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Hood's Sarsaparilla
a ia te O a # I k s s M
S o il« « W t n
U o l l a S a a A n im a l «o r P a r a n a ae.
W e are often asked, W hy does H ood’s Sarsaparilla
effect so many cures of cases that seem to be almost
beyond the reach of medicine?
The answer is this, that this great medicine is enabled
by the peculiarity of its formula to produce results unap-
proached by any other medicine, this peculiarity consist­
ing in the balanced combination of the very best specifics
for the blood, liver, kidneys, stomach, and bowels, namely,
for the blood, Sarsaparilla, Stillingia, Yellow D ock; for
the liver, Mandrake, Dandelion; for the kidneys, Uva
Ursi, Juniper Berries, Pipsissewa; for the stomach,
Gentian, W ild Cherry Bark, Bitter Orange Peel; for the
bowels, Senna, Mandrake and Dandelion.
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M onday, March 19.
Washington, March 19.— There were
three speeches on the railroed rate b ill
in the senate today. McCreary, Bailey
and Hey burn were the orators.
Creary announced his determination to
vote for the b ill whether amended or
not, bnt aaid that he would not object
to a reasonable provision for the review
of the Interstate Commerce commia-
eion’ s findings. Bailey replied to crit-
■ciams of bis suggestion for a prohibi­
tion of the suspension of the commis­
sion’ s orders by courts below the Su­
preme court. H e contended, that con­
Usual form, liquid, or new form, tablets, 100 Doses One Dollar.
gress had the absolute power to pre­
scribe lim itations for the courts which
it creates, and cited a large number of
Jn at So M n ch o f T r u th .
A lm o st T im e .
decisions in support of hie position.
“ What’s that sigu you’re making H eybum advocated a review provision,
The convention o f physicians was
called secretly and hurriedly. Dr. Kill- there?” asked the grocer.
bat expressed the opinion that, even if
“ ’Fresh eggs,’ ” replied the new it were om itted, no person could be de­
•m rose to speak.
“ Gentlemen o f the profession,” he clerk.
prived of hie right of admission to the
“ Make it ‘Fresh-laid eggs.’ ”
said, “ something must be done.’ Our
“ Why— er— everybody
automobile tires are wearing out, our
daughters’ music lessons are unpaid for eggs were fresh when they were la id /’
Washington, March 19.— The house
“ Exactly, and that’s all that It’s safe
and nearly all our good patrons have
already been operated upon for appen­ for us to say about them.”— Philadel­ today reached a compromise on the
question of abolishing the grade of
phia Press.__________________
dicitis. What shall we do?”
lieutenant general in the army, pro­
“ Let’s discover a new microbe,” said
viding that it shall not become effective
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Dr. Quack.
Write Allen 8. Olmsted, Le R oy,N . Y ., for A until October 12 next, in order that
The motion was carried unanimously free sample of A lle n ’s Foot-Ease. I t cures
Generali Corbin and MacArthur may
and a wave o f sickness wafted ducats sweating, hot swollen, aching feet. I t m ak es
new or tight shoes easy. A certain cure for be promoted before tbeir retirement.
to the doctors’ coffers.— Indianapolis corns, ingrowing nails and bunions. A ll d ru g -
An important bill, declared to be the
gists sell It. 25c. Don’t accept any s u b stitu te
first step toward a reorganization of the
ih e O ld S to ry .
consular service, was passed.
There Is m ore Catarrh !n this section o f the
country than all other diseases p ut together,
Ant (to the Elephant)— Since I have bill already has been acted upon by the
and until the last few years was supposed to be {
For a great many years
Incurable. _______________
___ d octors pro- become a soo.Villst I do not see why, senate. It reclassifies the service and
nounced it a local disease, and prescribed local because I am smaller and weaker than increases the salaries to the extent of
remedies, and by constantly falling to cure
with loca l treatment, pronounced it incurable. you, I should continually get out o f $170,000 a year.
