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    All Humors
A n Impure matter« which the ektn. liver,
kidneys end other organs cannot take care
o< without help.
Pimples, bolls, ecsema and other erup­
tions, loss of appetite, that tired feeling,
bilious turns, fits of Indigestion, dull head­
aches and many other troubles are due to
them. They are removed by
Believe He has Come to Uplift
Fallen Republic.
In usual liquid form or In chocolated
tablet* known us S a rM th b «.
N o r c r o e s ’a N e w
100 doses $ 1 .
B ird .
When Charles P. Norcross, now a
well known Washington correspondent,
begun his newspaper career he wus
sent to “ cover” one of the courts. Hts
business wus to look at the docket and
find the facts about any case that seem­
ed to him to warrant him In writing
One afternoon he discovered an entry
that said one William Burns had been
arrested and fined $10 for stealing a
martingale from James Jones, a neigh­
lie recited tlies facts In an Introduc­
tory paragraph, and then went on:
"This criminal was justly punished, for
the pretty little martingale lie stole was
the Joy und comfort of the wife of
Jnuies Jones. She kept It In a cage In
her parlor, and when, tired with the
work of the day, the martingale began
to pour forth those strains of melody
for which our Pittsburg martingales are
famous, she found great pleasure. Such
miscreants as this man Burns should
not he ullowed at large, especially when
they descend so low as to steal harm­
less and melodious martingales.”— Sat­
urday Kvenlng Post.
K itty !
The scientists make out a good case
against the house cat, who, with all her
charming and lovable qualities, Is
shown to be an agent of disease, and
a wholesale destroyer of bird life. Dr.
Caroline A. Osborne, who has been con­
ducting experiments at Clark Univer­
sity, has found that cats have diph­
theria. wliuoplug cough, tuberculosis,
eczema aud ring-worm. Even when
cats do not actually eoutraet these
maladies they may carry the contagion
about with them. As nlmrods they
are responsible for the death o f about
fifty blrda a year, according to E. H.
Forbush, State Ornithologist for Mas­
sachusetts, uot Including the suffering
they Inflict by their mangling of birds,
squirrels and rabbits.—Philadelphia
a s rg s is
The fresh cream puffs In the Italian
baker’s window looked Inviting, and
the interested housekeeper stepped in­
side the shop to ask the price.
“ Fifteena centa a doz," replied the
smiling proprietor, wiping his hands on
his apron, preparatory to wrapping the
“ Why,” exclaimed the lady, unable
to conceal her astonishment, “ that's
very cheap for cream puffs I I usually
have to pay thirty. I don’t see how
you can make them at that price.”
“ Him cheap a all rlghta,” confided
the baker. “ Da bealt’ office telephone
I gotta closa da shop right off. My
girl, Antonie, gotta da measle.”
L ate
E d itio n .
Julius Kahn, representative from San
Francisco, was iu Washington when the
earthquake came and was nearly fran­
tic, because his wife and children, In­
cluding a baby a few days old, were di­
rectly In the path of the fire.
Kahn spent two days trying to tele­
graph and then took a train and went
out, and finding hia family safe, stayed
a week or so In the ruined city.
On his return he found a letter from
a constituent, written eight daya after
the shock, which began :
“ Dear Julius: “ No doubt you will be
surprised to learn from me that we
have Lad a terrible earthquake out
here.’’— Saturday Evening Poet
T o ld
T h e ir
B o tto m s .
The minister’s w ife was busily en
gaged oue afternoon mending the fam­
ily clothes when a neighbor called for
a friendly chat After a few momenta
of news and gossip the caller remarked,
as she began to Inspect a basket of
miscellaneous buttons:
“ You seem to be unusually well sup­
plied with buttons o f all kinds. Why.
there Is one like my husband bad on his
last winter's suit."
“ Indeed,” said the minister's wife,
with a slight smile. “ All these but­
tons were found In the contribution
box, end I thought I might as well have
some use out o f them. Well, must you
go? Well, good-by. Come again soon.
Rsfuses^to Evict Poor From Barracks
to Make Room fo r Soldiers—
Amnesty for Prisoners.
Heart Beat
Yes. 100,000 time« each day.
Does it aeod out good blood
or bad blood ? You know, for
food blood ia food health;
bad blood, bad health. Aud
you know precisely what to
take for bad blood— A yer’s
Sarsaparilla. Doctor« hare
endoraed it for 00 years.
