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    4 1 m
tbundy. January 16, 19M
Pa ft tin
1 1-
For week of January 20-25, 1930
A Good Grade of Coffee, per pound .... 29c
Federal Milk, per can ......... 10c
Otter Oysters, Ts, tall, two cans for ... . 35c
Van Camp's Hominy, fancy bleached, two for . 25c
Catsup, largest bottle on the market, two for . 45c
Guaranteed Malt, 2-pttind can ..... 49c
Calumet Baking Powder, per can 29c
Rice, Louisiana Blue Rose, three pounds for . 20c
Maupin's Leading Grocery
O. F. Resh . Co.
Everything Fur the Table Maupin, Oregon
W. B. Sloan, manager of the Mayi
ranch at Tygh Valley, recently sold
a carload of young cattle to Stock
i man Leaton of Glenwood, Washing-
ton. Sloan also recently shipped two
carload, of fat cattle to the Portland
T.w. Team Scfcadat.
The Town baakdtball team, the
"Wildcat;," will play s schedule of
games, beginning tonight, when the
team representing Dufur will occupy
the local gymnasium floor. Dan
Poling, coach, has about completed
th arrangements of a schedule,
which will Include games with
couple of teama from The1 Dalles,
Madras, Dufur and other placet.
The members of the team have been
practicing with the High school
playerj and are about ready to take
on all comers.
Traia. Late
Owing to the cold weather and
deep snow trains on both railroad
have missed schedule several days
this week. The up-river train on the
0. W. has been from 20 minutes to
one hour late, while the O. T.
; trains have missed but a few minjte
from regular time cards.
Tum-A-Lum Tickler
Published in the inerests of the pceple c; Maupin and vicinity bw
VoL 1
Maupin, Oregon, January 9, 1930
No. 81.
Otto Herrling was down from Cri
terion on business last Saturday.
Albert lllll and wife were over
from their Tygh Valley home on
Ernest Confer and were at
the county seat on business over
Tuesday night
C. W.'Dalgh, county agent, was
transacting business in Maupin on
Tuesday afternoon.
K. L. and 0. H. Taylor of Tygh
Valley were in town with a load of
fat hogs on Monday.
Mrs, W. B. Sloan of Tygh Valley
was attending: to business matter
in Maupin yesterday.
Alex Rom, and Peter Olson, Jr.,
were over from Shanlko Sunday,
. Alex coming to Maupin after Ford
parts. He reports that business is
good at his town.
Cecil Chasttain braved the cold
tnd mow Tuesday morning and came
to town on business mission.
Rev. W. II. Aldridge attended the
Wilbur Hurst funeral in Maupin on
Sunday lant, coming down from Up
pT Uakeovcn.
Ernest Kramer and wife were
g.icst; at the home of hrnest broth
er, Sylvester, and wife at Dufur over
Saturday night.
Frank Dyer nd wife spent Tues
day night at the home of their daugh
ter, Mrs. Ernest Confer, and hus
band, on the Flat.
t . ...... Williams and wife came
hi'inu riuiii IV; t'md In the cab of a
ni w IntrrnatiunJ tru-k, which Oliver
hud gone after, Sunday afternoon.
Cyril Fraley took a short vacation
last Saturday, golnng to Bend, where
he rpent the time until Tue:day
evening with relatives.
TTn About
1 IUI Up8 Town
Maapla Sabbath School
The regular Sabbath school ses
sion will be held at the Maupin
church next Sunday at 10:00 p. m.
That session will include the total
rvir of th Hnv at th naxtnr wiTI
v,. tv. n.n. i n,..i; it.,, i the work.
vw I a lie fatten uu ftvbtiiiiiiK iv I
According to the plans
and specifications of the
Lupreme Architect,
Noah builded an Ark,
thai withstood the rain
of forty days and forty
night. The plans call
ed for t certain kind of
material of certain di
mensions. Water pre
vailed upon the - earth
one hundred and forty
days and (Very thing
died except those pro
tected by lumber. Lum
ber is one of man's
beet friends and in our
yard you will find ex
actly what you want
for any occasion.
I never hire a cook,
I vow I like my wife to
hire 'em. But I can tell
you anyhow. I'd rather
lire than fire 'em.
Oliver Ucnh orders ma
terial for stock rack
for his new truck.
