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    B uy
at Auction?
At any rate, you aeem to be
getting rid of it on auction-sale
p r in c ip le s : “ going, going,
g-o-n-el” Stop the auction
with A yer’a Hair Vigor. It
checks falling hair, and always
restores color to gray hair. A
splendid dressing also. Sold
for over sixty years.
.V M/„hlJ r.ctra* ° « *
*>adlT I nearly lo .t it
much »bou t A yer s Hair
V igo r I thought I would give It a trial. I did
•o and it com pletely «topped the falling, and
mtide ray hair g row very ra p id ly."— M a r y H.
P i r l d , Northfleld, M as«.
•“ a i - L a s a j f s “-
A y ers ss,«™*.
M“ *-
I n t e l l i g e n t C r itic .
" H a ! h a ! That was a funny Joke
you wrote about the fellow who didn’t
know a 'bunker’ from a 'stymie,' ” said
the golfer.
"Made a hit with you golfers, eh?"
replied the funny man.
"Yes. Such Ignorance Is laughable.'
" I suppose so. Say, what are ‘bunk
ers’ and ‘stymies,’ anyway?"— Phila­
delphia Ledger.
H e W a n L o o k in g A h etfd .
In a cozy chair Mr. Trouble Hunter
sat In front of a big warm stove, but
looked sad as the smoke curled from
his clear Havana cigar.
Ills lovely wife placed her arm on
the top of the chair back and with the
other hand stroked his troubled brow,
"lia s romething gone wrong In busi­
ness, dear?" she asked.
lie remained silent.
"You’ve been
disappointed over
lie remained silent and on his face
care brooded.
"W hat on earth Is worrying you,
dear?" she asked with tears in her
" I was Just thinking,’’ he said sadly,
"o f the approach of spring, w’hen I'll
have to take the stovepipe down."— In­
dianapolis Star.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There is only one
way to cure dearness, and that is by constitu­
tional remedies. Deafness is caused by an in­
flamed condition o f the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube is inflamed
oil have a rumbling sound or imperfect hear-
□g, and when it is entirely closea, Deafness is
the result, and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing w ill be destroyed forever;
nino cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which is nothing but au inflamed condition of
lhe*mucous surfaces.
We w ill give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can­
not be cured by H a ll’s Catarrh Cure. Bend lo t
circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
H all’s Family Pills are the best.
P l a n t i n g C o rn In
Panam a.
"Anyone who is willing to work can
get rich In the Republic of Panama,"
said Dillwynn M. Hazlett to a Kansas
City Journal writer. " I t costs 10 cents
u bunch to raise bananas and there Is
always sale for them at 30 cents a
bunch. Three crops of corn can be
raised a year and no cultivation is re­
quired. A man walks along and drops
the corn In the footprints he makes
and a native follows and covers the
corn with bis big toe. That Is all there
Is to do until It Is time to gather I t ”
A l l M o d e r n C o n v e n ie n c e «.
The Hostess— I suppose your new
apartment lias all the very latest Im­
The Visitor— Yes, Indeed. Hot and
cold steam heat, running washtubs and
stationary elevator.— Brooklyn Life.
CITO P :- V itu s' Dan'-« and all N ervou s DUeases
l l l u perm anently cured b y Dr. K lin e ’ s Orest
rte rv e R estorer. Hend Sir F R E K ,2 trial bottle and
treatise. Or. It. IL K lln . , Ld..931 A rcli Ht.. I'blla.,Pa.
H e R e a d t h e S lffa s .
One morning two young women en­
tered the Saltville grocery, and after
some discussion bought a pound of
dates, two pounds of gingersnaps and
two pounds of crackers.
“ Stopping at Miss Gray’s?” Inquired
the clerk, as be tied up the bundles. ,
“ Yes,” said one of the young women,
with evident surprise.
“ Came about yesterday forenoon?"
said the clerk.
“ How did you know?” asked the oth­
er young woman, curiously.
“ Dm. Well, I can most generally
tell,” said the clerk, without glancing
at the objects of his mind-reading, As
he twitched a knot In the string. “ You
see, it's pretty drizzly and muddy to­
day. and I knew there wouldn't be any­
body's boarders but Miss Gray's feel
the need of coming out here such weath­
er; and long as yon didn’t come till to­
day, I knew for sure you couldn’t have
been here more'n one day. Three meals
Is about the average.”
San Francisco Suffers at Hands
of Insurance Companies.
Business o f Bay City But One Third
o f What It W seD uring Month
o f May 1006.
San Francisco, Jane 9.— Interest here
has centered in the insnrance situation.
Bueineea conditions remain uncertain
and wait upon the settlement of loaeee.
