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    Peculiar to Itself SCHMITZ WINS
In combination, proportion and process, Hood’s Sarsaparilla
is therefore Peculiar to Itself in merit, sales and cures.
. It is made from the best blood-purifying, alterative and
tonic ingredients by such original and peculiar methods as to
retain the full medicinal value of each and all.
The severest forms of scrofula, salt rheum, catarrh, rheu-
matism, dyspepsia, and debility are cured every day by
Hood’ s Sarsaparilla
Sold by druggists.
O fC O fO
100 doses $i.
h e
For ‘ hoB® who P™fer
medicine in tablet
form, Hood s Sarsaparilla is now put np in elioco-
latad tablet, called Sarutaba, as wall as In the
■aual liquid form. Saraataba hava ldantlcally tbs
Or an
Begin to take it today.
' same curative properties as the liquid form, besides
! accuracy o f dose, convenience, economy,—there
be'ng no loss by evaporation, breakage or leakage
| Sold by druggist, or aent promptly by m ail
c. I. Hood Co., Low.U, Maas.
A a g e l,
P o e tle
J u s tic e ?
Small Boy— Say, mister. (loro’s a sign To fit bis thieving hardihood,
In yore winder reiulin' “Boy Wanted."
His meanuess small and rank.
The man who jumps his board bill should
Wot kind uv a boy does youse want?
He made to walk the plank.
Merchant — A nice quiet boy that
— P h ilailolnh in
P ro ««
doesn’t use naughty words, amuke ciga­
rettes, whistle around the oltice, pluy
H la C a s e .
tricks or get Into mischief—
“Do you really believe that living ex­
Small Boy— Gwan ! Youse don’t want penses have Increased 20 per cent In
no boy; youse wants a girl. See?
the last five years?”
Marryat— W h a t! Why, they've In­
creased 100 per cent at least.
Singleton— Nonsense!
Marryat— Not at all. Five years ago
there was only my wife and I, and now
there’s six of us In the family.— Phil­
adelphia Press.
Syrup rffigs
canses the CVsTem
l % ct,
ually; Dispe Is Colds and Heatt-
fies duo to Constipation;
- ts naturally, acts .truly as
a L a x a tiv e .
Best forMen\\(jmon an dCU J-
ren -ybu n gan il O ld .
% ¿et its l|ene|ieial Effects,
Always buy the trenuine vthich
has the full name of the Com-
a Head
J f o
C o .
S y r u p
m it is manufactured. printed on the
front of eve™ package.
one size only, regular price 5(Kp«r bottle.
\\ on stormy days
r,\ by wearing a
Clean - Light
m u le D eam
W ork s.
New Reporter (handing in his copy) —
There seems to be something the matter
with that typewriting machine.
City Editor (reading the manuscript)
— Yes; it seems to need some other man
to operate it.
From October to May, colds are the most frequent
cause o f headache. L A X A T IV E BROMO QUI.
N IN E removes cause. E. W. Grove on box. 26c-
U tte f
A n ta g o n is m .
“Why don t those angry statesmen
settle their old-time differences with a
fight to a finish?” asked one congress­
“No use suggesting it,” answered the
“They couldn’t be sufficiently
harmonious even to agree on the condi­
tions of a fight.”— Washington Star.
C o n c e rte d
B r o a d s id e .
When those twenty-six pianola pi
anos on board tbe big fleet are banging
away at the same thne it will take a
nervy enemy to stand up and face the
concerted broadside.— Cleveland Plain
H e ig h t
M a je .t r .
“And so she is very queenly? I sup­
pose she's tbe kind of woman who Is
never afraid to enter the grandest
drawing room.”
“Oh. more majestic than that! 8he’s
the kind of woman who's never afraid
to enter her own kitchen.”— Brooklyn
Soreness and 8tifFness.
Over exertion, too long continued
exercise, sitting in draft for example,
cooling off when overheated, indeed
anything that tend* to check suddenly
t’ie surface circulation, will produce
that wearied, sore feeling recognized as
«oreness and stiffnees. The best treat-
m nt and quickest is tc start up citcu-
la ion by rubbing the sore or stiff pait
with a soft but reasonably rough sub­
stance, like a crash or Turkish towel,
and apply 8t. Jacobs Oil freely with
gentle friction.
n ig h l
M ake a
H it.
