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Wilhout Permit Dispersed
After Fierce Struggle
S tanton
The morning's work had fcegnn.
It was always a coutse iuc», ttis
Cup event, and In many plaeea the
way lay over hastily prepared country
roads. Here and there men were still
at work, banking turna or smoothing
the ground. On the second time
around, the Mercury Btruck an edged
stone and lost a tire with a sharp re­
port. Stanton drew up by the road­
side. and Floyd ran back to pitch the
mischief making rock into the fields.
"George and Palmer are out," be ob­
served. returning "They might come
to grief on It, too. Besides, we our­
selves might hit It sgain. I like a
track race.”
"So do 1. How many tires left?”
They worked rapidly, both for prac­
tice and from force of habit The
Duplex roared past at a leisurely gait,
while they were busy, its driver wav­
ing a hand In lympathetlc greeting.
Floyd paused to wave a respouso. aud
presently the Mercury sped after Ha
Befote ten o'clock they had lost an­
other tire.
’’Those tires In yet?" domanded
Stanton, when he again drew up be­
fore the repair pit.
The harassed assistant manager
shook his head, exhibiting a sheaf of
yellow telegrams.
“ Not yet. The Ruby Company tele­
graphs that they shipped the order
last week by express; the express
company telegraphs that they sent the
carload on from Chicago two days ago
and it must be here.”
“ The freight car must have been
left In the New York yards. Instead of
being sent out here.” deduced Stanton
"New York says It Isn’t there.”
"Perhaps they shipped the order tq
the Mercury factory hy mistake,”
Floyd suggested.
Mr. Green looked at him In scorn.
“ Of course I 'phoned there first of
all. The chief says they are not there,
either, aud to telegraph all nlong the
lino until we trace the car.”
"Have you done It?" Stanton In­
“ I’m doing It now. I’te got a» far
west as Utica and each freight yard
denies having them."
"W e'll go to lunch. Floyd. The an­
swers will come iu meanwhile."
There was a hotel near-by, which
Mr. Green made his bea¿quarters, and
where Stanton and Floyd chose to
stay. A good many of the other drlv
ers and officials alt o remained for that
“ I’d run Into little old New York.”
the drlvtr of the Atalanta car ex-
plained to Stanton, “ only I'm afraid It
ain’t healthy to go through Brooklyn
so often.”
To the hotel the answors continued
Lawrence, Mass.— Police and para-
dere fought with knives and clubs
Sunday before a demonstration by
t v
members o f the Industial Workers of Successful Powell Butte Grower Will Albany Calls Conference of Valley
Try Out New Section.
Cities on Subject.
the World. Two officers were stab­
Rend—While Central Oregon up to
Albany— A conference o f represent­
bed, several demonstrators were club­
bed and an Industrial Worker leader the present has received little serious atives o f the cities of the Upper W il­
attention as a commercial apple grow­ lamette valley will be held in this
General Resume o f Important Eventa was captured after a hard fight and ing territory, an arrangement just city to consider proposed plans for the
o f i f o G am e an d the C andle
then freed. Two arrests were made.
made for the planting o f an extensive improvement o f the Willamette river,
Dresented In Condensed Form
Che fhfm^) Mercury etc.
Carto Tesca, o f Pittsburg, an edi­ commercial orchard near Bend by an whether to concentrate all efforts
fo r Our Busy Readers.
tor, who is an organizer of the Indus­ experienced fruitgrower indicates that toward the proposed system o f locks
apples may take their places alongside which will insure a six-foot channel in
trial Workers, was in custody but
the other products of this immediate the river, or to work for the present
J «
China has borrowed $50,000,00 from
section in the near future.
for the improvements recommended
A tousled head appeared from the
a Belgian syndicate for railroad work. later. Persons who saw Tesca’s ar­
Guy Lafollette, who for several by the United States engineer corps,
third In the row of repair pits.
The German government strongly rest said he was rescued by comrades. years has conducted an extensive nur­ which will give a 3 6-foot channel.
"I-et Floyd alone, he'd rather hear
At the bf-Btnnlng o f a r t at autornoblle
The commercial clubs o f Albany
opposes a Chinese loan o f $20,000,000 Tesca said the police let him go. All sery near Powell Butte, some 25 miles
raci- the mechanician o f
Mcie ury , me whistle than you talk,” Jeered the
the police professed ignorance o f the east of Bend, plans the planting of 40 and Corvallis have decided heretofore Stanton's
machine, (im ps dead.