The time has come when the insurance
companies must positively declare
The policies held by San
Franciscans call for the payment of
abont 1200,000,000. Bo far but little
more than $3,000,000 has been paid,
and almost all oi this «a s in small
amounts. The $200,000,000 ia needed
to enable the people of the city to re
sume business. How badly the money
ia needed may be gathered from the
clearing house figures. In May, 1905
the clearances in
amounted to $147,000,000. For May,
1906, the clearances amounted to
$50,000,000. In other words, one-third
as mnch business was done last month
as in the corresponding month a year
ago. The policy holders have become
weary of the dilatory tactics of the in
suiance companies.
They have re
trained from criticism for six weeks,
but now are insisting that their c airns
be paid without farther delay.
policy holders of each company have
banded together for protection.
have the support of the newspapers,
the commercial bodies and the indus­
trial and commercial organizations of
every city on the coast. They no long­
er deal as single individuals with the
insurance companies, bat present
solid front which is not to be repulsed.
This organization w ill save them in the
It is known that millions of dollars
are lying dormant in the banks of this
city and Oakland to the credit of the
insnrance companies.
The question
naturally suggests itself;
Why do not
the insurance companies pay? The
answer is that they are trying to drive
the best bargain they can, hoping to
bring about a compromise in the end.
These are not pretty tactics, bat never­
theless they are used.
Packers Msks Their Casa W orse by
Their Questions.
Washington, Jans 8. — His charges
against tbe tries- packers were repeated
and enlarged upon today by Charles P.
Naiil, commissioner of labor, in his
testimony before tbe house committee
on agriculture. He was subjected to a
close cross-examination, especially by
Chairman Wadsworth, the author of
the bill to make the government pay
the cost oi inspection, and M r. Lori-
mer, Kepul 1 can boas, of Chicago, and
he even accused these gentlemen of
quibbling and seeking to discredit him.
He sras championed by several mem­
bers of tbe committee, who resented
tbe tone of some of the questions.
Tbe effect of the questions was only
to emphasize the worst oi Mr. N eill’s
charges. He described floors black with
filth, which alt the seas could not
wash clean; he identified disease* from
which employes were suffering by the
smell of the medicines they carried;
be told again the atory of the hog
which slipped into the wrong place;
be answered the statement that girla
were allowed to ait by saying they had
nothing to sit upon; be gave a graphic
word-picture of a man climbing with
hands, kneea and feet over a pile of
meat; be denied that packing honaea
are open to the public.
Before Mr. N eill testified, Thomas
Wilson, representative of the packers,
finished his testimony.
He declared
nied the possibility of passing on the
cost of inpection to cattlemen, and pre­
dicted disaster to the livestock indus­
try, as well as to the packers, irom the
loss of foreign trade.
Ambassador Cheng Discourses Be­
fore Cleveland Business Men.
Cleveland, Jnne 8.— Sir Cheng Tung
Liang Cheng, the Chinese ambassador
at Washington, was a guest of honor
and the principal speaker at a dinner
given by the local chamber of commerce
today. He paid an eloquent, tribute to
the memory of the late Secretary John
Hay. He dwelt at length on the in­
creasing opportunities for American
commerce in China.
He said in part:
“ China and the United States Beem
to be admirably situated for close com­
mercial relations.
With a chain oi
insular possessions extending across the
Pacific, the United States has its trad­
ing posts at the very gate of China.
Even now the cotton mills of the Booth
depend upon the China market for the
disposal of their products; for China
takes from the United States more
than half of its total exports of cotton
manufactures. Even now the mills ol
the Northwest find China a good custo
mer for their flour.
“ The commerce between tbe two
countries has steadily grown to its
present proportions in spite of all dis­
State Takes Up Cause o f San Fran couragements and restrictions. With
a better understanding of each other’ s
cisco Insurance Victims.
Ban Francisco, June 9.— A t a confer­ needs and conditions there is every res
ence todsy between Insurance Commie son to believe that the growth w ill be
sioner E. Myrr n Wolf and F. C. Coo- much more rapid in the future.”
gan. attorney of the underwriters, Mr.
W olf warned the latter that he would C LA IM S C O P Y R IG H T ON VOICE
immediately call for a list of policy
holders from every company which
failed to sign an agreement to extend to Sousa Accuses Phonographs o f Pi­
racy and Injury to Music.
60 days the time for proof of loss.
