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    “ Moonshlning" In 9eotl»nd.
Th* discovery was mad«, recently)
In the mountainous region near Kyh
of Lochalsb (Scotland)
Rosshire preventive staff of a com
plete Illicit whisky distilling plant
The still was covered with a entrn
and had a capacity of 20 gallons, th<
smoke being led along the mounts!]
side. The smugglers bad conducted i
regular trnffc.
Farm ers and Merchants
^ Write us for our ctish offer on your
Farm and Dairy Produce.
I f we
don’t handle it will refer you to re-
buyer. p EAB 80N .FAGE c o
Portland. Uirgun.
»W \nn
ü. U n iT O N _ A m a rrr m l »*h»mli
Colorado^ Hi «w mum
L««<l, 11. Uniti, Hlhftr. "V . Gold (¿i1 Z in i
11- Mmlinj
» <1 full prie« liai
ntnufciU'lloftiion Contr i *ii<1 Empir« work a»
>it«4. fUft-ntacv: GUrLuu.t« NaUmial Boa*.
H T e»Uv<IU.
Machinery __ exchanged
Loss of Appetite
W h i c h Is so c o m m o n In th e s p r i n g 01
u p o n tho r e t u r n o f w a r m w e a t h e r . 1*
lo s s o f v it a lit y , v i g o r o r ton e, a n d l*
o fte n a fo re ru n n e r o f p ro s tra tin g d is ­
It is s e r io u s a n d e s p e c ia lly s o t<
people (h a t m u s t k e e p u p a n d d o in g 01
g e t b e h in d h a n d .
T h e b e s t m e d ic in e to t a k e f o r It 1»
t h e g r e a t c o n s t it u t io n a l r e m e d y
Second-Hurul Machin­
ery bought. »old and
k»il« r*. «awmil! a , ate. Th« J. E. Martin Co.. 76 1st
LC. Portland. Send for Stock Flat and price«.
Ah*nlutnl)> Gudnlleetl to . 1 . 1 « 1 . »
. n . «
felon». »tm.-eM. blood poi*ou. burns. bruism. ti rain*.
rut», harbor lt«*n. b«e »ting and i<oi«on oak Not lung
rlae like it. Hy mail. ixMtpnid. (¡Ho p«r I mh , I' mu I A\e-
llutt, 61<W 7dd Ht . I'orilnnd. Or. Aim at Ltpmaii.
W olf« 4 Company *nJ Old», lit
* klug.
“ 1
A orttuau
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
$1.25 per word inserts (.'Ufsitted ads in
.*?6 lead in « paper« in U. S. Send for list.
Dake Advertising Agency, 432 S. Main,
Los Angeles, or 12 Geary, San Francisco
W h i c h p u r ifie s a n d e n r ic h e s t h e b l o o l
a n d b u i ld s u p t h e w h o le s y s t e m .
G e t it t o d a y in u s u a l liq u id fo r m 01
c h o c o la t e d t a b le t s k n o w n a s S a r s a t a b s
Onca Everybody Sang or Played It
•r Made Continued Uae of It«
Catch Phrasoo.
Huy your Mantles at wholesale. W e offer high­
est gra<le inverted gasoline rug Mantle to you di­
rect. Greatest candlepower and durability, lateat
pattern, no bunch at bottom. 75c per dozen, pre­
paid; money order. L. C. I’ t RRY CO.
527 Pacific Ulk.. brattle, Wash.
There was a time when the vogu«
of “ Pinafore” was simply amaxtng
It was not copyrighted and after Its
success iu London It was pirated In
the United States. This piracy was
The world’s gn'ateet MtlRDFRFR. 21P.400 caught
the initial cauce of Gilbert's hatred
In five days. Figure for yourself the sickness and
disease prevented. Sent! 60c for bottle of FLY
of America and Americans.
BAIT anti full Instructions How to Make a Fly
However, if America did not send
Trap. Postal order or 2c stamps accepted.
hANRIS-ANSART CO, North Yakima, Wash. him Its dollars, it w a s quite ready to
spread his fame, says the Bookman.
Church choirs a d d e d “ Pinafore" to
their repertoires, and it Is recorded
WOODLARK s q u i r r e l that 100,000 barrel organs were con­
structed to play nothing else. Here
is an ironical note from a newspaper
destroys .Sage Hats. Squirrels, Gophers and
of the time:
Prairie I>ogs. Requires no m ixing or prepara­
tion— A lw ays ready for use. Deadliest of alL
“ At present there are 42 companies
Your money hack if not as claimed.
playing ‘Pinafore.’ Companies formed
CUL&Jut, W ooinvAK D D k u u C o ., Portland, O re
after 6 p. m. yesterday are not In­
Its catch phrase, “ What, never?