Hlraaae offender. "Besides, he's working.
hy Hamburg banks.
acres of fine apple trees on the A. S. in favor o f devoting present efforts to (n oth. Jesse Floyd, volunteers, and is ac-
It true, Floyd, that you cau make a
In the rest ilurlmc the tw enty-
A stingless bee has been produced
The clash was unexpected.
More Collins ranch, a mile from Bend. As the lesser project, and, with it com­ eepted.
four tiour race Stanton meeta a stranger. wotn-out taxicab motor run like a n e w
by an apiarist o f England, and they than 20,000 operatives met at the rail­ Mr. Lafollette has raised apples most pleted and all-year traffic as far as Miss ('artiste, w ho introduces herself. The
Some one told me
rcury wins
re ceive» foreign engine?
are said to be fine workers.
road station to welcome 700 members successfully on his Powell Butte place, Corvallis assured, then working for Me
t lew er. from Miss Carlisle, w id t h he I k
norea. Stanton meets M is » Carlisle on a
Out o f 101 veniremen, only two o f the Industrial Workers o f the where the altitude is 4200 feet, he the six foot channel plan. Commercial train.
T h e y alight to tulte walk, and
"Why, yes, Jack; but I haven’t any
were accepted [in
Lawrence, World who had come from Boston to anticipates no difficulty in meeting bodies o f other cities are discussing train leave s Stanton and Miss Carlisle time to fix your car now,” came the
Mass., murder trials against strikers. participate in a parade to the graves similar success here, at an altitude of the question, and this conference has fe ll o w tn auto Accident bv which Htan- sweet reply. "Conte crunk the Mer­
ts hurt Is mysterious
Floyd, at lunch
o f Anna Lopizzo and John Kamay, but 2600 feet, and with excellent soil been called to outline a plan o f action tmt
with Stanton, tell » e f tils tnlyhood Stan
cury for me. one of you, I want to
A great gathering o f 100,000 per who were killed in the strike riots last and irrigation conditions. The action
on which all of the cities of the valley ten aga in meets Miss Ca rlisle and thev hear her run."
sons took place in Sheil Park, Liver January.
■ line together.
Stanton comes to Iran
o f the nurseryman promises to influ­ can unite.
pool, to protest against home rule for
One of the laughing mechanics ran
A fter the visitors had detrained an ence others toward setting out commer­
The Albany Commercial club, in its dent. Fl o y d hurt, but not seriously. At
forward, hut paused as a tall figure
impromptu parade started, turning cial orchards. Hitherto apple raising meeting, decided to call this confer­ dinner Flo yd tells Stanton o f tils twl
sister Jessica
Stanton be co m e» ve r y It) advanced from the shadow
of the
It is announced that not a single finally into Essex street, the main in this section has been devoted chiefly ence, and an invitation will be sent attd lose» consciousness. On recovery,
The parade to small garden orchards, producing out to the commercial bodies of all the tits hotel Stanton receives Invitation and stand
ship flying the American Hag cleared business thoroughfare.
visits Jessli a T h e y go to t he ate r togeth
Floyd straightened up from bending
from an Australian port during the was informal and no application had little more than enough for home con­ cities o f the Upper valley.
ef. and meet Miss Carlisle. Stanton attd
' l e y d meet
aga in and
over the unhooded motor, shtning-
been made for a parade permit. The sumption.
year 1911.
The club will also invite Represent­ I 1'hey
ngre.. to ep ernt'h autom ohlle facto ry
police, notified that the operatives
ative Hawley and Major Mclndoe, of a- partners Floyd becomes suspicious of eyed and vividly aglow in the raw, salt
The D. Ghirardelli Chocolate com­ were marching, attempted to end the
air that swept across the hare Long
Miss Ca rlisle
Stanton aga in visits Jes
the United States Engineer corps, to slca.
and they become fa st friends.
pany was proved not guilty o f viola­ demonstration.
island meadows.
attend the conference and outline
tion o f the pure food law in misbrand­
“ Stanton!" he gladly welcomed, and
A squad o f 25 officers was sent to Span Over Umpqua River at Win­ plans for river improvement.
CHAPTER X— (Continued).
ing its goods.
stripped off a rubber glovs to give
Essex and Lawrence streets, where
have signified a willingness to come.
chester Is Dedicated.
