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    The Estacada News
’A C A D A ..
Keeper of Lighthouse on Qulf Declines
to Take Refuge on Tug.
Mobile, Ala., Oct. 2.—The number of
casualties In the great storm of last
Wednesday Is slowly Increasing, as
messages arrive from plac<s which
have heretofore been Inaccessible. The
total last night of the known dead was
75. This number was brought up to
a certainty of 79, and a possibility of
102, by the reports which reached Mo­
bile during the night and early today
Four bodies not before counted have
been found at Coden, and it is esti­
mated that 23 lives have been lost
from the oyster fleet around Cedar
Point. ThiB last estimate is not known
to be accurate, and is probably some­
what exaggerated, for the reason that
It includes among the dead every man
aboard a fishing boat who has not been
Millions o f Dollars Damage Dons and
Probable Loss o f Life.
Oregon Millmen Not Worrying Over What the State Library Commission
Price of Logs on Sound.
Is Doing for Oregon Towns
Louisville, K y., Sept. 28.— Tbs trop
'cal hurricane which lor the past 24
hours has been churning the waters of
tbe Gull of Mexico and dciog much
damage cn tbe coast and far inland, is
whipping through North Alabama in s
northeasterly direction at a velocity
but slightly lees than that cf 45 to 60
miles an hour, recorded In New Or­
leans' during tbe day.
Reports re
ceived by tbe Associated Press do not
indicate any loss of life, but tbe dam­
age to properlty over tbe teirilory
touched by tbe storm is something
A ll wire communication is seriously
disarranged and in some instances has
resulted in cutting off cities complete­
ly, Mobile not having bene beard from
in nearly 24 hours.
Numerous washouts have occurred
tbe interruotion from this cause intone
case extruding for 30 miles.
Pensacola, where tbe maximum ve­
locity of wind was probably felt early
this morning, reports a property loss of
$3,000,000 in tbe city alone, ar.d sends
rumors of loss of life, which it is im ­
possible to confirm,
Tbe damage to railroads is very
heevy. Reports to the ofliciels of the
Louisvil'e A Nashville road from the
superintendent ol tbe M obiile and
Montgomery divisions indicate that the
loes approxin at-s $1,000,000.
tracke between Flomaton, Ala., and
Pensacola, Fla., are obstructed in
many places and in some places badly
torn np by falling trees.
A t Pensacola, tbe Louisville A Nash­
ville gra n elevator has been destroyed
and tbe entire trackage to Kicambia
bay is rninei.
The railroad wharf at
Pensacola is reported to be a total I osb
and 39 cars of coal ol tbe company was
washed into tbe bay.
Biloxi, Miss., and Moss Point, Miss.,
bave not been heard from for 24 hoars.
Moss Point reported the water five feet
deep in the streets of tbe little town at
10 o’ clock Wednesday night.
There w as a heavy rain and high
wind at Montgomery, Ala., daring the
day, but no serious damage was done.
A gale is blowing at Birmingham to­
night after a day ol steady rain, which
has been continuous for 36 hours.
Portland— Despite the shortage In ' Salem— Frequent requests for ma
the log supply for the Columbia river terial on sublects to be debated in the
mills and the exhaustion o f the sur- schools of Oregon convinced the com
plus that Is stored each summer for mission of the desirability of supply
A Resume o f the L ets Important but
the winter’s run, Portland millmen are lng g,jme "debate libraries.”
Not Less Interesting Events
not apprehensive of a raise in the ( Each library contains a few of the
o f the Past Week.
price of logs. The schedule has soared best books and pamphlets on the sub-
to such heights already, they say, that ject, and usually the brief from "Briefs
there Is no likelihood of a further ad- for debate" or "Briefs on public ques
Disarmament of Cabans is progres­
vance for weeks to come anyway. That tion.” Periodical articles, to supple-
sing rspidly.
the mills have already cut the usual ment the library, may be rented from
Caban Moderates accuse the Am eri­
surplus is admitted, but It is said th at,the H. W. Wilson Co. of Minneapolis
cans of forcing intervention.
nowadays the camps along the river for a few cents. A list of desirable
are equipped to put logs into the water articles is enclosed with each library
Heavy rains are adding t ) the misery
at any season, and the lack of rafts The library will be sent without charge
of the hem dees people on the Gull
heard of since the storm.
on hand for future use does not trouble except for transportation to any de-
It is known that some of the boats the mill-owners.
j bating society in Oregon upon applica-
President Smith, of the Mormon on which these men were have been
The announcement that logs will be ' tion from the officers of the society and
church, has been arrested for poly- driven ashore, and It is entirely pos­ higher on the Sound after the first of the principal of the school.
sible that some of the crews managed the month does not concern local saw­ books may be kept for one month.
