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    Insom nia
" I liavr been using Case«ret* for In-
■omnia, witli which I have been afflicted
for twenty years, and I can say that Ca»-
carets have given me more relief than any
other remedy I have ever tried. I shall
certainly recommend them to my friends
a* being ull that they are represented.”
Thos. Gillard, Elgin, 111.
neasant. I'alat.bla, Potent. Taste Good.
N e v e r S icken. '.Veaken or (¡ripe.
10c, 25c, 50c. N e v e r sold In bulk. T h e iren-
Olno tablet stam ped C C C. Guaranteed to
cure or your money back.
“ I suppose you know, barber,” said
Percy, with a wink at the man in the
other chair, "that the hair on a man's
bead grows at the rate of three-millionths
of a yard in a second.”
‘‘ No, I never heard that before,” said
the barber, beating a tattoo on the strop
with his razor; ‘‘but I know there’s a
•pot on tlie back of your head where the
hair wouldn’t grow as much as thut in a
million years.”
W lllln ir (o H elp the runs«».
Philanthropic Person (with subscrip­
tion paper) We are raising a fund to
prosecute the white slavers, ( ’an you
assist us?
Baseball Magnate— Sure ! I ’ ve just dis­
posed of two of my players and got a
good cash price for them. Hundred dol­
lars be enough?—-Chicago Tribune.
M oth ers w ill And Mrs. W in s lo w 's Snnthlni»
Byrup th e b st rem ed y to use fur t h e ir ch ilu ro J
d u r in g th e te e th in g js jn o d .
H ie T im e (u Be Alone.
“ Come away, children,” said their
mother. ‘‘Hun out in the yard and play.”
‘‘ But we’re wat tling papa lay the stair
carpet., mamma,” they answered.
“ I know it, but he’s going to lay it
around the bend in the stairway pretty
soon, and I don’t want you to hear th«
language he will use.” — Chicago Tribune,
Con verxutlonnl Opportunities.
"S o your wife is a suffragette? Why
does she want to vote?”
‘‘She doesn’t want to vote,” an­
swered M. Meekton. ‘‘She wants to
make speeches.”— Washington Star.
Little children are suffering every
day in the year with sprains, bruises,
cuts, bumps and burns. Hamlins W iz­
ard Oil is banishing these aches and
pa ns every day itf the year, the world
“ Away down in her heart.” said the
hoarding house philosopher, “ every wom­
an is a pessimist. When any calamity
happens Nhe always wants to know the
worst, and isn’t happy until she hears
P ro of Conclusive.
Lawyer (cross examining)— You testi­
fied that Miss Smythe was walking in
her sleep. How do you know she was
Witness— Well, a mouse ran across the
floor right iu front of her and she never
even batted an eye.— Chicago Tribune.
T o B re a ! ¡1» N e w S h o e s.
A lw a y s sh ak e in A lle n ’s Foot-E ase, a powder.
It cures h o t, s w e a tin g , a c h in g , s w o lle n feet,
‘ « r e » corn s, in g r o w in g n a ils an d bu nions. At
' l l d ru g g is ts and sh oe stores, 2'»c. D o n t a ccep t
*u jrsu b stitu te, s a m p le m a ile d F R E E . A d d ress
A lie n S. O lm sted , Le R o y , N. Y.
M ore I rg c n tly Needed.
Salesman (at
bookstore)— Perhaps
this ¡ h what you are looking for. It ’s a
work entitled
‘‘ Housekeeping
Easy.” Tells you all about-----
Anxious Customer— No ; we’ve got that.
Haven’ t you a book called “ Moving Made
Easy” ?— Chicago Tribune.
Ge( (he A x !
“ Yes,” said the retired auctioneer,
“ that boy of mine is a chip off the old
block, with all the original bark on him;
he’s a spieler for a 5-cent theater.” —
Chicago Tribune.
Iln n (he T rou b le Started.
Estelle— I don’t suppose you
heard of it, hut George and I are going
to be married some time next Juue.
Maybelle— Glad to know it, dear. Has
George hoard of it yet?