U?tr. This p ro d u a a flaattlpatlao. f a i
nbataacaa ara tkaa akaarkad lata tka ____ „
iMtMdsOf k a lt « raam i l f r a a UM kady dally
M s a t ir a lataadad. l a a a tka kavala ayaa
«nth Ayor’s n i » , liras pill«. A il r - aü k la.
A vers
• “ • ¡ [¿ i x s & i x r 1
} » ♦ ♦ ♦ » $ «♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ •
Mobilization of Forces at Newport
Nows Where TranspOrto Are
1. — American
troop* are now moving toward Cuba
Mobilisation of the forces will be al
Newport News, Va., for the most part,
although a part of the expeditionary
force to Cuba will be sent from New
York and Tampa, Fla. Advices re­
ceived at the departments of the mili­
tary today indicate that all Is quiet In
Cuba and that the Insurgents Intend
to lay down their arms.
The probability Is the United States
forces In the island will be landed only
as a precautionary measure. So far as
officials are advised no trouble of a
serious kind is anticipated, but in ac­
cordance with instructions from Pres­
ident Roosevelt hurried preparations
are being made for the sending of an
expeditionary force of the army to
The first American troops will be
landed at Havana next Saturday.
Meantime the maiines and bluejackets
from the Amrrican fleet in Cuban
waters will protect American interests
and support Secretary Taft, the Pro­
visional Governor of Cuba, In the
preservation of order and the protec­
tion of life and property.
In official circles hr re American- in­
tervention was regarded as inevitable.
How long It may continue it is im­
possible to foretell. The nature of the
intervention and the preparations for
It indicate a supervision of Cuban af­
fairs on the part of the American gov­
ernment for an indefinite period. Ar­
rangements have been concluded not
only for the expeditionary force to
Cuba o f about 5,600 men, but for a
second force of equal numbers.
No orders for the mobilization of the
second force, of course, have been Is­
sued, but if the men are needed all
arrangements have been completed for
hurying them to Cuba at the earliest
possible moment. Whether more troops
than are included in the first expedi­
tion will be sent to Cuba will depend
upon the developments in the island
during the next ten days.
It is certain, however, that a sulfi
cient force of American troops will be
maintained In Cuba to support the
provisional government and to insure
security to life and property pending
the establishment of a stable govern­
ment by the Cubans.
Havana, Oct. 2.—Governor Taft's
acts today have gone far to win him a
warm place In the hearts of the people
whose destinies have been placed in
his hands. Presiding this morning at the
opening exercises of the University of
Havana, he declared his mission here
was solely for the purpose of uplifting
the fallen Republic and restoring tt to
the path of prosperity, an announce­
ment which was received with demon­
strations of delight by an audience rep­
resentative of the highest society In
Following this it became known that
Mr. Taft and Assistant Secretary of
State Bacon had cabled for their wives
to join them here, a step which can­
not but be most agreeable to the Cuban
people and which will strongly cement
the bonds of affection between them
and the American provisional adminis­
Still another act of Mr. T aft is
warmly commended as illustrative of
his thoughtful consideration of the
humbler classes. Learning that many
poor families occupying the tempor­
arily disused barracks at Camp. Co­
lumbia were about to be summarily
evicted by order of the Cuban author­
ities in preparation for the occupation
of the quarters by the brigade of
marines, Mr, T aft went to Camp Co­
lumbia in an automobile, explained
that he had not been aware of the con­
ditions and recinded the order. He
left the camp amid cheers and warm
expressions of gratitude from the peo­
ple. The news of this act of humanity
spread rapidly and received the high­
est praise.
Much of the Governor's time today
was occupied in receiving officials eJ
the various departments and judges of
the courts. With the members of the
Supreme Court he held a long confer­
ence concerning the. drafting of a
proclamation of general amnesty. This
Delegates From Thirty-one Countries
decree Is of the most importance, in
Meet at Berlin.
view of the fact that at many points
Berlin, Oct. 1.—Delegates represent­
on the island, notably Cienfuegos,
many persons are In jail awaiting the ing 31 governments will assemble here
October 3, by Invitation of the Orrman
disposition of political charges.
government, with the object of reach­
ing a common agreement for the ex-
Bible Not the Word o f God.
