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    tfitE MAtlPlK TIMES
Thurdny, February 27, 1030.
jiUiHWtiiiiiiim: !
a xt i " I n 1 1 XT x 5!
uNeigadornooa scnooi iotesi
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pidly, ie now studying "Percentage
and it Application."
Le Laughlin L breaking colt
to ride.
Frank Hachler and Avis Endersby
were absent from school Monday
Grade Nwi
The Third and Fourth grades have
finished their readera and are now
starting on their
supplementary . morning.
Last week a
few basketball play-
Weeds are a constant menace to
to the wheat grower and will con
tinue to become more troublesome.
Farmers are strongly advised to u e
every possible precaution to keep
fallow clean. The best time to kill
weeds in when they are small. Clean
fence rows and roadways will help.
The ntte of chlorates In the form
of epray for eradication of noxious
weeds like wild . morning glory,
Harvey Wall, who has been absent; era lost control of their feet and .knapweed and Canada thistle offers
suuaemy xouna uiai a iw mua much prcmiBe for a practical method
holes existed in the court. of controlling these pests, Results
Billy Vt haa bua taming onei 8odium chorate castrrn
of his wild horses by riding it to;0rPton n 1928 were uti factory.
. ' In 1929 calcium chlorates were test
1 he hTeehmcn Lnglteh class la
from school for several weete, ex
pects to be back in school next week.
Several of the Primary pupils
were at Harvey Wall's birthday
party last Sunday.
Third and Fourth grade pupils
were engaged in a spelling match
to Friday afternoon. Ted Hachler j "The Lady of the Lake."
pr ved to be the best spclkr but! The news ttaff for the
'now studying "Julius Ccascr"
ed event more extensively through
W inifred McCoy was a clare second. ' six weeks is the following: Ruth
The Primary attendance was per- Walters, editor in chief; Helen En
feet last week with the exception of ! deraby. grade note. ; Gerald Clay-
one day.
The Primary room officers are as
follows: Ted Hachler, chairman;
Ik-b Holloman, paper monitor; Ken
neth Birchard, desk monitor; John
Lewis, pencil monitor; Wallace Wood
side, library monitor.
The upper grade room had a
weekly election of officers on Mon
day. Frieda Hachler and Roberta Wood
were absent from school on Monday.
Uu . i(n0rntinn f mrnvn with rntintv
agents and state college specialists.
Results will not be known until tlv
summer of 1930.
The plan of the Umatilla county
court of Agisting farmers in pro
viding spray equipment for organiz
ed weed control is recommended for
consideration in other counties. Spe
cific recommendation on u. e of chlo
rates can be brained from the coun
ty agents or state colleges.
General of extensive culture 4 of
for the Freshmen, !other croDS on tyDclli wi,eat ianjs of
Willie West, and eastern Oreiron ic not reeommc ndpd.
nuer, bports.
Melvin Walters in now driving to
With the six weeks exams ever,
chool life is back to normal again.
The students receiving straight
"A" grades for the last six weeks
ore as follows
Ruth Walters,
Lenora Hammer; for the Sopho- Under ci-tain condition and in locali.
mores, Helen Enderby, Wilbur j ties field peas ,nd corn to a limited
Mathews and Lloyd Claymier and ! -vtnt. m.iv h profitable to farmer
School Note for the Seniors Frank Hachler, Mel-. ., i-D t?,.,ct.v
The Wapinitia basketball players, vin Walters, Marion O'Brien, Avis In Union county and in some scc.
are now practicing regularly for the , Endersby, and Hazel Laughlin. tion3 cf Wasco and Umatilla coun.
coming tournament to be held at i Saturday, March 1, the Wapinitia ' tiCS( - alfalfa sweet clover corn and
The Dalles, Saturday, March 1. We j Cyclones will journey to The Dalles peas are profitable crop! On limit
are scheduled to play with Dufur at ( where they will play in the annual ' areas in Union apd Umatilla
two o'clock in the afternoon. ( county tournament The towns 1 potatoes and beans are
The higher Arithmetic class at j participating are Maupin, Dufur, profiuble. It is recommended that
Wapinitia, which is progressing ra-Mosicr and Wapinitia. en0URh iivestock and pouitry be kcpt
c.j rr , . on every wheat farm to utilize all
Sunday. He reported considerable . . . . . , -, .
, - , ..... by-products and to make use of land
snow along the Columbia highway, .. . .. ..... , .
;t. , . , , ., ..'not suited to profitable wheat pro
it lying n banks along the high! . .. '
side. .duction.
Wapinitia Jottings
Jim HsrtmBn left for his ranch
In Idaho last week. The family will
move Inter.
O. S. Walters and family visited
the Harold Walters home Sunday.
