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Always working for the best
interests of Maupin and all of
Southern Wasco County.
Publishes only that news fit
to print Caters to no particular
class, but works for alL
Many Bills Offered In House;
Kotor License Cousldcrcd
"Very Important.
Ta Equalisation First Object $12.
000,000 Bonds for Highways Propo
d Stat Departments to b Self
supporting Stat Library Flourish
Annual Pish War Is On Again.
Bui in, Or. First tp toward the
I'S program to be cotisldurcd by this
scsxlon of the legislature were taken
tt a first of Inat week, when the roads
ml highway committees of the sen
in and houie mot to constdor read
JuHtnicnt of motor license fots, and
hn tho house committee on taxation
nd revenue derided to lord out the
firm two mrnturcs of tho Ibt recent
m f:dod by the property tnx reilel
Thiru are Ifht main subjects In the
tit froftrt m, but tho commit! jo cun
eluded the bust policy Is to u,u ou,
the menuure a little at time s
that they run ba nbs:rbed and under
stood, rattier than dumn tha emir
complicated series of bills Into the
bopper at ones.
Eautlliatlon First Object.
K'ju I.'zatlon, rcijardyd as the funda
r ' I lifl'''!!h f the program, will
I-. . hi ,,'f, r ren-ntnd by twi
b'", t!c f.',;l 1,11 .r..f,,-,iv..i control
ami -.,)M,ii.t ttu jtwond cull
Ii:i5 for a fulltlmt state 8x commt
ion, which will eundr.nt Iho present
rotiunijtHton consisting of the govor
nor, HurrciBry of state, st.Mo treasurer
aH tstnta tax commla-jlonor. ,
l't;i!er centralised control of asses
a .'tt It Is hoped to obtain the trtV
v;5u.j and the equalization of brhuss
i t rroirty, but to attuln this
fi"l t!. ;;!."( s tin comm-wiion must bp
.' ;v, ir'-i t-i i x itU general super
v;'oii over the eutiro administration
of tho ni8esmcnt and taxation laws
This would enable tho commission to
'P In und adjust tho glaring Inoqunll
tics which In tho same class of
prr pi rty In different counties.
Will) !hj exception of tho proposed
cx-lao-inx on banks and an Individual
Income fix. nil of tho recommenda
limti of ih proper y t;:x relief com
mission were prvnd before tho leg
Huttiro Monday, when tho session re
sumed. Not before most of the taxation
rm.uros era well on their way will
tin cootruverslal bill for n personal In
com t..v liti cff.-ri d.
All thinr considered, tho heavy
mi'inoss of da acs.tloa U now fal.'ly
t.-ider my. How m-ny, If any, of them
tnsa'.ion measure will r:;nnngu to pit bp
!)i. house nnl nennto and he enacted
l:;to l.v.v.i la tii Tiiera nppcnrv
to he III lie, If tiny, oppn:jl!7on tn tin
t: x n !!: f procrr.m In Urn houne, bo.
cits c:',:i nevor lell.
Ctt.CCO.tC.) K'shwry Conds Wantsd.
linth IWdy end Upton, r.s well a
IYiyHet.t Norldnd and Senator Hal'
rre lit.?rosl(d In trying to forci
throu.-.'j a mandato to tho hlfihwnj
tf-mmlcslon to Hell b(,n(ls up to th.
cciiiitit utlonal limit -about $12,000,00'
-and "ruUn'di" this on a basis oi
0 per cent for cniitorn Oregon nnd
CO per cent for wentern Orenon, In
Volv;d in this mra.niro Is an abun
nnnco of politics fir psnonal and
tomo consumption. .
It has tho aspect of bcins oxcellon
Number 13
One proposed amendment provides for
IncreriilnR the fets for electrical In
ap'w.tlons, while another would In
croaao the fees chafed for plumbing
lnnp tloiis. A new bill authorizes the
collection of fes for boiler Inspection
Among the Important bill affectlne
labor Introduced In the house during
tho pant week Is one that gives the
labor commhisloner authority to take
HHlgnment of and force the collection
of rage claims when such action b
lotnea ntccHsary. It la known as
house bill No. 174.
The Reneral laws for 1925 make It
a criminal offense for an employer In
certain Industries to fall to establish
t monthly payday and to pay In full
on that date; employers must post no
tlces In coHBplcuous places deslgnat
Ing what date of the month will b
the regular payday,
la event tha employer falls to meet
his payday, 'then tho employe can file
criminal proceeding against him, at
the h.bor commissioner can act as the
employe's fluent. Some district nttor
neys that complaints he taken
bifora Iho croud Jury, which meunc
that In many ranej hearing of the com
plaints has been delayed for a month
It was found, In tho meantime the
workers have left without obtaining
tho wages duo them.