Detroit, Oct. 2.— Bishop Charles D. change of messages by the use of var­
Williams, of the Episcopal diocese of ious wireless telegraph systems, and to
Michigan, in an address to Y. M. C. A. define the basis on which private wire­
members here on “ The Bible and the less telegraph companies may operate
Word of God,” declared that the Bible with the consent of the governments.
The conference is a result of the
was not the word of God and that the
teachings to the contrary are the most Marconi Company having refused to
prolific sources of unbelief the church allow Its stations to do business with
has to contend with. The Bishop said: persons using other than Marconi ap­
“ Nowhere does the Bible declare paratus. This controversy began soon
itself the word of God. Yet we are after the Marconi Company, in 1901,
told we must take It In its entirety. It set up stations for public telegraph
is a venerable book and visitors are purposes. The refusal of these sta­
requested not to touch it, as it is tho tions to take messages sent In by
direct word of God, thfre is no other. the Slaby-Arco (German) apparatus
“ Take the young man just out of brought about the International wire­
college. He reads Genesis and finds less telegraph conference, also by the
Impossible geology, astronomy and Invitation of Germany, In 1903. Eight
ethnology. His teacher, when quea governments took part, as follows:
tioned says: 'Manipulate it until it fits The United States, Germany, France,
your sciences.’ If too honest to handle Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Russia and
the word of God craftily, the young Austro-Hungary.
The delegates of six governments
man gives up the Bible. He refuse«
agreed in the final protocol to a series
to stultify his reason.
“ The Bible needs no defense: all II o f recommf ndatlofi’s looking toward
needs is a square deal. There are the co-operation of al! users of wire­
those who read It devoutly and dill less. The delegates of Great Britain
gently, but I never say the Bible Is the and Italy, because their governments
word of God. I say the Bible and the had contracts with the Marcohi, did
word of God. T o those who accept the not sign the recommendations. Little
entire book as the literal word of God has come of these recommendations.
I point out that it is nowhere so The Marconi Company hag continued
stated. Christ tore asunder the Old to set up stations and to refuse the
Testament precepts, the law of Moses, messages of rival systems.
The most Important act In the con­
and furnished new ones. Where the
troversy in the conference was that of
Old Testament directed men to hate
the United States In 1904 directing
their enemies the teachings o f Christ
the Marconi Company to remove its
were to love your enemies.
apparatus from the lightship Nan­
Another Typhoon at Hongkong.
Germany will propose to the confer­
London, Oct. 2.—A dispatch to the
Daily Mail from Hongkong, dated Sep­ ence that an international bureau shall
be established for the control of wire­
tember 29, says:
“ The observatory signals gave warn less telegraphing: that each wireless
ing of an approaching typhoon Friday station must bp connected with the
afternoon, and by midnight a terrific ordinary telegraphs by special lines;
storm was raging. The violent gale
fa s t W h a t H e W aste d .
was accompanied by a phenomenal
“These eggs aren’t fresh, ara they?” rainfall and was still blowing Saturday
queried the atranger.
afternoon The devastation by the ty­
“ Well," replied the grocer, cautiously, phoon o f the 18th has been completed.
“ these eggs will make a ham— ”
The entire water front Is again heaped
“Oh, I don’t want 'em for bam omelet with wreckage.”
or any kind of eating. I've been In at
that show at the opera house, and what
T a ft’« Advice to Cuban*.
1 want— ”
Havana, Oct. 2.— The flower of Ha­
“ As I waa saying, air. these eggs will
make ■ bam actor feel like a last yaar'a vana society was present at the open­
ing of Havana University. After the
bird's nest” — Philadelphia Press.
annual address Governor Taft present­
ed the diplomas to the successful stu­
dents and then made a notable ad­
dress. the spirit of which was that the
intervention o f the United States was
undertaken solely to assist Cuba and
Cubans and that her future was de­
pendent upon her young men. Mr.
T aft spoke in English, pausing at
every sentence for Its Interpretation.
Does Your
Funston's Plana Indorsed
Washington, Oct. 1.— Acting Inspec­
tor-General Galbraith of the army, in
his annual report, says that the gen­
eral condition of the army hag Im­
proved during the year as regards
military construction, and that the
troops are in a fairly salisfactofy state
of efficiency and readiness for Held
service. The plan suggested by Gen­
eral Funston, that the term of first
enlistment be limited to one year. Is
favorably regarded In the report, be­
cause practically It would remove the
blight of desertion.
Troop« From Fort Sharidan.