W h y, Sure!
Tommy— Paw, what is concentrated
Mr. Tucker— It ’s the short and and
ugly word. Tommy. Don’t bother me.”
Vacntiou Days.
“ You say Grinder worker last sum­
mer just for fun?”
“ Oh, no; just for funds;” — Harvard
I ji mnonn
H e D idn't L ik e the Balt.
‘ T h e other night a fellow sat back
o f me at the theater,’’ said Simeon
Ford, “ and talked with bated breath
the whole evening.
“ I wouldn’t have minded,” he added,
after a moment, “ if It hadn’t been bait
ed with limburger.” — New York Times
Among persons o f social standing gen­
erally the world throughout, the average
age of marriage is at present, men 37
and women 28.
A . W IS E
Q. Years a Leader in Painless Dental
Work in Portland.
O u t-o f-T o w n People
Should r.TT'.mber tkat our f r<-. I, no amncwl
nccenuiry. PO-ITIVELY P A IN L E S S EX­
TRACT NO KREK «h»n pln o. "r hrilvr, .reor­
PAIN. NO STUDENTS, no uncertainty.
For the Next Fllteen Day«
W« will five you a food 22k fold or pore«-
lain crown for ........................
22 k bridge teeth ........................
..... 3 6 . 5
n 0 o
IVf , ,iar crown ........... .
Gold or enamel fillings................... ........ 1.00
........ SO
Cllw.v ........................................
6 1 iin tr j
Good rubb r plate»....................... ........ 5.00
........ 7.00
The best r.d rubber plates.............
P a in i«« «»tra ctio n *............ ................. . ■ ■
Dr. W . A. W ise
President and Manager
The W ise Dental Co.
(IN C .)
Third and « ».h ln iton St*.
no on*- can speak with certainty upon
this point, but I have become convinced
that a great majority of the people of
this country are in favor of vesting the
national government with power to
levy an income tax.
“ Second, the decision in the Pollock
case left power in the national govern­
President Tail Sends Spécial Mes­ ment to levy an excise tax which ac­
complishes the same purpose as a cor­
sage to Congress.
poration income tax, ami is free from
certain objections urged to the propos­
ed income tax measure.
“ I therefore recommend an amend
F a v o r s C o n s t it u t io n a l A m e n d m e n t A l ­ ment to the tariff bill imposing upon
lo w in g In c o m e T a x . W h ic h is N o w all corporations and joint stock com­
I m p o s s i b l e — U r g e s S e n a t e to Take panies for profit, except national banks,
A c t io n A lo n g L in e o f P r o v is io n in otherwise taxed, savings banks and
building and loan societies, an income
H o u s e T a r i f f B ill.
tax measured by 2 per cent of the net
income o f such corporations.
This is
an excise tax upon the privilege of do­
Washington, June 17. — President ing business as an artificial entity and
T aft yesterday sent the following mes­ of freedom from a general partnerahip
sage to congress:
liability enjoyed by those who own the
“ To the Senate and House o f Repre- stock.
“ 1 am informed that a 2 percent tax
ser.ativea— It is the constitutional duty
of the president, from time to time, to of this character would bring into the
present to the consideration o f congress treasury of the United States not less
such measures as he Bhall judge neces­ that $25,000,000.
“ The decision o f the Supreme court
sary and expedient.
“ In my inaugural address, immedi­ in the case of the Spreckles Sugar Re­
company against McClain seems
ately preceding this present extraordi­
nary session of congress, I invited at­ clearly to establish the fact that such
tention to the necessity for a revision a tax as this is an excise tax upon priv­
of the tariff at this session, and stated ilege, and not a direct tax on property,
the principles upon which I thought and is within the Federal power with­
the revision should be effected.
