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    M uxyitu TIM E c
JjjWin , Times
Thumisy, April 8, tail.
C- V. Snffi
d E. R. Seinm-
ManpTn, Oregon
' I Ulf
tr tst 7 . v" J mail! m.. oin- Th. ,. 7, . "u
1" th. h; 2:00 P. - r;ru.' M
OC11001 Not
(y Mari
of the big ro0m ,nj
PS fflu'.H .h. Soph-
",U,"n' I tell u. .con what
we at Mao, A ' 1 tha
on on,!-
K tJT commnrtic. ha,-. ' ,
u u""v which ha. ,uc Tb'
; lesu. tfot . com-
I but ae- . spirit i.
. ' " v nd coming"
yf ...y community spirit
t spirit 6 well, ie essential.
t ?i tit vviiiv iiuiutuitjr. 41 wiv
T&r nts.and patrons of the school
. "bout 1"r-t behind the school nnd boost, the
Mt" journcyeM to stuJt;nU do iiKewl8e 8nj foUow
y the second ga the footsteps of their elder;.
If, when
Wan :r
.nhtia Jottings
Last Fft-M
inland r." :. c,m P from Pur to -
iamllv viK Hh U. the a-
?i th. ;porr
nglina-. iforinn O'Brien, Ernest
artman, Arnold Gosnell and Uoyd I vv town, pocs away to play a game,
Claymier, each took players. The 'the citizens would rather than say,
-nuy 01 road was in bad condition M the top
- w as the state I Ridge but otherwise theie
waksns lovers of aJn.t mucij trouble encountered.
Newton canvassed our game gChejuled at Z Z'X
nej and professional people re- ir 5nniniC th "Cyclynes"
garding a subscription to enao . w c.,ilda't tighten down, but .-Utr iha'
Jlrs. Geotrga Hillmykr and her
t, ' daughter fro m Wamic were visiting
Lena McCoy over the week end.
Leland McCoy returned with her.
Mr. and 4 rs. Lou McCoy visHtd
Mrs. Leon&nt Webcrg Sunday after
noon. 1
Crystal IlaPtman ate Sunday din
ner with Lena McCoy.
The Wapinftia baseball team suf
fered a defeat: of 14-2 by the Uau
pin town team Due to lack of
a team, whether school ' players. Wavdnkia substituted one
Portland broadcasting station lcam9 . d , game x
. tt ..Ithf ar
to give one hour w leumi
have here and hereabouts. The sta
tion will be on the air with Maupin's
atory some evening shortly, and after
that for short intervals at different
Hedin knows Maupin, Hs farming
community, its stock raising district,
its eluse proximity to fine timber.
Besides bis acquaintance with the
general public, both ay singer and
speaker, and as an 'official at me
mike he will tell the world all about
us. Hedin is directly responsible
for winding the publicity main spring
of Maupin. He has ever been ready
and willing to contribute his talents
to all worthy enterprises affecting
our city and now that he has ihown
us how to bring our city Jo the at
tention of the outside world shows
that he has an affection for Maupin,
its people and its attributes.
If Maupin had more Nwt Hedins
withip its confines, ach one pos
sessing the heart to go out and tell
what we are and .what we have
Maupin, instead of being "A Town
on the Deschutes," to pharaphase a
statement of a certain inconoclastic
writer, would be a shining star in
the bright firmament of Oregon
Shake, -Newt, Maupin's people are
with you.
One of the best fertilizer., for a
lawn is a mixture composed of three
parts of cottonseed meal and one
part suplhate of ammonia. Apply
10 to 15 pounds to 1,000 square feet
in the early fall and again in the
spring after the danger of severe
rost is over and the grasc is making
good growth.
ball. In the seventn mnin(: me
Cyclonca made four runs m.'.Kini
the score stand 10 to five in DuCvr's
favor. No further scoring wa dene
by either team. :
The weather was fine for baseball
except it was a little better ihan
necessary. .The battery for Dufur
Knie-ht and Stueber. The re-
;Vhiit's the use of going! You'll
get beaten anyhow," say, "You are
going to win, but we are back of yoo
anyway, lose or win," nnd give them
fighting spirit, the team would be
more successful than when it has to
"buck" the two towns. What must
other towns think of such a show of
Not Only in athletics la community
spirit needed. The town should have
a hall suitable for giving of a play,
etc. one which is so covered with
insurance that in case of fire no
lose is incurred.
Due to lack of community spirit
turn game with Dufur will be here . the school will not be able to pre-
on April 18th. sent a play as usual this year. II
Several Hieh school students play- a hall, or auditorium were m w ap
ed baseball at Maupin Sunday after-! initio such would not be the case.
Even our basketball team was
All students were present Monday : weakened by lack of community
morning. Plrlt- " e naa no P1Bce sullDlc Ior
Lee Laughlin spent Sunday oipiattke. Wapunua needs a city
Sun-flower Flat I h".!l or auditorium accessible to the
RiUic West has bought himself a' public. Some think what was god
new filder's glove.
