The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 11, 1929, Page Page Three, Image 3

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    Thursday April 11, 1929.
By Mnask Stadlemife off .
smpm Hi ' Sella!
' . AuadlatoifEiiiiM .'
April 21, 1929 8:00 o'clock p. m.
D.'f. TTn About
1 -ft;V 7Vwn
Z' Personalities 7
Geo Stout of Witmlc wh In Mau
pin on business Tueduy morning.
Ben Fralcy end J. M. Miller made
business trip to The Dalles on fcat
urdr met. ,
Kd. Driver, prominent at'Wamir,
u transacting business in Maupin
on Tuesday. '
Mm. Mary Crabrec, mother of Mm
Arthur Crt Ightnn, lit vl itor at h?r
daughter' home in Maupin.
Zen Watkis came over from
Tygh Valley on Monday and did
buslnea with our merchants.
John Conroy and Wallace Con.
ley from White river were in Mau
pin on bualncai last Saturday.
Wllnon the painter came over from
Smock and U engaged with "Shorty"
Miller In painting Maupin rceldcnrw.
Harold Walter and wife were
among thoie from Juiper Flat who
were trading In Maupin this morning.
p ,
Dewey lofton, brother of Mr.
Gui Derthlek, is one of the survey.
Ing crew on the new toll Mrephnnc
f Superintendent (irnnewidd, In
company with Stat Superintendent
Howard, visited the Maupin rhoh
on Monday.
a gust of her lister, Mr. Arthur
Crelghton, a short time thi week.
W. H. Kentticr and wife, rela
tives of the Schilling family, visited
their Maupin relative the first few
dayu of the week, they being on their
w.iy noine to Klamath from Vancou
ver, V.'a. hington. , s
Trppr Fulkcraon Take la Bobcat
ad Two Coyotes
Dr. W. A. Short went to Madras
Monday and will take care 6f those
who need dental work for the balance
of this week. .
It. C. Fulkcrson, government trap
per stationed here, killed a sheep
ruing bobrat Tuesday, catching the
auhnnl across from the mouth of
White river. The cat was given cred
it for killing seven of the Connolly
Iambi oft Monday night and was a
very large specimen of feline. Fulkcrson-
also killed a large female
coyote on Salt Spring canyon last
week, it having eight pup ,
He succeeded In killing a sheep
killing coyote in Devil's canyon, get
ting the animal the latter part of
last week. That coyote had been
working among the sheep along the
river. ,
We have had occasion to remark
about the skill of Bill Schilling In
welding and bia knowledge of the
auto repair game. We still Intk t that
Bill is all to the candy when it comes
to the auto gam. Nevertheless he
had a peculair experience on day
last week, happening thusly: BUI
went to Dufur to tow a car in, driv
ing a Ford. On the way the car
buerator became loosened and sep
arated from the J.Inie. Uncon
scious o( the fact Bill kept, on and
when he reached Maupin dscorered
the foes. In that respect a Ford is
like an old-time Campbell cylinder
press take everything off but the
cylinder and the blamed thing will
atlll do fair printing.
Wilson the painter has returned
from his winter's sojourn at his home
at Silverton. He called at this print
shop Tuesday and bemoaned the
weather, raying that at Silverton he
experienced some warm days but in
this section he ran into a young win
ter. Now that he is here, however,
he propones to stick and father in
a few jobs of painting.
John Mannion has resigned a.:
clerk at Hotel Kelly au J hn gene
back to his original love working
with sheep. John bus been employed
by Fanthera and is as busy as the
proverbial ant in helping take care
of the little woollies aa they make
their advent into thi. world, to them,
of grass and mountain climbs.
F.rnext Doty had a peculiar ex
perience one day this week. He had
sold a number of sheep pelts to a
dealer of The Dalles, who, while on
his way home lost a couple of the
hides. One of them was picked up
by a traveling man who old it to
Ernest Our worthy warehouse man,
Wini-r Killed Quell
While petting out jiolaon in Butler
canyon Trnpper Fulkcraon noticed
many dend mountain quail. He says
that wlnre there were large flocks
before the extreme cold weather of
Irtnt winter, hut one of two are seen.
