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Always workinj: for the best
interests of Maupin and all of
Southern Wasco County.
Publishes only that news U
to print Caters to no particuiix
class, but works for aH ! ,.,
Number 25
Tht ninth annual Wasco County
Track Mont was hld at Tygh Valley
last Saturday, April 20. ,
Although Maupin did not win the
mett It waa clearly evident that the
took first In most of the field events.
Javelin first, ; Wendell LIndlcy,
aecond, Knitrht; third, Stueber.
High Jump, class A firHt, Bonney
Duur 6 feet 6 Inchon. That Jump
aet a new record for Waiico County
Track meet.
Shot Put first, Klton Snodgrat.
Pole VaultIvan Donaldson, Un
derbill and E. Strausscr all tied fr
first place.
Broad Jump, Class A first, Elton
Snodgras i third. Bonney Dims.
880 yard run, first, Knight,
aecond, Glenn Alexander.
Discus first, Itifhard Crabtrec,
87 feet.
440 yard relay, B boys first,
Maupin Slusher, Kramer, Bothwcll,
160 yard relay, C girls first
Maupin, Foley, Greene, Kramer, and
'- Several schoL participsted In
this meet, among which were Ante
lope, Shanlko, Maupin, Wapinitln
Tygh Valley, Dufur, Boyd, Moaler
nd Chenowith, Mill-Cnek, Rowcna.
The points wre well distributed
among the different schools as ri
valry was keen and each school was
out to win. Altho Dufur won with
a total score of 109 points, Maupin
w- second.
The day was somewhat disagree
able for the spectators as well as
the contestants hut there has never
been a track meet without rain or
County Superintendent Brum
baugh deserves commendation on his
lntere. t and support of the track
meet, which gives the schools of the
county the opportunity of competing
In athletics as well as good sports
manship. The meets also serves w
opportunity for the older people to
get together and compare the abili
ties of their children.
The Judges and assistants were;
Starter, George Couper; Judges of
finish-. N. Wiley, Beryl Ilodgen
and Bruce Hull; Field event Judge.-'
J. J. Blanchard, A. W. DeVoe, Wm.
Meldinger; judges of baseball throw
and horseshoe pitching, C. W. Ileis
ler, Oscar Renlck.
Timer, L. S. Stovall.
Announcer, Wade Hampton.
Ribbons, Callie M.. Bigbee, Belle
Kirk. .
Clerk of course, Tom Tomlinson.
The track meet, brings happiness
to alt participants and especially to
the midget athletes. It gives every
one a chance to show exactly what
he ran do. If the different schoolr
could assembly for a short time be
fore each track meet and Join in a
program including singing, it would
help to create a friendlier atmos
phere which' would soften the intense
rivalry of the rchools.
The Maupin Hi alumni and their
frlenda will be interested to know
that three of the alumni are to at
tend higher schools of learning next
year. Crystal Stuart, and Irene
Matthews will attend the University
of Oregon and Helen Weberg is
planning on attending the Oregon
State Colloge. Maupin is proud to
have it young people interested in
higher learning and wrhes them
much success In their college
; Saturday and Sunday saw the river
lined with fishermen; From twenty
to twenty-five cars were counted
under the bridge, while the camp
grounds were filled. Several good
catches were reported. Bakeoven
haa partially cleared up and the
fjsh are' running thir again. The
Deschutes river is especially altrne
tlve now, while trcs are, in flower,
and the' river banks are preen and
f re, h. Incident ally we mention the
fact that trout flies" are ''showing up.
of the Movies Saturday
Hev. Hutchinson of the First Con
gregationalist church of The Dalles
will deliver the bacralaurate address
to the Maupin. graduates on Sunday
evening, May 4, t 8 o'clock. I
Tygh Valley High school has been
Invited to participate and make this
their occasion also.
As the students are carger to have
thWr assembly hall as inviting as pos
sible for the baccalaureate service,
they have arranged the stage cur
tains, oiled the floor, and made the
old drapes look like new. The itage
will be decorated with flowers, lat
tices and the school colors.
All pre invited to come to this big
school-church event of the year
Special music has been arranged.
This Sunday evening, May 4.
Plans are under consideration for
a new football and baseball field.
Mr. Kaiser and Mr. Poling are lay
ing out the field. It Is to be 120
yards long and at least 65 yards
wide. It will be made large enough
for a baseball field also.
'Several of the Legion members
have been working with the school
board on the plana for the field. Some
of them have agreed to help grade
The patrons of the school are
eager to see the field developed and
it Is hoped that many of them will
help with the work.
The students are jubilant and will
do all In their power to help the de
velopment of the enterprise.
