Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, October 10, 1912, Image 3

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    Gift That Blafna Had.
Jamea Q. Ulalns had the rare gift of
dismissing from his presence any one
who had come to him for a favor
which he could not (rant, with a feel­
ing that he was his big brother, and
grieved to death at the compulsion of
Although Ulalne was uni­
versally belovsd, yet he was defeated
for the highest offlee In the gift of the
people.—From the Magazine of Amer­
ican History.
c »n t * t you Imitey price* fur Wiki Duck*
•ud uthar n o u in ■ * * * » ,. W rit* u* fur
***k *ff*r un *11 kind*uf puultry, pork, etc,
Pearson-Pagc Co., Portland
■ * - Portland.
Rocond-Hand Machin­
ery bought, aolti atui
aachangad: anginas
•‘ f
5 * J E Martin To.. 83 1st
Sand for Stock List and pricaa.
Ones Exclusive Pst of Royalty.
The Pekingese spaniel, or "lion
dog," now so popular among dog lov-
o f $100 or more by buying your
era. was formerly an exclusive posses­
Piano or Player Piano direct
sion of China's rulers, and It wan a
from factory store.
capital offense to remove one of the
BUSH & LANK PIANO COMPANY diminutive creatures from the imperi­
al palace. A pair of them were
$54 W ashington St., Portland, Or.
brought to Europe after the capture
of Pekin In 1860, and from these and
a few others the American specimens
of the breed are descended.
Cash for Country Produce
i a X S i . l#VMl'W* : p o r k ' I W 1 *: Chickana. Hans,
M M V t ; young, 13*414'*; Ducki. whit**. ll<uiZ
Taga ami coopa furnishad free.
Check ulwuy»
aant by raturn mail. Write today fo r free Looklet
ou farm produce.
F. H. 8CH M AI Z & CO.
Paid-up Capital $10,000.
141-143 Front Street
Portland. Oregon
« ^
Where the Difficulty Lay.
Bouttown—Better not go to the St.
Fashion hotel. Their bill of fare Is In
French. Cultured Friend (Indignant­
ly )—I can understand French. Uout-
town—Yes, but the waiters can't, and
neither can the cook.—New York
The Qold Age.
It has been , well said that nowa­
days people know the price of every­
thing and tha value of nothing.
b u s i n e s s co lle g e
Tka School that I ‘laces Yuu in a Uovd P osition
Build a 5-R oom H ouse for $ 4 0 0
W « will furnish th« P L A N S , sh ip all the
B U IL D IN G M A T E R IA L necessary to
a W E A T H E R -P R O O F , C O M F O R T A B L E
amt M O D E R N H O U SE fur*-Km. O ur m ethod
is Bu C O M P L E T E ami so S IM P L E that there
will be N O T H IN G fur you to < 1 <>. E X C E P T
P U T IT T O G E T H E R . So easy a child could
do it.
E very p iece m ade E X A C T L Y to
measure, ready to p u t in place. A L L H A R D -
W A R E . su ch aa D O OR K N O B S. L O C K S
and oth er fixtu res fitted b efore sh ipm en t is
m ade. E a ch piece P L A IN L Y M A R K E D ,
sh ow in g w h ere it goes. E very th in g finished
in W O R K M A N L IK E M A N N E R . A ll w ork
don e in one o f O L D E S T M IL L S on the P a ­
cific Coast. T his is the m ost S A T IS F A C ­
T O R Y w ay to B U IL D T H E H O U S E Y O U
A Hammer is the Only Tool You Need.
w ™ * ¿ , n , " ,m ' y .t h e M ‘ « T E C O N O M IC A L w xy to build • hou*e. but th * Q U IC K E S T
w ithln T E N D A Y S from receip t uf M A T E R I A L
l  r Ô r a T d M A T E R IA L
Q U A N T IT IE S , w e S A V E IM M E N S E L Y on th e co s t u f
filT *
R t n r ? r n u T H A T ,î;m Er 5 £ ï . H n !LG IN T H E B U IL D IN G L IN E . O ur la rs e pla n t . . .