Well, hardly ever!” was deadly. It la
told, for instance, that one editor
—The great skin rejuvenator. if you have sallow
barred his staff from using it
skin, wrinkles, pimples or roughness of the face
or arms, the application of F U C H I will bring back
“ It occurred 20 times in as many
the glow and freshness of youth. P r package. $1.
Never let me sea
(branch) Fuchi laboratories. Suit 9, 342 1-2 Wash­ articles yesterday.
ington St.. Portland. Ore.
It used again.“ “ What, never?” was
the unanimous question. “ Well, hard­
ly ever,” replied the wretched man.
a k D r W m . P f u n d e r ’ s , , n
The readiness of W. S. Gilbert’s
wit la well Illustrated by this story
told of him. He and F. C. Burn&nd,
the editor of Punch, were guests at
A Tonic. Alterative and Resolvent.
best remedy for Kidneys, I.iver and Howels.
the same dinner table where a wise
Eradicates Pimples. Eruptions and Disorders
©f the Skin.
Purifies the Mood and g iv e *4 host placed the rival humorists at op­
Tone, Stieugth and Vigor to the entire system. * posite ends of the room In the hope
of distributing equally the witty tablo
lWe Make You Competent to Earn Continual shouts of laughter rose
v 25 I o $50 per W
from Gilbert’s corner until Burnard,
rt to h woolen.* We give complete
after Ineffectual attempts to arouse
•ours« in driving, repairing,
•to. nil kinds of automobile*
a similar Jocularity In his Immediate
Kvtry Mu m il'll t get* personal
atten t ion ami actual road
circle and unable to conceal his cha­
Write for terms
grin, leaned forward and said In his
EViront Auto S<F»ol t Garage.
and Morrison Sts..
most sarcastic manner:
Portland. Ure.
“ I suppose Mr. Gilbert Is telling
some of those funny stories which he
occasionally sends to Punch but
Arnold's Asthma and
which don’t appear.”
Catarrh Remedy.
To which Gilbert dryly replied: “ I
Guaranteed to cure Catarrh. Asthma,
don't know who sends the funny sto­
bronchitis. Hay Fever and Rose Golds,
or money refunded. Inclose $125 for
ries to Punch, but it’s very true the/
Asthma Itemedv. or 80o in stamp» for
Catarrii of tho Head and Stomaeli. Ask
don’t appear.”
O regon BtoodPiiRir ER
for address t>f people cured in Portland,
Tacomu or Seattle.
Arnold’s Asthma Cure Co.. 333-4 A read* bid»., beattie. Wo
F re e to O a r R e a d e rs
W rite M urine Eye Rem edy Co., C hicago, fo r
48-page illustrated Eye Book Free. W rite a ll
a b o u t Y o u r E ye T ro u b le an d they w ill advle#
a s to the P ro p e r A p p licatio n o f the M u rin e
E ye Rem edies in Y o u r S p e c ia l C a se Y o u r
D ru g g ist w ill tell you that M urine R elieves
Sore Eyes, Strengthens W e a k Eyea Doesn t
Sm art, Soothes E ye P a in , an d sells fo r 60c.
T ry It In Your E yes and in B a b y ’s E yea fo r
Scaly E yelids au d G ran ulation .
California Weekly Papers
This is less than half the combined rataa of
the individual papers.
The Dake Advertising Agency
432 South Main St.
I.os Angeles, Cal.
100 Young Men or Ladies to prepare
for positions as Commercial and R a il­
road Telegraph operators; positions
guaranteed, $70 to $90 monthly. For
particulars and application address
Washington Bldg., Stable, Washington
Sponge Cake.
Three eggs, a quarter of A pound
of flour, four tablespoonful» of sugar,
grated rind of half a lemon. Sift the
flour on to a piece of paper, adding
one teaspoonful of baking powder and
sift again. Put the egg» Into a basin
| and beat them for fully ten minute»,
j add the sugar and beat for twenty
j minutes. Stir In the flour, baking pow
and lemon rinu as lightly a»
possible. Rutter a cab tin, then dust
It over with flour. Pour the mixture
Into the prepared tin, and bake In a
very moderate oven for about one
hour. This mixture may be baked
In small gem pans If preferred.
| Mother, w ill find Mrs. Wln.low-» Soothln*
Painless Dentistry
i tyrup the beat rem edv to use tor their children
I lu r in g the teething period.
