The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, February 28, 1929, Page Page Three, Image 3

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    Thursday, February, H, ld2J.
t rtfc MAUPIN TlMfek
I Personalities
Oliver Rcsh mid wife enjoyed a
ride to The Dalies and return Sun
duy, o "
Cluds Wing of Wmlc wu at
tending to business matters In Mau
pln yesteday, '
J. G. Kramor spent a couple of
days In Maupln taut week, coming in
from hii Laktiview ranch.
. o
Paul Muller of Tygh Valley
was a business visitor with our
itort keepers on Saturday last.
. Llyod Morrow was a rancher
from Wamlc who attended to busl
now in Maupln yesterday morning.
L C. Henneghan and wife left
Tuesday morning for Salem, where
they will visit for a time with rela
tive. Clarence Fargher wai a Maupln
visitor Sunday, It being hie fintt
visit to town for bettor then a
A. A. Derthick waa over from Du
fur lust Sunday, making a ahort
visit with his son, Gus Derthick, and
family, ' t
. o
E. M, llartman and on, A.
Lincoln, were in from their Wap
intia home on business Monday
Mrs. Wayne DfJanvior left for
The Dalles Monday and will be cm
ployed as waitress In Mack's rafe at
that place.
Johnny McLeod came over from
The Dalles Saturday and spent
few days this week with relatives
and friends,
Dolph Goctjen and wife wore
over from the Hunt Tygh Valley
nch a couple of days the latter
part of lust week.
Mho is a sister-in-law of Mr. David
son. ' o-
Clyde T. Bonncy and wife were
over from Tygh Valley last Satur
day and left some of their money
with Muupln merchants,
Mrs. Marcus Shearer returned
from The Dalles last Friday and re
ports her husband as getting better
from tho burns ha received during
the Fischer fire. ,
Tom Gallughor took hb Esaex out
of hockr-dilayed getting a license
and with his family took in the
sights between Maupln and,, the
county seat Sunday,
Mr-.. Arthur Crelghton Is again
presiding over the range at the
Rainbow, having been pressed into
service last week shortly after her
return from Seattle.
Newell, Shearer and wife returned
to the Three Mile ranch last Friday,
after spending a week at tho Mnrcu
Shearer home in Maupln.
Mrs. Ida Davidson arrived Mon
dny from" Twin Falls, Idaho, and will
be employed during the coming rea
son at the Jake Davidson ranch.
W, It. Aldrldge was one of the
progressive ranchers who took In
the International tractor school
Tuesday, coming down from his up
per Bakoovcn ranch.
1 Mrs. Alice Bourland, a promin
ent member of the Barlow Gate
grange, Wamlc,. was attending tg
matters connected with the play,
"Three Pegs," in Maupln yesterday.
"Bt.d. on a String" Will Be Offer
ad en Evening of March
Sialeanth '
This seems to be the season when
amateur thecplans plume themselves
and show their talents, and In this
section there are more who possess
dramatic proclivities than anywhere
else we know of. The lutcst to an
nounce the presentation of a play is
the Barlow Gate Orange of Wamlc,
which order will present ''Beadn on
a String," a three-act comedy at
the Wamlc hall on the evening of
Saturday, March 16.
"Beads on a String" is one of
those humorous plays that appeals
to all. It is a story woven about a
young man who ia in love but who
has great difficulty in making his
parents agree to hLi marriage. The
play is fraught with ludicrous situa
tions, pathetic love lines and is fill
ed with comicalities.
Price of admission will be 60
cents and 25 cents. There will be
a dance after the show, for which
good ma le will be on hand. Mau
pln people are especially Invited to
attend and a good time and plenty
of laughter is promised.
Cast of Characters .
Bennie Davis ( . , 4
Zezzalee Davis Jborn Patccr
J. II. Davis, Bonnie's Father
Henry Wing
Benjamin Davis, a rich uncle
Claude Wing
Harold Bcem, Bonnie's friend
GJcn McKcnzie
Ab. Dinkier, a would be detective....
Mike Urban
Mrs. J. Davt , Bcnnle's mother
Emily Spalak
Molly Mallerton, Bennies' sweet-
heart Naomi Magill
Tygh Vall.y Fight F..t Wall
vertiMj and Will Draw
Big Crowd
The smoker to be staged at Tygh
Valley school gymnasium on Satur
day night promises something en
tertaining In the fight gamo. Those
having the matter in charge have
lined up a fine card and some in
teresting bouts are promised. '. .The
main event will be between "Shorty"
Behnke, who gained quite a repu
tation a year ago by his aggressive
and willing work in the ring and
who, for the past year has been in
dulging In bouts in the east, having
gone ai ar toward the Atlantic as
Detroit He Is now in Portland and
will be on hand for the smoker.
