The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 01, 1928, Image 5

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Wlheini nun Tine Dalle
Qimdeirelk Frock SIWp
809 E Second St.
The Dalles, On.
Walter Sharp was In from his
Juniper Flat ranch Tuesday morn
inff. Marcus Shearer and family visited
with hl parenU on Three Mile on
' Bob Wilson went U The Dallen on
Monday after his wife, who had been
on a visit to Portland.
L. C. Ilenneghan and wife visited
at The Dalles on Monday, driving
home in a new Studebaker auto.
Rev. W. A., Matthew, and wife
were in from their Simnasho home
a ahort time Tuesday morning.
George McDonald entertained his
mother lait week, ahe returning to
her home in Portland Saturday
Signe Fischer baa recovered suffi
ciently from her recent lllneaa to
again be on the job at the Rainbow
re, taurant.
E. E. Houghton, father of Mrs.
' Aaron Davis, is visiting with his
daughter and family, coming over
from Dufur.
"Shorty" Miller has qualified as
"musician" at the Rainbow he play
ing the new electric phonograph, for
the cabaret dances.
Jack Berthala has been Improving
lately, having suffered a couple of
broken ribs in an auto accident, and
is seen about town some.
Vtnceat B. Tapp, snd old-time
mall carrier to Wapinitia, who has
been living at The Dalles for some
time, has returned to the Flat and
ia occupying his old ranch.
Glenn Powers, at one time employ,
ed at the Shattuck store, is here for
a visit with relatives. Glenn has
been on the sick list for some time
and comes to this altitude to convalesce.
"Butch" Copple has accepted a
position with the San Franciaco
street way company as motorman,
and left for the California city Mon
day evening.
"j up at 8 :1 5 and prices will be 25 cents
Dnce and Supper tn Gjrmlit
Prises Given for Beit Char-acleriiatioat
The Tygh Valley High school will
hold the floor for Hallowe'en and
will aponer a danco and supper at
the gymnasium on Saturday evening
of thh week, being November 3.
Three prizes will be given to the
man who best sustains his character,
to the woman who does the same and,
to the best charaotep couple,
The dance program will include
quadrilles, two-step, waltzes of an
old time violinist. Supper .will be
served, and this, with competent
floor management, good music and a
prevailing Hallowo'er. spirit will al)
id to make the event a most pleasur
able one,
' W, B. Keen went to Portland to
attend the funeral of his brother,
who lately died at that city. Mr.
Keen had contracted a severe cold at
the Clear lake dam site and had de
cided to go to his home at McMln
nville to doctor up. The death of
his brother decided the matter.
Clear Lake Dam Notet
The Wapinitia Irrigation company
crew at Clear lake is still trenching
Into the sug-base to complete the
cut-off wall of the dam. The timber
for the bam work is being cut and
peeled. Sandy Lumber company
trucks are bringing in material for
facing the structure. William
Hickey, Engineers Reese and Ste
vens have charge of the general
plans. Robert E. Ellinwood, son-in-law
of E. E. Miller, has been on the
job from the start. A rotary pump
and gas engine is employed con
stantly to keep the seepsge water
out of the trenches while the men
are at work. No serious accidents
have occurred. The Job ia covered
by the State Industrial Incurance
protection. Robert Ellinwood fell
Into a trench, wrenching a shoulder.
Some Portland ladies vfcited " the
site last Saturday. While looking
the work over one of their number,
Miss Leone E. Raymore, slipped off
some peeled piling into the creek,
nearly breaking her leg. Lumber
is being -.kidded Into the "hole" by
Julius Shepflin's team. Those well
trained horses think nothing of go
ing down a 45 degree angle hiil or
drawing logs through the lake chan
nel belly-deep In water. '
The weather continues to be kind
to the project, being cold and snap
py. It is understood that anyone
who fails to get up at the first call
for breakfast will be tarred and
feathered John Confer to furnish
the goose feathers for the ceremony.
Geese are scarce and no one h,aa,
been tardy, so the rule so far has
not been enforced. One of the work
era, In his hurry to comply with the
din, breakfast order, got his
trousers on backward. He promptly
startc4 for McCubblni gultch Instead
of the mess house. Keen said he was
didn't know whether he was going
or coming.
Joe A. Graham and crew r.