1» o u r pride—o u r hobby—o u r study fo r y c » n »n d
now our »urceM , nnd o u r» 1» th e bv»t pain l « » » work
to be found anywhere, no m atter how much yoo
pay. C o m p a r e o u r P r ic e s.
W e flnl*h plate and
briilrn e o r i ‘or out
of town natrons In
'ty i f desired.
I ’ainltn» a i t motion
fr»-e when p la t «» o r
b rid e » work is o rd e r­
ed- CooaulUtion ire».
MolarCrowna $ 5 . 0 0
22k B rid v .T o tb 4.00
Gold rillinf.
1 .0 0
Enamel Fitlinn 1 « 0 0
Silver Filling©
Good Rubber
M. W. *. Witt. PrutwsT im Wanm*
21 U M IITAtlMM M u m i l i
A M w o rk fu lly
. .
5 .0 0
B»«t Red Rubber .
| Plat »a
7 .5 0
Painleaa Eitr’tion , 5 f
g u a r a n t e e d f o r f i ft e e n y e a rs.
W ise D e n ta l C o., «■ *.
Painless Dentists
$Hlln| Building, Third and Wjlhmrt.n S0RTUR0, O H
ur<ic.iwi: l i K .te lr.U. I u a i i . i k t
the Chine»® doctor.
T ry once m ere i f yon h »r e been d o rto tln « with
tn i* on* and that one *nd have no* obtained per­
m anent re lief. Let this great n atrre h ea lar d ie «-
n o *« > onr case and p rear r i f e »om e remedy whoae
action 1» quirk, sure and safe. H i» preem p tion»
are rompounded from Ron*«. H e r*«, b o d » an-i
B ark* that have been gathered from every q uar­
ter of the glob«. The »ecreta o f these m edicine»
• r e not known to the outside world, but have
handed dt-wn from father to »on in 1*
fam ilies l a China.
C O fS U L T A T T O N F R E E .
I f yon liv e oat o f tows and cannot call, w rit« for
symptom blank and circular, enclosing 4 oents la
162) First St., Cor. Morrieofl
P o r tla n d . O r t f o n .
W H E N w rit* «« to
t iM this pa per.
N e if -*!*.
Fire Destroys Entire Business Dis­
trict oí Seaside. Or.
Starting in Rear of Orug Store st
Main and Bridge Streets, Ail
Four Corners Are Swept
Seaside, Or., May 11, 1 a. m.— Fire,
starting in Callaghan’s bridge saloon
at 11:30 p. m., and which is still burn­
ing early this morning, has [destroyed
the entire business section o f Seaside.
The loss is estimated at approximate­
ly $200,000. The zone swept by the
flames is bounded on the west by the
Necanicum river, on the east by the
city hall, on the north by a vacant lot
just beyond the livery stable, and on
the south by McGuire’s hotel.
| Following is a list o f approximate
Selena & Wheatley, general mer­
chandise, 130,000;
Godfrey Bros.,
jewerly store, $10,000; James Peter­
son & Co., $15,000; Dresser & Che­
ney. $30,000; Lewis & Co., drug
store, $15,000; Conn Drug Co., $10,-
000; Antlers saloon, 5000; Ocean sa­
loon, $5000; Horseshoe saloon, $3000;
Bridge saloon, $5000; Arcade saloon,
$5000; Alex Gilbert & Son, build­
ings, $75,000; Stratton cigar store,
$2000; McRoberts’ bakery, $2000;
City Hall, $1500; Palace restaurant,
$1000; Puritan restaurant, $t£00;
Smith rooming house, $3000; Gragg
livery barn, $5000; R. Price, market,
$1000; Frank L. Smith meat market,
$2000; Postoffice, $2500; residences,
A large force o f men is working
desperately to keep the fire from
crossing the river, and at this hour it
seems likely that they will succeed.
Nevertheless, some West Side cot­
tagers are moving ^out their belong­
All the lights in town are out. The
telephone office has been burned. The
Western Union wire from the depot
constitutes the sole present means of
communication with the outside.
An appeal for help has been sent to
Astoria and a special train is on the
way with fire engines.
It is not now certain whether the
fire started in the Bridge saloon or in
the rear o f the Lewis drug store. In
both drug stores violent explosinns oc­
curred. Efforts have been made to
check the progress o f the flames by
destroying several buildings with dy­
The sea is lit up for miles with the
glare o f the flames and on the beach
it is as light as day. Many guests at
the Hotel Moore became alarmed
when they first observed the fire, but
soon learned that there was little dan­
ger of the fire coming that far west­
ward. Sparks and firebrands are be­
ing showered freely over the West
Side district. There is a very light
southeast breeze and unless the wind
rises the West Side is assured of safe­
It is thought the fire w ill not reach
the depot, as there is some vacant
ground between. The city hall was
burned. The horses from the burning
livery stable were saved, but little
was saved from any o f the stores.
