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    Thursday April 4,
j Personalities
Ltvtrnt Fischer mad an early
trip to Tht Dalit Tuesday.
Jim Woodcock mad a bulness
trip to Madras Tuesday morning.
A. B. Smith and family wtr In
Maupln Tutacday trading with Mau
pin merchants.
L C Hnnghan, accompanied by
lira. Chalmers, wert Tht Dallta
vlalturt Sunday. '
Raymond Crabtret wat.ln from
the Flat a ahort time Tuaaday morn
Ing on business,
Mesdames Percy Driver and W.
H. Wharton were Maupin viaitort
Tutaday afternoon.
FUke Bothwell come over from
Dufur Saturday and apent Sunday
in Maupln with his family.
Roy Richmond hai gone to work
for Bruce Both ell, directing tho
way of a Fordson in plowing.
Mn. Dr. Stovall went to the Flat
Tuesday and when she returned
trot her , little granddaughter,
Lorctte Dee Wood Idc, home for a
W. H. Aldridge and wife attend
ed the Boy Scout exercise Sunday
evening, coming down from Bake
' ' Q
Don Miller and Lester MrCorklc
from the FJat were attending to
business matters at The Dallea yes
terday. Mr. Martin, Oldsmoblle agent of
The Dalles, was calling on prospec
tive buyers of hia make of car on
Through the kindness of -0. B.
Derthlek The Times man waa enabled
to make a trip to the county seat
, Ward Buian was over from his
White river, ranch Tuesday, bring
ing a big job of welding in for Bill
Schilling to do.
Ernest Troutman was In from hisj
sheep ranch Tuesday, coming In after ;
the wherewith to keep hi; herders!
on the jobgrub.
Ogden Elwood camo up from
Klamah Falls and spent a day or two
with his father, Dr. J. L. Elwood, in
Maupin this week. f
- -o
Clarence Zicircnhaircii and fam
ily went to The Dallea Tuesday
afternoon, Clarence going down on
' buslne s errand. , .
Floyd MrLeod rode Into town on
horseback Tue day morning, com
ing in for the purpose of getting
his horses shod. ,
Job Crahtree and Arthur Crcigh
ton went to White river Monday and
did tome work finishing the interior
of Joe Chastain's rcsldcnse.
Dr. W. A. Short will go to Madras
on Monday next and will be there
the following six days In the Inter
est of his dentistry practice.
. D. L. Rutherford, wife and son and
-daughter attended tho Boy Scout
txtrciaes in Maupin Sunday even
ing. , They live at Criterion.
Frank Creager was at The Dalles
a few days this week, having an(
ear doctor look into and remedy a
disturbing condition of his cars.
" o
Commissioner L. B. Kelly accom
panied 0. B. Derthick to The Dalle"
for the regulnr monthly meeting of
the county court, on Wednesday.
Clarence and Arthur . Fargher
were down from Bakeoven Tuesday,
They report lambing as well on the
way with a fairly good crop showing
up. -.
. o
Mrs. Anna Smith and daughter,
Gladys, spent a day or so at the
home of the former's brother, 0. P.
Wcberg, the latter 'part of last
; W. W. Bolcher, district Scout
'executiye, with hla wife camo over
from The Dalles and assl ted in the
Boy Scouts' Court of Honor Mon
day evening. ' ,
George Fuller and wife arrived
from The Dalles Saturday and
spent the time until Monday visiting
with the iatter's sister, Mrs. Alvirs
Martin, and family. ,
. o--
J. 8. Brown and wife wero in
. from' the Upper Flat Tuesday, Sam
coming in to attend the regular
monthly meeting of the director of
the Maupin SUte Bunk.
Mr. and Mrs. M. 0. Nelson, father
and mother of Mr. E. A. Cyr, cam
up from Bend Saturday and remain
ed over until Sunday with- their
daughter and husband.
Early Strawberry Blottm
This bannana belt holds suprem
acy over all eastern Oregon. In
our strawberry patch are several
plants that already bear blossoms,
therefore wt are fixing our mouths
for some early strawberry short
S. S. EasUr Srtc
Tht U. B. Sabbath school scholars
provided an Easter program on Sun
day, it consisting of recitations and
songs by the junior and Intermediate
classes and a special Easter song by
a quartette mad op of members of
the Bible class. A fairly large at
tendance waa out
Gen te Tka MouaUl
Fred Hachler was summoned to
work in the forest reserve by the
ranger In charge, and left for Port
land on Monday, There he will
learn just what part of the reserve
he will be employed in, go there and
begin his season's lsbor.
Child to The Dalles
Rev. Everett Hajsen and wife went
to The Dalles last Saturday for the
purpose of taking their infant
daughter for treatment. Dr. Co
berth operated on the little girl and
opened several abcessea, with relief
to the sufferer. There now is hope
for her complete recovery.
New Hello Girl J
Miss Gertrude Laughlin hai ac
cepted a position as "hello" girl
at 'the Maupin telephone exchange.
