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i Condensed Form for Our
Busy Readers.
A Rakuma o f the Leas Important but
Not Lesa Interesting Events
o f tha Past W eak.
A Montana forest
killed for a deer.
Come sing a hale beigh-o
For the Christmas long ago,
When the old log cabin horned us
From the night of blinding snow,
And the rarest joy held reign.
And the chimney roared amain, the firelight like a beacon
Through the frosty window pans.
Russian Peasants W orship Picture o f
Uewed rack TharsSey
R O U bfcV E L T A S A S A IN T .
The Estacada News
has been
French troops have repulsed an at­
tack of tribesmen near Ain Bfa, Algeria.
The Japanese ambassador to France
denies that his country is alter another
foreign loan.
Carnegie won'd base the issue of pa­
per money on tire gold reserve instead
of government bonds.
Tbe Northern Pacific railroad will re­
dace grain rates from Montana points
to 8t. Paul and Minneapoiia.
Findlay, Ohio, was bsdly shaken by
the explosion of a glycerine factory
Much property damage was tustalned.
Pan Francisco, Dec. 1 7 — Americans
th nk a great deal of President Theo-
do e Roosevelt, but it has been reserv­
ed for t ie Russian peasants settled in
E.stern Hibeila to reverence the well
anown picture, which shows the gleam
of teeth, as that of a saint. That they
do so is asserted to be a fact by Alex­
ander G. Denbigh, who arrived on the
steamer Siberia, anil ia now staying at
the St. Francis hotel.
“ The people there are of tbe lowest
class of Ruisian peasants, and know
nothing about the cutside w orld,"
said Denbigh.
“ In every bouse, no
matter how poor it may be, there is
sure to be an ikon of some kind, and if
it is possible for the owner of the
place, be also has a picture of a saint.
“ The picture of our president has
gone uvei tbe world, and can tie found
in many queer places. I re me in tier
asking one of my men from the Ural
mountain distrct, who had
heard of Roosevelt, what picture he
had in_his tent. He at once told me
that if was one of 8t Peter— without
the beard and with specs on. Curious
to see such a picture. I went to tbe hut
and found that it w h s a cliromo of the
president of the United Slates.
man assured me that he had the best of
good foitune since be tiad obtained the
picture of tbs ‘holy saint.’ "
H ill told the Interstate Commerce
commission that it means a loss of (fill
a cat to ktep the old lumber rate in What It Coals to Conduct Affairs of
Southern R o u b le .
Mexico City, Dec. 17.— In congress
Secretary Taft is having a rough pass­
age across the Atlantic and his vessel yesterday the report ol the minister of
will l>e a day or two late in reaching finance was read and the budget for tbe
coming year was made public. Tbe es­
New York.
timated receipts for the coming year
Goldfield mineowners have asked the
total A103 3-5 OHO, while the expendi­
government to dissolve the Western
tures will reach $103,303.843, leaving
Federation of Miners and prosecute it
an estimated ampins ol $181,158
as treas« liable.
total increase of this year’s budget is
Liquor men propose to fight river and $8,606.375, the largest item in the in­
harlmr appiopriations by congress for crease lieing lor $1,367,580 for main­
dry stales. They say twi -thirds of the tenance of the department of war.
national revenue is derived from tbe
The revenues fur the fiscal year just
liquor business.
ended total $114 063,000, the expendi­
tures $100 308,133, leaving a surplus
England has just been visited by a
of $14,077,989.
The surplus of the
severe storm.
previous year
$.9,049,081, and the
The Colorado State bank, of Durango, falling off nl the past year, was due to
has suspended.
large suits spent in public works— $17,-
Min ster Limanteur main­
Tbe revolutionary agitation is grow­ 208,608
tained that the recent crisis In the
ing in Portugal.
United HiateH would make itself felt in
Tbe Yaqui Indians are aggln on the the coin ng year in Mexico, in that in­
warpath in Mexico.
vestments would lie curtailed.
The National Hank of Commerce, of est rates are higher, but this would on­
ly affect mining industries. Helieliev-
Kansas City, will reopen.
ed that in the end it wculd work for
Japan and Russia have combined to good rather than evil.
freete China out of Manchuria.
The bridal gifta of Marshall Field’s
daughter were stolen In England.
The peace conference of the Central
American republics has been concluded.
Scotchmen In London are
adopting the kilt as a regular wearing
The East has just exeprienceda great
Heavy snow fell and many
wlrea are down.
