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Portland Trade Directory
Names and Addresses in Portland of Reare-
sent at iva Business Hr ms.
But Has Lost Its Fury and Is Now
Slowly Dying Out.
P H O T O 8 U P P L 1 K » ; K oda k d e v e lo p in g a n d prlut*
in g ; w rits for prices. W ood ard, ('la r k s A Co.
l a n t e r n s — w e is te r
C o., Portiuud.
L ow sst prices on L an tern s and Slides.
h a u ic
E L A S T I C H O S I E R Y ; Supporters, B ra ces: K nit to
t It; free m ea su rem en t b la n k s : W ood ard , Clarke.
J O K S E s o f all kinds for sale at v ery reasonable
prices. Inquire ¿75 Front St.
T R U S S E S s e n t ó n a p p r o v a l; w e g uarantee fit In
m ost d ifficu lt ca ses ; V 'ood a rd , C lark e A Co.
A R T I F I C I A L R Y E S ; ey ery shade and sh a p e; as­
sortm en t sent on a p p r o v a l; W ood a rd , C lark e Co
Foreign Countries Stand Ready With
C R E A M S E P A R A T O R S — W e guarantee the U. S.
S epa ra tor to be the beat. W rite lo r free catalog.
H a zelw ood Co., F ifth and Oak.
Help, But Their Aid Will Not
Be Needed.
I1KN 8 C L O T H I N O - B ulfum A P endleton , sole
agents A llred B en ja m in A C o.’s co r re c t clothes.
E v e ry th in g In m en ’ s furnishiugs.
M orrisou and
S ix th streets. O pp osite posioffice.
F U R S L A N D I N O R E G O N und er the C a rey Irrb
g a llon act. D eed d irect fr o m state. W rite today.
J look let und m ap free. B. s . C ook e A Co., ¿51
A ld e r street, P ortla n d , Oregon.
P O U L T R Y FOOD—I f you w ant y o u r h en s to lay
m ore eggs w rite us for free particu lars about PU ­
R I N A P o u l t r y f e e d s —A cm e m u is C o ..
P ortla n d , Oregon.
1 A 11 ,0 I t s —C olu m bia W oolen M ills Co.. P ortland.
Ore. Latest sty le cloth es m ade to m ea su re cheap,
o u r s e lf m ea surem ent sy stem Insures p erfect tit.
W rite for free sa m p les und prices.
P IA N O S A O ltO A N S — Oldest piano house on P ig
cittc coast. O rgans and Pianos on easy pa ym ents.
W rite for list. Let us q u ote you a price. A llen A
O llb e n -R u m a k e r Co., P ortla nd , O regon.
H u m a n lla lr G oods—S w itch es, P om pa dou rs, M en’ s
T ou p ees and W ig s ; best q u a lity ; low est prices;
sen d for i ree price list; m all ord ers a sp ecialty.
1’ aris H air Store, 80s W a sh in gton SU
E st issa.
“ P E -R U -N A
The Life of a Bag
dependa on how
honestly it is made
Suffered Severely
With Headaches—
Unable to Work
Mies Lucy V. McGivney, 452 3rd
Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y ., writes:
" f o r many months I suffered severely
from headaches and pains in the side and
back, sometimes being unable ta attend to
my daily work.
"I am better now, thanks to Peruna, and
am as active as ever and have no more
are made on honor, o f the best mater* headaches.
"The way Peruna worked in my case
was simply marvelous."
We have in our files many grateful
That is why they outlive others.
letters from women who have suffered
with the symptoms named
You won't need to order bags so often Lack of space prevents our giving more
if every order specifies " BEMIS."
than one testimonial here.
It is impossible even to approximate
the great amount of suffering which
Made for
Peruna has relieved, or the number of
women who have been restored to
health and strength by its faithful use.
Dnto the government we bow
And lend a reverent ear.
I ’d rather lend it cash, I vow.
