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The Maupin Times
'Il l I I ! H' II I - - ..UK..
C. W. Simmw, Editor
C. W. Smmil and E. R. Semmtl
Published every Thursday at
Maupin, Oragoa
Subscription: One year, J1.50; lix
months, $1.00; three months, 60cts.
Entered as second clas, mail mat
ter September 8, 1914, at the post
office at Maupia, Oreon, undr the
Act of March 8, 1876.
(H. C. Mottling, Secretary National
Editorial Attn.)
Government envelopes will be
cheaper after April 1. There will
be a reduction of 20 per cent, which
viil increase the feeling that the
publish is robbing his customer
when he charges what he should
for envelopes. If the same rule
were followed in supplying other
goodz as b the case in government
envelopes, there would not be a cloth
ing store in America. All would go
to Uncle Sam for their supplies.
Some day there will be a real
awakening on this proposition be
cause what is good for the goose is
good for the gander. If we are to
have socialism, let it apply to all
lines of trade.
The farm price of corn, during the
period from March, 15 to April 15,
declined slightly over 1 per cent,
thereby losing most of the gain reg
istered during the previous month.
The farm price decline was accom
panied by a decline in exports due
to the marketing of new crop sup
plies in Argentina, and reports in
dicating a slightly smaller number
of cattle on feed this year.
The farm price of wheat declined
about 5 per cent from March 15 to
April 15. The decline was general
over the country as a whole. The
large visible supply of wheat in this
country, the better than average re
ported condition of winter wheat,
and inditaions pointing to less than
average abandonment have appar
ently been the principal factors.
Hat Era Infection
Mrs. "Peggy" Lister, late chef at
the Rainbow, went to The Dalles
Monday evening for the purpose of
having an infected eye attended to.
liter place In the restaurant kitchen
ha;-, been taken by Mrs. Violet May
Action by the United States to
bring about an international confer
ence to simplify the calendar by mak
ing 13 months of 4 weeks, each, in
stead of 12 months, is proposed in a
resolution introduced by Representa
tive Porter, chairman of the House
Committee on Foreign Affairs. A
similar resolution was sponsored by
Representative Porter in the 70th
Congress, and hearings were held by
the Foreign Affairs Committee.
Gne to Montana
W. W. Richmond and sons, Ralph
and Roy, who have been in Maupin
since last fall, left for Montana on
Monday. They go there to prose
cute their work as carpenter; and
were accompanied by Arthur Creigh
ton, who will work with the Ray
monds during the summer.
Making Recovery
Mrs. Clarke Richardson is making
a good recovery from her recent spell
of illness. Mrs. Richardson has been
attacked with ailments incident to
old age and for a time her recovery
seemed doubtful.
Lady Ridr Will Feature on Two
Days' Pro'gram Danc to
Bo Held Evenings
Improving Drug Store
Dr. Stovall received a fine Frigid
aire cooler for his drug store yes
terday, the piece of furniture com
ing through the R. A. Twiss electri
cal shop at The Dalles. Dr. Sto
vall also installed a like piece of
furniture at his home.
Will Gifo Demonstration
Mrs. Etta Largo, representing a
food product, will give a demon
itration of her gooda at the'Chas.
Crofoot residence on Saturday, May
25, beginning at 2:30 p. m. All
Maupin ladies are invited to attend,
as a showing and partaking of dishes
made from the products will be on
the program.
Completed Shearing
The Kistner sheep shearers com
pleted divesting the Fitzpatrick
sheep of their winter coats on Satur
day Inst and have returned to Mau
pin. They employed an Indian to
ferry them across the De chutes at
FiUpatricks, the traffic requiring
10 trips, as but one passenger could
be taken across at a time. FiU
patricks had 33 sacks of fine wool.
Attended Movie Sho'
Oliver Resh and wife motored to
The Dalles Tuesday evening and
while there attended the Granda
theaetre. Thehy returned yesterday
morning, Oliver bringing a load of
green groceries back with him.