I re­ out apportionment according to popu­
ferred to the then rapidly increasing
“ The tax on net income is preferable
deficit, and pointed out the obligation
to one proportionate to a percentage of
on the part o f the framers of the tariff j
the gross receipts, because it is a tax
bill to arrange duties so as to secure an
adequate income, and suggested that if , upon success and not failure. It im­
poses a burden at the source of the in­
it was not possible to do so by im port.
come at a time when the employer is
duties, new kinds of taxation must be
well able to pay and when collection is
adopted, and among them I recommend­
ed a graduated inheritance tax as cor­
“ Another merit o f this tax is the
rect in principle and as certain and
Federal supervision which must be ex­
easy of collection,
ercised in order to make the law effect­
“ lhe house of representatives has
ive over the annual accounts and busi­
adopted the suggestion and has pro­
ness transactions of all corporations.
vided in the bill it passed for the col­
While the faculty o f assuming a cor­
lection o f such a tax. In the senate,
porate form has been o f the utmost
the action o f its finance committee
utility in the business world, it is also
and the course of the debate indicate
true that substantially all of the abuses
that it may not agree to this provision,
and all o f the evils which have aroused
and it iB now proposed to make up the
the public to the necessity of reform
deficit by the imposition of a general will be made possible by the use of this
income tax, in form and substance al- very faculty.
most exactly the same character as that
“ I f now, by a perfectly legitimate
which, in the case of Pollock vs. Farm­
and effective system of taxation, we
ers’ Loan & Trust company, 157 U. S. are incidentally able to possess the
429, was held by the Supreme court to
government and the stockholders and
be a direct tax, and therefore not with­ the public of the knowledge o f the real
in the power o f the Federal govern­
business transactions and the gains and
ment to impose unless apportioned profits o f every corporation in the
among the states according to popu­ country, we have made a long step to­
ward that supervisory control o f cor­
“ This new proposal, which I did not porations whicn may prevent a further
discuss in my inaugural address or my abuse of power.
message at the opening of the present
“ I recommend then, first, the adop­
Bession, makes it appropriate for me to
tion of a joint resolution by two-thirds
submit to congress certain additional
of both houses, proposing to the states
an amendment to the conBtitution
“ The decision of the Supreme court
granting to the Federal government
in the income tax cases deprives the
the right to levy and collect an income
national government of a power which,
tax, without apportionment among the
by reason of previous decisions of the states, according to population; and
court, it was generaly supposed the
second, the enactment as part o f the
government had. It is undoubteedly a pending revenue measure, either as a
power the national government ought substitute for or an addition to, the in­
to have. It might be indispensable to heritance tax, o f an exciBetax upon all
the nation’s life in great crises.
corporations, measured by 2 per cent of
“ Although I have not considered a their net income.”
constitutional amendment as necessary
to the exercise of certain phases of
this power, a mature consideration has
satisfied me that an amendment is the
only proper course for its establishment R u s s ia n P o l ic e P r o b e S « c l T h a t W o r ­
to its full extent. I therefore recom­
s h ip s B lo o d - S t a i n e d Id o l.
mend to the congress that both houses,
St. Petersburg, June 16.— Dispatches
by a two-thirds vote, shall propose an
amendment to the constitution confer­ from Perm, European Russia, say the
ring the power to levy an income tax local police have begun an investiga­
upon the national government without tion into the sect o f the Crimson God,
apportionment among the states in pro­ the members of which are accused of
portion to population.
“ This course is much to be preferred human sacrifices and other horrible
to the one proposed, o f re-er.acting a practices.
Repeated disappearances o f persons
law once judicially declared to be un­
constitutional. For congress to assume in the district where the sect dwells
that the court will reverse itself and to throw suspicion on the organization,
enact legislation on such assumption which worships a red wooden idol, col­
will not strengthen popular confidence ored, it is said, with human blood.
The police have located a secret
in the stability of the judicial construc­
tion of the constitution.
It is much grave containing the mutilated body
wiser policy to accept the constitution of a man supposed to have been sacri­
and remedy the defect in due and regu­ ficed, and they expect to find others.
The rural region, of which Perm is
lar course.
