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Always working for the best
Interests of Maupin and all of
Southern Wasco County.
Publishes only that news fil
to print Caters to no particular
clasg, but work for all.
Dr. Poling To Address
School Assembly
Monday, April 7, it 9:00 a. ro.
tht High ichjol will hav thu h nor
and pleasure of hearing Dr. D. V.
Poling of Oregon Stat college.
Dr. Poling la well known to th;s
community and In the last yew ban
been here on three occalvns, speak
Ing to the atudenta and townspeople
on 'aubjacta of educational and vo
cational concern. uutors are rs
pectally Invited to attend this as
aembly. In addition to the address
by Dr. Poling there will be ichool
ainging and apeclal musical numbers.
The dat for the Track Meet will
be on April 20th, which leaves only
three mora weeks to go.
Practice for track will be held each
Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
All those that are entering any event
In track should bo out these days
getting In thape for the try-outs.
A committee has been appointed to
get the track at Tygh in shape for
tha meet The track will be in better
condition this year than It was last
Those turning out for different
event are:
High Jump- Elton, Bonney.
' Broad Jump Elton, Glenn, and
Discus Richard, Harry.
Pole Vault Glenn, Ivan, Val, Bo. !
Shot Put-Bob, Elton, Harry,
Half Mile Glenn.
Baseball Throw -Wendell, Bob.
S0-yard EltonN Bonney, Vol
lOO-jrard-ElU., Bonney, V,l mid
220 yard
-Elton, Bonney, Val and
Chat Irs.
Maupin rnlwi hi-r hipli point mm
of last year, An'y, TaU unt Ken
neth, as well as In"? high lnt ulrl
Merit and Allone
The Maupin schools hare ono of
the finest sites in Wasco county
, juiC waltinfg Improvement to be
' fully realized.
Mrk your ballots "Aye."
Last Friday th0 Tygh High school,
trrnnmm. Jstwi iaainrr urn rat o-tiftHTM ai
th, Maupin High assembly held just
Knfnva tha ha' ahull nimil Mm
vv vmw v . "
Bailey, Mr. Zeverly, Mr. and Mrs.
Stevens, and many local school pat
rons were present.
The gym stage was decorated with
the many green plants of the science
room and with Maupin'a pennants
and cupa.
Community singing led by Mr.
Poling opened the program. "The
Mora We Get Together," "Oregon
Stat Song," "Old Black Joe," and
"Carry Me Back To Old Virginny"
' were tung with hearty enthusiasm by
' students and visitors. The audience
then enjoyed a folk dance by mem
bers of Fifth mid Sixth grade. Alice
Greene, Emery Crofoot, Kathleen
Foley, Franklin Rcnick, Lena Turn-
er, Ernest KirHrh, Leo Cunningham
and Allene Wilson.. A piano duo,
"Diana," was played by Chnrlen
Bothwell and Nova llcdln.
Rev. W. A. Matthews delivered
tha address of the afternoon. Hi
topic was "A Successful Life." .Mr.
. Matthews spoke in a firm but kindly
way of the mlstnkes by which young
people are apt to detract from n suc
cessful life. Every one must have
a definite goal to look forward to
early In life, If ho r to t;njiy a lifo
of greatest RuecofiH. (A successful
lifo." Mr. 'Matthews an id," "vrns one
that at old age could bo viewed with
. tht i .aaliuf Action that comes. to a mind
which' realizes it has fulfilled many
of th tasks which it has set out to
.Th Trio Trluphant, composed of
Bo as base, Val as basor and Glenn
as bases, sang " I want to go to Mor
row" and "Barnic'al Bill." Bonney,
Wendell and Val, the Jazz-phoney
harpists, entertained as the last num
ber of the ; program with "Casey
Jones, and ''Turkey In the Straw,"
and last "Homo Sweet Home."
' Today is all you have tomorrow
is a promissory note, and yesterday
a A '9&iKClcd check,
MAUriN. OREGON. APRIL 3, 1930.