Floyd Holloman, who has appeared
in Maupln and Tygh Valley rings in
the past, will be "Shorty's" op
ponent, and when those two . boys
clash fur will fly.
There will also be several other
bouts,' they being four four rounds
each, the maim event going six can
tor'. All those signed for the
smoker have appeared hereabouts
before and each has given a good
account of himself, and there is no
reason to suppose they win not
show their wares to the best advant
age on Saturday night.
A Home Product!
Living Up to Mottoi "Do One Good
Turn Each Day
The local Boy Scouts arc making
their organization felt in Maupin by
a vark-d assortment of "good turns"
'roely given and cheerfully execut
d. Thev are alive to Hie motto of '
.be toclety and"-each seems to vie Jcanncttc Blue, Uncle Ben's niece....
ith the others in the performance ' - Alice Bourland
f manly acts. The members are , Cleopatra Oleomargarine Johnson ....
iulckly absorbing the Intricate par Thclma Mulvaney
rf scouting and will soon be number
d among the best troops of the or
der. .
If ynu, Mr. Reader, like to me-t
'lonorahle, alert, clean boys, boost
'or the Boy Scouts at all times.
TVy are worthy of your attention,
.'or it should be remembered that
he boys of today are the men of to-
norrow. and if you can helo them from California to Canada. Tire
itlain that perfect manliness whieh j trouble caused tho short delay. While
romes from healthy excarine, moral ' here the women of the party attempt
raining and right precepts you will . ed their old game of palm reading
mve assisted In a most worthy en- i but failed to impress any whom they
leavor. ' considered gullible.
Kodaks and kodak supplies at the
Maupin Drug Store. Bring us your
picture work.
Cypsia In Town
Four large cars each hauling from
six to fifteen Gypsies, made a short
stop In Maupln today while enroute
Spajlding baseball and other Athle
tic goods at the Maupln Drug Store.
Special rates to schools.
Good Card Lined Up For Legion
Entertainment Mardi 9
Last and Best Big
"When Greek meets Greek then
comes the tug of war" is an old
truism. But how about things when
Irish meet Irish? That is ju t what
is going to happen at the smoker to
be pulled off at Legion hall on the
evening of Saturday, March 9. Ray
McQuillan, the fighting Irishman of
Wasco and Floyd Holloman, inwhose
veins flowB the blood of Irish kings,
have been matched by Manager
George Morris to head line the card.
Fight fans may well anticipate fome
lively work in that bout as both boys
arc going In for blood.
There will be five other bouts on
the card and they will be contested
by boxers who have good local repu
tations. The main event will go six
rounds, the others but four rounds.
Plenty of action and a chance to pull
for your favorites. All expected to
be there, so don't disappoint the Le
gion boys. , ,
lll,,l,lIIMI.I,l.ll.,.,.,.)l I III) , ,, ,,., - , , ,.
r S
Mm i.'miiks." ill, ,.";,;,;,.. ', ,,
This bank is a home product in
that it is financed by home capital,
officered by home men and does
business chiefly with home people.
Our services are at your disposal;
use them freely.
Maupin State Bank
will be successful and those who at
tend will be given the thrills expect
ed, notwithstanding the knocks it
has received. '
Giveii by the Maupin American Legion
. Post at their hall in Maupin, on
Saturday, March 9
26-Rounds of Boxing-26
Ray Mcquillan 6 Rounds 148 lbs Floyd Hollomar.
Wasco, Ore.
Maupin, Ore.
Working With Ranchers
0. E. Bays wishes to call atten
tion of the ranchers having phones
to the fact that he wants to co
operate with them to the end that
service shall be of the best He
would like to talk with all phone
owners regarding the exchange, be
lieving that such personal contact
will be of mutual benefit.
r' 7- F7 About
JTlVa Up Town
Young Jackson, Wasco, Ore.,
i 130 Pounds
Albert Hachler, Wapinitia,
Larry Knighten, Tygh Valley,
. , i 170 Pounds
Alva Hammer, Wapinitia,
140 Pounds
Elton Snodgrass, Maupin
125 Pounds
vs. '
vs. -N-
Nick Holloman, Maupin, Ore.
