The Estacada news. (Estacada, Or.) 1904-1908, April 27, 1905, Image 3

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H. W. Downing is running the
-----------" — ■.-------------------------- - engine at the frock crusher.
p u b l i s h e d EVERY t h u r s d a v b y
Manager Pratt of the Scrubs is or-
_________H- A' WILLIAMS
| ganizjng a team to play the regulars
Entered at the postoffice in Estacada, Or. again Sunday.
as second class mail.
T h e county cou rt has taken under |
What is Breakfast Without it?
Advertising rates made known on appli- advisement the petition to vacate
cation. Copy for publication and^change E a g le C reek toWnsite.
of ad copy must be handed i n __ ___
than Wednesday morning to insure pub- ' The county has caused a saloon
lication for that week.
$1 00
license to be issued to Annie Corri-
rigan for the rest of the year.
There will be a dance every Sun­
If paid in advan ce
day afternoon from 1130 to 9 p. m.
in the Dancing Pavilion in Estacada
A P R IL 27, 1905
Good music. Admission 25c.
The prominent defendants in the j The Barton-Logan road will be j
land fraud cases are coming to trial, opened with the labor of subscribers
A trial and an acquitaliswliat these and petitioners and people interested
eminent public servants should have in the road, after Fred Stulke has
been looking for instead of a loop- been paid his damages,
hole through which to escape from r Harmon Green and family have
the pleasant duty of facing the facts, returned to Estacada to live.
The people of Oregon are the most Green has been given the refresh-
interested of all in these cases, and ment franchise for the railway Co’s
they want to know the whole (acts par]i during the summer season,
on the main issue; they don’t care
B a Boswell has taken a position
about these efforts to quash the gov- as foreman at the Cazadero rock
ernment’s efforts to get to trial.
crusher. He has a crew of 20 men
Olympia Pan Cake flour
Principal D. P. Mathews of Can-
by, who is a son of Mr. and Mrs. T
J. .«iathews, at the last teachers’ in­
stitute, gave a discourseon” Manual
Training,” or how to improve the
morals and manners of the pupils.
R Havens
3 *>
L Bronson
J E Stublis
Score, 9 to 10. Umpire, J R Cassidy
Try a Package, 25c
Saratoga Drips
The Best Syrup
l n Gallon Cans, 85c
In 1-2 Gallon Cans, 45c
We are Headquarters for Good
Merchandise at Right Prices
, . f ........
The Estacada Pharmacy
Spalding Base Ball Goods
, M . t u
Bats, Balls, Gloves, Etc.
A complete assortment of fishing sundries. Split
Bamboo Jointed Rods, $ 1.5 0 and up. Quadruple
multiplying Reels, Baskets with the latest style
shoulder straps, Propeller Baits, etc...................
Just In-W riting Paper
The newest designs in box writing papers, Craepes,
and Tissues— assorted colors
J . ..a . -
By the last report of the county at work clearing away earth and
officials, at the close of business on getting the quarry in shape to make
March 31st, it was shown that some pretty big daily shipments.
there were outstanding county war­
Prominent Portland people who
rants amounting to $98,462.1^3 and were guests at the Hotel Estacada
interest of about $7,000 thereon. this week, E. H. McCracken & wife
Then the resources, or something D. E. Buchanan & wife, Mrs. G. F.
called such, including $8 ,ico ca sh , Wells & daughter, Dr. Nichols, wife
$35,000 unpaid taxes, and a net in and daughter, H. E. Bates, wife
debtedness of $6 2,9 6 1.13 amounted and daughter.
to $10 5,4 6 2.13
The county treas-
. „
County Surveyor Kinnard has or-
urer’s report shows balance on hand ,
.. , , „
ders from the county court to pre­
m all funds of $105,897.34
pare plans and specifications fo ra
O11 May 17th the ninety days w ill1 proposed bridge across the Clacka
have elapsed since the state legisla- mas river on the Barton-Logan road
ture adjourned, and Estacada’s city j This bridgt; should be built at the
charter will then become operative, county's earliest opportunity.
The council will meet on the 18th
John Nelson, a bridge carpenter,
organize and proceed to form laws
a very narrow escape from in-
to govern the new municipaliiy.
| stant death last Saturday at 8 p. m.
The Sinbbe-Warner Case.
in a fall from the O. W. P. Ry.
Quite a number
from here Co's bridge across the river at Caz-
went to Oregon City last Saturday adero. He fell a distance of 36 feet
to testify in the Stubbe- Warner case alighting on his head and shoulders,
that was tried by jury liefore Justice It was little less than a a miracle
Stipp. The case was one of assault that he was not killed by the fall,
and battery, and was the fruit of an Dr. Haviland, the company’s phy-
old neighborly misunderstanding, sician, was called and the injured
Mrs. Mary Stubbe complained that was taken to the Good Samaritan
D. F. Warner struck her and Mr. hospital where he stays until it can
Warner claimed the complainant un- !>e learned if he received any inter-
lawfully used a big stick in his im- nal injuries. No bones were broken.
mediate presence.
1 he testimony
There was more excitement to the
was mixed, but enough was proven square jnch OI1 the locai bau ground
on both sides to convict a few cat- ,Mt Sunday than at a 4, h of July
tie of being the whole cause of the horse race. The regular nine met
trouble. The trial took up most of another disa„ter and at the hands
the afternoon, and the jury returned of g scrub team picked up by Mana.
a verdict in the evening of not guil ger Pratt from some old baseball
Attornevs Griffith & Strillile stuff. It was an interesting game,
represented the state, and George The order cf batt|e was:
C. Brownell the defendant. Those Scrubs
from here were, Henry Landwehr, Boy lan
I Phelps
Otto Klaetsch, David Bridenstine, Parks
Dr. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. J. Nichel- Bittner
son and Mrs. C. F. Howe.
j A Havens
R Phelps
Self Raising, Prepared in a Moment
J . A L L ^ ■ ...■ .. a ^ . a . a . a . ^ a . a . j . a , .
One Y ear
Sin Months
Have You Tried Our
25c a Pound
Wakelee’s Squirrel Poison
Is the best
« r*r r T- " W P "
! , .r:
R i.ti.R j Ri
. a * . a * iX x.ti
* » - -
The Boston Herald will send a
large delegation of New England
teachers to the Lewis & Clark Fair.
Workmen are nowbuildng the main
entrance gates at the Fair. There
are to be 20 turnstiles for entrance,
with a number of exit gates.
Oregon’s mining display at the
Fair will show astonishingly rich
deposites of gold, silver and copper,
with specimens of gold from very
rich newdiscoveriesthat run as high
as $20,000 to the ton,
The Fair Japan concession build
ing on the Trail is now in course of
It will be finished
one wetk before the opening day.
It is to be one of the most interest­
ing features of the Trail.
The Easter dress parade at the
Lewis & Clark Exposition was gor­
Many thousand pdople en­
tered the gates, the day being de­
lightfully bright and balmy. Every
body was as onished at the rapid
progress of the work of finishing the
exposition. Officials of the War
and Interior Departments have ar­
rived Irom Washington and are all
busy arranging their exhibits.
Fair opens June i, closes Oct. 15.