Later— The Astoria fire department
arrived at 1 :35 a. m. with a steamer
and 1000 feet o f hose.
There are 160 firemen and volunteers
at work. The fire is under control.
Hundreds are homeless with no place
to sleep, having lost even their
clothes. Only two stores are le ft to
feed the town.
Flowers Deck Ship's Bed.
New York— Standing on the bridge
of the Carmania in mid-ocean, Mrs. J.
H. Loring. o f New York and London,
scattered flowers on the water o f the
Atlantic in memory o f her husband,
who lost his life on the Titanic.
When the
rived in latitude 41.16 and longi­
tude 50.14, the nearest position to
where the Titanic sank. Mrs. Loring,
attired in deep mourning, was escort­
ed to the bridge by Captain Dow.
Five hundred cabin passengers stood
on the decks as Mrs. Loring scattered
the flowers on the sea.
Men stood
with heads bowed and uncovered,
while some of the women passengers,
touched by the widow's devotion,
Continent That Was Lost.
On« of the wonders of the word that
■pen hear little about Is the Lost Con­
tinent. Sea going men are familiar
s-ith the chain of little lslanda that ex-
end from the continent of Asia down
:o Australia. Should the ocean go
lown five hundred feet this Lost Conti-
lent would be restored. It Is believed
Ships Collide at Sea.1
hat a few aeons ago the Lost Contl-
San Francisco— Badly waterlogged,
lent really existed.
the sailing schooner Mayflower was
towed into this port by the steam
Chine Chllo.
Cold roast mutton should be dlcet schooner San Pedro, with which the
and placed In a saucepan with a goo< Mayflower was in collision off Point
Captain Bendickson, o f the
pint of green peas, one head of let
:uce torn Into shreds, sufficient gravy San Pedro, was hurled to the deck by
to moisten and a good seasoning the force o f the collision and his shoul­
The San Pedro,
Simmer for half an hour and servt der was dislocated.
with an accompaniment of boiled rice which escaped injury, at once took the
disabled vessel in tow. The San Pe­
Woree Still.
dro was bound for Eureka,
-Did you hear about the awful af­ the Mayflower for Coquille, River,
fliction which has befallen Mr». Talk- Oregon.
tlf?” "Don't tell me she haa loat her
voice 1“ "No. her husband haa loat hla
‘ ‘ Feeder” Rates Restored
flearing."—Houston Poat.
■ Washington, D. C.— The Interstate
Commerce commission has issued an
Baby's Advantage.
A baby la tolerably helpless, but he order requiring Western railroads to
has one advantage— he doesn't have put into effect and maintain for two
to listen to the foolishness grown mes yeara from June 13, 1912, the rates on
"fe e d e r ” cattle and sheep defined in
talk to him unless he want« to
the report of the commission on March
An Exception.
11 this year. In effect, this order re­
A pretty girl is a charming eight tains the rates on stock cattle and
anywhere, except on the back of * sheep which have been in force for a
motorcycle.—Detroit F -e» Press._____ long time, the cancellation by the rail­
roads o f the lower rates on such live­
stock being held by the commission as
John W alton. Fall Brook. Cali., w rit«»?
9. H. Ü.
"A m much pleased with the Rood m a lt s
obtained iron» AiusLanff Liniment. It cer-
tainly acted like a cha. m on my hr.r»e,f
It thou' I lie k- pt on hand
by all stock o w n «-v They w ii find it a
r<n -
' '■»r»*» and cattla
but also foe their « v n a^ he» and pairA.”
25c. 50c. $1 a boU: s at D ru g & G « a » Stcros
Strike Does Not Spreed.
San Francisco — The pressmen’s
strike in this city has not extended
beyond the Examiner, which appeared
Sunday morning with a four-page
news section. A t a meeting o f the
Publishers’ association a proposal that
all other newspapers o f the city should
cut down their issues to the same sixe
as the Examiner did not carry and un­
less it should subsequently be put into
effect, the understanding is that the
strike will not spread.
