The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, February 27, 1930, Page Page Three, Image 3

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    Thursday, February 21, 1030.
THE MAUMN tflMfifi
film life
n .
Pork-Beans j&ttwft 10c
r A n nc Booth'8 Crcicent. 1 11,,
Uttl Ulllvo tomato, mustard, spice J-Xv
T?n iaina Thompson's SccdlesH, 2's OQ
iVdlDlIlb Tender, sweet Utah pack &OC
Cake Flour KTpS 32c
Tannc McGralh's Champion, 2'g9r
JJCclllo Green atringless; 2 cans -wUl
Moll Blue Ribbon, light or dark, r A0
111 til I hoD flavored. 3-DOund tins. canOTrC
Save the
Labels for
There's Cream In Every Drop
Saturday-Manday Syrup
Karo Blue Label. 5-lb. can
Red Label 5 lb. can 45c
Maupin's Leading Grocery
O. P. Resh & Co.
Everything Fur the Table Maupin, Oregon
Another Flu Victim
Mm George Cunningham was
stricken with tho urcvallinir ailment.
flu, last week and since has been con
I fined to her bud. Dr, Elwood is In
' attendance and under his care the
lady is making improvement.
Will Clean Ditches
Beginning next Monday a clam
rhell digger will begin at WHirem
and from that place to South Junc
tion on the Oregon Trunk the ditche,
will be cleaned out ami put in con
dition to carry off all surplus wa
ter. It is. expected the work will
take a full mipiith to complete.
Church Nolle
Snbbsvth school at Maupin and
Wapinltla at the usual hour 10:00
a. m. Church services at Wapinitia
both morning and evening. Bible
itudy will be Genesis IS to 21 at
ach plate. A danger in this faKt
age Is that we may be more concern
ed In speed than about direction.
Clark M. Smith, Tastor.
! ": Personalities
l wvsl
Hurstcl ltollm was in
up Hvcr ranch Tuesday.
from hi
among the clerical force
Johnston Htoru In Dufur.
John McCorkle haa been hctlint; ;
up the tractor recently received by
were two from Criterion
In Maupin on Tursdny.
Harold Kramer is
at tho Mias Dororthy Faley is the rww
i waitneag at the Rainbow. She cornea
' o - from Portland and is experienced in
Marlon Duncan was over from restaurant work.
Wainic on Tuesday, having bunincn o
with Maupin merchant. I Jo,m McMillan will g to Farghcr'a
o Sunday, taking tho job recently held
Ollio Wtberg went to the ranch' h Ji,n Ruic- who wi" "main- "t
IhhI Si.lur.lav nti.l Indued hia Hon. llom0 Maupin.
Leonard, hiitchrr some hoirs.
' " . . ....
mra. jonn uonaio.ton is taking
medical treatment at The Dalles.
Mrs. Donaldson staying with Ar
thur Crcightaii and wife.
P. L. Rutherford and Tele Kirarhl M. F,. Scelhoff. daughter,
who wore i Adeline, and Glenn Graham, came
i . .. ......
up from fcugene ia i Saturday lor
the purpone of taking Miss Gene-
numbered I vievp Seethoff home.
