The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, July 25, 1929, Page Page Two, Image 2

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Thur day July 26, 102!.
The Maupin Times
C W. Sammes, Editor
C W. SnjMi and E. R. Simmi
Pnblfchad every Thursday at
Maupin. Oft ton
tiun: One year, $1.50; ti
, $1.00; three months, 50cU J
Entered a lecond class mall mat
f ScjiUmber 8, .1914, at the pom
vUo a, iiauiiin, Oreon, undr th
jLct f March , 1878.
When about to take a drink oi
tb forbidden liquor an emineir.
Detroit jurists remarked tha
"there are a million reasons why 1
should not take this -drink, but a
this time I cannot think of a singk
ne of them." So it la with all whe
would violate the country's prohibi
tion laws.
Wht Coming In
Much wheat is coming in to the
Maupin warehouses, nearly ever
rancher on Juniper Plat being en
faffed in threshing, he grain i
clean and plump and is running
high to the acre.
A Omc.-A-WeeU Services U Weeklies
. ' and Semi-Weeklies
Poultry thrive in hot weather.
It is a good plan to give them some
rigorous opposition. Spray th
poultry houses to get rid of mites
Treat the fowls for worms and lice
, "Marketing Late-Crop Potatoes'
is the title of a recent Farmers
bulletin published by the U. S. de
bailment of agriculture. This pub
Ikation, No. 1578-F, can be secur
id by writing to the department
Washington, D. C. .
Whenever an animal dies on th'
farm, hold a post-mortem and try t
di cover the reason. If in douV
call in a veterinarian to determine
the trouble. If several animals o:
fowls are unthrifty and are no
Vdoing well," kill the sickest am'
find out the cause.
Experimental work by the Stafr
and Federal research workers indi
cates the wisdom of feeding younp
chickens with a mash containing 40
per cent dry rkim milk. This tend;
to prevent losses from coccidiosis
In general high vitality is an aid
in protecting animals against many
parasites. Good feeding builds up
an animal's condition.
Although corn is one of the best
fattening feeds for hogs, it is not
an economical fattening ration
Crandall Undertaking Co.
In order that we may serve you better, at the
time our services are needed, we have a representa
tive in your neighborhood whom you mjfy call.
Maupin Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crofoot
Wapinitia Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ward
Wamic Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Magill
Tygh Valley Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sloan
The Dalles, Ore. Phone 35-J Lady Assistants
Begin to arrange for your
exhibits at the com irg
Wasco Co. Fair
which will be held
' Write the secretary for premium
list and make as many exhibits
as you can prepare. Help out
when fed alone. It takes about 50
per cent more corn to fatten young
hogs when they are fattened on
corn alone than when they are fat
tened on corn balanced by some
feed rich in protein, sue has tank
nc, fi?h meal, or soybean meal.
When weather conditions such as
.ail, drought, or frost prevent the
maturing or corn for the silo, it
nay be cut while still immature and
oduce a fair grade of silage.
iod practice is to mix such corn
ith some which is more mature
ilage made from immature corn
ill be more sour than usual and
lore laxative when fed in large
uantitier, so care should be used
n feeding it
Rape, one of the chepest and quick
st growing of the temporary for
ge crops, is especially well suited
o mild, moist 'climates nd deep
ich mellow soils, says the Oregon
xperiment rtation. Because of its
elatively shallow rooting system,
ape does not do well in the irri
rated and sub-irrigated areas. It
h grown in western Oregon, pertic
larly in the Willamette valley. In
ood value it is similiar to cabbage
nd knle.
Powuercd skim milk and butter
nilk are practical to feed to calves
vhere the whole milk is yold, says
he Oregon experiment station, er
jccially where lower grade poa-di-v
is available. Powdered skim milk
osts about half as much per 100
ounds as market whole milk and
towdered buttermilk is usually
heaper than powdered skim milk,
'hese products are mixed with wa
er and fed in the same way and in
he same amounts as ordinary skim
nilk. No harm is done the calf
y interchanging powdered with
ordinary skim milk from day to
Feeding experiments carried on
it the Oregon experiment station
vave indicated that vetch silage is
s good if not better than corn sil
'ge for feeding dairy cows, and
hat the feeding value of kale is
nearly as great as that of average
orn, when fed in the nrual quanti-
es. The fact that kale analyzes
''wer in nutrients seems to be off
set by its greater succulence, pala-
ibility and vitamin content
Klamath Falls Construction un
ierway on garage buildng at Fair
haven Heights, adjacent to Weyer
haeuser mill site.