New Stuebakert
Bates Shattuck and L. C. Hennc
ghan have each purchased a new
Studebaker auto and have them in
their garages. Bates buy was fit
ted with leather upholstering while
Lew contended himself with a car
trimmed in plush. Both gentlemen
turned in Studebakcrs on the new
cars, which goes to show that, like
Studebaker wagons, tho cars bearing
that name when once used are al
ways used.
marking out the line of the north
end change of the Skyline trail
where the dam work wifl necessi
tate a change in the route.
Joe O'Brien, bull cook at the camp
at Bear creek up to Thursday last,
reported several riders, whose cattle
were still out in the upper bush, to
be rounding up the strays. Many
cattle have been brought in and re
newed rides are expected to result in
a close clean up of the missing
stock. While it has been known that
cattle have survived in the moun
tains over winter, the odds are
10 to one that they will starve, to
death. A lone bull who foraged
along the creek breaks when the
water cut away the snow, made it
through several winters ago. A
cow, too thin to travel with the
main bunch, was found by Dee
Woodside and others a few seasons
ago. She had taken the back track
to Clear lake, ate up the cache of
hay at Wm. Moore's trap camp and
later died there in IS feet of snow.
Even the elk and deer, so wonder
fully equipped to withstand the
snow, come down to the west fringe
of the forest along the Warm
Springs and White river breaks to
browse on the brush during the
J. S. Brown and Harry T. Lewis
are baling a'falfa hay to fill order:
that constantly come in.
"Doc" Wilkins and crew are still
at Elk creek on the new road.
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p...,,iiiiM ii i , jtiiiiim I . i.i. .t.iip l,.,Ji....iailM.l,...m.iJll.i.i,l I.
Hi',1'' ' " A 'V - ''.5 -
v'i. V, ' !'.''.,.''., ...
Chopped alfalfa hay in ton lots
at $20.00 per ton. One electric
light plant, ako team of horses for
sale or trade. Two Hampshire
boars, pure bred.,
5M4 Tygh Valley, Ore.
I. O. O. F.
Lodgo No. 209, Maupin, Oregon
meets every Saturday night in I. O.
O. F. hall. Visiting members always
D. t Rutherford, N. C,
O. F. Ranick. Sae'v.
, Affords Liberal, Practical
Farm Education
The 18th Annual Pacific International Livestock Exposition, Portland, Ore
gon, November 3-10, affords a liberal education in every phase of the
farm industry.
Exhibits feature America's fine t pre bred Beef and Dairy Cattle, Horses,
Sheep, Hogs, Goats and Foxes. Prize money totaling $100,000.00 will be
awarded. Combined are the Dairy, Land and Manufacturers' Products
Shows, Wool and Mohair Show, Northwest Hay and Grain Show, and great
"Truth in Meats" demonstration. For entertainment there will be Ameri
ca's greatest and most brilliant Horse Show.
We, here at the Maupin State Bank know that a visit to this great farm
classic will result in gaining a knowledge of improved farm practices. It
is for this rea'on, therefore, that we join with Pacific International in
urging the farmers in this section to attend the Exposition.
Maupin State Bank
Utet Combine En tin J '
Clifford Allen Is ar inventlvo per
son. Recently he hitched his sausage
grinder to his combine engine and
ground out a quantity of fine saus
age. He is now contemplating rig
ging up a contrivance whereby he will
utilize the power of his windmall as
a butter maker, hitching the churn to
the milL -
Notice is hereby given to the legal voters of School District No. 84
of Wasco County, State of Oregon, that a school meeting of said district
will be held at High School bipg, tn the 5th day of November, 1928, at
2:30 o'clock In the afternoon for the purpose of discussing the budget
hereinafter set out with the levying board, and to vote on the proposition
ofof levying a special district tax,
The total amount of money needed by the said school district during f
the fiscal year beginning on June 30, 1929, and ending June 30, 1930, is '
estimated in the following budget and includes the amounts to be received ,
from the county school fund, elementary school fund uofialGT'khnfoei6Be
from the county school fund, state school fund, elementary school fund,
special district tax, and all ohcr moneys of the district:
Democratic Nominee
For County Clerk
Life Resident Courtesy, Efficiency, Honesty
Election November 6, 1928.
Paid Adv. by Joe A, Steers.
