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Washington Is To Be Repre­
sented at 1905 Eair
E f f o r t s W ill Be M ade fo Expend A t
L e a st $ 7 3 , 0 0 0 o n E x h ib it o f
O r e g o n ’s S is t e r State .
N a tio n A s k s A p p e a ls o f Hyde, B e n ­
s o n and D im o n d be Heard.
W ashington, Dec. 13.— Solicitor G en­
eral H oyt, on behalf of th e governm ent,
today filed a m otion asking th e su­
prem e court to advance for hearing the
appeal taken by Frederick A. H yde and
H enry P . Dim ond from th e decision of
Judge M orrow, of San Francisco, who
directed th a t th ey be brought to W ash­
ington for tria l on indictm ents for con­
spiracy to defraud th e governm ent out
of large tracts of public lands. In his
p etition the solicitor general states th a t
th e appeals were “ taken for purposes
of delay and to prevent th e appellan ts
from being removed to th e D istrict of
C olum bia for t r ia l .”
A sim ila r m otion was also filed in re­
gard to the appeal of Jo h n A. Benson,
also alleged to be a m em ber of the San
Francisco land ring, who was arrested
in New York on a W ashington in d ic t­
m ent charging him w ith bribing offi­
cials in th e general land office.
Benson is out on $10,000 bail and
try in g to escape tria l in W ashington.
T he solicitor general expects to be
given a hearing today in support of his
m otion, and if the c o u it advances th e
cases there ¡ b every prospect th a t the
famous San Francisco land ring w ill be
placed on tria l in th is c ity d uring the
piesent w inter.
M on d a y, D e ce m b e r 3.
th a t th e b ill sh a ll take effect M arch 4,
T he house passed a b ill to give th e
ag ric u ltu ra l d e p artm en t control over
forest reserves.
The senate discussed th e p ure food
and P h ilip p in e governm ent bills.
T he sh o rt session of the 58th congress
m et a t 12 o’clock.
No business was
transacted in e ith e r house excepting
the usual routine work of opening day
Both houses adopted resolutions of ree-
pect to th e late Senators H oar, of Mas­
sachusetts, and Quay, of P ennsylvania,
and th e ir adjournm ent was a furth er
T o rp e d o B o a t s fo r R u s s ia Sh ip p e d
m ark of respect.
fro m New J e r s e y Y ard .
T u e s d a y , D ecem ber 6.
New Y ork, Dec. 13.— Nine torpedo
boats, b u ilt a t P e rth Amboy, N. J . , for
th e R ussian governm ent, have been
com pleted, and left th e yarda today.
They were loader! on a barge and towed,
to New Y ork. T hey w ill be shipped as
m erchandise on a liner.
T he ten th boat will cross th e ocean
under its own power. Two six-cylinder
gasoline engines have been installed.
Each is expected to develop a 300-
horsepower, and drive the little boat a t
a speed of 20 knots. The crew of eig h t
men is already aboard Ihe boat, w hich
is 80 feet long. Below deck it is not
possible to stand erect, for th ere is only
a five foot bpace.
Should the passage
be storm y, th e crew will be alm ost as
effectually bottled up as it in a sub­
m arine.
T he only entrance to th e
com partm ents below deck is through a
conning tower, from w hich the b o a t is
E ach boat w ill carry one torpedo
tube. One of th e five w a te rtig h t com ­
p a rtm en ts in to w hich th e h u ll is d i­
vided will contain the spare torpedoes.
P re sid e n t’s message read.
P ortland, Dec. 9.—T he W ashington
A dum ber of resolutions have been
state com m ission tor th e Lewis and
introduced in the house looking to a
Clark exposition w ill ask th e W ashing­
change in th e tariff laws.
ton legislature (or an ap p ro p riatio n of
The president sent a large num ber of
$75,000 to carry o u t W ashii g t m ’s par­
appointm ents and nom inations for pro­
ticip atio n in the P ortland w orld’s fair.
m otion in th e arm y and navy to the
T his was decided upon by the com­
m ission last evening after a day spent
A bill has been introduced in the
in in quiring into th e scope of the expo­
senate providing a pension of $15 a
sition and inspecting th e exposition
m onth for the widows of U nion sol­
diers, sailors and m arines.
The comm ission agreed th a t not a
dollar less th an $75,000 w ill be suffi­
W e d n e sd a y , D e ce m b e r 7.
cient to m ake a su itable W ashington
e x h ib it, and im m ediately upon th e ir
T he legislative, executive and ju d i­
retu rn to th e ir state th e com m issioners
cial ap p ro p riatio n bill, carrying $28,-
w ill commence th e ir cam paign for the
838,709, was reported to the house to­
appropriation, w hich they anticipate
day T his is $846,498 less th an th e es­
no great difficulty in securing.
tim ate and $236,881 m ore th a n the
The com m ission, four strong, reached
cu rren t appropriation.