Everyone is busy reviewing for the
enough for my father is good enough
for me. What would become ol the
six weeks exams, corning the latter orM today if everyone vpon Ikr
Dart of this wees, ine exams w im-f oi me mur ......
be distributed over the last three
days in the week. With these exams
over, there will be only one more
six weeks period to worry about.
The Cyclones have a game with
Maupin Friday, April 4th. It is to
be played on our local field,
Crad Noe.
The Primary room went on their
field trip last Friday. On their trip
they went into Rice canyon.
The Primary room had 100 per
pent attendance last Monday
At games some even begrudge a
.ii.hU admission fee tor betterment,
(f ground or for equipment.
V.pinitia r'.- '.. ap niL;a tv.v i
cioniunily ipiru.
Tygh Valley
of Maupin's j'Laym.
Miss Lillian Cox .pent the week
end with Miss Helen Endersby.
Several from Wapinitla attended
the baseball gaifce at Maupin Sunday.
Miss Bethel Snodgras. and brother
Dal Rae. spent Sunday with Mn.
Jesse Crabtree.
Mr. and Mrs. Boy Ward and sons,
Kenneth and Royal, were In Maupin
A few from here attended the
dance at the Kaupin Legion hall on
Saturday night
Frank Hackman spent the week
end at The Dalles.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hartman at
tended the baseball game at Dufur
Friday afternoon.
Bill Sturgb and family visited
i the L. W. West home Sunday.
The leader at Christian Endtavor
Sunday night was Viola West The
leader for next Sunday la Laurel
II. L. Hammer and daughter,
Lenorn, with J'm Hartma.) were in
Maupin Saturday,
Grandma Delco was very 111 the
pat week, but is better n-,w.
Mrs. G. R. Bell and daughter,
Velma, were in Maupin Saturday
Safety First
is a stern law of nature.
Are you safe in your insurance, or
valuable papers?
This bank is a place of trust; we
guard your interest as our own;
If not a customer arrange to be
one soon. Let's talk it over.
(Dorothy Hood, Correspondent)
The Tygh Valley High school tra
veled to Maupin last Friday, where
they were entertained at the High
school at an assembly which was
The upper grade room had another , mo t highly enjoyed by all who' at-
eleetion of weekly officers last Mon- tended. Alter the game we
On last Thursday the upper grade
room went on a trip in the canyons
to gathers wild flowers and shrubbery
I for experimental work.
and Way Poinit and Way Point
taken out to the baseball field, and
politely beaten in a good game of
baseball, the score being saver; to
three. But we don't feel bad, as we
weren't beaten as bad as at Waplni
tia and we expect to win when we
travel to Dufur next Friday. p
The Mechanical Drawing class ar.i
very busy drawing heads for,, the
paper, which we are going to issue
. oon. They are also making up ideas
for letters for those winning them
in athletics and sports,
We are planning on Issuing a pep?r
every Monday to contain our Inter
est and jokes and sports news. This
paper i. to be about ten pages long
and all departments are headed by
a classy little sketch made by the
Drawing class.
If the feed is of good quality and
the dairy cow leave., part of her hay
or silage, it u probably a sig.i 1H
i-he is geing a little too r.'Uih. It
is always wrli to give the Cuw a
little less feed than she want.
The sum; wa to keep a hou e
'ree from n t l o leave no food
lying about n sn-lves or 'n -jpen
place.-; where they can reach It Ants
70-" where they can find food nd
are especially attracted by cake,
bread, sugar and meat
Maupin State Bank
A higher rate of seeding potatoe.
than is commonly u ed will increase
the acreage production of this crop.
Use from 15 to 18 bushels of seed
to an acre, say. the U. S. Depart
ment of Agriculture, Instead of from
9 to 11 as is the usual practice
One fly killed in early spring
means hundred, of flies fewer next
summer. Stable manure in which
flies may breed rapidly .hould be
ha'uled to the fields every day, If pos
cihle, and spread thin ro that It will
dry. It is best to use a manure
ppreader. Manure that I. not dis
posed of daily may be treated with
hellebore, which will destroy the fly
larvae without reducing the fertilis
ing value of the manure. One-half
We witih thafthe Sophmores would i pounds of powdered hellebore to 10
tell what it's all about. Yesterday gallons of water will treat about 10
I (Monday) they shooed all the Seniors cubic feet of manure.
Wzlt Is) fs
n n ryi p333 "
ii 1 1 r? v i t-i
C. A. HARTMAN, UZ3 U il i IfiSS Proprietor-Manager
Tariff Schedule showing One Way and Round Trip Fares, and Express Tariff No. 1 between
The Dalles, Maupin and Intermediate Points.