The notification is equivalent to a
Washington, Jane 8.— At tbe hear­
declaration of war on all companies ing on tbe copyright bill today John
which have not signed. The statute Philip Sousa, the composer a?d band
provides $1,000 penalty for failure to conductor, testified that in every one of
respond to the demand. In effect, the the catalogues of the manufacturers of
order w ill compel every company to talking machines was a list of some
grant the extension or go out of busi­ twenty to one hundred of his compoai
ness in this state.
tions, bnt he bad yet to receive tbe first
The sweeping order applies to more cent for wbat he regarded as this “ pi
than half of the companies doing busi­ racy.”
Mr. Sousa condemned the ma­
ness in the city, and is designed by chines roundly.
Mr. W olf to complete tbe work begun
“ I tell yon the human voice ia not
when a notice was served on all the heard ai it nsed to be,” he said, “ and
companies suggesting that ail sign aD I prophesy that the vocal cords may by
agreement which would prevent the tbeir disuse become useless.
policies from lapsing through the ina­
‘ Ano'ber evidence that these ma­
bility of the insured to get their proofs chines are taking the musical initiative
made out in time.
from our people is that the sales of tbe
The policy holders of tbe Traders’ banjo, the mandolin and the guitar are
insurance company w ill form a corpor­ greatly decreasing and the dealers tell
ation to look after their interests in me this is on account of the increased
the litigation which w ill be bronght use of the talking machines.”
to compel that concern to pay all obli­
Victor Herbert fallowed Mr. Sons*,
gations in fa ll. This was determined at speaking, he said, for many brother
a meeting of the policy holders held in comp sera, for the provision in the bill
this city today.
intended to protect tbeir rights.
Cost o f Obedience to Law.
Chicago, June 9 — Tbe improvements
at tbe Union stockyards to be ordered
by the city authorities as the result of
the recent examination of buildings
will cost tbe packers nearlfy $1,000,-
000, according to estimates made by
Building Commissioner Hartsman.
will require an expenditure of abont
$500,000, maybe $200,000 more, to
make changes needed to conform with
tbe requirements of tbe city bnilding
ordinances, while the sanitary im ­
provements to be insisted npon will
cost about $300,000.
Hardest on Home Companiei.
San Francisco, Jane 9.— The Chron­
icle pablishee a statement showing the
losses of the insurance companies by
tbe recent fire, the total being placed
at $296,780,000.
“ From this.” says
the Chronicle, “ deduct 15 per cent to
arrive at the insnrance in the burned
district, and one baa the total of $252,-
363,000. The domestic companies, on
tbe 15 per cent redaction, have risks
to the smonnt of $138,155,760 in the
horned district, and to meet it have a
capital and snrplns of only $191,437,-
Indianapolis Transportation Facilities.
Indianapolis haa 18 railroads, reach­
ing all the important citiea of the Cen­
tral Weet, and 14 internrban electric
lines and connections extending from
25 to 75 miles in every direction.
These bring into
Indianspolis an
enormous trading population. From a
radins of 60 miles more than 26,COO
manufacturers and dealers come to In­
dianapolis for their snppliaa.
Slaughter o f Sh< sp.
and publishers w ill visit Indianapolis
Spokane. Jane 9.— A Lewiston, Ida­
in Jane, the occasion being the annasi
convention of the National Editorial ho, special to the Spokesman Review
says: Meager details are to band of an
alleged serious war between sheep and
F a l1 a « y A b a a « J e w e le r * .
cattle men on tbe Salmon river, 18
Jewelers, when watebee are with miles from White Bird.
The matter
them for repairs, are frequently Insult­ bas not been reported to the authorities
ed with the remak:
of Idaho county. Tbe rumor ia that
“ I trust there is no danger of crys­ cattlemen, who reeented tbe advent of
tals being substituted for the Jewels In sheep on rapgee hitherto used exclu­
the works of my watch.”
sively by stockmen, fired into hands at
For a great many parsons think than A. T . Davis’ ranch, slangbtaring 300.
are dishonest Jewelers who make a
practice, with “ full jeweled" watches,
Want* I aland fo r Tarminu*.
o f substituting crystals toe the Jewels
Sacramento. Cal., Jnna 9. — A con­
at an enormous profit.
current resolution introduced ia the
As a matter o f fa c t there la do truth senate by Mr. Bbortridge and in tbe
In this suspicion. A Jeweler, no matter assembly by Mr. Atkinacn provides
bow dishonest could not steal the Jew­ that tbe United States government be
els In s watch, for they are valueless; requested to cede to the state of C ali­
they only cost 10 cents apiece.
fornia the island in Ban Francisco bay
In antique watches the Jewels were known as Gnat island, or Yer'ja Buena,
eften costly. la
to be need by the state as a terminal
tor different railroad companies.
O i l
Loss in Business is Estimated at
$ 1 5 0 ,0 0 0 ,0 0 0 .
