The Estacada news. (Estacada, Or.) 1904-1908, December 01, 1904, Image 4

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The czar has decorated Aliexieff w ith
the order of St. George, tiiird degree.
Newsy Items Gathered from All
Parts of the World.
The rail and steel m ills of th e I lli­
nois 8teel com pany, of Chicago, have
closed down for an indefinite period,
owing to a lack of business.
thousand men are throw n out of em ­
ploym ent.
Russia Decides to Participate
In 1905 Exposition.
A T A W E U L C O ST .
J ap a n e se C o n tin u e T h e ir A tt a c k o n
P o rt A rt h u r .
London, Dec. 1.— According to a
Tokio dispatch to th e S tandard, th ere
is an official rum or th a t the Japanese
have h auled large caliber guns to th e
WILL HAVE A LARGE EXHIBIT | top of 203-M eter h ill, whence th e ir fire
R ussians are finding the w ater p rob­
has a sweep of the whole h a rb o r. T his
G en era l R e vie w o f Im p o rta n t Happen-
B e lieved S h e H a s C om e to T im e B e ­ report doubtless goes beyond th e facts;
p e n lg s P re se n te d In a B r ie f and
G enetal Chaffee recom mends th a t the
I but variqus dispatches in d ic a te ' th e
c a u s e the W ily Jap Pre pared
Vancouver, W ash., m ilita iy reservation
! progress th e Japanese are m aking in
C ond e nsed Eorm .
I be enlarged, and e stin ates th e cost of
th e reduction of P o rt A rth u r.
Ja p a n ­
t ___
I land a t $30,000.
ese here explain th e great im portance
A dm iral Dewey has declined to be­
P ortland, Dec. 2.— R ussia stepped of the capture of 203-M eter h ill, w hich,
T he governm ent ’05 fair board has
come a m em ber of the N orth sea com­
begun th e selection of e x h ib its a t St. suddenly and unexpectedly into line besides giving comm and of the h a rb o r,
m ission.
for p a rticip atio n in th e Lewis and w ill serve as a wide breach m ade Dy
j Louis.
Roosevelt is likely to víb H th e South
C lark C entennial exposition yesterday. th e wedge th e Japanese had previously
and m ake it a p o in t to m eet th e
driven in between th e E tz group and
in Siberia anil thousands of people are A fter stating a t one tim e th a t it would the R ussians’ last re tre a t in th e ravines
be im possible for Russia to p a rticip ate,
idle as a result.
the czar’s m in istry of commerce sud­ of L aotie m ountain. They declare th a t
G overnor Pardee íb working for a
A son in-law of M arquis Ito declares
C alifornia state building a t the Lewis th a tt he app aren t delay of Oyama is for denly reconsidered th e m atter and in re tre at to L aotie will be effectually c u t
order to be sure of a space allotm ent off, and it is not unlikely th a t L aotie
and C lark fair.
strategic reasons.
rustled a cablegram to exposition head­ will be sim ultaneously attacked in th e
W hites in G erm an Southw est Africa
The Prussian arm y budget for the qu a rte rs.
The cablegiam was dis­ final assa u lt.
are reported to be in g reat danger of coming year is estim ated a t $116,000,- patched from 8t. PeterbBurg and was
B ennett Burleigh w ilts to the D aily
being m assacred.
000, an increase of $11,250,000.
signed by E dw ard G runw aldt, councilor Telegraph from Chefoo th a t in the last
All exh ib ito rs from foreign countries
Com missioner R ichards, of th e Gen­ of com m eice. The message was as fol­ atta ck th e Japanese lost 400 men in
one h o u r’s fighting.
They claim to
may now send th e ir w ares to P ortland eral land office, is com ing to P ortland lows :
for th e 1905 fair w ith o u t paying any to testify in the land fraud case.
“ St. Petersburg—To Lewis and C lark have captured two more of th e n o rth ­
centennial exposition, P o rtlan d , O r. eastern forts and a th ird , w hich is p art
C harles J . B onaparte, a leading law­
Inv itatio n accepted finance m inistry. of the WeBt Kekwan fort. T hey assert,
David M. P arry, president of th e yer of M aryland, is m entioned as a pos­
Mr. B urleigh adds, to have effected a
C itizens’ in d u stria l association, says sible selection for a place in R oosevelt’s W ire space allo tted for R ussia. Cable lodgm ent a t Pigeon bay, th u s turn in g
address E d g ru n .”
the “ open shop’’ m ovem ent is gaining, new cabinet as secretary of th e interio r.
The cable message was telegraphed th e fort on 203-M eter h ill, a n d th a t
as is also his organization.
