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Always working for the best
interests of Maupin and all of
Southern Wasco County.
Publishes only that news fit
to print. Caters to no particular
class, but works for aD. "
Number 20
Maupin Hi Students Go
Into Movie Game
Although a typical small town
boy in many ways, who hd never
been out of Simsbury in his life,
movU mad Merton'i determination
to follow hit itar gave him courage
to forsake his Job in the grocery ,
tore and aet out for Hollywood and ,
hla movie qfcreer. Jlis experience
with nrd-toiw aireciora,
his en-
durance of hunger end rebuff
aerve but to strengthen hla faith
in human nature. Would you like
,ttm I
to see how he finally wins through
to (access? Then don't miss "Mer
to n of the Movies" which will soon
be presented on the local stage by
the Maupin Senior class.
The important role of Merlon
has been entrusted to Klton Enod
grasa. Although the exactions of
this unsophl tlcated but appealing
character ar great enough to gH
Elton all "hot and bothered," hi
abaility will produce an outstanding
The Cubs met the Dufur team
last Friday at Dufur, for the first
baseball game of the season, which
resulted in a 6-0 score in Dufur's
fsvor. With but three the
Cuba were scarcely In true form.
Tha line-up for Maupin was: Laco,
pitchers Orvllle, catcher; Bo at first.
Val at second, Elton short, Chsrles
on third aack, Bob left field, Wen
dell center, and Glenn and Richard
in right field. The battery for Du
fur waa: Knight, pitcher and Steu
ber, catcher.
Charles Bothwell succeeded in
reaching third base but no runs were
made by Maupin.
Tho e taking cars to Dufur were
Mr. Fischer, Mr. Poling, Mr. Kaiser
and Richard Crabtree. Mr. Fischer
who umpired bases, had a difficult
time keeping warm, although he had
an overcoat on. The day was both
windy and cold for baseball. Tho
Cubs are eargerly looking forward
to their coming engagement with
Tygh Valley next Friday, on the
home field, and expect a big crowd
of fans. Tygh hss promised to
come over in force and Maupin fans
will be needed.
(By Elton)
The Waplnitia Cyclone, defeated ,
Tyrh Valley. 13-2. Zumwalt and
Rhodes were in the box for Tygh
while Claymler and Endersby threw
for the Cyclones.
Sunday Coach Gosnrll's fast team
took the Indiens into camp for a
score of 18 to 6. A few of the Cubs
feel highly flattered to have the
chance of participating in this game.
Goanell's team will meet the Maupin
Housecats this coming Sunday at
!. Friday, March the 28th, the Cubs
will meet Tygh Valley on the local
field. Everybody come and help
the Cubs "growl."
Lst Friday the students spent the
aarembly hour in singing school
songs, some of which were new ond
rather difficult to follow.
The singing showed improvement,
as each on applied himself diligent
ly and took an active part in tho
At the end of the hour, Mr. De
Voe presented typing certificates to
Harry Rutherford, Mary Greene and
' Eldon Allen for successfully making
twonty-five words per minte for
fifteen consecutive minutes. Tho
students adjourned at 0:45 p. in.
- A trip to the White River power
house for nnxt Sunday is planned
hy members of Troop No. 33, Boy
Scouts of America. '
Floyd Kelly, as okrI. tant scout
master, is arranging a series of trips
to keep up the Scout spirit pending
the aolectlon of a scoutmaster. The
boys will leave Maupin at 8:30 a. m.
After the generators and turbines
are inspected, tho hoys will go on
an exploring hike. Lunches will be
taken and the troop is looking for
ward to a, day full of enjoyment.
Mupln High achool students, at a ,
regular itudent body meeting, de-:
elded to invite the Tygh Valley '
High achool to our assembly, on Fri
day at 1:15 p. m. preceding the
baseball game between Tygh and
the Cuba on the Maupin diamond.
Tygh itudent.-, will be gust at the
Tygh itudent will be rueita at the
A program wHh Mr. DeVoe as
chairman and Lei ah. Bo. and Nova
" mcmiws, win ukc cnarge oi me
coming assembly. Special music in-
. I ..,111 A I. 1
eluding the Jatz Phoney Harmonious
rii v i
Harpists, school tinging and piano
numbers will be provided. The
Student Body hopes to have Rev.
Matthews of Simnasho to spesk to
The Student Body will appreciate
thc jint assembly,
other visitors from the outside who
are intere ted in the school and care
to come to the joint asaembjy to be
followed by the big ball game.
The boys of the Manual Training
classes are busy making stage
scenery for the Senior play, "Mer
ton of the Movies."
Wendell is making moving pic
ture camera. Others will be employ
ed in the construction of a country
store, to include counters and
shelves. Railings and other proper
ties usi-d in representing a studio
will be also made for the play.
