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General Resume o f Important Events
Presented In Condensed Form
f o r Our Busy Readers.
Roosevelt and Pinchot spent an en
tire day together at Porto Maurizio,
Colorado cattlemen threaten war if
Utah sheepmen invade their grazin g
Governor Hughes, o f N e w York,
calls for an immediate investigation
into corrupt legisla tive practices.
A S eattle man, as a memorial to his
dead son, has given $100,000 in land
and cash to establish a sanitarium U
fight tuberculosis.
I t is planned to have the face and
figure o f the late Thomas F. Walsh, the
Colorado “ silver k in g ," carved in he­
roic size on the face o f an immense
c liff which overlooks the famous Camp-
bird mine at Ouray. The mine laid the
foundation o f the Walsh fortune.
A N ew Y o rk man sutbbed his toe
against a small oblong package in front
o f a Sixth avenue je w e lry shop and
on opening it, found a $10,000 diamond
necklace. He read the advertisements
and received from the owner just half
its value as a reward for his honesty.
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., w ill leave
his work in the carpet factory at
Thompsonville on June 1 to prepare
fo r his m arriage to Miss Eleanor A le x ­
ander, in N ew York C ity on June 90 .
Youn g Roosevelt is now doing execu­
tiv e work in the main office o f the
factory. F ollow in g his m arriage he
w ill become d istrict manager for the
company at its San Francisco head­
Prem ier Asquith dreads to involve
the king in the Irish controversy.
Eleven sections o f fine fru it land in
Eastern Oregon w ill soon be opened to
Attacks o f the ship subsidy lobby are
resented warm ly by members o f the
house committee.
The incident between R oosevelt and
the Vatican at Rome may cause the re­
moval o f the papal secretary, M erry de
Dr. H ollis B. Frissell, o f the Rocke­
felle r Sanitary commission, says hook­
worm infection is spread largely by
Southern people goin g barefooted.
A duel between ex-Prem ier Count
W itte and General Kuropatkin, com­
mander-in-chief o f the Russian forces
in the w ar with Japan, has been avert­
ed through an explanation by the form ­
Men W ho Bring Chinese and
A re Hard Pressed.
Current Events oi interest Gathered
From the World at Large.
The Supreme court o f the United
States has ordered a rehearing o f the
cases against the Standard O il and
Tobacco trusts, on account o f the death
o f C h ief Justice Brewer.
Los Angeles, A p ril 11.— Driven from
Los Angeles by the a c tiv ity o f Federal
sleuths, aided by the local authorities,
the band o f opium and Chinese smug­
glers that has been operating along the
Pacific coast and the Mexican border
has transferred its scene o f operations
to the Northern ports in Washington
and Oregon.
According to Deputy
United States Marshal Durlin, who has
hail a large part in the two years' war
fare on this particular breed o f law
breakers, the headquarters o f the band
has been transferred to Seattle, with
branches at Portland, Tacoma and Spo
kane. A t fcthe latter place arrange
ments are made for disposing o f the
contraband Chinese and opium that
successfully brought in by
liners and across the Canadian border.
“ C h ick " Wallace, the leader o f the
band, is now in the northern cities ar­
ranging for the disposition o f the
smuggled Orientals and drug. He is
the brains o f the band, and is the only
prominent one o f the original gang
that has esca(>ed arrest by the Federal
authorities. Three o f his confeder­
ates, including Larmon Gonzales, next
to W allace the cleverest o f all, are in
ja il in this city, held as Federal pris
Gonzales was captured last
week in San Diego, a fte r a six weeks
campaign directed against him.
“ ‘ I have had a warrant fo r the ar­
rest o f this man for nearly
m onths," said Durlin, a fte r the cap­
ture. “ H e is one o f the craftiest men
I have had to deal with for a long time,
As soon as we aimed our shafts at him
in particular, he apparently went into
secusion fom ewhere in Mexico.
cording to my information he was in­
terested mainly in landing contraband
Chinamen at the Mexican ports and
looking a fte r their safe transportation
across the line at Nogales and E l Paso,
Berlin, A p ril 11.— Am erican tourists
soon w ill come to regard an airship
tour as one o f the regular features o f
a program o f summer travel in Europe
i f the expectations o f the founders o f
the new Hamburg airship lines are
realized. The promoters o f the enter­
prise recognize that the financial pros
pects o f the venture can be improved
greatly i f proper efforts are made to
interest Americans.
A e ria l excur­
sions are to be arranged, therefore,
with a special view o f capturing the
custom o f travelers from the United
States. One o f the German steamship
companies is contributing to the sup­
port o f the enterprise on that under­
The new aerial liners w ill have cab­
ins holding 20 persons each, and the
rooms w ill be equipped in luxurious
style. According to the computation
o f Professor Hergesell, the aeronaut,
the fares, ow ing to the low cost o f
construction and operation, can be low
er than has heretofore been supposed.
