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Always working for the best
interests of Maupin and all of
Southern Wasco County.
Publishes only that news fit
to print. Caters to no particular
class, but works for all.
Number fl
fT A Tr
volume; ii.
Schools to Have a
Community Tree
A school community Christmas
program will bo given Thursday,
December li, nt 8:00 p, m. ul tin'
High school gymnasium. Tlio find
eight grides of the Maupin schools
re being eu ited by the High school
and by special musical numbers.
The ladles' quartet, confuting of
Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. George Morris,
Mrs. Woodcock, and Mrs. Bothwell,
will mg, Mis Barbara Robinson
will play a piano nolo. Mr. Poling
and Mr. Hampton wilt ab;o unpen r on
this program. The entertainment Is
free and all patrons of the Maupin ,
schools arc cordially invited. Four
II club workers will sell randy t0
raltte funds for summer reboot
scholarships at Corvallk The com
plete progrum Is as follows:
1 A Welcome F,xcrci:c by Char- gTt f ,lin(.(y r B,VPi no
lotte New, John Foley. bow eight-five, ami no unexeused
2 "It Came Upon the. Midnight j absence nor urdinci's. The re
Clear" Chorus. Islriitions on alienees and tardiness
3 Star drillPrimary pupil . flpj,ly t those canes where no rea-
4 "Kriss Kringle" Song by fivcU,,, fr K(l(.h (Bn he given. At the
flrl'1- I end of the school year an engraved
6 Play, by Seventh im.l F.ighth ,r,mZ(. m,., will be awarded at
trades. I ''oiniiiencement exercises to each
6 "When SnnU Claus Com" indent who in up to these stand
n' I ank Those who are in the roll for
7 Christmas, Kxerclse John ; BPron(j B1X W(.r,., Brc. Richard
Elushcr, Ernie Confer. iCrablrec. Nova Hedin, Gladys Mar-
8 Instrumental (election. i tin. Lelah Wcberg, Alta Chastain,
9 "The King" Rocltntlon Charles Bothwell. Bethel Snodirrass,
Dick Shearer.
10 "Kriss Kringle" Song, pri
mary pupils.
ll"Santa Claus Comes" Recita
tiontag Welch.
12 Solo Mr. Hedln.
13 Monologue Gertrude Klrsch.
14 "ChriMmas Gifts" ;ong four
-15 Aero tic Christinas primary
10 "Santa, I'll be Good," song
four hoys.
17 Wreath Drill.
18 Monologue .''Writing to Santa
Cuius" liyal Pratt.
19 Song by Indies' quartet.
20 "Christmas at Santa's Head
quarters" a play.
21 Duet Messrs, Poling and
22 "Merrry Chri linas" an acros
The Maupin town team hnd it'
first practico Inst Tuesday night.
The turn nut for the team was good.
Some of the players were Cyril Frs
ley, Andrew Crnbtrec, Jesse Crab
tree, Addic Wray, Wade Hampton,
Dan Poling, Ed. Semmes and Irn
Kidder. There Is some very good
material In those men and Maupin
should have a very good team. They
have Dr. Short an their manager and
we hope they win their game.
Since the days have grown
shorter, it has become necessary ot
change the time schedule in order
to enable the students coming in on
tho bus, to reach their homes be
fore nightfall. Thin change was
made last Tuesday and the schedule
will remain as it is until the days
School now starts at 8:45 a. in.
with rgeular forty minuto periods,
,wlth forty-five minute noon, ami
is dismissed at .1:!t0 p, m. The lunch
period is from 12:00 to 12:10.
The Freshman are now studying
different classes of rocks and soils.
Thoy hopo to learn how the rocks and
So Hi of this country were, formed.
Most every day one makes a ro
Uort on a rclencc subject in which
ho is Interested. Subjects for these
reports are found in magazines and
Perhaps the mort interesting of
the'e is the report on the Byrd expe
dition. Commander Byrd in his
thrilling adventures in the Antarctic
region supplies tho class with almost
daily scientific study.
Other subjects that have been re
ported on are: fre, the rtars, ele
ments, compounds, and machines of
different kinds. This week the class
will compare specimens of i-ock and
private colectlons of arrow heads and
curious fossils.
Last Wednesday a curtain was in
stalled In the shower room. The
new curtain of unbleached muslin,
fastened by a hrnwi ring, whs made
by the sewing girls, and put up by
the manual training clav.
The students appreciate this
needed improvement which adds
both to their comfort and pleasure.
Monday, Ivan, as one of the man
ual training class, varnished
the j
typing room doors, inat had pre
viou ly been cleaned. The varnish
ed doors add greatly to the appear
ance of the assembly room.