Christian Endeavor was started on
Sunday night.
Doris Hachler is working for Mrs.
Lloyd Woodside.
Miss Shorthill, Primary teacher,
went to her home in Portland over
the week end.
A birth day party was given for
Harvey Wall Sunday afternoon
Wilma Teschner spent the week
end at the home of Mrs. M. Delore.
Fred Delco and family of Prine
villo visited at the home of Grand
ma Delco over the week end.
Cleo Holloman spent Sunday night
with Lee Wood. ide.
Eva Linn is working for Ray Kay-lor.
Miss Shorthill one of WapmitiaVj PARAGRAPH
teachers went to Portland Friday j
and vuited until Sunday with her! T, , . . .
parents. If you ,re Planmn to treat 8eed
Han Mil j , 'wheat with copper-carbonate dust to
3. E. Hartman left for Weiser,
Idaho, last week Wednecday. He
intends to remain there about two
weeks and eventually may decide to
return and live on a place owned
there for about eight years.
t j r;n t,.ii ..Ictt.
ed with Miss Crystal Hartman last j re"ntly-
nia the next day.
Many in this cecticn are planting
Miller and son, Fred, of i
Tygh Valley were here Monday j
conferring with Joe A. ' Graham re
garding work in the Forest reserve.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller but recently
returned from Barview, on the
coast, where they spent several
weeks during the winter.
Joe A. Graham made a trip to
Clackcm-v Lake last week, going
as far as Bear Springs in his car,
and frm there on foot. He says
tht was the farthest he has been
able to go in the car thus early in
the spring. He reports the old
snow a: nearly gone at the lake,
but there was some new snow on
the ground.
County Superintendent Brum
baugh visited Wapinitia schools on
Mac Holloman, son, Nick, 0. L.
Pacquette and Ed. Beebe were in
iSaupin Wednedsay.
control fly smut of .tinking smut,
the sooner it is done the better, as
the copper carbonate affords feme
protection from damage by weevils,
rats, and mice.
The brooder stove should be run
for two of three days before the
chicks are hatched, to get it regulat
ed to the right temperature. One
inch of dry sand put on the floor
under and around the stove will
serve as litter and lessen the danger
of fire in the hou e. A supply of
chestnut or small coal should be on
i iiUitVii hp k yusFm i iiii ii
HEN a committee meeting
I drags itself out longer than
was expected, when a glow
ing crowd of bright-eyed high-school
girls come in with a hungry look in
their fices, when unexpected guests
drop in during the evening then
what a comforting feeling it is to
know that on a certain shelf in the
kitchen there are the making of a
dainty bit of food which will take
only twenty or thirty minutes to
prepare and will win the crowd's
Let Your Daughter Cook
This shelf is especially desirable
if your daughter or son is of
the gregarious type who Is always
bringing friends home after school,
for you can teach her, or him, to
make a few dishes and rest serene
In the knowledge that the responsi
bility is off your hands. But to
do thii, one of the most important
things is to see to it that the nec
essary supplies are always on the
shelf and that recipes, if needed, are
pasted on the inside of the cupboard
door. Because the essence of such
a meal is speed, some preparations
should be made ahead of time. If
you include cheese in the repertoire,
see to it that grated cheese is always
in the glaxt jar on the shelf.
Canned fruits are especially suit
able, for they lend themselves to
many uses. Apple sauce ii one of
the best liked. It can be used as a
filling for cake or gingerbread. If
you have baked tart shells ready, it
is the work of only a minute to add
spices to taste to the canned apple
sauce, pour ft into the shells,
sprinkle with grated cheese and
heat in the oven until the cheese
is melted.
Apple and Date muffins are simple
to make and with chocolate or coffee
are enough for such a light lunch.
To make them, beat two eggs and
add one cup of milk. Mix and sift
two cups of flour, three tablespoons
of sugar, four teaspoons of baking
powder and one-half teaspoon of
salt Add to the first mixture.
Then add one-half cup of canned
apple sauce, three tablespoons of
melted butter and one-half cup ol
chopped dates. Pour into buttered
muffm tins and bke In a hot oven,
WO F., for 15 to 20 minutes. This
makes eight to ten muffins.