Bcience has proven catarrh to be a constitu­ the way to let you have the middle o f
tional disease, and therefore requires constitu­
tional treatm eut. Hall’ s Catarrh Cure, m anu­ the road. That’s final.
factured by F. J. Cheuey & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is
Friday, March 16.
Elephant (to the A n t)— I f you don’t
the on ly constitutional cure on the market. It
Is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to a I’ ll Just put my foot on you. That’s
Washington, March 16.— For an in­
teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and flat.— Baltimore American.
stant in the house today there was a
m uc j u s surfaces o f the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any case It fails to eure.
lapse in the vigilance of thoee who
Bend for circulars and testimonials.
F. J. CHENEY A C O.,Toledo, O Itching, B1 nd, Rlecdlng, Protruding Piles. Drug- have been on guard to prevent legis­
are authorised to refund money If PAZO lation which would take away the
Bold by Druggists, 75c.
g uts
1NTM EM falls to cure In 5 to 14 days. 60c.
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rank of lieutenant general in the army,
E T e r y th ln g W o r n .
The charge for telephone conversation and the chancee of Generate Corbin and
“ And you still delay the wedding,” between London and Paris has been re­ MacArthur for promotion. Prince, of
sighed the beautiful girl. “ My heart Is duced from $2 to $1 for a three-minute Illinois whose b ill abolishing the grade
in question ie the regnlar order of bus­
worn out.”
“ Is that all?" demanded the suitor r i T f t Permanently Cured. No fits or nervousness iness under call of committees, slipped
who was an advocate o f procrastina­ I I 1 0 after first day’s use of Dr.Kllne’s Great Nerve into the legislative breach. There was
Restorer. Mend for F re e * 2 trial bottle and treatise. an immediate call to arms on both
Dr. R. H. Kilns, Ltd.. »31 Arch St.. Philadelphia, P a
eidee, and for three hours the friends
“ No,” the carpet Is worn out, the par­
P r e lim in a r y T rain in g;.
of the generate filibustered against the
lor sofa Is worn out, ma’s hopes are
Uncle Josiah— First time you ever bill.
worn out and pa's patience la worn
milked a cow, is it? Well, you do it a
The net result was that the previous
thunderin’ sight better than most city question is odered on the b ill and an
The suitor whistled.
fellers do.
amendment is pending, having been
“ Well, by gu m !" he retaliated. “ My
Visiting Nephew— It seems to come offered by Groevenor, of O hio, which
shoes are worn out coming here every natural^ somehow. I’ ve had a good deal
extends the time of the operation of
of practice with a fountain pen.
two or three nights.”
the b ill eo as to allow the promotion
T h e K in d Y o u H ave A lw ays B o u g h t h as b o rn e th e signa­
tu re o f Chas. H . F le tch e r, an d has b e e n m a d e u n d e r his
p erson al supervision fo r o v e r 3 0 years. A llo w n o on e
t o d eceiv e you in this. C oun terfeits, Im ita tion s an d
“ J u s t-a s -g n o d ” a re b u t E xperim ents, a n d en d a n ger th e
h ealth o f Children—E xp erien ce again st E xp erim en t.
What is C A S TO R IA
C astoria is a harm less substitute fo r Castor O il, P a re ­
g o ric, D rop s an d Soothing- Syrups. I t is Pleasant. I t
con tain s n eith er O pium , M orph in e n o r o th e r N a rcotic
substance. Its asre is its gu arantee. I t destroys W orm s
and allays Feverishness. I t cu res D iarrhoea a n d W in d
C olic. I t relieves T e e th in g T rou b les, cu res C onstipation
an d F latulency. I t asri inflates th e F o o d , regu lates th e
S tom ach and B ow els, g iv in g health y an d natu ral sleep.
T h e C hildren’ s P anacea—T h e M oth er’ s F rien d .
The Kind You Haye Always Bought
B e a r s t h e S ig n a tu r e o f
V #
of the tw o officers ' named.