(By Richard Crabtrtc)
Tha need of a new athletic field
ia already known. All that la need- Last Friday Tygh Valley -paid
cd now Is getting started. Starting Maupin a basobcll vi It. The garni
takes organization and organization was called at 2:30 o'clock and result
requires a survey, plows, tractors, a ed in the defat of lygb Valley is a
roller, shovels and a foreman to dV tv.r of 7-3.
Both Hm Odd Fellowt hull and the
Legion hall were built by the free
effort of membert of these groups,
An athletic field can be built for the
school by the good-will of the patroni
and n lends or the Maupin schools,
These affairs tha repeatedly ac-
complished ss community enter -
prhten and Maupin waits only for or-
ganlzcd direction.
A good day to begin ths field
would be May 16, the last day of
school. Refreshments could be
served and the day could be made
a planned picnic for school n.H com
Outside baseball teams during!
summer as well as football teams in
thc fall will attract visitors and
business to Maupin.
Last Sunday Bo Wilson, Thoodore
Kimh, Harry Rutherford. Ralph
Kaiser, Forest Urban, Emery Crow
foot and Ivan Donaldson met at the
Drug Store at 8:30 and started on
the White River hike, with Floyd
Kelly as leader.
The walk down the track waa un
cvcntfu) cxrfpt for th(J ltretcWng
of Kmery's lga.
A brief pau.e was taken at Oak
Springs, where Mr. Smith showed
the boys around the hatchery and re
gaining ponds while telling them of
i th. nfiKrnllnn nf tha hntrhnrv In
lt thfM pond th, Rrf M70000
young rainbow trout from threa to
six inches long.
The psrty went on down tha De
schutes to cross the railroad bridge
at the mouth of White riven jthonoelfanned l3 o th Wapinltia pian8-
about a mile up the river dodging I
limbs and climbing over ' rcks.
Lunch w3 eaten here and then a I
scrimmage ensued when two boys I
took Ralph's cookies, for a few
min ites the boyi were in immlimni
danger of being thrown in the river. L uke a whir, t
Forest Urban met the party a few 1 coming Friday
mlnuW walk from the power house I uufur defeated the Cyclonea 10
and all then proceeded up the river's. The nm. u t,lavd .t rufr.
I to the Plant. The trip through it was
i it .. i i . a t
boyjl. MjT KeIljr plained the ictlon I
. . , .. .. n
or ronimuiatnm inn rxnrnri. ino
water was running over the diver
sion dam, 0 the boys proceeded
along the rlvor banks to find a
crowing but were unsuccessful.
There were no casualties during
tho day altho Theodore Kirsch fell!
. u i l i
laughed at by
In thc river and was
thc troop,
Mrs, Kelly met the party at the
vvhiu Rlv brtdge to tak, them
home to Maupin where they arrived
nt 6:30 p. m,
( By Blanche Northrup)
The "Maupin HI Times" section
in our local newspaper contains news
of our school events well worth
reading. Students who are inter
Mted in school activities should read
each cflpy and keep then In chrono-
loRiral order to read after school
dnyn have passed. All English stu-1
dents work hard to pre ent a credit- j
nblo school paper each weok. . Copies i remembrances on the part of the ' truck mis.d the roadway early on
of our school paper may be seen at j students will, when placed on dis- Monday morning while on the Mau
numerous schools near by and at piay, serve to remind the citizens of, pin grade and went into the ditch.
Thc Dalles public library. Many1 the debt t still owed to the heroes ; The truck turned turtle but was not
comments arc made about our school
section. At 'our last Friday's as
sonibly program Rev. MRtthews com
mented upon our regular ; Friday
programs being ihe most . interest
ing part of the school news. . We ap
preciate the fact that people outside
of our home town read these items
with interest. The ."Maupin Hi
Time;," represents a project of real
community enterprise and, as such
should merit subscribers for Its par
ent paper, The Maupin Times,
Vried Assortment
'I want a bottle of iodine."