Chicago, Oct. 1 .— Brlgadler-Oeneral
W. H. Cater, commander o f the Depart
ment o f the Lakes, received orders
from Washington today, directing two
battalions of the Twenty-seventh In­
fantry and the Fourteenth United
States Field Battery, at Fort 8heridan,
to proceed Immediately to Newport
News, where they will embark for
Cuba. Colonel W. 1*. Pitcher, in com­
mand o f Fort SheTldan, ordered two
special trains of 12 cars each for
Tuesday morning, and It is expected
the troops will leave for Newport News
Afraid of Thermomater,
Constantinople. Oct. 2.— A report
that the 8ultan is so ill that he has
only six months to live Is untrue. His
ailment does not threaten any immed­
iate serious results. The only danger
consists in Abdul Hamid's objection
to ordinary medical precautions. Under
no consideration will he have hie tem­
Railroads to Bo Sued.
perature taken, as he I* afraid of hav­
Washington. Oct. 1.— Attorney Gen­
ing a thermometer put in his mouth eral Moody ha* directed that suits be
or under his arm lest the instrument
brought against a large number of
railroad companies to recover penal­
Kansas to Oust Standard.
ties for violation of the safety appli­
Topeka. Kaa.. Oct. 2.—Suits were In­ ance law through failure to keep their
stituted In the Supreme Court today equipment In proper condition. The
by Attorney-General Coleman under largest number of violations attributed
the state anti-trust act to oust the to any road I* that of 51. against the
Standard Oil Company and the Inter­ Delaware A Hudson Company. The
total number of violations ia 181.
national Harvester Company
Salmon Portland Chase, American
statesman, Is an example j t tl.e Indus­
try uf the large body of men «h o rose
from obscurity to
the height* of lia-
11 o u a I eminence.
Wbeu be was still
thrown on his own
resources by the
failure of the faui
ily fortunes.
His iieople hud
Invested all tbelr
money In a glass
factory Just before
a revision of the
tariff ruined the
glass business In
the Uulted States.
Immediately following this catastro­
phe the father o f young Chase died,
leaving the family entirely dependent
on the efforts of the boy.
Chase set to work at once, and was
able to take care of the family until
an uncle In Ohio sent to New England
for the hoy aud made arrangements
whereby the rest of the family would
be provided for. Chase weut to Ohio,
where he took up the schooling that
be hud been forced to give up wheu
he went to work In order to provide
The habits of Industry that be bad
learned In this time, however, served
him well not only In his school work,
but iu his later legal career. Although
bis life as a struggling attorney lu the
western country was beset with ditti
culties at first, he managed to over­
come them oue by one uutll at last ha
attained the puths of greatness.
B oat O w a e rs P la a
Im p ro v e m e n t
W a t e r w a y . N e a r N e w O r le a n e .
The proposition of placing a new
steel aud electrically operated draw­
bridge over Bayou St. Johu at Espla­
nade avenue has brought the boat
owners of the city to the front witu a
petition to Mayor Behrmau that tilt*
bridge be manned with a day and a
night watchman, so that cruft of ail
kinds may pass through, as Is the case
with the bridge o f the New Orleans
Termlual Company, about half a mile
or more farther toward the lake.
At present Bayou St. John has a
great deal of natural beauty, as well as
natural uglluess, and It Is proposed to
Improve on the former and eliminate
the latter, particularly near the city,
where It Is desired that ornamental
boat landings be erected, especially for
yachta, motor boats aud canoes. Canoe­
ing. within the last year, has taken a
big Impetus In New Orleans, and
scarcely a night pnssea but a number
of these graceful bateaux are to be
seen gliding silently over the surface
of the bayou. Nearly every week new
motor craft are added to the already
large fleet In these waters, aud some
of the handsomest and most costly
pleasure craft of this kind are to be
found In New Orleans as their home
The New Basin Is congested with
commercial traffic, and the demands of
commerce are such as to give the small­
er boats little opportunity for naviga­
tion. For this reason the owners of
such boats have turned naturally to the
historic Bayou St. John, and but for
the stoppage of headway by all except
the very smallest motor boats, by rea­
son of the closing of the bridges, there
would be twice as many, plying the
Lacking long stretches o f roadway
for vehicles, New Orleans Is superabun­
dantly supplied with navigable streams
and big water ways, and a very little
encouragement would give a strong Im­
petus to motor boating hereabouts, this
being the most available form of out­
door recreation In the matter of loco­
motion.— New Orleans Picayune.