Now Entering the Final Days
of our
ummage Sale
Look Over the Items Listed Below
and Check Your Needs
A clean up in the kitchen department, all useful
item's for the housewife at astonishing low prices
quantities arc limited prices a great deal lower
than ordinary sale prices an early selection advised
value, Rummago price 98c
ALL M10TAL WOOD BASKET, rcninforccd with
shaped handle, regular $1.00 value 55c
SHOPPING BASKETS, all sizes, assorted colors to
$1.50 values, Rummage price 27c
EARTHEN OVEN DISHES, heavy quality, glazed
inside, regular $1.00 value, rummage price 25c
Large Enamel LUNCH BAIL, with coffee reservoir
in the lid, regular $1.50; rumage price 19c
Nest of 3 heavy semi-porcelain MIXING BOWLS,
large size, decorated, reg. $2, rummange
price , 98c
Assorted TINWARE- Pic Pans, Lunch Pails,
bread pans, etc. Choice 10c
'Large MAYONNAISE BOWL, deep side, oval bot
tom, Regular 50c ; rummage price 30c
Decorated China CUPS and SAUCERS, set of 6,
regular $2.00 value, rumage price $1.10
Standard size COCO DOOR MATS, reg. $1.00 rum
mage sale price $69c
3-piece White Enamel BATH SET, Towel, Bar Soap
Trayand Glass Holder, regular $1.50,
Rummage sale price 75c
Extension CURTAIN RODS, White enamel and
brass finish, up to 45c values, price 10c
Felt Base, FLOOR COVERING, per sq. yard, 6
good patterns, reg. 75c sq. yard, rummage price..49c
Decorated Splint CLOTHES HAMPER, large size,
hinged cover, reg. $2.00, rummage price 98c
Decoration, reg. $8.50, rummage price $5.25
32-piece Decorated DINNER SET, scm-iporcelain,
open stock number, reg. $12.50, rummage z
price $6.50
iFurniture Company
Corner 2d and Washington. The Dalles, Ore.
Mrs. Mike VanLaancn and little
daughter cam up from Salem the
latter part of last week and are now
at the llenneghan home in Maupin.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack McGce. the
latter being a niece of Ellis Hughes,
are at the Hughes home whil Mr.
McGce Is recuperating from an at
tack of flu.
"Brick" McLeod, who la operating
a ranch on Tygh ridge, visited with
.his brother, Floyd, and sister, Mrs.
James Chalmers, a day or ro the
fir. t of the week. Incidentally
Brick learned how to play rummy.
Billy Hunt was over from his Cri
terion sheep ranch Monday. Mr Hunt
is anxioua that the water question
on Juniper Flnt be soon settled, as
"in has some property there, nearly
all of which can be placed under
Reiervoir Work Pro(rttinf
Tom Baird with a crew of mud and
rock hog3. is making good progress
on the new reservoir. Already a
large hole has been excavated and
judging by the many shots let off all
working are bit. y. Gu Derthick is
in charge of the drill and what ho
doos not know about sending holes
into rock is not worth learning. It
is expected the reservoir will be com
pleted in schedule time.
Double Freight Run
Tom Swett, local agent and driver
for the Spickerman Truck line, made
a double trip to The Dalles and bnck
yesterday. On the first trip Tom
brought a consignment of oil for the
Shell company and on tho next trip
was loaded with general freight for
Maupin merchants.
Building Cabins
Hen Kichnrdaon wa in frm Tint
Grove today, coming after a load
of lumber from the Tum-A-Lum
yard. Ben is putting up a couple of
cabins at his camp ground, they hav
ing been rented and the renters
waiting their erection. LaW Bn
will erect twn "'ore cabins, which
will give him a total of six fine
l'taccs for the accommodation of
tourists and mill workers.
Tum-A-Lum Tickler
Published In the inerests of the people of Maupin and vicinity bt"
Vol. 1
Maupin, Oregon, February 27, 1930 Numtar 27
It is well said that
A i' em and Ev were the
pioneers in the housing
T'j)e, but they vere
smnrt enough to own
ths'r own home. Stjlns
tiien wre pretty 4Ci-.t-Adam
dressed in leave
absence. Styles in
homes have changed
some since then but a
hou e in't a home if it's
O. F. Be nick, editor
I am interested in
building. Without obli
gation to mo pleanc give
me your ideas as to coct
and construction of the
things checked below:
Garag Porch
Sun Room New home
Sleeping porch Attic
Floors roomi
Rood Attic fixtures
Addrcis ..-
The teacher wa giv
ing the Primary class a
talk on flowers, "Now
children, " she said,
"who can fell what
makea the little flowen
spring from the seed?"
