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    Mt. Hood Railroad Hsadsd fo r Balt
Laka City.
Telegraphers Want to Call Out Lsaasd
Wirs Man.
law M « Each Thursday
The Estacada News
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Buy Readers.
A R m u k w o f tho Last Important but
N ot Lea* Interesting E vanta
o f tha Paat Waak.
Sweden has issued a challenge for
the America’! cup.
Many publishers throughout the
country are demanding the removal of
the tariff on paper.
Criminal prosecution may follow the
attempt to kidnap Fremont Older, of
the San Francisco Bulletin.
Evidence lias been offered in the San
Francisco graft cases to show t ‘ at Ruef,
Ford and M ullaly often held confer­
The Great Northern has a stockade
a ll ready for strikebreakers who are to
take the places of men at the Hillyard,
Wash., shops.
There are signs of uneasiness in
many parts of Cuba. Troops are al­
most constantly pursuing outlaws and
strikes have tied up the railroads.
Chicago, Oct. 1.— More aggressive
warfare against ttie commercial tele-
graph companies Is being planned by
' the striking operators. At their meet-
i ing today Chairman Likes announecd
that within a lew days the companies
would realise that they were in a real
fight. The suggestion from New York
I that all operators working leased w ires
lie called out was vigorously applauded.
President Small, who left the city
I Friday night with a lot of documentary
evidence againat the telegraph compan­
ies, was in Washington today on a se­
cret mission. It leaked out that the
visit Small made to St. Louis Thursday
was for the purpose of meeting Com­
missioner of Labor Neill, who was in
that city at the time. It is said that
Commissioner N eill is reluctant to
take up the trouble until It is definite­
ly decided who has power to settle for
the operators.
So far each city has
been looking after its own strike, and
no one has been empowered to propose
terms of ponce.
Commissioner N eill is said to be
ready to call on the companies provid­
ed he is given assurance that any set­
tlement he may make w ill be accepted
by the men on strike. It Is said tliat
within a few days a vote of the various
unions will be taken to place the entire
question of a settlement in the hands
of the national executive board.
Attorney General Craw ford Confident
o f Telephone C ate
Salem— Attorney General Crawford
states that he is preparing the briefs
for the state in its tight against the Pa­
cific States Telephone company in re­
gard to the grosa earnings ol the com-
pany in which the telephone company
attacks the constitutionality ot the
Oregon initiative law.
‘ ‘I do not fear for the state’s posi­
tion in this matter,” said Mr. Craw-
iord. “ The initiative waa enacted sim­
ply as a corrective and does not destroy
the representative form of Bovernmeiit
of the state constitution.
The tele­
phone company has undoubtedly pre­
pared its strongest case and I will work
along the lines which I have just stated
so far as I can tell at present.
“ The reference in its papers filed by
the company to the election of United
States senators by direct legislation was
done simply to involve the Federal law
with a view to carrying the case to the
United States Supreme court should the
state be successful in its fight against
the telephone company in the state
Money in Clover Seed.
Albany— Local dealers are building
up a lucrative busineea in handling the
clover seed produced by the grower»
of thie section. Carter A Robson, of
this city, have made a specialty in sup­
plying alsyke and red clovar seed to one
of the largest seed concerns In Wimon-
sin. Should it be possible to obtain
the cars, a total of 240,000 pounds w ill
have been sent to Milwaukee by the
end of tiiie week. The local firm seeks
to purchase sufficient seed to make out
a shipment of seven carloads with
total valuation of about (25,000. Thia
opens np a new market for the clover
seed raised in this section and will
have a tendency to strengthen the local
market and bring the top price to the
valley growers.
It is said that the
supply is not equal to the demand and
that a lucrative business awaits grow
era who w ill specialise in the growing
ol clover for seed purposes
Agreement Reached for Closing Up
Deal in Crook County.
Salem— Without yielding a single
point iu the conditions, the state land
board lias reached an agreement with
J. E. Morrison, president of the Des­
chutes Land company, and the new
contract for the original Oregon Devel-
opment company’ s segregation of 31,-
OuO acros of arid land in Crook county
ha* been fully signed and sealed. The
new contract, which grants an increase
of lien price per acre to (36, provides
that the land shall be reclaimed and
the system turned over to the Water
Users’ association within five years ami
free from incumbrance. The company
entered objections to several of the
moat material conditions, all of which
were overruled, and the contract was
accepted practical ly in toto.