Armour Says It Will Ba a Long Time
Before European Prejudice
Can Ba Allayed.
Kansas City, June 7.— The Journal
will say;
It is estimated that the business done
by the packing houses located here trill
suffer to the extent of $10,000,000 as a
result of the agitation in connection
with the president’s ernrade against
canned meats. Representative! of the
various plants seen yesterday agreed
with the estimate in the telegraphic
dispatches of yesterday that the busi­
ness of the whole country would show
a loss of at least $150,000,000. Charles
W . Armour said yesterday:
“ AU this agitation is going to do an
immense amount of damage and in
quarters where it w ill be the hardest to
overcome the prejudice aroused. It
will be a long tims before the prejudice
against Americt n meats in England is
allayed and it will be still longer on
the continept. The packing industries
of the country have enough obstacles
to contend with without increasing the
number unjustly or mischievously.
“ Everybody knows how hard it is to
control the mei t tiade in Germany and
France. The world is allied commer­
cially against the United States.
I t is
only by dint of sheer supeiiority of pro­
ducts, better methods and American
atrenuosity that America hoi Ja her own
and is conquering the markets of the
world. It is not from any commercial
“ I do not think the estimate of
$150,000,000 I osb to the packers in the
whole country is exaggerated. That is
only a strinkage of about 10 per cent
on the total volume of business done,
which I think easily $1,500,000,000 in
all branches of tbe trade.
We have
complaints from Englaud that the can­
ned meat trade is decreasing.”
Hermann Trial Delayed by a Long-
Drawn-Out Postal Case.
Washington, June 7.— Representa­
tive Hermann's trial in this city on the
letter hnok indictment has finally been
postponed until tbe fall term of the
coart and nnder the agreement made
today will probably not be called nntil
the latter part of November or Decem­
ber. The case, which had been set for
trial June 18, was today postponed by
Justice Gould on motion of United
States District Attorney Baker, the mo­
tion being concurred in by A. S. Worth­
ing for the defense. The latter Btated
that he bad agreed lo the postponement
of the United States attorney with the
explicit understanding that the trial
should follow immediately after the
trial of tbe Hyde-Diatnomi Benson land
fraud cases.
The postponement was
necessitated by the fact that tbe Green-
Doremus pontoffice cane gives promise
of consuming much more of the court’s
time than was originally anticipated.
Pennaylvania Railroad Clerk Gets For­
tune Without Question.
Philadelphia, June 7.— That he ac­
cepted gifts of stock amounting to $11,-
000 and money aggregating more than
$46,000 from coal mining companies
daring a period of about three years
was admitted today by Joseph Boyer,
chief clerk in the office of A. W. Gibbs,
superintendent of motive power of the
Pennsylvania railroad.
purchases tbe fael used in the locomo­
tives of the company, and the doners of
the gifts were the coal companies which
furnish it. Mr. Boyer named five com­
panies, which allowed him from 3 to 6
cents on each ton sold to the railroad
He declared that he never asked for
Suicide Clause Invalid.
Albany, N. Y ., June 8.— Tbe coart of the allowance, but it was accepted be­
Appeals yesterday affirmed the cost and cause he believed be was following a
judgment of $2,262 in favor of Anna T. custom of the department.
Fago, of Wyoming connty, against the
Call All to Account.
Supreme tent of tbe Knights of the
New York, June 7.— Tbe Mutual Life
Maccabees of the World, a fraternal or­
ganization. The plaintiff’ a husband, Insurance company today brought suit
who bald a policy, committed suicide, against it a former vice president/Roh-
and despite tbe fact that the by-law, ert A . Grannies, for an accounting of
state that no benefits shall be paid to the funds of tbe company which were
the beneficiaries of a member whe com expended under bis direction.
mils suicide, tbe lower courts awarded Grannies is alleged to have directed the
tbe plaintiff a verdict and the highest use of part of the so called “ yellow
state coart has affirmed the judgment. dog” fund. James McKeen, consnl for
tbe Mutual, said tbet suite doubtless
w ill be hrongbt against all persona who
Denver Wants Big Convention.
Denver, Jane 6.— A movement wss handled the company’ s money and who
lsnnched yesterday at a meeting of the have failed to give an accounting
Denver Convention league to bring both for it.
great national conventions to this city
two years hence. Especial effort will
bs made lo secure the Democratic con­
vention, bnt an invitation w ill be ex­
tended to both conventions.
I t wss
sgreet that at s meeting to I e held in
the near future. Judge JohnI . M tllins,
Democratic committeeman for Colo­
rado, aod Hon. A . M. Stevenson, Re
puMiean committeeman tor tb it ttate,
w ill be officially notified.
