Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, March 02, 1911, Image 4

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( I n c o r p o r a t i '!» )
D IR E C T O R S :
h as
Hotel Estacada
m ’ h u is ,
J. W . Ri Fj», V ice l'r**sifL nt
L. K. BKl.mi.ft, Treasurer
E . S. W O M E R ,
ft week
M anager
Ente, ed at the postoffics In Estacaba. Ortfcn as
second class mall
Published Every Ihuraddv Morning
FSU< < 1 ) 4 , OK!CON
One of the most delightful Resorts on the Coast
Local and Tourist Trade Solicited
. «
One year
S i* m onths................. ...........................
si 00
Thursday March 2 , tQII
H a n d le s t h e B e s t F r e s h a n d c u r e d M e a ts
The correct way to pronounce it
is Es-ta-ca-ila, accent on the third
syllable, a having the sound of a
as in ah in the two last syllables.
We are in receipt of a request
from the Seattle Commercial Club
to make an appeal in our paper for
help for the famine sufferers in
China. It is estimated that nearly
two million people are starving and
will need aid for many months.
Those on the ground and familiar
with the situation state that two
dollars contributed at this time
will save the life of some man,
woman or child. It seems strange
to us with a bountiful supply of
things to live on that there is any
place that such is not the case.
Famine is a horrible thing to con­
template and I feel assured that if
our people who have been blessed
with so much, when their attention
is called to this will be glad of an
opportunity to contribute.
If so
we will make a list of such persons
with their contribution and see that
the proper authority receives the
money. If you feel you ought to
contribute send it to the Progress
marked for the famine fund.
will acknowledge all subscriptions
through the paper.
We continue to be a very busy
community. With the coming ot
bright sunny days the plowman is
busy preparing the grouud for
spuds. During the week a number
of small garden spud growers have
been busy planting.
The soil
setins in excellent condition.
merous brush fires also give evi­
dence ot the extension of improved
holdings of suburban property.
The need of more comfortable
homes in Estacada is recognized
daily. Scarcely a day but someone
is looking for a house to rent. Here
is a pointer for the man with money
to invest. We have plenty of va­
cant lots in the city that can be se­
cured to build upon. Why not put
up more houses for the people who
want to come here.
O b ta in a b le
Cash Paid for Hides and Market Products
We Buy and Sell
Develop­ HIDES
Officials of the Oregon
ment League, who bad worked for
the passage of the bill providing for
a state immigration commissioner,
were non plussed when Governor
West announced last week he would
veto the measure. They succeeded,
however, in inducing him to change
his mind bv waiving any claim to
the $25,000 appropriation the bill
carried, so that the law will give
the state the benefit of the United
States Immigration Bureau work in
placing desirable immigrants on the
Oregon lands.
Lacking the necessary appropri­
ation to carry on the work, public
spirited citizens of Portland «ill
shoulder the expense. The passage
of the law will at least provide for
state indorsement of promotion
literature that shall be issued to at­
tract immigration and this will
make this matter authorative so it
will carry more weight and at the
same time guard against boomer
matter. This will Ire for the Irene-
fit of the whole state and not any
section alone. A state hook, show­
ing Oregon’ s advantages, will be
issued under the seal of the new
Ofr'nes» cannut br cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the «lisrasul j»ort on ot the ear.
There i o n l v out way tv» cure deafness, j
and that U b , conoiuutionftl remedies,
j Deafness is caused by an inflamed con-
j ditiou of the mucous lining ot the .liusuf-
j chiun Tube. When this tube is inflamed
>ou have a rumbling sound or imperfect
hearing, and when it is entirely closed,
deafness is the result, and unless the in-
flaiumatiou can be taken out and this
restored tJ its normal condition,
| tube
hearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of ten are caused by catarrh,
which is nothing but an inflammeil con­
dition of the mucous surfaces. We will
give One Hundred Dollars for any case
of deafness (caused by catarrh) that can­
not be cured by Hall’s Catarrh Cure.
Send tor circulars, free.
F. J, Cheney & Co.. Toldeo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take lla ll's Family Pills for constipation
P E N L A N D <Sc J O R G
T a s o * M anna
A c.
C o p y r ig h t »
A n y o n « tending a sketch and description m ay
qn sickly
lck ly ascertain our opinion free whether an
itlon Is probably
“ on Patenta
strictly confidential. HANDBOOK
free. O ld est agency forsocurlm
’ Patent# taken through
We have several piece* of prop­
erty left with us to negotiate a sale
for. Intending investors in Esta­
cada will do well to consult us os
we may have just what you want.