On this
amendment the house was voting, bnt
without a quorum, when adjournment
was had until Monday, when the vote
w ill be com pleted.
A t present it
stands 78 ayes and 83 noes on the
Previous to this, the first real fili­
buster of the session, there had been
four hoars of debate on the legislative
b ill. Shackleford opened the program
with a severe criticism of Speaker Can­
non, which he was not allowed to fin­
ish. Then followed a somewhat lively
debate on the appropriation b ill.
Thursday, March 15.
Washington, March 15. — W illiams
occupied the laat few minutes of today’ s
session of the hones, which was short­
ened on account of the Republican
statehood caucus, in a sarcastic speech
on the division among his opponents
on the Btatehood bill. He declared that
a reference of the b ill to a committee
before the honee had bad an opportu­
nity to vote on the senate amendments
“ would be the most high-banded ty­
ranny that ever took place from the
speaker’ s chair.”
The Townsend resolution, conferring
additional power on the Interstate
Commerce commission to make the
special investigation authorized in the
Tillm an-G illespie resolution, regarding
the relation between certain railroads
and the coal and oil industries, was
In Use For Over 3 0 Years.
Washington, March 15.— The senate
today continend consideration ot the
railroad rate question by listening to
the reading of a report on that measure
by Tillm an. His report was read at the
request of Aldrich, who said he was
curions to hear the opinion of the
South Carolina senator. Brief attention
was called to the message of the presi­
The black flag is an emblem of horror and dread. When it is hoisted dent transmitting the letter of the sec­
fcy an army, the order has gone forth that “ no quarter ” will be given, ev­ retary of War relative to the recent
erything must be destroyed. Helpless women and children, as well as oppos­ Moro battle. Bacon spoke of the k ill­
ing soldiers, meet the same fate, and a trail of desolation, suffering and ing of the Moroe as “ slaughter,’ ’ and
▼MC C C N T A U R O O M M N V , T V M U It W AV • T R C K T . N I W Y O R K C I T Y .
death is left behind. Contagious Blood Poison is the black flag of the great
army of disease. This vile disorder is known as the blackest and most hide­
ous of all human afflictions, overthrowing its victims and crushing out the
life. It is no respecter o f persons; no matter how pure the blood may be
or how innocently the disease is contracted, when this awful virus enters the
circulation the hideous, hateful and humiliating symptoms begin to appear,
and the sufferer feela that his very presence is polluting and contaminating.
Usually the first sign o f the disease is a little sore or ulcer, but a3 the blood
becomes more deeply poisoned the severer symptoms are manifested, the
mouth and throat ulcerate, the glands in the groins swell, a red rash breaks
ont on the body, the hair and eyebrows come out, and often the body is cov­
ered with copper-colored spots, pustular eruptions and sores. In its worst
stages the disease affects the nerves, attacks the bones and sometimes causes
tnmors to form on the brain, produc-
in g in san ity and death. N ot o n ly a n ■ d e v m o y r a f l l e r s e h a w r s a s a g i n o a I n h a a w d f u b l l o c o o d n d p i o t i i s o o n n .
those w h o con tract the p oison suffer, G r e a t s o r e s w o u l d b r e a k o u t a n d n o t h ­
b u t unless th e virus is driven from i M n y * h I a p i n r t a n o d n e t y h e e b m r o w w o s u f e l d l l o d u o t a a n n y d I g o w o a d s .