"Jes and I do not tire of our greeting; Floyd was girlishly careful
Ex-King Manuel, o f Portugal, de­ they threw a line across Essex street
friends," she rebuked. "But beyond of his hands and always protected
Roseburg — With a crowd o f more
clares he is still loyal to his country and awaited the procession.
that, how can any one tell what will them during work when possible.
and that the flag o f imperialism still large banners were carried by the than 200 persons in attendance the
happen? We can Just live our best
” 1 Just arrived here, by train,” the
marchers. One was inscribed: “ The new steel bridge spanning the Ump­
waves in his hands.
every day and wait to see further. other explained.
"Do you want to
only justice; the freedom for Ettor qua river, at Winchester, five miles Best Products o f Old Yamhill County
Sometimes things get twisted wrong
A prominent business man of Bir­ and Giovannitti.” The other bore the north o f Roseburg, was dedicated with
take the car out?”
Are on Display,
“ What is the matter? What is twist­
mingham, England, declares that war words, “ Police and M ilitia ," and be­ appropriate ceremonies. Binger Her­
“ When you're ready.”
McMinnville — The first day o f the ed wrong. Miss Floyd?"
to the finish between Germany and low, “ Who killed Anna and John?”
mann was the principal speaker and
” 1 am ready now. Get some warm
Yamhill County School Fair and Stock
England is inevitable
things on. it is going to be chilly uu
When the head o f the parade reach­
Show opened here with the largest at­ her shoulders at him.
the sun la out.”
Inhabitants of Valparaiso, Chile, ed the line o f officers it halted and an were built o f wood, then came those tendance for the opening day ever had
"Nothing—nothing but me. Only
It was not an emotional meeting, but
camp in parks for fear o f earthquakes
feel disgustingly gloomy to-night; as if both men were content. Stanton had
constructed o f stone, and finally there
which have been predicted and of the marchers that they must disperse came the modern steel structure which vilion exceed all others heretofore. Jes and I were very far apart. Never
felt the thrill of relief and pleasure
which several shocks have already oc­
the front rank were endeavoring to withstands the elements o f time. He o f every description, cattle and every­ mind, 1 wish you all good luck and upon seeing his mechanician which
him Into recognition of how
fall back, when suddenly the marchers
thing that farmers produce came
“ What was that song you were sing­ much uneasiness the Incident of the
in the rear pressed forward and the that the year 1912 is an epoch in pouring in until late, and many are
The late Henry
wealthy steamship owner, left $1,- millworkers tried to pass the police. Douglas county for the reason that still to come. Some farmers utilized ing on the first day 1 came here 7” he night before had caused him.
"You will have to be kind to the
They struck right and le ft at the offi­ this year eight magnificient steel their automobiles to bring in poultry, asked Irrelevantly.
867,229 as a g ift to Yale college.
She hesitated, then struck a few tires,” Floyd warned, as he compiled
cers, who responded by swinging their bridges are in course o f erection. large baskets o f plants, fruits and
Sixty children from a New York clubs. Many paraders were knocked Bridges, Mr. Hermann said, mark time
with the directions. ” We have only
chords upon the piano. "That?”
every variety o f the vegetable kind.
foundling asylum are on their way to to the ground.
with the progress and development of
"Yes. W ill you sing It to me, got one extra set here. The shipment
for the tace hasn't arrived yet.”
Nebraska, where
they have been
In some instances the marchers the country and that Douglas county ville was crowded with wagons loaded now?”
“ Why not?"
adopted by farmers.
With her charming trick of prompt
robbed the officers o f their clubs and should feel proud o f the bridges it has to capacity with the farmer’s “ best."
“Goodness knows. Mr. Green has
built this year.
A Seattle man sent a small black began to beat the police. The latter
I f anyone doubts the statement that obedience, she at once seated herself telegraphed to the tire company. 1
The Winchester bridge is 690 feet
bear as a president to his uncle in the were forced to retreat into Lawrence
Yamhill county is a garden spot he at the instrument.
suppose they will be along to-day, or
in length, the two outer spans being
It was no ornate classic, no love-
East, who promptly returned the ani­ street. It was here that Tesca was
should enter the pavilion for a quarter
to morrow at the worst."
seized by officers.
Angered by the 150 feet long, while the center span o f a day while everything is to the song. that the velvet and-gold contral
mal without thanks.
