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    V is it in g Day.
Mrs. A w a s more shocked
amused when. In reply to hor question
“ Who w a s at Sunday school this morn
ln g ;M her 4 year old daughter said
“ Everybody but Jesus.”
“ Why, my dear.” said
“ wherever did you get such an Idea;"
“ He was out visiting this morning.’
the little lady confidently said
“ Daughter,” said Mrs. A , “ who told
you such a story?”
"Nobody didn't tell me. mother, but
they Just kept singing It over and over
again: ‘Jesus is calling. He's calling
to-dav.* ” — S iiccp - 5^ Magazine.
C old s on
the C h est
Ask your doctor the medical
name for a cold on the chest.
He w ill s a y , “ B r o n c h i t i s . ”
Ask him if it is ever serious.
L a s tly , a s k him if he pre­
scribes Ayer’s Cherry Pec­
toral for this disease. Keep
in close touch with y o u r
family physician.
A tiers
W • publish our formulas
Wo banish alcohol
from our modioiuoa
Wo urge you to
oooault your
W hen you tell your doctor about the bad
taste in your mouth, loss of appetite for
breakfast, and frequent headache«, and
when he sees your coated tongue, he will
say, “ You are bilrous.” A y er’ s Pills
work well in such cases.
Mad# by tho J. G. Ay or Co., Lowoll. Mo»«.——
She Woo Too dolelc*
Thera were three at the litis table
tv the cafe, a lady and two men.
Suddenly the electric lights went
out. and the lady, quickly and noise-
lessly, drew hack.
An instant later there was the
•mack o f a compound kiss. A s the
electric lights went up each m an was
seen smiling complalsantly.
“ 1 thought I heard a kiss,” s&ld
$ho lady, “ but nobody kissed me.”
Then the men suddenly glared at
each other and flushed and looked
painfully sheepish.— Cleveland Plain
It M lah t Ho Wdrso.
Restless Roger— It always makes me
•ad, old pal, to think that this earth ta
two-thirds water.
Sandy Pikes— O, cheer up! Suppose
the rest of It was soap Instead o f land.
— A lly Sloper’s.
N o t h i n g Mlruculono.
"You had rheumatism In your right
leg for years and were cured o f it In
an Instant? How?”
“ By being accidentally mixed up In
a train wreck. My right leg is a cork
leg now."
or Copper. $1. MailiiiK envelopes and full price list
sent on application. Control and Umpire work so­
licited. Ii«i eruncu: Carbonate National Bang.
F or C A T A R R H of the BLADDER.
etc .
. — B E W A R E O F I M I T A T I O N S . ---
C. Gee Wo
The Chinese Doctor
This wondeful man has
made a lifestudy o f the
properties o f Roots.
Herbs and Barks, and
is giving the world tho
benefit o f his services.
A No Mercury, Poison s
or D ru g s Used. No
O perations o r Cutting
Guarantees to cure Catarrh, Asthma, Lung,
Stomach and Kidney troubles, and all Private
Diseases o f M n and Women.
Just received from Pekin, China—safe, sure
and reliable. U..failing in its works.
I f you cannot call, write for symptom blank
and circular. Inclose 4 cents in stamps.
The C. Gee Wo Medicine Co.
^62^^lrs^L^or^lorrison^ortland^O r^
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. T;. vte Good.
D o Good. Never Sickon. Weaken orOripe.
10c, '¿5c, 50c. Never «old in bulk. The genu­
ine tablet »tamped C C C. Guaranteed to
cure or your money back.
"L o o gy yuh, Brudder T u m p !” sail
Parson BagsLer while the congregatioi
was assembling in Ebenezer chapel
“ I un'erstood yo’ to nomernate dat yo
would bring our urrin' Brudder Bora:
Smith to de revival yuh to-night."