A meeting was held the eighth
period Tuesday to arrange a schedule
of all the events and to find out the
number who will participate in the
different The westher is
fine now for practice in field eventa. ,
Former Maupin track winners are!"u,,ort in" oeBa- ia - new
interested In Maupin's spring traln-Plan h" been dPfd. whereby tu'
ing and report seeing other school K"18 h " chce to display
getting ready for the meet Maupin ithdr bi,,ty hn th lln
expects to live up to the record es-t,lrouh constructing and des.gning
tahlinhcd by Its notable athletes of
last year.
Although Maupin has not much
material this year, we still expect to
win the meet.
The Maupin High fchool Is pleas
ed to know that several of her
alumni arc attending higher institu-
tlons of learning and that a few of i
them will soon be completing their
course to emter Into life careers.
Winifred Kaiser, who has been a
student at the Univen-Ity of Oregon I
r. ,.. j vi rviw
a siuaeni at jnonmoutn normal lor
one and a half years, will both com
plete their courses in the spring.
During their recent spring vacation
both eitfls are Interviewing prospec
tive employers. Both will enter the '
teaching profession. Maupin Hi re-J
members Winifred for her high '
scholarship and for being high point
Klrl in track. Velma is remembered
for her musical ability and for her
excellent grades in all ubjects.
Maupin Hi extends her best wishes
for success to them In their new field
of work. ,
Estel Stovall Is attending 0. S. C.
and is studying pharmacy. He visit
ed i chool last Thursday and he said.
"Although chemistry takes most of
my time, still I am turning out for
trHck." Everyone remembers Estel
as being the fastest ''sprinter"
around here, and wishes him succera
in the track at 0. S. C.
Harold Kramer. is employed in a
general merchandise store at Dufur.
Art Appling lg busy digging the
coyotes out of their dens and he ex
tended an Invitation to tho Faculty
to come out to Criterion and help
him bag the varmints. '
Kenneth Sndgrass is "turning over
the old sod" on tho home ranch.
Merle Snodgrass Crabtree keeps
her interest in the whool with fre
quent visits and with loyal and gen
erous support.
About ninety f chool pictures have
been ordered by the High and grade
Rchools. Tho school is endeavoring
to get reduced rates because of the
large order. The order will not be
rent off until all the money has been
collected. The sum involved is
nearly fifty dollars.
"""-Students Learn Plan oi
Cooperative Market
Mr. DeVoe. Harry and Charles
had the rrivlege of listening to the
address of Mr. E. L. Ludwkk, who
is assistant manager of the Pacific
NorthweU Wool Growers associa
tion, given at the Legion hall last
Tuesday. Mr. Ludwkk explained to
the local wool growers the Federal
nUn rinnMn v,. !
wool The marketing will be done i
through the local co-oneretive a ' :
... . 1
. I
sociations. The storage, the loaning
of money to growers, and tha final
marketing -cost will total $.0324 per
Sale of the wool will be made by
Drspcr, a national wool selling
house at a cost to growers of 3-10
a cent per pound. The wool on the
coast will be sold by the Pacific
Northwest Wool Growers associa
tion. All similar wools wHI be sold
in one pool Mrs. Ludwick rave the
personnel of the Federal Farm Board,
and a brief hktory of each member.
This board Is finsnced by the Feder
al government The Federal Farir
Board is attempting to stabilize the
selling of wheat and wool this spring.
This Hoover plan of farm aid is one,
of the most important measures in
recent years, and itc success or fail
ure is attracting great interest
among the farmers throughout the
(By Gladys Martin)
Again this year the American Le
gion Auxiliary Is sponsering plana
for giving publicity to the poppy aale
prior to Memorial Day. Last year
a state wide essay contest waa held.
tfor the Turc ot urging student to
of posters to commemorate World
War heroes. No special requirements
are contained in the plan for the
posten as regards size, style or pat
tern. Mottoes are recommended as
a device for expressing the meaning
of the poster. Three five dollar
prize are offered by the American
Legion Aulxliary for the best posters
in s state wide contest Arrangementq
for the distribution of the prizes al-
;,ow one prfM of
ivc divisions of schools: the Fourth,
Fifth and Sixth grades, the Seventh
and Eighth grades and the High
school. The American Legion Auxil-
I Ul '"s n u
prize of f 1.00 for the beat
poster from each of the above divi
sions of the Maupin school.
While in The Dalles last week end
Mr. DeVoe visited the old Hlstorial
building. He says that it is worth
anybody's timo and money to see
this trea' ure of local historcial relics.
