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    Thursday. January 8, 1030.
Page Thx4
For week of January 13-18, 1930
Utahna Peas, good pack, two cans for . . . 25c
Gold Bar Pineapple, 2H'S, each ...... 29c
Log Cabin Syrup, medium size, each . , 51c
Snyder's Catsup, large size, each . . , . . 22c
A. B. Coffee, per pound 39c
Prunes, 12 pounds for . $1.35
Palm Olive Soap, three bars for 23c
Maupin's Leading Grocery
O. P. Resh . Co.
Everything For the Table Maupin, Oregon
Will Gather .1 Pl. WW. Organ,
ixatioa Wat Formed
The Oregon Wool CrowerV asso
ciation will convent In annual ie.
lion at The Dalles next Monday and
remain in session over Tuesdey
On. of th. principal matters to be
discussed will be that of farm relief
legislation and how it may be used
in furthering the interest of the
organization. Another matter to
be considered is that of a public
land policy for the administration
of public lands by President Hoov
er'a recently appointed commission.
A fine program has been arrang
ed for the entertainment of the vis
iting wool growers, that feature be
ing m the hands of people of Wasco
county's seat of government.
It is probable that all sheep men
of this section will attend and take
part In the meetings.
EK'r. TTn About
1 IVil UJJS Town
PoronnnliHoQ eTIiFrida
' Wn, Sturglg was in from his Wap
HU ranch on Monday.
Art Outlier was in from the ranch
on business last Saturday.
Subscriptions taken for any main
lines at the Maupin Drug Store.
Mrs. Edw. Wilson and little son
were over from Wamlc Tuesday.
W, II. Aldridge was down from his
Bakeoven ranch Tuesday afternoon.
Jack Savage transacted business
In Maupin Tuesday. He resides at
James Vaughan and wife were in
town from Oak Springs a short timn
Lt Sunday.
Dr. Stovall was called to Juniper
Flat Tuesday on a case demanding
his veterinary skill.
Willis Robert', Jr., was down from
on a bunineas trip one day the
latter part of lat week.
Dr. Short and wife went to Prlne
villc for the purpose of taking the
luttcr's son, Itevcrly, back to school.
circulating among old friends in
the county scat last wek and is
circulating around old friends in
this section.
Mrs. D. B. Appling was a lady
from Criterion who attended the
hot food meeting at the school house
Monday afternoon.
Peter Klrsch and wife and Mrs.
C. A. Duns were in from Criterion on
Monday to attend a meeting of the
school food committee.
Mrs. Carl Head was up from
Shernr Itrldgn on a trading trip on
Tuesday. She was accompanied by
her brother, Nile Tunison.
0. J. Williums and wife accom
panied Oliver Rah and wife Id
Portland this morning. They
pect to be tl re until Sunday.
D. B. Appling came to town yes
terday afternoon from Criterion
and remained until after the Girl
Scouts part?! Voting for his daugh
ter. Prof, and Mrs. DeVoe, Dan Poling
Wade Hampton and Miss Helen We
berg were dinner guests at the N.
G. Hedin home at Pine Grove Sun
day. ,
Furniture Company
If F ?
Everything in our big store
(contract goods excepted)
will go at reductions
of from,
Big Stock, Low Prices
Fred T. Jones and wife, parents
of Mrs. W. A. Short, were guests of
their daughter and husband over
lant week end, coming from Prine'
Tum-A-Lum Tickler
Published in the ioeresta of the people of Maupin and vicinity br
Vol. 1
Maupin, Oregon, January 9, 1930
No. 21.
Twenty-seven years ago a young
lad, coming from Indiana, with two
companions, stopped off in The
" I Dalles. The three were of divers
ok-I notions regarding their destina
tionsone desiring to go to Cali
fornia, one to Alaska and the other
to Portland. Learning that Indiana
friends had settled on Juniper Flat
but wanting to keep an agreement
that the three stick together, the
boys cut the cards, agreeing to abide
by the deck. The high card proved
to be the ace of rpades and the one
who cut it was the boy who desired
to go to Portland. Julius Shcpflin,
the Hoosier lad, came to the Flat
worked around for several years, mar
ricd, raised a family and is now a
resident of Maupin. All of which
goes to show there sometimes is a
directing hand in a deck of cards.
