The Estacada news. (Estacada, Or.) 1904-1908, May 04, 1905, Image 3

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    minutes in getting the fish near shore
when Dr. Smith caught it with a gaff
hook. Once the doctor lost his footing
and slipped on a soapstone rock, and but
for the timely assistance of Dr. Motter of
Entered at the postoffice in Estacada, Or. St. Vincent's hospital, he would have
as second class mail.
passed under Eagle Creek falls. The party
returned to Estacada in the evening well
Advertising rates made known on appli­
cation. Copy for publication and change pleased with their fishing excursion.
of ad copy must be handed in not later
F. M. Lantz is having living ap-
than Wednesday morning to insure pub­
partments added to his meat market.
lication for that week.
One Year
Sis Months
If pmié In advance
Cap. Curtis contemplates a trip
t l 00 to see his illustrious son who is the
MAY 4, 1905
pen warden at Salem.
Mrs. T . J. Mathews has been tak­
en to Portland for her health, and if
the change does not benefit her she
will be taken elsewhere.
Mrs. Margaret Phellps died at
Eagle Creek 6 o’clock Tuesday
morning of a complication of causes
and was taken to Portland for bur­
ial. The family are newcomers.
Sunday last was the first of the
50c excursion days, and hundreds
of people from Portland and other
places came to Hstacada to enjoy
a country outing afishing, picnicing
and strolling through the park, and
country by-ways and woods. It was
A pen and brush artist took a
a trifle chilly, but the crowd didn’t
mind that, the good time was had sketch of the town Monday, and
will paint a large picture to be used
just the same.
as an advertisement. It will be ex­
W. H. Holder, who sometime ago
hibited at the railway company’s
sold his farm—80 acres in Sec. 23,
offices in Portland.
3-4 E —has purchased E. F. Sur­
Drayman Jones and C. E . Dubois
face’s farm of 145 acres in the same
interesting the business men in
neighborhood. After a personal in­
spection of the alleged productive improveing the r6ad south of town.
irrigation districts in Eastern Ore­ The work will mostly will be done
Mr. Jones
gon Mr. Holder preferred tieing his this side of the bridge.
haul out
kite to Clackamas county soil which
is good enough for any one. H. D. the lumber company’s lumber.
Henry Wilbern, of Eagle Creek,
Trapp bought the old Holder farm.
who has been postmaster at that
Oregon City would like free pos­
place for over thirty years, has gone
tal delivery, but unless the receipts
to the St. Martin Hot Springs in
of the postoffice exceed $10,000 be­
hopes to get relief from rheumatism.
tween Ju ly 1, 1904 and June 30, of
this year the city will not be given Mr. Wilbern is in his 72 year.
the delivery this year. Postmaster
ing Mr. Wilbern's absence.
Randall reported at the department
Several thousand acres of Govern­
that the receipts had exceeded the
required amount by $74 from April ment land a number of miles South­
1, 1604 to March 3 1, 1905, but the east of Estacada were thrown open
the department has notified him that May 1, and quite a number have al­
the figures must be based on the ready made filings on claims. . The
lands are well up in the mountains
fiscal year receipts.
and is timber, coal and stone lands.
W. S. Hetininger and Jas. Johns
A crowd went out Wednesday to file
have been in Estacada several days on claims.
acquainting themselves with our
Has B o u gh t 2130 Fleeces
people and business interests. Both
D. F. Warner has been busy buying
are from North Dakota, where Mr.
Henninger is cashier of the First wool the past week or more, securing in
all 2130 fleeces from the following fanners
Bank of Goodrich. Mr. Johns has V. Llngelbach. 37; W B Lemon. 20: John Hon-
been extensively engaged in business ebon. 55: Will Oetfeld. 11: C Krlgbaum, 19; Otto
Kleatsch. 20: Sarah Palrr.ateer, 21; N Tracy. 15:
in North Dakota, but is at present E Heiple. 93: J P Stefnman. 7: L P ae. 34: A E
living in Por land. Mr. Henn n ;er Alspaugh. 45: John Cithens. 28: E E Sailing. 100
John C Brown, 20: J O Linn, 29; F J Mathews.
is an old friend of The News family 10: Mrs. L M Park. 15: M Deuce, 18: F J Heark-
and we were very pleasantly sur­ e rder.54: J Cox. 17;HLey. 20: A Lacy. 37: A
Morrow. 8: W T Hencerson. 38: Mrs. Cranatski, 26:
prised when, on Saturday, he walked Joseph
DeShazer. 20: H B Ballou. 28: H C Clover,
into the office, we not knowing that 21: H Ballou. 22: A Hauger. 81: R B Gibson. 15:
90; A Suter. 50: E Foster. 45: Cus
he was in the West.