(Mh'-r plans for improvement
1 lie room a: c being made.
SUndiiidn for the Matipiin High
school Honor Roll rei Three
Luco Greene and F.velyn Powell.
The final minstrel account shows
a total expense of f 48.32 and bal-
I sure of JOB. 32 to be deposited to the
I account of the Maupin High Student
I Body.
I The Students, according to custom,;
tendered $5.00 to the Legion hi pay
' nient of lighting and fuel expenses,
(since the legion donates the use of
its hall to the school.
The school again expresses its
gratitude for the co-operation of the
Legion in putting on its minstrel
Atthc Bazaar given by the Ladies
I Aid at the Legion hall Friday nigh.
1110 Maupin lit ichuol was well repre
sented. Mr. Poling and Mr. Hanip
ti.n took an active part in the pro
p'cni. Tho students who took part
were Li-Inn and Mabel Weberg ard
N'ova Hodin.
T. F. Prumbaugh, county school
nil erioiei d' nt, addressed the Hi
school Tuesday afternoon.
The siiojcc of his talk was High
Sili. ol Preprring Themselves for
t.i 1 -.litre.
Mr. Brumbaugh presented
Cl;ib inr niliertthip pitm to the
Wapinitia Vrui Maupin
A return spelling match between
Waplnitiu and Maupin will be held
in tho Hi school gym Friday, De
cember 13, at 2:00 o'clock. Every
one is Invited to attend this match.
The Hi school is making plans for
a :hort program in which they wish
to welcome the Wapiitttia visitors.
Tuesday morning there was a
match between the Seventh and
F.ighth graders and the Freshmen
and Sophomores in which the grade
indents won. Mr. Hampton de
serves congratulation upon his fine
work In training these students.
Evidently spelling matches are
important, as The Portland Tele
rr,im mentioned in its column the
previous match hold at Wapinitia, in
which it told that Maupin won and
Hint plana were being made for a
return match in tho near future.
When this match is over, Maupin
hopes to be able to notify tho Telc
jTiam that, "Maupin Wins Return
Match With Wapinitia."
Seventh and Eighth Grade '
The Seventh and Eigth grades of
Maupin wil have a return match ,
with the Wapinitia Seventh, Eighth1
and Ninth grades on Friday, Decern- j
her 13. The match will bo held at
Maupin. The Maupin spelling team
will consist of twelve pupils. They (
will be picked from tho following:
Ralph Kaiser, Douglas Bothwell, J
Jack Chastain, Theodore Kirsch,
Basketball Stands As
Premier Wfnter Sport
Basketball is the best of winter"11""' c,rd Fil,ed wi,h FMrs
(ports. It Is easy for tho spectators
to follow and no one need to stay
away because he doesn't understand
the game. Basketball develops to a
hngh degree, grit, teamwork anr
j skill.
The patrons of the Maupin school
are assured of high cla-s entertain-
mcnt at these games, because Man-'
pin won the toummcnt last year,
and because both Comets and Cubs
are out to please their friends with
good games.
Maupin is now a member of the
Org'i High School Athletic &
sociation and expects to uphold the
requirements in scholarship and
The first game Is scheduled to
immediately follow the holidays.
Watch for tho dale.
Jean Rcnick, Dorothy Greene, Bcr
nirc Hollis, Frances Lindley, Earl
Addington, Russell Holt, Irene
Woodcock, Betty Slusher, Greatha
Turner, Jim Slu:her, Genevieve Al
len, Herbert Kramer and Henry Wil
son. Third and Fourth Cradn i
Louise Duus was aDsent from '
f krwtt TiiuhiIdu tn DPPfliint ftl ill- I
Eunice Lindley was absent Mon
day becau e of bad eyes.
The Fourth graders are learning
to draw maps to tne crate .
If you want to hear something
good come and listen ta Loyal PraU
give his monologue at the Christ
mas program.
The Christmas pnigtain will tu
free of charge, the night of the
nineteenth. - . . .
The children are all working hard
to make the program success.
Mnrl Addington was absent on
Jeanne Mayhew takes charge of
the wraps after each recess for this
Wick. The monitor work doe uwmj
with much confusion.
The newly elected health inspec
tor. arc Gayle Mayhew and Dean
Jack Rothwell and James Crabtroe
are the policemen for this ireek.
The Second grader wrote letters
t0 Santa Claus. Several are being
published in The Mauuin Hi Times.
The Primary pupils are huy
ticing for the Chmtinaa program to
be given Thursday.