Steel Corporation Designated Lowest
Bidder in Advance
New York— The American Steel &
W ire company, one of the biggest of
the subsidiaries o f the United States
Steel corporation, was a partner to
pool agreements with other manufac- ,
whereby prices in United
States government bida were nxed and
the business divided among the pool
members, according to the testimony t On« Dying. Many Injured—Railroad*
Dynamited—Americans Barred
in the government suit to dissolve the
From Meetings,
The testimony was given by Samuel j
J. Bailey, o f the office of E. E. Jack- i
son, “ supervisor” of the wire pools, | Philadelphia— The situation in the
whose members were indicted and
fined a year ago. Bailey acted as sec- j anthracite regions is believed to be
retary o f the Horseshoe Manufac­ growing more serious hourly.
turers’ association, one of the seven
The shooting of three foreign-speak­
ing miners at Minersville by state
The evidence was introduced by the
troopers haa had thejeffect o f embit­
government in support of its conten­
tion that the American Steel & Wire tering the foreigners.
A t a meeting in Minersville, at
company was itself an illegal combin­
which all Americans were barred,
Bailey identified a copy o f the rules threats were made against the troop*
and regulations o f the Horseshoe as­
sociation. The rules fixed the prices and the miners assembled say they are
at which the members of the associa­ determined to prevent work being
tion should sell the horseshoes, prices done at any o f the collieries in the
being changed when necessary, the i Minersville section.
witness explained, at monthly m eet-;
It is feared that i f the troopers at­
ings. A certain percentage o f the
tempt to carry out their avowed in­
business was alloted to each member
tention to search
the foreigners’
and in case bis monthly sales exceeded
his allotment he was to pay cash into homes for firearms it will mean blood­
the association
to the
A t Shenandoah the state troopers
amount of the excess.
were called out to disperse a crowd of
I f they were less the association
several thousand which had assembled
was to make up the deficiency.
because of some trivial incident, but
In the case o f government bids,
there was no violence.
Bailey said, Jackson selected the
Tracks on the Natalie branch o f the
member who was to make the lowest
Reading railroad near Shamokin were
bid and instructed other members to
dynamited, several rails being torn
bid higher.
from the ties.
The road leads to the
Bailey identified letters written by
Natalie colliery, which has been idle
Jackson, "p e r Samuel J. Bailey,” to
since the suspension o f work April I.
the Bryden Horseshoe company, fixing
Dynamite fastend to the Erie tracks
the price on government contracts.
near Scranton was found in time tc
It was brought out as a point for !
prevent the blowing up o f a freight
the corporation that -the association j
named to the government prices 10 to
In a battle between the state police
15 cents a keg lower than the regular
and a crowd estimated at between
market prices.
2000 and 3000 men at Minersville four
Bailey remembered being present at
men are known to have been shot and
a meeting when it w a 3 agreed that the
three probably were fatally wounded.
Standard Horseshoe company should
It is believed that a dozen or more
receive $350,000 a month to keep idle
others also were struck by bullets.
its patent machinery for manufactur-
ing horseshoes.
Cross-examined, Bailey said that
the pool was broken up in March, i
1909, by the withdrawal o f the Amer­
ican Steel & Wire company.
To his
London— A
dispatch from
knowledge none o f the members of the
executive committee ever had knowl­ Pera, Turkey, says that the governor
o f the Turkish island o f Rhodes,
edge of the pool, he said.
where Italian troops landed a few
House Will Hear Charges.
days ago, telegraphs: “ We have won
Washington, D. C.— Public hearings a victory and have captured 1000
on charges against Robert W. Archi­ Italians.”
bald, judge o f the Commerce court,
Stamboul — A sensational report
upon which may be based impeach­
that the Italian troops have exper­
ment proceedings, were decided upon
by the house judiciary committee. ienced a serious defeat in the island of
Rhodes, losing 1000 prisoners and
Testimony in open session will be be­
suffering many causalties, comes from
gun immediately after the committee
the Vali o f Smyrna, who says that he
has examined all the papers forwarded
received the news by heliograph from
by Attorney General Wickersham.
The Turkish government
Edward J. Williams, o f Scranton,
awaits confirmation o f the report be­
Pa., will be the first witness.
He is
fore announcing the news officially.
a coal dealer, who, it is alleged, ne­
gotiated with the Erie railroad for the
purchase of culm bank property to he
sold at a large profit, a transaction in
which Judge Archbald is alleged to Man Strangely Stricken, With Eyes
Apparently Sound, Sees Again.
have been interested, would not dis­
cuss the charges, but denied that he
Passai;, N. J.— The sight o f Cleve­
attempted to flee to Europe.
land W. Speer, of this city, who has
been twice stricken blind in the last
Regatta Dates Changed.
six months, is returning in as strange
Astoria— The board o f directors of a manner as it left him. Six months
the Astoria Motor Boat club, have ago without warning he experienced a
changed the dates for the coming an­ sudden pain in his forehead. In five
nual regatta to August 27, 28 and 29. minutes he was totally blind.