A la r m e d .
“ My !” exclaimed the giraffe In the
menagerie tent, “ Is this horseless busi­
ness going to strike us next?”
“ What's the matter?" Inquired the
neighborly, lion.
"That matinee girl Just passed by
with that bum actor and I'm sure I
heard her aay she wished he'd give her
bis autogiraffe.”— Philadelphia Press.
B o re,
Gladys (at the seashore)— Are you
ha* leg as many proposals as you had
last season?
Mayme (w ea rily)—Oh," yes, hut
they're all from the same men I was
engaged to last summer.—Detroit F rei
P a ..le d .
“ What I want," said the discontents]
summer boarder, "la to enjoy the com­
forts of home.”
" I f that's the case,” answered Farm­
er Corntossel, “ I don’t quit* see what
you left home for. In the first place.“— •
Washington Star.
D lffr r e a ...
The right of local lelf-gorernuient lu
Rhode Island, which has been strongly
urged lu view of the peculiar origin of
that State, la denied, lu Horton ve.-
Newport (R . I.), I L. R. A. (N. 8.)
512. as agalust a statute regulating the
police force of the State.
The power of a court of equity to
prevent majority stockholders troui ex­
ercising their statutory power to re­
duce the capital stock In order to re­
lieve defaulting stockholders
meeting their obligations Is asserted 12
Tbels vs. Durr (W ls.), 1 L. K. A. (S .
8.) 571.
The Kind You Have Always Bought has borne the k I kuo -
ture o f Chaa. II. Fletc-lier, and has been made under his
personal supervision for over 3 0 years. Allow no one
to deceive you in this. Counterfeits, Imitations and
“ Just-as-gnod ” are but Experiments, and endanger the
health o f Children—Experience against Experiment.
What is C A S TO R IA
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare*
gorlc, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It Is Pleasant. It
contuins neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea aud W ind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assiniilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children’s Panacea—The Mother’s Friend.
The distinction between private ami
public functions of a municipality Is
considered In Dickinson vs. Boston
(Mass.), 1 L. R. A. (N . 8.) 064, which
denies municipal liability for negli­
gence of the city superintendent of the
lamp department In reaped to an un­
safe lamp-post.
A company manufacturing aud bot­
tling a beverage Is held, in Watson vs.
Augusta Brew lug Company (G a.), 1
L. R. A. (N . 8 ) 1178, to be liable to
one Injured by swallowing pieces of
glass while drinking from oue of such
bottles, which he procured from a mer­
chant, who had purchased the same
from the manufacturer.
Tha violation of a municipal ordi­
nance as to the manner of strluglug the
electric light wire which charged a
broken telephone wire, .or the Imper­
fect iusulntlou of the wire, Is held. In
Stark vs. Muskegon Tractlou A L. Co.
(M ich.), 1 L. It. A. (N. 8.) 822, not to
he the proxlmute cause o f an Injury to
a boy who seized the broken telephone
wire to receive a shock.
Au exception to the rule that equity
will uot specifically enforce, as between
parties lu purl delicto, a contract which
Is opjiosed to public policy, Is applied In
Seattle Electric Company vs. Suoqual-
mle Falls Fokver Company (W ash.), 1
L. R. A. (N. 8.) 1032, by restraining
the breach of a contract to furnish a
supply of electricity to a street car aud
electric-lighting company u | m > u the
ground that such breach would result
In a great public luconveuleuce.
A limitation upon the right of oue to
use his owu name In bis own business
Is declared In Mortou vs. Morton (C al.),
1 L. R. A. (N. 8.) GUO, bolding that
one who had established a business
under a particular name, which he
placed on the hats of his agents to in­
form customers that were his repre­
sentatives, could enjoin uuotber of the
same name, engaged In the same busi­
ness, from using such name ns a hat
label In substantially the same way as
the former, so as to deceive the public.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the Signature of
Use For O ve r 3 0 Years.
ICN TA U R O O M F A N Y . T T M U R R A Y « T R C S T . N E W TO U R CIT Y.
L im it
H o n e a tf.
Dora— Never tell Flora any secrets.
Cora— Can't she keep them?