Eckman Admits Crime.
New York, Jane 7.— Assemblyman
Max Kckmann, of this city, pleaded
guilty yesterday to a charge of conspir­
acy with four notaries public to secure
fraudaient signatures to Eckmann’ s pe­
tition nominating him as candidate of
the municipal ownership ticket for ae-
•ebmlyman in the Twelfth assembly
The four notaries, H-nry
Melrose. George A. Dayman, Emmanu­
and Louis Levine, wer*
Bear and Lion May Ba Chums.
Paris, Jnne 6.— The tendency toward fined $100 each bv Justice Scott, who
better relations between Great Britain said that he would ask Governor H ig­
and Rossis ia attracting the greatest gins to cancel tbeir certificates.
interest in official circles here, where
Invite Everybody to Inspect.
coordination baa been received of the
Chicago, Jnne 7.— The Chicago pack­
reports referring to the approaching
visit of the British Channel fleet to ers have i-iserted in ail of tbe daily pa­
Russian Paltic ports
Tba diplomats pers of this city s fall page advertise­
express the conviction that tba drawing ment inviting the general pnblic to vis­
together of these two great powers, fore­ it tbeir plants and by means of a per­
shadows sleeting peace throughout all sonal inspection satisfy themselves re­
garding tbe parity and wboleeomeness
of their products and the cleanlinese
and sanitary condition of the bnildings.
British Teachers Coming.
London. June 8.— Arrangements have Tbe invitation is extended to everybody
been completed under a plan outlined in tbe United State«, and particularly
by Alfred Moseley to send between No­ to the residents of Cihcagoand vicinity.
vember and March 600 British teachers
Three Killed by Heat.
to tbe United State* and Canada to
Chicago, June 7.— Yesterday was the
study the educational systems of tba
two countries. They w ill b* chosen hottest day *o far rxppriencnd this j m r ,
from all parts of the United Kingdom the mercury retching 90 degrees st S
end w ill represent all tbe clsssse in tbe o’clock in the afternoon. Three deaths
and many prostrations wsre reported.
Rest o f State Ticket Carried by tha
George E. Chamberlain, Democrat,
carried the state for governor at Mon­
day’ s election by a plurality ol 2,300
to 2,600, Jonathan Bourne, Jr., Re­
publican, bas a plurality of about 2,600
over John M. Qearin, Democrat. W il­
lis C. Hawley, Republican, f ir congress
in th* First district, has defeated
Charles V . Galloway by abont 3 500.
W. R. £111°, Kepubli-un. in the Second
district, has a lead over James H . Gra­
ham, Democrat, that w ill approach
W illis C. Dnniway, Republican, for
state printer; Frank W . Benson, Re­
publican, for secretary of state, and
Robert Eakin, Republican, for supreme
judge, have defeated their respective
opponents by unprecedented pluralities.
Woman suffrage has been beaten by
abont 10,000 and tbe proposed local
option amendment was lost by abont
the same vote. The legislature is over­
whelmingly Republican.
Returns by Count)«*.
Tbe following is the retnrna, which
are practically complete in a majority
of the counties, on the vote for United
States senator and governor:
Baker— Bourne 1,329, Gearin 1,766;
Chamberlain 2,063, Withycombe 1,424.
Benton— Bourne 932, Gearin 765;
Chamberlain 817, Withycombe 1,116.
Clackamas — Bourne 1,976, Gearin
1,752; Chamberlain 2,223, W ithy­
combe 1,811.
Brownell, Republican,
was defeated for state senator.
Clatsop— Bourne 1,258, Gearin 839;
Chamberlain 1,299, Withycombe 1,049.
With the exception of connty judge
and coroner the Republicans elected
everything on the connty ticket.
Columbia— Bourne 807, Gearin 616;
Chamberlain 711, Withycombe 874.
Coos— Bourne and Withycombe are
estimated to have carried the county by
Crook— Gearin leads by abont 80
votes, while Chamberlain w ill carry
the connty by 160.
Curry— It is estimated that Bourne
and Withycombe w ill carry the connty
by 50 votes.
Douglas — Bourne 1,582,
1,665; Chamberlain 1,792,
W ithy­
combe 1,801. Republicans elected the
entire county ticket except clerk.
Gilliam — Bourne 487, Gearin 386;
Chamberlain 608, Withycombe 411.
Tbe Repnblicans have elected the coun­
ty treasnrer, clerk, commissioner and
The Democrats haye
elected the jndge, sheriff and surveyor.
Grant — Bourne 505, Gearin 623;
Chamberlain 706, Withycombe 576.