The dates originally selected were cialists found that his eyes were per­
August 22, 23, and 24.
The change fect and no cause for blindnes scould
was made in order to have the big wa­ be determined. A fte r a few weeks he
ter carnival after the fishing season began to regain his sight, but a week
closes August 25.
ago he awoke one morning to find
Manager Trenchard w ill take up himself totally blind again.
A few
the matter o f securing a revenue days later he experienced a pain simi­
cutter to patrol the course during the lar to that o f six months ago and after
races, having the course formally ap­ a few minutes he found his vision re­
proved by the Treasury department turning.
and o f having the department issue
rules governing the course so as to
Convict, Freed, Hired By Prison,
prevent interference with the races
Seattle, Wash. — George JEdward
by steamers. He will apply to the Adams, who was released Monday a f­
Navy department asking that one or ter serving more than five years in the
more warships be detailed to come Federal penitentiary at McNeill Island
here for the regatta.
for the theft o f many thousand dol­
lars’ worth o f gold dust from the Se­
Plea for Innocent Purchasers.
attle assay office, has returned to the
Washington, D. C.— B. D. Town­ penitentiary to take up the position of
send concluded his argument before bookkeeper which_he occupied during
the house public lands committee in his incarceration, not, however, as a
support o f the Lafferty bill for relief prisoner, but as a civilian, at a salary
of innocent purchasers of Oregon and o f $1200 a year. This report was con­
California railroad land. A. C. D ix­ firmed by Warden O. P. Halligan, of
on, o f the Booth-Kelly Lumber com­ the Federal penitentiary, through
pany, on behalf o f his company and whose efforts the appointment was
other innocent purchasers, w ill be made.
Pennsylvania Winers Figiit Desper­
ately With Troops.
And you would like long
hair? Rich, heavy h a ir?
Beautiful, luxuriant h a ir?
That is perfectly natural, and
we are here to help you.
Ayer's Hair Vigor is a great
aid to nature in producing
just the kind of hair you de­
sire. Do not be afraid to
use it. No danger of its col­
oring your hair. The ingre­
dients are all given on each
label, thus enabling your
doctor to wisely advise you
concerning its use. Consult
him freely. He knows.
-not tea
• -not coffee
I t ’s the m o s t de­
lig h tfu l B rea k fa st
D r in k you ever tasted
- and the most u holesome and
You cannot but
ik e its rich ” grainy” flavor and
spicy aroma. As* your grocer for
Three G’s
(C O L D E X CR A 1S C R A X L 'L E S )
—i f he hasn't got it he icitl get it for
you. It s good for you 3 tunes a day.
And remember that there
is no substitute fo r 3 G ’s.
M t i» zy -he J C. AYER rr t . x
W. L. D O U G L A S
« 2.50 * 3.00 * 3.50 * 4.00 * 4 . 50 &* 5.00
W . L. D o u g la s m akes and sells m ore
$3.00, $3.50 an d $4.00 shoes than
any other m a n u fa c tu re r in the w o rld
W .L .D o u g la s $¿1.00 A $ 3 .5 0 shoes a re w o r n b y m illio n s
o f m en, because they a re th e best in th e w o r ld fo 'r th e p r ic e
IV . L . D o u g la s A4.00. & 4.50 & ^ ’».OO shoe** e q u a l C ustom
B en ch W o r k c o s tin g .Sd.OO to fjtiS.lH»
W h y does W . L. D o u gla s m ake and sell m ore $3.00, $3.50
and $4.00 shoes than any other m an ufactu rer in the w o rld ?
B E C A U S E : he stamps his name and price on the bottom and *
guarantees the value, w hich protects the w e a re r against high
prices and inferior shoes of other m akes. B E C A U S E : they
« r e the most econom ical and sa tisfa c to ry; you can save money
by w earin g W . L. D ou gla s shoes. B E C A U S E : they h ave no
equ al for style, fit and w ear. DON’T TAKE A SL BSTITLTE FOR V* .11 DOUGLAS SHOES.
If rour dealer cannot s ;pp!v W . L. I>ouglaa shoes, «Tit* W . I.. Douglas, Br vkton. Mass., for catalog.
Shoe» scot everywhere delivery charges p ;cta-.d.
i ’a*t C o lo r E y e le t* l * « 4.
lome Suggestions for the Housekeep­
er Who Wishes to Avoid
The housekeeper who does not be-
l«v e In monotony does not serve
»heese In the same way two days In
tuccession. A little planning will en-
ible her to run three or four different
tinds of cheese at the same time,
teeplng them all fresh by putting them
n an airtight cold place.
