eight
laud to furnish the music. This and Gladys Townsend. In Class years ago, she moved with her
baud is a celebrated oue and it was B are Frank O’Connor. Earnest husband to Okaloosa, Iowa in 1847
i and ¡a ,g 0d came with the family
necesstry to sign a contract Rymning.
The early garden contest has and fe;tied in Estacada where slu
for a large amount in order
to secure their services. The base j been a grand success, all honor to has made her home except when
ball management has about closed those who have won. And several sbe and her husband returned to
a deal with th: Brookyln Greys, who did not w in this year will sure i OWa and remained about a year,
Mrs. Hunt was the mother of
said to be the fastest aggregation ot ly find a high place next.
Now for the late garden contest seven children four of whom sur-
amateur players in the city of Port­
land, to play against the local team. to be judgded early in September. vlve her, viz Ed. Hunt and Mrs.
The concession committee reports In this prizes 1st and 2nd in each OMiver Shock of this city and two
evetything in their line progressing class will be an auto ride either to SOns who live in the east. Nodefi-
and that they will have everything Portland or to the county fair dona t,ate funeral arrangements w ill be
from a doll rack to a human roil ted by A. F. Sparks with the option ,nade llntji after the arrival of her
lette. One thing this paper has of either of the lower prizes for son j inles Hunt from Oskaloosa,
been especially requested to an those who have won the 1st auto [owa wd)o is expected Wednesday
nounce is that no intoxicants of am rtde. 3rd prize in each class is a „¡¡¡ht or Thursday morning. The
bred White
Wyandotte deceased had been a sufferer for
description will be tolerated in or pure
Guthrie. a(,out fifteen years but had passed
around the dancing pavilion and
there will be enough special police 4th prize to be announced, donated the alloted period of three score
years and ten. The aged husband
to enforce this order. So if you by Prof Ford.
children have many friends
want to celebrate the day attending
here who extend their sympathy to
a good clean celebration, come to gardens.
F. B Guthrie.
them in their sorrow.
Dance afternoon and evening in the
new pavilion. Six piece orchestra
Grand Parade,Good Band
Races of all kinds
Q -C e d a r M o p
Makes all woodwork bright and clean.
Pats an end to the back breaking task of dusting
polishing hardwood floors, linoleum, oilcloth, etc.
So hard and dry that it does not gum or collect dust as
mere polishes do.
Is applied with long handled Q-Ceder mop without the
hard work of getting down on your knees.
For Sale at
The Estacada Pharm acy
Good Time on Sunday, June 29th
State Bank
If you carry your account with us,
we make no charge for issuing
drafts to any part of United States
We make no charge for cashing any
or all foreign checks.
W e make all kinds of collections with-
out charge to you, unless there
direct charge to us.
In addition to the facilities offered by all other
banks, we wish you to try the convenience of your
home bank.
We will accept accounts, large or small.
$2 a day
$ro a week
The Hotel Estacada
One of the most delightful Resorts on the
me Coast
uoast 1
!_ J
Waterbury C8h Chapman
Local and Tourist Trade Solicited
Dealers in
Agents for
Our Motto
‘A Satisfied Customer Always
A Customer”
For I ami 2 books
Beautiful Rugs
Elegant Rockers
For I Book ^aby High Chairs
6 all white Cups. Saucers and Plates
E 5 K-
M a a a —
Visit Our Jewelry Dept.
Very select gold filled beauty pins 25c. up
Solid gold front and gold filled brooches
--------------- 50c. to $3.00
Beautiful gold filled jabot or veil pins
i5c. and up
Extra quality misses or ladies gold filled bracelets
------- Special Price $1.50 Each
Gentlemans’ 7 jewel Elgin gold finished movement
Guaranteed for 2 yrs., solid silver laid case
Our price only $5.00------- By Parcel Post $5.05
We Issue Fish or Hunting License
Fly Rods
Three pieces and extra tip, length 8 to 10 feet
Calcutta Bamboo
Solid Metal Reel Plate
Silk Wound Snake
Special Price 80 cts. Ea----- By Parcel Post 88cts.
Dandy Trout Flies at 25c. a Doz
Plenty of Lumber Here
to build any number of grand
standsjfor Fourth of July cele­
charge of such matters can
consult us on the quantity
and character of lumlier need­
ed for any sized stand or plat­
form There'll be no collapse
or accident if our advice and
Iumtiei arc taken.
E. D. ALLEN, Estacada, Ore.