“ Again, it is clear that by the enact­ the center, is a breeding ground for
ment of the proposed law, the congress many fanatical cults. I t is a meeting
will not be bringing money into the place for the pagan tribes of Asia, as
treasury to meet the present deficiency, well as of persons who flee from Rus­
but by putting on the statute book a sia on account o f religious persecution.
law already there and never repealed Refugees of this type have lived for
will simply be suggesting to the execu­ centuries in the dense forests o f the
tive officers o f the government their district, and their beliefs have devel­
oped along the most fanatical lines.
possible duty to invoke litigation.
“ I f the court should maintain its
T a x U n e a r n e d In c r e a s e .
fornur view, no tax would be collected
at all.
I f it should ultimately reverse
Berlin, June 16.— The reichstag re­
itself, still no taxes would have been assembled today. Among the official
collected until after protracted delay.
communications laid before the house
“ It is said the difficulty and delay was one from the government concern­
in securing the approval of throe-fourths ing the proposal to tax the unearned
of the states will destroy all chance of incrcasement in real estate values.
adopting the amendment.
O f course, The government has decided that it ia
inexpedient to do this for imperial pur­
B o n illa M a y L e a d R e v o lt.
poses, inasmuch as there are seemingly
New Orleans, June 17.— Dispatches unsurmountable difficulties in the way
received by local business houseB say of an equitable adjustment o f the taxes
that La Ceiba and the Northern coast on city and county values, but it ap­
provinces o f Honduras are in open re­ proves as just the taxing of the un­
volt and have sent emissaries to New earned increasement for local purposes.
Orleans to persuade Manuel Bonilla to
A la s k a T e a c h e r A c c u s e d .
return and take possession of the gov­
ernment. Davillas has applied to the
Seattle, June 16.— A special cable
United States, and the United States to the Post-Intelligencer from Valdez,
gunboat Paducah is patrolling Ceiba Alaska, says that a complaint has been
harbor to prevent sanguinary out­ filed with the United States commis­
breaks. General Bonilla is in New sioner at Copper Center againBt Frank
Orleans now.
He denies that there is Russell, government teacher there.
anything significant in hia departure. Several serious charges are included in
the complaint, among them being em­
S t r i k e in P la t e T r a d e .
bezzlement, defrauding the natives,
Pittsburg, June 17.— More than 10,- inhumanity to the natives and com­
000 skilled workmen, members of the plicity to defraud the government.
Amalgamated Association o f Iron, , Russell is now on board a steamer en
Steel and Tin Workers, employed by route to Seattle. The complaint is in
the American Sheet and Tin Plate com­ the hands of the district attorney.
pany, will quit work June 30, at which
P la n B u f f a lo R o u n d u p .
time the open shop order of the com­
Butte, June 16.— One o f the most
pany becomes effective.
Many un­
skilled workmen will also be affected. unique roundups in the history of the
The decision to take this action fol­ West will start tomorrow at Ronan,
lowed a special convention held here. on the Flathhead Indian reservation,
In the Pittsburg district a majority of in Western Montana, when the Pablo
the mills o f American Sheet and Tin herd o f buffaloes will be corralled and
driven to the stockade at Ravilla.
Plate company are non-union.
The animals will be loaded on specially
constructed cars, a number o f the fin­
Illin o is P r im a r y L a w In v a lid .
Springfield, III., June 17.— The Su­ est specimens going to the Canadian
preme court o f Illinois today declared National park. Others o f the animals
unconstitutional the state primary law, will be shipped to Western parks.
and as a result the state ia without a
H a d le y T u r n s D o w n F a ir .
legal method o f nominating candidates
for office. I t is thought a special ses­
Kansas City, June 17.— Governor
sion of the legislature will be called to Hadley today vetoed the bill providing
enact a new law. The decision of the for an expenditure of $20,000 for a
Supreme court is the result o f an at­ Missouri exhibit at the Seattle fair.
tack made upon the primary law by i The governor said the state needed the
candidates defeated in the state pri­ money more for educating its citizen!
maries last summer.
and for the poor.