And be a financier.
Waehlngton Star.
Bemis Bro. Bag Co.
Send Your
Eastern Friends
a copy o f our handsomely
illustrated 88-page b o o k ,
"Oregon« Washington, Idaho
and Their Resources," which
tells all about this section of
the Union, where there are
more openings in every line
o f industry than anywhere
else in the United States.
Four cents in postage.
General Passenger A g t
The Oregon Railroad &
Navigation Company
Write for it today.
D id n ’ t M aire Good.
Teas— Don’t you think Mr. Galley la
awfully handsome?
Jess— H ub! "Handsome Is as hand­
some does." He told me last evening
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le ft
Teas— The Idea! Weren’t you Indig­
Jess— I should say I was. When a
man promises to do a thing he ought
to keep his word.— Philadelphia Press.
Send postal for
"Hook o f
Trestnts *
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„ , . ^
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, a
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Hallrs Family Pills are the best.
W uh
D ay.
"W ash day Is Monday everywhere,"
said a globe trotter.
He made a gesture o f amazement.
"H ow strange that Is,” he said. "W e
believe Pi the Bible, the Algerians be­
lieve In the Koran, but both of us be­
lieve In the same wash day.
"The Germans, the French, the En­
glish, the South Americans, the Arabs,
the Japs, the Chinese, all have Monday
for wash day. G owhere you will over
the world, and on Monday clothes,
white and wet from the tub, dap crazi­
ly In the wind."
G reat
C a m p a ig n e r.
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for K C V ^ .
right a-
-d *
way. I t’s « 5 / i
purer and w y B r
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than any Bak- w t
I ing Powder that
costs three times w
as much.
O ver
7 5 Bodies Taken Out — One
Hundred in C osm opolitan.
San Francisco, April 20.— The three-
story lodging house at Fifth and Minna
streets collapsed and over 75 dead bod­
ies have been taken out. There are at
least 50 more dead bodies exposed.
This building was one of the first to
take fire on Fifth street.
At least 100 people were lost in the
Cosmopolitan hotel on Fourth street.
The only building standing between
Mission, Howard, East and Stewart
streets is the San Pablo hotel., which is
cccupied and running. The shot tower
at First and Howard streets is gone.
This landmark was built 40 years ago.
T in Risdon Iron works is partially de­
stroyed. The Great Western Smelting
and Refining works escaped damage,
also the Mutual Electric Light works,
with slight damage to the American
Rubber company and Vietagas Engine
Folger Bros.’ Coffee and
Spice house is uninjured, and the firm
is giving away large quantities of bread
and m ilk.
Many are dropping dead from the
heat and from suffocation.
Over 160 people are reported lost in
the Brunswick hotel, Seventh and Mis­
sion streets.
War Department Assum es Entire C on ­
trol o f Situation.
Press dispatches from
every important city in the land indi­
cate that $12,000.000 in cash ia already
in sight for the relief of the fire and
earthquake sufferers in and about San
Francisco, and that a total of 120,000,-
060 is likely to be raised. The United
Ststs w ill grapple alone with the situa­
tion growing out of the total destruc­
tion of one of her richest and most pop­
ulous cities. Foreign countries, in view
of the magnificent responses of the
American people to the o i l for aid,
will not be asked to contribute, though
numerous offers have been made.
Before the cabinet, at its meeting
yesterday, bad resolved upon this
coarse, however the Dominion of Can
ada had taken cognizance of the situa­
tion in San Francisco by voting $100,-
000 in cash for relief, and dispatches
from the seaport cities of British Co­
lumbia indicate that they are ignoring
the existence of the international
boundary line and are joining in the
work of forwarding money and provis­
ions witn their sisters cities on the Pa­
cific coa st.__________________
Congressman Thomas Hedge,
Iowa, holds that Leslie M. Shaw, secre­
tary o f the treasury, Is one of the best
political campaigners in the country.