The Manager— I've got a new Idea
for a melodrama that ought to make •
The Writer— What is it?
The Manager— The idea Is to intro­
A h e a p i n g t e a s p o o n lu l to a g a l ­ duce u cyclone in the first act that
lo n o f h o t w a t e r w i l l c le a n s e will kill all the actors.— Harper's
y o u r d is h e s , p la t e s , c u p s , e a r t h ­ Weekly.
en w are,
u t e n s i ls
c u t le r y
fr o m
d ir t
k it c h e n
A id e Llarhta o n L i t e r a t u r e
gre a se ,
Walter Scott had just written “Kenil­
“ I’ve a great mind to immortalize Win-
All dealers. Sample, Booklet and Parlor Can! Game
“Evanston and
“ W H IZ” 10c. Pacific Coast Borax Co.. Oakland, C
i nelka next,” he said.
Vilmette, of course, are impossible.”
No. 11 -C Ö
Perhaps— who knows?— the great nov­
elist had been haled before magistrates in
H E N w r i t i n g t o a d v e r t i s e r « p le a s e
those two towns and fined for exceeding
m e n t io n t h i s p a p e r .
the speed limit.— Chicago TribuLe.
l e a v i n g n e it h e r t a s t e n o r s m e ll.
T h e re Is O n ly O ne
“ Bromo Quinine”
T h a i la
Laxative Bromo Quinine
the full
•p r m r X *
Supreme Court Finds Fatal De­
lects lu Indictment.
Seven Judge* Unanimous in Holding
T h a t Facts 8tat*d O o Not
Constitute C rim e .
An additional dispatch received at
Pensacola from Admiral Thomas, dated
on board the Minnesota at 8 o’clock
last night, is as follows:
“ The position of the fleet at this
moment is latitude 14.37 north, longi­
tude 11)2.01 weBt.”
in silver and 5 cents postage
for our new portfolio
Containing the views, floor plans, ap­
proximate conta and other data o f about
60 residences; bunjralows; store, flat
and apartment buildings, etc., etc.
$ 2 6 0 0 .0 0
Contracting Architects
W ill Build Thh Modem 8-Room H our .
Special price of complete plan., .pacifi­
cations end detail, only $15.00
Oriental Block. Dept. F
W .L D 0 V G L A S
f r A S v SH O ES/^Vr
> 35 ?
> 39?
■»CM. BO YS. WOMCM. « ! • • € • AMP CMILORCN
W. L fe-te $ 4 «TtSm Op SbtM Cmd b fenlM Al ta? We ^ 7
o r - ( A I ’T I O V .
W. L. Dolida» name and price ta stamped on bottom. T a k e We AwfeetUaa««. Your
Æ uers
Till Kind You Have Always Bought
J. J. B U T Z E R
con d itio n , hearin g w ill be destroyed fo rev er;
nine cases ou t o f ten are caused by Catarrh,
which is n oth in g but an inflam ed cond ition oi
the mucous surfaces.
We w ill g iv e One Hundred Dollars for any
case o f Deafness (caused by ca ta rrh ) that can­
not be cured by H a ll’s Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars, free.
F. J. C H E N E Y A CO .,Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists. 76c.
Ta..e H a ll’s F a m ily P ills for constipation.
Drove all the snakes from
F a t ile
W is d o m .
“What your husband doesn’t know
about race horses,” said the friend of
the family, “isn’t worth knowing.”
“Yes,” auswered young
Mrs. Tor-
kins; “and what Charlie does know
about them Isn’t worth knowing, eith­
er.”— Washington Star.
Drives all aches from the body,
cures Rheumatism, Neuialgiaand
25c.— A L L D R U G G IST S — 60c*
M e r e ly an In q u ir y .
What has become of the old-fashioned
Who could edit a paper on this simple
Of NOT asking the question which al­
ways began :
“What has become of the old-fashioned
man” ?
Agricultural Club at Idaho University
By J. H. Frandson, Idaho Experiment Station,
The formation of an Agricultural club
on the 19th of December marked an
important event in the history of the
agricultural department of the univer­
sity of Idaho. The club is intended to
promote a more lively feeling towards
F L E E T T A - K S T O M A R E IS L A N D
agricultural work among the studei
Wireless Commurrlcstlon at Distance and to interest the farmers of the state
In the college.