U‘ * ° 't
n , ', , , , , , / , ' 1,;,1; . 1:-, . V ¡'' “ "P P iv M IL L M A T E R IA L o f any kind in Q U IC K
p *M m E it T o il, fi”,
i? ,',J ? Í T e 0 .1? . . a m k s - F L O O R IN G , F IN IS H IN G M A T E R IA L S ,
m en tion ^ HU ILT-1N B U F F E T S , M E D IC IN E C A B IN E T S and e v ery th in * elae y ou could
5 ¡i¡
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æ t „ ï e æ
£ s s £ •*i¡irNEY and-T,ME »■
N O R T H W E S T D O O R C O M P A N Y , P ortlan d, Ore.
" AYS 1"
3 D
g n s r u i i l n e i l r r m r t l y for tobacco or m u ff habil, lu ÏJ bourg. I l II niild, pita
o f f e r a g<-
liar n m u u a i i r s t autl craviu g fur r l g g r « I U t , t 'I g g r a , p l p r , h a w i n g
eau us« i •banco witaout appareut Hilary; u> tog otner * is p o i a o n o a * and aer-
l o b g r e n or a n u ir
reral wa i. cau slog such disortlart as uervous dyspepsia, i l r r u l t i u s c s a , gag,
tou sir I n j u r r s I h r
_ .
• sinsatiuu lu af<mach. c o a a t l p a l l o n , k r a d a r b e , _ _ _ _ _
| w r it I* r y e s , Iona o f » I g o r , rati s p o i l u*s a k in , l b r o u t I r r i t a t i o n , a s l h m u , b r o n o h l t l a * O T C r
I h e a r t f a i l u r e , l u n g t r o u b l e , c u l u r r l i , n u l s n i h o l y , neurasthenia. Ini|a>teugy. loss o f rnsiu- P I I IN I M Q
•ry aod will powar. Impure p«i*..u. <l|Til. «..1, rheumatism lumbago, s. taitca, o eu trltl, h a a r l b u r s , t o r p i d l i v e r ,
l o o * af a p p a t l t a , ha-l teeth f o u l b r e a t h . ruu*rvati»n, la s-llu d «, l a c k o f a m b i l l o n , waakruln« and falling out T O U R
a f hair and many other disonlers. 11 la u n a u la a n d t o r t a r i n g to attempt to enra rouraelf of tobacen ar snuff h abit l i r e
h r ssildgu stopplag-r-don t do It. The onrrort nielbod la to e l i m i n a t e I h e n i c o t i n e p o la o n from tha svststu,
# r f | Q g V strangthen the weakene.1, Irritated membranes ami nerves and genuinely overcome th# craving
Vou ean quit to-
O C U n C I ha.nn and enjoy eourvelf a thonaand times hei ter while frail n* alwava In robust health. My FRF.K book telle all
ghoul the w u m li r fss I N d a y a M e t h o d . Inexpensive, reliable. Also M e r r e t M e t h o d for conquering habit In
■ ! \ C s C i another w i t h o u t III* k n o w l e d g e . Full parilaulars including mv b o o k ou T o b a c c o a n d H n u f f H a b i t
• a ile d Iu plain wrapper f r e e . |)on i d ela r
Keen thin: show to oihar*
This adv. m v n ' auneir ngsln
Mention I f you amrka
i 10 ei
•rnhaw. hddresa: E D W A R D J . W O O D S , 5 3 4 S ix th A v .t
159 A , N e w Y o r k , N .Y .
Street Rulee In Parle.
Friendship Suffers Much.
It Is a misdemeanor to throw
Whoever looks for a friend without
Imperfections will never And what he piece o f waste paper upon a Paris
seeks. We love ourselves with all our ; street. If a policeman sees you drop
faults, and we ought to love our | a piece o f paper he walks up to you
pats you on the shoulder, begs your
friends In like manner.
pardon for addressing you. tell» you
you have violated the law and asks
Nsw Patent of Merit.
you to pick up what you hare thrown
▲ nail puller consisting of a curved down.
■boulder and a toothed wheel eccen­
trically mounted Is carried on one
Wlfey Gets It
“ What Is a beneficiary, pa?” "The
side of a hammer patented by a
woman who gets the ready money
Washington man.
when her husband proves that his
life Insurance policy Is good for some­
Painless Dentistry
la oar pride—oar
hobby—oar study for year* and
bo w oar BuoceM, and oun ia the b«.at palnleaa work
So bo found tnywher«, no matter how much you
pay. Compare ou r Price*.
I W e fin is h p la te a n d
I b r id g e w ork f o i o u t
I o f t o w n p a t r o n « iu
I o n a d a y I f d « * ir a d .