“ Nobody ever gets away,” said Hedge,
“ If Leslie gets a chance to address him
personally. In one campaign he car­
ried a splendid new watch. A fter ad­
dressing an audience he would circu­
late among the voters, saying to this
man and that: ‘I wish you would give
me the correct time, I am afraid o f los
ing my train.’ O f course, each man
complied, feeling flattered at the re­
quest. Shaw used to say It was hard
Ruins Small Com panies.
on the wstch, but he believed the votes
Chicago, April 20.— It was declared
he made In this way more that* made
last night by Chicago insurance men
up.” — Indianapolis News.
that many of the small accident and
fire companies probably w ill be forced
to suspend business because of their
enormous loss in Ban Francisco. Even
some of the bigger companiet w ill be
hard pressed. The total amount of lia­
bility convolved is now placed at more
than $180,000,000 in Ban Francisco
alone. This is considered conservative.
Added to the loesee in Ban Francisco
will be at least $50,000,000 to be met
in other cKiee.
you know
t the secret of
L the W ave
A . C ircle?
San Francisco, April 20. — Plunged
into abaolute darkness tonight at 10
o ’ clock, San Francisco has not seen the
conculsion of the devastating work of
the conflagration.
The fire that started at Nob H ill and
worked its way to the North Beach sec­
tion, sweeping that section clear of
buildings, was later veered around by a
fierce wind and made its way southerly
to the immense seawall sheds and grain
warehouses. The Himes were heading
directly for the immense Ferry build­
ing, the terminal point of all central
overix.nd and local trains of the South­
ern Pacific road. The darkness and tiie
wind, which at times amounted to a
gale, added fresh terrors to the situa­
Tonight the principal remaining fire
was confined east of Van Ness avenue
and north of Union street, but was
burning its way to the shore.
).ate this afternoon the police broke
open every saloon and corner grocery
in the saved districts and poured all
malt and spiritons liquors into the
^Yw^Don’t delay
Pottofifice Department’ s T a lk .
Washington, April 20.— Ttie War de­
partment has learned that the Bonthein
Pacific 'reight sheds at Ban Francisco
were not eerionsly injured. The super­
intendent of the railway mail service at
Ban Francisco has telegraphed that ev­
ery train to and from Oakland is pro­
ceeding with reasonable regularity on
slow schednle. He has been authorized
by wire to call in subordinate officials
and all clerk* of the railway mail serv­
ice not on regular duty and command
the use of postal ca n available to han­
dle Ban Francisco mail.*
25 oz. for 25c.
Jaques M ft. Co.
w ork d on *. 8 ye-
al; th e w ay through
h ot w e d o tem p er Lanin**«
c o m p a u io n fo r a nervoti*
try to m a k e it a painless
Can’ t Deliver Telegram s.
8 in Frarciaco, April 20.— The deliv-
• y of telegraphic messages from out-
■iie points to people in Ban Franicsco
la in im possibility.
The messenger
service of both the big telegnph com­
panies no longer exists. Even had tl •
companies an army of messengers, they
wonM be of little value for the reaeon
that the people are scattered far and
wide, and that a journey from the ferry
building to the western addition, or to
the refugee camps consumes hours.
on child-
WISE BROS., Dentists
F a ilin g B a lld in g , T hird and W a sh in gton
I a. m . to 9 p. m . ; S u n d a y s 9 io lì.
M ain 2929.
D R W . A . W IS E
DR. r. P. WISE
Will Build « 6 ,0 0 0 .0 0 0 Plant.
New York. April 20.— It was an­
nounced at the office of M. Gnggeon
helm ’ s Bona today that orders have
been issued by that firm to proceed as
soon as possible with the construction
of a $6,000,000 smelting plant in Ban
Will Probably E xceed Evan tha First
Estimates Mads.