Premiums are being offered for the
new gold pieces without the motto " I n
God W e Trust.”
A petition to allow women to vote
on municipal affairs in Paris was greet­
ed with laughter by tbe council.
General Funaton finds the Goldfield
situation serious.
Indian Affairs
Leupp says Indians are losing millions
yearly lit timber lands.
A house- to- lions« canvsas at Mont n-
ga i, W. V a „ shows 18 still missing as
A result of the mine disaster.
Plans are romplete for re-organising
the Merchants’ National bank at Port­
land and it is expected to open soon.
District Attorney Langdnn, of Han
Francisco also admits that tbe evidence
of Ruef w ill be required to oonvict Cal­
The American Can company has con­
trol of the Pacific coast, having absorb­
ed the United Can oompany, of San
Goldfield mineowners
have with­
drawn their new scale and opened nego­
tiations with the American Federation
of Labor. The object seems to lie to
get this organisation into a fight with
the Western Federation of Miners.
D. L. Anderson, president of the
Foochow university, who has just re­
turned to this nnnntry, says China Is
on the eve of a bloody revolution that
w ill mark her entrance into the parlia­
ment of the world as a power to be
reckoned with.
The campaign against rats is being
kept up vigorously in San Francisco.
The Michigan elate treasurer Is to Ire
removed for putting funds in a rotten
The great fleet of warships is ell
ready to start on its voyage to the Pa­
The presence of General Funston at
Goldfield is believed to have a gonl
Bristol's nomination has been w ith­
drawn from the senate as district at­
torney for Oregon.
Queen Carole, of Saxony, ie dying.
Mrs. Longworth has undergone an
operation for appendicitis, but there is
nc fear of the results.
Knropatkin has taken the witness
stand In Is-half of Stoeesel and the gen­
eral itamls a better chance of being
Two mail pouches containing vein-
able packages were stolen from the
Omaha pnetofiice, and nc trace of them
has been iound.
Senator Bourne, of Oregon, will con­
tinue his third firm agitation despite
the statement issued by Roosevelt.
Harry Orchard is not displaying as
mnch bravado In telling the atory of
hie crimes to the Pettilmne jury as he
did at the first recital.
Heney hea admitted that he needs
Abe Rtief’e testimony to convict Cel-
h mn and may yet grant the e»-hos»
insu.a illy and get him on the stand
State Attorney H eal) says hs will
enforce the Snmlay closing law* in Cbi-
D A IR Y M E N M E E T .
W A N T a A N C I eifert H O A D .
Successful T w o-D ay Convantlon Hold
In Portland.
Southern Oregon Hopes for Lessened
Rates in Competition.
Portland— The most Important m eet-! Grants Pass — The announcement
ing of dairymen ever held in tbe state through the prtsa that Moffalt A W hite
of Oregon was that which convened last are about to extend the Oregon Elec
Thursday aud Friday in Woodmen of trie line through Rogue River valley
the W orld hall, on Eleventh street, lias been received here with the great
when the Oregon State Dairy associa­ eet satisfaction, ft has teen the dream
tion held Its deliberations. The con­ of the citizens that some day another
vention ball was crowded at both days' traosi ortation company would find its
sessions with delegates and others in­ way into the valley.
Tbe annulling of trains 11 and 12 by
terested in the development of the
dairy irduatry. The hall in the base­ tbe Southern Pacific oompany has
ment of the Woodmen building, in aroused the people to greater activity
which dairy produ ts and the most ap­ and to stand ready to offer an Induce­
proved dairy n ac.littery were displayed, ment to a competing line. The re­
sources from the mills and mines and
attracted large crowds.
The convection was called to order the products of the field have been car­
at 1 l o’clock Thursday by President E. ried for years by one railroad company,
T. Judd, of the a-sociaion. Tom Rich­ with charges running up into th o u ­
ardson, of the Commercial club, wel­ sands of dollars.
comed the delegates to Portland on be­
half of that organisation. In respond­
Want Graduates tor Teachers.
ing to the aduress of welcome President
University of Oregon, Eugene—
Judd thanked the Commercial club for The University of Oregon is exper­
its reception aud Its efforts in making iencing tbe largest demand In its
this meeting of the association a suc­ history for graduates, both men and
cessful one. The speaker referred to women, to take princlpalships and
the important position dairying in this positions as teachers in the high
schools of tbe state.