I l ’a i n le a a o i t r a c t i o n
I frx n w h s n p la to s o r
I b r id g e « w o r k ia o r d a r -
| Boat Rad Rubber «_ __
7 .5 0
■LW. I. WI|H, P mwbibt tn Msauia Painloaa Eitr'tion . 5 0
u vaaw uTaauMB >a raanaaa
All w ork fully guaranteed for f.fte e n loan.
W i s e D e n t a l C o ., me.
P a in le s s D en tists
Mins Sulldlns. Third and Washington
O ttM ln n :
I A O . U . C M .
Be “Progressive”
Consultation Ira*.
J MolarQrowna 5 5 . 0 0
122k Bridf*T*«1h4.G0
I Gold r illin ft
1 .0 0
I Enamel Filling« 1 . 0 0
I Silver Filling«
.5 0
¡Good R ubber
_ . .
I p ic . .
5 .0 0
I u k n . 1 . 1
You will get a
Don’ t let a lazy liver put
you “ in a rut.” Make it
active, keep the bowels
open, the appetite keen and
the digestion normal by the
daily use o f
60 Y E A R S T H E L E A D E R
Go After Rare Specimen.
A museum might seem the last
place in the world to foster a apiril,
of adventure. Yet we read that mem­
bers of the staff of the American Mu­
seum of Natural History have sailed
for Japan to hunt the gray California
whale, a specimen of which la needed
lor the collection.
f b g Chinese system o f medicine differs from all
others. It employs only purely herbal remedies
end adheres to principles that have been thor­
oughly tested for thousands o f years. When a
patient comes to C. Gee W o for treatment he is
given a careful examination and he ia told what
ails him. Then he is given sufficient herb reme­
dies for a course o f time and told to report again
to have his condition noted.
In most cases pa­
tients notice a decided improvement in their
health In a week’s time. This is particularly oo
In nervous diseases and where the system is run
down. The system itself when toned up to nor­
mal ia often able to throw off sickness. I f you
are ailing don't continue to suffer when the help
of harmless remedies is so near at hand.
Out-of-town people can begin treatments by
tending 4c in stamps for symptom blank, which
la to be filled out and returned.
C. Gee Wo Chinese Medicine Co.
1(2} Frit St cor. Morrisoa.
r. N. u.
WHEN »rill.« to i
tat* p»i«v-
Portlaad, Or-
No. a i - ’ ia
Ayer’s Hair Vigor keeps the
scalp cle a n and healthy,
destroys all dandruff, and
greatly promotes the growth
o f the hair. You will cer­
tainly be pleased with it as
a dressing for your hair. It
keeps the hair s o ft and
smooth and promptly checks
any falling o f the hair. It
does not color the hair, and
cannot injure the hair or
scalp. Consult your doctor
about these hair problems.
Ask him what he thinks o f
Ayer’s Hair Vigor.
M .d . h ; t h . J C. A V f # CO., l^w .11. Mum.
U. S. Troops In Nicaragua Capture
impregnable" Position.
Four Marines Killed end
W ounded.—Rebel General Zel-
edon Killed By Federal*.
Washington, D. C.— In a gallant
assault, American marines and blue-
jackets drove the Nicaraguan revolu­
tionary leader, General Zeledon, and
his forces from Coyotepe and Barran-
cans hills, near Masaya, after 37 min­
utes o f fighting, but in the action four
privates o f the United States Marine
Corps were killed and several were
Coyotepe Hill is noted in Central
American warfare as impregnable. It
was never captured by assault until
the Americans took it.
victory o f the Americans
opened the way for the Nicaraguan
government troops to assault the town
o f Masaya, which they took from the
revolutionists, and its starving inhab­
itants were relieved.
The revolutionist losses were heavy,
while the government force loBt 100
killed and 200 wounded.
General Zeledon, the rebel, escaped,
but later was cornered and killed by a
troop o f Federal cavalry.
One thousand American marines and
bluejackets, under Lieutenant Colonel
CharleB G. Long, are moving on the
city o f Leon, the remaining rebel
The American marines killed w ere:
Private Ralph Victor Bobbett, Neva­
da, M o.; Private Charles Hays Dur­
ham, Junction City, K y .; Private
Clarence Henry McGill,
M e.; Private Harry Pollard, Medway,
Admiral Southerland in reporting the
battle to the Navy department, said:
“ The department and the country
have every reason to be proud o f the
officers, marines and bluejackets who
were engaged in this action.”