"Sorry, but this Is a drug store
Can't I intcrcbt you in an alarm
clock, some nice leather goods, a
few radio parts, or a toasted cheese
Tygh Goes Down Before
Maupin Hi Sluggers
Maupin 11 -.tnp was as foUowj:
rraley, catcher; fnodgrass, pltc'i.r
Crcne, first, Vi'ison, second; lMir,i
ahort itop; Bothwell, third ; Shepflin, '
loft field; Llndley, center field; and
Crabtroe, rlghtfleld. The Tygh Hne-
up war: Brown, pHcher; Zumwalt,"
pitcher; Rhodes, first; Louis, second;
, Wing, short atop; Woodcock, third J
Lucore, left field, Whrend, center;
and Davis right field.
J Elton pitched his first game of tha
season for Maupin. He held Tygh
down to five tcrattered hit which rtt
suited In only two runs. Laeo on tha
first sack held the position with ease,
although it waa new to him.
Tygh proved her mettle, whh
some of her players.
from tba
Kindergarden. She kept
wake and on their feet Maupin
will Journey to Waplnltla next Frt
day with high hopes and plenty of
pep. I
Maupin HiU
Greene bit
Fraley ...,..,..,.....,.... 1 hit
Snodgrars ......... i hit
Shcpflln 1 hit
Crabtre ............... 1 hit
Tyth Hit.
Win 1 hit
Rhode I hit
Zumwalt 2 hit.
Woodcock 1 hit
Strik outs by Snodgrasa 11.
Strike outs by ZumwaJt ........ 10
Bases on balls by Snodgrass ...1
Ba-ea on balls by Zumwalt 2.
Basaball News
Maupln's Wild cats defeated Wap,
initia, last Sunday, 13-2 on the
rhnnl vrnnnit Pnllna anil Danlb
men with perfect nonchalance.
(Look that one up, fellows.)
Friday the Cuba defeated Tygh
7-3, The gam waa close and inter
e ting.
Tha Cllh ttfill Iniinuu VTsnlnUla
Knijtht anJ Stucber fhecked for Du.
J" h"erv nd CU7ni" heW
Mr. Poling suffered a severe ac
cident while at practice last Monday
night A ball thrown in from the
field hit him on the side of the nose
inflecting a painful Injury. Ilia
, friends are glad to know that the
miurv wi not be permanent It
wa9 at first fcare, that he wou1d be
unnhl to Ipbi) In thn ulnoHnir at the
h, ,R.pmlllv
-D -f ;
Students of the Maupin schools
have shown interest in the Ameri
can Legion Auxiliary poster plan of
honoring the World War heroes by
completing twenty-two posters. The
posters are of varied sizes, finished
on white paper, and placed on con
trasting color backgrounds. They
are adorned with red poppies, at
tractive mottor, and pitcures of
soldiers. They lnterpert clearly the
feeling of gratitude of students to-
ward those who have
given their
Hves in the World War,
Thau liffla I
who fell and to their dependents. I greatly broken up, while the driver
Tho posters have been turned over ! CRme off unscathed
to Mm Prnit. thn ni-cl.lrnt of the I A man from Bend turned his car
Amorionn Virion Anxiliarv. As noon'
as local judges have been chosen and
o ,-nooWi nn fh. nrintitno I
poster to be Bent to the i.tate judges,
J the posters will then be placed on
display in the horn community.
Those who contributed to the maJc
ing of posters frdm the different di
visions were: Buclah, Ernest Dod,
Alice, Nina, Allene, Lena and Myrtle
from the Fifth and' Sixth grades;
Herbert, Douglas, - Jim, Henry,
Francfr, Jean, Irene and Dorothy
from the Seventh and Eighth grades,,
and Ivan, Mabel, Evelyn, Blanche,
Lolah, Nova, Beth and Bethel from
the High school, y-
, (continued from first page)
H. . Kaiser Elected Scent Muter
J Floyd Rally Asslttaau
Troop Committ Named
Nay, Nay, Ignatius, the Maupin
troop has not pa ed Into
th Hut f thoae- things that were.