“ I done did muh best to ’compllsl
muh prognostication, pahson,” rep] let
Brother Tump, holding forth an oh
Ject which markedly resembled a dark
complexioned oyster, “ but dat ’ar gam
blln’ man. our urrin’ Brudder Bora)
Smith, was sawtuh reluctant an’ handj
his razzah.
I dess narh’l)
couldn’t bring de gen'leman pussonly
but dls yuh am one uv his e a rs !"—
Hurricane Wrecks Houses and Does
Great Damage to Crops.
D a m a g e s E s t im a t e d at $ 2 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 -
T h o u s a n d s H o m e le s s a n d
T ro o p s
T a k e C h a r g e to P r e v e n t L o o t in g —
L a te n t
C o n a n n ip t io n
C u re.
British and American physicians and
students of tuberculosis are much
interested in the claim authoritatively
made in London concerning the sue
ness o f a new treatment for tubercu-
ldsis discovered by W illiam Dolg, a
The nature o f the treatment
is a poultice containing acite and chlo­
ride to be placed on the body near
the affected membrane or bone.
about a week an ulcer is formed, con­
nected by what Is called a ray of in­
flammation with the diseased organ.
This forms a duct through which the
pus la drawn out. The ulcer need«
to be carefully dressed twice a day
with a certain salve. The cure of th»
W a s t e off M a t e r i a l .
diseased lungs Is said to be effected
i In process of time It was observed
that tho multimillionaire, philanthropist In from four to six months.
j had ceased giving costly library build­
Pettit’ s Eye Salve fo r O ver 100 Years
ings to towns and cities.
“ W hy Is this, Mr. Cunaggy?" the re ­ has been used fo r congested and in­
flamed eyes, removes film or scum
porters asked him.
j “ Young men," he said, “ what is the over the eyes. A ll druggists or H ov*
Bros., Buffalo, N. Y.
I use o f building great houses for li­
braries when all a man needs for an
I l l « S u m m er G am e.
j education is flvo feet of books?"
I W hereat they marveled, but they A summer game my fancy suits-^
could not answer him.— Chicago T rib ­ It is tho game of picking routes.
Ah. often has ambition soared
To routes that I could ne'er afford.
S iu h II P r o f i t .
I study folders, and the trains,
City Man— I see you keep bees In And find rare pleasure for my pains;
your back yard. Do you find anything And yet. ’ tis strange, I never use
profitable In that?
The routes that thus I pick and choose.
Suburbanite—W ell, yes; I ’ve made a •—Cleveland News.
little money by betting with ray wife
that her cooks would leave her four
L e f t n N a m e D e liliid H im .
times as often as the bees would
Daniel— Hello. Jim!
Who be yew
•-digging that ’ole for?
Jim—-Old Lawyer Skinner— ’e died
Il y N i t fl i t .
Hard Featured JVomun—So you haa yesterday.
money once, had you? May I ask you
Daniel— Oh. what complaint?
how you made your first thousand dol­
Jim— Not a word o’ complaint. Fam­
ily rather pleased than otherwise.-"
TUffold Kriutt (w iping his eye with
Ally Sloper’a.
his coat sleeve)— Ma’am, I, drempt It!
E. BURTON — Atwayer and Chemist,
Leudvilln. Colorado. Specimen prices: Cold,
Silver. Lead, $1. Gold, Silver, 75c; Gold. 50c; Zino
“ I find Cascaretfi so good that 1 would
not be without them. I was troubled a
great deal with torpid liver and headache.
Now since taking Casearets Candy Cathar­
tic I feel very much better. I shall cer­
tainly recommend them to tny friends as
the best medicine I have ever seen.”
Anna Bazinet,
Osborn M ill No. 2 , Fall River, Mass.
SI n b lio r u .
E ig h ty Is P len ty.
The other morning we saw a man 80
years old going into a doctor’s office.
