The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, May 16, 1929, Page Page Three, Image 3

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Cream Separator
A J V V k o
Re -Designed.
.;we C . ao . cT -sC& .xv
JE now have these machines
in our store. Opportunity
will be given' every farmer
interested 'in bigger dairy
proceeds to rtudy the new
McCormick'Deering in
detail and to handle if in
operation. We will bring it
to your farm and demonstrate
fully, or you are welcome
to ficc-thu beautiful black-japanned
machine here at any time.
To make the new Ball'
Bearing McCormick'Deering
avaikble at once, for any
farm, we will continue the
u months payment plan.
Six sizes hand, belted, and
electric capacities '350 to
1 500 pounds of milk per hour.
Personalitm P
Jimmie Abbott and wife were In
from the Upper Flat ranch Monday.
3. M. Conklln fame up from Tort
land Tuesday, returning Wednesday.
Bert Matthews of White River was
h town on bu. iness Tuesday morning.
Otis Chaxtain and wife were Cus
tomers of Maupin merchants Monday.
Dr. Short left for Madras Fun
day morning, going there on his
regular dental trip. ,
A. E. Caton and wife wnet to Con
don on business Tuesday returning
to Maupin yesterday.
Jack Donaldson haa concluded his
apring work at the F.argher ranch
and la at home on his Bokeoven
place. . s
George Miller was In town yes
terday putting up advertising mat
ter for the coming show, next Sun
day night V
Leonard Weberg and wife spenl
Sunday at the home of the former'r
parenta, Mr. and Mrs. 0. P. Weberg.
In Maupin.
The Cantons, werq visitors at
Arlington a day or two- the. latter
part of last week, going there on. v
business mi; sion.
o - ...
"Shorty" Emmeraon, who had been
In Maupin seeking a job as woo!
sacker, returned to The Dalles yes
terday afternoon. '
Mrr. J. M. Miller went to Port
land yesterday ' afternoon, going
down for the purpose of receiving
treatment for an Injury received
some time ago.
.' Graduation ' cards 10 cents nnr
25 cents at-tbe Maupin Drug Store
Hat Brand New Oldenmobil
Oscar Renick Is the proud owner
of a brand new Oldsmobile landau
' recently purchased of N. H. Martin
of The Dalles. The car is the Jast
word In automobiles snd hows up on
the highway like a lone Btar in the
Frank Klint and wife visited at
The Dalles last Saturday.
Mrs. Ilrt'tn of 1 Dufur was mi
1 ust Maupii vydtor lately. j
Freddie Anderson is again in Fast
Maupin, after long siege In a P -t-land
Mrs, rcte'Kii is living in the L.
D. Kelly residence .inee.thc Kellyt
have moved 1 'he hotel,
Floyd and V. W. Richmond were
at the newly acquired muskrat ranch
on Badger creek Tuesday.
Mrs. Eva MeClure is a'steting at
the home of Mrs. Clark Richardson
during the illness of that aged lady.
Every cabin at the Maupin Camp
ground was occupied over tha wi'efc
end, fishermen securing many of
them lij advance.
Dave Donaldson, East Maupin'e
champion fisherman, It getting nwr
ihe limit every t'mc lie hits the river
big ones at that.
. o .
Mrs. Bob Bell returned to her homo
t Vancouver, Washington, Tuesday,
hev having spent a few days with
her husband at the 0. W, depot.
compsny will abandon the power
plant on White River, In which cane
the wster now controlled by the
company would revert to the public
domain and become available for use
on Juniper Flat
Condon The Talm cafe plam in
tallatlon of cooling system.
P. E. P. Company Experts to Erect
Dam Which Will RaUe
Lake 60 Feet '
Report has It that the Portland
Power & Light company contemplate)
She erection of a monster dam at
'herara Bridge, and that work on the
structure may be begun this season.
The company has had the site for
some time and many surveys have
een made for a dam and lake.
Wb have been told that if the dam
's constructed a lake extending above
ink Springs a halt mile will be made
vy the backing of the water In the
lo chutes above the falls. Also that
'lie depth of water at the dam will
be approximately 60 feet, which
vould cause the railroads to raise
! heir tracks several feet In order to
scape rising water.