The 1930 Commencement program
will be held at the High school
auditorium May 15 at 9 p. m. The
speaker chosen by the claa la Honor
able Fred Wilson of The Dallea. The
program for that night will be well
arranged and 11 will be worth the
time of the patrons of the school to
come and see their young folks
Commencement night is a moment
of feeling for the graduates. It
means and end of twelve years of
study in the local rchools. The grad
uates each go their separate ways to
make new friends. They promise,
however, to remember their class
mates and the good 'old Maupin
school days.
All activities of the school year of
1929-30 will be reviewed in the form
of a play, each Senior taking a part.
The Valedictorian's address will
be delivered by Gladys Martin. Her
subject Is, "Studies of the High
There are also several musical
numbers being practiced for that
The stage ia being decorated by
the Juniors under the direction of
Mr. DeVoe with the aa isUnce of
Interested' friends of the graduates.
The members of the 4-H club of
Maupin served pleasing meals and
refreshments to the people who
patronised them at the fair ground
last Saturday.
The purpose of the club was to
spcure more revenue to send those
members who have not vl itcd the
summer school at CorvBllis.
Those who helped in the serving
were: Betty, Beth, Grcatha,'" Alta
Nova, Lena, " and Margaret Mes-
damea, DeVoe, Carr, Joynt and Can
trell shouldered some of the work
with the aid of a few parents and
club lenders.
The exact amount oP money made
hna not been learned, due to the late
checking of rome bills, but Is will be
published next week.
The three bunches of daisies plant
ed In front of the school Tuesday
morning by Mr. Weberg will add to
the beauty of the school grounds.
These flowers are tokens of Mrs.
Confer' good will to the Maupin
rchoola. .
Winners from this district of the
one dollar prii offered by the local
Amctican Legion Auxiliary for the
best Memorial poster entered in the
Memorial campaign were; Evelyn
Powell of the High school group,
Jean Renlck oft the Seventh and
Eighth grade division and Goldie
Alexander of Victor from the Fourth
Fifth and Sixth grade division. On
the winning poster from the High
school division appeared the motto:
''He Beckonn from the Field of
The poster have been sent to the
judges whose decision will determine
the winner of the five dollar prise
to be awarded by the American Le
gion Auxiliary for the beat poster
entered in the contest from each dis
trict within the state.
This campaign is sponsored each
year by the American Legion Aux
iliary In commemoration of the World
War heroes.
Dr. Elwood is always ready to
ihow hia interest in children of
the Maupin schools. He came down
last Thursday morning and examin
ed aspirants for track honors. Dur
ing the year he has given his time
to the diphtheria clinic, to the 4-H
club and has examined the athletes
of the football squad.
The students take this oppor
tunity of expressing publicly their
appreciation of their friend,, Dr.
Elwood." -
Fifteen boys turned out for the
Hiout neeting Thursday night at
the tchool house. After a hard
game of basketball, Mr. Kelly gave
them a talk on science. The sub
ject of eclipse; was especially in
teresting because of tbe eclipse to
A hike ha been : planned for
Sunday, May 4th, although Mr.
Kelly as not yet Informed the boys
of the intended trip. The next
meeting will be on May first.
The Girl Scouts met laet Tuesday
' Everybody reedy for the big
The advance ticket sale surpasses
all expectations. It seems that every
one In the community known about
Seniors and Mrs. DeVoe are work
ing hard smoothing up the rough
spots and progress is being made in
the collection of costumes and pro
perties. Everyone is working hard
ro they tan be on time and ready on
the biff niffhL V
Mrs. DeVoe praises the cast for
their genuine effort to please the
many who will come to see Merton.
By advance purchase of tickets
already made many people have indi
cated their intentions of being pres
ent when the curtain rises on the
firrt act. .
Goshwller'g store Is all let for the
opening with a. new line of the best
brand of groceries.
' The movie lot is all agog with the
excitment of Mcrton's big hit The
huge tank Is in place vhere the
fearless heroine will take her almost
fatal dive;, the guns will boom,
cameras slick, and tender hearts will
sigh . as handkerchiefs art applied.
In fact, all the happening of a life
time will be crowed into two brief
The students of the lower grade,
Seventh and Eighth, and High school
met on the school lawn hat Friday
at 2:30. p. m. where thw enjojyed
the first outdoors assembly. Mr.
DeVoe had the piano moted out on
the lawn. The students then took
part in the singing of the "Oregon
State Song,' "Boosting The Old
Space Laid Out For Football and
Baseball Game Leg lea
, Prombea
After an agitation on the txtrt of
lntere ted students of the Maupin j
schools and some public-minded;
citizens our schools will soon be pro--
vided with an athletic field. ' The
field has been measured and laid out
and work on leveling will soon be
: Some time ago the school board
purchased what is called the "Mau
pin Park," a tract of land acquired
by the city wtih a view of establish
ing a public place of 'enjoyment in
the outdoors. That purchase gave
the schools the needed space for an
athletic field and now that the en
terprise has taken definite shape we
may expect that Maupin schools will
soon be equipped with as good a
field as has any school in Oregon.