The landing of American marines was to reach the shore. It does not seem mill men. They say that prices are al­ Each package is small and the express
welcomed as a great relief by the C j - likely at present that the death roll ready higher on the Columbia river will vary from fifty cents to one dol­
will amount In this vicinity to more than on the Sound. After the new lar, less than the cost of a single book
ban people.
It will now be more possible to have
price scale goes Into effect, the Co­
Baron Rosen, Russian ambassador to than 125.
Mobile itself Is rapidly emerging lumbia river logger will still be get­ live debating socletfTs and to do thor­
the United States, had a narrow recaps
from injary in an automobile collision. from the confusion caused by the ting more for his product than the log­ ough work
stormi Ijirg e gangs were kept work­ ger who operates on the Sound.
Application should be made soon as
A hot wave has badly damaged the ing all o f Sunday In clearing the
The price of logs on the Columbia there Is but one library on each sub­
California grape crop.
Thousands of streets of debris, three of the street
river has advanced remarkably dining ject, and loans will be made in order
tons of fine grapes are now fit for noth­ car lines have commenced to run, for
the season. In the spring logs of the o f applications.
ing bu‘. w ne or raUius.
the first time since Wednesday, the best class could be had for $7 and $8.
Societies planning for several cle
Cienfuegos wav surrounded by 4.000 confusion at the docks is rapidly be­ Now these same logB cost $11 and $12 bates should file request at one time
armed rel els when the American cr us­ ing repaired and business will be at per 1,000. The remarkable demand for for all libraries wanted during the
er Des Moines arrived and lanued a normal action as soon as the railroads lumber Is responsible for the increase, year, stating date of debate on each
force which saved the city from pillage are able to run trains.
together with the somewhat restricted topic.
The keeper of the Horn Island light­ supply. With every mill cutting to its
Libraries on the following subjects
The body of Carey M. Sny er, who
disappeared from Hillsboro last Decern house, just outside of Scranton, lost fullest capacity, logs are bound to ad­ are now ready and more will be sup­
plied soon: Industrial arbitration, Chi
ber, was found in the woods with a his life. The captain of a tug which vance.
ballet hole through the skull, telling came near the house at the commence
Some say the situation Is such that nese exclusion, immigration, tariff
ment of the storm urged him to have, loggers could get what they might trusts, eight-hour day, child labor, cap­
the story of suicide.
but he refused to abandon his post choose to ask for their product, on ital punishment, open shop, spelling re­
The Japanese war department 1 a
and in a short time was drowned. The account of the small amount o f saw­ form, trades unions, popular election
asked the government for 1135,000,000
entire end of the island on which the mill timber available, but it is given of United States senators, nominating
to be used for the building of a new
lighthouse was situated Is said to have out by millmen that If the prices are systems, proportional representation
navy, including the repairing of several
been carried away by the waves.
raised any more the mills will close railroads, roads, taxation, insurance,
captured Ruisian ships.
Five out of eight vessels 111 Ship down, as prices are already up to the forestry, irrigation and prisons.
John D. Rockefeller is missing from Island at the time o f the storm were limit. That the price of lumber could
his Forest H ill home.
beached and two will be total wrecks. be advanced again is scouted. It is
Car Shortage Closes Smelter,
Several vessels, the names of which argued that if a boost were given the
The steamer Mongolia has started for
are unknown, are ashore off Horn Is­ price on Oregon fir, It could not com­
Grants Pass—The car shortage that
Ban Francisco, leaking badly.
land and the small islands marking pete with Southern pine in the East is proving such a handicap to the in­
The Cuban situation adds many com
the passage between Dauphin Island ern markets. This is the fart that
dustries of Southern Oregon, has Peasants Resist Army Enrollment, Kill
plications to Mr. Roosevelt’s already
and the mainland have been destroyed. keeps the price of the Oregon product
strenuous job.
forced the Taklima copper smelter to
and Disarm Police.
The beacon lights on this part of the where it is.