It seems to us that If we were 80 we
would havs enough.— Bacon (111.) Jour­
S m a l l C r a f t in H a r b o r o f H a v a n a
A l s o S u f f e r S e v e r e ly ,
K e y West, Fla., Oct. 12.— As a result
of the hurricane which struck th
southern coast o f Florida today, K ey
West tonight is a mass of wreckage
and the damage to property is esti
mated at $ 2 , 000 , 000 .
M artial law was proclaimed, and the
K ey West guards took charge of the
The United States government has
been asked to dispatch troops here
without delay.
Chaos reigned on every hand, and
few people remained in their homes.
houses were
wrecked, and others damaged.
While the hurricane is the worst that
K ey W est has ever experienced, the
local weather observer said tonight
that the indications are that the entire
east coast of Florida would suffer.
One hundred vessels were in the har
bor, but five remained at anchor, the
others having either gone to sea or
been washed upon the beach. Streets
along the waterfront are a mass of
Brick, as well as frame buildings
throughout the city suffered from the
hurricane, and many close escapes from
death have been reported.
Several factories were partly de­
stroyed, including the Havana-Ameri-
can, Martinez, Nichols, Huy Lopez,
Manuel Lopez, Fleitas Toreys, Cortez
and W o lf cigar factories. The top of
the First National bank was blown off
and the postoffice is damaged.
It is known that many have suffered
serious injury, and unconfirmed reports
say that several lives have been lost.
The storm reached its height at 1
A H ea d -L in e r.
A n o t h e r llw a u u T u r a b o J i n g l e .
o ’clock today, when the wind had an
(Contributed by a depraved outsider.) Incomparable, distinct, alono!
estimated velocity o f 100 miles an hour.
A lion heart!
A lion then sprang Into view.
This was a hard, steady blow from 8
And roared, "There’s no . use flyln’ ! By such descriptive terms is known
A. M. to 3 P. M „ when the gale began
I’m going to make a meal of you !”
to die down, and by 4 o ’clock the center
But he caught the lion lyin’.
And wouldn’ t they look well arrayed o f the hurricane had passed this point.
As soon as the wind had subsided
Upon the bill?
P l y In t h e o i n t m e n t .
Ah. what a. hit he would have made, plundering began. The city police force
"A s to this polar discovery,” said'the
unable to cope with the situation,
distinguished naturalist, “I have only —Louisville Courier-Journal.
and the mayor decided to take strin
one regret.”
gent measures to suppress looting, lift
“ And (hat Is----- °
proclamation of martial law resulting.
flu id M e n In D a n g e r .
"That the ship In which Peary sailed
Almost every nationality is represent
A lady In Clayton. N. J.. was caring
for the arctics bears the name of a
for her hair when the tonic exploded, ed among the c ity ’ s population o f 20 ,-
tropical expidrer and wild animal kill­
, one-half o f whom are employed
badly burning her and furnishing more
er."— Chicago Tribune.
excitement in the neighborhood than a in cigar manufacture, fisheries and
croupy baby. The pure food people salvage companies.
should look into this, for as long as ex­
plosive hair tonic Is sold the bald man
is ¿ittlng on a confined volcano.— Min­
neapolis Journal.
Damage in V icin ity o f Havana E sti­
mated at $1,000,000.
Lesson from the Past.
Horatlus was holding the bridge.
Havana, Oct. 12.— The most serious
“ The boss of the ward," he gasped,
Coming from a source o f unquestioned
tornado since the big blow o f October
"told me this was «n easy Job. and I
authority on the aiin ents of men, it is
17, 1906, struck Cuba early today, de­
wouldn’t have anything to d o!”
presumed to be infallible, while the pro­
The discovery of the fact, however, vastating the western portion of the
fession generally endorse the ingredients
and prescribe them in m-iny different
that he had been tricked into believing island. In Havana many minor build­
forms o f various diseases. The following
Ihe position to be merely a saloon­
formula is hi.ghly efficient in quickly re­
ings were blown down or unroofed,
keeper’s perquisite had only the effect
storing in nervous exhaustion, melancho­
lia, anxiety, timidity in venturing, dizzi­
of making him fight all the harder to five persons were killed and about 25
ness. heart palpitation, trembling limbs,
were injured.