Fins Showing at Unlvarslly,
University of Oregon, Eugene— The
University of Oregon opened its doors
Tuesday, September 24. The first and
second days’ registration has shown
an increase of more than 20 per cent
over the registration of the same time
last year.
Almost every high school
and academy in the state is represent­
ed, and a large number are presenting
credentials from Eastern preparatory
schools. The year will mark the high­
est point in enrollment that the uni­
versity has yet reached. The very ser
ious question that is presenting itself
is how to take care of all students. The
lack of funds has made It impossible to
furnish and heat all of the rooms in
the library building, and for the same
reaeon, the new girls’ dormitory will
have to lie idle for the year. Students,
however, are adjusting
readily to the conditions, and the out­
look for the year’s work is exception­
ally good.
Portland, Sept. 30.— There is abund­
ant reason to believe that Portland and
Sait Lake are soon to he connected by
a new link in a transcontinental rail
road chain that is to be forged as fast
as labor and sufficient capital can com­
plete the task.
Concealed behind the seemingly local
electric liu‘ enterprise of the Mount
Hood Railway A Power company are
said to lie the matured plans for the
Salt Lake project, backed by the mil
lions of Senator W. A. Clark and his
associate interests.
E. P Clark, of
Los Angeles, directing genius of the
Mount Hood road, who gave his per­
sonal attention to the initial work done
in Portland, came to the Pacific North
west as the personal representative of
his distinguished namesake.
W itli the secrecy that smacks of the
previous conquests of George Gould,
but which, it Is believed by persons
well advised, is in reality the linking
of the Rock Island system and the
Moffat railroad between Denver and
Salt Lake City, the plans for the new
road into Portland have been practl
cally completed. Though it haa been
denied, and will be denied again, it can
be asserted with confidence that the
site of the Inman A Poulten Lumber
company yards and docks between East
Sherman and East Carutheis streets
will the be water front terminal of the
new line. Practically all details for
the entrance of the road to the city
have been concluded and meanwhile
engineering parties have completed the
location across to the Eastern slope of
the Cascades, thence southeasterly to­
ward Ceutral Nevada to the eastern
terainus at Salt Lake City.
It may surprise some engineers to
learn that a route has been found by
which the line will make a gradual as
cent of Mount Hood, to the southeast of
that eminence and through to the ripper
Deschutes on a compensating grade of
less than 1 per cent, bat such is a fact
and the construction crews already en
gaged in the vicinity of Bull Run and
between that point and Fairview will
be rapidly advanced along the route eo
that considerable of the heavier part of
the work wilt probably be completed
during the winter months.
Apioaching the Deschutes at a point
not far from the mouth of Warm
Springs creek, it w ill follow np the
Deschutes, cross the spur of Walkers
range and thence proceed In a south­
erly course to the drainage of Spragne
river and thence up that stream to the
southeast, through the Klamath Indian
reservation and thence in a nearly di­
rect line to Winnemucca.
The main line w ill be bnilt with re­
gard to the shortest mileage and best
route, while branches are projected to
tap the irrigated districts of Crook,
Klamath and Lake counties, but these
are to follow the completion of the
through line which is just at present
the objective feature of the entire en­
Engineers have been over the ionte
repeatedly, parties having easily main­
tained the secret of their purpose and
work because of the activity of the
Harriman system engineers in the
same territory.
Government Prodoces Letters
Showing His Connection.
Correspondence Is That o f William
Sweet, One o f the Men
Indicted for Fraud.
Boise, Sept. 28.— Half a score of let­
ters which the government attorneys in
the trial of Senator W illlaam lb Borah
declare go to show the complicity of ex-
Governor Steunenherg in the alleged
timber land fraud conspiracy were in­
troduced in evidence late yesterday and
read to the jury.