Admiral Southerland’ B dispatches
made it plain that the defeat o f the
rebels was complete. Zeledon, a N ic­
araguan and formerly supporter o f
Zelaya, fled toward the Costa Rican
boundary for escape. A band o f Fed­
eral cavalrymen discovered him some
distance from Masaya and gave fight..
When they defeated him and his fol­
lowers he was found fatally wounded
and died later.
The shedding o f American blood in
Central Am erica Is expected to bring
to a climax in congress the dispute
over the right o f this government to
intervene in Nicaragua.
Heavy Sea at Newport H arbor O ver­
turns Fiahing Craft.
Newport, Or.— Crossing over South
Spit bar with a heavy sea rolling and
a crew unfamiliar with the harbor en­
trance, the fishing sloop Pilgrim cap­
sized and the crew o f five men were
The life-saving crew hastened to
give assistance, with the launch Ollie
S., but the little vessel turned turtle
too quickly and dumped its human
freight into the sea before any possi­
ble aid could have been given.
Entry Refused to Prince.
New Y ork— Powerful influences, it
is said, worked all day Monday for the
release o f Prince Ludovic Pignatelli
d ’ Aragon, son o f the Spanish preten­
der, who chafed and fretted at his
confinement at Ellis Island.
The ca­
bles were plied with messages to es
tablish or discredit the contention that
he as expelled from France for run­
ning a gambling house and is there­
fore ineligible to enter the United
States; also that he tried to kill him­
self and was likely to become a public
charge. A special board o f inquiry
will investigate his case.
Eight Joyriders Killed.
Philadelphia— A collision on a bridge
in which three automobiles were in­
volved resulted in the death o f eight
men in this city Saturday night. One
o f the machines containing nine men
came on the bridge at terrific speed.
Its rapid approach was seen by John
I. Spade, a Philadelphia contractor
who was going over the bridge in the
opposite direction in a motor.
tried to avoid the car but he was too
late in steering out o f its way and a
collision occurred. A third automobile
then ran into the speeding car.
Raid on Hotel to Captura Maxic.n Cloth« Should Ba Soaked In Kerosene
Rebel Brings Clash.
Oil and Put Away for Tw«nty-
F our Hours.
Douglas, A riz.— In a clash o f civil
and military authorities Manuel Cues-
are prepared by
ta, Mexican consul at Douglas; Pow­
ell Roberto, ch ief o f the Mexican gov­ soaking cloths, preferably cheesecloths
ernment secret Bervice, and four offi­ or something similar, In kerosene oil.
cers o f the United States army were and then putting them away for not
arrested by the county sheriff and less than twenty four hours In a tin
charged with unlawfully entering the box. They are then ready for use
The reason of them lying Immersed
Hotel Mexico and assaulting the pro­
prietor, D. J. Genardini, or aiding for this length of time Is to allow the
therein, in a search without a war­ kerosene to practically dry into the
rant for a rebel leader, whom they cloth.
If freshly dampened before using the
designed to take into custody. Consul
Cuesta and Powell Roberts were re­ result would be streaks and smears on
leased shortly after their arrest on floors and furniture generally.
When the kerosene is completely ab
The Mexican consul, the chief o f the sorbed by the material the cloth will,
Mexican secret service and First Lieu­ >f course, take up the dust without
tenants Holderness and Howard, of scattering It as the ordinary duster is
the Ninth cavalry, will be arraigned apt to do.
One housekeeper uses the legs of
on justice o f the peace warrants.
HolderneBs is acting adjutant o f the stockings cut flat for dustless dust
regiment. He and his fellow officers ers, after treating with kerosene, of
are said to have acted under instruc­ coursa.
She also keeps an old stocking
tions from Colonel Guilfoyle.
The arrests are the result o f the at­ (treated) for slipping over her hand
tempts o f the Mexican authorities to for dusting small or delicate orna
utilize he United States army officials ments. The woolly substance absorbs
after the county and state authorities the dust.
had refused to act.
A few days ago the county authori­
ties were asked to arrest Joaquin Es-
quera, a supposed rebel leader. The
county authorities refused to issue a
warrant or make the arrest.
while, it is alleged. Colonel Guilfoil,
commanding the Ninth cavalry, had
received orders to arrest any rebel
leader found on American soil.