The Russian government la now tak coast are not greatly damaged.
shut down. It will not be started up
8t. Petersburg, Sept. 28. — Grave
ing final action towards the distribution
again until next spring. Captain J. M agrarian disorders have broken out in
The schooner Alice Graham, o f Mo­
of land to peasants.
bile, is known to have been lost, with
Mclntlre, who had the contract to tbe province of Viatka, tbe center of
haul the matte to Grant’s Pass for tbe disturbance being the important
Bernard Bbaw says the new spelling her crew of six men. This boat has
Citizens Guarantee Right of Way and shipment and to haul coke to the district of Malmuisb, with a popula­
reform is not much ol a reform, con­ been pursued by an evil fate, and. be­
Work Will Start Soon.
sides having various mishaps from
smelter, has taken his teams to Kla tion of over 100,000, where the inhab­
sisting mostly cf abbreviations.
Tillamook— At a meeting of the bus­ math county where he has two large itants of more or less villages bave
time to time, was wrecked In the great
The r. cent report of the killing of 26 storm o f 1893, when several people iness men it was decided to guarantee freighting contracts.
joined in tbe uprising have disarmed
United States soldiers by Caban Insur­ were lost from her.
a free right-of-way to E. E. Lytle, of
and expelled tbe police and are pillag­
gents la declared absolutely untrue
ing and destroying tbe residences of tbe
Four bodies have been picked up in the Pacific Railway & Navigation
Telephone in Coquille Valley.
The total number of deaths from the the water near Dauphin Island and Company, with terminal grounds, from
Myrtle Point— The new Farmers' landowners and devastating the conn-
try. It is rumored at Viatka that the
recent Gulf storm is n >w placed at 125, have been buried there. Tw o were Tillamook City to the Nehalem river,
and many points are yet to be heard evidently sailors and two were boys. and from the Nehalem to the county Telephone line from Norway, a point administrative police chiefs in the
Malmuisb district and eight of their
The people on Dauphin Island suffered line in Washington county. It is not
to cost the citizens of*this county more Point is nearing completion. This is subordinates have been killed.
The report of Pension Commissioner great hardships during the storm, and
The excesses began September 20,
than $10,000, and in consideration of one of a large number o f farmers
Warner shows a decrease of $12,470. for 24 hours were in great danger. The
lines centering at Myrtle Point. The with a riot over the enrollment of army
There were 43,300 deaths of pensioners soldiers of Fort Gaines made a dan this Mr. Lytle has agreed to commence
gerous trip of two miles to the real work next year in Tillamook City and farmers’ lines have induced the Pacific reserve men lor the automobile service.
during the year.
dences on the island, offering to give grade and build 15 miles of road, going States Telephone Company to give At tbe village oi Mulnami a body of
Indications now are that at the com­ everybody shelter within the fort, but north from this city, and have the en free rates over its line, through peasants attacked the enrollment eta
ing session of congress the senate will the offer was In all eases refused, the tire line between Tillamook City and the Coquille Valley, and also to reduce tion, killed a sergeant and six rural po­
throw many obstructions in the way of people preferring to remain In their Hillsboro completed by December 31, rates for the rental of telephones.
licemen, mortally wounded the assist­
Roosevelt's policy towards Cuba.
ant police chief of the district and de­
own houses.
stroyed the list ol reserve men.
General Thomas Hailey
It is expected that the free right-of-
The Viborg manifesto is thought to
brigadier general in the Union am y
Vancouver Troops for Cuba.
way will cost the citizens between
be more directly responsible for tbe
daring the rebellion, is dead, aged 33
Vancouver Barracks, Wash., Oct. 1 $20,000 and $30,000, and the business
Wheat— Club, 65@66c; blustem, 68 disorders than anything else. I t had a
A t Appomatoz he is said to — To assist In protecting life and prop men and farmers have thus far liber­
@69c; Valley, 67@68c; red, 62@63c.
wide circulation in Viatka province,
have silenced the last battery ever erty and in preserving peace In Cuba ally subscribed towards It, although It
Oats— No. 1. white, $23.50@24; gray, and its exhortation to the peasants to
placed in action by General Lee.
the "Pearl of the Antilles”— Is the
$22@22.50 per ton.
refuse to do m ilitary service was spread
Btill another plot to assassinate the peaceful, rather than war like, mis money for so small a community to
Barley— Feed, $20.50 per ton; brew­ by the members of the outlawed parlia­
esar has been discovered.
slon which will start the Seventeenth
ment from Viatka.
ing, $21.50; rolled, $23.