The letter» were
written by W illiam Sweet, cne of the
indicted men, who, it is reported, w ill
take the stand as a witness for the
United States. The documents were
produced by J. H. Richards, the local
attorney, to whom they were written
and who acted as legal adviser to
Most of the letters were dated from
New York and Boston and several of
them were replies to letters or tele­
grams urging him to return to Idaho
“ I can’ t see why I should come back
unless it is in regard to timber, and
that is all in the governor’s hands,”
wrote Sweet in one of his notes. Then
he proceeded:
“ As to the money coming to me, put
it in the bank. I have absolute faith
in the governor. He came to my assist
ance and helped me out of a mess 1
never ought to have got in.
I don’ t
know what I would have done if it had
not been for the governor.”
In another letter Sweet gave the
amounts he was “ in” on the timber
deal. The total amount was about
(29,000, including a (7,500 note signed
by himself and Steunenherg. Shortly
after this Sweet wrote to his attorney
that he had read in the papers of a
timber inspector being sent to Idaho.
Borah’s name waa drawn into the
case for the first time just before ad­
journment, when Henry 8. Wnithman,
another local attorney, took the stand
and produced more letters from Sweet
In one letter to Worthman he wrote:
“ Richards nsed his power of attor
ney to torn all my money, (10,000,
over to Steunenherg, and it Is like
pulling a cat through a stocking to get
it back. I wish you would see W . E.
Borah about this and get him to make
a little statement of the governor’s ob­
ligation to me. He is the governnor’s
attorney, bnt is a first class gentleman
and knows a little statement is only
fair to me. Tell him I haven’t the
scratch of a pen from Steunenherg to
show that he has (10,000 of my money.
He said the copy of our agreement was
President Roosevelt Jo Approve the
Waihington, Sept. 27. — President
Rooeevelt announced this afternoon
that he had decided tc approve the Ok­
lahoma constitution, which means that
all doubt regarding the addition of an­
other star to the national flag ia re­
moved ; that two more Democratic sen­
ators will aoon take seats in the upper
branch of cougreaa; that four Demo­
crats and one Republican will be added
to the rolls of the house and that seven
bran new votes will be added to the
Democratic column, in all probability,
in the next electoral college.
Announcement that Oklahoma'* con­
stitution ia to receive formal executive
approval come* a* a surpriee to many
of those moat directly intereeted, for
the tip had gone out that the constitu­
tion would be rejected.
Undoubtedly it would have been re­
jected, too, had the president felt free,
after consultation with I iib legal advis­
ers, to act upon the merits of the docu­
ment a* they appeal to him, or had the
convention’s work not been so over­
whelmingly ratified by the voters of
Oklahoma and Indian Territory.
I t was stated at the W h ile House
that the tremendous majority for the
constitution at the recent election was
the impelling force. 1’urthermore, it
wa* pointed out that the executive
judgment was, generally speaking, con­
fined to the que*tion of whether the
provisions of the enabling act had been
ebeerved. The final decision followed
a conference with Attorney General
Bonaparte thia noon. Approval, as ap­
plied to the president’ s action in con­
nection with the con»titution, ie tech­
nical and does not express the execu­
tive's real position. He does not ap­
prove of the constitution at all, but
»im ply signs his nsme in respon*e to
the w ill of the people who must live
under it, for the reasons above stated.
Mr. Roosevelt’s actual opinion of the
constitution, according to those who
are in his confidence, would hardly be
fit for publication.
Vote at Alaska Primaries Wat Prac
Taft promises to explain to Japan
tically Unanimous.
why the Atlantic fleet is coming to the
Seattle, Wash., Oct. 1.— Bringing
He may also arrange a settle­
with him defiance of anything Governor
ment of the immigration question.
W ilford B. lfoggatt said to the contra
Harvey K. Brown, of Baker City, ex­ ry, Tom Gale,
long term delegate
sheriff of Baker county, is the vict'm to the national congress from Alas
of a murderous assault which was al­ ka, arrived in
town today from
most a duplicate of ¡the attack which Nome
killed ex-Governor Steunenherg, of Northwestern. Gale is emphatic in de­
Idaho. He may recover.
Old ene­ claring that 99 per cent of the residents
mies are believed to be the perpetra­ of the nortliland are anxious for home
rule and are standing on their demand
Secretary Taft baas arrived In Japan for some sort of legislation by the na­
tional lawmakers whereby Alaska shall
Rich Strike In Quartzvllls.