I t is estimated, fo r example, that
trip from Hamburg to Heligoland can
be made fo r 100 marks ($25), and pas
sengers can travel an entire day, going
as fa r as Berlin or Copenhagen.
Smugglers o f Chinese and opium Block Signals M isunderstood— Thirty
have been driven out o f Southern C ali­
Injured, Many Seriously.
fornia and are beieved to have trans­
Spokane, Wash., A p ril 11.— A mis­
ferred their operations to Northwest understanding o f block signals resulted
coast cities.
head-on collision o f passenger
Miss Anna Morgan, daughter o f J. trains Nos. 2 and 3 on the Spokane,
Pierpont Morgan, attracted much at­ Portland & Seattle railroad a mile
tention at Pasadena by goin g for a west o f Spokane Saturday night at
three-hour cross-country horseback ride 9:18 o ’ clock.
arrayed in a “ pants s u it" riding habit.
About 30 persons were injured, and
it is expected that several w ill die.
D. C. Jacklin, a S a lt Lake m illion­
The accident occurred on a high trestle
aire, has bought E. H. Harrim an’ s
over Hangman creek, on the Northern
Pelican Lodge property on Klamath
Pacific track, which is used by the Spo­
lake, Oregon. He w ill carry out the
kane, Portland & Seattle fo r several
plans o f Harriman for making a sum­
miles west o f Spokane.
mer resort o f the pi lace.
A t the time o f the collision, accord­
A fte r being whirled down H at creek ing to the stories o f trainmen and pas­
in a small skiff, G. M agerstadt was sengers, train No. 2 was at a stand­
carried over H at creek falls, in C ali­ still, ready to back up, when No. 3,
fornia, and dashed into the foam ing running at a slow rate o f speed,
waters 60 fe e t below. The boat was crashed head-on into No. 2, the force
dashed to pieces on the rocks and Mag- o f the impact smashing in the smoking
erstadt managed to grab a boulder, car on No. 2, occupied by a party o f
from which he was soon rescued.
Italian laborers, where the most o f the
W here and when the Pittsburg gra ft injuries occurred.
probe ends is “ con tin gen t," to quote
D istrict Attorney Blakely, on develop­
ments. Mr. B lakely has spread his
net and is w a itin g fo r more men to
“ come in and con fess," as a result o f
the intimations contained in the grand
ju ry presentment.
H arry T h aw ’ s mother, though aged
and worn, still continues her fight for
her wayward aon.
Chicago police w ill exercise strict
censorship over bathing costumes worn
at lake beaches this season.
Rural carriers at W alla W alla are
qu ittin g because o f the small pay, and
no one seems to want the places.
N ew York saloons sell wood alcohol,
and four persons who drank it died,
w hile several others are totally blind.
T w o men raced on horseback 100
m iles for the opportunity o f filing a
contest on an Eastern Washington
A 14-year-old school boy in P itts ­
burg, despondent at his playmates’ jibs
because he was slow in his studies,
hung him self.
T w o brothers in partnership in the
real estate brokage business in St.
Louis, committed suicide because o f
business reverses.
Miss N e llie Anhouser, one o f the
fam ily o f m illionaire St. Louis brew­
ers, is fighting a dentist bill which
amounts to $25 an hour.
Garden Hides Bad Money Plant.
Yonkers, N. Y ., A p ril 11.— Secret
service men who have been at work
this section fo r some weeks past have
unearthed a ¡rich counterfeiters' cache
on a farm near Highlands, N . Y . The
stuff, which was found buried several
fee t beneath the surface o f a vegetable
garden, includes
sheets o f paper in which the silk
threads o f government paper are clev­
erly im itated; a dozen boxes o f blue
and red ink, and an old printing press
and enough cartridges to destroy a
small army. No plates were found.
Glass Must C o ver Food.
Indianapolis, A p ril 11. — N o more
shall the rich, red rounds o f b eef and
the choice cuts o f porterhouse and ten­
derloin hang from their accustomed
hooks on the walls or in the windows
o f the hutcher’s shop, and never again
shall arrays ol seductive pies, rolls and
bread be openly displayed at the bak­
eries in the cities and towns o f Indi­
ana, according to an order promul­
gated Unlay hy the state board o f
health. The board says a prime cause
o f the spread o f sickness has been con­
tamination o f fish,meats and foodstuffs.
Bribe O ffe re d Striker?
W atertown, N. Y ., A p ril I I . — Pres­
ident J. T. Carey, o f the International
Brotherhood o f Pulp and Paper Mak­
ers, today declared that a man giv in g
the name o f W illiam Pritchard, and
saying he was a member o f the broker­
age firm o f Hamlin & Pritchard, o f St.
Louis, in the alleged interest o f the
International Paper company, had been
follow in g him for the last week, offer­
ing him a $25,000 bribe i f he would
call off the paper makers’ strike.