th e blood th e aw ful taint is handed “ a f r i g h t . ” a y m o n t h w a s a o s o r e I
ilk a n d w a te r . I to o k
dow n to o ffsprin g, and th ey are its b M a e d r c t o u r l y i v f e o r o a n l m
o n g tim e e n d in s te a d o f
in n ocen t victim s. B lood Poison is in ­ g a t t l n g b e t t e r I c o n t i n u e d t o c r o w
o rse an d m y a rm s an d h and s becam e
deed a " b la c k fla g .’ ’ M ercury and w
s o lid s o r e s . M y le g s w e r e d r a w n a o I
Potash, so often used, never can cure c o n l d n o t w a l k a n d I f e l t t h a t m y t i m e
th e trouble. T h ese minerals m erely l w i e e f e . a b I o b r e t g h a e n r e t o I f n I a e d y i d o u n r o t 8 . g 8 e t . s 8 o . m a n e d r e i t ­
drive the sym p tom s aw ay fo r aw hile h e l p e d m e f r o m t h e s t a r t . A ' t e r t a k i n g
sn d shu t the disease u p in the system , I m t a a t w i s h m i l e w t h a s e s c o u r r e e s d a a l l n d h e t a o l e - d d a , y m y I r a h m e u a ­
and w hen th ey are left o ff it returns s t r o n g , w e l l m a n . I t g o t a l l t h e m e r ­
w orse than before. T h is treatment c s o u n r y n d o u a n t d o f w m e l y l . s y A s D t e A m M a n S d C H I t N c A u r B e E d L m , e
h o t o n ly fails to cu re b lood poison
E v a n s v ille , In d .
N o . 811 M a ry S t.
b ut eats o n t th e delicate lin in g o f the
stom ach and bow els, produces ch ron ic dyspepsia, loosens the teeth and fre­
q u en tly causes m ercurial rheum atism to add to the p a tien t’s suffering.
S . S. S ., th e great vegetable m edicine, is the con queror o f th is v ile disease. It
g o e s dow n to th e very root o f th e trouble and cures b y clea n sin g th e blood of
every particle o f th e poiso n , 8 . S . S. does n ot hide o r cover up anything
but clears th e entire circulation o f the
virus and puts the system in good
healthy con d ition . It cures safely as
w ell as certainly, because there is n ot a
particle o f m ineral in it. W e offer a re-
ward o f f t , 0 0 0 . 0 0 for p roof that S. S. S.
D ltD n V
U C P C T 1D I r
is not p u rely vegetable. W h en the blood
» U n t L .T
f t U t I A D L L . j9 p u n fied and strengthened w ith this
great rem edy th e sym ptom s *11 pass aw ay and n o sign o f the disease is ever
Been again ; n or is there left th e least trace to be handed dow n to posterity.
Special book w ith instructions for self-treatm ent and any m edical advice de-
■ im l w ill be sent w ithout ch arge to all w ho write.
IN C S W IF T S P C C IfiC C O .. A TLA N TA .
M easure O regon Stream s.
Washington, March 20.— The Geo­
logical survey has formed a new hydro-
graphic district, comprising the states
of Washington and Oregon. The head
qaarlars of J . C. Stevens, hydrographer
in charge, w ill be at 351 Washington
street, Portland
Mr. Stevens is train­
ed in engineering, and haa had several
years of experience investigating the
hydrography work in the arid states of
the West. He is well qualified for this
important work.
The Oregon state
surveyor at present cooperates with
the government geogaphical survey.
Back to State Courts.
Washington, March 13. — The Caleb
Powers case
decided by the Su­
preme court of the United States today
against Powers. The opinion was de­
livered by Justice Harlan, and held
that the case was not removable from
the state to the Federal conrta. The
case was therefore remanded to the
Kentucky state coarts.
The opinion
was baaed on the ground that the equal
rights statute, section 641, revised stat­
utes, does not apply nnleas recogniz­
ed by itate lawa or the state conatitn-
D oublet Experiment Station Gift.
Washington, March 13.— The senate
this evening passed the bill which
passed the house February 16, pro­
viding for nn increased annnal appro­
priation for ngricnltnrnl experiment
stations of 96,000 for the present year,
and by nn additional sum of $2,000 per
year for five years, the annnal amount
to be paid thereafter to each state and
territory maintaining such a*ricultural
station to be 130,000, which is doable
the preeeat spproprition.