Inquire at the P rogress office.
Sdentine America*.
W ANTED the services ot a representative in Oregon to look alter our old
and prospective buyers of our Modern simple Tax-free Industrial Alooliol Distilling
Apparatus, by special successful demonstrative methods for making Alcohol, Apple
Jack, A turdiente, Mescal, Teguila, Peach Brandy, Solidified Alcohol in Cubes,
Etc., also Denatured Alcohol. Most modern simple 5 gal. still and all sizes to
500 gal. daily capacities. Good commission
Address Die Wood Waste Distilleries
Co. Inc., Wheeling, W. Va., U. S. A.
invitation to visit Baltimore from
March 6lh tc 20th, at a large salary
to advise the Greater Baltimore
Committee and assist in raising a
promotion fund of $500,000. This
money will be used in bidding for
trade in the South. Mr, Richard
son will return shortly to Oregon,
but will make addresses in a num­
ber of Eastern cities this Spring.
The list of persons who are re-
ported sick is increasing daily. The
cause is mostly from bad colds and
lagrippe. It seems to take hold of
the strong as well as the weak. It
is no uncommon thing to see the
individual with his head or throat
bandaged and have the usual greet­
ing from the convalescing individ­
ual "Well. I see you got it,”
fatalities have occured in our midst
! from it so far, but it is not an
The events of the past week
agreeable ailment, as many can tes-
illustrate in a striking way the ad­
vantage of the Oregon climate. The
first was the planting of roses in j
Portland parks on Washington’ s
Governor West has been using
Birthday, and the second was the his axe with vigor. All the Good
Multnomah Club swim in the ocean Roads legislation has accomplished
at Gearhart last Sunday.
Such was to give the law makers a little
stunts as these call attenion to the practice in oratory. The Governor
mild Winters of the Northwest and vetoed many of the measures passed
at'ract people here from the frigid including the four Good Roads
Mr. Bennett thinks he will move
to Portland. Mr. Pugh is already
there and is doing teaming.
Fat cattle wanted; the fatter the
better.— See Penland & Jorg.
A fast game of basketball is said
to have taken place at the Pavilion
on Sunday by a couple of local
pick-up teams. Some of the boys
were quite energetic in their
methods ot playing the game.
one was seriously hurt aud the
spectators say there was lots of
Good board with room at the
Park Hotel, $6 per week.
The Ladies' Aid met at the home
of Mrs. E. S Womer on Wednes­
day afteroon in a social and busi­
ness meeting,
Don’t forget to get your dinner,
at the Park Hotel for 25 cents.
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior. U. S . Land O ffice at
Portland. Oregon. Feb. 25th, 1911.
Notice is hereby given that Frank R . Rhodes of
Cherryville. Oregon, who on August 31. 1908
made homestead entry Serial No. 0361 for S E K
Section 32. Township 2 south. Range 6 east, W il­
lamette Meridian, has filed notice of intention to
make final commutation proof to establish claim to the
land above described, before the Register and R e ­
ceiver of the U. S. Land O ffice at Portland. Oregon,
on the 12th day of April, 1911.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Colby Marston. David Douglass. Cuy E, Degolia,
Frank Serols. all of Cherryville. Oregon.
H. F. Hlgby. Register
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior. U. S Land office at
Portland. Oregon. Feb. 25. 1911.
Notice is hereby given that Fred J. Bechlll, of
Brightwood. Oregon, who. on Jan. 6th. 1909. made
j Homestead entry serial No. 0873. for W H N E f4 .
N E K N W t f and Lot 1. section 30. Township 2
South. Range 7 East. Willamette Meridian, has filed
notice of Intention to make final commutation proof,
to establish claim to the land above derertbed, before
the register and recsiver. of the U. S . Land office at
Portland. Oregon, on the 11th day of April 1911.
Claimant names as witnesses
Thomas Plckatt John McIntyre. James A . Odell.
Thcm as B. Bechlll, all of Brightwood. Oregon.
H. F. Higby. Register
D e n tis ts
01 P o r t la n d
Will visit Estacada on Friday and
Satunlay of each week
Appointments may be marie
with D>. Adix.
A. J. Darling,'Estacada.
is the hoarse, startling cough oi a child,
First Class Meats of all
kinds handled suddenly attacked by cronp. Often it
U. S. Land Office at Portland. Oregon, February
16th, 1911.