Newport, R. I.— The explosion o f
the forward end o f the port turbine,
together with the steam cheat, on the
torpedo boat destroyer Walke, off
Brenton’ s reef lightship, killed Lieu­
tenant Donald P. Morrison, the chief
engineer, and wounded eight others,
two o f whom, J. W. Rumpf and H. L.
Wilder, both machinists mateB o f the
first class, died on the hospital ship
E. B. Crawford, gunner’B mate, o f
the destroyer Patterson, one o f the
umpires named to watch the speed
tests o f the W alke, and John Delaney,
a first class fireman, o f the Walke,
were said to be in a critical condition.
Others injured are:
Lieutenant Robert L. Montgomery,
o f the destroyer Fanning, and umpire
o f the Bpeed tests.
D. S. Kelley, chief machinists’
W. E. Kraus and F. B. Conway, oil­
The explosion came just as the
Walke started on a full-speed test, in
company with other destroyers.
The discipline o f the crew is said to
have been perfect, and their conduct
in leaping down into the steam-filled
engine-room to carry out their wound­
ed comrades brought the highest
praise from their superiors. Lieuten­
ant Charles R. Train, the commanding
officers on the bridge at the time,
handled the situation in a way to
gain personal
commendation from
Rear Admiral Hugo Osterhaus, com­
mander o f the Atlantic fleet.
New York Hotelmen Also Stop Split­
ting Single Portions.
New York— With butter selling at
41 cents a pound and flour at $6 a
barrel, the hotel men o f New York
have decided that their patrons will
have to pay for their bread and butter
now by portion, just as if it were an
So if you want bread and butter
with your meals now it will cost you
ten cents extra, that being the price
agreed upon by the members o f the
Hotel Men’ s association.
no more single portions o f anything
are to be served to two persons. From
now on only one plate and one set o f
knives and forks go with a single
By these little economies hotel men
figure they can save a large sum an­
nually. The hotels that have actually
put the “ ten-cent bread and butter”
plan into effect include the Plaza. Im
perial, Park Avenue, W aldorf, Brea­
lm, Astor, Manhattan, Prince George
St. Regis, Victoria, Martinique and
Louis Martin’ s.
Coal Miners on Strike.
Great Falls, Mont.— Pending action
on the proposed new wage scale pre­
pared at a conference o f mine owners
and representatives o f the United
Minpworkers o f America last week,
every coal miner in Montana walked
out Wednesday.
The former wage
agreement expired Wednesday morn­
ing. The various locals will vote on
the new agreement Friday and it is
it will be adopted. The new
Great Area la Diaturbed.
The Balkan Peninsula, now invoved scale, which, if indorsed, will be effec­
in threatened war, is the easternmost tive for two years, provides for an in­
o f the three southern penisuals o f crease over the old scale.
Europe, between the Adriatic and
Women Take to Cigars
Ioian seas on the West and the Black
sea, the sea o f Marmosa and the A e­
London— Smoking is becoming far
gean sea on the East.
The area in more common among women in soci­
round figures is 200,000 square miles. ety. The habit is indulged in more
It comprises, as the term Balkan pe­ openly than it was, and it is not an
ninsula is generally accepted, Euro­ uncommon sight to see a woman mo
pean Turkey, including Thrace, Mace­ torist who is making calls puffing
donia and Albania; Bulgaria, with away at a cigarette between visits or
Rumelia; Servia, Montenegro, Bosnia, a woman golfer doing the same thing.
Herzegovina, Dalmatia and Greece.
A t many o f the West End restaurants
women no longer take the trouble to
Alaska Gold Pour# In.
conceal their liking lor the cigarette.
Seattle—The steamship Senator ar­ Many women, however, have gone be­
rived from SL Michael with $2,250,- yond the cigarette 9tage and smoke
000 o f gold and 335 passengers, this cigars— mild Havanas.
being the largest passenger list o f the
Auto Makers Help Roads.
year from the North.
O f the gold
$600,000 came fm m the Iaitarod and
Atlantic City, N. J .— Announcement
Ruby, the remainder front Nome and waB made at the closing session o f the
Fairbanks. Nearly all the returning American Road congress by H. E.
miners had gold, many o f them from Batcheler, chairman o f the executive
$10,000 to $15,000. Four steamships committee o f the American Autom o­
are yet to leave Nome before the ice bile association, that automobile man­
closes Bering sea.
ufacturers o f the United States had
agreed to contribute one-third o f one
Italy to Pay Indemrity,
per cent r f their gross returns during
Lausanne, Switzerland— The Turco- the year 1913 for the good roads cause.