O f the fifty-
state has reached in the last few years,
three members of last year’s class,
and said that this was the first time in twenty are teaching in the high
the history of the state that the dairy schools and colleges of Oregon and
industry had received the recognition the Northwest, and the demand was
its importance should command and much larger than the supply. At the
would fully pay the cost of promotion. present time there are a number of
Papers were read by
prominent positions vacant because there ia no
dairymen and others from all parts oP one available who ia adequately pre­
pared to take them. The University
the state.
would be able next year to place as
teachers some forty or fifty men and
women, if its graduating class fu r­
nished that number.
The class of
W oolgrow ers W orking fo r Protection 1908 now numbers about sixty mem­
o f tha Industry.
Pendleton— In accordance with one
of the resolution» pas-ed at the recent
convention of the Oregon Woolgrowers'
assoriati n, the recretary hag sent to
the Oregon congressional delegation a
request for an act compelling the brand­
ing of manufactured gondaand clothing,
the obj-ct being to protect the public
from shoddy and cotton counterfeits of
woolen goods. The pure food law ¡ b
cited as an example that it ie right l< r
the government to protect the people
from frauds, counterfeits and adultera­
tions of all kinds.
Another resolution passed at the same
time calls for t lie retention of the import
duty on wool, woolen fabrics, hides,
meat and meat animals, with the ob­
ject of continuing the present prosper­
ous condition of the wcol and livestock
indu try.
A h ! the revel and the din
From without and from withm.
The blend of distant sleigh belli
With the plinking violin ;
The muffled shrieks and ries—
Then the glowing cheeks and eye*—
The driving storms of greet
Gusts of kisses and surpiise.
Sing in again the mirth
Of the circle ’round the hearth,
With the rustic Sinbad telling us
The strangest tales on earth !
And the minstrel bard we knew.
With his “ Love-li-er so true,”
Likewise his “ Young llouse-k'yarpenter,"
Aud "Lov-ed Henry," too!
And forgetting ne'er a thing,
L ift a gladder voice and sing
Of the dancers In the kitchen—
Clean from start to "pigeon wing I”
Sing the glory and the glee
And the joy and jubilee—
form— the
The sigh of ecstasy.
But eyes that smile alone
Back into our happy own—
The leaping pulse— the laughing blood-
The trembling undertone!
I I o ! paid us off once more,
With our feet upon the floor,
But our heads and hearts in heaven.
As they were in days of yore.
— James Whitcomb Riley, in the Interior
J ohn Ü' aynçr ’ s C hristmas
N ew Road la Under Way.
Grants Pasa— The government
making good progress under the direct
sup ervision of the local forestry serv­
ice, in extending a road down Rogue
river into Curry county. This particu­
lar stretch of road will open up a wide
latitude of country ricu in mineral and
prolific of the best marketable pine.
When this work has been completed,
10 per rent of the proceeds will be di­
verted to the school fund, thus increas­
ing the permanent means of keeping up
schools. About $5,000 has been appro­
priated to be used in developing the
highway, and it is expected that con­
gress will set aside $5,000 more to be
used on this project.
H E N John Raynor began to see
tba holiday advertisements in
the papers and to feel the
Christmas flurry in the air, he
announced to hia family with an air of
Inality, tinged with defiance, “you needn't
»pact anything In the way of Christina«
presents from me this year.”
Why, John I” his wife exclaimed, “we
ire not going to do very much. Juat a
few gifta in the family to mark the day
end then tha children think eo much of
The children!” John returned with
Ine acorn, “they're grown now and it'«
time for them to get over euch nonsense.
Electric Line Great Boon.
[ positively refuse to have anything to
Freewater— The month of November do with Christmas.”
John Raynor persisted In making hlm-
was a record breaker on the W alla
Men Do More W ork
W alla V alley Traction company's line. ■elf miserable and in bringing to bear
Committa Taking Contributions to Be
Klamath Falls,— J. D. Church, as­ They hauled out of this city over 90 ill the srguments he could think of
Sent to Mononga.
sistant engineer of the Southern Pa­ cars loaded with hay, apples and can­ igainit the prevailing manner of observ­
ing Christmas. Figuratively »peaking, he
Fairmont, W . Va , Dec. 17.— The cific, has juat returned from the end of ned fruit.