San Francisco, A pril 22. — Now that
ths extinction of the fire allows of in-
q tiry, it baa become known that hun­
dreds, if not thoneanda, of people lost
their lives, either in the collapse of
buildings due to the earthquake or in
the fire which consutmd the ruins in
which they were imprisoned alive, but
injured and powerless to flee. A merely
partial estimate places the total at over
700 in the lodging houses and a few ad­
joining buildings.
South of Market street the loss of life
was chiefly brought about by the co l­
lapsing of many cheap lodging house*.
Among others, the caving in of the
Royal, corner o f Fourth and Minna
streets, added to the horror of the sit­
uation by the shrieks of its many scores
of victime embedded in the m ine.
The collapsing of the Portland house,
on Sixth street, between Miseion and
Market, came about in a similar man
Probable Republican Ticket.
Senator, short term, F. W. Mulkey.
Senator, long term, H . M. Cake.
Congressman, First District, W . C.
Congressman, Second District, W. R.
Governor. James Withycombe.
Treasurer, G. A . Steel.
Supreme Judge, Robert Eakin.
Superintendent Public Instruction,
J. H. Ackerman.
State Printer, W . 8. Duniway.
Attorney-General, A . M- Crawford.
Labor Commissiuner. O. P. H off.
ner. Fully 60 persona were entombed.
Many of these were saved before the
fire eventually crept to the scene.
The large five story Erunswick lodg­
ing house with its 300 rooms filled
with guests, on the corner of Sixth and
Howard streets, collapsed to the ground
entirely and fire started amid the ruins
scarcely five minutes later.
It ia esti­
mated that over 300 persons lost thoir
lives in this building.
Part of the large Cosmopolitan house,
corner Fifth and Mission streets, col­
lapsed at the very first tremor. Many
3f the sleepers were bnried in the
m ins, others escaping in their night
At 775 Mission street, the W ilson
house, with its four stories and SO
rooms, fell to the ground a mass of
As far as known very few of
the inmates escaped.
Within Four Days City Will Have Half
Normal Quantity.
San Francisco, April 22.— Experts of
the Spring Valley Water company who
have been engaged in making a thor­
ough examination of the mains and res­
ervoirs of the syBtem have reported that
the company has in its reservoirs
enough water to supply the city at the
reuglar rate of 30,000,000 gallons per
day for a period of 600 days.
The only immediate problem ia that
of getting this supply into the city.
Already pipes have been repaired in
certain sections, and a supply of 7,000,-
000 gallons per day is coming in
through Ocean View from Lake Mer­
ced. About 1,000,000 gallons of this
is being consumed daily by Ocean View
and the other towns alor.g the pipe
lines, but 6,000,000 gallons daily is
reaching and w ill continue to reach
the city proper.
Within a few hours another supply
of 6,000,000 gallons daily will be
poured into the city from College H ill
station. This will furnish water to the
southern section of the city.
water is being supplied to the Black
Point and Pacific Heights districts, and
with an additional supply of 4,000,000
gallons daily, which is assured from
lines that will be repaired within a day
or two, the city will within four days
be receiving a daily supply of between
16,000,000 and 17,000,000 gallons,
which is practically equivalent to ball
the amount that was being furnished to
the entire city prior to the earthquake.
This makes it certain that the city
will be habitable again auilost im m edi­
ately. A food supply has already been
Earthquake at Grants Pass.
Grants Pass, Or., April 23.— An
earthquake shock which broke some
windows and awoke sleeping citizens
was felt here at 1:11 thia morning.
The shock lasted between 16 and 20
seconds and was accompanied by a dis­
tinct rnmbling noise.
The motion of
the undulation was from east to west
and the oscillation was snfficient to set
hanging lamps and pictures to swaying.
Mayor George Good states that the
shock was felt all over bis honse.
which is a structure 76 feet in length
and two stories high.
South San Francisco Burna.