Library System Flourishing.
Tho library system of Oregon Is knst Saturday afternoon the Mau.
mndo up of 82 Independent free public t'm h school basketball team
Head U.S. Press Group at University of Oregon
y'''v cv
fy-i: A'A
r - I Ac A I i
- Vt-' s
WW Wi- V
f Mi.. ..."(': J
Production Showed Careful Prepara
tion and Each Namtxr
Heartily Applaaded
These promising young Journalists
head the Oregon Hl:-h School Press
conference for 1320-30. They were
elected at the 1928 29 conference at
tho University of Oregon. Left to
rlfcht, they are: Du 'ey McClure, edi
tor of the Bcnsou "Tech Pep," Port
land, president, who also carried home
After one postponement and added
rehearsals the minstrel chow put on
by the Maupin High chool at Le
gion hall last Friday niht added to
the laurels of the school as a pro
ducer of entertainment that really
entertained. Dan Poling, who had
direct charge of the preparation and
production, should be given great
credit for his painstaking instruc
tion, knowledge f getting , and
choice of characters.
The minstrel show wai a pot
pouri of jokes, gags, songs, humor-
c-us skits and music. The circle
setting on the minstrels proper was
as it shoud have been and showed
the Arnold Bennttt Hall cup for put
ting Out the state's best "high school
paper; Julia Creech, editor of the Sa
lem "Clarion," secretary and winner
of the lTitoona r!.t l i n n j i.
vc.s viuaiu tuy Ior Dest j,a. umjinauiy Rna lasee seiaom seen
i. UU1B oi more man 6i0; uick i among professionals. The chorus
"WJ runJr 01 ln ui ant "Granton! was un tn tho n,tnt 4W.
Moto, From Terr, Bonn. Meat
With Mishap and Suffers Sors
From iho Zoro Woather
an," Portland, vice president.
yvKMiiy pieasing wnne tne singers
and musicians seemed to vie with
IS each other in making harmony and
!:-: MAUPIN HI TIMES :-: I "
A large and appreciative audience
flifiiiiiiifiiKfttiiatiiiiititi lifHtiJtrtuttliMiiaiitiiiittiiifiitif utitff titmttii ritirciitlttiiiitctt tf till itf tutittiififtf lUtattffiiKiirfifii was Present' fls was shown by the
tvi'. J- MBu u.... 'D0X oftlce receipts, which totaled the
- -v - "v vvuu ituy nave UiillttU
liberies, 70S traveling library a,aton
and 28.SI0 mail order pfilrons, accord
ing to tho blennlnl report of Mrs. Wul
ter M. I'i;rc, pee Ca-nella Marvin
iritc librarian until January 1 of tliix
ye;:r. The report we filed with the
legislature recently.
Tho ui;ual stations showed 48,782
went to Madras. Maupin came out
the Hmall end" of the horn with a
score of 20 to 27. The boys played
n h'ird and fast game but were out
played. The score atood 8 to 11 at
the half, but in the third quarter
Madra, made five baskets. They
were then cheeked, making but two
naming, volumes more field goals during the remain
dering the blcnnlnm. In addition to der of the game. The return game
these activities the state library, a here February 8, wiU be a different
purchasing agent, bou;;ht annuuily .torv
The High school basketball teams
have added two new games to their
schedule. Next Saturday Mr.
Broughton will arrive with the Wap
initia boyr. Although this is the
first year Wapinitia has had basket-
Daii they have an excellent squad
.J ...Ml ,1 1 .
mm wm give me tociu nve an in
teresting game.
The Maupin schedule follows:
' i"v . t
i uuiur, mere. u
2 Wap, here,
lBr-Odell, there.
16 Parkdale, there.
21 The Dalk" 2nd. team,
with the county school library funds
and distributed to tho school districts
$20,000 worth of bi,oks.
V.y unanimous vota, house Join mem
orlal No, 2, by the committee on hor
tlculture, was adopted, memorializing
con;;res to place a duly on bananas
tn order to protect fruit harvested
and marketed In this country. Weath
erspoon of Union and Johnson of Ben
ton, speaking for the cdoptlon of the !
memorial, pointed out that by tho lui I
portutlon of bananas duty freo the I
market for domestic fruit has been ,
greatly affected. They ursed that the j
fruit Industry of tho countrv hn nlnfi.rt
on tho samo base of protection agalnBt hcre'
forolfin products ds lumber, wheat and Mnr- 1 T1,e tula 2nd,
other ccmmldltlc. there.