hold i t —Chicago Tribune.
insomnia, thinness, cold extremities, tired
all-in feeling and general inability to do
The greatest damage done was in the
those natural and rational acts upon which
harbor, where forty or fifty lighters,
depends a man’s success and happiness in
' social and every-day fife.
launches ami small tugs were
The instructions for mixing at home se­
either sunk or blown ashore.
cretly so that no embarrassment may be
At Sasa Blanca great anxiety was felt
felt are as fol'ows: First get three ounces
o f syrup sarsanarilla compound and one
throughout the day for the safety of
ounce compound Huid ba'mwort; mix and
the Ward liner Morro Castle, from New
. let stand two hours. Then arid one ounce
compound essence cardiol and one ounce
York, and o f the Plant line steamer
tincture cadomene compound (not carda- .
Miami, from K ey West.
mom), and mix. all together. The direc­
Both of these steamers, however, ar­
tions are to take one .teaspoonful after
each meal and one when retiring, until
rived safely at 5:30 this afternoon.
m U 5 Ì VK.MUH TO*
t>ounding health and full strength are re­
The total damage in Havana and v i­
stored. Even a few weeks will witness
cinity is estimated at $1,000,900.
most wonderful results.
Astonishing nervous force and equili-
F o r the baby often meani rest for
Communication with the interior has
§ brium follow the treatment, no matter (® '
been interrupted, except with parts of
both mother and child.
Little ones
S how serious the case.
(# [
This contains no opiates whatever and (c
and Pinar del Rio provinces,
like it too— it’s so palatable to take.
•) may also be used hy 'women who suffer §
in which orange and other fruit crops
Free from opiates.
ft with their nerves with absolute certainty (•
suffered severely.
ft) o f prompt and lasting benefits.
A ll Druggists, 2S cents.
There were heavy floods at Vuelta
• uxsxftxft ftxixsxft ».yxjxi:
(ftxsxix# (DdxfxiD •
Abajo, the tobacco region, but the to ­
bacco crop has not been seriously a f ­
Raises the dough
fected beyond the washing out o f the
F l i p
and complies with
seed beds, which at this season o f the
all pure food laws.
year may be renewed.
T r e a t m e n t for
Nervous M en
Colorado Picking Apples.
Canon City, Colo., Oct. 12.— Upon
appeal to the Merchants’ association,
every available hand is working to save
the $ 1 , 000,000 apple crop, which is
threatened with frost. Banks and of
flees are closed, together with all
schools above the fourth grade, includ­
ing two high schools. The postoffice
has contributed part o f its force, and
section men are also working in the
orchards. Trusties from the state pen­
itentiary and from the prison farms are
among the pickers. Tonight the mer­
cury is at freezing, but clouds promise
relief from serious danger.
Cures the sick and acts a« a preventive f o r others. I
v m on the tongue. Safe for brood marcs and nllothers. . . . .
idney remedy; So cents and $1 a botile; $r> and $10 the daacn I
Hold iiy all drn;-gi.ts and horse goods houses, or sent, expresi
paid, by the manufacturers.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO., Chemists, Goshen, Ind.
Learn to play some musical instrument. Musicians make rfnoney and makplt.easy. We
teach Cornet, Clarinet. Saxophone. Flute, Piccolo, Slide Trombone Valve Trombone.
Alto or Mo.ophone, Tuba and Baritone, direct from Conservatory to pupil at home.
Easy to learn. Courses simple, thorough and c. mplete. Endorsed by United States
Government and famous musicians. Results guaranteed. W rite us now for free sam­
ple lessons for instrument you desire to learn. Prices and tferms reasonable.