Lodge deprecated criticism until the
facts should be known.
The boose
reeoln ion giving the Interstate Com­
merce commiseion authority to admin­
ister oaths in connection with its in­
vestigation of charges of discrimination
made againet railroads was adopted
without reeorting to the formality of
requiring iti reference to committee.
W ednesday, March 14.
Washington, March 14. — The rail­
road rate bill today reached the contro­
versial stage in the senate. The ques­
tion came up in the regular order of
business shortly before 2 o ’ clock and
held the floor until the doors were
closed for a brief executive session
shortly after 5 o ’ clock.
Rayner was
the chief speaker o f the day.
the senators w ho were aroused by him
were Foraker, Lodge and D oliver. Both
the Ohio and the Massachusetts sena­
tors took exception to Rayner’ s conten­
tion that the railroads have interfered
with the framing of the b ill and For­
aker also expressed him self as dissatis­
fied with the intim ation that the rail­
roads are represented on the floor of
the senate.
Warren addressed the senate on the
bill extending from 28 to 36 hours tbe
mt faring which livestock in transit
on railroad trains may be confined
without change, eaying that tbe meas­
ure was in the interest of humanitar-
ianism and should be passed. He said
that the extension of time was .to be
made only upon the request of ship­
pers, and that it would not work a
hardship dn either owners or their
sto;k .
Never have a horse brought ont os
np or down to yon, but go to hia «tall
and Investigate for yourself certain de­
tails which, once you know them, re­
quire no special acumen to decide
upon or to be aware of, says tha
Rochester Herald. For Instance, is
there grain in tha manger and th*
hour o f feeding some time past? H*
may be a bad feeder, nervous, delicate.
Ia the straw under bis fore feet unus­
ually trampled or broken?
He may be one of these Irritable,
nervous “ weavers” (horses which con­
stantly away from aide to side), who
are generally also bad feeders and poor
property. Are tbe stall poets or sides
battered or kicked? He may be a
kicker (by day or night, Bpolllng his
own rest and that o f other horsee).
Does he tear or eat hia blankets? Ia
be tied in any special way or simply
and as other horses are? Is he gentle
to approach and to handle— no nipping,
kicking or pulling back on the hal­
Does be stand square on both fore
feet or rest one or both alternately?
Does he back quietly from the stall,
picking up each hind leg without sud
den spasmodic jerking? And when he
turns In the gangway does he do so
smoothly or does he flinch (In front)
as If the boards were not even or his
feet hurt him more or less. Are his
eyes staring and expressionless, his
ears always forward?—indications of
defective vision.
Once out o f the stall notice that he
submits quietly to being wiped over
and betrays no resentment while har­
nessing at accepting the bit, bridle,
crupper, etc., etc., derorously permit­
ting all necessary alterations and at
tentlons. Accept no departure from ab­
solute docility of deportment; for be
sure that It tbe animal betrays either
excitability, nervousness or vice In the
dealer’s bands he will he far worse
with you, for you know you don’t know
and he will know you don't know—
and those combinations spell trouble.
In the same way see him led out and
put to the vehicle to which he Is to be
driven, noting each stage of
process, viewing him always with the
Icily critical eye o f the Individual who
does not (yet) own him. Excuse noth­
ing and make no allowances for less.
I f he makes a move you don't fancy
say ao frankly and look farther—there
are plenty o f horses.
Pale, Thin,
Nervous ?
Then your blood must be In
a very bad condition. You
certainly know what to take,
then take It — Ayer’s Sarsa­
parilla. If you doubt, then
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grand old family medicine.
Sold for over 60 years.
This 1« th* fin * question your doctor would
ask: “ Ar* your bowels regularT" He known
that dally notion of the bowels Is nbeolutely
essential to recovery. Keep your liver active
end y your
bowels regular by taking lexetlve
o u r ___________
donee of Ayer’s Fills.
O.^Ayer Oo.,
Low Skw S
ire or
N o O p p o r tu n ity .
