The Estacada news. (Estacada, Or.) 1904-1908, December 01, 1904, Image 5

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IS “ Y E L L O W P E R I L "
Whether It is of the nose, throat, stomach,
bowels, or more delicate organs, catarrh is
always debilitating and should never fail or
of ^
It is a discharge from the mucous mem
brane when kept in a state of inflammation
by an impure, commonly scrofulous, con* V Ì
dltlon of the blood.
C h in e s e
A Little Lesson
In Patriotism
W r ite r
R ld lc n le a A r g n m e a t
S e t F o r t h b y A la r m is ts .
Why Is It that England and America
io not see the "yellow peril?’ Because
they know that the Invasion o f Eu­
rope and America will never come,
says a Chinese writer in the Review |
>f Reviews. Because England and
"When I first learned the subject of America have so shaped their courses !
this quarrel, my heart espoused warm- in their Asiatic possessions that the I
ly the cause of liberty, and I thought natives cannot and will not be driven
Cures all forms of catarrh, radically and
of nothing but o f t » think of revolt, much less Invasion,
permanently — it removes the cause and
adding the aid of The liberty, freedom, fair play and
overcomes all the effects. Get Hood’s.
my banner.”
privileges granted by England and
It was at a din- America to their colonies insure con* |
ner given by tbs tentment and stability among the na-1
The happiness and misery of men de­
pend no less on temper than fortune.—•
c o m m a n dant ot tives. Anyone who compares the con- [
the garrison
at dition o f the Straits Settlements and
Metz to the Duke Annam will be immediately convinced
For bronchial troubles try Piso’s Cure
¡1 of Gloucester, the of their respective conditions and cor-;
for Consumption. 1 1 is a good cough
brother of King responding prosperity. The troubles
" I have used Aver*» Cherry Pectoral In my
medicine. A t druggists, price 25 cents.
family for eight years. Therein nothing e<|ual
George 111., that In German Africa are the outcome of
to It for coughs and colds, especially for chil­
L A F A Y E T T E . the
dren.’*— Mus. W. U . B u y m k h , Shelby, Ala.
Marquis de cruelty; the flourishing condition of
Tlie Changeable Man.
so c.. 91 .on.
“ Mr. Vane says he wcin’t see you,” Lafayette first heard o f this quarrel, the Sandwich Islands Is the fruit of sw»..
All druggists.
the cause o f the American Revolution. Impartiality. The "yellow peril' o f the
fo r i
said that gentleman's clerk*
“ When did you ask him?” inquired The noble heart of the French arista- Mongols under Genghis Kahn Is a
Mr. Burroughs.
crnt was stirred
by the accounts of thing of the past—dead six centuries
“ Why, only a minute ago, of course.” the struggle that the men over the a(?°- Asia then suffered far more than
“ Well, ask him again, won’t you. lie sea were making against tyranny and Europe, only the eastern border of K eep th e b ow els open w ith on o oi
which was visited by the Tartars. Ayer’s Pills a t b e d tim e , Just one.
may have changed his mind since oppression.
| His desire to akl them, however, Nearly every nation on the Asiatic
----------- -------------------------
then.” — Philadelphia Press.
was conquered,
and the Chi- ,
^ New • York
met with apparently .«u
iu iv u iu a v io mainland
----------- -----------
« . char
_ * » table
» * woman who
. is
How's This?
difficulties. His relatives and friends
« « . t terribly from their
« . I buttfrfl^.^Uh^he’m.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for opposed what th e v cnn.ldorod „
any ca.e ol Catarrh that cannot be cured b , “
" unl Ule} «»nsm eied a mad
H a ll’s Catarrh cure.
Impulse. Lafayette found it impossl-
The yellow peril” will never come
We, *the uruler.1 Jnei 1 ^av'e°ituowu' F°' j! l,le to engage passage upon any out- « * » » “ • « “ “ me. at all It will be
Cheney for the last 15 year«, and believe him going ship. Nothing daunted, but in- at the time when European civilization 1
thuis sarrl inancta/ly ablemcar’ry'oirt’any'ob- sf,|r,'d by ‘ he obstacles In his ’path, he hn8 retrograded and Europeans return
ligations made by their firm.
purchased a ship o f his own. The
a con<Htion of savagery far below!
w " m * o ,R k “ na * ^
Frenah government after his de- that o f their ancestors before the days
g i u ‘ ,i,ir°,1
.edo’ C
. . V , .