130 Pounds
Andrew Crabtree, Maupin
160 Pounds
Cyril Fraley, Maupin
170 Pounds
Dug Holloman, Maupin
140 Pounds
Ah Unknown x -
Ringside Scats, $1.00. Reserved Seats, 75 cents. General Admission, 50 cents
Tom Gallagher does not like mud,
except as coating over lath. Sun
da he took his family to The Dalles
on a pleasure jaunt The out going
trip was fine and the return was
also fine until they reached a place
neaf the Dufur cemetery. There
the Essex ran into a mud slide. The
road crew was on hand and soon
had cleared a roadway thru the
slime. Tom steered his low-slung
car ; thru about three feet of mud
and eventually trot out Anothef
man, driving like the mill tail of
hades, approached the slide. He
did not attend warning wagj but
hit bolter skelter thru. Tom says
he'll bet a cookie that fellow was a
candidate for an auto washing when
he got to a place where they
launder cars.
Dave Donaldson watches the
river with the eye of a hawk. He
keeps advised regarding the condi
tion of the water, height and possi
ble chances for fish runs. He cays
that without an early flood thre
will not be good fishing in the De
schutes. He arrives at that conclu
sion after watching the river for
a number of years. We believe
Dave knows his fishing onions, as
he h one of the most, successful
fisherman hereabouts.
. - . . x -Clyde
T. Bonney has been as busy
as can be of s late lining up a card
for the coming Tygh Valley smoker.
He has met some opposition in so
doing, that coming from disinterest
ed parties. The Tygh smoker is
sponsored by the pupils of the
schools of that place and is given
in order to raise money with which
to pay off the debt remaining on
thc gym. To lay obstacles in the
way of such an enterprise as he
smoker does not redound t0 the cre
dit of tho:e guilty. The ' smoker
O. E. Bays is here on the job of
fixing telephones on the local lines.
For our phone is able to function
after a quictne a of over three
months. Bays took the innards out
of the thing, added new stuffing,
new wires and now if anyone de
sires connection with The Times
shop they will have no difficulty in
reaching us by phone and getting an
answer. Ring us op and tell ns that
little bit of news you are carrying
under your hat
Julius Shcpflin has been working
on the lritenon end ol tne lugn
way. He, with Gordon Metteer,
Lester Crofoot and Mose Addington
has been cutting a roadway thru
several five-foot drifts so that traf
fic might go on unimpeded. Julius
worked Sunday afternoon and when
he came in refused to go home and
cook his own supper. Tie wife fc
in Portland and Julius, liki most
i !r. r men, is averse to serving an
engineer of a cooking range when
the Rainbow is in the market to
take of his eating wants,
, x
Bill Schilling is a versatile cuss.
When not fiddling with an auto try
ing to find out what makes it not
go, he is welding together broken
articles of metal. His latest venture
is 'that of dog teacher. Bill is now
the possessor of one of The Times
puppiea and is putting in his spare
time trying to make the little fellow
' it up, speak, roll over and other
edifying tricks.
From The times March . 1, 1918
John Foley and bride, nee .Miss
Kate Murphy, arrived Wednesday
from San Francisco. They are now
residing on the former's farm east
of Maupin.
The local telephone switch board
has been moved from the drug ctore
to a room in the postoffice building,
formerly occupied by the jewelry .
store. Miss lea Derthick has been'
employed to operate the board. -
John Boen, employe of the Hedin -mill
company, had his arm badly
mangled by the main saw Friday.
He may lose the use of the arm as
some of the cords were severed.
The Hedin mill crew fc under state
compensation, therefore Mr. Boen
will draw pay for the time he is
laid up.
The fine weather we are enjoy
;ngk has a tendency to bring to life
Ml vegetation. Wild flowers are
blooming in abundance while Mrs.
W. H. Staata has some cabbage
stumps in her garden which have
taken on second growth of some
well developed heads.
A building occupied by the farm
hands at the Connolly ranch burned
Wednesday, February 28 yester- '
day. ' .
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Crabtree are
the proud parent? of an 11 -pound
boy, born Saturday night of lust
Mrs. Joseph Traxtle, formerly of
Tygh Valley, died at Lebanon last
Friday, heart disease being cause of
death. The remains were brought
to Tygh Valley and interred at the
Traxtle homestead. She was 68
years of age. She leaves her hus
band, one son and two daughters.
The Miller farm home near Wa
mic narrowly escaped destruction
last Saturday morning. The fam
ily had been at a dance the- pre
vious evening and slept rather late.
When George and Fred Miller awoke
about 10 o'clock they saw flames
issuing from the roof. They or
ganized a bucket brigade and toon
had the fire out, but not before a
large space and had been burned in
the roof.
John McCorkle is the first on the
list to advance $6.00, a year's tele
phone rent under the newly arrange
ed switchboard. '
Ford Tractor
Shattuck Bros.