James Chalmers will do
Beware of Jack
Frost At large And
carrying a piece of ice
in each hand. Has white
hair. Has habit ol
breaking into bomet
with empty coal bin.
Our burgular insurance
is of the best. Let ut
fill that coal bin today.
Don't it get your go a;
to be sitting quietly b
the fire reading some
wild eyed political organ
and listening now anc
then to the rain falling
on the roof, when all at
once a drop hits you on
the head? You know
right away the roof
IcaJ'a, but you can't dc
a thing till it stops rain
ing. Hx it before the
ruin etcrt, then sit
back and 'tugh.
You never heard of a
poor old man marrying
a rich young girL
Faet. Not Wortfc
The rungs of a ladder
are built a foot apart.,
for convenience and
ventilation. It U im
possible to build a jail
that will give perfect
satisfaction to all par
ties concerned. The
distance from Here ' to
There is the tame wheth
er you walk from tie
to tie or skip every other
A hornet Isn't danger
ous if you keep his face
towards you.
Dealers sell birdseed
by the pound, as that ia
easier than , counting
There are no Uteres
In vests.
A coord of .our wood
will warm you up for a
Don't cry over spilt
milk, hunt another cow.
Picked u paround town 6.,
don Howard of Dayton, Ohio, and
Furniture Company
Everything in our big store
(contract goods excepted)
will go at reductions
of from
b W. E. Hunt, John Conroy and
John Fitzpatrick of this place. It
possible that Thos. and A. J. Con
nolly will also be at the meeting.
Bob Wilson likes hU slP as well. Bishop Warner will be the min
as the next one. Recently while at speakers,
a dance Bob remarked he had to go!
home early. When asked the reason Will Attend M.tinf
therefor he said that while he didn't Among the sheepmen who will at
have to get to work early still he tend the annual meeting of the Ore
had to get up in order to open the'gon Wool Growers ass ociation at
store so thst is junior clerk eould iTh.- Dalles today and tomorrow will
get in and do the morning chores
about the store Another case of a
worthy man being robbed of his
beauty sleep.
If there is a worthy women here
abouU, onn who la a good house
keeper, a home lover and who likes
nice things, we recommend she set
her cap for John McMillan. Mac
'e.ntly won a hope chest filled with
pn-'ty (hinfrf end when it was de
livered to him ho :aid the raffelers
had included every thing but a wife.
We will not be responsible if Mac
turns offers of marriage down, but
just give a hint of waht might oc
Morris Greene is some husky
when it comes to a wrestle. Sun
day night he tangled in a friendly
scuffle with the biggest man in
town and nearly rucceeded in ousting
his adversary from the pool room.
In the scrap Morris all but wrecked
the big boy's necktie. It is said
tha "Good goods come in small
packages" and that was proven
during the above mentioned wrestl
ing match.
fill '
R.toldt.i on Road
The state Game commission has
endved that a road leading from
Oak Springs to Maupin would be the
right thing, and to that end have
pushed a resolution recommending
is construction. It the road is bu'.l
it w'll most likely follow the grile
rsLithy'iH by the V. T. railway
whui r:nny va: bei? bu'lt
and over vh t . 'iPb were hcuii'-l
to the coni'.ni.t!or. i nips at Maui)!
Bought N.w Truck j
Oliver Reth has about worn out
a Chevrolet truck and in order to
further take care of his growing
trade has been compelled to dispose
of that vehicle. In its stead Oliver
ia now owner of a brand new Inter
ntional truck, purchased through
Shattuck Bros, agency. Jim Chal
mers constructed a bed and rack for
the new truck.
", Big Stock, Low Prices
1 .a
Julius Shepflin is one of the
''workingest" men in Maupin. As
a member of the road maintenance
crew he is as good as two ordinary
men with either pick, shovel or
wheelbarrow. Julius is also some
pinocle player and during the re
cent cold spell, when the crew had
to lay in, managed to give instruc
tion to numerous players of that
intricate game.
. x
Skating on the ponds of the Flat
is an attraction that is drawing
many of Maupin'a young people to
"the top." Monday evening a
pRrfcy of younpfstcra wended their
way to Dolph Mayhew's pond d
passed several hours gliding over
wie icy lurmvu. nicy ttiu i" j
take no account of the weather and:
when they came home some of their
shoes were fozen t0 their feet And
all for a few brief momenta of
pleasure. We are pleased to state
that , feet were not frozen.