According to the plana
and specifications of the
Supreme Architect,
Noah builded an Ark,
that withstood the rain
of forty days and forty
nights. The plans call
ed for a certain kind of
material of certain di
mensions. Water pre
vailed upon the earth
one hundred and forty
days and every thing
died except those pro
tected by lumber. Lum
ber Is one of man's
be.t friends and in our
yard you will find ex
actly what you want
for any occasion.
I never hire a cook,
I vow I like my wife to
hire 'em. But I can tell
you anyhow. I'd rather
hire than fire 'em.
Oliver Resh orders ma
larial for stock rack
for his new truck.
James Chalmers will do
the work.
Warning !
Beware of Jack
Frost. At large qnd
carrying a piece of ice
in each h-ind. Has white
hair. Has habit ol
breaking Into homef
with empty coal biit;.
Our burgular insurance
is of the best Let us
fill that coal bin today.
Don't it get your goat
to be sitting quietly by
the fire reading some
wild eyed political organ
and listening now and
then to the rain falling
on the roof, when all at
once a drop hits you on
the head? You know
right away the roof
leaks, but you can't do
a thing till it stops rain
ing. Fix it before the
rain start", then sit
back and laugh.
You never heard of a
poor old man marrying
a rich young girL
Fact. Not Worth
The rungs of a ladder
are built a foot apart
for convenience and
ventilation. It is Im
possible to build a jail
that will give perfect
satisfaction to ail par
ties concerned. The
distance from Here to
There is the tame wheth
er you walk from tie
to tie or skip every other
A hornet isn't danger
ous if you keep his face
towards you.
Dealers sell birdseed
by the pound, as that Is
easier than counting
them. '
There are no tleeves
in vests.
A coord of our wood
will warm you up for a
Don't cry over spilt
milk, hunt another, cow.
The daughter of The Times family
I has been suffering from an attack of
Billy Miller, erstwhile meat cutter rheumatism Recently she obtained
at the Resh Market, now living in
Portland, came up Sunday and is
visiting his many friends in Maupin
this week.
M. 0. Nelson and wife, parents of
Mrs. E. A. Cyr, with their daughter,
Mir. Steve Hull, and husband, all
frpm Bend, were week end visitors
at the Cyr home.
Marcus Shearer and wife and
little John, went to The Dalles Sun
day afternoon and took in the show
at the Granda. They also visited
with Marcus' parents on Three Mile
on Monday.
Mrs. G. I. Derthick, after spend
ing the holiday time with her dau
ghter, Mrs. James Vaughan, and
hu-' band at Oak Springs, returned to
her temporary home at Cascade
Locks Sunday.
A few Turpo vaporizers left.
$1.50 vaporizer and a 75-cent jjar of
Turpo, both for 96 cents at the Mau
pin Drug Store.
a violet ray machine and has been
greatly benefited thereby. Tuesday
evening, while taking a treatment, a
knock sounded on our sanctum door.
Upon responding we were confronted
by a young fellow who stated the ray
machine was interfering with his
radio and requested that the daugh
ter ceaie her operation of the ma
chine. Just a case of not taking in-1
to consideration that health was of '".
more value than waves through the
At the conferring of the "Eats"
degree at the Odd Fellows hall last
Sunday night one of Maupin's pro
fessional men was "made up" by an
other member as the Prof, was to
be a leading character in the degree
work. When the make-up was com
pleted he was so thoroly disguised
that he failed to recognize himself
in a mirror. At that he proved to
be one of the most entertaining of
the "degree" team when the eats
Lv. MAUPIN 10:55 A. 11.
connecting at Sherman with the
Also connection with the famous
This fine Oyer leaves The Dalles 8:33 P. M. Luxuri
ously equipped dining car service par excellence.
GOHDGtt wmm
Ore. t i
F. & P. A., Bend Ore. Hhl
B. BELL, Agent, Maupin.
Entertain By Scouts end
at Uglon Hall
Maupin's Girl Scout troop was or
ganized about tw0 months ago and
since have been holding regular
weekly meetings, studying and pre
paring for testa. A week after or
ganization the members took their
Code of Honor and were given
Tenderfoot pins.