Germany's influence In Turkey 1 b be freed from the chains which now
Albany— A rich ledge of quarts has
hamper her progress.
been discovered in the Quartxvllle min
Gale has been all over the territory
Budyard K ipling la at Montreal
ing district by Giant Llndley, a resi­
Canada, and w ill visit the Paciflc coast and has kept in touch with the poli
dent of Lehanon. Lindley cams ont of
ticians and with the citixens.
the mountains this week with samples
Bryan w ill announce his candidacy primaries were just over when Gale left
of some remarkably rich ore, bnt said
for presidental nomination on the Dem Nome, and he says that the majority
Freighting at Klamath.
Thirteen Dummy Entrymen Tell Of
little about the mine, as he had not
ocratio ticket December 7.
cast for home rule was practically
Klamath Falls— An average of 150, yet filed his notices of location. He
Sale o f Claims.
A Seattle man who had been bound unanimous. He has with him a rough 000 pounds of freight every five days la lias now returned to the site for that
Boise, Sept. 27.— After having spent
by the courts not to beat his wife hired draft of a bill which will be introduced being hauled into Klamath Falls by purpose
The samples of ore Lindley
Into the next congress by United States the J. M. McIntyre Transportation found have not yet been assayed, but
all of the previous day in bringing ont
another man to do it for him.
Senator Samuel H . Piles and which, it company. Other freighters are carry the discoverer expects it to prove richer
the testimony of 13 persons who ad­
Missoula, Mont., is said to be the
is hoped, will become a law. I f it does ing emaller amount*. The merchants than anything yet found in the Quartx-
mitted they had taken claims to timber
only town left on the Northern Paciflc
it is calculated to remove the legisla are stocking up for winter trade, as the ville country, and says he has plenty
where the boilermakers’ strike is felt.
land for the express purpose of selling
tive swaddling from Alaska.
freight lates are higher during the bad of the ore.
them to member* of an alleged land­
One of the dummy locators used in
W hile Delegate Gale does not go into roads season. The McIntyre company
the Idaho lan(d frauds says he filed on details regarding the claims of Gover­ is keeping 13 teams on the road, each
grabbing conspiracy, the government
Shortage is to Be 8erious.
the government land just to accommo­ nor Hoggatt, he went so far as to say making a round trip every fire day*.
attorneys in the trial of United States
that the governor’s oft repeated asser­ After October 1 the freight will be un­
date a friend.
Senator Borah yesterday turned the
continue to pour in upon the railroad
San Francisco graters kidnaped the tions regarding the antipathy to home loaded at Keno, 18 mile* down the commission in such unceasing volume
line of evidence into new channels,
managing editor of the Bulletin, who is
as to indicate that the situation w ill be
which they *ay w ill tend to affect the
hostile to them. It was seven hours desires, and of the de-ires of the big up on the steamer Klamath. W hile far more serious this year than ever be­
mining interests, toward whom Gover­ the haul from the end of the track of
defendant senator. The testimony ad­
before he was rescued.
nor Hcggatt is declared to be extremely ths California Northeastern railway to fore, and the commission baa decided
duced up to until now haa been con­
to make a thorough investigation of
Through the carelessness of an oper friendly.
navigable water, and thence by boat to
fined to the activities of John I. Wells
ator to throw a Bwitch a passenger train
Klamath Falls, would be easier than conditions, with a view of locating the
on the Baltimore A Ohio crashed into a
and Louis M. Pritchard, two of the
the present one it is not likely that responsibility and working out a solu­
freight train at Bellaire, W . Va.
F if­
there will be any change in the present
Federal Grand Jury at San Francisco men under indictment. None of the
be called in the near future, which w ill
teen men were killed and a score injur, Calhoun's Attorney Alone Instrumental route until spring.
Finds 124 Counts.
“ dummy” entrymen examined waa
embrace all common carriers in the
ed, several fatally.
In Kidnaping o f Older.
state and a thorough investigation
San Francisco, Sept. 28.— The Fede­ cross examined and the testimony that
The Asiatic squadron has arrived at
San Francisco, Oct. 1.— The alleged
ral grand jury yesterday returned five they received from W elle the money
San Francisco.
Pendleton— A! a meeting of the state
attempt to kidnap Fremont Older could
indictments of 124 counts against the with which to prove their claims and
Many A fter Timber Land.