They wear best where the wear
is h a rd e st. Made of selected
leather specially tanned to resist
exactly the kind of wear a healthy
boy or girl will give them.
Two layers of leather are sewed in i
the tip instead of one, to prevent the
toes kicking out. The soles are
of extreme toughness.
Mayer Special Merit School Shoe«
•re made to fit • child’s foot In a comfortable, natural way
that will prevent foot trouble in later years, yet they are
stylish and good looking. Only the genuine have the
Mayer Trade Mark stamped on the sole.
F R E E - I f you w ill tend us the nam e o f a dealer w h o daae M
handle Special M erit School 8hocc, w e w ill »end y o u .frae, post­
paid, a handsom e pleture, alee 15x28, o f George W a sh in gto n .
W e also make Honorbilt Shoes for men.
Leading Lady 8hoes, Martha Washington
Comfort 8boea, Yerma Cushion Shoes and
Work r
F. M A Y E R B O O T 8c S H O E CO.
Meant an unfailing water supply. It
means that you will have the most practi­
cal Domestic water au.-ply system now in
use. No elevated tank, no frozen pipe« in
winter, no stagnant water in summer, no
water supply trouble« o f any aort. Tank
placed in basement, out of sight and way.
made o f preened steel, will not rust and
will last a lifetime.
You will be pleased with the LEA D ER
system o f furnishing Domestic Water
Supply. Ask for our catalogue and free
booklet, "H ow I Solved My Water Supply
jm a e U s
Portland, Ore.
Spokane, Wash.
Boise, Idaho.
Japan American Jokes.
Schenectady, N. Y., Oct. 12.— A t a
dinner given by the General Electric
company tonight, the honorary commer­
cial commissioners o f Japan, who had
passed the day inspecting the largest
electrical manufacturing plant in the
world, were entertained by the Jest &
Sons club with a minstrel show. The
endmen, who were Japanese blackened
and disguised, twisted several A m eri­
can jokes into Oriental setting and
sprung them in their native tongue.
Blank surprise on the faces of the
guests gave way to hearty laughter.
Even the white men joined in
Packers to Pay B ig Fine.
Leavenworth, Kan., Oct. 12.— The
case against the Cudahy Packing com
pany for violation o f the internal rev­
enue laws by failin g to place stamps
o f proper denomination on packages of
oleomargarine came to an end here to
day by a compromise, when the pack­
ing company was fined $5000 and agreed
to pay back stamp tax o f $82,777.50
and special tax of $ 10,000 for agencies,
making the total of $97,777.50 to be
paid by the packing company to the
Fire Nips $1,000,000 Home.
Narragansett Pier, R. T., Oct. 12.—
“ Conochet,” the home of ex Governor
William Sprague, one o f the most beau­
tifu l estates in Rhode Island, was de­
stroyed by fire early today, with all its
contents. The total loss is estimated
at $ 1 , 000 , 000 , with no insurance.
I f f
f \ U
D ir e c t o r D u r a n d H o p e s to S a v e S e v ­
e ra l H u n d r e d T h o u s a n d D o ll a r s .
Washington, Oct. 11.— U. S. Census
D irecotr Dana E. Durtnd hopes to save
several hundred thousand dollars in
taking the census o f agriculture and
also to increase the accuracy o f the
The director stated today that at* the
census o f IbOJ the agricultural data
were handled by means o f punched
cadre. For each farm a large number
o f cards had to be punched, as the
number o f facts recorded regarding a
farm was fa r greater than the number
o f facts required regarding an individ­
ual in the population census.
Director Durand said the statistics
o f population and o f agriculture are
collected by a different lorce from that
employed in gathering the statistics
6 t manuafetures. The population and
agricultural data are secured by enum­
erators o f whom there w ill be about
65,000 at the present census, they in
turn being appointed by the supervis­
o ry o f whom there are about 330. The
difficulty o f securing competent and
faith ful enumerators is very great.