'I should hope so. Ready?”
arrest o f their leader, the crowd made Ì9 290 feet in length. The total cost front.
to voice braided Into Stanton's mem
The estate of the late John Ar- a rush for the officers. The police ap­ of the bridge is about $16,000.
ory, to be In the near future a torture
buckle, the “ coffee king,” appraised peared to be fighting to hold the pris
more acute than physical pain and per­
at $30,357,790.66, will be divided be­ oner, but a moment or two later Tesca
sonal grief.
tween his two sisters.
was at liberty. In the fight two Ital
Coos Bay Season Promising With “ Oft, In the stilly ntght
ians, Sebastiano de Mano and Vitto
Ere slumb er’ s chain hath bound me.
Tw o Plants in Operation.
President T a ft and Woodrow Wilson Loncasterta, were arrested and taken Klamath Falls’ Artesian Wells to Pump
Fond m e m o r y brtnga the light
1,200.000 Gallons Daily.
stopped at the same hotel in Boston on to the station house.
As they were
O f other da ys around me .”
their campaigning trip, and had
Klamath Falls — The California- season on Coos Bay has started and
being taken through the door o f the
friendly visit together.
That was the quaint stilt melody of
station a shot was heard. It appeared Oregon Power company is ready to the run promises to be a big one.
to have been fired by someone in the connect its new artesian wells to the Two canneries will be operated on the fifty years before, that Jessica Floyd
An Indian 80 years old rode 50 crowd, but the operatives cried out pumps, and will use this water exclu­ bay. One is at Empire and ¡9 owned sung to Stanton before they parted.
On reaching home, an hour later,
miles on horseback to pay a $5 debt that the police were shooting.
sively for the city supply in future. by the Southern Oregon company, and
he had owed for seven years to an El-
Later the crowd was driven through The new water supply is ample for the other is in Marshfield and was this Stanton found a letter awaiting him
lensburg. Wash., man, and had been Lawrence Btreet and to the commons the present needs of the city, the year purchased by W. E. Tallant, of from the assistant manager, Green. It
unable to pay sooner.
pumps on a test liftin g 800 gallons a Astoria.
The salmon this year are was dated from Long Island, and re­
were the paraders dispersed.
minute, or a supply of nearly 1,200,- especially large and fine.
About four minded him that the course would be
Baroness de la Roche, a noted avia­
000 gallons per day.
tons a day are now being brought to open for the last day’s practice next
trice, was dangerously injured in an
Federal! on the Move.
The management has had the water this city, but soon it is expected that morning during the early hours.
automobile collision near Belleville-
El Paso, T ex.— More than 1000 fed­
“ The car is at last ready, and If
Sur-Saote. Charles Voisin, an avia­ eral troopa have arrived opposite Del carefully analyzed, and it is free from the catch will be much larger. Many
deleterious germs, and is said to be fishermen are engaged in the work. you see Jes Floyd, tell him that we
tor, was killed at the same time.
Rio, Tex., according to Mexican gov
far purer than that supplied to the The Tallant cannery is trying a new can not get along without him any
Students are required to sign a eminent agents here.
The troops
majority o f cities.
The pipes experiment, employing young women longer,” ran the concluding sentence.
pledge that they are not members of came from Monterey, Mex.
Stanton put down the letter, frown­
and dis­ instead o f Chinamen to do the work.
any student society and w ill not be­
Two lederal columns are moving
ing at It In irritated astonlshmenL
come such, before they are enrolled in south o f Ciudad Porfirio Diaz, oppo­
Had not Floyd gone to prepare for the
The city has been practically free brought here from Eureka.
the Vancouver, Wash., high school.
site Eagle Pass, Tex., according to a
race, with Green and by his direct or­
from typhoid fever this season, no
report received by General E. 7 ..
der? IIow then could he, Stanton
President Eliot, o f Harvard univer­ Steever at Fort Bliss. They are mov­ serious cases having been known. larger this year than ever before and
know anything about his mechanician
This has been due in part to the care two canneries there are kept busy.
sity, says late marriages are a great
ing against the rebel army under Gen­
and why did not Green know every
o f the water company in protecting The fishermen will make big money
mistake, and advises men to marry as
eral Pascual Orozco, Jr., who is near
thing? Possibly Floyd had been kept
the springs and partly to the general this season.
Boon as they start out in life.
Muzquiz, 80 miles south o f the border.
at the Mercury factory; but In that
use of boiled water.
case Green would surely have sent
Dr. V. H. Hallman, o f Hot Springs,
War Minister Resigns.