Several methods will
of 2 600 Miles.
be used in carrying out this work, the
San Francisco, March 10.— The bat principal one of which w ill be the pub­
tleship fleet came into direct communi­ lishing of a magazine known as the Ida­
cation with Mare Island yesterday, the ho Student Farmer. Toe first and only
message being the first this coast has number of the present scholastic year
received Irom the warships. Commun­ will be published in a short time. Be­
ication was had by wireless for a dis­ ginning next fall a quarterly w ill be
tance of 2,600 miles, the message being printed. This magazine will take np
from the battleship Maine of E iane’ subjects of the utmost Interest to farm­
fleet. Yesterday morning the operator ers and to agricultural students.
at the wirelese elation at Mare Island, name and 10 cente to cover postage sent
in responding to the call of hie instrn- to the Idaho Student Farmer, Universi­
ment, was surprised to discover he was ty of Idaho, Mo-cow, will secure a oopy
in direct communication with
the of the first number.
Maine. Though 2,600 miles away, the
message was clear.
O f Interest to Farm ers,
was soon cat off on «c o u n t of other
The following publications of interest
stations interru! ti ig.
to farmers and others have been Issued
by the Agricultural department of the
C astro Much Agitated
Federal government and will be furn­
New York, March 10.— President ished free, so long as they are availa­
Castro, of Venezuela, is showing much ble, except where otherwise noted, up­
anxiety over the attitude taken by the on application to the Superintendent
United Statee in regard to the status of o( Documents, Government Printing
claims of Americans against that coun­ Office, Washington, D. C.:
try. This was shown, it was stated
Circular No. 58.— Irrigation in the
today, by his recall to, ct Au­ Valley of Loet River, Idaho. By Albert
gusta F. Pulido, until recently secre­ Eugene Wright, agent and expert, irri­
tary of the Venezuelan legation in gation Investigations, office of expe»'-
Washington, Pulido, in the absence •nent stations. Pp. 24.
of a Venezuelan minister at W ashing­
Bulletin No. 73.— Irrigation in t! 0
ton, was the charge d ’affaires, and Rocky Mountain States.
By J. C
President Castro wants him to make a Ulrich.
Pp. 64, pis. 10.
Price 10
personal report on the situation.
Explains the agricultural con­
San Francisco, March 10.— Dr. Km-
ma Merritt, executrix of the (State of
Adolph Sntro, was given pennhsion
today by Judge Coffey to apply the
$47,000 Insurance money received after
the destruction of the Cliff house to
ward the erection of a new building.
The petition was opposed by Attorneys
J. F. Bowie and Joseph Mayer, who
represented lonr of the heirs. Bowie
■till the heirs he represented had no
objection to rebuilding the Cliff house,
bat thor ght the heirs should have the
direction of expending t ie money.
I t f l « « e t t e !Fot I n v o l v e d .
The r «M l w «r .
Mr«. Hendricks (the landlady)— Can
T b « doctor had told one of his best,
I help yog to some more soup, Mr.
President Bryan Com pare* School* but tbe professor did not crack t smile.
“You snd that story have met before, Dumley ?
With Those o f Europo.
perchance,” be said.
Mr. Dumley— No, thanks.
Prea dent E . A. Bryan, of the W ash­
“Yes,” answered the professor; “per
Mr*. Hendricks (engagingly— Don’t
ington State college, has returned from Cbsuncey M. Depew.”
refuse. Mr. Dumley, because It lan’t
his to ir of the European capitals, and
considered good form to be helped
at prasent is preparing a series of lec­
tures, ttie subjects of which he gathered r A Z O O IN TM E N T is gua ant**ed to cure any twice to soup. W e’re not particular i
o f Itch in g, Blind, deeding or Protru din g people here.
while abroad. President Bryan's trip case
P ile » in 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 60c.
Mr. Dumley— Oh, etiquette has noth­
If he tells you to take Ayer’s
was something in the nature of an in­
ing to do with It. madam.
It's tbe
vestigation of modern education, both
C h e rry P e cto ra l fo r y ou r
O n e Independent V i e w .