The building is one of the oldest
remaining in The Dalles. Inside Park, Hotel Kelly, Fraley Garage and
there are hundreds or fine arrow Restaurant, Kramer Bros., Garage,
heads, spear heads and other Indian Maupin Hotel and Cafe, Woodcock
relics of many different tribes. In Bros., power plant and flour mill,
addition many rifles and pistols, Richmond Service Station, Maupin
which were used by soldiers during State Bank, Shell Oil Co., and The
Indian wars, may be found, all in- Maupin Times. Watch far date an
dicative of legendary times' char- nouncmg time when Maupin will be
actcristlc of this country,
After much discussion the Senior
class has sdlected and ordered its
announcements which, to say the
least, represent the very latest in
the announcement line. It ia in
tern ting to note that the erstwhile
familiar cognomen of "Elt" appears
under tho alias of "Elton Perry per
i kins Snodgrass," while that of our
"Little Abbie" reads
"Abner Silas
Ely St Dennis."
The food sale, which was held on
March 22 at Resh's store under the;
direct supervision of Mrs.- Kirsch,
netted $23.10. Thfe fund will be
used io send members to the 4-H
Club Summer School which is held
each year on the campus of the Ore
gon State College. Assistants to
Mrs. Kirsch were: Mrs, Maud
Joynt, Mrs. Lucille Contrell, Mr?,
(continued on last page)
Maupia BaiiaHt Mm Tafca Stepi
to lateral World of Our Fine
Peoitioa aad Attributes
The business men of Maupin have
given concrete evidence that they
Kve the best interests of the town
ft hA-t anil ImixL..
pratresalvene s that is worthy of I
'wr " owing ima w
Pkt that newspaper space will be I
I -II.. J ! iLJ ... !
J a . .a. l
Kivva uvcr u inaumn dv me orebA
- - m l
of other citlei througout the coun
The'cause of the above outburst
on our part Is contained in the fact
that on Monday the associated firms
and professional men of Maupin
have combined to foster a proposi
tion to broadcast a high-charactered
program of one hour's duration
over the great station K O I N of
While the local broadcast is pri
marily to interest the potential trade
or purchasing power of our trn
county, secondary to reach state
wide trade of the tourist traffic that
may be routed through our town,
the main object of the broadcast is
to acquaint outsiders of the extent
cf (or attributes, our expanding
agricultural area, our stock industry
and last, but not leat, to make
Ino'rn the unapproachable oppor
tunity of the Deschutes as tho home
tf the giant redside trout
The Maupin city broadcast hour
has not been definitely set The
Timet expects to be informed of that
time aoon enough to publish it in our
next week's (sue, although, from
what we have learned regarding the
time phase of the broadcast, the
date may be arranged for April 7,
in time to inform sportsmen and
fishermen of Oregon of fishing con
ditions of our river before the open
ing of the fishing season. It is not
enough for us of Maupin to know
about the De chutes; it is not enough
for the "old guard" of our visiting
snglers to know it; we must advance
and in that advance so to it that
more and more of Oregon's popula
tion are informed of what we have
As a newspaper we arc not pri
marily interested in air advertising,
but as a voice for Maupin we have
learned that tha greatest advertisers
on the air are the heavie t buyers of
newspaper space, so we cheerfully
throw our hats in the air and holler
"Whoopee!" By contracting with
K O I N Mupin will lead all central
Oregon in going on the air with a
program at once edifying, instruc
tive and pleasing, thus showing we
will not play "second fiddle" to any
community of this section. On the
other hand we will have established
a precedent and one which will be
followed by other places in this part
of Oregon.
The Maupin firms and professional
men who have sponsored the movS'
ment to exploit our city on the air
are: O. P. Resh & Co., Shattuck
Bros., Dr. J. L. Elwood. Dr. L. S.
Stovall, H. R. Kaiser, Williams Auto
on the air.
J. F.
Kramar to Operate
Tractor on Job
Contractor Harness, who will com
plete the building of the Waplnitia
cut-off road thfc season, and who is
now at Burns engaged on another
i road job, recently telpehoned Joe
,Kramer and offered the use of his
Cletrac tractor in clearing the cut
off road from snow. The beautiful
lies rather thick on the roadway in
the vicinity of Bear Springs and
from there to Clear. Lake. Kramer
will take the tractor from the Hedin
garage at Pine Grove and get at
work on the clearing job soon.
If that work is done now it will
clear the road earlier than at any
time in its history and will enable
the Harness company to get at work
ojj their contract. very' soon. -
Rr. Hartmaa M Smith Spread
Mg f CoJ f.Ith
to Manpinit.
The meetings being held at the U.
B. church each evening by Revs.
Hrtmsn of The Dalles church and
Smith local castor, are drawing
large ouiuhrrs of Maupin people
each evening. The lermon aeries
closes next Sunday with the evening
On Sunday next Sunday
achool I
I will be hld at the usual time
wan cmircn service
mnt. '
followed by a basket dinner. A
W01k the table. n h clra of I
. ' w 9 i
,k- . . -n a. '
the dinner another, and last meet -
ing of the revival will be held, this
being scheduled for 7:00 p. m.