Bancorporctlon May be Regulated.
Rumors that something would be ' B0Y SC0UTS
dono In tho way of regulation of ban- Ivnn Donaldson and Rlden Alle
corporation at this ecBslon began to! Mr""'br,"s of the Troop No. 33
matorinlir.0 tho pant week, when a mt nt the LeRion hall Wednesday
measure was paddled around to sena- n'rht in order to Practice military
tora which was so drastic that no one !dr'"s or R coming program. After
litis yet been found to Introduco it. Ipl'iyin-r the customary games, the
Tho tentatlvo bill would have the rneetincr wn- called to order. They
effect of preventing present bancor- decided that sky blue and gold would
porations from Increasing their growth Dfi thf"'r royal colors for the ker
from their current status. To quote; .chief, Rudimcntery First Aid was
"Any corporation now or hereafter do .studied in which they learned how to
Ing business In this state shall tlol rive First Aid to someone who har
eontrol, vote, hold, own or purchase had an artery severed by applying a
more than 10 per centum oi the num toumioite to points of pressure be
bor of shares of capital stock of any tween the heart and the cut. There
bank or trust company or national nre twelve in this organization at
bank, now or hereafter doing business Maupin. Later on, when more mem-
. Sloelhends swam into the lni?lin. ,.,:n ), , b y
t.. n..n , .. .. i""" uc pnirois.
ln Bt-BBiua ana mo oien
alter the entertainment We also
thank Mr. KaLer for his services as
door-keeper and Mrs. Confer for her
services in preparing the lunch.
Last, but not least, the Student Body
was highly complimented by the close
attention of the crowd who witness
ed their efforts.
4-H Club Activities
The home making club girls met
at Mrr. Joynt's room Monday noon
to select officers. Those chosen
were Aliene Greene, prsident; Mary
Greene, vice-president; Irene Wood
cock, tecretary.
The sewing club girls and leader
had a meeting Tuesday noon to se-
sum of $107.00. It is the plan to
stage a senior class play in the near
future and at that time ,our people
may expect something out of the
ordinary, as the stereotyped school
dramas and comedies have been
thrown into the waste basket, and a
play entirely new and appropriate
will be produced.
Rams Went Flooey and Users in
Great Dilemma
Some time Sunday night the rams
ui ed in elevating water from the
springs to the reservoir, evidently
lect, their officers. Nova Hedin was .-ll ? Mia .ia aown
elected pre ident; Beth Rutherford Z f water
vice-president; Nina Matthews wf 1.
iccu yiyes, mereoy leaving tne
upper part of town waterless.
man named Patterson.
ing a load of household irooda fmm
his ranch near Tern Bon tv,
Dalles, met with mi hap on the Cri
terion grade Monday. Mr. Patterson
topped at the Dave Wilson place
Sunday night and Mondav
a on nis way. While on the Cri
terion grade his wagon crowed the
team, causing it to become restive
and back the wagon into the bank.
During the melee one tug became
loosened and in trying to make a
get-away the horses pulled the old
man over th dash board, he striking
on hi face. The impact split his
nose and severely bruued his face.
When he reached Maupin he went
to the drug store where Dr. Stovall
washed him up.
Patterson then hunted up Rev.
Hazen, he having been a United
Brethren minister, and was taken
care of. Tuesday mominz he di.-.
covered one of hi hand had been
frozen, also that hia feet had been
badly chilld. He remained her un
til yesterday, when he proceeded on
his way home, going with the mail
wagon. He left his horces and load
The boys and girls were much
pleased at the sale of candy at the
miwtrel rYiday night They clear-
When informed of the condition
Chief Chalmers and Mayor He'nne-
cd a total of $13.10, which was given , T. rouce ramer'
t Mrs. Renick, SSl!) 'TfV the
This amount Jn , J T "T itoP was removcd the ram8 the
,::rrr .r,m -vaive in oth were found to
broken. One of the pumpers had
been out of commission several
days and it was discovered that a
n , n t i .. j i. j j , , i . ,
:trPl o rr:- , t.A1 vx ,cau uuu uroppeo oacn into
., ..iv.jr iura. ue v,0
voe aim iuj. doling blacked most of
Behind The Curtain
From behind the curtain the min-
nu'.lerial for log-rolling. And it is no
cocret thnt the governor noes not
rant more bonds aold, for ho wnntn
to see tho bonded duht decreased
rather than lncrcas:d. Of oourso, II
money was needod to match federal
aid, a sufficient amount of bonds may
be sold for that purpo3o and this can
bo done without materially Increaslnn
tli s lond,
During the first two weeks of th,
1B29 session of tho house 253 bills
wera Introduced, pasaed nnd foui
Indefinitely postponed. Of those 1.17,
or moro than one-half, ' wero rspoal
bills offered by the interim coram U
tea appointed at the 1927 session to
elimlnnto dead timber in the Oregon
endo. Vnny of the other repeal bills
h.-ivo boon reported buck by commit
hs villi tha recommendation thai
they bo, pr.sged.