Some little disappointment was felt
and Eighteenth mountain batteries
Rye— $1.35 per cwt.
A new outbreak of Jewbaiting has
now stationed here across the conti­ here that the effort fell through in get
Corn— Whole, $26®27; cracked, $28
occurred at Odessa, Russia.
Make Final Effort.
nent to Newport News at an early ting some financial help from the per ton.
A sister of Mrs. Howard Gould has
Havana, Bept, 28. — The Moderate
hour today and which later will lead Portland business men, as the building
Mlllstuffs— Bran, city, $14.50; coun­ party last night decided to make a final
married a Chinese coolie in Han Fran­
them to the scene of the present West of Mr. Lytle's road will be of great try, $16.50 per ton; middlings, $24;
effort to perpetuate tbe authority of
Indian Imbroglio. It will be the first benefit to Portland commercially.
shorts, city, $16; country, $17 per ton. the Palma adminietration by deter
Taft w ill not use troops in Cuba if he time 'hat these troops, equipped bet
Hay— Valley timothy, No. 1, $10@11 mining to reject the resignation of the
can possibly get along with marines ter than the foot or mounted soldiery
Oregon's Mill Statistics.
per ton; Eastern Oregon timothy, $12 president when presented to congress
and bluejackets.
Salem—There are 379 mills in the @14; clover, $6.50®7; cheat, $7®
of any other post In America to wage
When this decision was reach­
A ll preparations are complete for the warfare among the mountain passes State of Oregon, according to statisti­
7.50; grain hay, $7; alfalfa, $10; vetch ed, Secretary of War Taft and Assist
inquiry Into the doings of the lumber and inaccessible highlands of Cuba cal data collated by Labor Commis
hay, $7@7.60.
ant Secretary of State Bacon, the Amer­
trust at Ban Francisco.
have been away from the Columbia sioner Hoff, to be embodied in his
Fruits— Apples, common to choice, ican commissioners, had already con­
The H ill lines are said to have sold River garrison since their return from forthcoming report, including saw 25@75c per box; choice to fancy, 75c cluded to intervene, but they agreed to
vast deposits of iron ore to the United the Philippines nearly two years ago, mills, combined saw and planing mills @1.25; grapes, Oregon, 50@75c per await today’ s developments, as they
States Bteel corporation.
save for their short trip to San Fran combined saw and shingle mills, 7 crate; California, Black Prince, $1.15® are anxious to afford the Cubans every
The Navy department has issued or­ cisco to do patrol duty following the shingle mills and 37 planing mills, 1.25; muscat, $1.25; Tokay, $1.25® opportunity to work out their own sal­
which cover 90 per cent of the Indus­ 1.50; Concords, 21 % c per basket; vation.
ders to prepare the receiving ship Han­ earthquake.
tries of the slate.
cock for use as a tram port.
peaches, 90c@$1.10; pears, 75c@1.25;
Greet Traci Was Flooded.
The total annual output of these crabapples, $1@1.25 per box; prunes,
Governor Toole, of Montana, has an­
Salt Trust Raises Price.
nounced himself a candidate frr the
25@50c box; huckleberries, 8® 10c,per
New York, Bept. 28.— The Interna­
300 feet of lumber and 37,030,000 pound; cranberries, $9 per barrel; tional 8alt company yesterday raised
United States senate to succeed W. A.
that hundrtds of square miles of land shingles. The reported value o f the
its prices on ail grades of salt approxi­
quinces, $1@1.25 per box.
were under 18 inches to four feet of planing mills aggregates $369,500;
A Japanese steamer is accuied of re­
Vegetables— Beans. 5@7V4e;
cab­ mately 60 cents per ton. This is said
water during the hurricane on the and that o f the 300 mills remaining
fusing aid to the American steamer
bage, I44@2c per pound; cauliflower, to be the third raise within a period of
Mississippi river delta were brought $6.364,200. The total number of men
three months. The reasons given are
Mongolia, which went ashore at Mid­
here today. The inundated tract is employed by 313 mills reporting is $101.25 per dozen; celery, 50@90c per that the shutting down of two of tbe
way island.