Sheridan Sidewalks of this place
ill be improved.
Sheridan has new ambulance
Carlton New pavement on Main
Street completed.
G .'. I iarb ord Sees a Threat
to Our Nation's Place In
British Merger. ;
The receut successful effort of the
British to bring about consolidation ot
their cable and radio Interests Is a
erlous challenge to the radio suprem
acy ot the United States, and ot
more importance to our country than
oil or merchant marine at this mo
ment, according to General J. O. liar
bord, who was Chler of staff ot the A.
E. F. and now Is President ot the
Radio Corporation ot America.
"Great Britain being the great ca
ble-controlllug power of our planet,"
General Harbord explained, "the com
bination there of cables and radio Inv
perils American leadership more fit
rectly than that of any other country
"The answer to this challenge can
not be made by private Interests un
der our existing laws. It Is tor our
people to decide whether they thins
it Is worth making, and If so. to make
It possible. It Is a ease where no
action, or action mura delayed Is sur
render; or even, aid and com
fort to foreign against American in
dustry." Other Countries Alert
The effect of this advanced system
of international communication Is a
subject ot dlBcussion In the chancel
leries of the world. General Harbord
ays, and Is not viewed with ludlffcr
ev'e by any great nation aspiring to
foreign commerce, unless It be the
United States.
"Communications play an Impor
tant part In national defense." be con
tinues. "This Is especially true of
radio, and with countries having dis
tant possessions such as the Philip
pines, Alaska and Hawaii or Australia,
Canada, South Africa and India."
Great Britain approached this prob
lem with the seriousness its Impor
tance demanded. In the opinion of
General Harbord. and on March 15 of
last year, as a result, the principal
communications rlvaU In Great Brit
ain, the Eastern Telegraph Company.
Limited, representing cables, and the
Marconi company, radio, announced a
merger In the form of a holding com
pany; The government will have rep
resentation on the board of directors,
which with the vote of either the rable
or radio interest, will be controlling.
The press approved this merger.
"This new combined British commij
nlcallous Interest will affect American
relationships In every part of the
world," General Harbord asserts
"There will hardly be a port or prin
cipal city un the planet which will not
be reached by Brlnrh communica
tions. American trade to every quarter
of the globe cannot but be profound
ly affected. "The national defence of
the United States must reckon with
the planetary domination of commu
nications by the British. Such U the
result ot the action of the farseclng
British race under the lasb which
American progress -In -radio has ap
piled a wise old people which cen
turies ago underwent the diseases oi
national adolescence' through which
we still are passing. Her politicians
abuse one another, as do our own, but
as against the outside world Britain's
policy changes little with the advent
ot one party or another on the politi
cal stage.
Hard) to Understand
"The time when Great Brltalfl,
France, Italy and Germany are uniting
radio and cables seems to be the
time taken by our country to keep
them apart. What others unite to se
cure leadership in communications we
divide. The long deliberations which
preceeded the consummation of the
cables-radio merger In Great Britain
saw ln!our country the enactment of
the White Act ot 1927, which in slain
terms forbids any purchase of. radio
by cables or-vice versa. While this
provision Is understood to hats been
inserted under the minority lasb In
the last days of the drafting of the
law, Its purpose no doubt was to pre
serve the competition, in form at least,
between the two methods, of Interna
tiooal communication radio and
"Sitting between tl e hlud legs ol
the British Hon with tbe tall of that
noble beast wrapped around his neck
la a poor perch tor the American
eagle from which to recover lost lead
rshlp In world communications."
a. a
With a rich dlnnnor serve a sitlnd
with French dresslngr, . not mayon
naise, .
In making bloomer dresses for
children it is a Rood plnn to muke
two pairs of bloomers a; they are
likely to wear out before the dress
Lyonnuise potatoes are cold boil
ed potatoes, diced, and browned in
fat with chopped onion and served
with parsley sprinkled over thq top.
They make a tatty variation of
plain fried potatoes.
When lamb or mutton fat Is used
in making: cream gravy, both the
texture and the flavor of the gravy
are better if the flour used is
browned lightly In the hot fat be
fore the liquid is added.