Tolal d!nir3eni3nt plus cash on
hand, ot private Institutions for do
pendent nnd .dollnqnent children un
der the Jurisdiction ot tho child wel
fare eommlsalon, agffreijated $003,
835.0S during tha past blonniura, ac
cording to tho report of tha commis
sion filed with tha legislature last
8iif-Suppcrtlng Department I Aim.
Placing a number of state depart
ments, now supported by public funda,
nlal wrangling over fish legislation
started. One of the most important
developments was a promise made to
Governor Patterson that Illegal fhhlna
would ba storped In the Clackamas 1
and Willamette rivers, now closed
r commercially, if theBe streams were
oponed from November 15 to April 1.
This promise was made by a dolega
Hon of fishermen from Oregon City.
Tha steolhead is a game fish, legls
Mivoly. In the TiOgue, Nestucca, Wil
lamette, Clackamas, Nccanicum and
Walmna. Only with hook and line
can this variety of fish be taken In
these streams. The sportsmen want
Includod the waters of New river, Pis
tol river, Sixes, Ghetco and a couph
of other small streams In Coos and
Curry counties.
Commercial Fishermen Opposed.
Arrayed against thoN sportsman an
the commercial flHhormen, who wan'
to reopen the Willamette, Claclcr.mas
nnd Nestucca rlvei a the latter closed
by vote of the people. Also tho fBliei
men want to change the opon season
in Bovdral stror.uu, includ
ln;t tha home of tho royal chlnoolt so!
mon, tho Columbia river,
representative Lockwood has favor
ed a measure declaring tha sfeelheai!
a gama fish In all waters.
Tillamook county will be a fisher
man's and hunter's paradise, In the
opinion of Representative Winslow oi
Tillamook, if house bill 155, which ho
introduced, is enacted into law.
(Merle Snodgrass)
Tho Student Body and teachers of
the High school wish to extend their
thanks to the Legion for the a e of
the hall ; Messrs, Semmes for the ad
vertising which helped to draw such
a large crowd; to the mu ic students
of Mrs. BothweU who played the
piano duet during the intermission.
Without the pantratrope from Mr.
on a "self-aypportliig basis through the
adoption of a fee system, Is tha prob
lem that Is now being considered ser:
ously by tha Joint ways and meant,
committee of the legislature. At a
rocent meeting of the committee ll
was dacided to confer with C. H
Oram, stato labor commissioner, In
regard to placing his department on
a self-supporting basis. Mr. Oram of
fored his cooperation, and amend
monts have been prepared proposing
adoption of an equitable fee schedule.
Creation of a separate fish and game
district for all of Tillamook county,
under Jurisdiction of the county court,
is proposed in the bill. It provides
that all expenditures of funds collect "
ed through fish and game sources in
the county shall be adminlstersd by
tho county court.
One of the main purposes of the bill
Is for the protection, preservation ana
propagation of Balnion, shad and Btur
goon, other food and shell fishes, anr"
also for game and gama fish.
the darkies. Crystal Stuart was the
first to get color, and what a trans
formation it made. During the in
termision between the first and
second parts, the minstrels had to re
move the black to go on in individual
skits. There wa- much ado because
the black persisted. Mrs. De Voe
wa., kept busy restoring their original
complexions. Everyone was pleased
with his schoolmate ' endeavors and
many took turns "peeking" through
holes, in the scenery. The way faces
in the audience fell when the end-men
were rported mi sing and the smiles
that followed as the ends run up to
the front, was an experience, solely
of those behind the curtains.
Grade Notes
The Junior br.sketball tesm has
three games scheduled. Two of these
games are to be with The
Dalles Seventh and Eighth g.-ade
team and the other with Wapinitia.
Theodore and , Ernest Kirsch,
Margaret Appling and Allene Wil
ton are absent from school.