mostly Inhabited by fishermen and oys- 11,790, and women, 311. The total
largest producing plants in the Utica
Russian terrorists have offered a re­ termen. Messages which left these amount of wages paid for labor in 313 bers, 15c per dozen; egg plant, 10c per district has caused a shortage in the
ward for the assassination of the esar. villages last night said that up to that of these mills in 1905 was $6,648.-
onions, 10® 12Vie per dozen; peas, 4 supply, that the demand is unprece­
The expenses of the Ban Francisco re­ time several persons were still miss­ 093.90, and 96 mills report an increase @5c; bell peppers, 5c; pumpkins, 114c dentedly large and that much difficulty
lief committee for September were ing. The loss to the United States of 12 per cent in wages over 1904; none per pound; spinach. 4@5c per pound; baa been experienced recently in se­
$121,57.6 The I u Iget for October is Marine Hospital quarantine station on reports a decrease.
tomatoes, 40@50c per box; parsley, 10 curing cars in which to transport tbe
Ship Island Is about $60.000.
reiiu ed to $49,507.
@15c; sprouts, 7V4c per pound; product.
In a Condensed Form (or Oar
Busy Readers.
Teddy Roosevelt, Jr., and three
•Coal Running Short.
chums at Harvard have been arrested
Winnipeg, Man., Oct. 2.— As the re­
for beating up a policeman In <tha col­
sult o f the strike of 5.000 miners em­
lege town. They have been released.
ployed at the Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Roosevelt does not expect a crisis in Company and the Fernle-MIchel and
the Cuban affair.
Coal Creek companies at Fernle, a
The United States navy is extremely coal famine threatens the cities of the
Canadian Northwest The mines at
short of marines.
I^thbrldge have been closed down for
Outlawry in Leyte and Samar, Phil several months and when the man­ islands, may force military rule. agers of the Fernle mine refused to
The hurricane which has swept the discharge non union miners. President
Southern etatee will greatly damage the Sherman, of the district organisation
of miners, called all his men out. Even
cotton crop.
the coke ovens are now shut down.
Taft opposes the plan lor a provis­
ional guvernment and may proclaim
Six Added to Death List.
himself governor.
New Orleans, Oct. 2.— Six more
San Jaan, Porto Rico, experienced a
deaths were added to the list of
series of severe earthquakes. Buildings
were badly damaged and the people drowned in the Mississippi Sound re­
gion today. Captain Culver, his wife
were panic stricken.
and four boatsmen. who were on an
The government will prosecute the
Island In Orand Bay on the Mlaats-
’ trust.
slppi-Alabama state line when the hur­
Maxican rebels captured the town of ricane began, have been given up for
Jtmlnea, but after a sharp fight they lost. Everything on the Islands was
were driven out by troops.
washed Into the bay, leaving the place
General Stoeaael has resigned from almost barren.
the army and it has been accept- d to
prevent bis stirring up a scandal over
Another Storm Is Coming.
the surrender of Port Arthur.
Washington. Oct. t.— The Weather
In the hearings of the -net land Bureau tonight announced that an
fraud in Wyoming by the Inteetiate other "tropical disturbance” Is report­
Commerce commission testimony wee ed as approaching the Yucatan Chan­
•flared that a justice of the Supreme nel from the east, but that there was
court of Wyoming helped the Union no Information available as to the In­
Pacific to secu'e government coal land. tensity of the storm.
Secures Rights of Way.
Oregon City—J. B. Ryan, o f Port­
land who has returned from the In­
terior o f the county, reports that he
was successful In acquiring rights of
way for almost the entire distance to
Molalla for the projected branch of
the Safi m-Caneman electric railway
system. Mr. Ryan does not consider
that it will be necessary for the com­
pany behind this railway project to
press more than two condemnation
suits In order to Insure a continuous
right of way.
Helps Salmon Over Falls.
Heppner— In order to facilitate the
ascent of the fishway at the falls in
this city by salmon in their efforts to
reach the Upper Willamette, the W ill­
amette Pulp A Paper Company la plac­
ing heavy timbers on the top of Its
concrete weir. In this way the volume
o f water going over the falls is so dis­
tributed that the operation of the fish
ladder is not interfered with.
Rainfall at Astoria.
Astoria— The rainfall at Astoria In
September was the heaviest during
any corresponding month since the
records have been kept here. The pre­
cipitation was 8.66 Inches. The near­
est approach to this was during Sep­
tember, 1905, when 7.1$ Inches o f rain
.... .
squash, 114c per pound; hothouse let­
tuce, $l@1.25; turnips, 90c®$l per
sack; carrots, $1@1.25 per sack; beets,
$1.25® 1.50 per sack; garlic, 7H@10c
per pound: horseradish, 10c per pound.