The managers o f the Northwestern
and Western railroads are jubilant
over the spring movement o f colonists
into all the territory west o f the Rocky
monutains from the Canada!n border
to the Mexican line. Although official
figures have not been prepared regard­
Fund to Fight Sleeping Sickness.
in g the movement o f people seeking
Rnissels, A p ril 11.— K in g A lb ert has
homes in a new country, it is confi­
dently stated that the number w ill ex­ decided to g iv e $200,000 for a cam­
ceed that o f last year, when all records paign against sleeping sickness, $100,-
000 to build hospitals in the Relgian
Congo, $100,000 for a pension fund for
The report that H e tty Green is seri Congo c ivil servants, and $10,000 for
ously ill is denied absolutely by her j a fund fo r the assistance o f their fam ­
Spring W ork Remains Undone and
Appeal May be Made to Cities.
-a s t Obstacle Removed and 9 0,00 0
Acres Will Be Irrigated.
Pendleton— W ith the commencement
o f spring activities U m atilla county is
confronted with a labor fam ine o f
formidable proportions.
grain growers and contractors o f var­
ious sorts are all complaining o f their
inability to secure the necessary help,
and it lo gin s to appear as i f an appeal
for assistance w ill have to be made
to Spokane, Portland,
Seattle and
other Northw est cities.
For several weeks wool growers have
been unable to secure a sufficient num­
ber o f experienced men to assist in
herding and other work about the sheep
camps. The farmers are also com­
plaining o f their in ability
to get
enough hired labor to complete their
spring work satisfactorily, and it is
expected that w ith the opening o f the
hay harvest season they w ill feel this
shortage more.
H. R. Newport, o f the N ew port
Land & Construction company, o f Her-
miston, has issued a formal call to
every employment agency in the coun­
ty to send him every available man
they can secure., N ew port says that
any number o f men are wanted to as­
sist in the work which is being done
for the government on the reclamation
project, as w ell as in clearing the
many ranches around Hermiston and
putting them in condition fo r crops.
W ith the commencement o f work
on the Pendleton-Yoakum stretch o f
O. R. & N . road and on (the Stanfield
Coyote cut-off, labor w ill actually be
at a premium.
Ontario— The organization commit­
tee o f the proposed Owyhee Irrigation
district and the land owners under the
proposed project met with the County
court at V ale to ask that tribunal to
authorize the organization o f the dis
tricL The bonds o f the district were
accepted by the court.
The Nevada Ditch company stock
holders accepted a compromise offered
by the irrigation committee and re­
mained in the district upon a guaran
tee o f 7,200 acres o f w ater in ex
change for the stock o f their company,
The Owyhee Ditch company and the
Wilson Ditch company, the other irri
gation ditches under the proposed pro­
ject, had both agreed to come in some
time ago and the action o f the Nevada
Ditch company eliminated
the last
barrier in the way o f the organization
o f the districL
There are about 90,000 acres o f
choice land tributary to Ontario and
Nyssa which w ill be embraced in the
proposed district.
A great deal o f
this is unimproved on account o f tbe
lack o f w ater fo r irrigation purposes,
and the organization o f the district
means the development o f a v ery rich
body o f farm ing lands.
Starts W ork on N ew Exhibits.
Portland— H. R. W igh t, the expert
who has been engaged by the Portland
chumber o f commerce to get up a new
exh ibit o f resources and products o f the
state, has begun his work. Mr. W igh t
came here from California a few days
ago and w ill remain a year at least. A
large laboratory is being fitted up in
the basement o f the Commercial club
building, where the exhibits w ill be
put up in herm etically sealed jars.
T o begin with, Mr. W ig h t w ill pre­
serve fru it blossoms and flowers, and
later w ill follow fruits and berries o f
all kinds. Then w ill follow the pre­
servation o f fish found in the waters o f
the state. I t w ill take some tim e to
secure a complete exh ibit o f these.
Mr. W igh t w ill make occasional trips
through the country to select suitable
specimens. A large consignment of
glasB jars w ill arrive in a few days in
which the specimens w ill be preserved.
Mr. W ig h t has the secret o f a spe­
cial process which is said to keep the
specimens in perfect condition
H om eseekers Rush to Harney.
Baker C ity— The heaviest inrush o f
settlers into the great Harney valley
is now taking place through this city,
and promises to reach gre a t proportions
before the spring is over. The Sump­
ter valley train is laden e ve ryd a y with
people looking for homes in the inter­
ior. H otel accommodations along the
route are taxed to the lim it
Corey, game warden,
has returned
from Austin, the terminus o f the
Sumpter valley road, and says that 18
people arrived there in one day on
their way to Harney county. Only one
passenger could be taken on the stage
and the other 17 started out and walk­
ed to Canyon City, a distance o f 20
C rook County Debt Free.