Old Willamette Growing,
there for him. Instead of trusting to
Ark., declares persons sleeping near
I-ondon—A cabinet crisis in Japan,
Willamette University, Salem— At the faint chance of Stanton’s encoun­
quantities of dynamite or other high
explosives often get splitting head­ says a Tokio dispatch to the Times, is Rogue River Vegetable Attracts At­ the close of the first day’s registration tering him. Of course Floyd must be
ready to go out for the delayed prac
threatened over the proposal to estab­
aches therefrom.
a heavy increase in students over the
tention at Jackson Fair.
tlce work next morning—Stanton rose
lish two permanent military divisions
corresponding time o f a year ago is
It is reported the War
Prof. J. S. Rickard, weather observ­ in Corea.
Medford— O. J. Ames, from a small recorded. Three more days remain impatiently; of course he would he
er at Santa Clara University, Cal., minister has tendered his resignation, garden on the Rogue River bottoms, for registration and the attendance is ready.
A thought like a needieprtek halted
predicts warm waves for the Pacific and that he is supported bv Count won the first prize of $60 for vegeta­ certain to be far in excess o f anything
( ’oast Oct. 7 to 12 and 24 to 29, fol­ Terauchi, resident general o f Corea. bles at the County fair and pear show. old Willamette has ever experienced him when half-way across the room,
wild fancy. Could It be conceived
Prince Yamagata, president o f the A unique feature o f his exhibit was
lowed by hard frosts.
The boys’ and g irls’ dormitories are credible that Valerie Carlisle did wish
privy council, ia refusing to yield an the beans grown form a seed discov­
already filled, every room being taken. to prevent the Mercury car from rac­
inch to the argument that the proposal ered in a crevice o f a cliff dweller’s
Lausanne hall, the young women’s ing, and, failing to reach the driver,
ia ¡incompatible with the ministerial home in the Aztec ruins in Arizona.
dormitory, as the result o f refinishing
program o f retrenchment.
The original bean had lain there, ac­ another floor, is now accommodating a might attempt to keep away the mech­
anician she knew to be so valuable?
Wheat—Track prices: Club, 77®
cording to Mr. Ames, for hundreds, third more giria than last year.
He recalled his own strange Illness on
78c; bluestem. 81®82c; forty-fold,
Fish Causes Five To Drown.
perhaps thousands o f years, when he
78c; red Russian, 76c; valley, 79c.
the eve of the Massachusetts race.
Toronto— Five members o f one fam­ secured it in 1909.
On an Impulse beyond restrain, he
Millstuffs — Bran, $21 per ton;
It was planted the next year, the
Eugene — The second week o f the turned to his telephone; there would
shorts, $23; middlings, $29; rolled ily were drowned Sunday in the P ig ­ germinating element having survived,
eon river. The victims were William and the present crop resulted.
city schools found a total registration tie some one to tell him of Floyd at
Floyd Paused to Wave a Response.
barley, $27. 50 m 28.50.
Barley— Feed, $24.50 ton; brew­ McCaffrey, of Toronto, his mother,
It is similar in appearance to the of 1908, an increase o f 186 over the the factory, for It was working night
say that | to come all that afternoon, until Mr.
w ife and two children.
Mr. McCaf­
ing, $280/ 30.
Lima bean, but more prolific. Mr. corresponding date o f last year. Prac­ and day to fill Its orders.
your trial for speeding
Pelham J Green and the office were snowed ovei
"Yes, 337 Frenchwood,” the thin
Corn— Whole, $38; cracked, $39 ton. frey and his party started in a canoe Ames had 48 different varieties of tically all o f this increase is in the
yester­ by strips of yellow paper. The large!
grades, where the
first and fifth
oice finally came along the wire. day.”
Hay— No. 1 timothy, $17; oat and down the river in quest o f muscalonge. vegetables in has display.
the city and the more crowded lit
Seven miles down the river the canoe.
grades especially are crowded. In all Yes. Mercury. Mr. Stanton? Walt.
vetch, $11; afalfa, $12.50®)13.