The length o f service is very short, 15
days in the cities and 30 days in the
country districts. The pay is small,
averaging perhaps three dollars per
day in the country districts and a trifle
more in the cities, practically the pay
o f ordniary mechanics. N o t
therefore, are most o f those who seek
to be neumerators able to command
only moderate pay in their occupa­
tions, but many o f them are men who
can not command regular employment
and who are looking for odd jobs.
The director hopes that a consider­
able number o f the colleegsand univer­
sities o f the country^may see fit to g iv e
leave o f absence to their students for
the short time required to do this work
o f enumeration. The college student is
a very useful enumerator in some
cases, but it is exceedingly desirable
that enumerators should actually live
in the distritsc where they work, and
tflere are multitudes o f districts where
no college students reside or where such
students are in institutions hundreds or
thousands o f miles from their homes.
Another class who can render good ser­
vice as enumerators are school teach­
ers, but, with the enumeration taking
place in A p ril and May instead o f June
as form erly, fe w school teach« rs can be
spared from their duties to take the
G re a t
in t e r e s t Is S h o w n
F ro m
P a r t s o f the C o u n t r y .
A ll
B illings, Montana, Oct 11..— An in­
teresting example o f the widespread
interest in the dry farm ing movement
was given in the morning mail received
by the secretary the other day when
fourteen states and Canada were rep­
resented in the memberships recorded.
These ranged from the Pacific coa9t on
the W est to Pennsylvai ia on the East
and from Canada to N ew Mexico.
There were several memberships from
Canada. The states from which the
applications came were California, Col­
Idaho, Montana, Minnesota,
N ew Mexico,
North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania,
South Dakota, Wsahington ^and W is­
Memberships are being received at
such rate that the edition o f the Hand­
book o f Inform ation, which contains
the report o f the third seasion o f the
congress, has been exhausted and the
secretary has been compelled to an-
nuonce to new members that there are
no more o f these valuable books avail
able. A ll persons join ing the congress
from this tim e on w ill receive the sec­
ond annual Handbook which w ill con­
tain the proceedings o f the Fourth Dry
Farm ing congress which w ill meet at
Billings, Montana, October 26 28, and
a resume o f the contents o f the first
The officers o f the congress set out
a fte r the close o f the Cheyenne m eet­
ing with the ambition o f m aking the
membership o f the congress total 10,-
000 before the B illin gs m eeting and
the indications are that they w ill come
very near that goal. In one day re­
cently the
secretary received 180
memberships coming from all parts o f
this country and from several foreign
lands. E very mail brings more.
Makes the
Baking Sweeter, Lighter
A lw ay s works rliiht
C o sts Y O U Less
25 Ounces for 25 Cents
. C h i c a g o
yO R K , KAN
or your money back
iA U
G ood
L is te n e r .
The Mistress— Katie, you should not
talk so much.
The Maid— No. ma'd.m.
"N o ; you should understand that it
Is your place to listen.”
" I do that, ma’am.”
”1 never saw you when you were, i
“ No, ma’am; you never saw me
when I was listening because I wa 3 :
on the other side of the keyhole, j
ma'am.— Yonkers Statesman.
wear well
' 7
and they Keep you (
dry while you are V
wearing them
^ 3 0 0
To Break in New Shoes.
Always shake in A lle n ’s Foot-Ease, a powder,
t cures hot, sw eating, aching, sw ollen feet,
.’ ures corns, in grow ing n ails and bunions. At
til druggists and shoe steres, •_>:.<•. Dout accept
invsubstitute. Sample mailed FREE. Address
Vilen S. Olmsted, Le Boy, N. \\
A.J T o w e r C o . b o s t o n , u s a .
T ower C anadian C o .
lim ited .
T o r o n t o . C a n .
Wi t h r.m pliusls.
“ Yes," said Mrs. Highmore, “ we have
/ust returned from a trip through the
highways and byways of Europe."