To celebrate the advancement of
k trnnn 4 It a mAmt)ir invitftft the
Boy Scouts, mothers and a ew!" from homo lt Tuesday.
friends to a party, which was held
at Legion hall last evening. The
time was spent In fames, then the
party adjourned to the basement
where Scout Leader Mr. Zicgenha
gen, assisted by Mrs. John Confer,
served hot chocolate and cake.
The Girl and Boy Scouts present
were: Jean Renick, Bcrnicc Hollis,
Frances Lindlcy, Dorothy, Greene,
Evelyn Powell, Betty Slusher, Myr
tle Kramer, Kathleen Foley, Lena
Turner and Margaret Appling of the
girls, and Theodore Kirsch, Bonncy
Duus, 'Bo" Wilson, Laco Greene
Earl Addington, Albert St. Dennis,
Ivan Donaldson, Mi vin Lindlcy,
Jim Slushor and Eldcn Allen.
Doctor Stovall is retiring as
bunch of Boy Scuts. He will be
succeeded by Dan Poling. The
doctor has made a wonderful show
ing tince assuming the leadership of
the troop. He has been a boy among
boys, still retaining his business and
organizing sagacity. Although he
will not be an active member as an
official the troop may rest assured
the members will be accorded all the
assistance possible by Dr. Stovall
during the time to come.
Our little grandson made a get
grandmother was attending a ses
sion of the Ladies Aid and the old
man being at work in the shop fail
ed to notice the boy's absence. His
attention being called to that fact
he proceeded to hunt up the recal
citrant lad. He was seen in front
of the drug store with one arm
around the neck of Fulkerson's big
coyote dog and petting John Mc
Millinn's sheep dog. Rover, with the
other hand. Surrounding him were
Renic.k's 'Tal," Kramer's "Teddy"
and his own little feist, "Pedro." We
herded him home, although he was
determined to "go to mamma."
Raymond Crabtree and Don Miller
were in town yesterday on business
connected with the local Boy and
Girl Scouts.
0. E. Brittain from Tygh Valley
was a Maupin visitor on Monday. 'v
The undersigned having baen op
pointed by the County Court of thfc
State of Oregon, for Wasco cnnty,
administrator of, the . estato of
Claude J. Gordion, descea:ed, No
tice is hereby given to all person
havings cleaims against said de
ceased to present them, verified as
required by law, within six mcnths
after the first publication of this
notice to me at office of Gavin &
Gavin, my attorneys, at 502 Bank
Building, The Dalles, Oregon.
D19-J2-8 Administretor.
Oregon Air Good
As a testimonial of the strength of
Oregon air we mention the fact that
Farghcrs have driven n Ford truck
8,000 miles without a I uncture or
change of tires, much o; the travel
being over very rough : ads. Of
courro the make of tires wight have
had something to do with their
keeping fit. The tires contain tho
same air injected Into them when
they left the Ford plant at Portland.
Notice is hereby given that B. F.
Smith, administrator of the e:tote
of Evangeline Smith, deceased, has
filed in the County Court of V. as- i
co County, State of Oregon, his '
final account as such administrator; j
and that Monday, the 27th day of ;
January, 1930, at the hour of ten
o'clock a. m., has been fixed by said
court as the time for hearing of ob
jections to said report and the
rettlcmont thereof.
Gavin & Gavin, Attorneys for es
tate. J2-J23.
Nyssa State highway bridge over
Snake river will ba improved soon.
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The teachings of the Scout ritual
are far reaching in their effect. It
is noticeable that an improvement
has been made in the deportment of
many of the niembers; that they
carry themselves more like real men
and that they are learning and
practicing those little amcntitics
that go toward building up character
and manliness. The retiring Scout
master is deserving of much credit
for the excellent standing of , his
troop of Scouts. ,
Long Distant Hauling A Specially
Undertaking Co.
Th Dalles, Otegoa. Phone SS-J
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crofoot
Tygh Valley-
Roy Ward
W. B. Sloaall
Your Watch Haywire?
If it is not dointr its work
bring it to The Times ofF.ce
and Mr. Semmes will send
it to
ttiauvfKetwing Jeweler
wad Watchmaker
buccwieur to D. Lindtuist