Lc1 Scout activities have been
"ther dormant since the first of the
to lck of leader, but
lire Kill existed in the troop, and
that life asserted itaelf at a meeting
held Uvt Friday night, when Scout
ExeeutiY W. W. Belcher met with
the troop and injected life-reviving
pep into the erstwhile defunct
A large gathering of scouts and
friends gathered at the Maupin
tat Bank directors room and talk
ed over the altuation. Realizing that
a Scout troop waa an asset to the.
town it waa decided to go ahead with
tha program began by Dr. Stovall
- i ...
10 "at end a acout master, In
tha Cubs'"1 Pern of H. R.,
chosen. Floyd Kelly was selected to
servt as assistant acout master, and
the following gentlemen elected as
a troop committee: Dr. W. A. Short,
chairman; Raymond Crabtree, Don
Miller, James Chalmers and F. D.
Stuart The active officers with tha
help of the committee, will do sill in
their power to bring the troop to
that perfection that it will be recog
nized as one of the leading acout
bodies fa the country. Mr. Kaiaer
saw serviea In the war with Spain
and his assistant, Floyd Kelly, waa
one who answered the call to com
bat the hordes who sought to over
whelm the world in the last war.
8cout Executive Belcher is heart
and soul In the Scout work and he
wllj extend every effort in helping
to ketp the -local troop on a high
plane ad bring it to an envlabfe
place on the acout map.
Contractor Hamas Look Over Cob
ditioas and Will Asitt
Contractor Harness came over
from Burns yesterday and went to
the Wapinitla cut-off. While there
he traveled as far on the highway
a the Graham forest road and re
ported that he discovered but little
snow. Mr. Harness will fix up nia
caterpillar tractor, furnish gas and
oil and will do ao gratis, only ask
ing that those Interested in opening
the road do the work. He expects
to enlist the aid of people from
Government Camp, from tha Flat
and some from Maupin in the work
Clearing away the snow and ice will
take about five days.
Two Trucks and Touring Car go 1"
Different Ditch,
Threa auto wrecks demanded the
attention of towing car operatives
Sunday evening and Monday morn
ing. Sunday morning, while on his
way to the Connolly " ranch Cleo
Kincer was so unfortunate that his
truck left the highway and nearly
crashed into Mr. Pratt's "Fix-It"
shop. The truck left the highway
and headed down the bank. No one
injured and the truck sustained but
minor breaks,
The driver of the Ochoco butter
twm the highway when on the Flat
on Monday morning,
went on its back in
The vehicle
the ditch.
The Maupin garage towed the car
car to Maupin where its injuries
were attended to. The driver sus
tained alight injuries.
Dr. Clarke of the Clarke Optical
company, 326 V4 Washington street,
corner Sixth, Portland, Oregon,
in Maupin all day and evening of
Monday, April 7th, at the Maupin
William BoH Portray,
In Startling Dram
Sand? Nifbt
William Boyd, always a favorite
screen artist with Maupin show
oers, will b seen in bii UUst starr
ing effort, "The Cop," t Legion
ball next Sunday, night In that
story Boyd will be supported by' Alan
Hale, Jacqueline Logsn and Robert
Armstrong. Th itory deala with
life on the force in a big city, and
portrays many stirring situation.
A Mack Sennett comedy "Love at
First Sight" will b, the opener and
IU rendition will be seen the famous
uwerriy anc from Olemargar
lne., This comedy fcautrea many
beautiful bathing beauties and is a
t cream from one end to the other.
Owner Lo,e. Nearly All Hi. Fnrnl.
tare nd Clothing
Fire, orginating presumably in
bedroom, comnioin i ,l.
ujc , me
farm home of Art Morris Tuesday
evening. The family succeeded in
"ving b small part of their bedding
and clvthing, furniture, organ, udio
and other accumulations goin&- up
In smoke.
Mm Morris had been ia th bed
room but a short time before the
fir waa discovered.- Clarence Zig
genhagen wa3 at the Morris place at
the time, haying delivered soma gas-
n e, witn Art Morris were in
tha yard and when Art stepped in
front of the bedroom window he saw
the flamea. He went to the living
room with an ida of phoning for
belp, but was confronted by a wall
of flame. He then turned his at
tention to saving all things possi
ble, getting out some bedding and a
a mi
w cwines. ine balance of the
household belonrinm wont nn n
Besides the . ,..
tower and woodshed were made food
for the flames. Art has secured a
tent and until a nanr tnnu k.
uuv v n.A w
erected will live ia the garage and
tent The house waa nwrW hv
Art's father, Milton Morris of The
Dalles and carried a small amount
of insurance, . .