"Just what do yqu call th« ’byways’ ?’’
asked Mrs. Upsome.
“ W ell, they are the places where my
husband— er— used
strong language
about the hotel accommodations."
G ro w th
Id e a .
’Remember, my son, there is no short
eut to learning."
"O, yea, there Is, dad. All you have
;o do nowadays is y> read five feet of
L ate n t
A c liie v e m e n t
S c ie n c e .
The young man bent forward.
“ W ait a moment,
Amelia, producing an implement a few
Inches long, shaped like a tennis rack­
et, made of silver and specially pre­
pared c'lk gauze, and holding It up be­
fore her 11ps. “ New, Herbert."
Then they took their first disinfected
kiss.— Chicago Tribune.
One on
I lie
O ld
lin o .
"Grandpa, how many letters in the
alphabet have more than one syllable?”
“ L et mo see. Tommy; a, b, c, d, e,
S tiff neck ! Doesn’ t amount to much, f----- ”
"You didn’t learn your letters very
but m ighty disagreeable.
You ’ ve no
idea how quickly a little Hamlins W iz well when you were a boy, did you,
ard O il will lubricate the cords and
make you com fortable again.
II ocoiff I I I r \n K
H la O p p o rtu n ity .
T im e
Joaquin M iller was once overtaken
by a countryman who gave him a long
ride. Tired, at length, of the conversa­
tion, the poet took a novel from his
pocket. "W hat are you reading?" said
the countryman.
"A novel of
H arte’s," said Mr. Miller. "W ell, now,
I don’t see how an immortal being
wants to be wasting his time with such
stuff." "A re you quite sure." said the
poet, "that I am an immortal being?"
“O f course, you are.” “ If that Is the
case," responded Miller, "I don’t see
why I need to be so economical of my
time.” — Boston Herald.
fam ily cough syrup
Gentlemunly Culler—O f course you
Rill want some new books now.
Member of School Board— I think
not. All our purchases are made and
are In tho hands of the children, or
will be in a day or two.
Gentlemanly Caller— Yes, but your
geographies are old-fashioned, you
know. W e are running a specially pre­
pared, up to date edition through our
presses right now, with the north pols
plainly marked where Dr. Cook discov­
ered it. How many thousand copies do
you think you cun use?— Chicago T rib ­
Painless Dentistry
¿xg-s Onfc o f town people
’¡©Sp can have their piste
K anil brMitework fln.
gt ¡shed in one day
s if necessary.
Cures A n y Cough in Five Hours.
Here is given the most effective cough prescrip­
tion known to the medical world. It is a mild
laxative, too. and this is what a body needs when
Buff<ring with cough and cold on the lungs. A
cough or cold indicates poisons in the system,
caus ng inflammation and congestion. Nearly all
cough syrups relieve, but make the trouble worse
by their constipating effects. This prescription
not only relieves quickly, but it cures any couLth
that is curable. Get ore-half ounce fluid wild
cherrv bark, one ounce compound essence cardiol
and three ounces syrup white pine compound Mix
in a bottle Take for acute cough or bronchitis
twenty drops every half hour for four hours.
Then one-half to 01 e teaspoonful three or four
times daily. Give children less according to age.
A few hours’ treatment will cure and he d the
throat and lungs of all but consumptives. Cut
this out and give it to mime friend who muy need
it to l»e saved from an early d< ath by consump­
M erely
W<* will give you a good
22k gold or porcelain
crown for
$ 3 .5 0
Molar Crowns 5 . 0 0
22k Bridge Teeth 3 . 5 0
Gold Fillings
1 .0 0
Enamel Fillings 1 . 0
Silver Fillings
Inlay Fillings
2 .5
Good Rubber
e nn
5 .0 0
Best Rrd Rub-
Cfl. W. A. WISE, F mi ' dint ms M shuis
ber Pl*te# ( 7 . 5 0
ion . 5 0
11 vm i inmuMie is nstuho
Painless Extr tion
W O R K G U A R A N T E E D F O R 15 Y E A R S
Fain Iras Extraction L r«-e v\ hen plate« or bridge work
ia ordered. Oonaultntion Free, You cnnnotgwtbettaa
painless work done anywhere. A ll work fu lly guar­
antee.!. Modern ple. trie equipment. Boat method«.