Italian peace treaty awaiting ratifica­ This will create a fund o f $16,000,-
tion provides for Turkish recognition 000, he said.
o f Italian sovereignity in Tripoli, ac­
Congressman Is Killed.
cording to the Lausanne Gazette.
The Italian government, it is said, is
Fostorie, O .— Representetive Carl
to pay an indemnity to Turkey and ia O. Anderson, o f Foetoria, O., was
also to recognize the religioua author­ killed here when an automobile in
ity o f the K halif over the Mussulmans which he was 'rid in g overturned near
o f Tripoli.
this city.
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B o y a w ear W. L . Douglam $ 2 .0 0 1 $ 2 .5 0 $ $ 3 .0 0 S c h o o l l
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p a ir a of o r d in a r y uhooa, aamm am tha m a n 'a mhoom.
W.L.Dougla« makes and sells more $3.00,$3 50 & $4.00 shoes 4
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The workmanship which has made W . L. Douglas shoes famous the world
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f a,t Color £yaltt$.
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tom. Look for the stamp. Beware of substitute*. W . L. Douglas shoe* are told in 78 own
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If your dealer cannot supply you, write direct to factory for catalog showing how to order
by mail. Shoe* sent everywhere, delivery charge* prepaid. W .L.Douglas, Brockton. Mas*.
perkins N ^ ^ '
Most Centrally Located.
F at C o'd en ( w e a l Ftxxls and recom m end them to you r a cquaint­
ances. You g et better q uality and m ore fo r y ou r m oney.
T hey are
m ode in you r hom e atate from the beat O regon da ta and W heat.
L a rge pack a ge» contain a Handsom e Prem iu m a id all g oods are
guaranteed. A sk y ou r grocer.
* ^ 1 ,
Smallest Book In the World.
The smallest book in the world is In
the library of congress, always under
lock and key. It Is a copy of the Ru­
baiyat of Omar Khayyam.
The tiny
volume was made by Nathan Dale of
Cleveland, O. It was photographed,
each page separately. Four books of
the same size would Just cover a post­
age stamp. Three hundred o f them
would welsh a pound.
To Breat <n New Shoes.
A lw a y s s h a k e in A lle n 'g F o o t-E a se , a p o w d e r ,
it c u r e s h o t , s w e a t in g , a c h i n g , s w o lle n feet,
'n r e s c o r n s , I n g r o w in g n a ils a n d b u n io n s . Af
t il d r u g g is t s a n d s h o e sto r e s , 2oc. b o u t a c c e p t
m y s u b s t it u t e . S a m p le m a i led F R E E . A d d re s s
\ lle u S. O lm ste d , Le K o v . N. Y.
Think Human Tears of Value.
In Persia the past and present are
linked by the belief that human tears
are a remedy for certain diseases At
every funeral, each mourner is given
a sponge with which to mop off the
eyes and cheeks After the burial the
wet sponges are given to a priest, who
squeezes the tears into bottles, which
he keeps for curative purposes. This
is one of the most ancient of eastern
customs. See Fifty-sixth Psalm, verse
eight, where David says
“ Put thou
my tears Into thy bottle.** Thl* cus­
tom Is still followed In Persia — From
llomhaugh's "Facts and Fancies.’*
Golden Rod Oats.
Golden Hod Pancake Flour.
Golden Rod Wheat Flakes.
Ralston Select Bran.
Golden Rod Wheat Nuts.
Golden Rod Chick Food.
His Best Frlena.
Many great writers besides Cicero
and Emerson have written on friend­
ship, but it may be doubted whether
any essayist had a more definite idea
than a small boy who was recently
asked what he meant by "best friend.”
“ My best friend,” he replied, "Is a
person who knows me and yet likes
The Spinster.
Marriage is a delightful thing; but
It 1 b not. and never can me, a duty;
nor Is it as a duty that men and
women have hitherto zealously prac­
ticed i t —Agnes Reppller, Lltt. D.
Uncle Pennywise Says:
"On the level, I never heard any-
j body emit an epigram in my life.”