Dora— Keep them? Why, that girl
tells i>eople her right age!— Cleveland
There are now about 300,000 spindles
t r ia , a g a in s t 100,000 s p in d le s in 1882.
e m p lo y e d in the w o rs te d in d u s t r y in
Portland Trade Directory
“ Here's a letter from a woman,” said
N am es and A d d resses in Portland of R epre­
the ariswers-to-correspondeuts editor, sentative
Business firm s.
“ who wants to know how to make a
CKKAM HKl* A HATURS—W« guar* itea tb* U. S*
lemon tart."
Separator to b« ilie beat. W rit« tor free catalog.
“ That’s Just like a woman,” rejoined
Hazelwood Co., Fifth and Oak.
the snake editor. “ Tell her If the iem M K N ’B C L O T H IS O - Buffum A rendition, sole
agents Alfred benjamin A Co.’s correct clothe*
on Isn't tart to begin with she’d bettei
Everything in men's furnishings.
Morrison and
consign It to the dump and let It go at
Hixtb streets. Opposite posiottico.
P I A N O S A O R G A N S — Many tine InRirnmenta re­
H o p e i««« C ase.
r i T O Rf. V tiiB* Dance and all Nervous Diseases
M i d permanently cured by Dr. Kline's Ureal
Nerve Restorer. Hentl for F R E K |2 trial bottle and
treatise. Dr. It. H .K lln , I*d.W31 A rch 8t., Phlla.,Pa
D u ll»«««
A n y w h ere.
“ Pa,” said little Willie, looking up
from bis book, “ wbat ia 'a comatose
state’ ?”
“ Well, my son,” replied Willie's pa,
“Just at present there Isn’t a single
comatose state in tbe union; all bus­
tling and prosperous.”— Philadelphia
H ia tu s
th e
E n vagem en t.
vert to iis account s ckn**ss or removal of buyer
W rite for descr ptlon of p anon now on hand,
terms, etc. W rite today.
Ollbert Co., Portland
M O W A U D £ . B U R T O N .—Assay er a r i Chemist.
■■ Lead ville, Colorado. Specimen price«: Gold,
Silver, L -a d , f 1 ; Gold, Silver, 7-’x’ ; Gold, 60 c ; Zinc or
Copper, |1. Cyanide tests. M ailing envelopes and
füll price list sent on application. Control and Um*
ptre w ork solicited.
Reference: Carbonat« K «r
tioual Hank.
M A IN 2020
Í A l l IN G
1“ b. WASH
“Our engagement will have to b«
p l a t e s $ 5
temporarily suspended,” announced the
summer girl, calmly.
“ Ob, Impossible,” the young man
J u d k lu . F o llo w e d U lr e e t lo a .,
troubles. Cares Heavet.
William Allen White, the Kansas ed­
“ It will have to be. My husband
Distemper sal
itor, tells lu Harper's Weekly a tule writes that he Is coming down for a
of the trials of a young reporter. His week.” — Louisville Courier-Journal.
editor had given him Instruction In the
Druggist« will g e l them.
You Can Get Allen's Foot-Ease FREE.
first principles of making a newspaper
Price 6 O 0 at dealer, 60o by
W rite A llen 8. O lm sted, Le R o y ,N . Y ., fo r a
mall. Send for Free book.
story: “ Tell lu the first few lines what free
s&rai>le of A lle n ’s Foot-Kane.
I t cures
your story Is about. Give the substance sw eatin g, hot sw o lle n , a c h in g feet. It m«ke>
e w .o r tight shoe« easy.
A certain cure for CHAS* H* LILLY CO« Seattle sad Portland, WhokukAgti
at once. Then follow with a recital of n corn«,
in g ro w in g n a ils an d bunions. A ild r u g *
the facts, aud conclude with Interviews g is t« « e llI t . 25c. D o n ’t accept a n y substitute.
with the people concerned. That Is the
N a t u r e '« E n d o w m e n t .
ouly orderly way of writing your story.”
Caller— Miss Millicent plays wonder­
The new mail gave close attention to fully on the piano.
this lesson, the reoult of which was that
Grandfather Greevius— Yes; it sort o’
be banded In that night a news Item run» in the fam’ly. By jucks, you’d ort
to ’ave heerd me play “ Ole Dan Tucker”
which read as follows:
“ Rufus Jenkins, a carpenter, slipped an’ “ Ole Bob Itidley” on a jewiharp when
I was a boy!
and fell In Vine street yesterday, and
A b o u t th e L im it .
sprained his ankle badly.