These cars were all for
permanent relief committee, headed fry ! the California Northeastern railway points on the Northern Pacific railway. pounded the table and grew purple in the
Governor Dawson, to provide for the and states tiiat the 360 men now at The apple crop has been excellent this face In his endeavors to hammer in his
widows and orphans in distress through work for Ericson A Peterson, the con­ year and every apple of any account has »monstrances against holiday customs.
In spite of himself he could not help
the recent explosion at the mines of tractors, are doing more work than the been marketed. The second-class ap­
the Fairmont Coal company at Monon- 1,100 men they were working last sum­ ples were disposed of to the Freewater mjoylng the eights end sounds, heralding
:he approach of the holiday aeaaon. The
gah, todsy prepared an app-al for funds mer. The grade between Bray and the cannery
The total valne of the fruit
that ia being sent to chambets of com first townsite, Mount Hebron, Is about erop in this vicinity is estimated at |ala dress of the shop windows appealed
to his color-loving eye, and when the
merce and kindred organizations all completed, and Mount Hebron may re­ $500,000.
Chrlatmaa greens began to soften the
over the country.
Contributions of main the terminus of the road .(or this
{rim, winter streets with their verdure,
clothing, toys for the orphans at Chriat- winter. However, as Dorris ia only 13
Boys Construct Wireless.
:hey took him back to the daya when as a
maa tune and similar dona lions are to miles distant from Mount Hehroo and
Astoria— Astoria has a new wireless boy he roamed the woods in search of
be sent to W H. Moo e, mayor of Mo- | the grade very easy, that town may be telegraph station that was built by pound pine for holiday decorations and
nonyah. and chairman of the commit- the teimimia.
school boys, and while it is crude in the cedar or evergreen tree on which his
tee. looking afttr the temporary wants
its construction, it works successfully. nother would hang their Christmas pres­
of the victims.
Errb-yo Farm ers Interested.
The lads knew nothing of the system ents. He felt a little of the old thrill of
lelightful expectation when these things
The appeal says that, fully 260 wid­
Albany— Linn county school children except what they gleaned from reading
ows and 1.IHH) chi'dien are left witho"t are taking gieat interest in the new- descriptions of various plants in maga- ;ame back to his mind, but hia reverse
waa the atronger and he persiated
any means of support.
As m ar as can subject of agriculture, the teaciiing of iznes.
In constructing their plant,
lie determined $50,000 from all sources which was hegnn this fall. No experi­ they trimmed all the limbs from a tree In keeping to his decision.
Hs was firm until the night before
lisa been aubreribed.
The oo nmittee ment work has yet been begun in this on the hill and strung wires from its
feds that a total of $200,018) will be re­ county, but in the seventh and eighth top to an old house in the vicinity. As Christmas. Then his wife and children
bondage and discussed openly the
quired to airy on the relief work
All giades In all the schools of the coil - ty yet they have no sending instrument,
In an unguarded mo­
checks should lie made payable to the one recitation each day is required in hut they are aide to inleicept messages doming holiday.
ment his son inquired if a set of books
Monongah Mines Relief committee, J. an agricultural text book. Reports re­ from North Head.
they had purchased bad been delivered.
FI. Hands, iicusurer, Fairmont, W . Va. ceived by Co nty School Superintend
Without being told, his father knew
ent Jackson state that probably treater
Rrqusst Railway Service.
those books were designed for him. They
Rich Oil Strike
interest is manifested in this study
Salem— A large Dumber of farmers were something he had secretly longed
Bantu Barbara, Cal,. Deo 17 — A te!« than in any other branch.
and shippers residing between Tallman for, but had denied himself, because the
and 8 elhnrn, in Linn county, have seeds, real or imaginary, of bis family
epiione tnearage from Hanta Marta, 50
were his paramount consideration. And
Inric rses Uniform Accounting.
miles north of here, brought the infor­
complained to the railroad commission
sow they were to be hia in spits of hia
mation this afternoon that the Union
Salem— Upon telegraphi • inquiry the because the Southern Pacific has aban­ leclaration there waa nothing he wanted.
Oil company had struck a wonderful Oregon Railroad commisaion has wired doned its train service between the
He began to wish that he had some­
gusher which threw a vast stream ol its Indor-ement of the action of the re­ two town* named. The complaint ¡re­ thing with which to give his family a
petroleum over the derrick and contin­ cent ponference of stale railroad corn- cite* that traffic was abandoned because sappy aurprise.