Roo4evelt‘s story o f Africa w ill not be
A strike for higher wages or shorter
hours or more and better food ts com­
prehensible, but oue has to go to Mexl
co, writes C. M. Flandrau, In “ Viva,
M exico!” for a strike that Involves nel
ther a question o f material advantage
nor of abstract principle. One after­
noon. during the busiest season of the
year on a coffee-ranch, all the coffee-
pickers, with the exception of one fain
lly, suddenly struck. When asked what
the trouble was, the spokesman. In a
florid and pompous address, declared
that they were "a ll brothers, and must
pick together, or not at all.”
It came out during the Interview
that the father o f the fam ily who had
not struck had received permission for
himself, his w ife and b I x small chil­
dren to pick In a block of coffee by
themselves, and to this the others had
heen Induced to object.
W hy they objected they could not
say. because they did not know.
was explained to them that the man
had wished his fam ily to work apart
for the sole and sensible reason that,
flr3t, he and his w ife could take bet­
ter care o f the children when they
were not scattered among the crowd;
and secondly, that as the trees of the
particular block he had asked to be
allowed to pick In were younger and
smaller than the others, the children
had less difficulty In reaching the
He had not only derived no financial
advantage from the change, he was
voluntarily making some sacrifice by
going to pick where the coffee, owing
to the' youth of the trees, was less
"D on’t you see that this Is the truth
and all there Is to It?" the strikers
were asked.
“ Tes."
"A n d now that It has been explain­
ed, won’t you go back to work?"
"N o ."
"But why not?”
"Because what?”
"Because we must all pick togeth
Some o f H I« D eal-K now n W o rk 1«
Includetl In n Dealer*« Order.
“ In 1864,” says the well-known ar
tlst, Alma Tadema, In the Strand. " I
received a visit from the English pic
ture dealer, Gambart— II prlncIpe Gam
bartl, as they used to call him In Italy.
He was the picture dealer par excel
lence o f this day and was naturally
held In great respect by artists. I re
member him on that first visit to me
standing before my easel, on which I
had posed my ‘Coming Out of Church,'
and Instantly exclaiming:
’’ 'Did you paint that picture for the
" I assured him o f the fact.
asked me if they had seen It and what
was the price. I told him that they
had not seen It as yet. ‘W ell, then,
said Gambart, ‘ I'll take tt. and let me
have a couple o f dozen of that kind at
progressive prices each half-dozen.’ It
was really as If he had been buying
bales of cotton. Of course. I thought
and not without reason, that my for
tune was as good as made. Moreover
II prlncIpe Gambartl agreed that I
might deal with the antique period
I loved, Instead of the middle ages
where I had latterly been seeking my
subjects. And so It came about that
some of the pictures by which I am
perhaps, best known as a painter were
Included In this first singular bargain
"F ou r years did It take me to carry
out Gambart's first commission and the
day arrived when Gambart again paid
me a visit. 'I want you,’ he said, ’tc
paint me another four dozen pictures
on the same condition of rising value.
I consented and I did my best not to
disappoint him. ‘The Vintage’ was paint
ed as one of them and when the deal
er saw It, perceiving that It was a fai
more Important canvas than any of Its
predecessors— a work, too, that had
cost me far more time and labor— he
at once insisted upon paying for It the
figure which was to have heen given
for the last half-dozen.”
Theae “ Plante Out o f P lace“ H ava a
Fix ed M xrke( Value.
Money in weeds? To be sure. The
national department of agriculture
has been for many years telliug the
farmers of the large money value go­
ing to waste each year in this coun­
try In the shape of pernicious weeds,
and has been issuing bulletins with
directions for collecting, curing and
selling weeds. A quarter of a ceutury
ago Dr. George B. Lorlng, the commis­
sioner of agriculture, called attention
to the fact that in Germany many of
the commonest and most pernicious
weeds that the American farmer has
to contend with were successfully and
profitably cultivated, says the Kansas
City Star. Burdock, dandelion, witch-
grass, foxglove, mullein, Lorehound,
Jimpson, mustard and water hemlock
are among our commonest weeds and
grow in great profusion almost every­
where in the United States. Ordinar­
ily they are regarded merely as trou­
blesome weeds. The trouble, of course.