. Parture sent a cruiser to intercept him of Caesar- The "yellow peril” Is only
<ng dlranl^upon the blood'snd’ mucoiui * up at the West Indies; hut Lafayette, possible when the Asiatics are superior j
(ace. Of .the
Fries 760^1Perbottto. foreseeing this possibility, had headed to the Europeans in culture, science,
fold by a ll Druggists. Testim onials ires.
art and general civilization. Just as
l l a l l a F a m ily P ills are the best.
directly for an American port
the Europeans, superior to the Asiatics
P o w e r o f W e a lt h .
In these respects, now dominate Asia.
“ Has your daughter made her debut
It will come when Europe and Amer­
yet?” asked Mrs. Uppson.
ica, weakened by Incessant wars, are
“ Mercy, no!” exclaimed Mrs. Neu-
so helpless that not only the Asiatics,
rich. “ And, what’s more, she doesn’t
but even the Eskimos and Laplanders, j
have to make i t Her father can a f­ Lnfnyete had no time for honors; he will be able to dictate terms. When i
ford to have one made to order foi had left them at home that he might the Asiatics nre able to overrun E u -!
fight for the cause of liberty on this
rope and America it w ill not be the I
side of the Atlantic. All he asked of day o f a “ yellow peril,” but the day
the Continental Congress was to serve of a "golden era.’ I f that day ever |
a ,, volunteer
at hts own expense. V
. ,
0 it
S tiiv
etii that
tua t the
tUv A
Dlfi Lit.
It will
, e ’
ey ronferrod upon him are g0 superior that they deserve tb
he rank of major general. Between con(Juest o f the world.
I n r i r n t t n and
nrwl Washington a
and lasting friendship arose. Through
the campaign they fought side by side, j
The name o f Lnfayete will live as
long as the cause o f liberty is remem- i
in the fall o f 1895 I contracted that fear* l>ere<* an<l loved by mankind. The man
ful disease, Blood Poison. It gained such 'v^° fights for the rights of another
headway that I was forced to resign my land is as true a patriot ns he who
position and seek relief at Hot Springs, fights for his own; certain it Is that if
“ D e a r M r s . P h c k it a m : —
A f 1 « spending Ml the means I haJ 1 went ,llg own omintry had ral]o(I he would
ago my health began to fail because of
to Memphis. In less than three weeks I
______ .
, ,,
female troubles. The doctor did not
was in .hospital, and after nine weeks oi l,a' e answered a , quickly
There is
help me. I remembered that mv mother
suffering I was discharged as cured. In a lai*ger patriotism that espouses the
had used L yd ia K. ri nk h a m 's
less than a month every bone in my body cause of the world's liberty. And La-
Vegetable Compound on many oc­
seemed to be affected and felt as if they fayette was a world patriot.—Chicago
casions for irregularities and uterine
would break at the least exertion. Again Journal.
troubles, and I felt sure that it could
I was compelled to resign, and I returned
not harm me at any rate to give it a
to the hospital for a .even weeks stay.
nought . Far..,
Own „ Tree.
441 was certainly glad to find that
within a week I fe lt much better, the
prevailed on the only firm who handled
la'v { er’ maI1 of affairs, and cabinet
terrible pains in the back and side
drugs to get me one dozen bottles of S. S. °®cer, but there are less-known sides
were beginning to cease, and at the
time o f menstruation I did not have
S. At that time both of my hands wert to his make-up whieh are. perhaps,
nearly as serious a time as heretofore,
broken out with blisters and I was covered more Indicative of the man himself,
“ Sary,” seld the bashful youth at b o I continued its use for two months,
with boils and sores. In the meantime m j and whieh are, too, more Interesting
at the end o f that time I was like
druggist had gotten two dozen bottles ol ror a,,,
reason that they are less
new woman. I really have never
S .S .S . form e and I began its use, anc
I ’m a-going to steal a kiss."
after taking the thirteenth bottle not • appreciated.