Potatoes— Oregon Burbanks, deliv­
ered, 80@85c; in carlots f. o. b. coun­
try, 75®80c; sweet potatoes, 2®214c
per pound.
Butter — City creameries:
creamery, 30c per pound. State cream­
eries: Fancy creamery, 25@30c; store
butter, 15® 17c.
Eggs— Oregon ranch, 30c per dozen;
best Eastern. 26®27c; ordinary East­
ern. 24® 25c.
Poultry— Average old hens. 13 H 0
14V4c; mixed chickens. 13V4014c;
spring. 13V6@14Hc; old roosters. 9®
10c; dressed chickens, 14®15V4c; tur­
keys, live, 16@2tc; turkeys, dressed,
choice. 21®22Hc; grese, live, per
pound, 9®10c; ducks. 14®15c; pig­
eons, $101.50; squabs. $2®3.
Veal— Dressed, 5V4®Sc.
Beef— Dressed bulls, 3c per pound:
cows, 4H®514c; country steers, 5@6c.
Mutton— Dressed fancy, 708c per
pound: ordinary, 5 ® 6c; lambs, fancy
Pork— Dressed, 608c.
Hops— 1906, 15®17c per pound;
1905. nominal: 1904. nominal.
Wool— Eastern Oregon average best.
16® 19c per pound, according to shrink­
age; Valley, 20022c, according to fine­
Mohair— Choice, 28 0 30c per pound.
Cuban Congress Gives Up and
He Assumes Control.
Majority o f All Parties Refused to At­
tend the Special Session o f
Cuban Congress,
Havana, Bept. 29.— American inter­
vention in Cuba w ill be an accomplish­
ed fact today.
President Roosevelt’ s peace commis­
sioners, although clothed with tbe full­
est authority from him to take such ac­
tion whenever it became obvione that
tbe securing of peace by harmonizing
the warring Cnbane was impossible,
patiently withheld their bands from
thus setting aside Cnban sovereignity
until tbe last bops disappeared.
stage was reached at a late hear last
night, when a majority of all parties
refused to attend the s< siion of congress
called to a>.t upon the resignation ol
members of tbe government and declar­
ed definitely that they would bave
nothing more to do with the govern­
ment of Cuba.
As was expected, there has been
much rabid denunciation of the course
pursued by tbe American commission­
ers, who, it has been alleged, bave act­
ed unfairly towards the government,
b -t the great mass ol tbe residents of
Cuba, Cabans, Bpan'ards, Americans
and all other foreigaeie, welcome inter­
vention as something for which they
bave longed throughout six weeks of
unrest, disorder and ill-feeling.
Toe proclamation will be issued to
day. It w ill be singed by Mr. Taft, by
virtue of the authority vested in him
by Preeiden* Roosevelt.
It w ill create
Mr. Taft provisional military governor
of Cuba nutil be deems the country
sufficiently pacified lor civil govern­
ment, whereupon be will call Beckham
Winthrop, governor of Porto Rico, to
act as civil governor.
Urgently Needed at Cienfuegos, None
Are Available.
Washington, Sept. 29.— An appeal
for more men to assist in protecting
property at Cienfuegos, Cuba, was re
ceived today by Acting Secretary New­
berry, of the Navy department, from
Commander Smith of the cruiser Cleve­
land, which is now stationed at Cien
fuegoa, together with tbe gnnboat Ma
In addition to tbe regular comple­
ment of marines snd bluejackets on the
warships, 225 o 'h jr marines were sent
to Cienfnegoe to assist in looking after
foreign interests there, and at present
the N a v department has no available
men. Practically all the marines who
can be spared from barracks in the
Unijed 8tatee and from warships are
preparing to go to Havana.
I t is not
believed by the Navy department that
any of the men now at Havana or on
their way there can be epared to assist
at Cienfuegos.
W ork o f the Hurricane.
Mobile, Ala., Sept. 29.— Between 75
and 100 lives lost, fully two score vee
sels driven ashore or wrecked in vari­
ous parte of the Gnlf of Mexico, dam
age amounting to $4,500 000 in tbe city
of Mobile, and two millions more at
outside points, ie the record ol tbe
storm which swept Mobile Wedneadav
and Wednesday night. No accurate es
timate of tbe casualitiee can be made
ae yet, and it is donbtfn! if exact fignree
will be known for a week or more.