P rin ev ille — P rin ev ille and Crook
county are each out o f debt, the first
time since the incorporation o f the city
that it has not carried other debts be­
side the bond isBUe o f the ligh t and
w ater company, and the first time the
county government has had all its w ar­
rants in since the construction o f the
$35,000 court house.
P rin eville has carried a debt o f $3,-
000 or more for years and at times the
value o f the warrants
were not more than 70 cents on the dol­
lar and few buyers fo r them.
Boise & W estern to C ross State.
Portland “ The Boise & W estern
railroad is planned across the state o f
Oregon, from Boise to Coos B a y ,”
said Colonel C. E. S. Wood in talkin g
o f the road o f which he is president
and which, it has been announced, is
H ill proposition. “ The road has
been surveyed through the Malhuer riv ­
er valley, and further than that I know
nothing o f the plans, except as stated,
that it w ill extend across the state to
Coos Bay. I am not in position to
make any further announcements at
this tim e.”
Citizens o f W allowa Develop Natural
Resource H eretofore O verlooked.
E n terprise— Last summer Charles
Christy experimented with the well
known black marble o f which there are
immense deposits in the canyon south­
west o f Enterprise.
The result ex­
ceeded all expectations, the product
being chalk white lime, almost abso­
lutely pure.
I t has been tried and
tested both here and at other places.
I t is so free from impurities that one
barrel o f it goes as far "as one and
half barrels o f ordinary lime.
A company has been formed to ex­
ploit the deposits and is known as the
Black Marble L im e company, composed
o f Mr. Christy and his son Henry, and
George Houser, a well known capi­
One large kiln is in operation and a
carload o f fire brick recently arrived
with which three kilns w ill be built,
g iv in g a capacity o f from 15,000 to
20,000 barrels per year. Ed Eben, of,
Joseph, has contracted to m arket the
entire product, and S. D. K letner has
the sole sale o f the lime at Enterprise.
A carload o f barrel staves has also
been received and shipments w ill begin
soon. O ver 1,000 tons o f the marble
was gotten out the past w in ter ready
for burning.
When in fu ll running
the works w ill g iv e employment to 12
or 15 men.
Enterprise w ill be the
shipping point fo r the lime.
The black marble w ill doubtless soon
be quarried fo r other uses, as it is
beautiful stone and takes readily
high polish.
Tow n ste Sells fo r $100,000.
Bend- The two largest exchanges o f
town real estate y e t recorded in cen­
tral Oregon were last week closed at
Bend. The newly platted townsite o f
W iestoria, embracing some 100 acres
adjacent to Bend, and near the righ t o f
way o f the Oregon Trunk line, was
purchased from L. D. W ies t by a group
o f Seattle capitalists. C. W . M elville,
the representative o f the Washington
investors, has entered into an agree­
ment, it is announced, whereby the pres­
ent property owner w ill receive ap­
proxim ately $1,000 an acre for the land.
$ 4 5 0 ,0 0 0 fo r Paving
Medford— The Clark & Henery Con­
struction company o f Sacramento has
been awarded the contract fo r grading,
curbing and paving with asphalt nearly
ten miles o f M edford’s streets. In the
business district, class A pavement,
consisting o f 5 inch concrete base, inch
binder and 2 inch asphalt surface w ill
be laid. In residence sections a cheap­
er hard surface w ill be laid. The city
engineer estimates that there are 203,-
000 square yards to be laid.
Wheat— Track prices: Bluestem, $1
(i/1.02; club, 95c; red Russian, 94c;
valley, $1; 40-fold, 97J(898c.
Barley— Feed and brewing, $24.50(3)
27 per ton.
Corn— Whole, $34; cracked, $35.
H ay— Track prices: Tim othy, W il­
lam ette valley, $20(3)21 per ton; East­
ern Oregon, $23(3 24; a lfa lfa , $16.50(3)
17.50; grain hay, $17(3)18.
Oats— No. 1 white, $27.50(829.
Fresh Fruits— Apples, $1(3)2.50 per
box; cranberries, $8(89 per barrel.
Potatoes —■ Carload buying p rices:
Oregon, 50(8 60c per hundred; sweet
potatoes, 3(83Jr per pound.
Oil Burners to Haul Freight.
Vegetables— Asparagus, 5J(3 8c per
L a Grande— The O. R. & N . w ill use
oil burning engines between U m atilla pound; cabbage, 1 J(82e; horseradish,
and L a Grande. This kind o f locomo­ 8(310c; green onions. 15c per dozen;
tive power wiU not be adopted exclu­ rhubarb, 4(35c per pound; spinach, $1
sively on the mountain district, but per box; sprouts, 9c per per pound;
s resorted to as an auxiliary means o f turnips, $1 per sack; rutabagas, $1(3)
handling the immense freig h t traffic 1.25; carrots, 85c(3'$l; beets, $1(3)
over this part o f the road. Four or 1.25: parsnips, 50(875c.