"They will give me
ued to flow at tlie rate of 7,000 laurel» misaioners and representatives of some a bridge wa hed out abou’ a year ago. things, and they will give thing» to one
a day. At the present piice of oil this of the most important electric railway The farmers want the commission to mother and there will be nothing from
means $3 600 a day from this one well. systems in the country h-ld at Wash- order the railroad company to renew tie,'’ he thought.
This ie the second largest gusher ever ington, D. C., Novembe 22 in deciding the service,
Sitting alone with his paper, he heard
struck in California
The largest was to present to congress the necessity o f ,
mrreptltioue rustling« as of packages be­
a 10,000 barrel well, but it has since cooperation of the Interstate Commerce
ing handled, and the low murmur of
roices from his wife and daughter, inter­
declined considerably.
commission with the state tailway com­
with little bursts of gay laughter
missions looking lo the adoption of a
uniform system of accounting for elec­ 84(3)85c; valley, 82@83c; red, 80081c. hat showed something joyous was going
N ew U s e o f Epsom Saifs
Oats— No. 1 white, $29: gray, $29. in. He had nothing for anyone, and to­
New York, Dec. 17.— Announcement tric railroads.
Barley— Feed, $27.60; brewing, $31; morrow when they gave him tokens of
of the discovery of the new anaesthetic,
their thought and attention, he should
rolled, $30.
Water Reaches Hermit*on
according to the American today, will
feel like an exile from home, A sudden
Corn— Whole, $32: cracked, $33.
soon lie made hv the Rockefeller Insti­
Hermiston— Water in the distribut­
resolve took him in possession.
Hay— Valley timo'hy, No. 1, $18 per
tute for Medical Research.
The new ing system of the government project
“Alice," he called to his wife, “I ’m
anaesthetic is nothing else than plain, hag readied Hemiaton. A good flow in tiff): Eastern Oregon timothy, $20(3) (oing out for awhile. Is there anything I
common salts or, to give it its scientific the A line heralded the coming of 23; clover, $16; cheat, $16; grain hay, ran do for you?”
name, sulphate of magnesia.
It was water for irrigation next season and $16(316; alfalfa, $15; vetch. $14.
“Nothing, thank you,” she returned,
F r u it i— Apples, 75c@$2 per box; "unless you want to bring home some
discovered by Ur Hamiiel J Meltszer, activities under the Umatilla govern­
75c«$$l perorate; pears $1.25 randy for to-morrow. Oh, I forgot,” ahe
one of the Rickefeller experimenters ment reclamation project are under full peachea,
P” **>*’ cranberries, $9.60@12 laid In the next breath, “you won't want
its greatest value is that it permits any headway. The water traversed the big
to trouble about it. Never mind, we’ll
sort of operation without any danger to fee«! canal a distance cf 26 mile« to the **** barrel.
\egetahles Turnips, 75c per sack; manage some way.”
the heart of the patient, as ia the tase reservoir gate, where it was turned
It is astonishing how quickly one's
through what ia known as tbe by pass carrots, 65c per sack; beets, $1. per
with other anaesthetics.
into the distributing system of ditches.
neana, 709c per pound; cabbage, Blind can be changed. John Raynor's un-
a lightning transformation. He
lc per pound; cauliflower, 76c0$l do«; ,
(Mill in Race for Senate
celery, $4 perorate; onions, 15@20o boarded a car and rode to the shopping
8t. Paul, Dec. 17.— A special from
Novem ber Ideal Month.
iistrlct with hia mind filled with nothing
per do*; parsley, 20c per dos; peas, lc j
IVa Domes, Iowa, savs that Governor
but Christmas presents. He felt like s
Burns— N vember was a month of
per pound; peppers, 8@17c per pound; boy turned loose with money to spend and
Cummins, of Iowa refeiring to his sug ideal fall weather in Harney.
none to restrict hia fancy. He pushed
gesled rand lilac v for the Repo Id ¡can were two flurries of snow, on November
ishes, 20c per dos; spinach, 6c per and jostled and wrestled with the crowd,
presidential nominal la «, said: " I have 16 and 23, but they were followed by
pound; sprouts, 8c per ponnd; sqnaah, exhilarated by the contact with people
nc thought of surrendering my candi­ pleasant sunshine and the snow di»ap-
l at t i ce; per pound; tomatoes, $1.50 bent on holiday shopping. His past mood
dacy for United states senator. The peared in a few days. There has been
per box.