Jackson — Bourne 1,373, Gearin 1,-
140; Chamberlain 1,324, Withycombe
1,502. Tbe entire Republican county
ticket is elected except senator which is
in donbt.
Josephine— Bourne and Withycombe
w ill carry the connty by 126.
Klamath — Bourne 477, Gearin 491;
Chamberlain 669, Withycombe 611.
Lake— Gearin w ill carry by 100 and
Withycombe by about 60.
Lane — Bourne 2,043, Gearin 2,035;
Chamberlain 2,241, Withycombe 1 983.
A ll county offices w ill be filled by Re­
pnblicans except that of sheriff.
Lincoln — Bonrne and Withycombe
will carry tbe county by 100.
Linn— Bonrne 1,577, Gearin 2,248;
Chamberlain 2,385, Withycombe 1,865.
Malbeur — Bourne 403, Gearin 320;
Chamberlain 459, Withycombe 453.
Marion — Bourne 1,947, Gearin 2,-
582; Chamberlain 2,732, Withycombe
2 629. Repnblicans bare elected tbe
entire county ticket.
Morrow — Bonrne 599, Gearin 899;
Chamberlain 532, Withycombe 629.
Multnomah — Bonrne 9,347, Gearin
7,669; Chamberlain 8,904,
W ithy­
combe 6,816.
Word, Democrat, may
be elected sheriff. Incomplete retnrne
give the Republican candidate a lead of
Polk — Bourne 967, Gearin 1,093;
Chamberlain 1,286, Withycombe 1,-
Bherman— Gearin baa a plurality oi
60 and Withycombe about the same.
Tillamook— Bourne 330, Gearin 221;
Chamberlain 363, Withycombe 366.
Umatilla— The county will be carried
by Bourne and Withycombe by abont
Union— Bonrne 1,237, Gearin 1,211;
Chamberlain 1,490, Withycombe 1,268.
Wallowa— Bourne w ill carry by 100
and Withycombe by 60.
Waeco — Bonrne and Withycombe
carry the county by small pluralities,
probably 50.
Washington— Bonrne 1 612, Gearin
1,169; Chamberlain 1,444, Withycombe
Wheeler— Bonrne 352, Gearin 299;
Chamberlain 360, Withycompe 326.
Yam hill— Gearin has a plurality oi
104 and Chamberlain 121.
Oil Tank Set on Fire.
Neodeeha, Kan., Jane 12. — Light­
ning struck an oil tank containing 18,-
000 barrels of oil, the property of the
Prairie Oil A Gat company, a Standard
branch here, early today, and caused a
fire Iras of $160,000. The burning oil
set fire to the pn-nping station, and all
tha company’s bnildings,
some of the largest pomps in the world,
were destroyed.
The destruction of
these pumps w ill stop the pumping of
oil to Kansas City and Whiting, Indi­
ans, refineries, and may canse the
Prairie company to cease buying oil.
T h e K i n d Y o u H a v e A lw a y s B o u g h t h a s b o r n e t h e s ig n a ­
t u r e o f C has- H - F l e t c h e r , a n d h a s b e e n m a d e u n d e r h is
p e r s o n a l s u p e r v is io n f o r o v e r 3 0 y e a r s . A l l o w n o o n e
t o d e c e iv e y o u In th is . C o u n te r fe its , I m it a t io n s a n d
“ J u s t - a s - g o o d ” a r e b u t E x p e r im e n ts , a n d e n d a n g e r t h e
h e a lt h o f C h ild r e n —E x p e r ie n c e a g a in s t E x p e r im e n t .
What is C A S TO R IA I
C a s to r ia Is a h a rm le s s s u b s titu te f o r C a s to r O il, P a r e ­
g o r ic , D r o p s a n d S o o th in g S y ru p s. I t Is P le a s a n t. I t
c o n ta in s n e it h e r O p iu m , M o r p h in e n o r o t h e r N a r c o t lo
s u b s ta n c e . I t a a g e is its g u a r a n te e . I t d e s tr o y s W o r m s
a n d a lla y s F e v e r is h n e s s . I t c u r e s D ia r r h o e a a n d W i n d
C o lic . I t r e lie ives
v e s T e e t h i n g T ro
r o u b b le
le s s , , c u r e « C o n s tip a tio n
a n d F la tu le n c •y.
I t a s s im ila te s t h e F o o d , r e g u la t e s t h e
8 tom iu d i a n d B o w e ls , g i v i n g h e a lt h y a n d n a tu r a l s le e p .
T h e C h ild r e n ’ 's
s P a n a c e a —T h e M o t h e r ’ s F r ie n d .
The Kind You Have Always Bought
B ean the Signature of
# #
In Use For Over 3 0 Years.