Most meat markets try to sell
none but tho best and ten'derest
meaU. Some succeed in that en
deavor while others cut and sell
, tough bull beef and strong pork.
Maupin tins a meat dealer whose
meats are way above the average.
Oliver Resh knows livestock and
handles none but that In frlst class
condition. His beef, veal, mutton
and pork have a flavor incidental
to this locality . It h greatly su
perior to that usually sold in the
larger towns and is cut in an at
tractive and pleasing monner. His
pork is all home fattened and when
put. into the mouth seems to melt
.like sugar. And this is no jolly,
for the goods speak for themselves.
Dr, Mellenthin
Lv. MAUPIN 10:55 A. M.
connecting at Sherman with the
v ALo ccnr.crli:n wilfc the fr.rjons
This fine flyer leaves The Dalles 8:35 P. M. Luxuri
ously equipped dining car service par excellence.
B. BELL, Agent, Maupin. Ore.
EDW. H. McALLEN, T. F. 4
P. A,, Bend Ore.
id Internal Medicine for
past fifteen year.
Will be at
W.d-, Thursday, Jan. 29, 1933
Office Hours 10 a. m. t0 4 p. r
No Charge for Consultation
La ''Grande New State theatre
opened t0 public.
La Grande Addtion will be erect
ed to Sacajawea Inn soon.
Attended Hurst Funer.l--
Two daughters of the late Wilbur
Hurst, Mrs. Fay Ward and Mrs. Wm
Moss, the latter with her husband,
attended the funoral of Wilbur
Hurt in Maupin last Sunday. The
first named came from Portland,
the latter two from Banks,
Mr. Mellenthin is a regular grnd
uate in medicine and surgery and is
licensed by the state of Oregon. .Ha
does not operate for chronic appen
dicitis, gall stones, ulcers of utomrch
tonsils or adenoids.
He has to his credit wonderful re
sults in diseases of the stomach,
iver, bowels, blood, .kin, nerves,
heart, kidney, bladder, bed wetting,
catarrh, weak lungs, rheumatism,
sciatica, leg ulcers and rectal ail
ments. Below are the names of a few of
his many satisfied patients in Ore
gon who have been treated for one
or the other of tho above named
Mrs. H. H. Blake, Marahfield Ore.
Alfred Clemmens, Corvallis, ' Ore.
Chas. Desch, Portland, Ore.
Mrs. J. C. Huntsucker, Toledo Ore.
John Lucian, Echo, Ore. .
Bert Lampn, St. Helens, Ore.
Mrs. Maybelle Snydre, Alseo, Ore.
Mi s Emma Turner, Mikkalo, Ore
Mrs. John Van Pelt, Harbor, Ore.
J. H. Wood, Eugnne, Ore.
Mts. Jennie Woolery, Salem, Ore.
Remember above date, that con
sultation on this trip will be . free
and that his treatment is different.
Married women must be -' accom
panied by their husbands..
Address: 4221 West Third Street
Los Angeles, California.
The undersigned having been ap
pointed by tha County Court of tht
State of Oresron, for Wasco county,
administrator of the estate of
Claude J. Gordion, desceaed, ' No
tice is hereby given all persons
havings cleaims. against said de
ceased to present them, verified as
rscjuired by law, within six mcnth.
after the first publication of this
notice to me at office of Gavin &
Gavin, my attorneys, at 502 Bank
Building, The Dalles, Oregon. .
Notice is hereby given that B. F,
Smith, administrator of the e:tr.te
of Evangeline Smith, deceased, has
filed in tha County Court of Wns-
co County, State of Oregon, his
final account as such administrator;
and that Monday, the 27th day of
January, 1930, at the hour of ton
o'clock o. m., has been fixed by said
court as the time for hearing of ob
jections to said report and the
f cttlement thereof.
Gavin & Gavin, Attorneys for es
tate. . J2-J23.
The Dalles Crandall Undertaking
company quarters rehabilitated.
Long Diitant Hauling A Specially
Undertaking Co.
Th. Dalle, Oregon.
PhoB. JS-J
Mr. and Mr.
Tygh Valley
Charlet Crofoot
Roy Ward
W. B. Slow
Your Watch Hay wire?
If it is net doine its work
brinj? it to The Times olF.ce
and Mr. Senimes will stnd
it to
Kavvtfftxxrirw, Jeweler : . ,
wial Watchmaker
8uc.www to D. Linduuist