The Seventh and Eighth trades
have been taking the state exams
n Geography and Agriculture this
r-eek. Their main object was to
see what they had learned. The
grades were fair, the geograpry
gradej running higher in proportion
to the number m the class than the
Agriculture grades.
Financial Statement
The student body at the regular
meeting authorized the following
bills paid:
Shattuck Bros $ 4,99
Trans, to Madras 9.00
Maupin Times 10.00
Lumber Co 1,80
O. P. Rest & Co 15.10
R. E. Wilson & Co 3.55
Maupin Drug Store 10.85
Eats at Madnv, 9.55
Costume for Minstrel 14.50
ram, breaking the valve.
While the men were at work the
mayor kept a fire going, thus sav
ing the mechanics chilled fingers.
The breaks were repaired and at
i'noon water was agin flowing from
ihe reservoir in copious quantities
i'It might not be a poor suggestion on
our part that a cover be built 'over
jthe rams. If that were done work
ing on repairs would not be so Jun
comfortable when the weather was
chilly or when a rain was falling.
Over 12 Inches of Snow
The late mow storm eomnletelv
covered this section. In Maupin
fully 12 inches fell up to Tuesday
noon, and intermittent falls brought
that depth to over 15 inches bv to
day. This snowfajl meets with the
approval of wheat growers as it will
guarantee sufficient moisture to
brig on a bumper crop.
Visited nt Prineville
Dr. W. A. Short took Mrs. Jean
Wijiy to Prineville last Saturday,
he remaining there over Sunday,
returning to Maupin on Monday.
The genial tooth puller said the
weather at Prineville on
opened, up bright and clear with
but little snow. As he proceeded
this way he encountered more and
more of the beautiful and some ex
ceedingly cold weather. Mrs.
Wray will remain at Prineville for
an extended visit
County Get. Another Truck
Wa c0 county officials purchasd
another Ford truck from Kramer
Bros, on Tuesday, and it will be
used in road work. The truck will
be taken to Portland and there fit.
ted up with a body as was the fir.t
vehicle purchased of Kramer Brot.
Some Pig Litters
Lew Henneghan and Art Gutzler
are pig raisers par excellence. Last
week they had 12 sows to litter nH
the number of pigs born numbered
128, of which 108 were saved. This
is some record and speaks loud for
the care and understanding of pig
raising by Art. They have 19 sows
due to litter soon, and if the ratio
Keepi up will have the
honors as pork producrs.
Big Ford Stock
Kramer Bros, have a pretty fair
stock of new Ford cars on hand.
At this time they have on their
garage floor five passenger cars
and two trucks. Joe Kramer and
Phil Starr went to Portland la t
Friday, returning . Saturday, each
Monday I driving a new car. The new in
ventory consisted of a phaeton and
twodor sedan.
Made Tunnel
H.D. Hollis and Jim Baxter made
a trip to The Dalles Tuesday, go
ing in Jims new Ford coupe. Jim
said that on the way home they en
countered several huge drifts and
that the little old Ford could not
be stopped thereby. It deliberately
put down its head and made a tun
nel through the largest drifts.
Total $79,34
Salem Stato prison will get new
$53,000 building.
Showed Ford Construction
Joe .Kramer installed one of his
moving picture machines in the
show room of his garage Monday
night and then chowed two full
reels of Ford construction. The
picture illu'strnted the many parts
entering into the makeup of the
new car, the assembling 0 same and
then switched to the completed ma
chine. The pictures were mot 'in
teresting and instructive and great
ly impressed those who saw them
Not So Healthful
The State Board of Health's re
port for this week shows that Was
co county had 15 cases of flu and
five of chickenpox. This is some
what in excers of last week's re
port. At that Wasco is one of the
most healthful countie in Oregon,
if the reports rent to the Board may
be taken as a criterion.
Visited Salem -
Billy Hunt was a visitor in Salem
last Friday, going there for the pur
pose of interesting our legislative
members in a proposed bill which
seeks to do away with the county
fo! U I j , .....
,u uuaiu una investing tneir pre
rogatives in the board of the Wasco
County Fair. Representative Eg
bert was willing to foster such a
meaure and introduce it in the
house but Senator Kuck desired the
concurrence of the county court be
for he would take action in the matter.
Valothe heart assorted chocolate
boxes, an excellent gift, 75 cents and
tl.50 each, ot fie Mdupin Drue
Arranging Baktball Game
Prof. L. V. Broughton was down
from Wapinitia on matters connect
ed with a basketball game on Wed
nesday. Mrs. Broughton came with
him to meet her sister, who was ex
pected from Madras.