Southern Pacific company and the Pa­ from Pritchard the (250 bonus for sur­
There has been a small outbreak of not truthfully lie made to appear to board of health held in this city a few
have been under those defending them­ days ago a new set rules was drafted
Boxerism In China.
Klamath Falls— A section of forest Possible That Sickness May Block cific Mail Steamship company charging rendering their titles went uncontro­
selves from charges of briliery, accord­ for the sanitation of trains but as they reserve land near Klamath Falls is to
violations of the interstate commerce verted.
Idaho Land Fraud Trlala.
The strike of railroad boiler makers ing to Patrick Calhoun, of the United were arranged at the instance of the
Just prior to adjournment the prose­
law. These indictments, if followed by
be opened at an early date and already
seems to have been broken.
railroad commission, they will probab
Boise, Sept. 30.— Peter Neth, one of convictions, are sufficient to render the cuting attorneys identified the signa­
Railroads company.
many locators are ready for the rush to
“ The facts are,” -aid Mr. Calhoun, ly not be given out until after they have the tall timber.
There have been many ileaths and
Several parties are the jurors empaneled to try United corporations liable to fines aggregating tures cf ex-Governor Frank Htennen-
Some expected this week from Michiagn and
‘ ‘ that Mr. Luther Brown, who Is a law­ been submitted to that body.
much ruin from floods in Spain.
States Senator W . E. Borah, was taken from (124,000 to (2,489,000, the m ini­ berg and W illiam Sweet to a document
said to have been a contract. I t is al­
yer of Loe Angelei, and one of the asso­ members of the board will go as far Wisconsin expecting to secure claims,
111 last night and it is said bis mum fine presiribed by law on each
Judge Wickersham, of Alaska, has
ciate counsel of my defense, was attack­ east as Baker City and Huntington for and it is said that nearly every section
count being (1,000 and the maximum leged that Steunenherg and Sweet
resigned and w ill give up the light.
jointly furnished the money
ed by the Bulletin, which printed an the purpose of making a personal in­ of the state is already represented here. indisposition may stop the trial, al­ fine (20,000.
The Deep Waterways commission has infamous story concerning him in con­ vestigation of the alleged unsanitary There is but little interest locally, al­ though this cannot be definitely told
The defendant corporations are ac­ which the first alleged faudulent trans­
started down the Mississippi from 8t. nection with an alleged attempt to kid­ condition of the trains coming from though It is said the claims are excep­ until today.
cused of secretly cutting to (1 the pub­ actions were carried on.
The nature of Neth’ s illness is being lished rate of (1.25 on through ship­
The government has divided ite case
nap ex-Supervisor Lonergan.
tionally good ones.
carefully withheld, but one ol the gov­ ments of matting from Kobe, Japan, to into three sections.
The first deals
Mr. Brown swore out a warrant in
About 2,500 coal miners In Mon
Rhodes Man Wins Distinction.
San Francisco and thence through the with the claims which were turned
tana have received an increase ir Los Angeles county and had the war­
rant approved by Judge Cook, mf San
United States.
Two indictments of over to Albert E. Palmer, of Spokane,
University of Oregon, Eugene— Har­
Francisco county. Older was then ar­ rimental station w ill be established at vey Densmore, the well known Rhodes temporary mental drangement due to eight counts each were returned againat who is said to have acted a* “ dummy”
An entire town In Japan haa been rested and an attempt was made to Hermiston under the irrigation project scholarship student, who went to Ox­ the excitement of the trial.
the Pacific Mail Steamship company, trustee for the Barber Lumber com­
destroyed by the overflowing of a river take him to Los Angeles. It was but now seems to be in the hands of the ford from the University of Oregon, has
Many rumors were afloat last night which transported the cargo from Kobe pany. A ll the testimony bearing on
and 600 lives lest.
an ordinary arrest.”
returned ami has accepted a poaition at as to Neth’s condition but no anthora- to San Francisco, and one Indictment theie claim*, it is alleged, was handled
It is further pointed out by Brown’ s lege and the members will be here In the University of Washington as an in­ tive statement was given ont. The of eight counts and two indictments of through Horace 8. Rand, of Burling­
Rumors are current in New York
He outranked day following hla acceptance as a juror 50 counts each were returned against ton, Iowa. The third and last set were
that railroad telegraphers may soon friends that it is perfectly obvious that a short time for the purpose of investi­ structor in the classics.
join in the strike with the commercial it would have been futile to have at­ gating the matter. It will then be up many of the best Finglish scholars in Mr. Neth asked many questions of the Southern Pacific company for for­ handled by George S. Long, who, the
tempted the arraignment of Older in to the people of the irrigation section branches especially affected by their Judge Whitson as to whether buying warding the cargo in broken lot ship­ government promises, w ill eventually
Improved homestead property consti­ ments from this city eastward.