•out».— Pearson’s Weekly.
technical and classical, as found in tbe
“ For my part,” said Mrs. Lapaling.
severe cough o r b ro n c h ia l
most advanced and greatest educational with strong feeling. “ 1 think a man that
H . W a. W illi,,.
then take it. If he has
inatitutiona of nations. Before leaving abiiKos his hors«* should be incarsonsted
In the morning mall the busy editor
America he visited several of Amertoa's at once. We ought to exercise the utmost found the following letter written on
anything better, then take that.
most famous institutions, and both In ol)MequioiiNue*8 to dumb brutes.”— Chi­
a postal card : ”I>ear8lr: I have Just
But we know what he will say;
England and on tbe continent called at cago Tribnue.
graduated from R oorresiiondenoe school
for doctors have used this
the w orld’s best known centers of learn­
of Journalism. Would you like to hare
G ood I n t e n t io n s .
His conclusions were recently
cough medicine over 60 years.
“ So,” Bn Id the bunker, severely, “you me write for your paper? J. Alexander
stated^a follows:
I hive ased Ayer’s Cher
"* Ms, bed coughs, and Innuenn. is __ .
“ I believe th* time is not remotely are hoarding these new gold pieces !”
done me greet
eat pood, end I believe It le th«
Seizing his trusty pencil, the busy
“No,” said the common citizen, “I
distant when the educational institu­
mediarne In the world (o r ell
throet end lung trouble*,” E l i C. S t d a a t ,
tions of the West, meaning the western am not exactly hoarding them. But 1 | editor dashed off the following In re­
Albany, Oregou.
part of the United States, w ill be fully feel that their artistic Influence is ao ply : “Dear J. A le x : Certainly we
as efficient, and as famed aa the best bad that It Is my duty to keep as many 1 would be pleased to have you write for
universities and colleges of the old of them as possible out of the hands of our paper. Kindly addrese your letter
. . .
ÍA M A M O U .
: to the circulation manager and lucloee
world. The tremendous fund of natu­ the public.”— Washington Star.
the regular subscription price."
ral wealth In Western states, tbe rapid
development row in progress, the geo
K eep th e b o w e ls open w ith on* of
graphical position with reference to the
Ayer’s P ills a t b e d tim e , lu s t one.
Thet in L A X A T IV E BROMO Q U IN IN E . Look
new commercial empire cf the Pacific,
for the signature o f K. W. GROVE.
Used the
f o r Infants and Children.
W orld over to Cure e Cold in One Day. ’/6c.
and th* wide awake nature of Western
people make these things
I t a O n ly l a r k .
Never again will mon have a Western
Nevada Man— I tell you, sir, nature
frontier to look to when seeking new
The Bost Fruit Tree and Berry Plant
B ears the
has done a great deal for this State.
Catalog in the Northwest
homes for the expansion of new idea9.
S ign ature of
Tourist (from the F ast)— Why, yes. ■
Humanity has made its path around the
All you need is to get a few people to
globe, and now, at the journey’s end,
come and live here.— Chicago Tribune.
192 F r o n t S t.,
P o r t la n d . O r e g o n
the Pacific coast, must there be an up­
H ie O b s tin a te D is p o s it io n .
building, and intensive, rather than ex­
P * T O 8t. Vitus’ Panes ana all Incrvous Diseases
Mrs. Nay bur— O, yes, we’re well J 1 1 O permanently cured by Dr. Kline's (lr«-at I
tensive, development of all institu­
Kerve Restorer. Herd for F R E E $2 trial bottle and
Dr. It. H. KU.ic, Ld. 831 A r c h hit., P h ils.,F a I
tions. W bat this means to the people
of the West they do not at present fully That’s what provokes me. All the rest
K new
I t L ik e a B ook .
But the progress of of us have had the grip, but he won’t
even take a slight cold.
Night School Teacher— I don’t sup- ,
events nowadays is very rapid, and tbe
pose, of course, that any of you boys is
work of these new forces will b* evi
< ln e e n o f t h e S e a s .
familiar with Virgil.
dent within only a few years.”
Bobby Du Barry— I ’d have you know
'Shaggy Haired I'upil— I ort
to be,
that my ancestors came over on the ma’am. It’s about six miles from Spoon
O ld Superstition Refuted,
river. I was born there.
