The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, May 15, 1930, Page Page Three, Image 3

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    Thursday May 16, 10S6.
Mrs. J. H. Dutchcr and Mm, 11.
B. Ader, two Slimilko Indies, were
visiting In Maupin last Sunday.
Tom Swett and wife attended
the wedding of th0 former's brother,
Archlo Swctt, at Dufur lat Sunday.
Mrs. Cecil Chnstaln left for Tort
land lust Saturday and spent the
week there visiting with her mother.
Joe Chaiitain has s0 for recovered
from his recent Injury as to be able
to resume work on new dwelling
house. i
Mr. and Mr. Dunn, engineer and
cook respectively at tho McFarlnne
amlll, wera in town ye tcrday after
Ben.Fraley and wlfo went to The
Dalles Monday, going down for the
purpose of , trading with The Dalles
Ellis . Hughea hul completed the
taion at Farghert' and ia now cast
ing around aeeking a small ranch as
home place,
Miss Mary Rplckcrman was the
guest of her si ter, Mrs. Tom Swctt,
over Sunday, returning to her Dalles
home Tuesday morning.
Howard Nye and wife enme over
from Dee and spent several days of
last week with Mrs. Nye'a parents,
Mr. and Mra. John Confer,
John Hanna, undo of Tom Swett
of Maupirt, came over from Dufur
Inst Friday and spent that and the
next day fishing In the Deschutes,
Mr. Stewart, one of tho new mem
bers of the McFarlano Mill company,
was in town lnnt Saturday and made
The Times office a friendly call.
Cyril Fraiey took a load of live
stock to the Portland yards Monday,
going via the Wapinitia cut-off. He
came home early Tuesday morning.
Judge F. W. Wilson came over
from The Dalles this afternoon, he
cominir for the nurnose of deliverlne
the Commencement address to the'
grnduutii.g clsgj; of Maupln'a High
Charley Walker and wife wers
transacting business and visiting in
Maupin last Saturday. Charley re
ports his spring work as being about
"Bill" William is making arrange
ments to take a vacation, which he
and his wife will upend among rela
tives and friends In the Valley and
on the coast.
Frunk McCorkle and wife were
over from Dufur a short time on
Sunday. Mrs. McCorkle has about
recovered from an illness covering
several years. ' , '
Dr. and Mrs. Stovall left for Cor
vulllg today and will attend the
college track meet." Theifr son,
Kstcl, M entered in the sprints, be
ing a coming 100-yard man. '
Dun Poling and Mia; Helen Wcberg
attended tho track meet at Corvallis
Saturday, returning in time for Dan
to help out In the Maupin-Kent base
ball game.
D. B. Appling returned yesterday
from a stock taking trip to Portland.
Mr. Appling took two loads of hogs
dwn this week, receiving good prices
for hi.- porkers.
Georjte Dufur and wife were
Portland people who were guests at
the home of the former's sister, Mrs.
W. H. Stoats, from Friday until
Monday. Mrs. Stnali accompanied
them when they returned to Portland.
Called to Provide Mui
Bliera's FuMraJ
I Mr.
Five of Maupln'a well known vo
calists attended the funeral of
Grandma Bliem, mother of R. W.
Bliem, held at Dufur Tuesday morn
ing. Thos0 going from here were
Mrs. R. E. Wilson, Mrs. J. II. Wood
cock, Mrs. Ceo. Morris, Mrs. H. F.
Bothwell and W, II. Staats. Mrs.
Bliem had been a resident of the Du
fur district for more than 80 years.
A large gathering of relatives and
friends assembled to pay their last
respects to a beloved mother and
A wedding in which a relative of
a Maupin man figured s groom was
pulled off at Dufur I art Sunday,
when Archie Swctt, brother of Tom
Swett of this place took unto him
self as wife, Miss Hanna Peterson,
one of Dufur's fairest daughters.