The choir is rendering special
numbers at each meeting, the music
body being augmented by many
aingers not of the church. Bring
your dinner and attend all the Sun
day services.
Rev. Smith will hold a service at
Pine Grove at 10:00 o'clock Sunday,
morning. Pine Grove has a flourish
ing and promising Sabbath school.
WapinRia Sabbath tchool will con
vene at the regular time. There will
be no preaching either morning or
evening, on account of Maupin meet
Young MaB of The Dalle Atlu
Ic ia Froion
A party of Dalles sports were talk-
ing about taking in the last few
games of the Hockey league, to be!
played at Portland. They went into !
the intracacies of the game and re-!
marked that that soort was as excit-'
ing as baseball. Attentively listen
ing to the conver.ation was a young
shoemaker. With eyes bulging and
a hesitancy in speech he asked : "Do
th?y freeze the ice!" Being inform
ed that such was the fact and that!
hockey was played on congealed
water, the young fellow immediately
signed up to accompany the gang on
its Portland trek.
J. H.
Chitm Will Raaovato
Creator Home Building
J. H. Chstain ha completed the
foundation for a new residence. The
new structure is 22x26 feet in size
and includes a full basement, which
will also contain a garage. The old
Creager home building will be mov
ed to the foundation find then under
go & complete renovation. When that
work has been completed Joe wilt
begin work on another house of the
same size on the east cide of, the lot
fARY-TANE and Junior
lre having guests
luncheon today."
this is the weekly statement of
a wise mother who finds time to
give her youngsters an opportunity
to play host and hostess. She main
tains that having Tommv-from-Next-Door
or Joan-from-Around-the-Corner
introduces the children
to better table etiquette and to a
variety of foods that they like be
cause Tommy or Joan like them.
Recipes for Decorative Dishes
Calories and vitamins are skill
fully concealed in creamed chicken
that deludes a mainland of toast tri
angles, carrot boats hoisting real
sails and bearing cargoes of golden
pineapple, and cocoa with a marsh
mallow island ifloaj, There's i
P. J. Kirich Writ Concerting 5.
inf la Sending Children la th
Mmapia School
Some agitation ha been rampant
recently concerning the cost of opera
ting a school bus and the employ
ment of teacher for tha A"'!vin
wn the following communication,
plainly shows the savinir bv bus
. "
"Do you find transporting your
school children to Maupin a sucef
"This question has been asked me
quite often. Thinking that some of
the readers of The Maupin Times
might be interested, I decided to
write of the benefits. District No.
85, known as the Criterion school,
has derived from such transporting.
''School District No. 85 and dis
trict No, 88 own and operate their
school bus jointly. The school bus
is operated a distance of 20 miles.
The driver is paid $100 per month.
All expenceg are divided ' equally
between the two districts. All
High school students are transport
ed to the Maupin High Khool free.
"The three years district No. 85
operated their school, prior to trans
porting to Maupin, cost the district
an average of $1,862.54 per year to
operate cur tchool.
w e tave operated the school bus
10 " ,ears hefore "is term. Tut
,ie four years of tranyort'ng
MP'n the district's expense
vera?,d 862-96 or "ving of
s's'0- "e iirst lour years of
of bun operation. District 85's one
half interest in the school bus cost
$1,188.00. Deducting $1,138 from
$1,998.32 leaves a net saving of
$860.32 the first four years.
"Our school bus has nearly" com-
pleted its fifth sea on and still has
' considerable value. Cur bus never
i failed to make its regular trips and
has been late very few times and
then only when the roads were icy,
forcing the driver to drive slowly.
"For "three reasons I consider
tran portation a success:
"1 Our children are in one of the
best schools in Wasco county in
stead of a one-teacher school.
"2 Our children can attend High
school from home. s
"3 Our school district
is saving
Melvin Fulkerson came up , from
Portland Friday evening and stayed
until Sunday, when he returned to
his work with th Howard Auto com
pany In the big town. I
for Kids
hidden treasure of real caloric con
tent in these recipes:
Crtam Chicken on Toast : Twe
cups cold cooked chicken cut la
dice (if you haven't left-ovte
chicken, the canned product is de
licious), two cups white sauce, a
pinch of celery salt. Heat chicken
dice in sauce and add celery salt
Carrot Boats with PineaMUi
Scoop raw carrots into boat shapes
and fill with segments of canned
pineapple. A toothpick and plain
white card make a marvelous sail.
Party Cocoax This need not cut
into your precious "quart-a-day"
bottle If you keep condensed milk
on hand. One teaspoon cocoa, one
cup boiling water, two tablespoons
condensed milk., Mix cocoa and
one-half cup boiling water. Boil
three minutes. Pour this mixture
into the diluted milk and beat with
egg-beater. Top with marahmallow