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M oth ers w ill find M r*. W in slow ’s S ooth in g
Syrup th e best rem edy to use for th eir c h ild ren
d u r in g th e teeth in g period.
Washington, March 14.— The second
A n T b e ir S h ad e* M o t.
day of general debate on the legielative
“ M r . A e s o p , I th in k y o u h a r e n ev er
b ill developed lim ited discussion of the
m et B a ro n M u n ch au sen .
G e n t le m e n , a l­
retirement of aged clerks intersperced
lo w m e to p r e se n t y o u to ea ch o t h e r .”
with a speech on statehood by Babcock,
“ B a r o n , I a m d elig h ted to m e e t y o u .
k n o w you q u it e w ell b y r e p u ta t io n .”
of Wisconsin, one on the restriction of
“ S ir ! ” — C h ic a g o T r ib u n e .
immigration by Gardner, of Massachu­
setts, and a presentation of reasons why
the jurisdiction of Federal courts should
be restricted in certain cases where it
was acquired because of the citizenship
of the litigants being in different states.
Babcock said tbe house bill wbb one
of the greatest legislative outrages ever
enacted; that the senate bad properly
amended the b ill, and be favored the
In se c t D ru n k a rd *.
senate amendmonts. Babcock dwelt at
A scientist asserts that bumblebees,
length on tbe reasons why Arizona and butterflies and beetles are habitual
New Mexico should not be united ae
drunkards. In some of the Southern
one etate.
States these Insects, be says, alight on
certain plants, drink heartily from the
blossoms, and fall to the ground stupe
Tuesday, March 13.
Washington, March 13.— Before tak­
A fter a while they rise and fly
ing up the railroad question today, the around, Just as drunken men would
senate passed a number of bills, some do If possessing the power o f flying.
of which were o f considerable im port­ Their antics are especially amusing,
One of them provides for the unless the observer does not know
punishment of government officials for
what is the trouble. In this case the
the premature divnlgence of secret in­
suspicion that the Insect world has
formation of government bureaus in
gone crazy is uppermost
each matters ae crop reporta; another
The scientist who observed the drink­
grants executive authority in the mat­
ter of construction of bridges over navi­
gable streams, and still another gives ful o f tbe pollen to see if It would
congressional sanction to the effort on affect a man the same way. lie swal­
the part of Delaware and New Jersey to lowed It, and. In a few minutes found See th a t they are p laced on y o u r n e x t order.
adjust their long pending boundary his pulse beating faster and a rise In
temperature. Then he distilled some
o f the blossoms and gave himself n
hypodermic Injection In the arm. He
Washington, March 13.— The house became decidedly dizzy as a result By
W e are M a n u fa c tu rer! an d Im p o r te r ! of
devoted itself to general deDate on the further experiments he found an oil
legislative appropriation b ill. Littauer, derived from these plants which affects
of New York, and Livingeton, of Geor­ human beings and animals.
gia, representing the Republican and
Democratic views, concurred on the
T h e C a rele«« M a n .
question that something muet be done
“ I had a peculiar dream last night. W heat Bags, Oat Bags, Barley Bags,
in the way of reorganizing the govern­
Mary,” said a railroad man to his wife. Flour Bags, H op Cloth, Ore Sacks and
ment service. Marshall, of North Da­
“ I dreamed I was appointed agent for
Burlap of All Kinds. Bag! of Burlap
kota, gave hie voice to the proposition
our line lu San Francisco at double the
ot free alcoh ol; Hayes, of California,
salary I ’m now getting.”
A writer and Cotton Manufactured by u*.
spoke in behalf of reetricti g Japanese
In the Kansas City Times tells the
and Corean immigration and Bennett,
of New Y ork, defended his city in rela­
“ How fine I” aaid his wife, with a
tion to the class of foreigners who make
New York city their home.