Waxing or varnishing Improves
the nppearunco of linoleum and
makes it last limirer. Use wax on
the Itllaid kind:: and varnish on the
printed ones, for wax sometimes
tends to soften the printed surface.
Colfeo stains not more than a few
hours old on w&ihable fabrics can
Callawav Funeral Chapel
The Dalles, Ore.
Dufur, Ore.
We carry a complete lino of Caskets
511 . "U
Best Cane Sugar (cash price) cwt $3.19
White Down Flour (hard wheat) per bbl $7.79
White River Flour (hard wheat) per bbl $8.15
Milk, all brands per cipc $1.75
Camel, Chesterfields, & Lucky Strikes, per
carton $1.25
Climax, Horse Shoe & Star Tobacco, per lb 70c
M. J. B. & Folders Coffc, 4 lb tin ..$2.15
'Golden West Coffee, 5 lb tin $2.65
Parlor Blend Coffee, 5 lbs $2.15
Fresh Cream Pail Coffee, 10 lb. pail $5.00
Ghirardellis Chocolate, 10 lb. tin..,.: .....$3.05
K. C. Baking Powder, 10 lb. tin $1.35
-Calumet Baking Powder, 10 lb. tin ..$1.65
Amaizo Corn & Gloss Starches, 3 pk 30c
Curve Cut Macaroni, 13 lbs $1.00
Fancy Blue Rose Head Rice, 13 lbs $1.00
Fancy Seedless Raisans, 25 lb. box $1.85
Crimson Rambler Marsh Mallow syrup, 10 lb $1.10
Rock Dell Cane & Maple Syrup, No.-10 tin $1.40
Fancy Strained Honey, 10 in. tin $1.55,
Silver Dle Catsup, No. 10 tin 60c
Brook Dale Hums No. 10 tin 50c
Brook Dale Teaches, Halves & Sliced, No.
10 tin 55c
Palm Olive, Cream. Oil & Lux Toilet Soap, 3
for 25c
White Wonder Laundry Soap, 100 bars...:.' $3.79
Sunbrite Cleaner, 3 tins 20c
110 EAST 2ND. ST.
be removed by pouring boilinjf water
on the i tain from a lu'lttlit of 2 or
3 feel. Stretch the stained part of
the fabric over a largo howl.
The addition of capers, or the
liquid In which they have been
bottled, chopped pickle, lemon
Juice, tomatoes, or current Jelly to
lamb or mutton gravy la auifKoste'l
as a chuiiRe and improvement in flavor.
A striking Illustration of the rapid
growth In tha radUx Held l seen In the
rocent announcement by the lladlo
Corporation of America of throe fel
lowships ot $1 .600 each at Columbia
University Uw School to provide for
an additional year of study of the In
tricacies of Federal laws, especially
those pertaining to radio probloms.
The board of trustees at the uni
versity has approved and the fellows
will be chosen soon tn start work next
Fall. The awards are offered for ons
year only as an experiment. .
LOST Traveling bug containing
l.uby clothes! also flash light:
Finder please leavs at The Times
olllce 38-tl
tit the Stuncllff cellar on Smock
at 50 cents and 75 cents per
box. ilring boxes and com on
week day. 86-t2
Mrs. II. F. llothwell, Saturdays.
HOME FOR SALE Attractive
home Just outside city limits on
main road. Seven-room hou o, six
acres land in fruit and alfalfa.
Abundance of good water, pumped
by electricity. Write or call Mrs.
Sue M. Morris, The Dalles, Or,
gon. 38-tf
1. O. O. V.
Lodgn No. 20, Maupin, Orsgon
meets tvery Saturday night In I. O.
O. F. hull. VWtlng members always
Geo. Clayml'r, N. C
Brrnard Welch, Secretary.
First Nation Bank Bldf.
The D .llr., Ortioa
Pho.s 391
Central Oregon
Milling Co.
Maupin, Oregpn
The Dalles, Oregon. Phone J 5-J
Your Watch Haywire?
If it is not doing its work
bring it to The Times office
and Mr. Semmes will send
it to
MauvtiM'turinff Jeweler
mmi Watchmaker
buooMistwc Ut D. Llndqulst
Shpes and Repairing
Wasco County '$ Exclusivt
Shoe Store
''hnM for th
'Vhok JWw
Gniral Repairing
Tt Dalles, Or.
Where the best 35 cent
meal is served in
The Dalles
Next The Dalles
C. N. Sargent, - Prop.
lg' full pound.