Will Cook for Crew
Next week Mary Green will go
to Bend and for the vummer will act
as cook for her father's road crew,
which is grading a parcel of the
Rend-Burns highway. Mary will be
accompanied by Ethel Kidder.
Everett Wilson will stage a round
up at the fair grounds on June 1 and
2. and for the event hna signed some
of the most popular buckarons of
the west. Among them are wh
riders as Frank Studenick, Mike
Neitllng, Tex Corey, Jack Harper,,
Ted Klikpatriek, George Nelson, Ed.
Coffield, Shaniko Red and Pete Wll
lard. Peggy Adams., noted lady
buskoroo rider, will feature on each
day's program, and in addition to the
bucking contests will be relays races,
straight races, Roman ;tanding and
chariot races, and many other events
of an interesting character.
Wilson will also conduct dunces
each evening of the round up. Pat's
Six Aces furnishing the music.
.Several new burking hop es have
been added to the Wilson string and
some unridable bovine will be seen
in action. Everett will also show
some of the prizes he has won la
bucking contests, among them being
a $;I50.00 ,'ilver mounted saddle and
n bridle which shines resplendant
with the white metal and which has a
value of $75.00.
Remember the dates, Saturday and
Sunday, June -1 and 2, and arrHiige
to attend both dsys. The pleasure
will he all yours while the expense
will he more than offset by the good
time you will enjoy.
days this week, checking up on our
merchant ' scales und testing the
scales of the railroads ami ware
houses. Mr. Antrim's territory takes
in 10 counties and keeps hint busy
throughout the entire year.
Akg Dance Hall License
Director George Fliigg of tbe Wn
co County Fair association has pe
titioned the county court, asking that
the association be granted a license
to operate a dance hull on the fair
grounds. The matter will be acted
upon at the June meeting of the
county court.
Working At Warehouse
Howard Nye, having completed 'in
spring work, has accepted a tompor
ary position with the Maupin Ware
houe company and is assisting
Manager George Morris in bull ing
wool sacks and loading out wheat.
Howard showed up for work yester
day morning.
Mountain states transmission line
under construction from Jasper to
Stayton Erection of $7,000
parochial school here proge'sing
Shipped Wool In
Fitzpatrick ft Son recently com
pleted shearing, and realized a. to
tal of 311,000 pounds. They shipped
33 sacks to the Maupin Warehouse
company's house in Maupin, where
they will be stored pending ;ale.
Weight! Man Calls
F. D. Antrim, connected wilh the
state department of weights and
measures, was in Maupin a couple of
s : mmR -wl
Yn call this "mrtmg jdv'
tkt certrtrtht bumps. " L rav- J 7
iS.Mffnsfhfirafttf J&f S CsiW I P2 ' C
I ft my made M 1. 1 rrtv
tj Cnmti
TUNE IN Gt-J Moton F;milt Tirrj.
cm : i . -,o P . M . ( E -Kerr; Sti i vi
Tiat; IfSAS tri 1 7 t-'M.t- r. lip Kitinm
General Motors (Dept. A),
Detroit, Mich.
Please send me, without cbligi
tion, information on t'ie new
mtdilt of the rroducti I have
checked together with your
new illuttritcd book " Tit Opm
ftitjiiam Atttmatic tXtfrigfratcr
CDtlct-lirh FJtclric Power
tnd Lifi Plants ,
t Wtttt Systems
a tourrh life
NO General Motors czx is rirnea c 'it of :hz ttctory unnl a
fleet cf exact duplicates cf th:it model h;.s ben found. good
by the engineers ar General jMotois' Troving Ground.
Such an advance model 1. . use pae irse'.f from s:cn to stern. Tbr
tests involve speed, power, cr.ducincc, braking, ridbg comfort ,
hardlir.g case; f. el, oil, and tire c: rvxvr; b.xl strtnth every
phase cf cr construction and performance. It's a tough lijt.