There will he five numbers from
the Primary room. Star drill, an
acrostic, monologue by Gertrude
K'.rsch, recitation, Santa Claus by
Leo Welch, song, Kris Kringle.
(continued on la;t page)
Vernon ia
surveyed. -Rainier highway being
The Kind of Letter He Likes!
Christmas Seal-ed
Wl,0 Will Give Fens Their
Money' Worth
The card prepared for fight fans'
delectation Saturday night is one of
the rtrongest ever worked up for
Maupin. The three Holloinan boyf,
Floyd, Nick and Doug, have been
n'-,''chcd with f'Snte who will make
I , L. ! I l.!,.1f VI...... ....
v"v ".-, "-ju
ing against Knock Out Brown of
Prinevillc; Nic tangling with Bob
Duckworth of Bend, while Doug will
again fight Jack of The
Dalles. The curtain raber will be a
four-round bout between Flton
SnodgTa s and Paneo Villa, a fighter
from the county seat and one wha
has been giving a good account of
hinv lf around The Dalles.
Ringside stats have been p'?.ced at
$125 while the rest of the seats will
command 75 cents, there not being
any reserved :cats.
J Interesting Program Rendered ad
I Scout Officer, Elected
George Childs of Bend was re-
111-.elected president of the Mid-Colum
bia Deschutes Area Boy Scout coun
cil at the annual meeting held at
The Dalles Hotel Saturday night,
when John II. Piper, Regional Scout
Executive of Spokane, and Charle:
Miller of New York City, a member
of the national staff, were the prin
cipal speakers of the evening. Other
officers elected were Kov. K. Lester
Bond of Hood liiver, area scout com
missioner, and Glen L. Corey of The
Dalles, re-elected area treasurer., .,
Charley Steele and Mitt
Walker are Victims
And still little old cupid is on tho
job. He has shot his darts in the
breasts of many of this section's peo
ple of late and many of them have
been innoculatcd w-ith the marriage
Charley Steele, tho affable cuto
mechanic at the Kramer shop, had
a dart pierc9 his loving breast and
found that tho only remedy for the
wound was tho heart and hand of
Miss Mamie Walker. The couple
prae-hvent to
rrmeviiic la:;t Thursday
and when they returned the bride
war. wearing the name of Steele. We
congratulate the yong people on
their choice of each oth"r as life
companions and welcme the bride
t0 the society of Maupinrtcs.
Klamath Fall Tlans underway
for remodeling and improving old
High school building, which was re
cently purchased by Masonic lodge.
!.Mdorn M -tAch hrin4 P.t ilt 1.
Business, rle. Spec-
ialitt at O. S. C.
It, in modern to advertbe but much
current adverti; ing is not modern, be
lieves H. T. Vance, head of the de
partment of advertising and selling
at Oregon State college. In a ser
ies of business institutes held thru
out the state Professor Vance K;
'pointing out the vital part advertis
ing piays in success, but urging im
provement of present methods.
A merchant has only three methods
of reaching the public personal
contact over the counte:, dLplays,
I and advertising. Of the three the
laiit is the only one that reaches
out into the rural districts and be
yond to tell the public what the i
merchant haa to meet their needs,
he says.
Much advertising fails to keep
abrca t of the modern speed age,
finds Professor Vance, while more
of it defeats its own purpose by be
ing so exeggtratcd that the people
fail to believe it.
Methods of improving advertising
listed by this specialist are, be
frank and truthful, undere.timate
ratha than exaggerate, use some ad-1
vcrtishig to "sell" the store as well
as the merchandise, and use local
pictures occasionally as they tell the
truth and avoid ridiculous situations
caused by too many "canned" cuts.
Fine Program Arranged Exercises
Thursday, December 19
The Maupin schools have joined
together. "in arranging for a com
munity Chriotmaz tree and havr
prepared a imc program to go witr
the forest monarch. The program
will consist of 22 numbers and wil.
consist of recitations, songs, dialo
gues, playhts. instrumental musi
and attribution of-gifLs.. .
The tree will be set up in the
school gymnasium and the exercises
held there. Some outside talent has
been secured and that, with the as
sistance of some of the High school
students and faculty, will go far to
make the event one long to be re
membered. ' -
Flat Town Get, Both Sunday Ser?
vices on 15th
Sunday s'hool and services t
Wapinitia next Sunday, the school
taking up at 10:00 o'clock, after
which the morning service will be
(held. The unified services are still
continued, as it was so voted by
two-thirds of the attendants at the
rcrvicc, Sunday, December 1st.