Instance, he I,
’’Hezekiah,” responded the candid felt better in my life, have not had
sore or boil was visible. R. B. PowEU. ‘' no" ^ h o f * sentimentalist to have Sarah, “ I f you steal a kiss you'll have sick headache since, and weigh 20
pounds more than I ever did, so I un­
East 9 th St., Little Rock, Ark.
bought a farm that he might own a
two red ears.” — Chicago Tribune.
hesitatingly recommend your medi­
certain tree.
c in e ."— M rs . M a t II a u i . k , Edgerton,
Wis. .Pres. Household Economics Club.
The victim is tortured with eating nicer» ” the buildings of Hamilton College,
“ I appreciate your feeling for me." —- $5000 forfolt I f original o f above lotto? proving
gonumeness cannot bo producod.
gores and abscesses, unsightly blotches -N ew * or*. where his father, Oren assured the anaemic poetess with deep
eruptions and other symptoms of the mis Root, was a professor. In his boyhood emotion to the young man bidding her
erable disease. S. S. & has been nsec years the two used to take long walks good night at her door, "but I can nev-
successfully for nearly fifty years foi together, and, time and again, on their er return your sentiments. I am mar-
Contagious Bloot homeward way. it was under a splen- rled to ’Immortal Verse.’ ”
" I have used your Fish
Brand Slickers for years
tdna’ no mercury llid hemlo<’1' ot> Kirkland Farm that
“ He doesn’t seem to be making
In the Hawaiian Islands
and found them the only
potash o r othet they wotll<1 re,t- The hilltop com- much o f a living for you.” returned her
article that suited. I am
mineral. Ourhom« manded a magnificent view o f the admirer, who clerked In the corner gro-
n o w In t h is c o u n t r y
(Africa) and think a great
treatment b ook Oriskany Valley, across to the Adlron- eery and knew; “ you’d better get a
deal of your coats.’’
ves all the sytnp dacks to the north, and often the elder divorce from him and come on with
( mams oh application )
— 9 of this dis of the pedestrians would say, as they “ «• Isabella.” — New Orleans Pica-
The world-wide reputa- ^./v\VFT>«w
i. Medical ad Parted on again: " I wish I owned y l,ne-
tlon of Tower’s W ater-
p ro o f O iled C lo t h in g •
vice free.
that tree.
One dose of Ayer’s Cherry
Pectoral at bedtime prevents
night coughs of children.
No croup. No bronchitis. A
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
P e c to ra l
doctor’s mediqine for all
affections of the throat, bron­
chial tubes, and lungs. Sold
for over years.
Night Coughs
raw f
Another club woman, Mrs.
Haule, of Edgerton, Wis., tells
how she was cured of irregulari*
ties and uterine trouble, terrible
pains and backache, by the use
of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
A while
*» “» —VST .......
„ ••r ’- r r , .
The Swift
Around the World
Specillo Company, Atlanta, 6a
«MIRI A ll (LSI fails .
t C ou gh Syru p . T a » to * G oo d . L'a*
In lim a . So ld b y d ru g g is t«
T o I m p r o v e H e r C h a n c e.
In the years since there have been
inany changes at Hamilton and In the
country round al»out, but the old hem-
iock has remained untouched—and the
other day Ellhu Root bought Kirkland
Farm and the tree which, he declares,
has long been a landmark ia kis life.—
“ The fortune-teller says I shall mar-
ry a rich man.”
“ I)ld she say whether ho would be
blind or n o t r — Illinois State Journal.
I f all dreams came true, the courts
would be overworked with divorce
a ssu re s the
the positive
all garments
this Sign of
b u y e r of j
worth of *■
b e a rin g
/?« l *
tb « Fish.
fiR A N '
Boston, U. &. A.
Toronto, Canada