Butter— City creamery, extras, 33c
five o f the oil burning engines w ill be
put to work at once, and oil tanks w ill per pound; fancy outside creamery, 32
Butter fa t prices
be established at Gibbon
and La (3^33^ store, 20c.
average l j c per pound under regular
butter prices.
E ggs— Fresh Oregon ranch, 24(3'24Jc
T o Have S ew er System.
per dozen.
Independence The town o f Inde­
Onions— Oregon, $1.75 per hundred.
pendence has voted bonds fo r $20,000
Pork— Fancy, 13f3)13Jc per pound.
to provide funds for the construction
V e a l— Fancy. I l j(3 l2 | c per pound.
o f a sewer system. But 20 votes were
Lambs— Fancy, lSlS'lSc per pound.
registered against the improvement.
Pou ltry— Hens, 19(820c per pound;
The school district is building a high broilers, 27(828c; ducks,
school, which w ill be a credit to this geese, 12Jc; turkeys, live, 22(3)25c;
section o f the state.
A number o f dressed. 25(3 29c; squabs, $5 per doz.
farmers are settin g out orchards near
C attle — Best steers, $6.25(86.75;
town, hundreds o f acres being thus im­ fa ir to good, $5.5506; strictly good
The larger portion o f the cows, $5.50(86; fa ir to good, $5(3)5.25;
plantings are apple trees o f the late ligh t calves, $ 6 0 7 ; heavy calves, $4(8
5; bulls. $405.26; stags. $4.50(35.50.
Sheep Best wethers. $8(88.90; fa ir
Estacada Would Interest Settlers.
to good. $7(87.50; good lambs. $8(812.
Estarada This town is preparing
Hogs — Top, $ 1 1 .1 0 (n ll.l5 ; fa ir to
for a b ig public m eeting on the a fte r­ good, $10(811.
noon o f Saturday, A p ril 23.
In the
Hops — 1909 crop, 17(819c per pound;
evening a b ig banquet w ill be held,’ at olds, nominal; 1910 contracts, 15(316c.
which a number o f speeches w ill be
W ool— Eastern Oregon. 1 6 0 20c per
made setting forth the advantages o f pound; valley, 20fo22e; mohair, choice,
surrounding country and the 26Jc.
marked progress In its development.
Hides Dry hides, 16(8 17c pr pound;
The m eeting w ill be for the purpose o f dry kip, 16017c; dry calfskin, 181820;
arousing interest in community pro- salted hides. 7J(o8c; salted calfskin,
j14c; green, lc less.
M r.
and M r
R oosevelt S h ow ered
With Flags and Flowers.
Genoa, Italy, A p ril 9. — Though
“ deeligh ted” to an unusual degree,
but in mind and spirit much perturbed,
because o f ovations along his carriage
jaunt to this ‘city, ex-President Theo­
dore Roosevelt and w ife were compel
led to call a halt today .to their senti
mental tour.
A t every villa g e or crossroads they
were met by men, women and children,
the form er with flags and the latter
with bouquets.
As an instance o f the demonstrations
accorded them, 600 persons, many o f
them Americans, acclaimed Colonel
Roosevelt and Mr*. R oosevelt with
vivas and hurrahs afte r they le ft Ra-
patio, where they had luncheon today
This was the climax o f their embarrass
smerts and Colonel R oosevelt gave or­
ders to be driven direct to Genoa.
The people and press o f Genoa have
manifested the must intense interest in
the movements o f Colonel RoosevelL
His second honeymoon journey stirred
their romantic natures to a high pitch
and when the news spread today of
his coming, a b ig crowd hurried to the
modest Hotel Brittannia, where he had
engaged quarters, and with cheering
and w avin g o f hats greeted R oosevelt’
carriage as it rattled up the stony
street to the accompaniment o f the
d rive r’s w ild ly cracking whip.
Roth Colonel and Mrs. R oosevelt
were sm iling when they descended
from the carriage at the hotel enrance,
They aaid they had enjoyed the trip
hugely and were sorry only that the
failure to observe their incognito by
the people had compelled them to cut
it short. Colonel R oosevelt said he
had a “ bully tim e” Thursday, when he
and [Mrs. Roosevelt drove along the
sunny slopes o f the Ligu rian Alps from
Spezia to Rapallo.
i H a lf an hour a fte r the arrival o f
Colonel Roosevelt, the prefect and the
mayor o f Genoa called on him and
greeted him in the name o f the city.
Colonel R oosevelt relates an amusing
incident o f the trip. When he and
Mrs. Roosevelt reached the top o f the
pass at Sestri Levante, where they
stopped last night, the enterprising
proprietor o f a tavern— a rival to the
one in which they had engaged rooms—
sent out couriers in advance bearing
Am erican and Italian flags and tri
umphantly escorted Colonel R oosevelt
and Mrs. Roosevelt to his own hotel.