-It is probable that if the dam Is
put In and a lake formed that the
(continued from first page)
strength toward our loud sub-divi-,sion
nerds. Until we go forward,
slowly perhaps, but nevertheless for
ward. If we harbor isms, fa'se
Santa Claimes, 'cattered effort and
disscntlons, we lose ground, lose hope
lose all IS years of struggle have
laid Into the legal foundation of our
water rights We have the largest
private project in the state and water
rights are getting harder and harder
to get and scarcer and scarcer, due
to many new uses. Clear creek,
Clear lake, Frog creek Elk creek,
Beaver creek, Bear creek, Beaver
Butte creek, Cedar creek, Clear
swamp are all now Included in our
rights as well as storage - in Mc
Cubbins and Pregentine gulche".
Do we guard the title to our own
homes? I'll say we do. Must we
also be jealoun of the title to our
water rights? Absolutely! When
wethink that down through the
vears, with a feverish scramble go
ing on to find good land and a little
water all around us in the west, we
can sit tight in the security of wa
ter titles based on datings even be
fore we had a state engineer's of
fice In Oregon. Then it will reflect
the judgment and common sense of
today's pioneers (for we are just
that) In sticking together and build
ing a little every year on the good
old foundatio'n.
Waplnltla Flains can and will
support a bigger population. Mau
nin is absolutely destined to be
southern Wasco county'.- trade cen
ter in a large sense. Yakima Val
ley shipped out 4R.000 car loads of
produce and stock in one year.
Half as many cars returned loaded
with every kind of article from
mouse traps to combines. Yet In
the minds and lives of old rettlers
where Is todav bunded such a tre
mendous development aitd where
ence only sasre and jack ; rabbits
held sway and Uncle Sam stood
resdy to bet any man, $1.25 per
cre,. that the s-ur homesteado
would starve to death. We know
he an wer, water and cooperation.
A broadest intr station Is beinrr
installed in The Dalles. I'd like to
go with a good representative body
on the air and "tell the world" our
land and water story. A large land
operator " of Portland, Dorr E,
Keasey, has visited Waplnitla
Plains. He suggerta that when,. we
are ready (meaning when the dam
' built) that he would like to aid
Uj in the land subdivision. He wants
to fly over Wapinltia Plains and
Maupin with a newspaper staff
photographer and snap the Des
chutes gorge, White River, Cohim.
bia grandeur, the great green
whispering forest, the wheat and
summer fallow flelds.and wonderful
hlghwaya and then with there mod
em evidences of the real possibili
ties here to lay the facts and pic
tures before the railroads, land
settlement boards, the eastern state
chambers of commerce and in short
shout from the house tops the news
that the land s end has not yet been
reached since reclaimed arid land
is indeed new or reborn.
How many 1000 acres would it
take to put the project and the far
mers and bankers and the mer
chants on easy trct and holiday
Facing the I IRE Facts
Fire costs the nation over five hundred million
dollars a year.
Every minute property worth $1044 is consumed
by fire. . - ,
Ola Suffers Loaa of Pasgtra While
Out Fhhlng
Carelessness causes a majority of fires. Seventy- J
five percent of the fires in the country are pre- f
ventable. -
Thfi mnst. fmnnrfnnf fnrr ia that thla tAca miv
..r . . VHM iWU ,UJ
C come to you.
A Fire Insurancexpolicy in The Home Insurance
Company of New York assures reimbureraent for
vrmi f frmnv? il Inoo
Jliiwiviw ....... -
uont aeiay. instruct your Home agent to pro
vide you with sufficient sound fire insurance.
Stuart & McDonald
Insurance Agents Maupin, Oregon
1 Pick Ups
(Special Correiipondence)
Ant et auful!
Yoost last veek. aye make plan to
by me vun small little car fcr Hilda
my gurt De kind vat has for veels
and no bruks," And yumpin yhnminy
ef aye dadnt go f isken in da deshoots
raver and los by pokebok rat in da
Ant et auful! ,
No car no pangcr but yon he tal
me wear dar is a vill dar is a vay so
aye dont feel so bad. Aye tank aye
vork on Baccshun sax yar more dan
aye by vun roling race fer Hilda.