Pensacola suffered as much as Mo­
bile. The loes of life is known to be
heavy and damage to property will
reach $5,000.000. The smaller towns
snd country throughout the district felt
the hurricane equally as much as the
two citiea.
Insured by Penny Paper.
New York, Sept. 29.— A special cable
dispatch to the Times from London
states that tbe heirs of one of tbe vic­
tims of the Granthan disaster have re­
ceived $1,000 insurance, which was
effected at a cost of 1 penny. The in­
sured was a regnlar subscriber to a
London penny weekly which insures
its readers against acccidents and
death. Ilia bag, containing a current
copy of the paper, duly stamped, wat
at the hotel at Retford.
Within a few
honrs of his death the claim was exam­
ined, allowed and settled.
Will Thus Force intervention by tha
United States.
Havana, Bept. 28.— The Cuban re­
public stand* on tbe verge of a second
period of American intervention. Tbs
Moderate party, which six weeks agi
was in control of every office in the is­
land, national, provincial and munici­
pal, is determined *o abdicate every­
thing and compel tbe United States to
intervene. In fact, every government
official from President Palma down is
dneerely anxious to force such inter­
vention rather than yield to any on* of
tbe terms offered by tbe Liberal party
and those in arms against the govern­
Tbe Liberal leaders characterise the
conduct of tbe government aa treason to
tbe republic, while Secretary of War
Taft regards it as an unwarranted and
dishonorable attempt to force the band
of the United States into intervention.
This, it has been stated, ie precisely
what President Roosevelt has been most
anxious to avoid.
Ssnor Palma has called a special sea-
sion of congress for Friday, when he
will present the resignation of himself
and Vice President Mendes Capote.
The Moderates, however, w ill not at­
tend that session of congress, for in
iheir hurriedly called National Mod­
erate assembly yesterday
they decided unanimously simply to
quit forthwith. They will not even at­
tend the kpproaching session or have
anything more to do with the govern­
ment ol Cuba, alleging that they bave
been unjustly treated by Mr. Roose­
velt's commissioners.
Moody's Opinion on Moat Inspection
— New Ruins fo r Exports.
Washington, Sapt. 20.— A decision
has been reached by tbe department ol
Justice that tbe meat inspection law
recently enacted by congress does not
apply to foreign products shipped into
this country. This opinion was pre­
pared several days ago and submitted
to Attorney General Moody.
He con­
curred, it is understood, in toe opinion
prepared by the department.
Tbe acting secretary ol commerce and
labor today promulgated certaia rules
regarding the exportation of meats and
meat products, prescribing the manner
of inspecting carcasses snd the issuance
of certificates, labels, etc.
Tbe rales require that both tbe orig­
inal and duplicate, certificate shall be
delivered to the exporter, who shall
file the original with the customs offi­
cer and the duplicate with tbe con­
signee, to be u«ed by tbe latter in iden­
tifying the shipment at the point of
destination by comparison with the
Clearance is to be denied to any ves­
sel carrying meat products for exporta­
tion where regulations bave not been
strictly complied with. Tbe rules will
go into effect on October 1.
Railroads Refuse C art and Boost the
Price to Consumers.
Sait Lake, Sept. 26.— That the rail­
roads are to blame for tbe high price
and periodical shortage of coal in Salt
Lake was the conclusion to be drawn
from tbe testimony presented before
Charles A. Prouty, of tbe Interstate
Commerce commission todav. Tbe in­
quiry wae adjourned until Thnredsv
morning at 10 o’ clock when^it w ill be
returned in Denver.
Mark Hopkine,
who opened two coal mines at Camber-
land, Wyo., was sworn as an expert
today. He said that coal coaid be
placed in care at Wyoming and Utah
mines for $1 a ton and allow a reason­
able profit. Tbe present price on board
cars is $2 a ton. Salt Lake dealers pay
$3 76 for the coal laid down and^ tha
consnmer pays $5.25 a ton.
P. J. Quealy, manager of tbe Kem-
merer, Wyoming, coal company, and
Thomas Sneddon, superintendent of
the Ditmondvilie mines, admitted that
their output could be increased to pre­
vent the annual winter shortages, bat
said that the railroads did not furnieh
cars to carry a larger product.
An a'tempt waa made to show that
the Union Pacific railway carries sap-
plies for its mines at a lower rate than
that quoted to independent operators,
bat this was not substantiated by di­
rect teatimoay.
Army Is Ready.