■lipped nway like a cast-off garment. He
suggestion aliont the presidency is new a great deal of fall plowing done snd
j O n:ons— $1.75@2 per cwt.
' bad caught the Christmas spirit and his
here, although f have heard about it in the amount of winter wheat sown this
I Potatoee— 40@60c per hundred, de- revulsion of feeling amounted almost to
other states. I do not intend to do vear ts double that of any year in the
livered Portland; sweet potatoes, $2.25 Intoxlcat ion.
anything that will take me out of the history cf the country.
"Then- you are, sonny," ha told a news-
@ 2.50 per cwt.
race lor senator."
ooy, bestowing a dime in exchange for a
B F Mu'kev Has R#»'|C"*d.
paper he- did not want.
F at Money Saves Life
Ashland— Announcement hsa been
He helped to “keep the kettles boiling"
Ratter— fancy creamery, 32>y@35c
Han Rafael, Cal , Dec. 17.— Stewart made at tha state normal school here per ponnd.
for the Salvation Army Chriatmai dinner,
Dnnistr, a prominent insurance broket that President B. F Mulkey would r e - j ! pnnnda,
Veal— 5@fl
76 t^c.
to 125 pounds, 8 @ 8 * e ; and he thought he had never heard a gay­
of Honolulu, while on his way to meet tire from the institution on January 1 1 125
to Block,
150 pounds,
7c; ponnda,
150 to 200
76 to 150
6@ er sound than the jangling of tho bells
the Salvation soldiers kept in motion to
a party of friends last night, fell and w ill engage in the law and abstract 6>yc; packers, fl@6tge.
call attention to their needs.
through a rattle guard on the narrow hneinee* at Jacksonville as a partner in
Poultry— Average old hena, 11 S i t
Ha carried his merry mood home with
gauge tracka of the Northwestern Paci­ the Jackson O unty Abstract company, li p per ponnd; mixed ebickens, 110
him and the moment he entered the door
fic railrosd and caught hia font so that which maintains offices at Ashland and 11 S c ; spring chickens,
lO i y A ll o ;
family felt the difference.
he would have twen crushed to death Medford and will open one at Jackson­ roosters, 8c; dressed chickens, 13@13c;
He could not keep hia secret until morn
beneath an approaching handcar had he ville-
turkeys, live, 14(3)16«; dreseed, choice, Ing. though ho told it only to hia wife.
not ignited a clearing house rertlfiate
17@l8c; geeae, live, 9 0 1 0 b ; docks, 12
“ Here are some little things for you
and use<i it for a danger signal
Tlmher Marte ta Pay Tav.
H A l S S c ; pigeon», $ 1 @ 1 . 60 ; squabs, and the children, Alice,” be laid when
Oregon City— Tha aareraed valoatlon $203.
they were alone, dropping tho packages
Forty i ivas Lott
of Ciackamaa connty prnperty is very
carelessly on the table. 8he looked np
Eggs— Fresh ranch, candied, 37
London. Dee. 17.— The gale along close to $13.000.000. The flgn et w re per do*.
with eyes alight, and with an expression
tbe British coast on Friday and Satur­ trade public tv Connty Asses-or Nel­
Hop»— 1907, 507c per pound; olds, which told him he had dona well, but she.
being a woman of wisdom, made no com­
day, which was described by Captain son, who haa made an inceaae < f about nominal.
Jame*on, of the steamship St louts, $2 500,000 ovar tije valuation of last
W ool— Eastern Oregon a n rage has*, ment to remind him of past events.
When John Raynor fall asleep that
as the worst in hia experience, subsid­ year. Thia Inc reste ia ail on tba ptop- 13@2IV per ponnd. according <o shrink­
ed yeeterdav. It was responsible for erty of tha big corporations and on lint- age; valley, 18@?Oe. according to fine- Christmas tv*, through his mind waa jig-
ging aad jingling tha merry old retrain:
tba loas of tome 40 livaa.
1 bar lands.
neas. mohair, choiea, 39@30e
“ Christmas comes but once a year,
Let us all be of good cheer.”
-Toledo Blade.
Chrlatm aa
H u aala.
In certain parts of Russia the children
at Christmas eve begin playing pranks
that are as odd as they are amusing. Chief
among their drolleries is that of disguis­
ing themselves ns animals and in the as­
sumed costume of wild beasts disporting
themselves through the neighborhood. As
many skins as possible are secured, and
in these the leading boys are clad. Wolves,
bears, ostriches even, are represented. All
of the boys gather in one party, those
who are not posing as brutes forming a
train for tbe escort and display of the
pseudo menagerie. Some act as keepers,
holding their disguised companions in
check, while others 6tartle the quiet of
the night by rude strains drawn from
harsh and primitive musical instruments.