She has not had previous experience
on the board hut her winning, cheer
ful manner will prove an asset to
Mr. flays. Undoubteedly Miss Ger
trude will graduate as a competent
New Cat Pump
Batea Shattuck is replacing his
antiquated gaa pump with a modern
dispenaer of the.fulid that makes au
tos run. The new pump is the latest
design, visible and will greatly Im
prove the gas (tand In front of his
All But One Convicted
The only two counties
where arrests for game,
In Oregon
were Sher
with a to
highest on
there waa
ho escaped
were not made last year
man and Wheeler. Coos
tal of 6 1 arrests stood
the. list of counties and
only one man arrested w
Will Mot to The Dall
Alvis Martin has pttrcha ed a home
in Thd Dalles and he aad family ex
pect to soon - move thereto. The
Dalles' gain is Maupin'a loss, for the
Martins hava Ion been one of this
town's leading; families. All who
know them will regret their depart
ure from Maupin,
Gm Wardens Convention
The Mute game warden's conven
tion will he held In Portland April
8th and Oth. At that time all of
the JiO deputy game wardena that
ire srnttrrcd throughout he state
wil gather for the purpose of dis
cussing changes In the laws that were
mode during the last session of the
Building Show Window i
Atfhur Crelghton wai at work
Monday afternoon building a show
window display enclosure on the
east window of the Kramer garage.
The window will be used to display
Ford auto acccssorier.
Fruit Slithtly Injured
Dick Johnson reports that the
winter frost failed to kill all of the
nraeh fruit spurs in his orchard
The extreme cold weather hurt tho
buds some but did, not kill theny so
hard that no peaches will be grown.
All other fruits crime through In
fine shape. The prevailing cold
weather will have the effect of re
tarding blossoming, thus obviating
all chance of injury by lator frosts,
should they come.""
Canada Aiks Information Concern'
Ing Oregon's Gam Preserves
Several provinces of Canada have
recently written Harold Clifford
flate game warden, asking for !n
formation relative to the establish
ment of game refuses. In Oregon a
total of 2,788,245 acres of land
have' been df sifrnatrtl as game re
fuges by the state leplslature and
by arrangement with the game com
mission an additional 198,780 acres
I have been set asldo at. areas where
jit is unlawful at any time to kill
' game animals. s
i&k UAtm TIMES
Dr. Clarke of the Carle Optical
Company, 202 and 203 Merchant!
Trust Building, Sixth and Washing
ton streets, Portland, Oregon, eye
sigh specialist, will be in Maupln
oo Monday, April 8th, at Home ho
tel all day and evening. SEE HIM
Forty WIU SlaafhUr! Down
la DogU Couaty
Crey eaglet have been working on
tho sheep herd of Irvin Mather, a
fanner living near Roaeburg. ac
cording to a report made to tht
Stat Game Commission. Mr.
Mather' hat stated that approximate
ly 40 of his spring lambs have been
killed and carried away by the
eaglet and that he hat seen as many
at eight of tht birds on hit place
at one time.
Thumb DllocaUJ
A Portland man named Clifford
E. Mincey, working for the Con
nollys, sustained a badly dislocated
thumb on Sunday. He fell, strik
ing on the digit, forcing the bone
back to tht htnd and splintering a
fctnaU piece from it r. Elwood
took an X-ray of the injury Mincey
waa sent home to Portland for fur
tvr treatmnt.
Snow This Moruirjg
This is April tht month which is
supposed to product showers for
bringing forth of May flowers. Snow
however, filled tht air for a short
time this morning, causing an extra
chill to permeate the air.
Has your dustpan a firm straight
edge which fit the efloor so that
part of the dust ia noj brushed un
derneath? A long-handled dustpan
saves much stooping.
A live man pays 25 rents for a
shave while it costs a dead one
- A wool coat costs $25; a wooden,
one $100
Taxi for the theatre is $1.50; to
the cemetery $6.60.
, A hired man plants corn for 25
cento per hour, but for planting
you. he gets four times as' much.
For 50 cents you enn fill your
hide with home brew; but the em-
balmer gets $15.
aMaw-Aw"aiM tW
BircMdd Furniture .
is inspired by the English idea,
of luxurious comfort . . . and
created by powers . . . to give at
a reasonable price upholstered
furniture of superlative quality.
Springs .
Of oil-tempered Premier steel wire . ...
eight-way tied Instead of four
Cushion Springs 1
Genuine Nachman Coil Units.
Full Web Bottoms
Of heaviest Italian webbing not spaced.
Of finest selected woods . . . dowellcd and -
double-braced. i
' Filling- , ' ,
The materials used on the inside of "Birch
tail. field" Upholstered Furniture is exactly aa
represented ... the finest thot can be pro-
v cured , ,x. good and reliable In every de-
Coverings (
' In endless array ..... any style, color or
quality which you may choose to work out
your decorative idea. Mohairs, tapestries,
, domestic and imported velours and friezes,
. etc. '. - "
We Are in a Position
Pick Uns
I A i 111 I
0. E. Bays, abetted and inspired
by the " spirit of April Fools' day,
Invited certain Maupin merchant; to
look skyward for north-bound geese
on Monday. The merchant dis
covered they were "gooses" for fall
ing for the Joke.
x -
Doc Short pulled a hot one during
tht High school vaudeville, when he
charged Vernt Fischer with having
taken up plumbing as a side lint.