Hilda the ban smal svede kum
from old kontry yust last veck on a
big oshun stcemer boat. Val she har
vun sveet yob In sveden, she vork for
seven pcepels in vun veek and dat
is gud rekomendashun. Aye tel
Hilda mabe-ve skol tak trip to sec
dc co te and pick clams. Hilda she
lak oshun seenry. Hildas fader he
got so much money it taks him 2
veeks and 8 days to fignr up his per
centings an vat be got left
Val aye sure got sum good noose
now. Yust now pet even on kum to
me and sed har Ole is yur pokebok.
Aye ban fishen and tt aye had big
ranebo fisk on my hok. Aye puled
it out and find it vas Oles pokebok. '
Yumpin Yhnminy aye get so glad
my hart ico pitpot so fast aye c-.m
not full brethe. Aye tank dar be
many onest man in dc world, no
naxt veek aye tal yu of my new car.
De papr money in de pokepok got
so vet it vill tak til next veek to
dry out ro aye can tal a tventy frum
a five dolar bill. Ant et auful!
' But s0 it gos vat ve gt yesterday
mabe is gon tomorow ef yu dont
lok out. Your frend Ole.
Se you agin next veek.
Seventy-three years ago last .Wed
nesday occurred an event that put
M.; ouri on hc map as a fixture-, fir
on date our esteemed fellow
townsman, W. II. (Bill) Wi'lit-ma
first saw the light of day. Bill cele
brated the event this year by losing
his pocket book which contained a
sum of money -his deputy sheriff's
commis ion and several other valu
able papers. He came over town in
a sweat but when told where he
could recover hjs treasures broke
into a smile that will tike days to
erase. " -
ffBudge" Greene has almost com
pleted an apprenticeship as a painter.
He has accumulated a- luffieient
quantity of paint on his overalls and
shoes to cover an ordinary dwelling
snd fence and has developed a per
manent crick in his neck from look
ing at ceilings. Just when he became
fairly proficient with a paint brush
he discovered that the open spaces
were callng, therefore went with his
dad to Bend, where he vill employ
hi- time, this summer in making a
road out of the sige brush plains be
tween Burns and Bend.
O. B. Derihick came to own one
day recently no hot nnrier the col
lar that he fairly sizzled. He had
phoned a garage at The Dalles the
night before, placing an order, for
certain truck parts, which were
promised tojje in Maupin yesterday
morning. That time came but the
parts failed to materialize, conse
quently our worthy rancher friend
proceeded to tell, the garage men
where to head In on his next order.
- Mayor Henncghnn bi ied himself
in setting the repaired hydrant at the
Richmond enrner last Wednesday.
Tw said- that whoever rnn into the
fire plug and broke it just caused our
AH A-4 All
Sizes Prices
We have the latest patterns in
In Silk, Satin and Patent Leather
All Marked Within Reach of Every Pocketbook
204 East Second Street The Dalles, Oregon
Where Maupinitet receive Service coupled with Courtesy and Eat
the Bett on the Market'. Try thi Cafe when is The Dalle again.
Convey Your Sentiment With
Nothing is more appropriate as a Graduation
gift than FJowers, tastefully arranged and beau
tifully blended. Such a gift conveys a sentiment
that lives long after the flowers have withered,,
and seals a friendship that lasts forever. Order
your Graduation Flowers from The Dalles Foral
Company and get the finest that grow.
Store rhone 710-R , The, DaUes
fair city an expense of $25.00. If
the destroyer of public property were
Known he would be given a ehancc
co make up that amount 'because of
'nis carelessness. :., . i
Billy Ikrkman helped Bill Schill
ing fix up the broken fire plug
!,hat is. Billy chipped the bronze from
around the bolt hole, and incident
ally held the blow torch when the
broken pairfs were preheated. ;
Dan Gibbs has at last succeeded in
getting a license for his Ford coupe.
Dan hes tried for the past four years
'jo secure a license for each of four
ears he has driven, but ;omo little
thing always gtood in the way. This
time his license wsa held up because
he had failed to demonstrate he could
drive a car. Lieutencnt Salzmann
jlraiithtened the matter out and soon
Dan's little Ford will be resplendent
in new licence plates. '
A report was rampant around
Mupin 1 t week that a certain
"nung couple had secured a marriage
license and were about to be mar
ried. Investigation revealed the re
port to be erroneous. The couple did
to to The Dalles one day last week,
Mit their trip was f or the purpose of
Hiending a show and nothing else.
nother ce of go ip gone wrong.
Later The marriage took place.
Tuesday evening.