The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, March 20, 1930, Page Page Three, Image 3

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    Thursday, March 20, 1030,
Ptg fTN
rilf mo w.asninsr powder, Large Ol n
VjIIL Ub g,ze; Srturday-Monday, pkg.AlC
Mlllr Federal. Large size. Decid-H-
iUIUV. edly the best. Special, can "C
Pnrn IOWANA or Monticeilo; a 1 -I -
viilll good narrow grain sweet 11C
A-B CoffeegS'36c
Match GS boxripeciaboxM 1 7C
Ivory Soap LW&u29c
Saturday-Monday Oleo Kfd ?tIS?f!?&ai8c
Save the
Labels for
There's Cream In Every Drop
' 1 JT'4"
Job Crbtra tc Hold Aactlaa uJ
3.U Flaa Slock
joo iraotree baa decided to go
out of the dairy business and with
that cud in view will bold on auction
sal of bis fin dairy herd, the sale
to occur on Saturday of next week.
Included with the cattle is a fine
equipment of dairy accessories, U
j new and in good shape. Frcnh But
ler will cry the sale white the Mau
pin State Bank will act aa clerk.
Any wishing to add pure-bred and
grade jersey cows to their farm herd
will do well to investigate Job's stock
before buying elsewhere.
? Maupin's Leading Grocery
i O. P. Resh (& Co.
Everything For the Table Maupin, Oregon
Otto Herrling was down from
work at Criterion on Monday.
Marrtig shearer is hitek on the
aest of ono of the Standard Oil com
pany's trucks.
Marcus Shearer l.i back on the
the tuners! of Mmcus' mother at
The Dallas on Sundiy.
Ernest Confer and wlfo and Mrs.
George Cunningham were In The
Dalles on business yesterday. ;
Wilton McCoy was in from Wsp
inltia and took part in tho S.
Tatrick'! Day dnnro at Legion hull.
o . i
Mrs. Rose Daht was in Maupin on
business last Saturday,- Kho is a
tembllng a crew to a.'sint in lumblng.
Jamea Vaughan and wife rpont
ptrents, Mr. and Mrs. Cus Derthick. ! Ernest Hartman. wife and daughter.
Mmrty hinm-rs.ii was over from
his Muck Hollow ranch a nhnH
lime on Monday. .Shorty recently
underwent an operation for hernia
sin! in not feeling any too skookum
Ml this time.
I.. P., Kelly concluded his labor-
las county commissioner Tuesday and
returned to Maupin yesterday morning.
Hobby Davidson and wife trucked
to Hood River Monday, going down
for a visit wHh Mrs. David' on's parents.
ing In
eafe a
K!li Hugh has been assist
the kitchen nt the Maupin
few duys of last and thli
Roy Ward and wife camo down
from the Flat last Friday to attend
tho funeral of the late John W.
Among Wapinititcs to attend the
last Sunday at the home of the lady's! John Ward funeral last Friday were
Addie Wray and parents were at
The Dalles on Sunday attending the
funeral of Mr. Wray'a lister, Mrs.
M, 1. Shearer.
Mrs. Jos. Kramer was mentioned
in The Dalles Chronicle aa having
been in that city last Saturday on a
shopping trip.
Dr. El wood was called to Wamic
and Tygh Valley a couple of times
last week to prescribe for and take
care of patients.
Dr. Stovall and wife went to The
Dalles yesterday, going down for
the purpose of meeting their son!
Estcl, who came home for his spring
vacation from 0. A. C.
Delegation Front Maapia
Rebekah Meeting
Thirteen lady members of Mau
pin's Rebekah lodge attended the dis
trict convention of the order, held
at Mosier last Saturday. The ladies
were conveyed to Mosier in autos.
They reports a most Interesting
meeting and also that the convention
will be held at Dufur.
Those from here were Mr. and Mrs.
F. D. Stuart, Mjv. 0. P. Weberg.
Mrs. Chss. Crofoot, Mrs. James
Chalmers, Mrs. R. E. Wilson, Mr.
and Mrs. B. W. Welch. Mrs. Roy
Ward, Mrs. Den Fraley, Mrs. Carl
Pratt, Mrs. J. II. Woodcock, Mrs. T.
B. Slu her, the Misses Helen and
Lclah Wrberg.
April Fool Daaca
The local Legion post announces
an April Fool dance at the hall on
next week Saturday night A newly
organized orchestra from The Dalles
will be on hand and aa the members
are full of pep and spice something
out of th, ordinary may t expected
in the music line. You won't be
fooled by attending, on the cortrary
will be given a treat ia the way of
Tum-A-Lum Tickler
Published in the inerests of the people of Maupin and vicinity b '
Voi. 1
Manpm, Oregon, March 20, 1D30
Number UO
Dalles Bakery Makes Cattomers
Two Maapia Stores
Take pictures while the sun
shines. Bring your film developing
t0 the Maupin Drug Store. Free en
largement with each 60 cents worth
of work.
For many moons Maupin people
have been regaled with bread from
one bakery of The Dalles. Recently
two of Maupin's merchants switched
their orders for the "staff of life"
to another bakery Todd's and
now are handling the product of that
bakery alone. The Todd Bakery
makes a superior quality of bread
and pastry and its goods are to be
found on sale at the Shattuck and
Resh ctores. Prices are the same as
that charged in The Dalles and Mr.