P ro fe s s o r Hopkins Says Farm ers are
W earing Out Land.
Chicago, A p ril 9. — Characterizing
the teachings o f Secretary 'ames W il
son as “ damnable, abominable and
disgracefgu l,” Professor Cyril G. Hop­
kins, o f the U n iversity o f Illinois, de­
livered a stin gin g criticism o f the de­
partment o f agriculture here today in
an address at the C ity club. H ere are
some quotations from Secretary Wilson
cited by Professor Hopkins as “ abom
nably fa ls e ” :
“ Practically all soils contain suffi
cient plant food fo r yields; this supply
w ill be indefinitey maintained.”
“ So fa r as the present outlook is
concerned, the nfction possesses ample
resources in its soil fo r any conceivable
increase in population fo r several cen­
“ The soil is the one indestructible,
immutable asset that the nation pos
sesses. I t iB the one resource that
cannot be exhausted; that cannot be
used u p ."
“ From the modem conception o f the
nature and purposes o f the soil, it is
evident that it cannot wear out, that
so fa r as the mineral food is concerned,
it w ill continue automatically to supply
adequate quantities o f plant foods fo r
“ As a national asset, the Boil is safe
as a means of feeding mankind for un­
told ages to come.”
A ft e r he had cited these quotations,
Professor Hopkins s a id :
“ Can you blame farmers for contin­
uing to wear out their lands when
these are the teachings promulgated
from the highest authority in the
United States? And these false teach
ings are all the more damnable because
the common soil type on the abandoned
farms in Maryland, only a fe w miles
from Washington, contain only 169
pounds o f phosphorous in the plowed
soil o f an acre, while the richest black
prairie soil o f Illin ois, with a value o f
$200 an acre contains more than 2,000
pounds o f phosphorous in theBtratum.”
Miss Gould to Get Home.
N e w York, A p ril 9.— According to
friends o f the fam ily a house on upper
F ifth avenue w ill be the g if t o f George
J. Gould to his daughter, M arjorie,
when she is married to Anthony J.
Drexel, Jr., A p ril 19.
This palatial property, which is be­
tween Eighty-second and Eighty-third
streets, was purchased by Mr. Gould
today, at a price said to have been be­
tween $350,000 and $400,000.
W ith
the furnishings, which, it is said Mr.
Gould intends to install, the g i f t w ill
represent an outlay o f $500,000.
Theater Scene o f Panic.
N ew York, A p ril 9.— Panic broke
out among 1,000 spectators at the A l­
hambra theater, in Harlem, tonight,
when a gasoline tank o f a motorcycle
ridden by a young woman on the stage
exploded and sheets o f flames cur­
tained the cage around the track. In­
stantly the spectators rushed shrieking
to the doors.
The firemen on duty or­
dered the asbestos curtain down and
with the fire shut o ff from v iew the
audience grew more reasonable and the
police in the house w ere able to control
the pressure at the exits.
Girls Dance: Fire Fatal.
N ew York, A p ril 9.— Miss Susan
Lustgarten was fata lly burned tonight
at a dance given by the students o f
Adelphia college, Brooklyn.
The ac­
cident occurred during a fancy dance,
known as the “ ghost dance,” in which
a purple ligh t was provided by burning
alcohol in a large metal dish.
S ixty
girls, dressed in flow ing robes, danced
about the flames.
Miss Lustgarten
was replenishing the alcohol when the
explosion occurred.
Submarine Low yrs Mark.
Cherbourg, A p ril 9.— The Ventoee, a
submarine, today established a record
by n avigatin g at the depth o f 113 fee t
fo r 24 minutes.
Roosevelt Enthusiastically Greeted
by Citizens of Italian Town.
Breaks Chain o f Flow ers and
Street Named A fter Him— C a r­
riage Sm othered in Flow ers.
Porto Maurizio, A p ril 12.— Ex-Pros
ident Roosevelt this afternoon opened
the new boulevard which has been
named afte r him and accepted honorary
citizenship o f the ancient and histori
cal city o f Porto Maurizio, amid a pop­
ular enthusiasm such as that which
marked his arrival last night. A c­
cording to those who had long memo­
ries, never before have local, political,
religious and all other differences been
so com pletely obliterated as upon this
The carriage containing Mr. and
Mrs. R oosevelt and the mayor was
pelted with nosegays tied with ribbons
bearing the words, " L o n g liv e Roose
velt, ” until it was overflow in g with
When they reached the foot ot the
terraced hill opposite the port, where
the cheering rent the air, the ex-presi
dent and his w ife were sm iling and
looked happy.