Is in the lazy habit of attempting to
grow weeds and cultivated crops on
the same land at the same time. So
it often happens that the witchgras«
between the potato rows Is more val­
uable than the tubers iu the hills.
When you raise weeds you must make
a business o f it. Land that w ill raise
nothing else will raise weeds.
Jimpson grows In rank profusion about
the feed lot, the front yard is yellow
with dandelion flowers and the flow er«
of the mullein bedeck the pastures.
The burdock grows In the roadside
fence corners, and the waste lot pro­
duces an abundance of witchgrass and
comfrey, yet a m ajority of the drug
weeds used In medicine in this coun­
try are still Imported, and paid for
at a high rate.
W ithout counting wormwood, tansy
or rhubarb, all of which are weeds in
favored places, and without Including
catnip or pennyroyal or any of the
mints, the American people are paying
out more than $300,000 a year in hard-
earned money for Imported weeds,
which are grow ing wild in nearly ev­
ery part of the country. The Import»
for the year 1907-1908 were as fol-
j p |ip
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Aggelatile Preparation 1er As
similaiiiKJ Hie Food and Bedula
lingUie Slamaci» andDowelsjf
Bears the
Promolcs Diÿslionfhmfd
ness and Hesi.tonlainsneitiw
Opium.Morphine rvirM utui .
N o t N arc o tic .
Jtrapr ofOU nr.SAMHIJTTUm
ÉP Seed“
jtn iseS ttd ♦
f t peer mint -
l form Seed-
ClanTmt Sugar •
Hktapitn Flavor,
For Over
Thirty Years
Aperferl Remedy forConsRpa
lio n , Pour Stomach.Dlarrtoca
YVorms .Convulsious.Fevmsh
rvess and Loss OF S leep .
w 1
Facsimile Signature of
A t b m o n th s o ld
J 5 D o >E s - J 5 C e n t $
Î32C Guaranteed under the Foodj
Exact Copy o f Wrapper.
W hen
lie '«
“ It.**
The farmer’s life lias cares and joys.
His work is long and hard and rough;
He slaves from dawn till after dark.
To raise and grow and own enough,
But there’s a bright side to his life,
His sorrows he can always drown
When, with his team, he’s hired to haul
A busted auto back to town.
Total — Los Angeles Express.
A cco m m o d a tin g .
Burdock . . . .
First Passenger— Pardon me, but
Dandelion .. . . 115,522
Dock ...........
7,500 would you mind loaning me your spec­
15,000 tacles a moment?
Witchgrass .. . . 250,000
Second Passenger— W ith pleasure,
Foxglove .. . . .
3.1X10 sir.
5,000 GOc
M u lle in ......... ..
,‘ii 1,000
Horehound ..
First Passenger— Thanks, awfully,
Jimpson weed .. 150,000
7,500 and now, as you can no longer read
1,000 your newspaper, would you kindly pass
Water hemlock
Mustard . . . . . . 5,000,000
5c 250,000 tt over to me?
The knowledge that there is money
M e t h o d CienePH lIy A d o p t e d .
in the very common and much de­
Rivers (dipping bis pen in the ink) —
spised weeds is spreading every year
and a very considerable Industry in Tell me a diplomatic way how to call a
medicinal weeds has arisen, but It is man a liar.
Brooks— Always select a smaller man
far short of what it should be. The than you are.
average farmer cannot bring himself
to regard as other than a heresy the
Prem atu re < htickle.
declaration that a weed is simply a
“ Fate cannot harm me,” wrote Sydney
Smith. “ I have dined to-day.”
useful plant out of place.
Even as he wrote, however, he was in
The prices paid by big Jobbing
drug houses for leaves, flowers or the shadow of a coming calamity.