Han Francisco county in view of the and ol the county to show the necces- learned men.
take the stand as the most important
Representative Lormie-, of Illinois
tuted a crime.
He speaks English
close relations existing between Older sity lor the branch station in order to
witness for the prosecution.
may be appointed chairman of the
rather brokenly and but little atten­
and the prosecuting officials of San secure it.
Rebel Leaders Arrested.
house committee on rivers and harbors
tion was paid to him.
Francisco county.
War With Japan Inevitable.
Havana, Sept. 28.— The secret police
In plaoe of Burton, who has resigned to
Ruth for Lake Lands,
Wheat— Club, 8Jc; bluestem, 86c;
today arrested General Masso Parro,
take a place on the waterways commis­
fit. Petersburg, Sept. 27.— Secretary
Prinevllle— A rush is being made valley, 82c; red, 81e.
General Juan Ducassl and General Lara Taft’s tour of the world ie|being fol­
Gate— No. 1 white, (25®25.50; gray,
Malaga, Spain, Oct. 1.— The greatest from this part of the state to the north­
Chicago, Sept. 30.— W ith the advent Millret,
conspiring lowed with unusual interest here. The
Lipton will send a new challenge for
distress everywhere is prevalent as a
of the Eastern railroads into the Trans­ against public order. General Parro government is taking measures to pro­
the America's cup.
Barley— Feed, (23@24 per ton; brew­
result of the storms and floods of laBt Fremont forest reserve w ill be opened
continental Freight bureau there disap­ is the*alleged leader of the conspiracy tect the journey throngh Siberia and
The land office ing, (26®27; rolled, (35®28.
The Japanese government is settling week. The government with difficulty for entry October 28.
pears from the railway field one o the to start a revolution against the Amer­ European Russia, and the press is bus­
the Vancouver trouble with Canada di is preventing famished people sei/.ing officials are anticipating great crowds of
Corn— Whole, (3 1 ; cracked, (33.
most powerful dictatorships in railroad icans in Cuba, with the use of-funds ily speculating on the likelihood of the
and eating decayed foodstuffs that have
history. W ith the Eastern roads en­ supplied through some firm in New adoption of a Russo-American conven­
P. H. McCarthy has lieen nominated lieen thrown out by the storekeepers.
joying an equal voice in the making of York. Simultaneously with the ar­ tion, the object of Mr. T aft’B visit to
to stay on the land and attempt to get (19®20; clover, (1 1 ; cheat, (11; grain
for mayor by the Han Francisco Labor Many tiodiea have been found in the
transcontinental freight rates, J. C. rival of Parro at Havana three Santo Rnsiia being, it is alleged, to negotiate
mud. A band of immigrants which had
Stubbs is no longer the autocrat of the Domingans, well known on account of *>.n agreement between the United
encamped on the quay awaiting a
traffic world. Until the recent admis­ their previous revolutionary records, States and Russia. 1 he conviction pre­
cantaloupes, 75c® (l.50
per crate;
The Harrlman and Fish factions art steamer lias not been seen since, and
sion of the Eastern roads into the also arrived.
vails here that war between Japan and
Railway Naart Completion.
peaches, 85c®( 1.10 per crate; prnnea,
again fighting over the Illinois Central it is feared all were lost. The damage
freight bureau, Mr. Stubbs, as general
the United States is inevitable.
done is placed at (3,800,000. Fifteen
traffic director of the Harriman lines,
Decisive Victory fo r State.
Umatilla Central, the branch line of per pound; pears, (1.25®1.50 per box;
hundred stores were ruined.
held a position which was unique.
A general strike on the railways of
Omaha, Sept. 28.— Judges T . C.