The location of th e V ladivostok h a r­ im m ediately to D irector of E x h ib its they are now tunneling from the gorge
The 31st n ational convention of the bor defense m ines is uncertain and as H enry Dosch. a t S t. Louis, in order below L aotie h ill, w hich they hope
first to dam age and th en ru sh .
W. C. T. U. is in session in P h ilad e l­ a result a torpedo boat has been sunk th a t it may be acted upon.
p h ia . Five hundred delegatee, repre­ and a G erm an steam er badly dam aged.
W ith R ussia’s p a rticip a tio n the pow­ dispatch continues:
senting every sta te and te rrito ry , are
T he need of officers for ¿the ¿navy is ers of th e world, as well as a m ajo rity } “ Desperate fighting is proceeding
very pressing.
in attendance.
of the m inor nations, will be represent­ daily, and th e losses are adm itted to be
excessive, but th e Japanese in sist th a t
a t »he exposition.
T he New York sta te court of appeals
P o rt A rth u r m ust fall w ithin 21 d a y s.”
lias declared u n constitutional the labor
The M orning P o st’s correspondent
law which p rohibits a contractor ftom
a t S hanghai telegraphs th a t wireless
em ploying his men more th an eight
A narchy p r e v a ils in Macedonia and the O iiental aspect of th e exposition is com m unication has been re-established
hours a day on city, county or state C h ristian s a r slain daily .
w hat caught |t h e eye of the R ussian between th e Russian consulate at Che­
foo and th e P o rt A rth u r garrison.
C uban h e a lth
officers challenge bear.
Japanese are m aking progess in the Am erican m arine corps to prove th a t
The sam e th in g ,’ though,, caught the
assault on P o rt A rth u r.
yellow fever has appeared in th a t eye of th e wily Ja p some m onths since,
and Japan has arranged participation
Russia has accepted th e in vitation of country.
Am erica to negotiate for an a rb itia tio n
By the explosion of a boiler in the R ussia cannot afford to m ake a lesser K itc h e n e r’s R e o rg a n iz a tio n S c h e m e
trea ty .
suburbs of V icksburg, M iss., two men show ing th an does Ja p a n , and there is,
G re a tly E nlarged .
Russia and B ritain beth w ant an were killer! and a num ber injured, two therefore, reason to look for an a ttra c t­
London, Dec. 1.—T he w ar office Is in
Am erican officer cf high rank on the seriously.
ive and valuable exliiDit from the land possession of the lu ll details of Lord
N orth sea commission
K itch e n er’s
arm y
The vessels of the Baltic fleet have of th e czar.
Ten Am erican fishing craft have been arrived a t Port Said.
schem e. No secret is m ade of the fact
E very precau- |
seized by C anadian officers and fined tion has been taken to insure a safe
th a t p a rticu la r m ention lias bean paid
B E E P PO R A R M Y .
for fishing in C anadian w aters.
to points w hich w orld offer convunient
passage through th e canal.
centers of* R ussian invasion in the
T he trouble caused by Paraguay fir­
B ig R u s s ia n S h ip m e n t to Go P ro m e v tn t of h o stiltiie s and in view of th e
ing upon an A rgentine cruiser has been
Po rtla n d .
recent im broglio th e original plan was
J A P A N A R O U S E D T O D A N G ER .
settled by th e form er apologizing.
O m aha, Dec. 2. — One of th e largest considerably extended.
Secretary of W ar T aft, in his annual
The keynote of the reorganization,
orders of beef ever sent o u t of the coun­
rep o rt, urges th a t th e tariff rates T o g o w ill be Unable S t r o n g ly to O p ­ try is now being filled by th e C udahy w hich w ill en tail expenditures to the
p o se the B a ltic Fleet.
charged th e P h ilippines lie reduced.
Packing com pany, of 8outh O m aha, am ount of $50,000,000, is to secure
Chicago, Dec. 2.—The D ailv News w ho to n ig h t shipped to P ortland, O i., through w ar train in g a great arm y in
Paul M orton, now secretary of the
navy, may succeed Secretary Shaw, of haB the following from a staff corres­ the first consignm ent of ail order from tim es of peace, and to place the troops
the Russian governm ent, consisting of not only w here th ey can obtain such
th e treasury departm ent, if the latter pondent :
“ S hanghai—Japan is now thoroughly 17 c ats. T he e n tire order w ill fill 135 in stru ctio n s, but w here th e ir presence
does not rem ain in th e cabinet.
aroused to the danger w hich th rea te n s cars of m eat, and w ill be shipped as w ill be of perm anent strategic value.
G eneral K u ro p a tk in has an autom o­ her in th e approach of th e B altic
W ith th is object in view N orthern
rap id ly as it can he loaded.
bile in w hich to travel from one p art squadron. A dm iral Togo has only four
The m eat is coi s gned to the Russian In d ia has been divided by parallel
to another of his line. He w ants 20 b attlesh ip s to oppose th e seven the
governm ent.