Red C ross Ball Blue g iv es dou ble value fo r you r
m oney, goea tw ic e aa fa r aa any other. Aak you r
Intolerance Not a Virtue.
Persons sometimes associate intoler­
ance with strength and firmness ol
conviction; but intolerance is far
more a feature of ignorance, defective
sympathy, Imperfect grasp of truth.
We want the charity that makes al­
lowance for other people’s points ol
view without wavering from Its own.
<L -K /i i y i A 2
Safer Way.
j S S i B g f r ill
“ W'hy do you let that policeman R E G U L A T E
gobble your peanuts?” “ I don’t want THE BOWELS* T H E L I V E R ’ THE BL00C
to be murdered.” answered the New
a l l D R U S O lS iS
York vender, with a grin.
B e th r ifty on little th in gs liko bluing. D on ’ t ac­
ce p t w a ter fo r bluing.
A sk fcP R tu Croaa b all
Blue, the ex tra good value blue.
Domestic Animals Protected.
The mayor of a little commune in
the Pyrenees has Just Issued the fol­
lowing decree: “ Whereas the young
people of the commune are wont to
meet and dance every Sunday after
mass and the noise they make fright­
ens the cocks, hens and other ani­
mals o f the village and whereas the
result Is prejudicial to agriculture, we
hereby prohibit dancing within the
bounds of the commune during the
hours In which the domestic animals
take their renoso *•
Matter of Credentials.
“ I am honest, intelligent, discreet
industrious, and capable of making
friends,” said the young man who was
looking for employment. “ Well,” re
plied Senator Sorghum, "you ought to
get along; although I have seen a lot
of men go before conventions with
those same recommendations and fall
to get more than a complimentary
“ I G o t T h is F in e P ip e W i t h Liggett
& Myers D u k e ’s M ix tu r e ”
All kinds o f men smoke D uke’ s Mixture in all kinds
o f j>i;>es— us well as in cigarettes— and they all tell the same
story. They like the genuine, natural tobacco taste o f
M other© w il l fin d Mr©. W inslow *© S o o t h in g
•yrup th e best re m e d y to uso #or t h e ii u h iid r e j
u r iu g ( >'.e t e e t h in g ¡«e rio d .
8ad Sequel to Wedding.
landau in which a newly married
couple, the chief bridesmaid, and the
‘best man” were driving from church
was knocked over by an electric tram-
car In Lille, near Paris, the other
morning. The coachman had his legs
iroken, the bride, a girl of twenty-one,
broke her right arm and was badly
hurt In the head, her husband escaped
without a scratch, and the bridesmaid
•;nd "best man" received Internal lu­
$ ¡
f 4*
Quickly End*
W e a k , Sore Eye*
“ Why, it 1s a nasty old photo. It’ s
not like me. I am better looking than
that,” said a woman at I.ambeth who,
when charged with disorderly conduct,
handed th# magistrate her photograph
to look it. "Look at that,” she said,
Indignantly, "nnd see if you wouldn’f
swear If you were took like that.”
Not a Time to Be Hasty.
“ Father, our daughter Is being
courted by a poet.” “ Ia that so, moth-
»r; I’ll kick him out.” “ Not so fast.
Investigate first and find out whether
i.o works for a magazine or for a
breakfast food factory.”—Louisville
• 'ourler-Jouri
Choice bright leaf aged to mellow mildness, carefully stemmed
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«J Myers Duke's Mixture today.
( ' i m l o n t tn > m D u k e 's M i x t u r e m a y be
a w e le d w i t h t . i g i f r o m H O R S E S H O E .
J. T .. T I N S L E Y ’S
N A T U R \L
T W D T . and < tponi h ■*
F O U R R O S E S (/< * ;> n d o u b l e
.b ; ) .
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R E T T E S , C U X C I G A R E T T E S , and
other tags or coupons issued by « 1 .
Premium Dept.
By the Way They Are Met.
dfflcultles are things that show
• hat men are.— Epictetus.
■ jn .^ n :ir a a
[ N n I c r u «h S y r u p . T este* G o o d .
la tu n * . S o ld b y I> m ««i* ts.
I ' m
Oo\ot m ore good.«» brighter and faster c olors than an y other dye. One 10c p ack age c o lo rs silk, w o o l and c o tto n equ ally
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b o o k le t h o w to d ye, bleach and mix colors.
MONROE DR U G C O M PA N Y , Q u in cy. Illinois.