The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, May 29, 1930, Page Page Three, Image 3

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    fhursjay, May 20, 103d.
fat mi
Personalities 7
' V', -."' lWi wJ
Ilurstel Hollia wai down from bin
sharp (arm on business today.
Take kodak on your fishing
trip. All sizes at the Maupin Drug
A. Lincoln Hartman waa in from
Waplnltla on business Tuesday after
noon. Leonard Wcbug and wife tarried
a time In Maupln Monday while In
uwn on buiintsa,
Rob. Twlss, The Dalles electrical
man, waa transacting business In
Maupin on Monday.
Con Buckley waa transacting bunU
nest with Kramer Bros. Motor Co.
on Monday afternoon. '
J. W. Temple and wife spent Sun
day with Maupln friends, driving
over from The Dalle.
At Cillia waa over from Ma Wamlc
ranch Monday, coming for the pur
pose of having a broken pump fixed.
Frank McCorkle waa Dufur
resident who transacted business in
Maupln on Wednenday.
Claud Wilson and nam-ake aon
weit in from the upper Bakeovcnfor several years,
country yeatcrday afternoon.
"Dad" Griffin went aa far aa
Nena creek thia morning, returning
with a nice baki-t of red;.ides.
Oeorge Claymier wa,i in town on
a l'Uincn iiiiHitlon Tuesday, taking
time off from his Juniper Flat ranch.
George Cunningham and family
attended the ahowing of the Al G.
Barnes circus in Portland Tuesday.
Oliver Rah conveyed a truikload
of fat cattle to the Portland stock
yard Tuesday, hia wife accompany
ing him.
Dolph Mayhew and family came
down from the Flat on Tuesday and
transacted buaincsa with Maupln
W. W. Richmond has concluded
his work at tho George Mallatt ranch
and l.i now at work on the new Rich
mond garage.
Bobby Davidson made a couple of
trips to Portland with liveatock thia
week, making one full trip in less
than one day.
II. K. Kaircr, wife and son, and
! Mra. Kaiser's father, "Dad" Griffin,
went to lone today to attend Mem
orial Day exerciser there.
John Stovall arrived in Maupln on
Saturday and la spending a few days
with his brother, Dr. L. S. Stovall,
Hnd wife. John has been rcrving
us principal of tho Condon schoola
Stat Craaf. Mtiog
The date of the State Grange
meeting at Redmond is June 9th to
nth. There are 24 communities an-
nouticed 3 of 3 members each; 4
of 6 members eeh and 17 of 5 mem
bers eerh which Insures considera
tion ef a multitude of important
Roaading Up Cattla
Ranchers on the Flat are rounding
lip cattle with a view of making a
shiphent of seven carloads over the
I Oregon Trunk to Portland Saturday
night. This move ig made to fore
stall shipments reported soon to
be made by cattlemen from cart of
this section.
Boaatiful Raia
Nature exerted
evening and Wednesday, rending;
down a most welcome rain. The i
foil ....ij i'
.mi ri. mini VJ inn uiiuer una ana
late Wednesday fell in quantites in
the valley of the Deschutes, extend
ing as far as the Criterion country.
Nw Pattaager Stag-
itself Tuesday j Manager Hoover of the Eend
Portland Stage company, arrived oa
Monday driving- a brand new 10-pa
scnger stage Hoover is improving
his line slowly and the patronngq ha
is receiving h most encourging.
Hi-, route is over the cut-off.
The Versatile Tomato
Mrs. Juliai Shepflin left for Port
land last Saturday, intending to re
main there during the summer.
"Billyl Hunt cam down from
his Criterion sheep ranch Tuesday
and spent a ihort time here on busi
ness. '
Shippad RaBa Horn,
Horse wranglers shipped five car
load j of range horses, procured on
the reservation, to Schlesser Bros.,
Kenton millers todsy. The horres
will be killed for their hides and to
be ground into chicken and fox
foods. They went over the Oregon
Trunk raiway.
F the united tomato were an
JJ actor, critics would be boding
I him to the skies, praising his
versatility. For the well-known
canned tomato now appears in new
guises. .
For instance, consider up-to-date
tomato sauce. Put up in 8-otinee
cans it it evaporated until thick and
then highly lessoned, ready to be
used as a sauce or in a made dish.
To make a tomato omelet, chop a
small onion and half a green pep
per fine and tautl in a tablespoon
of butter until tender but not brown.
Add contents of a can of tomato
tance, one-half teaspoon of sugar,
ash and pepper and three table
spoons of chopped ripe olives. Heat
to boiling and poor over the omelet
before folding it
Tomato oaste. is a further evap
oration of tomatoes in fact it is
so thick that its consistency re
minds one of butter. Paste is used
where the tomato flavor is desired,
but added liquid is not desirable.
For instance, to make Thousand
Island dressing mix together one
cup of mayonnaise, three tablespoons
of tomato paste, one tablespoon of
chopped green pepper and ten ,
chopped, stuffed olives. Chill and,
serve on hearts of lettuce.
Many Other Varieties
Of course there are other tomato .
products on the market Puree
tomato juice is put up all ready for
use in aspics or cocktails. There
are strained tomatoes and tomato
puree. Tomato soup varies in coo-i
sistency; tome are thin, others so
thick that they may be used as a
meat sauce just as they come from
the can. And the good old favorite,
plain canned tomatoes, stifl retains
its leading place in our market
J. R. Bocherty Furniture Co.
(Formerly Dochcrty-Powcrs Furniture Company)
Sale l
We must clear our floors to make way for workmen and materials
Our entire store will be remodeled, starting June 1st, therefore we're
launching our Remodeling Sale at this time. Hundreds of pieces of
line furniture radically reduced; in fact, every item in the store, con
tract goods excepted, has been marked down for this sale.