By J. L. Ashlock, Washington State College^
Tommy Tuff— I>at so? Why didn't
Mo aers w ill find Mrs. W inslow ’ s Soothing
The results of an experiment, which d?y come over on the LudYtunla?
Byrup the b st rem edy to use for th eir c h lld iea
du rin g the teeth in g period.
for the paet fifteen years has been in
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
progress at tbe state experiment sta­
A n In fo r t n n a t a In te r r a p tIo n .
tion, completely refutes the old super­ by local applications, as they cannot reach the
dincased portion o f the ear. Th ere is o n ly one
“Oeorge was just going to propose to
stition that a cold January and Febru­ way to cure deafnes*, and that is by con stitu ­
me last night.”
ary is apt to be followed by a warm tion a l remedies. Deafness is caused by an in ­
flam ed co n d ition o f the mucous lin in g o f the
“And wliat happened?”
March and A pril, or that one year of Eustachian Tube. W hen this tube is inflam ed
“A tire blew up. and then be eouldn’t
With seventeen mills engaged exclo-
an average low temperature is apt to vou h ave a ru m blin g sound o r im norf jc t h ear­
ing, a id when it is en tirely closed, Deafness is think
of anything else.”— Cleveland sively in the business, (Germany leads la
be followed by a year In which the the resu 't, and unless the inflam m ation can be
I rhe manufacture of tissue paper.
taken ou t and this tube restored to its normal Plain Dealer.
temperature w ill average higher.
San Francisco, March 10.— The Su­
preme court yesterday handed down a
decision denying the application of the
prosecution in the San Francisco b rib ­
ery.graft cases for a rehearing alter a
decision by the D strict court of A p ­
peals iu the case of ex-Mayor Kugene
E. Schmitz, convicted of extortion In
the French restaurant cases. Without
a dissenting vote among the seven
justices, the court sustained the appel­
late court in its decision that the in­
dictment upon wldch Schmitz was con­
victed was defective in that it did not
aver that Schmitz was mayor; .that
Ruef, his co-defendant, was a political
boss practically in control if the city;
that as such they were in a position to
exercise power and undue influence
over the policecommissioners, and that
it did not show that Schmitz resorted
to unlawful means in threatening to
have liquor licenses withheld.
“ The decision demonstrates,’ ’ said
ex-Mayor Schmitz, “ that the highest
court in the state believes what I have
always claimed, that I was removed
from office and railroaded to prison.”
“ The contention of the respondent
that the appeal
taken,” says the Supreme ¿curt, “ lias
no merit. The court is unanimous in
the opinion that the District court of
Appeals was correct in its conclusion
that tbe indictment was insufficient in
that it did not show that the injury to
the property threatened by the defend­
ant was an ‘unlawful injury.’ ”
This decision practically
Ruef’s plea oi guilty to the same charge,
invalidates the remaining four extor­
ProfesB- r George Severance now has
tion indictments againet the ex-mayor the compilation of the weather data in
and Ruef, arid will enable Schmitx to charge, and states the summarization
gain his liberty on bail after eight of results as follows:
months’ confinement in thecounty jail.
“ For the paBt fifteen years the ex­
periment station has kept a close rec­
ord of the temperature of ea:h day of
G R E A T F E A T O F W IR E L E S S .
the year, striking an average between
the temperature of morning and even­
Message From Fleet in Pec fic la Re­ ing, which we call the ‘ mean tempera­
ceived at Pensacola.
ture.’ H aving kept the record for a
Washington, March 10.— About the month the custom has then been to get
last place that the Navy department the average ‘mean’ for the entire
expected to hear fiom the Atlantic bat­ month. In this way we have com­
tleship flotilla for at least six months pared the temperatures of eaoh period
was on the Atlantic coast, yet this is of January and February with the tem­
what happened. The Navy department perature of the following March and
today received a telegraphic message A pril periods for the past Jjfteen years,
from its wireless station at Pensaoola, and we find that the variations from
which had been in direct communica­ the rule for determining what the tern
tion with tbe battleship fleet, a most peratnre of spring will be by the tem­
remarkable performance, considering perature of winter, of one year by aver­
that the wireless impulses were obliged aging the temperature of another, are
to traverse the G ulf of Mexico, then ■o frequent that it ie proved that the
croeB overland the state of Texas, part weather of one year or month, or sev
of Mexico, and again cross several hun­ eral months, is absolutely no index to
what subsequent temperatures w ill be.”
dred miles of ocean.