We visited Burnett, 18: JohnStormer, 14: J A Reid, 6: John
Kiggins, 10:W E Shannon, 12: H C Pearson, 31:
over Sunday.
Dr. A. E. Rocky and Dr. Motter
the well known surgeons of Portland
were guests at The Estacada over
Sunday. Accompanied by Dr. C.
B. Smith they took a fishing trip to
Eagle Creek falls at d they succeed­
ed in catching a fine mess of trout.
Dr. Rockey hooked and succeeded in
landing a trout which weighed six
pounds, one and a half onces. The
large trout gave the doctor an e x ­
citing experience. At one time it
seemed as though the fish would not be
landed, but Dr. R o.kev having an auto­
matic reel and a 150 foot line, succeeded
after a great struggle of at least fifteen
J C DeShazer. 28: A Malar. 14: Homer Dubois. 18:
WL Crane. 10: R A Looney. 60: J F Douglas, 20:
Peter P Heia, 90: Geo. Lockerby. 18; D Wilcox. 20:
Jabelnglish. 20: W B Fairfowl. 17: Wm Ruther-
fod, 5: Joseph Fellows. 27: M Randolph. 6: Jhomas
Judd. 6: CW Wallace 45: W Rutherford. 10: C Me
Sherry. 5: PC Davidaon. 14: W E Kandle, 45; N
Graham. 14: Jake Gerber. 12: Christ Tellefson. 21:
F S Hutchins. 34; Peter Smith, 30: Herman Fisher;
28; J Rebuff. 50. P M Kishem. 30. J L Davis. 24:
Jocob Starkaker. 17: C C Armstrong. 19; Owen Per
ry, 1 8: J W Linn, 59; Geo. Spees. 18: Wm. Sprague.
36: W F Harris. 25: F M Bluhm, 65: W H Willson.
15: D WThomas. 72; Jane Edwards. 45. and T Dan
ial. 15.
This makes a pretty good showing for
the short season so far, and it show’s that
there are quite a number of sheep in the
country. There is still a number not yet
disposed of. Mr. Warner is making a per­
sonal canvass. He has gone to Silverton
for a short time.
What is Breakfast Without it?
Have You Tried Our
25c a Pound
Olympia Pan Cake flour
Self Raising, Prepared in a Moment
Try a Package, 25c
Saratoga Drips
In Gallon Cans, 85c
In 1-2 Gallon Cans, 45c
The Best Syrup
We are Headquarters for Good
Merchandise at Right Prices
. » -h i l l M
+■»+■»•!■•«■ •»■t" t" l--t--fr*
The Estacada Pharmacy
Spalding Base Ball Goods
Bats, Balls, Gloves, Etc.
A complete assortment of fishing sundries. Split
Bamboo Jointed Rods, $1.50 and up. Quadruple
multiplying Reels, Baskets with the latest style
shoulder straps, Propeller Baits, etc....................
Just In-W riting Paper
The newest designs in box writing papers, Craepes,
and Tissues—assorted colors
Wakelee’s Squirrel Poison
Is the best
Mayor Reed was out from The
Oaks camp, Wednesday.
Another man hurt at the dam and
taken to town.
Dr. Haviland was
at Oregon City.
Herbert Tracy, the machinest,
who installed the machinery at the
Estacada Wood Mnfg Co’s plant,
has completed the job. Mr. Tracy
goes to California for his company
next week to put up a $100,000.00
mill plant which will occupy him all
Mr. T racy's ability in
his line of work is above par.
Clackamas Co. Taxes
May be paid at the office of the Clack­
amas Title Company, 608 Chamber of Com­
merce Bldg, in Portland, where a copy of
the Tax Roll ia kept.
Tax payers finding it more convenient
to pay in Portland may save themselves
the coat and time of a trip to Oregon City
for a nominal fee of 35 cents.
Until March 15th the office of the Sher­
iff is apt to be very busy while a few min­
utes suffices to pay at the office of the
Clackamas Title Company in Portland.
Payment before March 15th will save a
3 per cent rebate.