Oyster Bay, Sept. 26.— Plane for the
transfer of troops from the United
States to Cuba in event of the failure
of Secretary Taft’ s mission to bring
»bout a peaceful eolation of the trouble
in the island republic have been com­
pleted. The final step was taken to­
day, according to an announcement
made here tonight, when the transport
Sumner, now lying at the New York
Leased for Immoral Purposes.
navy yard, was put in commission.
Des Moines, la., Sept. 29. — The F. Negotiations are already under way for
M. Hubbeil company, which is the the acquisition of merchant steamers to
incorporated name for F. M. Hubbeil, be need ae transports.
Right to Tax Telegraph Wires.
probably the wealthiest man in the
Ban Francisco, Bept. 28.— In a deci­ state, was fined $600 in Criminal court
Saxona Join fo r Defense.
sion rendered yesterday tbe State Su­ today for leasing property for immoral
London, Sept. 26.— The Odessa cor­
preme coart decided againet the city ol purposes.
The judgment came after respondent of the Standard telegraphs
Visalia in an action brought to restrain Judge Howe overruled the demurrer to that tbe British and American clnb of
t ie officials of the municipality from the indictment and the defendant re­ Odessa has been inaugurated under the
selling the poles and wires of tbe West- fused to enter a plea. There were six preefiler cy of Lieutenant Smith, the
e n Union corporation under a judg­ indictments againat the Hubbeil com­ British consul general, and tha vice
ment for taxes levied.
The opinion pany. and a fine of $100 wee imposed presidency of Thomas E. Keenan, tbe
handed down holds that the streets in each.
An appeal waa taken in to American consul. “ To face the troub­
whereupon the property ie fixat'd are the Supreme court.
lous times through which the country
public highway*, and that the s'a e r
it passing,” the correspondent contin­
any subdivision thereof has no light to Cold Storage Chickens Condemned. ue*. “ it waa thought eminently advis-
levy a tax upon a franchise each as ie
Chicago, Sept. 29.— Two car* of cold a) la tl at the members of both com­
h Id by tbe telegraph company.
storage chicken* and over ten carload* munities should have a common ren­
of meat were condemned yesterday by dezvous and refnga.”
Typhoon in North Luzon.
Chief Food Inspector Murray and hi*
Manila, Bept. 28 — Tbe Cagayan vat- assistants, to say nothing of 16 aarcaaa-
Terrorists Try Fira.
i«y . in tbe northern part of tbe Island e* of diseased cattle and fonr calves.
Bt. Petersburg, Sept. 26.— The Yam-
of T»aun, waa devastated by a typhoon The condemnation of the chickena wae burg district baa been devastate! by a
September 18. Barrios, Gallaran and dne to private advice* received by Mr, serica of conflagration* which ara be­
Lagunan were totally destroyed and Murray from Canada
When he learn­ lieved to be tbe work of organised
four towns were badly damaged.
Cag­ ed that tha lot had escaped him and bands of incendiarie*. Six privata as-
ayan is the i rin ¡pal tobacco section of wae on the way to New York, be uoti. tate* have been destroyed, and a great
the island, snd the crops were practi­ fled the author itiee there.
paper factory has been burned down.
cally destroyed. N > estimate baa been
Two village* were in flames today.
made of the amonnt ol damage done,
Uncle Barn Owns Palma Island.
Great damage waa done by fire in the
but the loan of life ie known to have
Washington, Sept. 2 ».— It la said al Ohkhota quarter of Bt. Peterebnrf last
thè State department that no donbt night. Three pareont ara known to
exiats aa to thè American ownerahip bave lost their lives in this fira.
Estimata* o f Lose at Hongkong.
and control of Palma'* ialand, one of
Manila, Bept. 28.— Chinese newspa tbe amali ialanda on tba southeaatem
Adda to Montana Reserves.
para raraivad here today eetimate tbe • Iga of thè Philippinea.
A boat 1S
Washington, Bept. 28.— The aaara-
loas of Ufa resulting from the typhoon
itha eco tha War department re- tary of the interior today withdraw
at Hongkong, Baptembar 18, at 10,000, quest ed thè d. per t ment nf State to de­ from entry 360.000 a a « of tend la the
and tha lone of the fishing fleet and tbe termine whether or no* Palma’ * ialand Kaliapall, Moat., land district,’ which
damage to property at from $3,000,000
inclndad in tha Phiiipplna group are to he added to the Lewie sad Clark
to $10,000,000.
lownad by tha United