Such testing would be beyond the means or resources of .mi In
dividual. 1168 acres of land at Milford, Michi gan, are devoa-d to
this outdoor laboratory where hills are steep and roads arc vi
cious. Men who arc among the world's best automotive engineers
conduct the tests.
This tested performance is as much a part of a General Motc-J
car as the chassis. You can't sec it. You doti't pay extra for it.
But you bioiu it as you give the car long use on the road.
"A tar f'r very f urst und it rpoit"
the uboved described land are ad
vised to file their clultim, or objec
tions, on or before the time designate
tu for sale.
J, W. Donnelly,
M 2-J C Receiver.
Public Land Sal. Department of
Tha Interior
Graduation presents a large as
sortment reasonably priced at the
Maupin Drug Store.
Notice is hereby given that the
County Superintendent of Wasco
County, Oregon, will hold the regu
lar exumiiwitimi of applicants for
state certificates at the Court House
as follows: Commencing Wednes
day, June 12, Vri'), at V o'clock a.
m., and continuing until Saturday
June I ft, 1112'.), at 4 o'clock p. in.
Program? may be had upon appli
cation to the office of County School
Superintendent, The Dalles. 28-t2.
Iatc model beautiful tone. Sac
rifice and make terms to ; uit
good home, If interested address
II. A. Livenash, 2613 Piicifie Ave.
Tncoma, Washington. 23-12 ...
U. S. Land office at The Dalles,
Oregon, March 27, 1U2.
Notice Is hereby given that, as di
rected by the Coinint sloner of the
General Laud Office, under pro
visions of Sec, 2405, It. S.. pursuant
to tbe application of Claude WiUon,
serial No. 02(1800, we will offer at
public sale, to the highest bidder,
but at no less than $4.00 per acre,
nt 10.20 o'clock a. m on the 28th
day of May, next, at this office, the
following tract of land! - NW NE
'4, Sec. 24, T. 7 8., R. 14 K., W. M.
The sale will not be kept open,
hut will bo declured do ed when
those present at the hour named
have ceased bidding. The person
milking the highest bid will be re
quired to immediately pay the
amount thereof.
Any persons claiming adversely
Jersey, and two part Durham
cows for sale reasonable. The e
cows arc all fresh and must be
sold on account of shortage on
pasture. Call on or write Eld
ridge Ashley, six milci west of
Tygh Valley. 2'J-i2
RANCH "FOR" sXLE3ivo miles
north of Friend. For further in
formation write or ice W. F.
Hcberlrln, Dufur, Oregon.
CHEVROLET. 7 m-ltb fjij7M- A ' ''
llie price cf tit t .nr. t ir.oorli, pow-rful
i) liiifjcr valve-ia-hcail engine Brjufifj! new
Fisher Bodies. Alsn Light Helr'.ry chassis.
Sftan delivery mo-lel, Y ton chii and 1 14
ton chassis with cab, both with four speeds
PONTLAC.7modck $7---S9J. Now offers
"tig u. " rr.otoTi!"(5 luxury at low cost. Larger
I.-brsd r-giiif; larger Busies hy Fnher. New
attractive colors and stylish line.
OI.DSMOBIIE. 7 models. f75-'3V The
Fine Car at ltw Price. New models offer f ir
ther refinements, mechanically and in the
Fisher Bodies yet at reduced prices. Also new
special De Luxe models.
OAKLAND. 8 models. $1145 $1575. New
Oakland All American Six. Distinctively
original appearance. Splendid performance.
Luxurious appointments. Attractive colors.
Bodies by Fisher.
VIKING. models. $1595. General Motors",
new "eiht" at medium price. 90-deree V-rype
engine. Striking bodies by Fisher. Unusual
appointments. Three years spent in its develop
ment and test.
BUJOC. i) tt.i-oe)...iu;j-$iiaj.The Silver
Anniversary fVn'ck. Three wheel-bates from
115 to n8 inches. Masterpiece bodies by
Fisher. Mote powerful, vibrationless motor.