“ It did."
freight yard, tile longer the time i s
the city schools but one half-day ses­
The instrument roared vilely; he
Oats Spot, $25.50 ton; futures, Hosting bottom up, was found. Drag­
Mammoth Lettuce Is Grown.
quired to make the search for ths
ging operations were commenced and
sions only are held in the first grades, tnev it was the din of the huge en
$24.50(1/ 25.
ing to his seat
car and report the result ts
the teachers handling two separate .tines he heard across thirty miles of
Fresh Fruits— Apples, 60c®$1.50 all the bodies were recovered. Clutch­
You didn’t tell Jessica,” he re­ Long Island.
per box; peaches, 60®80c; pears, ed in the hands of Mr. McCaffrey was the largest lettuce ever seen here are classes. Additional room is to be se distance.
After four o’clock, the roads wers
"Hello.” another voice took up,
76c®, $1.50; grapes, $1®1.I0; cran­ a trolling line and on the hook was a on exhibition at the Commercial club. cured for the overflow from the fifth
How do you know?" queried Stan­ again open for practice until sunset
14 pound muscalonge.
berries, $9 per barrel.
The variety ia the Wonderful or New grades in the western portion o f the through the drone. "Stanton? This ton. astonished.
The Mercury went out for a couple ol
Is Mr. Bailey. What? Oh, why Floyd’
York, and the heads are seven and city.
Melons — Cantaloupes, $1.500/1.75
I saw her late- last night, on my
gone on— ’’ there was a blank clicking way here. What did they do to you?” circuits, and lost another tire by skid
Tw o Aviators Meet Death,
eight inches in diameter. J. H. Ko-
per crate; watermelons, $1 per hun­
ding on a turn After that thq cat
Express Company Follows Law.
“ — to Long Island tonight," was faint­
dred; casabas, $1.250/1.50 dozen.
Washington, D. C.— Two more lives berg, who has made Hood R iver as­
"Fined me all the law allowed—
Salem— The Northern Express com­ ly resumed. “ He'll be on his Job when which the Mercury Company paid— stood before Its camp,—"Afraid ol
Onions—Oregon, $1.10 per sack.
were sacrificed to aviation at the Uni­ paragus famous, is the grower and
wearing out her lust pair of shoes,”
Potatoes — Jobbing prices;
Bur­ ted States army aviation field. College says that on a half acre he has 12,000 pany has reported to the State Rail­ you need him. Stanton; go a bit easy and suggested the wisdom of not doing
Floyd Informed solicitous questlonqrs
banks, 600/75c per hundred; sweets, Park, Md., near here, late Sunday, heads just coming to maturity and road commission that it has never sent on the poor kid. He isn’t a machine.
It again. 1 didn't suppose Miss Floyd
“ Can’t you buy them somswborf
Stanton exclaimed something ugly would be Interested in police court de­
2}c pound.
when an army aeroplane fell 35 feet that the 1000 dozen will fill a car. A liquor shipments c. o. d., either in­
else?" chafed the irritated Stanton.
Vegetables — Artichokes, K60f.76c to the ground, instantly killing Cor­ couple o f cases will be put in storage terstate or intrastate, that it has way­ and hung up the receiver with a snap tails. Get in."
(TO BE C O N T IN U E D .)
per doz ; beans, 2e pound; cabbage, poral Frank S. Scott and so seriously to b e ’ exhibited at the Northwest billed such shipments accurately aa to Bailey was a fool, he mentally sneered,
classification and that there has been and Green was another, and be him­
10/1 Ac; cauliflower, $ loci. 25 dozen; injuring Second Lieutenant Lewis C. Land-Products show in November.
no false billing o f such shipments, nor self the third. As for Miss Carlisle,
celery, 600/75c; corn. 75c® $1 sack; Rockwell that he died later. Hundreds
cucumbers, 60c box; eggplant, 6046c of persons, including fellow army offi­
have such shipments been sent to fic­ he had not seen or heard of her since
Hog Raisers Are Wanted
the trip to Indiana. No mors orchids
pound; head lettuce, 200/25c dozen; cers attached to the aviation school,
Klamath Falis-Although this county titious consignees.
and laurel. He smiled In sardonic re­
peppers, 50/6c pound; tomatoes, 40 witnessed the tragic accident. When boasts o f its barley yield, the returns
lief and went to open a window to We Are Prone to Judge by Externals, | a w hole. If he notices any detail, ft
White Lilacs in Bloom.
o/60c box.
they reached the scene. Corporal Scott running from 60 to 100 bushels an
Is apt to be a sign that something It
Eggs— Oregon extras. 35c dozen.