W i s e D e n i a l Co.
P ostpon ed.
Mrs. Hewligus (having freed her v . 1TTva u rirm w a
in c o h p o r a t id
m ind)— W hy don’t you answer me, if TKran2w.Vi.Si.>. P O R T L A N D , O R E G O N
O F FIC E HOUKd. 8 A. M. to 8 F. M . Sundays. 9 to 1.
you can?
Mr. Ilewligtis (helping himself to
No. 4 2 -0 »
more m eat)— It's unwholesome to quar­
rel while eating dinner, madam. I’ll
Wins Riches in Old Age.
have good and plenty to say to you h Y X T H K Ii w r it in g to a »lvortls© **» pleaae
U \ V m on tiosiI t hi s pit per.
Los Angeles, Oct. 11.— By a decision after a while.
o f tho United States circuit court o f ap
peals today, Timothy Carroll, a pioneer
o f Southern California, wins his fight
to compel the Los Alim itos Sugar Com
pany to pay 1 pm royalty on his patent
beet dump. The decision crowns with
victory the struggle o f Carroll, who is
70 years old, against poverty and hard
ship. It will make him independently
rich before the expiration o f his pat­
ents six years hence. I t will put an end
For Infants and Children.
to litigation that commenced 12 years
ago, when the sugar company refused
to recognize Carroll’s rights.
Say Anti-Betting Law is Void.
N ew York, Oct. 11.— The Coney Island
and Brooklyn jockey clubs, which were
indicted recently with 30 bookmakers
and detectives for alleged violation o f
the law against betting at racetracks,
served notice today thaf they would on
October 15 interpose a demurrer on the
ground that the Hart-Agnew law was
unconstitutional. They assert that the
special election which sent W illiam C.
Wallace to the state senate from N i­
agara county was illegal. Without Mr.
W allace’s vote the bill would have been
Improve Immigrant Station.
El Portal, Cal., Oct. 11.— One direct
result o f President T a f t ’s trip to the
West has been the immediate improve
mont o f immigration conditions at San
Francisco. By the president’s direc
tion Secretary Nagel ordered that the
new immigrant station on Angel island,
Ban Francisco harbor, be opened at
once. The opening o f this station had
been held up for a long time for want
o f an appropriation for furniture and
Riches Fall on Old Man.
San Antonio. Tex., Oct. 11.— James
Fagan, an aged switchman here, re
ceived official word today that a Car
nogie pension o f $40,000 was awaiting
his disposal. Fagan worked on the
Pennsylvania railway when Mr. Car
negie was his division superintendent,
and the $40,000 is accumulation o f a
snug persion put aside some years ago
/or the switchman.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
AVcgelabli’Prepara wnforAs
jlin g I lie Stomachs andUuvdsof
Bears tlio
Promotes DiÇeslior.fVfrfU
ness und KesLContaiosneittor
Opium Morphine nor Mineral.
N o t N a r c o t ic .
Arçw j f o
u r r S iH z u r n s a t
ihnfàuì Smd“
J U S rn m *
r im é *
______ * ¿ 4 *
W e rm ie rd -
8 — ^
% I'll 1 - nj IT.
A perfect Remedy forfnnsfl|ii
(toil , Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea
Worms X'otiMilsions.Feverish
n e ss ami L o s s OF S l E£P.
Facsimile Si$narare nf
N E W Y O RK .
A t< * m o n t h * o l d
15 P
o s e s
3 5 0
GuarmlcPti umk-r fiw
Exact Copy o f Wrapper.
» ™
For Over
Thirty Years