Notice Is hereby given that Louis F. Prldemore
of Sandy, Clackamas Co. Oregon who. on January 8.
1908. made Homestead antry Serial No. 02346 for
W Vi N E K and NE% N W * Section 7. Township 3
south. Range 6 east W illam ette Meridian has filed
notice of intention to make Final Five year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above d escribed before
the R egister and R eceiver. U . S. Land Office, a
Portland. Oregon, on the 5th day of April 1911.
Claimant names as witnesses
L ew is J. Ranney, James T . Edgerton. Benjamin A.
Beach. Clark E. C o r e l. all of Sandy. Oregon.
H. F. Hlgby, Register
field Telephone Company for $25, quested. One long ring.
also my hay fork, carriage, 3 blocks
and rope. Price $9.
Apply to
Coyd Looney, Curriusville, Ore. tf
A fierce nipht alarm
Notice for Publication
Electric S to re
F or S a l e —9 milch cows, most­
ly Jersey; some fresh now, rest O F F IC E , ADJOINING RESIDBNCH
fresh soon, reasonable price.
Local and Long Distance Telephone
ply at this office,
£ The doctor's phone can be connectet)
F or S a l e —30 shares in the Gar­ with your home phone at night if re­
amette Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make
Final five year Proof, to establish claim to the land
above described before the Register and Receiver,
of the U . S . Land Office at Portland. Oregon, on the
5th day of April 1911.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Lew is J. Ranney, Louis F . Prldemore. Benjamin A.
Beach. Clark E . Corey, all of Sandy. Oregon.
H. F. Hlgby. Register
The Best for the Eyes
aroused Lewis Chamblin of Manchester,
O., [K. R. No. 2] for their foar children
I Buy and Sell Mutton, Pork and were greatly subject t * croup. "Som e­
Mrs. Overholster,
of Viola, Veal. Market price paid in cash. times iu severe attacks,” he wrote "we
bought the four lots owned by Chickens wanted - I pay for hens 1 4 c., were afraid they would die. bat since we
proved what a certain remedy Dr. King's
Messrs Bennett and Ptigh in the S p rin g roosters 13 c.
New Discovery is, we have no fear. \V'e
Zobrist addition. The price paid
rely on it for croup ami for coughs, colds
or any threat or lung trouble.”
So do
was $650.
Notice for Publication
thousands of others. So may yon. Asth­
Department of the Interior U . S . Land Office, at
ma, hay fever, lagrippe, whooping cough
When you have rheumatism in your Portland. Oregon. February 16th 1911.
Notice Is hereby given that James T . E iRerton of hemorrhages fly before it, 50c and $1.00.
toot or instep apply Chamberlain’s Lini­
Sandy. Clackamas Co.. O re., who. on Jan. 8th. 1908
ment and yon w ill get quick relief.
It made Homestead entry Serial No. 02345 for S % Trial bottle free. Sold by all druggists.
costs but a quarter.
Why suffer?
For N W tfa n d N W tfN W * (o r Lotal & 2 and S E t f N W t f )
Section 7. Township 3 South. Range 6 east. W ill­
sale by all good dealers.
Get a good meal at the Park Ho­
tel for 75 cents.
Th e
F or S a l e — One 120-egg Cornell
incubator and 4 brooders. Inquire
at the Progress.
J. SMITH. Prop.
Mrs. Bletch, of Cazadero, .who
underwent an operation at a Port­
land hospital about ten days ago, is
Alder S t. a t Seventh
F o r S a l e —A lot of household
In the national Senate on Tues­ Abstracts. Real Estate. Loans. Insurance
day in a vote on direct election of O r e g o n C i t y , - - - O r e g o n furniture and canned fruit. H. L.
Fisk, living in one of the John Page
senators the measure was lost by
houses, Estacada.
only four votes. It requires a two-
third vote to pass.
The Progress is one dollar a year
The most common cause of insomnia is
disorders of the stomach. Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets correct these
disorders and enable you to sleep.
sale by all good dealers.
ao acres
cleared. A 4 roomed house and
outbuildings. Located in north Gar­
field. Inquire at the Progress, tf
----- without
—* ch
spnial notici,
In the
Kills a murderer
A merciless 'm urderer is appendicitis
with many victims, but Dr. K in g's New
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. largest tñt-
F or S a l e - O ne good 3 in.
eolation o f any aclentlDo Journal. Terms. »3 a
Life Pills kill it by prevention.