The cook was preparing to leave.
roots o f the commoner weeds which
afflict the farm er with their presence
when he lets them get out of place are
as follows:
Dandelion roots, dried;
jimpson weed, leaves and seeds; poi­
son hemlock, freshly plucked and
dried flowers and leaves, dried and
cleaned; seed of black and white mus­
tard, 5 cents a pound; burdock root,
sliced and dried, 7 cents a pound;
dried leaves and blossoms o f hore-
hound and wild foxglove, 6 to 7 cents
a pound; dried blossoms o f the tall
pasture mullein, 60 cents a pound, if
sealed in tight jars. In addition to
the above standard drugs the dried
leaves of pokeweed and trllllum, gold­
thread and Jack-in-the-pulpit, are mar­
keted, as well as the leaves and flow­
ers of t^nsy, lobelia, boneset, catnip
and a dozen other very common
plants, all of which are In demand at
the market prices.
O b jection
T e llin g .
“ Do tell me. Pulsatilla.” begged the girl
tinder the inverted waste basket, “ the
secret of that wonderful blonde hair of
yours. It defies detection.”
“ I will,” said tlie girl under the in­
verted coal scuttle, “ if you won’t tell
anybody else. I selected for my grand­
mother and mother two women who bai*
’'air just liV"
t u .r .u iiii
O A i a t
p la c e d
w h e r e , a l l ruota
•nul M I U u l l Ille «
Neat, fléau, orna
nu-ntul, conven*
¡«•ut. f heap. l.aata
h I I newton. Muti«
o f metili, cannot
spill or tip over,
'vili not soil of
liv e .
O f a l l d e a l e r « o r sent prepaid fo r :io cents.
H A RO LD S O M E R S , 160 D cK alb Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
ju si m om
E n tire ly
Sickness, Spanni8 or
■ r.n. or Ir »io . I . . » •• • *"■ " J * • »
to neu J for h Free B T I * *»t
D r. M a y ’s 1. pH «l»t ir id e
It L a * cure*! t fu-.n■ « » er«
yti.ins el»«
fa h I. ir— wie* Gir.ett n . T pre-- 1 ; «paid,
liuuran'eed l.y May Medical L« oratory, under the
N ation al Foo l and Drops A«'1 Juf*3l):h. l ‘.*06. Guar*
anty No. 18971.
Pleine pu » A OF. arnl lull addrets
D U . \V. I f . M A Y ,
C 48 P e r n i Street. N e w Y o r k C ity.
C. Gee Wo
* ic io r y .
Tru stw orthy.
» I I, .. v* I , . » 1 » 1 > o . .. ..k«! I»
"You had a political debate in your
district school building last
night. Uncle Sime, I understand. How
did it go off?”
“ We win. Whenever the other fellers
tried to talk we turned loose two dozen
cowbells, a lot o’ fishhorns. a bugle, a
bass drum, an’ a horse fiddle, an’ they
guv it up an’ quit. By George, they
didn’ t git to spv n blamed word!”
“ Maria, I ’m going to have Dr. Squib
(ips treat me for my heart trouble.”
“ What do you know about Dr. Squil*
lips. John?”
“ All I know about him is that Mr.
Gotsum recommends him to me.”
“ Who is Mr. Gotsum?”
“ Mr. Gotsum is one of the stockhold­
ers of the life insurance company that is
carrying a $20,000 risk on my life.” —
Chicago Tribune.
Tlie Chinese Doctor
Th is w ondefu l man has
made a life study o f t he
p roperties o f Roots,
H erb s and Harks, and
is p ivin g the w orld the
benefit o f hia services.
No Mercury, Poisons
or D ru gs U sed. No
O p eration s or Cutting
Guarantees to cu re Catarrh. Asthm a, Lung,
Stomach amt K idney troubles, and all P riva te
Diseases o f M n ami Women.
A S U R »: C A N C E R C U R E
Just received from Pekin, China safe, sure
and reliable. U. fa ilin g in its works.
I f you cannot call, w rite fo r symptom blank
and circular. Inclose 4 cents in stamps.
A lp h a b etica l Tim e.
One o f the discouraging things about
advertising Is that the investor can
rarely be certain when he gets a re­
turn and when he does not. A w riter
in T. P.’s W eekly tells a tale of an
1 6 2 ’ a first St., cor. M orrison, Portland, Or.