"(jiud docs it," an
swered one little girl,
"but. fertilizer helps."
Ben Richariboa ha?
taken out lumber foi
tw new cabins at hi
Pine Grove service station.
Garden furniture ir
easily and cheaply con
structed. Attractive
fences, seats, summer
houe and arbore are
a few of the types.
Look over our detai.
plana for these addi
tions to your summer
Helpful Hints
At the side of lha
door drive in a good
ftrong nail and sbarpea
thi protruding end.
When the landlord call
for the rent, greet him
with a rmile and care
fully back him against
the nail. When ha
leaves there 'Will be a
rent in hit panta that
thould satisfy bim.
Our architectural de
partment can design
anything from ailplan
hanger to zebra crates.
It is service td our cus
tomers. Johnny Williams it
building a cold storage
plant at the Maupin
Camp grounds show
enterprising spirit.
D;J- TTn About
I ilV UJJd Town
Lew Hcntwghan is at Hot Lake
taking treatment for rheumatism.
Lew writes that the waters there
are proving beneficial, for wliich all
hig friend,:, will be pleased. Hot
water is a great specific. But when
it is applied to one's back by an
irate woman the pleasure is all
her's. Many a man has been marked
for life by a liberal application of
hot suds to portions of his anatomy,
and in uch cases the assistance of
a doctor is usually solicited. Lew's
doctor applies his libations according
to rule, si there need be no worri
ment on the part of friends regard
ing our mayor's contact with the
water of tho lake.
Jim Baxter is somewhat perturb
ed at the actions of some men. Last
week Jim thought he had sold a new
Ford car to a Wasco man. The
car was brought up from Portland
and Jim took it o r tho hil.i to
Wasco. The m:m who bad ordered
ihe vehicle had made an initial pay
ment of f -5.00 but when he saw
Jim and the car he forthwith
acknowledged be could not finance
thc rest of the payment, therefore
Jim was compelled tp return to
Maupin. Hereafter he will make a
Recipes for the Bachelor
do. er investigation of a propect's
... ! l- j-t: I
linanciai Gianamg Deiore ut:uii"s
a car.
Joe Rigglcs came to town Tues
day and visited with friends during
thc day. Observing The Times man
Joe suggested that both the editor
and himself visit the barber. Both
men looked like Santa Claus with
their whiU beards out a couple of
weeks. In explanation of our appear
ance we will y that we have a
weak wrist, a dull razor and that
our hopeful appropriates to him
self each new safety razor we bring
Bill Richmond is preparing to
aggain hit the trails for Montana.
Bill has worked that state the past
several years and has many good
building jobs in sight. Bill Is a
good carpenter and such has been
his work that he is always welcomed
wherever he ha8 put up buldings,
which cannot be said of all men who
invade the wilds of the ''Treasure
A tourist blew into Maupin Mon
day night. He stopped at the Mau
pin cafe and a'-ked hi, way to The
Dalles. He further asked if the
river he had just crossed was the
Columbia. Being told that Thc
Dalka was BO miles further" on and
that the river spoken of was th
Dcschuter, the tourist seemed some
what taken back, as he said he
thought he was sure of his geo
When a piece of machinery is
needed it is wanted as soon as it
can be procured. We were against
The Brat test under practical dairy
Ing conditlous of providing radio music
tor cows has proved a big success, ac
cording to officials of the Detroit
Creamery Company, near Mount
CUmens. Mich. The creamery com
pany officials bought RCA loudspeak
ers tor each of their oaros when they
noticed the cows liked the music from
l Radlola receiving set installed to
entertain the men doing the milking.
Now atl the 900 cown on the model
(arm enjoy radio programs.
it last week for a gasoline jet for
the burner of our linotype heater.