I four months, $L Bold by all newsdealers
wagon or trade for lumber. Enquire
stimulate stomach, liver ami
i Office. 626 F BU Washington. IX C.
bowels, preventing that clogging that in
vites appendicitis, curing constipation,
F or S a l e - Black Manorcia eggs
headache, billiousness. chills, 25c at all H. K. CROSS
WILLIAM HAMMOND for setting from my heavy winter
(Cleveland Special Dispatch)
A well known Wheeling, W . Va.. chemist has succeeded in
producing chunks of denatured alcohol in crystal form by means
of a small infusion of certain acids whereby crystals of an alka-
loidal nature very closely resembling phyologically the effects of
ethyl alcohol distilled from saw dust. Th e method employed and
the results obtained are somewhat similar to the crystalizing of
rock candy or that of Sacharine containing as it does 350 times
the sweetening strength over that of cane sugar so this alkaloidal
crystalized alcohol contains many times the strength over the or­
dinary denatured fluid alcohol they will yield 194 proof denatured
alcohol with a greater heating and cooking power for stoves than
gasoline and it is absolutely non-explosive.
Industrial Alcohol Stills 5 Gal. Tax-Free pays for itself
every month. 5 to 500 Gal. Stills installed under guarantee.
Alcohol Solidified 33 samples Solid Alkaloid Cubes 194 proof,
post-paid for $2.00
The utilization of W ood Waste by Distillation. A general
consideration of the N ew Industry, including a lull description of
the distilling apparatus used and the principle involved, also
methods of chemical control and disposal of the' products, first
edition illustrated by seventy-four engravings, 156 pages.
book is cloth bound, it will be sent to any address post paid on
receipt of $3.20.
The Cheapest Li^ht
F or S a l e — 40 acres;
_ 2 .38,b"bí" ’' New York
Denatured Alcohol In Solid Form
Tungsten Lamps
F or S a l e — A Multnomah drag
saw aud boiler. Cheap. Apply at
the Progress.
Yesterday was Ash Wednesday;
The new moving picture show
The first organized party of
Governor West proclaimed Mar.
Lent begining.
settler* to come to Central Oregon 1st a holiday and named it "Colon­ fitted lip by Reed and Sparks and
by the new railroad now in oper­ ist Day.” It is his desire that we Bronson and Haskins opened up on
ation into the interior arrived dur­ all write a letter back East telling Tuesday evening and gave their I The City Hall is being movtd
ing the past week and took poses- the people of the East about our first show in the new building to a hack so that the tower mav be
Do you know that of all the minor ail­
sion of the Baldwin ranch of 30,- state and its wonderful possibilities. crowded house. The building they erected in the front of the building,
ments colds arc by far the most danger-
000 acres al Hay Creek, which they If you have not already done so. formerly occupied will be fitted tip |
, ons? It is not the cold itself that you
have bought, theie were 25 in the sit right down and write, do not as a pool room by Bronson and
Part of the drilling crew at the need to fear, but the serious disease that
party, which traveled in special car | put it off anothei minute,
They Haskins also. They are determined upper dam has been laid off tem­ it often leads to. Most of these are
known as germ diseases.
from the East. The newcomers need to know about us for their to furnish their share of amuse­ porarily.
and consumption are among them. W hv
ment to their patrons.
will begin the development of their good.
not take Chamberlain's Cough Rentedv
properly at once and the big ranch
The politicians are accusing each and cure your cold while yon can? For
Han millions of friends
will be cut up into small farms in
sale by all good dealers.
Clean up is the order that should
How would you like to number your other of simply working against
order to bring it up to the maxi­ lie foremost in every aggressive
friends by millions as Rucklen's Arnica each o th e r to get even.
In this we
mum of production.
man's mind who owns property. Do Salve does? Its astounding cures in the think both sides have told the truth
If you have trouble in getting rid of
not wait for the City Council to P“ #t forty years made them. Its the best and w h en the people send men the your cold you may know that .you are
Tom Richardson, father of the force you to do this work.
It is « I v r in the world for «ores, ulcer«, reze- n e x , (jm e to ta k e c a re o f th e ir jn . j not treating it properly. There is no
reason whv a cold should hang on for
Oregon Development League, who the proper thing to be done, and ma, burns, boils, icalds, cut* corns, sore terests they should
have memories weeks and it w ill not if you take Cham-
eyes, sprains, »welling«, bruises, cold
was active for years in publicity let the good work commence instan­ sores. Has no equal for piles. 23c at all of these get-even men and le t them berlains Cough Remedy. For sale by
work in this state, has accepted an ter.
stay a l home.
| all good dealers.