At any raU tht "gag" was duly ap
preciated by the large audience, al
though tht doctor failed to make
connection between the plumber and
,hotel tub.
: x
Bill Schilling has improved hit
spare timt fixing hi Colt 8 t0 it
would function properly. He took
tht mill to pieces, ground tht valves,
fixed the wiring, timed the timer,
lubricated the cut-out, repaired a
hole in the driver's cushion, spliced
the fan belt, poliacbcd the light
lenses. Dolislipd the raitintn n
. , .... - W. VI,
washed ths cerbureator and now has .
the bout in fine shap for t trip"
lor til j -ming of the fiahin mu
son. T'.'i ia now lookng aroind for
bait and if he is successful in se
curing aame will be all set to gather
in messes, of rainbow trout.
Frank Creager has been indu trl
ously spading up his garden patch.
He now has the ground in a mellow
condition, ready for vegetable seed,
rrank says he "has a notion to
a. pond in his barnyard, bow water
creaa and make a place for the pro
pagation of frogs. He fays ia he
could not sell the frotjg he knowa of
a market for hope and could dispose
of all the frogs made.
"Shorty" Miller U one painter
who has all the work he can handle.
He has decorated the drug ttorc,
Stovall's residence, Dr. Elwood'a'of
fice and home, Bill Williams' doml
cle, the interior of the Rainbow
cafe and now ir going to- the Flat
and there make , several buildings
raore presentable.
"Shorty" says there is more rea
profit in painting than in all the
games of pcnuhle he ever played.
Dr. Clarke, -Eyesight Specialist,
will be in Maupin on Monday April
atir w)
Upholstered Furniture
Designed, manufactured and sold exclusively by
to Create "Birchfild" Uphols stored Furniture to Meet
. tive Scheme
' 13. IWU WASHUHiiO t IK-
Third and Washington St.
1 atMatv
The Hand That Stabs
In the Dark ....
They Say Lightning Never Strickes Twice in the
Same Place. Once is Enough
Avoid the possibility of a loss without insurance
protection. A Fire Insurance Policy in The Home
Insurance Company of New York guards you
financially against the first destructive flash or
against the many other sources of fire loss which
tf may destroy your property.
Your Home agent can determine for you just how
much insurance you need to adequately protect
C your property.
Stuart &
Insurance Agents
28, at the Home Hotel, all day and
evening. ,
From The Times April 6, 1918
Ten degrees below zer0 was the
stunt the weather pulled off at
Wapinitia last Friday night
Mea les is more or less prevalent
among school children just now.
R. C. Jory and wife have opened
a general merchandise store in the
bujlding recently vacated by the
pharmacy. ,
Floyd 'Kelly writes from . New
York to the effect that he ia sta
tioned at that place and quatrreed
. Whera Maupinitet receive Senrw. coupled with Courtesy and Eat
tli Best on the Market. Try this Caf whoa in Th Dalle again.
Davenport $119 Armchair $64.50
The group is unusually luxurious . . . with its deep seat and well-padded
iia;k and arms . . . beautiful with its pleated arm panels and shaped
base Covered in plain mohairs with contrasting cu. hion reverses, black
welt trim. Ideal for the average home. ?
. The "Druxburu"
Davenport $139 Armchair $74.50 '
The unusual spring arm type of the "Druxbury" speaks volumes for its
oomf ort. Note the low arms, the deep seats ' and backs. Uphot tred in
fine, plain mohairs . . . cushions reversed in contrasting colors . . .
black welt trimmed. ,
The "Stratford"
V Davenport $149 Armchair $79.50
This suite ia particularly clever in proportion with ita low, tufted somi
Lawson backs strikingly adapted to colonial rooms. Upholstered in very
heavy ratine tapestries or Jn combinations of Moquettes and Mohairs.
The "Moderne"
Davenport $159
For tho up-to-date home ... a beautiful, gracful adaptation of Art.
Moderne, with luxurious comfort not to be found in extreme creations.
Covered in figured damasksof a quality and coloring in keejjinc wLh its
designing. , . . k
Phone 300
rVaViMif'Vi n xiiQ
Maupin, Oregon
on the U. S. S. Granite State. Floyd
ia attending Columbia university,
studying gasoline engines for eer- .
vice of submarine cha.ers. He aays
the people of the east treat the en
listed men royally.
Candidates for county office are
looming up, there being three fil-
ings so far made for the office of
county treasurer, jpne for sheriff,
one for representative, while Frel
W. Wilson is out to succeed himself
as circuit judge,. And -till there's
more to follow. ' ' .
The lower end of th Flat has put
a telephone line into Maupin. The
owners of the line are Al Britton,
Jack Fraley, H. I. Shearer. J. H.
Chastain, W. 0. Chastain, John Mar
row. "More have been promised.
Armchair $84.50
the Needs of Any Decora-
;,' r
v NO