Tho ceremony took place at the
Wm. Evans home and was attended
by large number of friends and
relatives, among them being Tom
Swctt and wife of Maupin. After
I the ceremony tho happy couple de
parted for McMlnnville and other
I Vullcy poimV for a brief honeymoon.
iltcv. Hath of the Dufur Christian
church was the officiating clergy-
I man.
cvtnirg service will be one of song
and will be led by I'Ati Act Swett.
This church is prospering and if
you are interested in its well being
u will attenj a!, services held at
Allcock's trout flieg are the best.
Two for 25 cents at the Maupin
Drug Store.
grass is (hooting up wonderfully.
It is a wise Providence that watches
over his people.
Antiquated programs and passe
addresses had no place on the gradu
ation exerci es at the High school
in Maupin tonight. The program was
unique in that it wag a decided de
parture from stereotyped forma and
was most pleasing and instructive.
Each of the graduates was on Up
toe and the addresses may be taid to
have been among the best ever da-,
livered at any previous commence
ment Much praise ia deserved by
all who took part teachers as well
as pupils and those out Mora who
contributed to the pleasure of tha
! event
D;7 TTn About
JL IVIl Up& Town
Mrs. Charles Owens and Herbert
Bare, the latter a brother of Mrs.
Phil Starr and Mr. Ellis Hughes,
coming from Fossil, spent several
days of last week with Starr and
Hughes families In Maupin.
The Misses Ruth Pepper and Grace
Martin, two The Dalles young ladies,
were in Maupin Monday evening on
an errand connected with thc filling
of the position as teacher of the
First and Second grades.
North Powder 10 cars of wheat,
four cars of cattle, one car of hogs
and five cars of lumber shipped
from this place during the month of
Sheared His Wrist
While sneering sheep at the We
berg ranch on Tuesday Leonard We
berg slipped and in go doing caused
the sharp shears to slice into his left
wrist. Tho tool made a long, deep
cut, necessitating several stitches to
close. Leonard will lay off from
work a few days as a result.
Maupin Wini Again
Maupin continues at the top of
the win column in bascbalL Our team
went to Kent last Sunday and took
the team of that place into camp to
the tune of 5-2. Poling officiated in
the box and as usual, hod the Kent
ites at his mercy. Clarence Ziegen
hagen started the game but in the
second inning strained his back, giv
ing way to Poling, who finished the
Wapinitia Services
Services at Wapinitia both morn
ing and evening next Sunday. The
When a young man bra of his
fistic ability and challenges another
for a fight and then yells "enough"
after receiving a few punches on the
proboefs, he shows a yellow strain.
Such a thing happened in Maupin
Monday evening. .
- ."
Jack Berthala went to Badger
creek after trout last Sunday. He
reached the creek all right and was
greatly surprised to see a fkherman
on every riffle and large rock. None
were catching fish, so Jack loaded
into his Ford nd drove back to
Maupin where there was more room
to cast a fly and a greater chance
of catching a few fish.
: . .( ' ' ' X
Those people who were Bo confi
dent that a certain lady had shaken
the dust of thir, section from her
feet when she took a short vacation,
were considerably flustrated when
she returned as per schedule. There
ia a class here in Maupin (and else
where at well) who act an though
they knew all about others, forgetting
that their own business should oc
cupy their time.
Tom Baird has shown himself a
master builder. His work as super
intendent during the construction
of Maupln'a new reservoir evidences
the fact that he was the man for
the job. Snce coming here Tom
had offers to construct some mighty
big jobs. If he accepts them his
employers may rest satisfied their
work will be done right and in the
shortest possible time.
The recent rains have proven of
the most good received by this sec
tion s0 far this reason. Summer
fallow on the Flat was wet down to
a depth of three inchea, and the
etumulus given the wheat is most
encouraging Pasture , lands were
given a through wetting and the
TumA-Lum Tickler
Published in the ineresta of the people of Maupin and vicinity b
Vol 1
Maupin. Oregon, May 16, 1930.