Apply Jobu Traschel.
F or S a l e — Five room house and
lot. Good location. Terms. A p ­
ply at this office.
brown leghoin cockerels.— E. S.
W a n t e d -G ood fnt licet cattle,
highest prices paid,— See Penland
& Jorg,
F or S a l e — A % Jersey yearling
Sealed proposals will he received
by P. V. Womer for the Estacada
by buying thli
Eire Department at the Progress
S ^ v c
reliable, honest,
office until March 6th, 1911 at 8 P.
high grade sew­
M., lor the construction of a tower
ing machine.
at the City Hall. Plans and speci­
fications for the same can be seen
at the Progress office. Right is re­ National Sewing Machine Co,
served to reject any or all bids.
Belvldere. ML
P. V. W o m e r ,
for Estacada Fire Department
Comittee: B. R. Kimrnel, J. V.
Barr and A. Sagner.
S a i . e — T
F or S a l k —Good eight room
house and two lots. Apply at this
tf |
F or
1 ÄOriMoiU !tu ordHieü JEOtiBOdR 3
Notice to Creditors
J O H N S T E I N E R , M.
P h y s i c i a n a Suae. HON
o r n e e behind
Biraps in rooms bock of office. Can
found at office day or night.
A T T O R N E Y -A T -L A W
E s ta c a d a S ta te B a n k B u i l d i n g
E s ta c a d a , O r e g o n
Dimick & Dimick,
Attorneys at Law
tfW N o rtary Public, General Law
Practice, Mortgages foreclosed, Aha
stracts furnished
Estate of Mary E. E ly, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the under­
signed, administrator of the estate of o f f ic e s : a, 3 & 4, ANDRBSKN BLB.
Mary B. E ly, deceased, to the creditors O regon C it y
O regon
of, and all persons having claims against
the said deceased, to exhibit them, with
the necessary vouchers, within six
months after tue 5 r»i publication of this
notice to the said administrator at his We manufacture all kinds of Cedai
residence in Currinsville, the same being Shingles and are prepared at al)
the place for the transaction of the busi­ times to deliver the same. Also
ness of said estate, in said county of
to sell at the mill, having stock 0»
hand at a)} times
John E ly,
Administrator of the estate of Mary E.
E ly, deceased.
Dated this 23rd day of February, A. D.
Estacada Agent— A. Morrow
Good Offers
The Oregon Fire Relief Asso­
Here is an opportunity to secure
your reading matter for the coming
ciation of McMinnville
with $225,000 reserves, solicits your
year at bargain day prices.
business through
must be taken advantage of at
J o h n B row n
once as they are only offered at
R o c k w o o d , O reg o n
these low prices for a short time.
G resh a m , 231
The price of the Daily Oregonian
Or leave word at this office
is $6.00 per year. We will send the
I also have the OREGON MERCHANTS I
Daily Oregonian, 1 yr.,
Estacada Progress
w n i m n * « * it * j a aabMaaaaB
'A Doz. Wm. A. Rogers
Tea Spoons
Total $ 9 - 5 0
Team W o rk a n d Hauling b y
All can be secured from us for $6 00.
Daily Telegram and Progress,
year, $4.50.
the Day o r C ontract
WOOD delivered in any quantity
or length. 1st class 4 foot wood
To take advantage of these prices
slabwood delivered at $2.00 per
you must act at once.
cord. t6 inch at $2.50 p6r load.
We can furnish a nnmber of
othet clubing rates that will in­
W . M. Y0NCE
terest you, iu magazines and peri­
odicals, by inquiring for them,
Deeds Filed For Record
W m . U n d e rw o o d
An up- 4 »-date Blacksmith
United States to Joseph Linhart,
Southeast quarter of Section 24, Horse shoeing a specialty
Township 3 South of Range 5 East
Foil supply of goods carried in stock
containing 160 acres.
D. K. Bill to John W Loder, 40
acres in Section to Township 3
South of Rauge 4 Hast, $1.
Oregon Realty Co. to Mutual
Realty Co. 40 acres in section 26
township 4 South of range 4 East.
Hiram Maden to J. L. Ketch, 6 li (tilt at the old stand and wdfhtg to <*»
any of the work in his line
acres in section 28, township 3
South of range 4 East.