The Dalles 00
Boyd 75
Dufur $1.00
Friend $U0
Tygh Valley .... $2.00
Maupin $2.50
$ .25
$ .50
$ .50 Tygh Valley
1.00 Maupin $ .50
1 to 25
26 to 50
51 to 75
76 to 100
MILES 1 to 21 MILES 22 to 37
$ .25 $ .25
.25 .25
.30 .35
.40 .50
Minimum Charge 25 cents
MILES 38 to 60
$ .25
Jitac jttan .... .jibb JftiH"
Special for March on
Realistic Pcrmanents given for $8.00 where two
come the same day. This wave has ringlet ends.
Rear of Cinderella Frock Shop
Phone 856-W The Dalles, Ore.
Building Camp Cbi
Job Crabtree, with hi brother,
Earl, and Everett Hazen are at work
at Dufur, building 14 cabins at the
newly laid out camp ground of Wal
ter Hanna, near the bridgo over
Fifteen Mile creek. Walt evidently
knew who to employ on such work
and he may rest assured that under
Job's supervision the cabins will be
built just right
IpOR SALE Team of mares, 7 yean
old, weight 1300 lbs. each. Abso
lutely reliable. Jersey cow, fresh,
3 year. old. Inquire W. A. Mat
hews, Wapinitla, Ore. 16-tl
Auction SU Wnt Good
The auction sale of the Job Crab
tree dairy herd of cattle wa.i well
attended and some spirited bidding
was Indulged in. Nearly all the
cows put up went at a good figure,
although some buyers picked up first
class dairy cow. at a price much less
that they orginally brought. French
Butler cried the sale.
pin lot are priced as low as $10.
Investigate now as 60 lots chang
handi. last week. II. L. Ilorri.i,
agent. ' 20-t2.
Poisoned barley for grey diggers
at Shattuck Bros., Maupin; Hart
man's tore at Wapinitla; Van
Duyn'. ttore at Tygh Valley;
Wharton'. atore at Wamic. Also
polaoned oats for sage rats at
Shattuck Bros., Maupin. 20-tl
HAY FOR SALE Five tons of
wheat bay, also a yearling grade
" Hereford Bull. Inquire of Otto
Hording, Criterion. 15-tf
SPUD8 FOR SALE Netted Gems.
Medium size for soed and larger
ones for eating. $2.60 per hun
dred for ceed and $3.00 for the
eating potatoes. Call, phono 0-F-888.
J. G. Kramer 19-t3.
OK SALE S tons of wheat ha.
Inquire of Otto Herrllng at Cri
terion, Oregon. 16-tf.
Department of the InUrlor
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, February 24, 1930.
Notice is hereby given that
Henry C. Dak
vf 793 'A Thurman St., Portland,
Oregon, who, on May 8, 1028. made
Homestead Entry under act Decem
ber 29, 1016, No. 026636, for SEK
SWU. EV4SE.U. SW4SE4, See.
6, KEUNWU, Lot 1, See. 7, Town
ihlp 6-South, Range 13-East, Will
amette Meridian, ha. filed notice of
intention to make final three year
proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before F, D.
Stuart, United State. Commissioner
3t Maupin, Oregon, on the 0th day
A May, 1930.
Claimant name. a. wltneeeea:
Thos. Klcnzle, Lewis McCoy, Prank
McCoy, A. R. Wilcox all of Wap
initla, Oregon.
M13-A10 Register.
LAMBS FOR SALE Orphan lambs
at $1.00 per head. R. II. Dahl,
Tygh Valley, Oregon 10-t4
of Earl Cunningham, Wapinitla,
Oregon. 15-t4
plete with bed and good stock
rack, $860.00. Shattuck Bros.
FOR SALE! Fine Police dog, one
year old; two female Australian
shepherd dogs, three months old;
one grade Guernsey bull calf, three
weeks old. J. O. Smith, two
miles west of Wamic. 16-tf.
Free to Public
Tb aab pUm In th. U. S. what. Mt.loi tnd
xlmtWin matter nowUng tnylin. of builnws
at prednel an b obtained Fro. ni Without
QMtoboo U Ui Amnion Induiiritl Library,
writ, for Buainea Advertitinc Matter you ar.
Ottawa iaiaaara will be promptly forwarded.
Ba.ln rin. Bnlidlo., Chloaio.Illlnnla
Shoes and Repairing
Watco County's Exclusive
Shoe Store
Ihoes for th
Whole FftfltiU?
Ganeral Repairing
The Uttllcs, Ore.
I a?t;f3f3.i.,f;
25 Cents
buy. the best and largest meal
served in The bailee, at
Across the street from hie old
stand. Now at 410 East Second
I. O. O. r.
Lodgo No. 200, Maupin, Orffoa
meet, every Saturday night hi L O.
O. F. halL Visiting membera alwap
Roy R. Crabtree, N. O. .
B. W. Welch, Seeretnrjr.
Where the best 35 cent
meal is served in
The Dalies
Next The Dalles
C. N. Sargent, - Prop.