“ Yea,” continued the mnn, “ and 1
The b ill carries a total appropriation
started for San Francisco to take the
o f $29,134,181.
place. At n small station In Kansas,
where the train stopi>ed, I saw a dog
tight going on and stepped off the car
1508-1514 Colorado Street,
Silent About Bristol.
to watch i t The train went off with
March 19. — F. J. out me, and I woke up before I could
Heney, when asked tonight about Dis­ catch another.”
trict Attorney Bristol’ s case, declined
The w ife's smile changed to a look of
to make any statements.
He would keen disappointment.
not say whether he intended to take
“ Henry,” she aaid, “ you ought to bt
this matter np with the president, or
ashamed o f yourself! Why didn't you
express an opinion as to what w ill be
stay on that train and let that dog
^HERE It a Reason—
done with Mr. Bristol.
fight alone? You'll never get a gooc
Why Ihe Good People of
Speaking of tbe Hermann case, Job If you act like that.”
A m e r ic a buy Cascarete es
which he w ill prosecute, Mr. Heney
Fast as the Clock Ticks.
said the government will force a trial
T h e G reat W o r ld M ap .
Every second some one, somewhere,
at tbe earliest possible day.
Geographers representing the prln
Is Buying n little Ten-Cent Box of Cas­
clpal nations are at work upon a mai
S m oot C ase Next Month.
o f the entire earth on a scale o f 1 to careis.
I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6—60 times to the Minute,
Washington, March 13.— The Smoot 1,000,000, and Prof. I’enck, the German
sixty nine 60 Minutes to the Hour, 3600 Boxes an
case is apt to be brought before the geographer, reports that
senate early in April, and will continue sheets out o f 437 planned had been Hour, 36,000 Boxes a Day of Ten Hours,
to be tbe foremost topic of discussion completed up to March last. A distance 1,080,000 Boxes a Month, and then some.
in that body for the better part of a o f one mile will be represented by n
Think of it—220,000 People take s
month, of leaders of the anti-Smoot space about one-sixteenth o f an Inch
Cascare! tablet each day. Millions use
campaign are to be relied npon. Before long. There are, o f course, many maps
Cascarets when necessary.
the present congress assembled, it was o f small areas on a much larger scale
The Judgment of Millions of Bright
understood that the case would be re­ than this, but to represent the whole
ported eary in Jannary, but tbe anti- face o f the known world on this scale Americans is Infallible. They have been
Smoot people had some additional wit­ Is an undertaking o f vast Interest— Buying and Taking Cascarela at that rat*
for over Six years.
nesses to prodace, and then Senator Tit-Bits.
Smoot wanted some of hie friends to
F o llo w e d I n a lru c tlo n *.
A lady going from home for the day.
say* a writer in the New York World,
Still Fights Rogue River Reserve.
locked everything up carefully, and fo ■
Washington, March 20. — Senator
the grocer's benefit left.a card on the
Fulton today laid before the)foreet serv­
back door.
ice numerous protests from Southwest­
"A ll o u t Don't leave anything," It
ern Oregon against the creation of tbe
Rogue river forest reserve.
Forester rend.
On her return she found her house
Pinchot is not convinced by these pro­
It Is not an Experiment, not an Accl-
tests, and says he sees no good reason ransacked and all her choicest posses­
for abandoning the idea of creating sions gone. To the card on the door denj or Incident, but a sound. Honest
this reserve. No immediate action ia was added, “ Thanks. We bnveu't left Business, based on Time-Trled-snd-Tested
Merit, never found wanting.
looked for, bnt it seems quite certain much.”
M odern F ood .
that in time Mr. Pinchot w ill recom­
There is a Reason.
mend ite establishment.
Senator Ful­
“ I have decided that the man who
ton will carry hia proteat to the presi­ develop* the country's resources and
Cascarets are the Implacable foe of
helps to provide food for the masses
la doing a most useful work,” said the All Disease Germs; the Incomparable
cleanser, purifier and strengthener of the
Claim fo r Exploded Shell.
earnest citizen.