P ortland yesterday m orning for the
P la tt, of New Y ork, caused a stir in
purpose of m aking an official investiga­
the senate bv introdeucing a b ill pro­
tio n . A m eeting was held a t exposi­
viding for a reduction of th e congres­
tion h eadquarters du rin g the forenoon,
sional representation of th e southern
D E C R E A S E IN W H E A T A C R E A G E .
at w hich H . E. Reed and D. C. Free­
states, on th e ground th a t m any of the
S e n s a t io n in P a n a m a M a tte rs.
m an, repieBenling the exposition, ex­
citizens of theses states are deprived of
W ashington, Dec. 10.— R epresenta­
plained e xisting conditions.
tire right to vote.
p o r t s o n C o n d itio n o f C rops.
learning th a t the exhaustive drains
tive Shackleford, of M issouri, who has
Senator H ale introduced a bill to .re­
upon e x h ib it space have left no great
W ashington, Dec. 13.—The crop re­ quire th e em ploym ent of vessels of the a resolution in the house calling for an
surplus for late comers, th e com m is­ po rt issued today by th e dep artm en t ol U nited States in the tran sp o rtatio n by investigation of th e Panam a railroad
com pany acquired by th e U nited States
sion a t once decided th a t a separate A griculture says:
sea of all supplies of every description
state b u ild in g w ill be required in
R eturns to th e chief of the bureau of for use of th e Panam a canal com m is­ governm ent, is determ ined to for :e
through an investigation, if it can bo
w hich to house th e W ashington, ex- j S tatistics of the dep artm en t of Agricul
sion or th e contractors in th e construc­
h ib its.
done. F rien d s say he is collecting evi­
tu re indicate th a t (he new ly seeded area tio n of th e Panam a canal.
dence to show th a t a m em ber of the
President. Peaslce stated th a t the low of w inter w heat is ab o u t 31,155,000
Senator M organ, of A labam a, de­ canal com m ission was a m em ber of the
ra ilio ad rates and o th er conditions acreB, a decrease of 1.6 per cent from
. railroad com pany
It is understood
tending to induce travel to th e West th e area sown in th e fall of 1903, as
are such th a t th ere w ill undoubtedly finally estim ated.
T he condition of th e proposed change in the Panam a | th a t some sensational charges will be
m ade in dem anding a reorganization of
be a trem endous attendance a t ih e fair. w inter w heat on D ecem ber 1 was 82.9,
In consideration of th is fact he felt th a t as com pared w ith 86.6 in 1903, 99.8 in He says it is a schem e of th e tra n s­ th e pres e n t canal com m ission.
W ashington's interests dem anded a full 1902, and a 10 year average of 92.1.
representation of the s ta te 's resources The acreage as com pared w ith last year struction of an isthm ian w aterw ay.
E x p e r ts E x a m in in g B a llo ts.
An adequate e x h ib it cannot be m ade is 98.4 per cent.
The newly seeded
D enver, Dec. 9.— The ballot box
w ith o u t a tine state building in which a res of w inter rye is provisionally e sti­
T h u r s d a y , D e c e m b e r 8.
from precinct 6, ward 6, was opened
to house it. T his idea was afterw ard m ated a t 96 7 per cent of th e area sown
today by order of th e suprem e court, in
em bodied in a resolution w hich was in th e fall of 1903.
T he condition of
th e contem pt proceedings ag ain st offi­
unanim ously adopted by th e com m is­ w inter rye on Decem ber 1 was 90.6, as and adjoined u n til M onday.
cials of th a t precinct, and its contents
An a tte m p t to secure consideration were turned over to two handw riting
com pared w ith 92.7 on Decem ber 1,
A fter deciding th a t a separate e x h ib it 1903, 98.1 a t th e corresponding date in of th e pure food law by Senator Hey- experts, who were directed to exam ine
b uilding was a necessity, the com m is­ 1902, and 96.2 th e m ean of December b rrn was defeated.
the ballots and report th e ir findings to
sion adjourned to th e expositon grounds averages of the last ten years.
T illm an brought th e case of W illiam th e co u rt tom orrow .
The co u rt a d ­
for the purpose of secuiing a suitable
The percentage of acreage sown to D. C rum , th e colored m an nom inated journed u n til tom orrow w ithout its de­
site. In com pany w ith M r. Freeman w in ter rye th is fall as com apred w ith for collector a t C harleston, 8. C ., into cision on the question of rejecting th e
th ey visited every portion of th e expo­ th a t sown last year is 86.7, the average prom inence by asking for a report from e n tire vote of precincts in w hich its in­
sition, beinyToffered th e ir choice of any condition December 1, 1904, was 90.5. the com m ittee on judiciary as to th e ju nctive order was violated.
T h is
of the unclaim ed b uilding sites.
A Corresponding averages for 1903 and statu s of recess appointm ents.
would change the result or th e election.
broad strip of land a short distance 1902 were 92.7 and 98 1, respectively,
In th e house the civil service com­
south and east of th e A gricultural p al­ anil th e m ean of th e December average m ission was attacked because of a pro­
R e c k le s s T a rg e t Practice.
ace, fronting on Lewis and C lark boule­ of th e last ten years 96.2.
posed increase of 23 em ployes to con­
London, Dec. 14.—C aptain Mills, of
vard, was finally decided upon.