Versatile French Toast
French Toast Is quick and uni
versally liked dish and can be varied
In many ways. You can sprinkle
it with powdered sugar or a mixture
of cinnamon and sugar, or you can
serve honey or a tart jelly with it
Another variation is to cut the
bread In circles, dip in the egg and
milk mixture and saute in the usual
way. Then force canned apricots
through a sieve and spread half the
slices of toast with the puree. Place
the other slices on top and garnish
with a thin slice of orange, cut
A pineapple sauce to be poured
over French Toast is made by boil
ing until thick the contents of an
eight-ounce can of pineapple tid
bits, one-fourth cup ol orange Juks
and one-fourth cup of sugar mixed
with two teaspoons of flour. Pour
over the hot toast and serve Ira
Peanut butler may become a part
ner in the French Toast business,
too, To make it, cream together
one-half cup of canned peanut but
ter and one cup oj milk. Add salt
and pepper and a slightly beatea
egg. Remove the crusts from slices
of bread and cut In strips. Dip the
bread in the mixture, and saute in
butter. Serve hot with garnish
of sweet pickles.
Pis Crust 6andwlcbea
Tie pastry may be kept ia the
refrigerator for some time all ready
to be rolled out and made into turn
overs if you have a filling ready.
Or you can roll the pastry out and
cut it in circles the site of slice
of pineapple, and bake it In a hot
oven. Put a pastry circle on a
serving plate, and place a slice of
drained pineapple oa top. Spread
with marthmtllow creme and
sprinkle with nuts. Another circle
of pastry goes on top of that, and a
dab of marshmatlow creme to top
it off.
By a little home practice 1st mak
ing the foods which will appeal the
most to your crowd, and by seeing
to it that supplies are always on
hind, you will have no qualm
when the crowd descends on you.
It is poor economy to have dairy
cow thin at calving time. Cows in
good condition at time of calving
will start off the lactation period at
a higher level of production than
will thin cows and will give a larger
yield of milk for the year. Feed
Grandma Delc0 has been quite HI during the dry periotd should be
! hieh in minerals, narticularly c?J-
r'alters is now the owner 'cium of iime .nd honhorus. Pro-
of a tractor, recently purchaied : perly curd iegUme hay will supply
from Ed. Gabel. j the caicjum. wheat bran or the oil
Crystal Hartman's pet dog, Bruce, ' meals will furni h the phojphorun.
Dee Woodside took Mts. P. H. ,was ran over and killed by a truck , Considerable protein ako is needed
Evick and husband to The Dalles on; on Friday. Crystal had had the dog for the development of the foetus,
Wednesday last, the lady going nearly 14 years and he was known
down to conbult Dr Stone. Since; to nearly every Wapinitiaite and
then Mrs Tvick has shown zreat im- visitor here.
provement in health.
The Primary room looks more
like spring with the lovely pussy
willows given by Mrs. Maylww and
Mrs. Joe Chastain.
The Fir. t graders havo completed
their Beacon Primer, making their
second Primer completed.
The Firet 'graders are now read
in!j in their third and last requited
text reader, Beacon First Render.
Alma Fraley is back after several
days absence.
Loyal Pratt, Albort Trout man and
Jhn F"!ey have been neither tardy
r abnent thfc term. Iitrk Fliearcr
has been absent only htilf a day.
Those who received 100 in apell
ing lnt week were: Ralph, Douglas,
Herbert. Theodore, Bernice, Dorothy
Jean, Irene, Betty, GenevUve, and
In Civics the Eighth grade Is
Another six-weeks period has is studying the South Central itateH.
passed, nnd it in again report card Nw wowi haa been placed in the
time. Several of the Fin t and ! goldfish bowl.
Gercraldine Peters proves t be j studying about all different Faderal
th best arithmetic student iti the , i n,irt'
Third grade. In History the Seventh grade haa
The Fourth grade geopranhy r'.-.vs I irt finished tudylng about the
nceieration or inflcpenaence, tnt
'liferent departments of the govern
n ent nnd Constitutional convention,
Second graders have splendid attendance.
Elwm Doty hrs charge of
wraps for this week.
Indian Farmer Anders of Sim
na ho took his car to Maupin for
repairs recently. Orville Fraley
Creeping bent gran- is recommened
",c " ;by the Oregon experiment station for
remrrviuiun mu turn uuui nitric mi.
Anders walked to Simnasho.
Oliver Resh and Jack Staats were
Wapinitia callers Thursday of last
week. i : i 1 -Wf
Snow fell to a depth of an inch
two mornings this week. This morn
ing people here woke up to see at
least 13 inches of snow on the
While coming from the mountains
last Friday evening, his little child
with him, the door of Ralph Delco's
car came open and the little one fell
out, the wheel passing over it's head
and arm. A: ide from bruises the
child was unjured.
Fred Delco, after a visit with his
folks through Sunday, returned to
his work at Bend that evening.
Hnrstel Hollis was a Wapinitia
visitor on Monday.
lawn seeding on wet soil of a rather
acid reaction. The addition of phos
phated sheep manure as a top dress
i(jg if also suggested.
For rome reason yet unknown,
heavy breed chicks coming from
stock which has not been tested
for bacillary dirrhoea infection, show
a higher percentage infc:w,n with
this than do chk's of a
lighter nreed under simi'r.r condi
tion, say the experiment station.