Gunner—And Is old Closeman so
“ Mr. Jenkins was walking along Vine
street, when suddenly his feet slipped very close In his dealings?
Guyer— Close? Why, he wanted to
from under him and he fell, spraining
pay less for a desk calendar for the
one of his ankles.
Water, Saves, Cleans and
“ When seen by a reporter he said, month of February becuuse It did not
Whitens Clothes.
‘I was walking along Vlue street, when
AH i t r . l . n
P r .. H .m p l. Iln r .i and Form Snip,
d, rio iu r. In culm-., forlO ' . n l .
In some way my feet slipped from un­
m ule T e a m
ttnd 1 » .
lU A S t
der me, and I fell heavily to the side­
C U , C .k l.n d , Cal.
$100 Reward, $100.
walk, spraining one of my ankles.'
T h e read ers of this p ap er w i l l b e pleased to
“ Mr. Frank Fuller said, 'I waa walk­ ie a ru th a t th ere 1« at le a st one d read ed disease
There ie no satisfaction keener
th at science h a s been a b le to cure in a ll it«
ing behind Mr. Jenkins on Vine street, stages,
a n d th a t Is C a ta rrh . H a ll’s C atarrh
than being dry end comfortable
when I saw him slip and fall to the C ure is the o n ly positive cure k n o w n to the
m out in the hardest storm.
m e d ic a l fra te rn ity . C atarrh b e in g a constitu­
sidewalk. When I assisted him to arise tio n a l disease, re q u ire s a con stitu tio n al treat­
he told me that be had sprained one of m ent. H a l l ’s C a ta rrh C u re is taken in te rn a lly ,
a c tin g d ir e c t ly u pon the blood a n d m u cou «
his ankles.’
• u r f . e e . o f the a y .le m , th ereby d o .t r o y ln * tbe
lv in
a the it»-
“ Dr. Thomas Rich, who attended Mr. fo u n d a tio n of th e d i . . » « . , , a n a g a li
lian t a tre n _
x th
tlo n
M by H b n ild d in c a u p the con .tltu tlon
Jenkins, said, ‘Mr. Jenkins had a badly an d . . . i a l i n a n atu re In d e lit
in * I U
t. w
o r k . The
p rie to r, h e r e a j m uch f .lt n In It . curative
sprained ankle, due to a fall In Vine p p p ro
o w e r r, , th a t th ey
n . H u n d re d D o lle rl
e y offer O
e t th
it f a i l , ‘ to cure. Hend fo r 11*1
o r a . n y y c u
h at
. ............
street He will be laid op for some l ior
of t e .t lm o n l»Ii-
A d d re .a ,
K. J. C H E N E Y * CO., T oledo, Q.
“ Mr. Jenkins could not attend last Bold b y d r u g x i.t ., 76c.
H e l l '. Fam ily F ill, are tbe b e lt.
night's meeting of the car pen ten ' anion.
A C a a t ln o . Sentin el.
The president, In convening the meet­
It waa file small brotlier of pretty 1
ing, expressed regret that Mr. Jenkins
could not attend, as he had slipped and Margaret wbo opened tbe front door
fallen In Vine street spraining one of In response to Mr. Goodyear's ring, aud
A. J. TOTH ttulOJTON. MAM. a t A
bla face took on a alnguluriy alert ex­
bis ankles.”
pression as be surveyed tbe caller.
“ No, she isn't in,” said Margaret's
H I . T r i b a l D eacw at.
Congressman Llewellyn Powers of brother. "Are— are you Mr. Hauilln?”
“ No,” said tbe young man, “ I am Mr.
Ylaiue, beside being a millionaire, Is a
man of striking appearance. Belug tall, Goodyear. Does that make any differ­
lean, with high cheek bone* aud wear­ ence about ber being at borne?” and be
e a S T IN T N I W O R LD
ing bla coarse, black hair long, be bears looked seurcblngly at the boy.