Todd sends delivery wagon to
Maupin daily. Try Todd's bread and
he will have made another friend
for his products.
Local fishermen are
complaining that oil is
bad for fish, which pos
sibly explain the wor
ried expression we have
noticed on the faces of
' Editor.
The Literary Digest's
poll on prohibition
shows the wets ahead
but then the returns are
mostly from New York
and Chicago. Juet wait
until we Americans get
a vote.
There are a lot of
substitutes being u ed
in building that are tak
ing the place 0f wood
but there never has been
anything to propertly
take the place of a wood
shingle applied in jfre
Place your orders for
wood early and get the
benefit of low prices.
The hnd that roclif
the rrsdle confuses the
world when it j8 stuck
out to i igual for a turn.
Buy a Home
A Mrt t0 Hon.
While" you are in the
mid4 of spring cleaning
why not think of mak
ing needed alternations
and repairs on your old
home? A bit of archi
tectural planning by the
Tum-A-Lum. few in
expensive additions and
changes in your old
home will sometimes
transform it from a
shabby, unsightly shack
into a home of comfort
charm, and value. It
will cost you nothing to
inquire about our plans
of remodeling and fi
liating. No, Panatrope, the
Volstead Act in not in
Monday was a big
day for the Irish. St.
Patrick cleaned up' the
Emerald Isle and gave
us a day to either wear
green or look natural.
"Agne you don't
love me and cince you'll
never love me, there's '
only one thing I can do.
111 kill myself," said'
the young man passion
ately. ' '
"How?" sh Inquired.
"I'll shoot myself,"
"Then won't you ba
so kind aa to buy the re
volver in Jamea' hard
ware store. Jame- is '
my fiance, and I would -like
to belp him when
ever possible."
This ia also our idea,
buy at home whenever
How about a little
paint to brighten up
things a little! -
0MHmMAVi iiAaPaaVaaiejaajVar
Maupin Legion Hall
f i ' - ' ' 1 ., J
A. W
,M -
Our Heavenly Father has, in Ilia
Infinite wlndom seen fit to' take
from us our dearly beloved brother,
John W. Ward, who departed this
life, March 12, 180.
Whereas, in the death of Brother
Ward the community has lost a
highly respected citizen, loved by all
whose fortune it was to know him.
and as Wapinitia Lodge No. 209 I.
0. O. F. ha', by hi death, lost one
of its most esteemed members;
Be It Resolved, that we extend to
the relatives our heartfelt sympathy
in the loss of one dear to them,
i whose plncc ia their lives can never
he filled;
Resolved, thnt a copy of tho c
resolution be spread in full upon
our records, a copy sent to The Mau
pin Times and our charter be draped
in mourning for thirty days in
memory of him,
James Chahners, (
j F. D. Stuart,
R. E. Richmond,
" f . s "
i . A - - "4
i ( . Iw )
: " ' i i
4 ' y J '
For- - -
Tfitrf Aiiv., Cobett-fgr Governor Com., Fioyd J. Cook, Field Mgr.
l,0ne of those snappy, peppy dance orchestras that
i . make the feet itch to dance and the body
v to sway wim us rytnm .
will be served by the Ladies Auxil
iary, and tliat part of the evening's
entertainment needs no boost for those suppers are
I' 1 ' ' 1 1 S 1 A I 1
always tne nest to oe arrangea.
Put On Degree Wort
The degress team of the local Re
bekah lodge went to The Dalles on
Monday night ond there exempli
fied the degree work of the order.
Th0 ladies received many commen
dation on their proficiency in Ke-
bekah work. During the evening a
fine repast was enjoyed. ; s '"
Shoe 5hop
Shoe Repairing Well
Done. ; '? : Cr . j ;.'
Bring in the old Shoes
E. A. CYR, Poprietor.
..J j
Your Watch Haywire?
If it is not doing Us woik
bring it to The Times office
and Mr. Semmes will send
MauMiaeturfng Jeweler
aud Watchmaker
Succaanur to U
Fresh Every Day
Home Town Bread
Cakes, Cookies, Pastries
Ask Your Dealer
Took in Aut0 Sho
.After delivering their . lady
charges at the Odd Fellows "hall at
Mosier last Saturday Frank Stuart
ond Bernard Welch continued their
journey to Portland and took in the
aut0 show. Each reports a fine
showing of cars among them being
models in vogue years ago as well
as the latest de igns turned out by
Revival Meetings . ' ' .
Beginning next 1 hursuay night a I
revival service will be held at the
U. B. church, Rev. Hartman of The
Dalles being on hand. These meet
ings will bo continued up to and in
cluding Sunday night. All who havo
the interests of real Christianity at
heart are invited to attend and bring
their friends. None but good lessons
expounded and with good singing the
meeting;-, should attract full houses
each night. , y ;
Reieryoir Work Progreinf '
Tom Baird and his crew of huskies
arc fast making a hole designed to
house Maupin's water supply. Bottcr
than half of the excavation has been
completed and it won't be long now
until the reservoir will be ready for
Undertaking Co.
Tka Dallas, Or gam. Pfcoaa 3S-J
Maupin . , .
Mr. and Mr. Charles Crofoot
Tygh Valley
Roy Ward
W. B. Sloaa