Oakland, April 22.— A report reached
here from San Francisco at midnight
that a brisk fire is burning in Booth
San Francisco. Th* illumination can
readily be seen from this side of San
Francisco bay, a distance of eight
miles. It is believed that the fire
broke oat afresh from smouldering em­
bers that coaid not be aabdaed on ac­
count of the lack of water.
When the
fire was pronounced to be practically
out in San Francisco, several frame
buildings were standing in South San
D ocks Still Do Buiineta.
San Francisco, April 22.— South of
Market street the loss on the water
front proper is comparatively small.
Several »beds have been entirely recon■
•trncted and small repairs will have to
be made to one or tw o of the docks,
but beyond tb it the property loaa is in­
significant. There is nothing to inter­
fere with the nnloading of shipe and
steamers at any of the dock* sooth of
the ferry building, save at pier No. 2
of M in ion dock.
Glendale It Badly Shakan.
Glendale, O r., April 23.— A distinct
■hock of earthquake waa felt in thie
city at 11 minntea after 1 o ’ cloek thie
The ihock wae apparently
heavier than tha one of April 18, cane-
in« bnildinga to rock and rnttla.
There is nothing more distressing than an itching, burn­
ing skin disease, and upon the return of warm weather those
who are afflicted with skin troubles find the symptoms appear­
ing and know that they will be tormented through the hot
summer months. The blood is heated with humors and acrid matter, and as they are forced
to the surface the skin seems to be on fire. The treatment of skin diseases with exter­
nal applications is all wrong, because they do not reach the trouble which is in the blood.
The most such treatment can be expected to do is, allay the itching and burning and cover
up the trouble for awhile, but as soon as it is left off the disease returns.
A ll food taken into the body contains, in some form, the elements necessary to sustain
the different parts. One portion is used for
the making of blood, another for muscle,
Dear Sira— M y b ody broka out w ith a raah or aruptloa
one for bone, still another for fat, and so on. whloh
in spite o f all efforts to oars oontlnned to g e t w orse.
After these different properties are ex­ T h e itohing, especially at night, w aa sim ply terrible, It
w ould almost disappear at times, only to return w orse
tracted from the food there still remains a than ever. I had tried many highly reoom mended p r e p a ­
portion that is useless, or waste matter, rations without benefit, and hearing o f 8. S. S. determined
give it a fair trial, and w as inexpressibly delighted
which is intended to be disposed of through to
when a few bottles cured me entirely, rem oving every
the natural channels of bodily waste, the blemish and pim ple from my body. I shall not fail to reo-
end S. S. S. whenever an opportunity oooura to d o so.
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels. At this season omm
EBoondldo, Cal
of the year, however, these organs become
torpid, dull and sluggish, and fail to perform this duty, and these accumulations remain in
the system and are absorbed by the blood to ferment and sour, producing burning acids and
acrid humors. The blood cannot properly nourish the system while
in this impure condition,
and begins to throw off these acids through the pores and glands of the skin, producing Acne,
Eczema, Tetter, Psoriasis, Salt Rheum and skin diseases of every description.
EOZEMA appears usually with a slight redness of the skin, followed by pustules from
which there flows a sticky fluid that dries and forms a crust, and the itching is intense. I t
is generally on the back, breast, arms, legs and face, though other parts of the body may be
afflicted. In TETTER the skin dries, cracks and bleeds, and is often very painful. The acid
in the blood dries up the natural oils of the skin, causing a dry, feverish, hardened condition
and giving it a leathery appearance. AOME makes its appearance on the face in the form of
pimples and black-heads, and is particularly disagreeable because of its unsightly appear­
ance, while PSO RIASIS, a scaly disease, comes in patches on different parts' of the body.
One of the worst forms of skin disease is SALT RHEUM
It discharges a watery fluid, form­
ing sores and producing intense itching. The head and face are the parts usually affected,
and sometimes the hair falls out and a mass of sores forms on the scalp.