A stone bearing the name o f the
street was unveiled and Mr. Roosevelt
broke the flowered chain that was
stretched across the d rivew ay and,
amid a new outburst o f “ v iva s ” led
Mrs. R oosevelt up the d rive to the
There the mayor in a flattering
speech told how proud the municipality
was to confer citizenship upon the
great “ apostle o f peace.”
The city
clerk, who wore a bedizened uniform
and feathers in his cap, stepped for­
ward and presented the parchment in a
silver case upon a cushion covered with
the Am erican flag.
Mr. Roosevelt replied in English
but the mayor experienced difficulty
in translating the words and Mrs
Carew, Mrs. R oosevelt's sister, amid
much amusement, finally came to the
rescue. The reception, Mr. Roosevelt
said, made him feel as i f he were at
home in his own country.
“ I am especially touched,” he con­
tinued, “ at what you have said about
my attitude towards peace and good
w ill. I feel that a nation should behave
toward other nations as an honest man
toward his fellows. The same law o f
propriety and m orality should apply
among nations as among men.”
Tea was then served, Mr. Roosevelt
sittin g next to Lu igi Rossi, the Italian
commissioner o f immigration, wham
he knew in Am erica. The party was
again acclaimed as they drove back to
the Carew villa.
Denials by Physicians N ot
Shuns Society.
M E T H O D IS T S .
Roosevelt D eplores Tumult
by Vatican Incident.
Rome, A p ril 6.— The ch ief m aterial
development in the Roosevelt-Vutican
incident today was Mr. R oosevelt’s re­
pudiation o f an attem pt o f the Metho­
dist organization here to interpret his
action as an indorsement o f its work.
This repudiation took the form o f
calling off a reception to the members
o f the American colony, which was to
have been held tomorrow night at the
embassy, and it resulted directly from
the issuance o f a statement yesterday
by Rev. B. M. Tipple, pastor o f the
Am erican Methodist church, in which
he severely arraigned the Roman Cath­
olic church.
Mr. Roosevelt continues to deprecate
in the most vigorous fashion, the fierce
religious tumult caused by the inci­
dent, which he regards as personal to
himself, and continues entirely confi­
dent that his countrymen, Catholic aB
well as Protestant, when the facts in
the case are clearly and dispassionately
examined, w ill sustain his position.
When the V atican ’* statement, liken­
ing the situation to what m ight occur
in Germany i f he visited the Polish
Separatists afte r seeing the emperor,
was called to Mr. R oosevelt’s atten­
tion, he said:
“ I f the German emperor would place
as a condition tu an audience that I
should not see the Poles, I should
make a sim ilar reply. Upon that con­
dition I shall be compelled to forego
the pleasure o f an audience.”
A phase o f the situation attracting
more and more attention here is the
open disapproval o f the Vatican’ s ac­
tion by numerous CatholicB.
This is
not confined to laymen, but extends to
the hierarchy and even to the sacred
college itself. Some o f the cardinals
have p rivately expressed dissent from
the action that places the church in a
position in any w ay hostile to Mr.
Catholics dwell on the many e v i­
dences o f his friendship while he was
the occupant o f the W h ite House and
declare em phatically that the church is
being placed in a false position toward
the ex-president and toward Am erica.
Philadelphia Company Will Take Back
Old Men W hen Needed.
Philadelphia, A p ril 6.— D eclaring
that it had in its employ more than 5,-
000 o f the 7,000 men needed for the
operation o f its cars, the Philadelphia
Rapid Transit compaany announced to­
day that so far as it was concerned the
strike o f its form er employes was at
an end. The company added that for
the vacancies s till existin g in the oper­
ating forces the strikers i f they ap­
plied for work, would be given p refer­
ence over other applicants.
The leaders o f the strike, on the
other hand, maintain the strike has
settled into a struggle o f endurance and
the company in the end w ill be forced
to grant concessions and take back all
the strikers.
The company today posted rules go v ­
erning the employment o f its men.
The ruleB are practically the same as
contained in the proposition made to
the strikers through M ayer Reyburn
two weeks ago, except no mention is
made o f several concessions the com­
pany had been w illin g to grant the
A ll employes are free to join any la­
bor organization. The workday shall
be not less than nine nor more than ten
hours in any one day, the fu ll day’s
work to he completed within 12 hours
as nearly as possible.
In an altercation between Harold
Lafne, a strikin g conductor, and Hod
Alexander, a division superintendent
o f the Rapid Transit company, today,
Alexander wax shot in the head. Lafn e
was arrested and Alexander was re­
moved to a hospital.
H is condition is
London, A p ril 12.— Official denials
that K in g Edward’ s health is poor are
not trusted here, even by H is M ajesty’s
close friends. Im perial reports from
B iarritz represent the king as looking
listless and tired, and having an un­
healthy yellow color.
Facts seem to coincide w ith these
reports rather than with the denials.