The final estim ates of th e total acre­ stitu te th e rural exam ining board.
the A m erican L ine ste a m e r P hiladel­
age production and farm values of the
The pay of stenographers to the house
principal crops for 1904 w ill be issued com m ittees has been reduced from $5,- phia. has ordered a p ro test ag ain st
V e s s e l s to R e tu rn to M exico.
reckless ta rg e t p ractice carried on off
on December 28 a t 4 o’clock P . M.
000 to $3,000 per annum .
Mexico City, Dec. 14.—It Is re p o rt­
Plym outh. H e says th a t as h e ap­
ed here th a t th e c o n tra c t for th e B rit­
A proposition to increase th e salary proached th e h a rb o r w ith n early 100#
ish steam sh ip line betw een B ritish Co­
S ta te h o o d B ill S a fe in Se na te .
of th e secretary ef th e civil service p assengers on board, th e ir safety w as
lum bia and Mexico has been aw arded
endangered by a gunboat w hich p e r­
W ashington, Dec. 12. — The senate com m ission was defeated.
to Andrew W eir & Co., of Glasgow.
sisted in firing even a fte r th e patrol
Scotland. T h e ag ree m e n t calls for com m ittee on territo rie s will take up
¡launch apprised th e gunboat of th e
first-class ste a m e rs capable of c arry ­ th e statehood b ill presented to the
lin e r’s approach. C aptain Mills adds
T rid ay, D ecem ber 9.
ing 4600 to n s of freig h t each, 50 first- house last cession for th e adm ission of
th a t he w as obliged tw ice to stop and
c la ss passengers and from 300 to 400
go full speed a ste rn to avoid disaster.
ste era g e p assengers T he line will be ¡te rrito ry and O klahom a as two states. ecutive and judicial ap p ro p riatio n b ill
subsidized, and will receive $50,000 C hairm an Beveridge expects th a t the alm ost as it came from the com m ittee
K u ro p a t k in R e p o rt s E n c o u n te rs.
from th e C anadian governm ent and a bill w ill bo perfected in tim e to take and adjourned until Monday
8 t. Petersburg, Dec. 13.—G eneral
lik e am ount from the M exican govern­ it up after Decem ber 16. The fact th a t
T hroughout the session today the
m ent. It is th o u g h t th a t th e first boat th e bill is recom m ended by th e steering policy of retrenchm ent held fnll sway, K uropatkin reports some u n im p o rtan t
encounters d uring th e n ig h t of Decem­
will sail from V ancouver J a n u a ry 14.
and all a tte m p ts to Increase salaries ber 8. R ussian sharpshooters recon-
business insures th e passage of th e b ill failed.
noitering south of Bentsiapu, attacked
w ith o u t opposition, if the states con­
The house passed a resolution to ad- a Japanese post, bayoneted a nun b 'r of
cerned accept th e plan.
journ December 21 u n til Ja n n a ry 4 for Japanese and took 11 prisoners, of
S u lta n C h a n g e s H is M ind.
th e usual C hristm as holiday.
whom only four were wonnded.
London, Dec. 14.—T h e C onstantino­
sam e n ig h t a num ber of Japanese a t ­
G ood R o a d s B ill i s Reported.
ple correspondent o t th e S ta n d ard tel­
tacks were made on Russian advanced
W ashington, Dec. 10.— Senator L ati­
e graphs as follow s: C harles R. Flint,
M on d a y, D ecem ber 12.
intien ch m en ts near the ra ilro ad . They
of New York, w hile here had an in te r­ m er, from the com m ittee on agi ¡culture
The senate com m ittee on privileges were a ll repulsed.
view with th e S u ltan 's se c re tary , who and forestry, today reported favorably
declined to e n te rta in a suggestion on th e b ill known as the L atim er good and elections has taken up the 8m oot
W ill P re v e n t R u n n in g Blockade.
looking to th e purchase of A rgentine roads bill, ft carries an a p propriation case. T hree witnesses were exam ined
w arships. M r F lin t left on board a of $24,000,fl
B erlin, Den. 10.— According to a dis­
to be available in th ree and several new points brought out.
Senator Stew art has introduced a b ill patch from Tokio to the Lokal Anzeig-
«nouai in stallm e n ts of $8,000,000 each
h is d e p a rtu re P alace M inisters sought
to raise th e salary of the president to er. th e placing’of heavy cannon on 203-
him everyw here, and finally telegram s for road b uilding in th e states. U nder $100,000 a year, of th e vice president M eter h ill will enable the Japanese to
w ere se n t to S m yrna offering him s u b -. th e provisions of th e b ill states are to
sta n tla l p ecuniary Inducem ents to re- 110 “ *e work and pay one-half of th e and speaker of the house to $20,000 fire on and sink ju n k s and o th er craft
tu rn on business connected w ith the cost, the n ational governm ent paying each, and each senator, representative bringing supplies for P o rt A rth u r from
and delegate to $10,000. I t is provided Chefoo.
sale of ships.
i th e o th er half.