Kumbr W '
A . ? i
(DincsTANiawG Features f the New IFeid
New stream! inc bodice. Choice of attractive colors. Adjustable front seals In most bodies.
I Folly encloml, wlont fourwl;ccI brake?. Four Houdaille double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers.
Bright., cndaring Hii'Jess ?Je 1 for many exterior metal parts. Chrome silicon alloy valves.
, Aluminum pinions. Cliroinc alloy transmission gears and shafts. Torque-tube drive.
Thrcc-quartcr floaling rear exit. Extensive use of fine steel forgings and electric welding.
More than twenty ball and roller bearings. ' Triplex shatter-proof glass windshield. ;
Five stcel-spohc wheel. 55 to G3 miles'an hour. ' Quick acceleration. Ease of control.
Low first cost. Economy of operation. Reliability and long life. Good dealer service.
Roadster . IMS Coupe, . . . S0O
Thaetoa , ... tO Tudor Sedan . . $500 ( 7j!V
i sport Lioupe , . . fiiJU
t V:;.r
De Luie Coupe . . 1550 Convertible Cabriolet $643 ;
Three-wiudow Fordor Sedan $623 ' ' ij
De Luie Sedan . $650 Town Sedan . $670 $
1 1 '
ill priest . o. b. Detroit, plus Jnight ami delivery. , i , fi ,
Foiid Motor Company
We cannot place
much confidence in the
theory that eating spin
ach gives a man cour
age, our belief being
that the man who eats
spinach already has it
' O, F. Renick, Editor
Don't mind any but
tons you happen to find
in salad. They probably
fell off while the salad
was dressing.
him. He bought a nke
two pant3 suit from
Shsttucks and then
burnt a hole in the coat.
Flies increase faster
than thirteen men can
swat them. By pbi&ig
up fly smretns you pro
tect the family health
and good humor. Our
screens and materials
are the best
Dan says they axe
sure breaking tough for
sasa ftftriieYS sssssi sbbhsbI
Frank; Dyer says the 1
only railroad accident
he was evec Ia was one f
time going thru & tun-:
nei he kissed the father '
instead of the daughter.'
Come in
what the well
farm will wear this sea-, ';
Aaotlvar Bargaia
Standard shingles ;
$2.49 per thousand.
M. G. Morris is plan-
ning on building a new
home to replace the one
destroyed by , fire. .
r' MAY22
W )SEPT.30
1 QioicelRottte N-
; -. . rocks run I
A St, tsMl S7S.MI WntJlatia SMS. Msw I
fli'k ' A, I Vss-7tet-leeeiiCliiiee.e 1
yfffjP " O Ttr tle Colombia 1
JPii'fl - lr 8el Resale ob cltlicr I
li lllh M l the Easplrc Builder or tke KariU , I
I ! I Coast UsaUreL -; -
I IjpiPlll If ' r':-fha0sasfcVw'- fi . I r
E' W- GRIFFIN, Agcat, Maapia Or. I
,. L .3. DAVIS, Tw. Psgr. Ait. , - J J
atsaaiaii ai Sasista .
Fresh Every Day
Home Town Bread
Cakes, Cookies, Pastries
i AsR Your Dealer
ltt&iltililt eSjsOjsi ata
La Grande 'Fountain and dairy
lunch opened at Union Pacific stage
depot. ir
vShoe vShop
Shoe Repairing Well
Bring in the old Shoes
E. A. CYR, Popriotor.
Your Watch Haywire?
If it is not doing its work
bring: it to The Times otP.ce
and Mr. Semmea will Bend
it tO - ;, 1 , .,., . I -1 '..
' auuiMSaetUTAng Jeweler .
, tmi Watchmaker ,
. buMNseor to U. Lindquist
Undertaking Co;
Tke Dalles, Oraga. ' Pfcaae SSJ
Maupin- ,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crofeet
Tygh Valley-
Roy Ward
W. B. Sloan