The coming sermon will be on
Chrsitmas with new songs from our
new song book3 in keeping with the
season. We have a fine children's
choir and they like to sing for you
and you'll like to hear them,
Bible study in the evening at
6:45, studying chapters 4-10 of Gen
esis. Evening service at 7:30.
Clark M. Smith, Pastor.
Committee Appointed tD Provide
Eats to School Pupils
The food demonstration by Miss
Lucy Case held here today brought
out quite a number who were de
sirous of learning more about home
cooking. This demonstration was to
show how various fruit and vege
table sandwiches could and should
be prepared, there being 15 differ
ent kinds made.
A committee consisting of Peter
Kir. ch, Mrs. D. B. Fraley and Mrs.
Roy Crabtrec was appointed, that
twtilu r utiniinA f rf a?u rt it i -i r Vtnf '
v' m i tut ft, ivi ou I'l's j '"ft liuv
lunches to school children during
the cold weather.
Miss Case will hold her next and
last demonstration for this place
on Tuesday, January 14. At that
time the nutritious values of milk
eggs, and cheese will be taken up and
proven. Also the proper preparation
of figs, corn meal and nuts will be
taught, this to show justification of
their value as foods.
Sold Town Property
F'rank Creager has disposed of his
residence property to Joe Chastain,
Frank may build another houre on his
lots on which the old Kramer garage
nw stands, hut has not fully made up
his mind as to that move.
No Fatalitret Recorded on U.
For Year 1929; Medal
Conferred Yerlj
The Union Pacific Railroad com
pany made the best record for safe;
operation in 1928 and will receive
the Harriman Cold Medal, it was an
nounced here today. President
Carl R. Cray and Vice-President.
W. M. Jeffcrs of the Union Pacific
were in New York December 6 to
receive the award, which is given
annually by Mrs. E. H. Harriman in
memory of her husband, former
chairman of the Harriman lines and
famous railroad ' builder. 1 This is
the fourth time in five years that
the Union Pacific has won th
medal, leading all Class 1 roads in
the United States.
High School Play Next Saturday
Night Promises Laughs and
More Laughs ,
"Yimny Yonson's Yob" will be
shown in all ita laughable stiuations
by the The piana of the Tygh Valley
High school hi GJd Fellows haw nt
Tygh next Saturday ight. The cast
is a strong one, the play a comeoy
carrying more laughs to the squara
nch than any other heretofore by
a school body.
It takes an artist to properly de
lineate the language of a Swede, but
chat character is to be taken by a
tuuent to wnom me oweaisn u,
lect comes naturally. The supporting
cast is strong and at this time the
ine have been learned, the busi-
ess acquired and when next Satur
Jax night's curtain rtesMju the play
all will have been madeperfecVin
their parts.
It islikely quite a few Maupinitea
will take a chance and witness Tygh
Valley's initial performance of tha
Gillis Head Pomona Grange '
At the rccer.t annaul meetini ol
the Pomona Grange, which body is
componed of all the subordinate
granges of the county, Al Gillis waa
qhoscn as master. This is a worthy
recognition of a man who has dona
niuch t0 further both the influence
and work of the ranchers' organiza
tion and The Times congratulates
both Al and the Grangers on such
Wapinitia Baaiar
'The Ladies Aid baszar at. the
Wapinitia church last night was one
of the most successful affairs of tha
kind ever held in this section. Vner
were many useful articles offered
for sale, all of which were sold at
good prices. An interesting program
was rendered and a fine supper serv
ed. A large crowd attended.
Mrs. Brown at Hospital
Mrs. J. S. Brown was admitted to
a hospital at The Dalles on Tuesday,
she having suffered a general break
down. Mrs. Brown has been ailing
for some time but with strength of
mind has kept up until nature exert
ed itself and caused her to seek re
lief. Her many friends hope for her
speedy recovery
Christmas Special Fare
From December 19 to Chrfctsi22
day, the Union Pacific will offer
special round trips between all sta
tions Oregon, Washington and
Idaho, nt one and one-third tha
standard one-way fare- for the round
trip. The fares apply as far cast
of Granger, Wyoming, for the east
bound Christmas fenson trips. Peo
ple living east of Ogden and Sal
Lake City, Utah, may visit Portland.
Seattle, Tacoma of Spokane durinir
the holiday season on this same far
and one-third basis for the round
trip. '
Road Crew at Shaniko
Julius Shepflin and Earl Crabtree
are twn of the Maupin road crew
who are assisting the Shaniko crew
in leveling up the Sherman highway.
They took the large road grader
from here and will remain at Shani
ko until that highway is put in s
good condition as is this part of
The Dalles-California hlghwa,, '