Declares Harrison Fisher, the
Albany— A white lilac tree full of the pungent October air. To-morrow
was several feet from the machine.
acre, and although it produces heavy
he would see Floyd at the course and
wrong. Carelessness, however, In ths
Famoue Artist.
Butter—Oregon creamery, cubes,
yields o f the most nutritious alfalfa, blossoms is the September novelty in
begin the work which intoxicated him
j dress of either men or women, Ii
83c pound; prints. 34o/34$e-
Woman Leads Rebel Band.
it is compelled to import hogs from the yard of Mrs. Margaret K eifer in
Pork— Fancy, 110tll$c pound,
We are ail of us prone to Judge by usually betrayed by details.
El Paso, Tex.—“ Coronela” Alla, California to supply the local market this city. On the first day o f August as it does all those who once acquire
Veal Fancy, 14$®15c pound.
wife of the rebel chief o f that name, and to ship hams and bacon packed in Mrs. K e ife r picked off all the dried-up the fearless mastery of a car at high externals, our early training In copy­ | Suppose that we ourselves have as
Poultry— Hons, 14c; broilers, 14c; is leading a band of rebels east of Chicago and Omaha. A local dealer spring blossoms and all o f the leaves speeds and taste the strong excite­ book maxims notwithstanding, says far developed our minds and senslblll
ties that we form our opinions b|
ducks, young, 12c; geese, 10® U c ; Juarez. Mexico, according to a report who has been in the meat business ten from the tree, and soon afterwards it ment of the racing game. He drew a Harrison Fisher In Dreaa.
turkeys, live, 20® 22 Jc; dressed, 25c received by General Steever at Fort years, says that never in that time began to bud out anew.
j what Is. and not by what seems, art
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this was the ground where he and
Hops— 1912 crop, 14® 18c.
has the local supply met the demand tree is literally full o f beautiful blos­
tion, but that cannot hide the fact w# not In constant embarrassment
Wool — Eastern Oregon, 140418c
The same Mexican woman raided although conditions are ideal for hog soms and is attracting considerable Floyd stood closest in understanding that there are knots in her shoe­ J explaining our careless friends to otb
pound; valley, 21$®22Jc; mohair, Juarez just before the occupation by raising.
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choice, 32c.
federal troops.
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C a ttle— Choice steers, $6.76® 7; said to have been materially strength­
Klamath Falla G etl Roundhouse.
Children's Fairs Grsat Success.
untidily. Emetine's friends might be to appear wqll, , kind of vanity. If yos
hat evening. It troubled him.
good, $6 250/6.65; medium, $60/6.26; ened by recruits attracted by so vali­
Klamath Falla— The Southern Pa­
Salem—To be incorporated in his
almost as sweet tempered as she Is If like. In proving tbs excellence of out
choice cows, $6®6 26; good, $6.80® ant a feminine leader.
annual report. Superintendent o f Pub­ cific company has selected the site,
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5.75; medium, L$5oz6.25; choice cal­
lic Instruction Alderman has prepared not far from its freight depot here,
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ves, $70/8.50: good heavy calves,
How can our fellow mortal!
Intervention Thought Near.
a statement showing what success has for a five-stall roundhouse. It will he
of Beatrice stir more hearts without view
The Last Race.
$6 250/7; bulls, $3®5; stags, $4.760/
Washington, D. C.— I t is reported attended the industrial contests and built in such a manner that it can be
the distractions of gaping hooks and get any Idea of ue at the start of
here on excellent authority, and in industrial fairs which have been held added to as the road progresses from
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Hogs— Light, $8.250/8 60; heavy, spite o f diplomatic denial by Presi­ among the children o f Oregon. These this point. This indicates the inten­ tlngulsher In your camp?”
however broad we may think our
$7o/ 7.75.
She Leada.
dent T a ft's secretary at Beverly, that will undoubtedly become a permanent tion o f the company to make this a
views to be.
Sheep — Yearling«,
$4.260/4.76; the president is preparing to call a feature in connection with the school division terminus and means an in­ voice across the gray dawn mist
How do ther get aioni together u
man and wife?”
wethers, $3.600/4.30; ewes, $2.760/4; special session o f congress to consider work o f the state after this year's creasing payroll for company em­
then; Jack's whistling again.”
man gets an Impression of a thing as
“ Oh, tandem.”
lambs, 3.850/6.
armed intervention in Mexico.
ployes at this point from year to year. j
Current Events of Interest Gathered
From the World at Large.
-, 94V
Dress and Its Psychology