As most cheeses spoil quickly It Is
well to buy In smaller portions, espe-
:ially In warm weather. Some cheeses
ire so perishable that grocers will not
landle them In summer, and they
should not be bought unless to be
saten at once.
The same kind of cheese may be
served In various forms. Take the
popular cream cheese, probably more
jsod than any other one make. If you
pas9 It out In squares one day, the
next mix It In balls sprinkled with
parsley; again mix with chopped
pimolas; or thin slightly with whipped
cream, mix with chopped red peppers,
and remold Into a flat thin cake, which
Is passed whole.
Instead of serving bar-le-duc and
cream cheese separately, stir together
into a mixture about the consistency
of creamed butter and sugar.
Fried cheese balls aro delicious
served with plain lettuce and French
dressing. Mix Into the cheese chopped
parsley, a dash of cayenne, a pinch of
salt, and two drops of onion Juice.
Mold into balls, dip In egg and bread
crumbs, and fry In boiling lard before
Another fried cheese with lettuce la
made of the English or ordinary Amer­
ican cheese cut in strips like French
fried potatoes. Dip these In seasoned
egg and bread crumbs and fry In deep
fat when ready for use.
E &
f f i E E f i a S U Q
One of the Largest Elephant«.
A recent writer in the Field news­
paper gives the dimensions of an old
hdlan elephant, which would scaroelr
•d>r« been much Inferior In size W a
ii*?todon. According to his necnont
the animal measured 11% feet In
height at the shoulders. 25 feet 6
inches from the tip of the trunk to
the end of the tall. The distance
from the tip of the trunk to one eye
aaa 7 feet; from one eye to the tall
nearly 1344 feet, and the tall was 444
feet In length. The tusks were 5 feet
! Inches long.—Harper's Monthly
ldahc. n ur W e is «r: 4 r. hous*. barn, outbuiMmu»,
etc. gram , truck, stock or fru it farm ; all conven­
ience«. Address KINNEY. Box 81*. Chicago. I1L
tow n pri'perty le s t liUO-a. farm in Frem ont Co.,
Idaho; lv> a cult: house, barns, outbuilding*, »lock,
mehny. etc.; complete, w ell located.
W m . M. Meek. Squirrel. Idaho.
Sauce for Fricassee.
Stir together two tablespoonfuls ol
butter and one of flour previously
mixed with a little milk. Add a pint
of milk and white stock mixed in
equal quantities; or a pint of milk
alone. Add a sliced carrot, a chopped
onion, a few sprigs of parsley and
salt and pepper to taste
Put Into the
sance whatever meat It Is Intended
to tricassee and stew gently until ten
der. Remove the pieces Into another
saucepan, thicken with the yolks ol
two eggs, squeeze in the Juice of hall
a lemon, pour over the meat and serve
very hot.
W hen
the appetite is poor —
the stomoch is weak —
the bowels are clogged -
You are run-down —
is a short course of
Try a bottle today and be con­
vinced. All Druggists.
enjoyea tne juage s Luncn.
Amaii, who appeared to be one of
the unemployed, entered unobserved
I tho chamber of one of the judges In
the Four Courts, Dublin, Ireland, the
other day, and helped himself to the
lunch which had been prepared for
the Judg**. While he was pouring out
a cup of tea he was discovered by the
attendant In chnrge, who had him re­
moved and went to look for a police*
Mistrusted Santa Claus.
man. In the meantime the man e»*
As Christmas time drew near Bob­ ^aped.
by expressed a wish for some spe­
I!«d C rr*n Ball Blue will wash doubl« an many
cially desired article.
His mother dot
he« as any other blue. Don’t put your money
suggested that he write to Santa into any other.
Claus shout 1L “ Mother,” said the
Deadly Glasses.
child, after some hesitation, " I —I
A contrast to the Venetian glassev
think everything of Santy, an’ I know'
bow good he is an’ everthing, but. which were popularly supposed to fly
mother, he’s so awful busy that he to pieces If poisoned liquor were pour­
forgets, sometimes’ Last year, yoq ed Into them, were glasses which
’member, I asked him for a toy goat poisoned all who drank from them.
an’ he sent me four dogs. I wish youY The poison was crystallized at the
bottom of the glass, from which it
ook after this one thing yourself!”
was Indistinguishable, and as It dis­
Prc! C m ., Rail B ljr. all blur. b r ,t bluina value solved very slowly It could be used
n the whole world, makes the laundress smile.
many times with deadly effect. Some
such glasses can be seen at the Brit,
Pie Sufficed for Large Party.
Over 90 persons partook, the othet Ish museu—
hea.*d in support of the measure.