The move is wise one and will fill
a long felt need.
County Board Candidate Interviews
Many of Oar Voter
This office ejoyed a visit with
George Chamberlain, member of
the county board, last Thursday.
Mr,. Chamberlain was here in the in
terest of hig candidacy to succeed
himself as member of the county
board and with L. B. Kelly called on
many Maupinites.
Mr. Chamberlain is another good
man chosen by the county court.
He succeeded the late commissioner
Curtisand has made a, valuable
member of "our county governing
body. ' He is engaged in fruit raising
at Mo&ier, owning and cultivating
one of the best orchards in Wasco
county. He is a student of the coun
ty's needs and is intensely interest
ed in our road program. . ne is al
way alert to the economic side of
the county's affairs and will not give
sanction to expenditures of county
money without something tangible to
show for It. He is a good man to
retain in office.
Louisville Slugger bats, all models
at the Maupin Drug Store.
High School" and "Pep." They
then marched around the lawn and
formed the letter "ML" Bo Wilcon
cleverly led in the school cheers. I
Transportation for the track meet
was discussed and the teachers as
sisted in finding a way so that every
one could go. After a lively rally
for the coming track meet they were
dtsratsed at 3:30.
The Maupin town baseball team
has taken a ' new start with Dan
Poling and Oscar Renlck as mana
gers. New suits have been provided for
by Maupin business men, and the
team is endeavoring to give the
business men something for their
cooperation. Although the suits
have not arrived, they expect to
have them for the next frame.
Two of the Maupin High school
player are now starring with the
town team, as sure fire players.
Five games have been played bo
far, all resulting in Maupin's favor.
The games were as follows:
Waplnitia here, 13-4 j Dufur here,
11-4; Dufur there 9-8; Kent here,
4-0, Grass Valley there, 3-0. Come
out and support the team at the
community ground?. A peppy
game ia sceduled with Grass Valley,
wh0 ia determined to down Maupin
here on May 4 th at 2:00 p. m. next
Seventh and Eighth j
The pupils of the Seventh grade
engaged in a debate Tuesday. The
question .was, Resolved: The the
white men were justified In taking
the Indian's lands and hunting
grounds from him. The affirmative
were Jean, Dorothy and , Douglas
while those of the negative were
Ralph, Theodore and Herbert Ber
nice, Frances and Earl acted as
Judges -ani Jack as chairman The
Maupin's Baseball Tem Looming b
- ' Like aa Eclipse '
'Time was, and that not so" many
years tack,' when Maupin had one
of the best amateur baceball teams
In the Northwest Teams from all
over this section were met and de
feated and it became evident that
out baseballbts were undefeatable.
That time seems to have return
ed,' for tfic' team representing Mau
pin this year has won every game
played, and each by a deck Ive score.
To show how our boys are playing
we append a list of games already
played with the scores made in
each, they being:
Wapinitia, 13-4 Dufur, 11-4 and
9-8; Kent, 4-0; Grass Valley. 3-0.
In those games Maupin made a
total of 30 tallies to their oppon
ents' 16, or enough to win a sea
run's games. Grass Valley will be
here next Sunday and that team is
(smarting under the recent defeat
and will come with an intention "of
taking Maupin into camp by a large
margin. Maybe they will; maybe
Operated on far AppendUStic and
Making Recovery
Hugh Knight is in Portland at the
Veterans' hospital, where he war
operated on for appendicitic April
19. Hugh was making arrangements
to take his brother to Arizona when
he waa attacked by the ailment and
was compelled to seek surgical as
sistance. In a letter to James Chal
mers Hugh tells of making recovery
from the effects of the operation,
which will be good newi to his many
friends in this locality.
CommioBr Trying to Got Away
From SUep Gradoc
Commissioner Chamberlain, with
the county engineer, has been in the
Bakeoven district the past few days,
engaged in viewing a site for a new
road up Bakeoven hill. Mr. Cham
berlain, with Commissioner Lew
Kelly, is, endeavoring to ascertain a
more feasible grade than the one
now in use. He seems to favor a
grade starting farther up the creek
and winding up the canyon, which
will permit of a road reaching up
at a grade of but little more than 6
per cent The road will not be built
this year, but will be considered in
nex. year's budget
Sunday . Serrices r ,
The regular Sunday session will
be held next Sunday at 10:00 a. m.