Chemicals Produce Life.
the O. R. A N. running to Pilot Rock, grapes, S0e3(1.50 per crate; casaba,
Havana has started and may spread
Munger and W . H. Monger, in the
Paris, Sept. 27.— Remarkable experi­
10 miles distant from Pendleton, is (2.25 per doxen; quincea, (1®1.25 per
Challenge Under Old Rules.
throughout the island.
United States court tonight denied the ments in the chemical development of
progressing rapidly, and it is under­ box.
Spokane, Oct. 1.— Hillyard, the
London, Sept. 30.— The officers of injunctions asked for by the railroads life have been effected by Professor
stood that the line w ill be completed
Vegetables— Turnips, (1.25 per eack
I t is reported that the Federal grand Great Northern’s town just beyond the
within six weeks’ time. Thia will carrot«, (1.25 per sack; beef», (1.25 the Royal Irish Yacht clnb have de­ operating in Nebraska to prevent the De I.age, of the Corbonne. Professor
jury In San Francisco has found six city limits of Hpckane, is agog today
1 \ ® I \ c
per cided, instead of sending a reply to state railroad commission from enforc­ De Luge placed the unfertilised eggs of
indictments against the Southern Pa­ over the building of what bears all the mean much tor the Pilot Rock country. p<^ sack; cabbage,
pound; celery, 7 5 c® (l perdosen; corn, the New York Yacht club today, to call ing the laws reducing grain rate». The the sea urahin and the slar fish in sea
cific and Pacific Mail Steamship com­ earmarks of a stockade in the company's
Hopplcksrs Dig Beets.
(1 ® 1.50 per sack; cucumbers, 10®16e a meeting of the Irish club for October restraining order issned some time ago water, adding a solution of sugar with
pany for giving rehates.
yards, presumably fo rjth e housing of
few drops of ammonia and tannin.
l a Grande— A large force of Japan­ per doien; onions, 15®20c per doaen; 2, at whioh the answer of the American by Judge T. C. Munger was dissolved.
Chicago's new ordinance covering
ese are now harvesting the lieeU in ptrsley, 20c per doxen; peppers, Hi# clnb to Sir Thomas Lipton’s challenge Thia is regarded as a decisive victory In about an hour, segmentation began,
street car lines will add (1,260,000 a pany officials refuse to discuss the high Grand Ronde. Meet of these are from 10c per pound; pnmpklna, 1 t » ® l tgc will be fully considered. Sir Thomas for the state, although it is presumed and the e«gs produced larvae.
board fence that haa arisen in a day
year to the income of that city.
the hop fields In the Willamette vai p<r pound; radishes, 20c per doaen is so deeirons of arranging for another the case w ill be appealed by tho rail­ great majority of these larvae soon
and night, but the strikers now claim
contest that he said to the correspond road companies to the Supreme court died, but constant care has brought four
It la estimated that John D. Rocke­ that the coming of strikebreakers will ley. The field» will be dotted with spinach, 6c per pound; squash, 5Or® ent of the Associated Press today that
of the United States.
After a week's work (1 per box; tomatoes, 40®60r per box;
of the urchins and two of the star fish
feller haa given to various institutions, cause a walkout of the machinists. A l­ heet diggers
he really believed after all he would
the I.a Grande factory w ill he started ►
through the larvae stage.
weet potatoes, 2 t4o per pound.
principally colleges, 1102,056,000.
ready the company ha* been obliged to for the fall run.
Onions— (1.50 per sack.
could get a designer of note.
The Indiana Pipe line, a subsidiary lay off 40 of Its 70 machinists.
Chicago, Sept. 28.— Three members
Potatoes— 75®85c per sack.
Put* Veto on Colonial Law.
Irqutra Into S. P. Shortage.
of the Standard Oil, made a profit of
of the national executive board of the
Butter— Fancy creamery, 27 )t9 35 c
fit. Johns, N. F., fiept. 27.— An im­
Would Refuse to Go Back.
(4,001,022 in 1003 on a total Invest­
Telegraphers’ union declared today perial rescript forbidding the service
Salem— The state railway commis­ per pound.
New York, Oct. 1.— Thomas M. Pier­ sion has decided to Investigate on its
New York, Sept. 30.— Reports that that they would vote against calling a by any colonial authority of any legal
ments of (2,228,758.