Cooking a meringue in too hot
an oven makes it tough and watery,
If a slow oven is used for merin
gues they will set all the way through
and remain puffy after they are
taken from the oven
Third "d Fourth
: I.oui'hc Duus and Adeline Schilling
were absent from school Monday.
Fifth and Sixth
Ten pupils of tho Fifth rihI Sixth
grades visited the Maupin Times
building Thursday Mr. Semnirs
kindly gave us tome ide,, of Vw way
of printing H rnP'r-
Seventh and Eighth
L!1!ML '
Curtains of unbleached muslin are
practical for the bathroom as they
do not look limp or sleazy when
dampened by steamy air. Also they
arc easy to launder. Brighten them
up with a border or applique of fast
colored checked gingham, cretonne,
or plnin chambray,
In 1924 there were no cheese fac
tories in the routhern states. Last
year approximately 60 factories
manufactured more than 6,000,000
pounds of cheese valued at more
than ?1,000,000.
Preparations for pray applica
tions for control of San Jose scale
are now in order, say the entomo
lgists of the Oregon experiment sta
tion. Spray is applied in February
and early March, 12 gallons of con
centrated lime-sulphur to 100 gallons
Honey that is properly ripened and
Ed. Gabel recently purchased la of water,
McCormk-Deering tractor from
Shattuck Bros.
wnue navmg ms gas unK in g00d condition to begin with will
hv the Standard oil company's oil . . , . , .... IX.
truck last week, Ben Richard ou
inadvertantly struck a match near
by, causing the vapor in one of the
car to ignite. Clarence Ziegenhag
enj with rare presence of mind,
. grabbed a fire extinguisher and soon
had the flames subdued.
Hazel Laughlin visited with her
folks over the last week end.
Cryrtal has been showing her
skill as a painter by decorating the
counter in the store lately.
Arthur Rice, son of Mrs. L.
; not spoil if properly stored, say the
Oregon experiment station. Some
times in cold, damp places the surface
layer of extracted honey will sour
Granulated honey ia not spoiled.
Though Oregon haa very little
seed flax disease, it is safe t to
treat seed before planting, says the
experiment station. Standard for
maldehyde solution, 1 pint to 40 gal
lons of water, is applied with a prea-
A. I vure sprayer while the seed is being
f thle nlnce. now working for ' raked vigorously. It ia next cover-
the city of Portland, came up from , ed with a canvas two or three hours
that place Saturday, returning onand then allowed to dry quickly.
Too much water in a washing ma
chine causes excessive splashing and
often reduces the efficiency of the
machine. Observe where the water
line i, and also be careful not to
overload the machine with clothes.
Oysters are now shipped all over
the United States, in refrigerator
cars or chucked and frozen. If
properly handled they are fresh and
excellent Canned oysters are also
good. Oysters are particularly de
sirable in inland regions because of
the iodine they supply.
Kodaks and films at the Maupin
Drug Store. Bring In your films for
developing. With each 60 cents'
worth of developing brought in we
will give an 5x8-inch enlargement
(continued from first page)
Murl Addington was chosen to act
as policeman for the whole room,
inspecting the desks.
The sand table is very attractive,
reprercnting Holland. Little cellu
loid cows are grazing in the green
pastures while the dikes and wind
mills are keeping watch.
Tires and Tubes Reduced
U. S. Peerless
and Royal
29x4.40 U. S
30x4.50 U, S
28x5.25 U. S.
31x5.25 U. S
30x3 Red Royal .....$1.50
30x3V2 U. S. Peerless 1.20
31x4 Royal 2.20
32x4 Royal ..: 2.30
32x4i2 Royal 2.70
29X4.40 Royal 1.90
,29x4.50 Royal 1.95
29x5.00 Royal : 2.05
80x4.50 Royal 2.00
30x5.25 Royal 2.70
30x5.50 Royal 2.95
30x6.00 Royal 2.95
31x5.25 Royal 2.80 v
30x311, Royal, regular 6.75
30x3ij Royal, extra size 7.25
31x4 Royal Cord 12.00
29x4.40 Royal Balloons 8.25
29x4.50 Royal Balloons 8.85
29.v-.500 Royal Balloons ?. 11.00
30x500 Royal Balloons 11.35
30x525 Royal Balloons 13.25
30x550 Royal Balloons 14.35
31x525 Royal Balloons 13.65
30x600 Royal Balloons 15.10
30x3 Vij TJ. S. PrerlcBs cord, extra $ 5.00
Peerless C.30
Peerless 7.00
Peeress 9.90
Peerless 10.95
Cord and
Balloon Tires
MauDin Garage