I t was sold through lines in to a num ber of areas w itn th e ir
m ore in w hich to carry a m m unition.
R ussians w ill bring against him . The brokers. The sh ip m en t ie packed in upper points converging on th e fron­
R ussian m arines at Odessa engaged long service th e navy has seen since barrels w eighing, when filled, about tie r, and th e ir respective bases well
in a m u tin y and soldiers called out to February 8 has seriously deteriorated 360 pounds each.
A car w ill carry down in In d ia . Were th e order to mo­
quell the disturbance killed 25 and th e large naval guns on board the fleet. about 120 barrels, or 42,000 pounds. bilize given seven or e ig h t field forces,
wounded 100 others before peace was All th is co nstitutes a grave m enace to The en tire tra in of 135 cars w ill con­ each from 15,000 to 20,000 strong,
Japanese Bea suprem acy. In view of tain 5,670,000 pounds of m eat. The could, in a few hours, be concentrated
re sto red .
th e possibility th a t th e tran sp o rt serv­ m eat will ration an arm y of 100,000 on th e borderland from east to west.
T he Am erican Federation of Labor ice m ay be stopped, the a u th o ritie s are men fot six weeks.
has re-elected Sam uel G om pets as pres­ accum ulating vast stores in M anchuria.
C a n a d ia n s to Bu ild H atch e rie s.
iden t.
The B altic fleet is expected to reach
O w n S h ip I s S u n k .
Vancouver, B. C ., Dec. 2. —■ I t is
Japanese diplom ats contend th a t
London, Dec. 2.—T he Shanghai cor­ officially announced today th a t th e
G reat B ritain is supplying coal too and it is feared th a t i t m ay a t once respondent of th e London Morning
Dom inion governm ent has issued d i­
seize the island of Foim osa as a naval
freely to R ussia.
Post cables th a t w hile one of the R us­
base. Form osa belongs to Ja p a n , and
sian destroyers attached to the V lsdis rections for the e stab lish m en t of two
T he R ussians a t Mukden have de­ I is only poorly prepared to prevent such vostok squadron was re tu rn in g from a large hatcheries on th e N orthern coast.
feated the Japanese in strategy and a action on the p a rt of A dm iral Rojest- sc onting expedition on Monday, th e One of the hatcheries will be located a t
w in ter cam paign now seems im proba- vensky.”
garrison of one of th e forts at the outer R ivers in le t and th e o th er on the
harbor failed to see h e r signals and Bkeena river. Each will have a capac­
T he
opened fire on her. A s h e ll from a big ity of 20,000,000 eggs a year.
T he Russian suprem e court finde the
C a v a lry to P re s e rv e O rder.
h atcheries w ill be in operation in tim e
seisure of the B ritish sh ip C heltenham ,
Buenos Ayres, Dec 2. — In view of gun struck her am idships, and she sank
taken ra lly in Ju ly by th e Vladivostok th e fact th a t a general strik e w ill be j alm ost im m ediately. It is not known to enable the plan ts to secure spawn
from next season’s run of sockeyes in
squadron, was legal.
inaugurated tom orrow . President Q uin­ if her crew was rescued.
th e N orth.
I t is stated th a t if Secretary H itc h ­ tan a had long conferences today w ith I
C oin fo r fh c P h ilip p in e Isla n d s.
cock resigns, W illiam R ichards, com- j th e m inisters of th e in te rio r, war and
C alls W it n e s s e s in S m o o t Case.
m issioner of the general land office, m arine and the chief of police, for th e \ San Francisco, Dec. 2. — The local
W ashington, Dec. 1 . — Senator Bur­
w ill I» offered the position of secretaiy purpose of adopting m easures for th e ! m in t w ill ta rn over to the war d e p art­
suppression of possible d sturbances. m ent today a large consignm ent of rows chairm an of th e com m ittee on
of the in te rim .
An official statem ent was given out to­ P h ilip p in e m oney.
T he coin will go privileges and elections, has issued
Fire in th e Queens county court nig h t th a t the police are fully prepared to the islands on th e tran sp o rt Logan, subpoenas for 20 witnesses in the 8m oot
There w ill be inveetigaton and fixed Monday, Decem­
house, New Y ork, caused damage esti- | to pievent any in te rru p tio n of necessary w hich sails tom orrow .
m ated a t $100,1101», and for a tim e public services and to protect purveyors 800.000 pesos in 50-centavo pieces; ber 12, as th e date for th eir appearance
threatened the jail in w hich more thaii of foodstuffs and those who are w illing 60.000 pesos in 20-centavo pieces, and before the com m ittee. N early all these
to w ork.
100 peiions were confined.
150.000 pesos in 10 centavos.
witnesses a rs in U tah.