Gimfoit and luxury in every mile.
lASALI.E. 14 models. $1195 $1875. Com
paii. n tit to Cadillac. Continental lines. Dis
tinctis'e appnrance. jo-rgree V-rype 8-jtyl-inder
engirt. Striking cJor combinations in
beaufifi.1 bodits hy Fi'-het.
CADILLAC i) models. S319V f7ry. The
Su:iJarJ of the world Famous efficient 8
cylindtt y;-degrte V-typi engine Luxurious
bodies hy Fisher and Fleetwood Extensive
range cf colot and upholstery combinations.
(AllPrk;i r.n.k.PicmriH)
FRIGIDAIRE Automatic Refrigerator. New
silent models with cold-conrrol device. Tu
tone cabinets. Price and model range to suit
every family. ,
DELCO LIGHT Elertrie Plants - 5 Water
Systems. Provid; ill electrical cons-eniences
and labor-saving devices for the farm.
AH Genettl M"tori rrodncti may fcr boujhl M th.- l.owoil CMAC Time Ptjmrnl TUn.
FOR SALE Dwelling home con
taining five roop-j, store building
and pool hall with fine pool tahle,
shelves and counur, now doing a
good businear. V.'lll take smsll
down payment, balance on ;ime
to suit buyer. Must sell on ac
count of my health. Call on or
write Matt Busic, Wspinilia, Ore
gon. 27-t4
FOR SALE Home Comfort six
ncie wood tange, in good C'uiili
tion, for sale cheap. See W. 11.
Williams, East Maupin. 26-12,
Department of the Interior
U. S, lsnd office at The Dalles,
Oregon, 'J, 192'J.
Notice is hereby given that
George L. Morris
of Maupin, Oregon, who, nn July 20,
1928, made Homestead entry under
Act. Dec. 211, 191G, No, 02HH70, for
K SW '4 , NW U SE V4 , Sec. 2fi lot
1, Sec. 28, E VaNEU , NKWSKU,
Sec. 34. N',iNW'4, SW'sNW',.,
Sec, 35 Township B-south, Range
13-East, Willamette meridian, hns
filed notice of intention to make
final three year proof, to establish
claim to the land above described,
before F. I). Stuart, United States
rommis ioner, at Maupin, Oregon, on
the 18th day of June, 1029.
Claimant name as witnesses: L.
B. Woodsidc, O. D. Rothwcll, K. A.
Cyr, O. F. Rcnick all of Maupin,
Public Land Sal. Department of
The Interior
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, April 23, 1929.
Notice is hereby given that, as
directed by the Commissioner of the
General Land Office, under provi
sions of SeC, 2455, R. S., pursuant to
the application of James W. Fisher,
serial No. 026766, we will offer at
public sale, to the highest bidder,
but at not lesg than $1.75 per acre,
at 1(1.20 o'clock a. m on the 20th
day of June, next, at this office, the
following tract of land:
NE'i SWU, Sec. 34, T. 6 S., 16 E
W, M.
The sale will not be kept open,
but will be declared closed when
those present at the hour namd have
ceased bidding. The person making
the highest bid will be required to
Immediately pay to the Receiver the
amount thereof.
Any persons claiming adversely
for the
Make our store your head
quarters for Graduation
(lift. We have a large and
varied assortment to choose
for Men
and Women
Fountain and Punch
the above described land are advis
ed to file their claims, or objections,
on or before the time designated for
A4-M2 Register.
Tha Dallas, Oregon. Pbone JS-J
Your Watch Haywire?
If it is not dointr its work
brinK it to The Timed office
and Mr. Semmee will send
it to
Matiufaeruring Jeweler
auJ Watchmaker
buecsawur to U. Lindquiat
Shoes and Repairing
Wa$co County's Exclusive
Shoe Store .
Iiooh for .h C.nni Repairing
'Vhol Femv The I'ailes, Orsj.
Where the best 35 cent
meal is served in
The Dalles
Next The Dalles
C. N. Sargent, - - Prop.