The k in g has abandoned his projected
cruise on the Mediterranean with the
queen because he has been advised not
to face the fatigu e o f traveling, but to
rest quietly at B ia rritz until the polit­
ical crisis demands his presence in
N e ve r before has the k in g been
known to re fe r so repeatedly to any
one dead as he now does to Consuelo,
Capacity Reception Planned.
duchess o f Manchester. He frequently
N e w York, A p ril 6.— T o determine
speaks o f her loss. He misses her par­ just what is the lim it o f Theodore
ticularly at B iarritz, where fo r years R oosevelt’s strenuosity in the way o f a
she made things “ g o ” fo r him.
welcome home Is the question occupy­
ing the com mittee named by Mayor
Gaynor to arrange the reception in
M ayor Schm itz Joins Musicians.
honor o f the ex-ppresident. The plan
San Francisco, Cal., A p ril 12.— Ex-
is to g iv e him just as big a reception
Mayor Schmitz, who is out on bail
as he can stand. M ost o f the mem­
pending an appeal on conviction for
bers believe he can stand a gre a t deal,
g r a ft extortion, has been restored to
and the program w ill be arranged w ith
membership in the Musicians’ union,
this idea in view .
More than 200
having paid a considerable arrearage
members o f the com mittee m et this
o f dues.
A f t e r being removed from
office, the ex-m ayor neglected to pay
his dues. There was some talk o f e x ­
Panic at Bullfight Fatal.
pelling Schmitz when the g r a ft expose
M exico, City, A p ril 6.— A special
came up, but on investigation it was
learned that a failure to pay dues had from Zacatecas says nine persons were
placed Schmitz beyond further action killed and 20 others injured, three fa ­
tally, during a panic in a crowd that
by the union.
was leaving the scene o f a bullfight
there Sunday. A g re a t crowd jammed
7 ,0 0 0 Miles Made In 16 Days.
the exits and stairways o f the bullring.
London, A p ril 12.— I f the Lusitania,
T w e lve o f the injured were taken to a
which le ft fo r N ew York yesterday,
hospital and three o f these are not e x ­
should reach her berth on Thursday,
pected to live. The governor has or­
according to schedule, John Q. Russ, o f
dered the receipts o f the rin g to be d i­
Muskegon, Mich., w ill have succeeded
vided between those dependent upon
in travelin g 7,000 miles in 16 days.
the victim s. A woman w ith a baby
Mr. Russ le ft Muskegon March 29 on
in her arms started the panic.
two hours’ notice.
A t Grand Rapids
he caught a fast train for N e w York
C op p er Stocks Take Fall.
and sailed on the Lusitania next day.
Boston, Ap ril 6.— A slump in some
During his four days’ stay in London
he grabbed a bunch o f machinery con­ o f Boston’ s fa vorite copper stocks, es­
tracts and caught the Lusitania on her pecially those in the Lake region,
caused a sensation in the local copper
return trip.
market today. Lake fe ll off 11 points
from yesterday’s close, Indiana went
Fiji T im b er Is Its Goal.
down 5 points, and even Calumet A
V ictoria. B. C., A p ril 12.— Vancou­
Hecla, the g ilt edge stock o f the list,
ver and Bellingham capitalists have
recorded a loss o f 30 points. There
undertaken the development o f the
was a recovery at the close and the
hardwood tim ber resources o f the F iji
general list closed w ith a gain but did
islands on a large scale, the project in­
not fu lly recover.
volvin g the establishment o f a line o f
sailing c ra ft to operate between Van­
Freight Rates to Be Increased.
couver, this city and Suva. A large
Minneapolis, A p ril 6.— “ The rail­
tract o f tim ber in the F iji islands, to­
roads must and w ill increase their
gether with the largest sawm ill there
fre ig h t rates,” say the railroad men o f
and its lo ggin g equipment, have al­
this city. “ On one side the states and
ready been purchased.
Federal government are dictatin g to us
and on the other side are the unions,
Youth Invents Airship.
practically dictatin g their wages. The
Vancouver, B. C., A p ril 12.— A lfred only recourse the railroads have Is an
E. Lauder, 19 years old, has invented increase in rates. The more outgo the
an airship which, he asserts, is o f a more the income must b e.”
different type from any thus fa r e x ­
Bank Raided; T w o Slain.
perimented with.
The al'-ship w ill
Pittsburg, A p ril 6.— Samuel Fried­
balance automatically and I e capable
o f carrying tw o passengers.
The au­ man, general manager o f the V icto r
tomatic balancing feature, and the Banking company at M cKees Rocks,
placing o f the propelling power and was killed by bank robbers tonight.
steering gear in front o f the ship, are Friedm an’ s assistant, Isaac Schwarts,
unique feature*. Lauder has received was wounded by the robbers and died
commendation for his work from A le x ­ in a hospial later. R obert K in g, a by­
ander Graham Bell and Glen Curtiss. I stander, was dangerously wounded.