You Save From 15? to 50
Just a Few Items to Show Our Great Price Reductions:
$22.50 Mahogany Gateleg: Tabic DRAPERY MATERIALS All remaining stock of
Voiles, Marquisettes, Scrims and Nets, values to
36x54-inch large semi-oval leaf, nicely finished $1.50 per yard r
2)1 4.75 Three Yards $t0
Thrcc-Piecc Ivory Group Round Oak DINING TABLE, Values to $15....$6.85
with dainty floral decorations, 3-piece group consist $89 eight-piece OAK DING SET.'Table, Buffet, 6
of bed, chest and vanity $32.85 Chairs $49,75
3-Picce Dresser Suite OAK LIBRARY TABLES, several shapes and
in walnut, bed, dresser and chest $59.00 sizes , $6.95
3-Piece Group $15 Used KITCHEN CABINETS, glass doors, lots
Full size bed, console tyjp vanity and chest in fine 0f drawers and bins - v... $10.75
walnut veneers with decorated overlays of maple $28 Coil g j DA-BED, Walnut finished
three major pieces $83.50 d $14.50
$ibb.f)U 4-nccc uroup tn r p.
Blended walnut, large dresser, Console vanity
$30 5-Piece OAK DINING SET, table, 4 chairs
and bed :. $98.50
$180 3-Piecc Group Used IRON BEDS .... $1.50 up
with Dresser, High Boy and Bed matched walnut Used STEEL COIL SPRINGS $3.00 up
venecrs r 9m $30 Oak frame BED DAVENPORT Upholstered in
$155 4-Piccc Mahogany Group Leatherette .:. $14.95
Consist of vanity, dresser and bed and bench, dull w , n . Tnn npwF rvw Pnnrl fWi
rubbed mahogany finish, 3-Piecc ...$89.50 f? Used ,ak Flat ToP FFICE DESK Good Condi-
. mi I)- - tion vu
Thrcc-Piecc Group -., , ,
in walnut, bed vanity, chest $43.50 Assorted lot of CENTER TABLES, various shapes
Thrcc-Piecc Group and styles, choice : $t95
in decorated green enamel, bed chest, vanity $45 Unfinished Pinch Back Type JHTCHEN CHAIR...
$157.50 3-Piccc Group . .......4 ..4 $U5
Group consists of large dresser, high boy and bed, Unfinished BOW BACK CHAIRS 98c
matched walnut veneers $89.50 $16.50 Unfinished BUFFET :...y.. - $12.85
mDocherty Furniture Co.
Tum-A-Lum Tickler
Published In the ineresta of the people of Maupln and vicinity b4'
Vol. 1
Maupln, Oregon, May 29, 1930
Number 40
We can't understand
why the Soviet govern
ment hs to persecute
the pasents to ' stop J
them from attending
church, when the same
objective could 1
reached by teaching
them to play golf.
0. V, Kenkk, Editor
Though you arc not;
the man your mother
ll ks you are, don't
worry, your wife can
identify you.
Today's Fairy Story
Once upon V time
there was a movie act
ress who never endors
ed any soap, shampoo,
powder, toothpaste, or
cigarettes, .hats or bakr
Ing powder. She was a
trained :eal.
Hint la th Hoat.wif.
Although we know
mora about lumber than
about cooking we think
this is a good idea
When pouring paraffin
on jelly, to pour a small
amount on, lay a short
string across, then pour
on more paraffin. The
cord enables you to
pull off the paraffin
more easily. Besides '
good Ideas about the
remodeling of the home.
Do a room or two
every year until the
house is completely re
juvenated. . Window , boxes and
trellis effects will add
to the beauty of any
home , and they are
very inexpensive when
made . of - Tum-A-Lum
It's a good idea to
consult the Tum-A-Lura
about building.
Down by the mill
He tried to kLs Mlse,
Wright ,
But she 'wouldn't do St,
Not by . a dam site." '
"Crops Is'goin' to b
good this year," ges
Dock "especially tha
crop of brides.'
Carpenter Job Crab
tree is doing some cabi
net work at the schcel
Mike Van Laanan Is
working on the Joa
Kramer residence.
, Our Idea of nothing
Is a hot air ballon w'th
the cover removed.
! I
P 'MEW;'-''?''
1 . 1 It . 1SEPT.30
B ' ' ' - "a ( OCT.3I -
VcholeeifRluV't . Uberal Stoporers
S I i . Tam I STi.tW WnMilii SI4I.S' w I
g pf Gm East aver the Claabla' I
K (ff I . I 'l l - Rlwr Scenic Roate on cither I
i I ! !' the Empire BaUderor the IVerth 1
J E' W' GRIFFIN, Agent, Maapia Ore. " l''
j r2 L .S. DAVIS, Trav. Agt. ' 1
I Fresh Every Day 1
Maupin I
Home Tom Bread
Cakes, Cookies, Pastries
AsK Your Dealer
La GranderFountain and dairy
lunch opened at Union Pacific stage
$hoe Shop
Shoe Repairing Well
Bring in the old Shoes
E. A. CYR, Poprielor.
Your Watch Haywire?
If it is not doing its work
bring it to The Times office
and Mr. Semmes will seud
it to , ,
fiaiM-'anru-tnit Jwtler
odd WaUshinaker , :
; ' huaMMw (a U Lindaulst
Undertaking Co.
The Dallas, Oragaa. ' Phena 35-J
Mr. and Mri. Charlu Crofo.l
1 'J1'
Tygh Valey-
Roy Ward
w. b:sw
r i 5