These and all skin diseases are due to the same cause— burning acids and humors in
the blood, and until this vital fluid is cleansed and made pure they will continue. The best
treatment for all skin diseases is S. S. S., a remedy that is purely vegetable, being made en­
tirely from roots, herbs and barks, and acts directly on the blood with a cleansing, healing
effect. It neutralizes the acids and purifies the blood so that the skin, instead of being
blistered and burned by the fiery fluids, is nourished by a supply of cooling, healthy blood.
It goes down into the circulation and forces out every particle of waste or foreign matter,
builds up the blood and cures all skin diseases promptly
and permanently. S. S. S. does not leave the least par­
ticle of the poison for future outbreaks, but entirely rids
the blood of the cause for all skin diseases.
S. S. S. tones up the system and regulates the
Liver, Kidneys and Bowels so that they will carry off
the natural waste and refuse matter through the proper
channels, instead of leaving it to be absorbed by the
blood. Nothing equals S. S. S. in the treatment of these troubles and for building up the
general health. Write for our treatise on skin diseases and any medical advice you wish.
W e make no charge for either.
S a m e IQ lT o o t.
P ro o f o f 111a A v a ila b ilit y .
GASOLENE ENGINES s to 4 horse­
Archie Feathertop (at the play) — power fully warranted, $125. All sizes and
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Portland, Oregon.
pocket)— Here, read this! Three years
ago I was fined four marks for fast
I I I d a fte r first d a y ’ s uae o fU r.K lin e ’ sU re a l N erv e
driving.— Unsere Gesellscbaft.
R estorer. .Send fo r F r e e 9 2 trial b ottle and treatise.
D r. R . H . K lin e, L td., »31 A r ch St.. P hiladelphia, P a
Mothers will find Mr*. Winslow’s Soothing
Syrup the best remedy to use for their children
during the teething period.
Lot W e ll E n o o g h
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timore American.
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Highest Award World's Fair, 1904.
a .
If we don’t heed prevention, we will need a cure. The Old-Monk-Cure
St. Jacobs Oil
Is ready always for all forms of muscular aches or pains, from
When carried constantly In
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cent of Life's ordinary Ills.
Eat one of the six candy tablets con­
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Want of E:::rcloo, Indoor Employment,
weaken the Bowel Muscles, Just as they
weaken Arm and Leg Muscles.
The Muscles lose tone, tension, strength,
to force the food onward.
And the longer they stay In that stats
the weaker they become, because the less
exercise they get through the slow pass­
age of food.
Cascarela contain the only combination
of drugs that acts on the Muscles of the
Bowels and Intestinee, Just as Cold Water,
or Ezerclte, act on a Lazy man.
They act like Eierclse.
When you have Heartburn, Colic,Coated
Tongue, Suspected Breath, Add-rislng-in-
throat, Gas-belchlng, or an incipient Cold,
take a Cascare!,
Remember, all these are not merely
Discomforts, but Indications of a serious
Nip them In the bud— eat a Candy
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punish the stomach Ilka " Blle-drlvIng"
They act Ilk, Eierclse en the Bowef-
Múseles that propel Food, and that squeeze
the natural Digestive Juices of the body
Into Food.
Cascarela ward off, or cure, the follow­
ing diseases:
Constipation Bad Hr talk
i b m a t iP
N a f f " o f W a rra n t* Wat Woathor Clothing
Dr. C. Gee Wo
Tlila w onderful Ctal-
ne«e D octor 1» ca lled
great because lie cu re«
p eop le w ithout opera-
lion that are g iven up
to die. H e cure» w ith
thtme w on derfu l Chi­
nese herbs, root», hud«,
hark« and vegetables
that are entirely un­
know n to m edica l »cl-
ence In this con u iry . T h rou g h ihe use ________
burinles» rem edies thin fa m ou s d o c to r know s
the actlou o f o v e r 500 different rem ed ies w hich
ht »uccen sfully use« lu different disease«. He
guarantee« to cu re catarrh, asthm a, lung, throat,
rheu m atism , nervousness, stom a ch , liv e r ; kid­
neys, e tc .; ha« h undreds o f testim onials.