There will be no preaching service,
aa the day ia the one assigned to
Wapinitia, Sunday school and preach
ing there in the morning. Preaching
at Fine Grove at 11:30 a. m. Young
people'i C. E. at 6:45, followed by
a baccalaureate sermon to the Wap
initia graduating class. Clark M.
Smith, Pastor.
debate was held before the pupils
of Mrs. Cantrell's room and the
negative won.
For the last week both the
Seventh and Eighth grades have
had many hundreds on their report
In Civics the Eighth grade has
finished studying the Constitution
and are studying the government of
The Seventh grade has finished
their Arithmetic and are reviewing.
Fifth and Sixth
The children brought pieces of
glass to school Monday and smoked
them by burning tires. They watched
the eclipse of the sun through the
glasses. , , . -. . .. ..
The First and Second grades are
having a bird project. Colored bird
pictures are on the bulletin boards.
The Btory, "01 Mistah Buzzard" by
Burgess is being read aloud for the
moVning exercise. ,
The pupils of the Primary room
are very proud of the two ribbons
won by our midgets in the 50 yard
dash. Jeanne Mayhew won second
prize, Jack Bothwcll third.
The Inspectors for this week are
Gayle Mayhew, Jack McLeod; Cheri
Pratt Verl Confer are the policemen
for this week.
Mrs. Weberg and Mrs. Semmes
were visitors Friday afternoon.
The Primary pupils enjoyed greatly
i Uic track rally Friday aXteiQQOO.
"Morten of the Movie" Read for
Presentation to 'Maupin :i '
Show Goer
The stage h set, the i.lnver up
in their parts, the business carefully
reheased and all is ready far 'the
presentation of this year's cla'as play
"Merton of the Movies." .
Mrs. DeVoe has been untiring in
her efforts to bring the cast up to
perfection In the individual parts
and when Saturday night arrivea
each member will be ready to show
his or her histronic ability. An extra
large advance sale has been made
and when the curtain goes up on the
first act a large audience will greet
the players. The story has been
told in prior fcsues of this paper so
all our readers are familiar there
with. The plot is Interesting land
wag written with a view of depicting
the hard work necessary , to "break
into the movies." The character
will be portrayed by capable student
and as the story advances lntere? t
will grow apace. ' .
A peculiar incident in connection
with the play is that "The Manu
facturer," the .people who send ' u
uregon jsew notes, in this week'
assignment mentioned the fact thai
"Goshwiler's grocery store would
open for business in quarters in the)
Legion hall on May 3." Which goes
to show that The Maupin Times ia
read by people who are awake He
what is going on in Oregon. C '
Get to the hall early if you desh-4
to secure a good seat, as we predict
a rush at the box office early in the
evening of Saturday. ' Bring your
friends with you and let them learn,
what Maupin pupils are capable of
in the line of the drama. .'
Wai Caher at Hood River Nest.
Saturday and Sunday Y .,
Governor A. W. Norblad will pre
sent the Boy .Scouts with the badges
earned by them, at an Investure ser
vice, to be held in the Hood River
High school, Sunday evening, May
4, at 7:30 pi m. marking the close
of the largest two day jamboree
ever held in the council area.
A Ao) fl in Wtkinli at V 11 3 M jut
barn will be extinguished by fire
trucks manned by Scouts, while '
talkie movie news reel is taken; inre.
works Saturday night; a etunt camp'
fire hour; school field meet on Sat
urday; special church service," both
the camp and in the local churches;
flag ceremonies and other' event
leading up to -the hour that the
Governor will lead the parade to the)
High school, .followed by the Boy?
Scout band and ending with the
Governorer's address, ' 1
Scouts and their leaders - from,
nine counties are coming, and the
fact that no admission will be charg
ed, is announced, and all invited. '
The thrill of sleeping under tree
,and stars will he enjoyed by the
Scouts camping in the Hood River
auto park, if the weather permits,
and if not they will occupy the
cabins provided for their use. la
tere: in this event is shown by the
Rotary Club, who have provided the
supper, that . will be eaten by the
boys Saturday evening. Some spec-
afternoon, in the "branches of eamPr
ing, hiking, aquatics ' and scout,
athletic games. , ...
Troops will put on different stunt
st the Saturday campfire, vieing
with each other for the applause due
the best one.- One of the greatest
attractions will be the real . fii
I staged just as me uovernor reacacp
the High school, where he will later
speak and present the Scouts with
their badges. . -
, ,i
Piling Winter'c Wood - '..
Oscar Renfek is .employed sivfrjl
hours each day piling wood, .in
lumber yard. ' The wood was cut ty
the Linns and is from solid straight
grained pine treeg and will be dry
enough for all purposes by winter.
. . . ;
' Let us figure on your spring paint
job. We have the W. P. Fuller..
Company's paints and oils. , Sea the)
Maupin Drug Store.