Rebuild the C liff House.
W E S T 18 A D V A N C IN G .
ditions pr-vailing and the methods of
acquiring and using water for irrigation
pr:diced in that portion of the arid
region coveiel more particularly by the
states of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah,
Idaho and Montana, in which the con­
dition! and mehods are somewhat sim­
o ra n ge
S yro p .
Allow to ein-h pint sweet, strained
orange Juice a little of the grated yel-
ow (ieel and one pound of sugar. The
grated peel and Juice of a lemon may
also l>e added, to give it zest if de­
ll red. Cook fifteen minutes, skimming
is gram arises.
Strain, bottle and
seal. This Is a most refreshing addi­
Chines* Hold Masting.
Canton, China, March 10.— A mon­ tion to tlie various summer cup* or
ster meeting was held here tonight to for use In sweet sauces.
resist tbe demand of the Japanese gov­
Scalding the mtlk for custard pi*
ernment for the release of the Tatau adds greatly to Ita flavor. An addition
M ara.
The meeting was attended by * of a teaapoonful of brown
sugar or
great number of prominent personages molasses Is also helpful.
who vigorously asserted China’s rov
Htiiineh I'I p .
erign rights. A resolution was adopt
Peel the *qua*Ii — n yellow .»ne— i
sd to the effect that, failing the confls
cation of the ship and her cargo, a boy­ cut Into piere*. Cover
cott would be inaugurated against Jap­ enough to keep It from burning nn
•tew until very w>ft. Rub It throug
anese manufacturers.
a sieve, add to n quart of the pulp
quart of milk, one cup of *ugar, eljr'
Mutiny in C aracaa Fatta.
Caracas, March 4, vis Port of Spain, egg« beaten very light, and «pi v *
Ib’flt well, (tour Into *111 .»;»
March 10.— An uprising occurred here tftftte,
last night in a barracks, tb* soldiers cni«t iltd bike nn*il
A teanpoonful of pulverized tiara
killing their commander, General Mesa
The mutiny was quelled only after a mixed with the common «to r« pollib
number of aoldiera had bean shot.
will fiv e • wonderful polish.
H Y did the O. R. & N. build into Washington?
L E A D M IN E S .
the world?
The answer:
M IN E S — M IN E S —
W H A T M A D E Senator Stanford and built his beautiful me­
M IN E S .
W hy not »uch results since mining is the staple industry of
L E A D IS R E G U L A R A N D C E R T A IN , the market always calling
and more, while tha price does not fluctuate as with other o f the baser metals.
for more
H A V E B E E N M A D E FROM L E A D , and the best part o f the story is the fact that the
mall investor has always had an equal chance with the man of large means.
F A R M E R , laboring man, mechanic and employe have come into vast riches by
small investments in lead.
accepted by Sweeney, Spokane’s millionaire, snd the same opportunity accepted by other
Spokane men who built the City o f Spokane, by placing on the market the first block of
treasury stock of T H E A M E R IC A N L E A D M IN E S C O M P A N Y — 100,000 shares at F IV E
Our company is incorporated under
the laws of the State of
capital stock $1,500,000; no debts; no incumbrance; property paid for; stock
but fifty miles from the famous Cceur d ’Alenes District.
W e are in the same mineral belt
and lie between that district and Rossland, British Columbia—eight miles from Idaho and
six miles from the British Columbia boundary.
being 4pne the year round.
Our climate is equable, open and mild, work
There is great activity on every hand at Metaline; large
operators are turning in that direction and she bids fair to rival the camps in the Cceur
• d ’Alenes.
D O N ’T
the magnificent opportunity to B U Y
Full particulars upon application.
The L. Y. Keady Investment Co.
3 3 7 -3 3 9
of Commerce
Portland, Oregon
Color mors goods b rlfh U r and tastar c o lo n than any other dye. On* 10c package colon aUk. w o o l and cotton equally watt
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