He ill told Uii that he found many 1
dend porcupines, they having perish- I
ed thru lack of food.
realizing that the pelt had been lot
and aurmUiiig who lost it, was not
willing he should lose it altogether,
so purchased it from the find-r. Mr
Hide Dealer was thus compelled to
repurchase his hide,, learning the
lesion therefrom to tie his load more
securely when preparing to make a
drive with it.
Fresaie Martin is employed at the
new Shell oil plant All he has to
do la to keep the earth loosened so
a scraper can gather up a load to
be dumped in another place, pick
rockg out of the loosened earth and
wear a pick handle out in so doing.
Of course Fressi doesn't think that
is work, but to us we know of rtveral,
yes, a whole lot of things, we'd rather
Le ter Crofoot -works on the new
bridge, and keeps bury at all times.
We were there Tuesday and observed
Lester yielying a hand saw, making
little sticks out of long ones. Letter
says directing a hand raw is all right
providing it is Hnrp, but when he is
given a etraight edge and drc'ed to
separate fir stirki with it, well, he'd
prefer a flat file as a too!.
Cjl sMaM iaawMMeaMM aiy m fVyw
I The. Hand That Stabs
In the Dark . . . .
They Say Lightning: Never Strickes Twice in the
Same Place. Once is Enough
Avoid the possibility of a loss without insurance
protection. A Fire Insurance Policy in The Home
Insurance Company of New York guards you
financially against the first destructive flash or
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Stuart & McDonald
From The Times April 12, 1918
An even 100 subscribers to .the
Third Liberty Loan bondn wan re
ported early this week. Tin amounU
subcribed were: Maupin,' $11,000;
Wupirtia $12,000; Wamic $300.
Roy Batty has purchased the J. I.
Powell farm on the lower end of the
Forty-nine men have signed up as
home guard. Only a few more will
be neccjrary to organize.
Mrs. Mary Pecftette of Wapinitia,
who ha: been at Seattle during the
winter, vi. itinjr with a brother,
Insurance Agent3
Maupin, Oregon
Where Manpinites reeeiva Service coapled with Courtesy and Eats
the Beit oa the Market. Try thia Cafe whea ia The Dalles again.
is now in Alaska and reports five
feet of snow at the place she is at
J. P. Abbott reports about 1400
little lambs as this year's increase
to his flock of sheep.
Maupin will receive the state flag
as having gone over the top in the.
last Liberty Loan, having made a.
record OJM55.5. This place; Mau
pin in the forefront of the honor
towns of the state and the Federal
Reserve bank at San Ftancisco has
been notified to send the flag to this
city. 1 '
Takes Martin Residence
Bobby Davidson has rented the AI
vis Mxrtin residence and as soon" as
the Martins go to The Dalles will
move into it. Bobby will thus live
i on the main stem and be more nc
, ces Ible to those who desire his ser-
Mrs. Ef f le Jackson, proprietress
of the Tourist hotel, The Dalles, waA '.vires ns a truckman
Greater Beauty,
Greater Comfort,
Greater Value,
Little Cost!
Your old stucco or wooden houses, no matter how
large or small, can bo given u new dress by a cover
ing of shingles, or attractive lumber siding , , .
shady porches can be added . . . a new wing to
the house ... gleaming floors of pine or oak . . .
beamed ceilings and paneled walls . . a home of
lasting beauty, comfort and increased value.
You will'be surprised at the little cost, to make
these and many other improvements . . . possible
on any old house . . . hy the U3e of, improved .
'modern lumber. The value of your property can
be greatly enhanced and your outlay will be sur
prisingly low. .
: Call, or ask lis to call and talk over the possibili
ties of modernizing your home. Our lumjicr yard
is stocked to meet every need if or modernizing your,
.old house , . , inside and out. . 1 '
"Materially Yours," ; !
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rieasufndmr, nillioutfbl!gtj"n, information PONTIAC." Q BUICK
checked -oariherrith yJ new illumed D OLJPSMOBILE LaSALLB
bcok"rfeP- MM.n CADILLAC
t'nidattl iftemfitic Rtfriertter Mti-lJt Elttlt'x Tram tnd Liht FU-tUi Q 5 IFtttr SjUtm
Name, ...... ........... ,. , .
A'ifiress. '.
TUNE 1N-Qenral Mown rrlly rirtv,Fiy MendiT.j t- r.M.(SiMcra SuUitl Tlaw)
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Local Manager