VM S C . N T .U M O O M M N V . T T M U R R A Y m
in ,
Grandfather’s Cure for
Intestines with a costly waste of Digestive
Juice, as Salts, Castor Oil, Calomel,
Jalap, or Aperient Waters, always do.
No,— Cascarets strengthen and stimu­
late the Bowel Muscles instead.
These are the Muscles that line the
Food passages and that tighten up when
Food touches them, thus driving that
Food on to its finish.
They are the Muscles that turn Food
into Strength through Nutrition.
Well,— a Cascaret acts on your Bowel
Muscles as if you had just Sawed a cord
of wood, or walked ten miles.
That’s why Cascarets are safe to take
aontinuously in health; and out of health.
Because they move the Food Naturally,
digesting it without waste of tomorrow’s
Gastric Juice.
They thus work all the Nutrition out of
it before it decays.
The thin, flat, Ten Cent box is made
to fit your Vest Pocket, or “ My Lady’s"
Carry it constantly with you and take
a Cascaret whenever you suspect you
need one.
Thu3 you will ward off Appendicitis
Constipation, Indigestion, — and other
things besides.
Druggists— 10 Cents a Box.
Be very careful to get the genuine,
made only by the Sterling Remedy Com­
pany and never sold In bulk. Every tab­
let stamped “ CCC."
REAT medicine,—the Saw-
Two hours a day sawing
wood will keep a n y o n e ’ s
Bowels regular.
No need of pills. Cathartics, Castor
Oil nor “ Physic," if you’ ll only work the
Sawbuck regularly.
Exercise is Nature’s Cure for Consti­
pation and,—Ten-Mile walk will do, if you
haven't got a wood pile.
But, if you will take your Exercise In
an Easy Chair, there’s only one way to
do that, and make a Success of it.
Because,—there’s only one kind of
Artificial Exercise for the Bowels and its
name is “ CASCARETS."
Cascareis are the only means to exer­
cise the Bowel Muscles, without work.
They don’t Purge, Gripe, nor "upset
your Stomach," because they don’t act
like Cathartics.
They don’t flush out your Bowels and
t T
O U R F R IE N D S !
We want to send to oar friends a beautiful
French-designed* GOLD-PLATED BONBON BOX,
hard-enameled in colors. It is a beauty for the
dressing table. Ten cents in stamps is asked as a
measure of good faith and to cover cost of Cascarets,
with which tHIslfaluty trinket is loaded.
Send to-day. mentioning this paper. Address
Sterling Remedy Company. Chicago or New York.
W a y o f th e W o r l d .
T a n gle d
In H I « S p ecificatio n «.
Deacon Hardesty— I ’m sorry to hear
"Tommy, you were not at school yes­
that you are dissatisfied with your preach­ terday. Why was that?" asked the teach­
er. He is a most excellent man.
Brother McGinnis ( o t another congre­
“ I was sick, ma’am,” answered Tommy.
gation)— Oh, yes, and he’s a good preach­
" I am sorry to hear it. What was the
er ; but he doesn’t draw well. We have trouble ?”
a chance now to get a man who hae just
‘‘ I had an awful «ore thumb.”
been tried for heresy.
"That is too bad. What caused it?"
" I — I stepped on a rusty nail, ma’am."
Yon Can (le t A lien ’ s F oot-E ase FREE.
Then the teacher knew that Tommy
Write Allen 8. Olmsted, Le Roy.N. Y., for a had played hookey and gone to the ball
free sample of Allen’s Foot-Ease. It cures game.
Sweating, hot swollen, aching feet. It makes
new or tight shoes easy. A certain cure for
corns, ingrowing nails and bunions. Ail drug­
gists selllt. 26c. I>on’t accept any substitute-
C a u t io n « F in a n c ie r .
OWAKI) K. BURTON.—ARnayer and Chemist.
I^advllle, Colorado. Hpedmen prices: Gold,
Hllver, Lead, f l ; Gold, Hllver, 75c; Gold, 50c; Zinc or
Copper, fl. Cyanide tent*. Mailing envelope« and
price lint h «'nt ott application. Control aod Um­
owner­ hill
pire work nolle!ted.
Reference: Carbonai« No*
tlonal Bank.
"D o you favor government
ship of railways?"
" I don’t know," answered Varmer |
Corntossel. "Jt ’ud be all right i f we
could alius be sure o f sharin’ profits,
but I ’ve got trouble enough with taxes
without dlggln’ down to pay deficit*.’’
— Washington Star.
Mothers will find Mr**. Winslow’s Soothing
Syrup the best remedy to use for their children
during the teething period.