Lawyers Oppose Recall.
Townsend told the committee the gov­
Members o f the Illinois
ernment had not sued and would not
sue those purchasers who acquired less State Bar association by popular vote
than a thousand acres from the road. have expressed their disapproval of
the recall system. The returns on the
vote when counted at the association’s
Sulli, Soldier, la Dead.
headquarters gave the following re­
N ew Rochelle. N. Y .— Giovanni Sul sults :
li, one of Garibaldi's favorite cap­
Against the recal o f judges in ¡Il­
tains, died here at the residence o f his linois, 646; for the recall of judges in
son, aged 86 years.
He was one o f Illinois, 109: against the recall o f de­
the prominent figures in Sicily during cisions involving constitutional ques­
the rebellion of 1848-60, and was a tions, 615; for recall by [popular vote
friend of Garibaldi. He distinguished o f decisions involving constitutional
himself on the field of battle and was questions, 143.
three times captured and condemned
to death, but was exchanged.
French Add to Forces-
Emmanuel offered him a high position
Paris — Owing to the threatening ¡la y at Oorleston, Suffolk. England, of
in the Italian government, but the o f­
fer was refused that Sulli might live conditions in Morocco, the French gov­ x gigantic sea-pie, into the making of
! which there entered two stone of flour,
in the United States.
ernment has decided to send seven
battalions of infantry, instead of three | ntx rabbits, six ox and sheep kidneys.
:8 pounds of beefsteak, two score of
Scientist's Will Held Valid.
battalions, as originally planned, as
[ green vegetables, half a stone of on-
Concord, N. H .— The clause o f the well as extra batteries o f artillery, to
! Ions, and two stone of turnips and car­
will o f Mrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy, that coantry. Two battalions o f na­
rots. The total weight of the pie was
founder o f the Christian
Science tive Senegal infantry are now being
Aver two hundred pounds, and It took
church, bequeathing the residue o f her mobilized at Dakar, and these w ill
wo days to cook.
estate, valued at about $2,000,000, to reach Casa Blanca, Morocco, June 20.
the First Church o f Christ, Scientist, These reinforcements will give Gene­
All Are Ours.
o f Boston, creates a “ valid trust,” in ral Moiner a force o f 32,000 men,
flVe lament the hostility of clrcum
the opinion o f the Supreme court. The with another 11,000 spread out along
the elusive nature of op­
court holds that the “ residuary clause the frontier o f Algeria.
portunity; but If we are In the stream
la not a g ift to a church, but a g ift
of power all clrcumatances are oura.
Halibut Catch is Record.
for religious purposes, sustainable as
The master of right living Is keyed
a charitable tr u s t”
Seattle, Wash.— Old timers in the
; to hla surroundings and lives as the
fishing industry are discussing the
rose ope^s to the sky and air. Study
Agreed to Pension Bill.
marvelous catch o f 362,675 pounds of
I yourself, lay firm hold on the deep
Washington, D. C .—The report by halibut recently brought to this port
I germs of angelhood, the folded bios-
the conferees o f the two houses o f con­ by the Weidlng & Independent Fish­
{ soma of beauty, and bid them come
gress on the general pension bill was eries company’s steamship Independ­
The catch is the largest ever forth!
agreed to by the senate. The bill will ent.
necessitate an average increase o f ap­
propriations of $22,000,000 a year for
the next five years. The greatest in­
crease will occur next year, when it
will reach $35,000,000.
Tobacco Raising In Ireland.
Irish tobacco and Irish cigars and
cigarettes are bought In Dublin with
patrlotlo pride and smoked with en­
joyment, and It may be only a matter
of time when Irish cigarettes will be
known the smoking world over. The
raising of tobacco In Ireland la one
of the new Industries which are being
undertaken, and the quality la pro­
nounced good.
Mrs. Knlcker—"Can you get you»
boots buttoned without bending your
kneea?” Mrs. Bocker— “ Certainly: I
make my husband do I t ”— Harper's
As a Flower.
The spirit of a person's life la evet
shedding some power. Just as a flower
Is steadily bestowing fragrance upon
the air.— T. Starr King.
made bv a single vessel in the world
He Knew.
and far surpasses the records on both
Christianity and Citizenship.
Flapper (reading a novell—This. Is
the Atlantic and Pacific coasta accord­ sn improbable book. I'm sure these
Whatever mnkeu men good ( 'tlrla-
ing to those well versed in the history wo would have hi, > d each other tlans makes iheui good citizens.- Don-
o f the halibut industry.
( leal Webster.
Wag ago.—4 1 . , i Letter.