W.LDouglai $4 6ift Edge H im ,
“ Course not!" said Bobby, Indignant­ eannotbeegualledaiswyprloe ,
some resemblance to the aliorlglues of
the continent. One day while travel­ ly. “ I don l tell itorles, nor Margaret
To Shot Dealert:
W. I.. Douglas' Job­
ing on a Maine railroad, where “ In­ doesn't. But if you'd been Mr. Hamlin,
bing llotiss Is the most
complete In this country
dians and ministers' ride for hnlf fare, I wa* to tell something about ber com­
Send f o r Catalog
Mr. Powers met a member of the Paa- ing borne, and get ten eeuts If I did It
samaquoddy tribe in the smoking car right and didn't tell the wrong one. I
and started In to question his copper need tbat money, and eo, you see, I
colored constituent as to his manner didn’ t went to make any mistake. Good-
of living and how he liked the tribal by I”
relations In Maine. After some' min­
utes of talk Mr. Powers asked: “ By
the way. which of the two tribes do
you belong to?” “ Myself bln all Passa- Not a Single Slone Ha* Formed Since
Using Doan's Kidney Pill*.
maquoddy,” replied the Indian. “ W ’at
to *? «»
*3.50 &'3.00 Shoes
’he only way to succeed i t any-
i you wish to accomplish Is to pm
best foot forward---- -”
uless you happen to b* a mule; tribe waa you bln?"
Z. D. Danghtrey, muaic publisher,
you put It backward.''— Phlladel-
Before the Boston drummers who sat ol Saffolk, Va., (aye:
“ During two or
In adjoining seats had finished laugh­ tbreo years tbat I had kidney tronble I
p e a l e d about 2% SHOES FOR EVERYBODY AT A L t P U c f t
ing Ylr. Powers discovered that he had
T h e M a l a T h la e r -
Men's K im s . 16 to 01. eo. Aprs; Uhomm. 03
pounde of gravel and
urgent business which called him to
to 01.39. W ofiws'fi m o s s , 04.00 to 01.90.
“ His new novel seems to be a suc­
sandy sediment in the
M iss««' A Children's Shoos. 02.90 to 01.00.
the Pullman.—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
cess. He must bare developed unnsual
W . L. D o u g ls t W o m e n ’«. M l » w i and
I haven’ t
C h ild r e n 's th o s e ; f o r i t j l s , fit nnd wear
skill In writing I t ”
G a m « O at o f Reach.
paired a atone line*
th e y s i e s l o th e r n m k ei.
“ I don’t think so; but bis publisher
II I could take you Inlo m y large
using Doan's Kidney
Many stories have been told— In New
at Brockton, Mase.,and show
developed great skill In having U writ- fo rk — to Illustrate the sufiposed slow­
Pills, however, and
tan up.” — Philadelphia Pi
that was three yean you how carelully W .L . Douglas shoes
ness of Philadelphians, but probably
ere made, you would then understand
I tied to Buffet i w h y they hold their shape, fit better,
the prise winner o f them all Is one
A G ood B read .
tbe moat scute agnaj wear longer, and are of greater value
Agent— Do you keep a burglar alarm?
during * gravel attack, than any other make.
Philadelphian visiting In New
Man at Door— Yea.
W M n e y e a live, yew con -jM ita W . L.
and had the other oe-
York ordered some snails In a restau­
Douglas «h o ««. His name and price Is i t s w csd
"W bat kind I* Itr
uel symptoms of kidney trouble- -lesei- i t 1M bottom, which protect» you against high
"H a lf bull and half terrier."— D a rant. They pleased him.
tude, headache*, pain In the back, ari prices ra d Interior shoes. T m k / n s sa«0 «# !«
“These are very fine snails.” be said
Ask your dealer for W . L. Douglas si
trolt Free Press.
nary disorders, rheumatic pain, etc. I and Insist
let upon having
h it *
to the proprietor. “They are delicious.
lor t u t tle
l e t t u ttd ; they m ill not mo
have a box containing 14 gravel stone* fa s t Color
W r it s for Illustrate 1 C atalog at Pall
T h e t r o u b l e w l t b m a n y p e o p le Is th e y I wish I could get them often.”
that I passed , but that is not one-fourth
W . L . DOUGLAS, Dap«. | J , --------
‘Don't you have them In Philadel­ of the »h o le number.
Insist nptn thrusting tbelr )okee down
I consider
their friends' throats.
Doan’ s Kidney P ill* a fin* kidney
No. 4 0 - « $
r . Re u.
tonic.’ ’
The average husband I* as easy to
“ Oh, yea, we have plenty.” said tb*
T I T H K i t w r it in g to s d r s r t l s s H p l e u r a l
Sold by nil dealer«.
50 centa a box.
fool sa a bank examiner.
; f f
a is n M o a t h la p a p a r.
other, “ but we can't catch them.”
Foeter-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.