W ron g
T ra ck .
"But," argued the young man, "you
know that two can live on what It costs
to support one."
"That settles your case," growled her
father. "Nobody fool enough to accept
that statement could ever earn a living
for one."— Philadelphia Ledger.
B id . a o d
THERE 1 $ NO , 2 B 22
fo r t y years a$o and after many years
o f use on the eastern coast. T ow er's
Waterproof Oiled Coats were Introduced
in the W est and were called ¿tickers by
the pioneers and cowboys. This graphic
name has come into such general use that
it is frequently though wrongfully applied
to rnnqy substitute» You wont the qeniffie
Look for the Agn o f the Tishand
the none Tower on the button»
P r o p a la la .
•Tins Count Fucusb ramie a proposal
for your daughter'« band?”
“ Not exactly,” nnswered Mr. Cumrox.
“ He is waiting for m e to put In bids
for * title.” — Washington Star.
Portland Trade Directory
Plan* o f French Cabinet.
Name* and Address«« in Portland of Rapro-
Paris, Jane 12.— Tbe cabinet today
definitely drew np a statement ol the A R o ch e ster C h em is t Found a S in g u la r­ sentative Businas« Firms.
M a g i c L A N T K R N m - W eister Co.. Portiaad.
ivernment’ s plana for presentation to
ly E ffe c tiv e M g d tc ln e.
L o want price« on Lantarmi and Hlldes.
tbe chamber of deputies tomorrow. It
William A. Franklin, of the Frank­ H O II h K m o f all kinds for «ala at vary reasonable
indicate* the necessity of the making lin A Palmer Chemical Co., Rochester,
price«. Inquire '¿74 Front Ht.
np of deficits in the bndget, and for
N. Y ., write«;
C R E A M MKPA K A T O R H - W e guar an tea tha U. A
that parpwe will ask for supplemen­
h * par at or to be the best. Writ« lor IY m catalog
“ fleven years ago
Hazel wood Co., Fifth and Oak.
tary taxation; announces the presenta­
I was Buffering very
tion of an income tax bill, affecting
much through the MKN'S CLOTH! NO - Buffam A Pendleton, aol«
agen t« Alfred Beniam in A C o.'« correct clothea.
particularly income* from capital end
isilur* of the kid­ K
v e ry ih tn g In men’ s furnishing*.
Morrison and
the intention of hastening a bill in tbe
Hlath street«. Opposite posioflfco.
ney« to eliminate
senate for workingmen’ s pensions.
the nric acid from
American Meat Is Barred.
London, June A.— The Daily Tele­
graph asserts that all admiralty and
war office contracts which have been
placed tinea tha disc loan rat in tbe meat
packing industry in America stipulate
that canned meats mast be British or
colonial productions.
8torm Does Deqsslation.
Oklahoma City, Jnne 6.— Two fatal!-
tiaa, three score of farm residences, in
eluding tba stock, barns, warehouses
and incoming crops, wsre destroyed by
the wind and hail which swept the
southern portion of Oklahoma.
lyitem .
back was very lame
and ached if i over­
exerted myaeil in th* least degree. At
time* I was weighed down with a feel­
ing of languor and depression and suf­
fered continually Iron: snnoving irregu­
larities of tb* kidney secretions.
I procured a box of Doan’ s Kidney
Pills end began using them. I found
prompt relief from tbe aching and
lameness in my back, and by th* time
f had taken three bossa I was cored of
all Irregals'itics."
Bold by all dealers; 60 cents a box
Foster-Mi I burn Co., Buffalo, N. Y .
POULTRY FOOD—If you want your hen« to 1^
nore eggs
egg« write 11
« for free
flee particulars
about Pu­
It K IM - Aom Milla Ca,
Port! and, Oregon.
P I A NOR A O R G A N « — Oldest piano honsa on Pa
cl tic coast. Organ* and Planoa on ea*y paym ent».
W rite for lint. Let um quote you a price. A llan A
G ilbert-U am aker Co., Portland, Oregon.
W A N I K I »- Men and W om en t<> learn Harber tra d «
In eight wv-ega; graduate« earn from flft to |2S
w eek ly ; exp ert It a ructora; catalog free; M olar
8 y*t« m o f C d leg ee, 46 N. Fourth st., Portland.
C o »
Diet» course and poelf on secured when grrulaatad
T h is offer good o i l y for short tim e. W r'te for par­
ticular«. p a c i f i c t r l k o r a p h i n h t i t u t e
«trend T h ea tre Building, Portland, Oregon.
P. N. U.
No. 2 I Od
V1K1V w riting; t o arive rtle o rs planea I
m en tion t h is papar.