2. Principal. Salary per yew,..,...: , $2,025.00 $2,025.00
Shopfin'e Bur Home" ,
Juliu3 Shepflin nnd wl.'e have par
chased the small o"
in-cupied b them "' owntd by
,?;ank McCorkle, Joaled tit'nr t!io
I'hool grojrds. Th7 will mnke
sin o repair to tho ba ' -l.:v and v.ill
ifn move their house .oil but m-iing
1 Maupin snd mak1 thb". plaro thc.r
Lack of housing and of proper
care oi rarm macninery means a
Mrs. Bobble Davidson is visiting i0S8 in dollars and cents. By hous-
with her folks at Hood River hav-, D(? arm machinery, its life is doubl
ing gone to the Apple City la! t week, j ej and the annual repair bills cut in
In the meantime Bobble is enjoying , half. Bays the U. S. Department of
all the pleasures (?) of a bachelor's Agriculture. Machinery should also
3. Teachers. 1 Salary per year - .j
1 Salary per year 1,350.00
4 Salary per year - 1,080.00
1 Salary per year - 900.00
4. Janitors. 1 Salary per year.. ...A 600.00
6. Clerk Salary per year 25.00
6. Stenographer .".
7, Other Services
' 25.00
Total : $11,095.00
1. Furniture (desks, stoves, curtains, etc.) 250.00
2. Supplies (chalk, erivers, etc.)... 100.00
3. Library books '. 50-00
4. Flags - - fl00
5. Playground equipment - 100.00
6. Janitor's supplies : 35.00
- 7, pud - 500.00
8. Light . 125.00
Sec-Treasurer Wasco Co. Pioneer Assn. Was
for over nine years postmaster at The Dalles dur
ing Wilson's and Harding's administrations. My
past record is offered in support of my candidacy
Paid adv by R. E. Williams. Election Nov. 6, 1928
Henry Sherrer
Republican Nomineee for office of
Wasco County, Oregou J
Election November 6, 1928
Paid Adverisement by Henry Sherrer.
Water J
Postage, stationery, printing..
CUaaed Our Shop
Joyed a real treat Curtain will go
"Dad" Talcott put In a couple of
days this week cleaning up the shop
wherein The Times Is printed. The
room is now in a condition whereby
one does not have to walk in dust up
to his knees when coming here on
business, '
be painted and the polished surfaces
greased to prevent excessive rusting,
New York Lif Depicted At Legion,
Hall Tomorrow Night
The Wigwam Plrverv than which
no small dramatic company travels
our highways, will be at the Legion
hall in this city tomorrow night,
Their offering this time will be a
story of New York life, entitled
"Why Girls Leave Home." The play
in intensely dramatic and as , the
Wigwam Players are known to be
truthful delineaters of dramatic
stories, those of our people who wit
ness this performance will have en-
Don't overwork your alfalfa patch 1
Alfalfa that goes into the winter with
considerable growth will come out in
better condition In the spring. Too
lato pasturing or cutting may kill a
stand- For new seeding that have
not made much growth, light dress
ings o f straw held to reduce the
chances for winter injury.
Pine Grove News
Linns' mill will continue to supply
lumber for the new bridge at Mau
pin. It has been figured that Linn
Son will deliver. 100,000 feet to
this one job. ' .. ' ,
The McFarlahe mill is nearing
completion and will be the biggest
saw mill unit set up in ,routhern
Wasco county. Fred Ault and Jul
ius Shepflin are logging for the mill,
and piling poles are being cut and
yarded for the bridge at Maupin,'
Total ....,1,290.00.
Buildings and grounds.. 75.00
Total 7500
INSURANCEi ... $ 332.00
1. Premium clerk's bond......
3. Audit of clerks books
. 25.00
Total ... .......$ 60.00
EMERGENCY! ........$ 200.0Q
Total estimated amount of money for all purposes during
the year. ., $13,542.00
From county school fund during coming school year....$l,000.00
Fom r-tate school fund during tho coming school year.... 165.00
From elementary school fund during the coming
school year 1,500.00
Estimated amount to be received from all other sources
during the coming school year ....v....,;. 2,500.00
Return Engagement
Wigwam Players
Total estimated receipts, not including proposed tax $5,165.00
Total estimated cxpensees for the year $13,52.00
Total estimated receipts, not Unhiding proposed tax.. 5,165.00
Balance amount tQ bj raised by district tax 8,377.00
Dated this. 4tb, day of October, 1928.
Blanche E. Hedin, District Qejck,
Why Girls So Wrong"
A cilia
tic Story of New York Life
Curtain at 8:15
Admission 2oc, 50c
Chairman Board of Directors.
Albright Commission Co., Inc.
: North Portland
You can ship you livestock b, truck, and they will reach the market
the same day .hipped... When tracking call, R. E. Richmond, or R.
C.' Davidton; Maupin, Oregon. . , j
Salesmanship Service Satisfaction