Washington, Mach 20.— A claim for
“ So you have decided to be one of entire Digestive Canal.
They Act like Exercise on the Bowel-
$15,000 haa been presented to the War the food producers?”
department by the parent* of three
Muscles, make them strong and active—
“ Yes.”
children who were injared by the ex­
“ Which are you going to do, run a able to Help Themselves do their work—
plosion of a shell on the American lake farm or set up a chemical labora­ keep themselves clean.
camp site near Tacoma. Thiaahellwaa tory?"— Washington Star.
Cascarets are the safe-guard of Innocent
fired daring tbe maneuvers two years
Childhood against th* Dreadful Death­
ago, bnt failed to explode.
The ch il­
dren were playing with it recently and and gone la alwaya much disgusted desling Dangers that threaten th* Uves
exploded it. Tbe department ia nnahle when the youngest sister take* th* of the Little One*.
They are Purely Vegetable, absolutely
to pay th* claim , and w ill refer it to same step, and no on* ia left to stay
Harmless, always Reliable and Efficient,
w ith the parents.
‘t P jp f ÿ ,
D O & TO N
W. L. D ouglas
*3 = & *3 = S H O ES hi ! i
W . L. Douglas 94.00 C ll t Edge Lin*
cannot bo equalled at any price.
L|JUIY e. n r «
C apital * 2 . 500,000
t l f l n n n REWARD to snyont who cin
V I U |U U U
disprove this itstement.
If I could take you Into m y three large factories
•t B rockton, M a ss., and sn ow you th * Infinite
car* w ith w hich ev ery pair of shoes Is made, you
w ould realize w h y W . L . D ou glas S 3 .8 0 shoes
cost m ore to m ak e, w h y th e y hold their shape,
fit b etter, w ear longer, and ara of g ree te f
Intrinsic valu e than an y other $ 3 .8 0 shoe.
W s s ffe : srsx i&i&zxri
D r . m . S h « 9 . 4 0 . »2 .$ 1 .7 3 ,$ 1 .3 0
C A U T I O N . — Insist upon having W X -D o n g .
las shoes. T ak e no substitute. Noue genuine
without his name and price stamped on bottom.
fa st Color Euniat a used ; they will not waar bratau.
W r ite for Illustrated Catalog.
W . L. DOUGLAS. Brockton
P . N. U.
Ne. 1 2 - 0 6
H E N w riting to advertí sara plane a
m ention thla paper.
Get W hat You Ask Fori
• true, faithful, loyal servant of Mankind.
Over Five Million» of Dollars have
been Spent to make the merit» of Cas­
carets known, and every cent of It would
be lost, did not sound merit claim and
hold the constant, continued friendship.
Patronage and Endorsement of well-
pleased people year after year.
There ts also a Reason—
Why there are Parasites who attsefi
themselves to the Healthy Body of Cla-
caret's success— Imitators, Counterreltari,
They are Trade Thieves who would
rob Cascarets of the “ Good Will” of th*
people, and sneak unearned profit»,
earned and paid for by Cascarets.
A Dishonest Purpose means a Dishonest
Product and a Disregard of the Purchas­
ers' Health or Welfare.
Beware of the Slick Salesman and hie
ancient “ Just as Good'' story that com­
mon sense refutes.
Cascarets are made only by the Sterling
Remedy Company, and the famous little
Ten Cent “ Vest Pocket" box la here
shown. They are never sold In bulk.
Every tablet marked “ CCC.”
Be sure you get the genuine.
V* ra c e t o o u r rm tifD fi
W . waat t* Med to oar friends s beastUU
Fresca «rete*»«, gold p l a t e d bonbon box .
hard-enameled In colora I t Is a besetr h r th*
enasta, table. Ten cents la «Unire Is asked as a
■tasare of tree faith and to creer coetef Cascarets.
with which
trinket Is biade*.
ts *
ire * to-d.