Torches are borne, and in the fitful light,
opposed by black shadows, the scene is at
once grotesque and vivid.
C h rlatm aa
Christmas in Spain begins with th«
midnight mass, when the king and queen
mother, accompanied by the grandees of
the court, magnificently attired, go in
state procession to the chapel royal of
the palace in Madrid.
On Christmas
morning the king and court again attend
mass in state, after which the day i«
spent in merrymaking. In the afternoon
the adoration of the manger takes plac«,
when a representation of the scene in
Bethlehem is unveiled in the great hall of
the palace. There is also a Christma»
tree, from which Alfonso distributes gifts.
Throughout the ensuing twelve days th«
court is all benevolence and gayety, and
every great institution in Madrid shares
in the royal almsgiving.
The festival
closes Jan. 8.
Chrlatm aa
Costum e.
The Christmas card as we know it has
an origin easily traceable, and it Is doubt­
less at least sixty years since the firat
was designed. The artist who claimed
to be its originator and who was, at any
Adam— IIow would you like some nice,
rate, the first to see its possibilities was
W. C. T. Dobson, R. A., who, when quite new fig leaves for a gown for Christmas?
Eve— F ig leaves for Christmas. That’s
a young man, in 1844, was prompted at
Christmas to make a little sketch sym­ just like a man ! Don’ t you know thaf
is a holly-day?
bolic of the season’s joys and festivities
and to send it to a friend. It seemed
C h ristm an E v e r y D ay.
to give great pleasure, and the next year
Christianity should make every day
Mr. Dobson determined to follow up the
idea on a larger scale, and by having his the year a sort o f Christmas day. Thl«
card photographed was enabled to send time of love and gladness and good will
copies to twenty-five or thirty friends. was never meant to be confined to on«
burying of old
The delight with which they were received brief festival.
was so great that Mr. Dobson was quick grudges and reconciling of estranged
to perceive that he had found out a new friends, this comforting of the sad and
pleasure for Christmas.— New York Mail gladdening the hearts of the poor, and
sharing our plenty with those in need, are
and Express.
some of Christianity’s every-day duties.
Do not lower the standard when th«
T h e F lr a t C h rlatm n s.
twenty-fifth of December is over. Do not
go back to the old selfish, narrow, unaat-
isfactory way of living. Let this Christ-
mas be a prophecy of what the New Yeat
is to be, a time of gladness and good will.
R r ln s r ln a r I n
Y u le
C o r .
The Yule log is a remnant of the .Tuul,
when the Scandinavians used to kindle
huge fires in honor of their god Thor.
In some parts of old England bringing in
the Yule log was the principal ceremony
of Christmas eve. Part of the log wa«
carefully preserved to light the Yule log
of the succeeding year. It was believed
that a piece of tbe log in the house wa«
a security against fire, and if a squint­
ing person entered the room while it waa
burning all sorts o f ill luck would comr
to the family.
H ia
C h rlatm aa
S chedule.
"You know what dey gwine give you
for Chris’mus?”
"N o ; I ain’t studied ’bout it y it!”
"My, my!”
"Long tail coat.”
"Tell de truth!”
"Standin’ collar.”
"Lawd bless u s!”
"B'iled shirt, kid gloves, en a gold-head
walkin’ stick!”
"De Lawd save u s!” exclaimed the
prospective heir to all the above gifts.
"Has I got ter go ter preachin’ de gospill
in my ole age?”— Atlanta Constitution.
C h rlatm aa
Gam e.
“ Christmas candles” is a good old tim«
game. A lighted candle is placed upon a
The player is blindfolded and
stationed with his back to the candi«,
about a foot from it. H e’ s then told
to take three steps forward, turn around
three times, then to walk four Steps to­
ward the candle and blow it out. H i«
attempt to do so will probably be ai
amusing to the audience as disconcert­
ing to himself.— Country L ife in Amer­
P a p a '*
E rror.
Mrs. Dimpleton— Here it ia New Year’«
and the baby has nothing to play with.
Dimpleton— Well, I told you not t«
give him all those indestructible toya foi
Christmas.— Town Topics.