Painters Ret
George Wilson, the well known
painter with his brother, Frank Wil
son, came up from Silverton Satur-
day. The Wilsons are old hands at
painting and do food work, as has
been shown by the many joba done
in and about Maupin.
Upside Down
Get a man on his back and he has
to look up. Being one one's back
will alawys show the way to get on
your feet and stay there.
Com Concoctions
(TITY-BRF.D folks classify corn
VjJas something on the luncheon
or dinner menu. But out on
the farms they know better. .Farm
ers like corn at any meal in the
day, and farm wives have concocted
some very delicious breakfast dishes
out of this dittetically valuable grain
which is good fresli, straight from
the can, or in combination with
other fonds.
A delightful old hotel in South
Carolina, famous for its breakfast
corn cakes with maple syrup, serves
nnother breakfast corn dish that
makes you wonder why you stayed
up North so long.
Some Southern Corn
Here are the directions for
Brjeakjast Com'. Chop two large
Number 21
Jaout Lead., WiU Tal. Vacatio
14 Rstins His Wars
n Ratam
Scout Executive W. W. Br-lcW
tends Th Time, a cony of hia oro.
gram of activities embracing ; the
Mm from April 1 to May S From
April 1 to April 17 Mr. Bel-her and
wif will visit with folks in the easf,
nia going being tht first vacation he
baa enjoyed In . four yean. When
he returns he will take up the fol.
lowing program:
April 20 to Apr3 27 Camp lead
ers training school at Camp Mem
wether, Portland.
From April 29 to May S hU work
will be at hla office, taking care of
correspondence, completing records,
making out reports, etc. '
In speaking of his vacation Mr.
Belcher says:
A vacation gives one much need
ed renewed energy and pep for hia
Judsorv P. Freeman, director of
professional training; L. L McDonald
national camp director; Capt W. C.
Mflka, nattontl waterfront safety
man and Conner H. Berar. director
of volunteer training will he ia
tharge of various parti of th Camp
Leaders training school which onena
April 21st at Camp Merriwether,
the Portland Boy Scout camp on the
Oregon coast
This school will cost oiOv $19.00
for the week, each man famishing
his bedding and the same equipment
as required for scouts attending
summer camp. Any interested man
Is asked to correspond with Stuart
P. Walsh, Boy Scouts 0f America,
Seattle, Washington. ....
I have been, asked to present a
paper on "Camp Records and Their
Use" which will be on of tha
twelve subjects presented by the
men of the west coast, and will also
conduct a patrol cooking project
which will be a part of the daily
schedule. . .......
Graduates In Jun . , (
Misa.Velma Crofoot. waa at her
home here during the spring vacation
of Monmouth Normal school, re
turning to her atudies Sunday. Velma
will graduate in June and then will
begin her teaching career. Mias
Crofoot has had several I weeks
practice teaching and has passed her
grades with credit
Joe Kramer went to Portland the
latter part of last week and returned
with a new Ford truck for a custo
mer. "' " " .
cold boiled potatoes fine, and taut
brown in two tablespoons fat. Add
one cup left-over canned corn, ana
brown again. Season well with salt
and pepper. Break in two whole
eggs, and scramble lightly together.
Serve with broiled bacon.
Charleston Com Cakts: Beat two
eggs well, add one half cup sour
milk, one-fourth teaspoon soda, and
one cup of canned com- Sift to
gether one cup flour, one-half tea
spoon salt, two teaspoons baking
powder and add. Then add one
tablespoon melted butter. Fry in
small cakes on a hot griddle. Serve
with maple syrup.
Corn Fritters : Make an egg bat
ter as for pancakes, and stir in
canned or fresh corn. Fry In buU
ter and serve very hot with broiled
breakfast bacon or fried ham,