Ordered it by air mail, expecting it
t0 be here by Monday. Failed to ma
terialize. Came in ye terday, thus
putting up one day late with com
position. Such is life in a print
Thousands cf
New Words
spelled, pronounced,
and defined in
The "Supnmm Authority"
Her or a few tampUt i
hot pursuit Red Star
Air Council capital ship
mud gun mystery chip
8. P. boat Irredenta
aerial cascade Esthor.ia
American Legion Blue Cri';
girl scout airport
cyper crystal dotfetor
ippio superheterodyne
hi kit tf ortiiMM .
e information
mrmng yomf
2700 PtfM
6000 UW
Gel (Ae Beet! - Write for a ewnpU
rf of the New Word, pacim3 kl
Regular and lodia Papers, ?R.
Springfield, Mut II ?.A.
s.r . m rr-s
7 tJi?-rt
iTJTHE bachelor girl who likes to
icook her own meaU and occa
tionally have a guest has diffi
culties confronting her which may
be summed up in the phrase : How
to htty little enoinjh food to avoid
But several agencies have com
bined to help her. Canners put out
fruits and vegetables in eight-ounce
cans which hold a cup and cost ten
cents. Evaporated milk solves her
milk problem, for it obviates the
nuisance of attending to milk bottles
and milk tickets and the problem of
storing milk. Evaporated milk will
keep well after being opened, if it
is not all used at once, and the un
opened cans can stand on the kitchen
shelf ready at all times for use.
' Recipes for Two
Some recipes which serve two and
include this time-saving milk are:
Stuff td Tomato: Cut off stem
and remove pulp of two large toma
toes. Mix two tablesioons chopped,
canned okra with one tab!esoon
bread crumbs and season with salt
and pepper. Fill tomatoes with mix
ture. Bake in a hot oven (. 4.-.0' )
for fifteen minutes, then reduce heat
to medium, .350, for fifteen minute.
Make a cheese sauce ly melting one
tablespoon butter in a pan , aiij
three tablespoons grated cheese and
heat slowly until me'tcd. Add one
fourth cup evaporated milk and heat
until well blended. Pour over to
matoes and serve.
Salmon Pattits: Remove bones
and skin from a half-pound can of
salmon. Add one and one-half tea
spoons lemon juice, cayenne pepper,
one-half teaspoon salt, one egg, i ne
half cup bread crumbs, one-tourth
teaspoon baking powder and one
fourth cup evaporated milk diluted
with one-fourth cup water. Mold
into four patties. Place on a?i oiied
tin and bake in a hot oven (4JS F.)
for five minutes, then reduce heat to
375' until browned.
Sitting all day long, every day at
a desk one of the most Important
desks In tho United States ii an
active man whose picture, showing
him sitting erect on a horse, vor.ld
bo recognized instantly by thou
sands of Americans. He Is General
J. G. Harbord, now President ot the
Radio Corporation of America. He
was Chief o: Staff of the A. K. F.,
commanded the Marine Brigade of
the Second Division In Belleau
Woods and Bouresches when the
division stopped the German ad
vance at Chateau Thierry, md n
the Solssom Offensive In the bat
tles ot July IS and July 19 he com
manded the division.
There Is Interest for the average
American, who always has the best
Intentions ot keeping fit. In how
General Harbord has managed to
be so successful at It elnce bis out
door routine was changed suddenly
by his new position.
He accomplishes that by consis
tent exercise, Including as a prin
cipal Item a dally horseback ride.
He keeps a horse In Central Park
Every morning, while the aver
age man Is lying In be.1, he la
up and dressed. At 6:45 o'clock he
is riding briskly through the wood
ed park with bia trleudo.
Undertaking Co.
The Dalles, Oregaa. Phone 35-J
Mr. and Mr. Charles Crofoot
Tygh Valley-
Roy Ward
W. B. Sloan
Your Watch Haywire?
If it is not doina its work
bring it to The Times otF.ce
and Mr. Semmes will send
it to
moiiWri-'f'ir'ng Jeweler
ursi WalcbmaKer
huccnamr hi U. LuiduiHl.
1 ". 1 i1 1 1" "