Charges m oderate. Call and see him . P atients
out o f the city w rite for bla n kr and c rcu la ra
Head stam p. C O N S U L T A T IO N F K K K .
A Friend in Need—
•\0W Eft3
Toronto, Canada
HAT thin, little, 10-cent Box of
Tha Sign of tha Fidi
J. t o w e r c a
Boston, U.S.A.
Torpid L iv er Flatulence
A ppendicitis H ives
Jiheumalism Jaundice
Womanly Troubles
W orms
P iles
M>2'4 First St.« S. C. C o r . M o r riso n
Mention paper.
W. L. D o u g l a s
In such cases a little Cascaret In time Is
worth fifty dollars worth of Treatment
later on, to say nothing of the suffering,
discomfort, loss of Business Energy, and
loss of Social Sunshine it saves.
* VI. 3 L '” . D o & u g * la 3 s = $ 4 .0 S 0 H Cllt O E E d g S e ™ Lina .
c a n n o t b e e q u a lle d a t a n y price.
A coming Headache can be warded off
In abort order, by a single Cascaret, and
the cause removed.
Heartburn, Gas-belching, Acld-rlsings In
the throat, and Colicky feeling are sure
signs of bowel trouble (rom food poisons,
and should be dealt with promptly.
One Cascaret will stop the coming trou­
ble, and move on the Bowel load, If taken
aj the first signs.
Don't tall to carry tha Vest Pocket Box
of Cascarets with you constantly.
All Druggists sell them—over ten million
boxes a year.
Be very careful to get the genuine,
made only by the Sterling Remedy Com­
pany and never sold In bulk. Every tablet
sta ped ’ ’ CCC."
July * lira
C antai *z >aqoo*
$ 10,000
»9 » w | w w
otspfovs ini$ statement.
N I c o u ld ta k e y o u In to m y th re e la r g e fa cto r ie s
a t B r o c k t o n , M a e# ., and s h o w y o u t h e In fin ite
c a r e w it h w h ic h e v e r y p a ir o f s h o e « Is m a de, y o a
w o u ld re a liz e w h y W . L . D o u g la s $3 5 0 shoes
c o s t m o r e t o m a k e , w h y t h e y h old t h e ir sh a p e,
fi t b e t to r , w e a r lo n g e r , a n d a re o f g re a ta t
I n t r in s ic v a lu e th a n a n y o t h e r $ 3 .5 0 s h o o .
W. L. Doit*mm Strong M a d e Mhooo to f
M oo, * 2 .BO, 0 2 .0 0 . B a y ’ S o h o o ti
D re ss Sho o o , 0 2 .BO.
t r r u t t o o u r . rm xNDst
We want te »end to onr friends a beiotlfol
Prench-detiened. GOLD FLATED BONBObBuX.
kard-enar.eled ta «tore. It I I I deaitr ter l»i
dresstnr .etite. Ten cent! In ltimes U asked a ia
aieasare of good fifih aad te n«er cast et Caacarets.
C A U T I O N « — Insist upon having W,I..r»ong.
loo shoes. Take no substitute. None genuine
without his name and price stamped on bottom .
Fm§t Color [g o lo t * unod; th«q u ill
Write for Illustrated
W . I,. I " i I < • I I
P. N. U.
with which iMa dafntr trinket 1*1
0. 0 .
_ ï t 'i o t i i r th û a w .
A d ir f U
Stirilo* R w a r Cwwaar. cue*«* W B*w Twk.
I ,
~ ‘
1.1 .1., H l H .
No. 17 M
T H E N i r r l t l n g t o a d v e r t lo a r a p i«*
m e n t io n t h la p a p e r .