A T r a v e le r It e r a ll* a S t r ik in g c h a r -
English firm, H iggins & Dodd, who,
a o le rln llc o f Kant A fr ic a .
finding that there were twelve letters
Discussing Col. Roosevelt’s trip in In their name, placed a great clock
No. 26-09
Africa, Young H. Carling of Toronto, over their door with the letters on its Needs no oracle to answer!
Ribald rhymester, cease thy mirth.
Canada, who is at the Arlington, said face instead of numerals.
Il I l i w r it in g t «» a «lv e r t is e r s p io u sa I
They are held by some young man, sir,
recently that when Mr. Roosevelt re­
III on (I on t h is p a p er.
They waited anxiously
for days,
Down to earth.
turns from A frica and recalls vivid ly weeks, hoping for some return; but
to mind his experiences, or relates not a soul took notice of the clock.
them to his friends, that which w ill be
A t last, amid excitement behind the
pre-eminent will be the atmosphere cf office window, a man was seen to halt
smells in which he lived when there, in the street and gaze at the clock,
the Washington Herald says.
“ I traversed the country which Mr.
Slowly he came to the door, entered,
Roosevelt intends visiting.
W h ile I
and drawled, “ Say. Is it half past H ig­
heard o f lions, black panthers, rhino­
gins or a quarter to Dodd?”
ceroses, antelopes and gazelles, I was
not hunting and did not see any of
Ha F o llo w ed D irection«.
Get it from
I held an impression which,
Red tape leads
A F U L L P O U N D 25c.
your Grocer
while not as startling as an encounter lengths.
A w riter In the Columbus
with a wild beast, w ill be remembered Dispatch tells of a street railway car
as long as that would have been. I that picked up a young heifer on it«
cannot express it better than to say fender and carried it some distance
that I smelled Africa.
through the street.
“ One meets the real smell Just after
In making out the required report
It may be at one port or to the superintendent, the employe
another. Of all first Impressions, none wrote, in answer to the query on the
is more plain, and it comes upon you blank form,
“ What did the victim
with a distinctiveness which is almost say?” “ She was carried along on the
fender and then rolled off and ran
“ The traveler hardly knows enough away without saying a word.”
of native life to enter with any fu ll­
Oat o f Sight,
ness into the multitude o f causes
In the matter o f food you can t afford to
T h o u g h th e p la y w a s a fa r c e .
which produce this fam iliar result, but
Quality for Cheapness. Econom y
I t l e f t h im q u ite blu e,
some o f them do not lie very far
F o r a t e r r ib le h a t
below the surface.
good but inferior food products
O b s t r u c t e d h is v ie w .
“ Take as a typical example any A f­
— N e w Y o r k T e le g r a m .
rican city, large town or sizable sta­
tion,” added .Mr. Carling
“ Let it be
Many people are curious to know
in the seaport or in the inland town, about peculiar things. For Instance,
it makes little difference. I^eave out the w riter Is curious to know if a
the many scented plants and tree« that barber gives his wife the fee he col­
add their aroma to the general fund lects for «having a dead man.
o f smells. Fl^st, there is the fuel used
Salted to the ( a«e.
by the natives, which is scraped from
Author— What did you think of my
the roads, and made into round, flat
is economical— not Cheap. T ry
cakes and sundrled on the walls of the mystic Jewel story?
it. The best at any price cr
Friend— It was a ge m !— Baltimore
houses for burning. Next, there Is the
wood and charcoal used by the better American.
your money back.
classes for cooking fires, coal being an
Every once In a while we meet some
unattainable luxury. Then, at night­ man on the streets who »ays he Is
fall. the sweepings of the stables are “ resting” that we knew never worked
U « ts
MAlff• ci ‘
C h icag o .
h . caöo
G u a ran teed
carefully burned to be accompanied by
yO«A «AN V*
Muffled voice« must be uncomfort
an odor. Then there are the cooking
r a c ie r a ll
o il« and other thing«. Yes, sir; Col. able in warm weather.
» I • t..! L a w «
The C. Gee Wo Medicine Co.
(R E S C E N I
1 M ÌN C PO S H ER 1
vs. Quality