Veal— 75 to 125 pounds, 8 ® 8 t«c per
son, Eastern vice president of the Or­ own motion the car shi r age on the pound; 125 to 150 pounds, 7.*<c; 150 the commercial telegraphers' strike strike of union operator* employed in
process regarding fishery rights aboard
Hearat says he has no Idea of being der of Rallwav Telegraphers, addressed
would extend to the railroad telegraph­ broker and newspaper office*, in which any American vessel and suspending
Souther" Paciflc.
The date for the to 200 pounds, 6 ® 7c.
a candidate for president In 1008.
meeting of cominercisl telegrsph op­ bearing haa not !>een eet exactly but it
event, being a majority of the board, all colonial etatutes authorising offi­
Pork— Block, 75 to 150 pounds, 8 ®
erators today. He said the tight was
today. Samuel J. Small, national pres­ the request of the striking New York cials to seixe American vessels for alleg­
8t*o; packers, 7 @8 c .
Rallroed Commissioner Wilson tried winning the admiration of the railroad will probably be about October 10.
operators will be refused.
No official ed fishery offenses was proclaimed here
Poultry— Aversge old hen», 13®14c
to oonvince the jury that Ford had telegraphers everywhere and there need
Poatoffica Called Harrlman.
per ponnd; mixed chickens, 12®13c; and from there it was reported that he action has been taken, for the reason today. This, it is believed, w ill make
nothing to do with bribing the San be no apprehension about the aid of the
Prineville— A poetoffice has been es­ spring chickens, 13®14c; old roost­ waa in conference with the national that no communication haa yet been re­ it practically impossible for Premier
Franiaooo supervisors.
It was declared that In ease tate i died in Harney county near Low- ers, 8®9c; dressed chickens, 16®17e; officers of the railroad telegraphers, ceived from the New York local.
Bind to carry out a recently announced
the strikers were asked to return to en. Thr new office is on the proposed turkeys, live, old, 16®17c; young, 18 and that inside of the next fortnight
decision to enforce the fishery laws.
Daniel A. Ryan haa been nominated work pending arbitration, they would
developments might be expected in
Bnras-Ontarlo railway line and has ®19c; geese, live, 8®9o; ducks, 15c.
Cruiser Colorado Arrive».
for mayor of San Franciaoo by the Re­ refuse.
been named Harriman by the Postoffice
Egga— Fresh ranch, candled, 31® that direction.
San Francisco, flept. 28.— A wireless
Great Radium Deposit In Tunnel,
321,0 per doxen.
message Irons the armored erniaer Col­
Geneva, Sept. 27.— A newspaper
Mexico to Qreot Root.
Another Blow to Saloon
Hop»— 1907, 7®9c per pound; old,
The government w ill spend (42,000
orado, of Rear Admiral Dayton’s squad­ states that Professor Joly has completed
Sturgeon W eight 6IO Pounds.
Mexico City, Mex.. Oct. 1.— The
4®5c per pound.
In removing obstructions from tha Co­
Knoxville, Tenn., Sept. 30.— The ron, received today at the naval train­
« geological examination of specimens
official reception committee having
Astoria— One of the largest sturgeon
Wool— Eastern Oregon, average beet. state Supreme court today held the ing station in this harbor, report« that
lumbia apovs Wenathee.
completed arrangements for the recep­ ever caught in the Colombia river waa 16(£|22r per pound, according to shrink­ Pendleton law to be constitutional. all on board were well and that the of the strata collected in the borings for
the Simplon tunnel.
He fonnd rich
Tbs Influx of Chiaeae into Jamaica tion of Mr. Root and party in this city brought to Hchmidt'a cold storage plant age; valley, 20®22c, according to fine­ This statnte abolishes saloons in all
voyage ftom Honolulu had been nn- trace* of radium, indicating larger de­
Is bacomlng aerioua.
Home action by is now considering that portion of their a few days ago. It weighed 510 pound« ness.
cities ol 100,000 or leas, “ hereafter in­ eventfol. The.veesel will arrive here
posits than hitherto discovered hi
the government la likely.
visit that w ill be spent in the Interior. and waa caught In a Baker s bay trap.
Mohair— Choice, 29®30c per pound. corporated.”