The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, July 05, 1928, Image 3

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    f 21 iUtrpiitf Tftlti
time will soon be here. We haue antici
pated your harvest needs and have laid in
a fine line of all kinds of
Groceries, Meats ( Fresh )
Package Foods, etc.
before placing your orders. We can save
you money on anything you may need.
,"Every thing for the table"
Prompt and Courteous Service
Returns la Motpltal
Mr. Wm. Beckwith
she's always ready to go some place
lot not when ht'$ all tired out.
item to be able to regain her health.
A short time ago the spent aome
time at a Dallea hospital. When
the returned home it was thought she
showed some Improvement , but
laVr more trouble developed and
ob Monday Mr. Beckwith took her
to the hospital again. She was ac
companied on the trip by Mrs. Chat.
Crofoot, her sister-in-law.
V..d Family In -
John H. WviV.ine, head of thi
firm that i( building a sawmill at
Pine Grove, has brought his family
to the Grove and they are now oc
cupying the E. E. Miller bungalow.
In short time Mr. McFarlane con
templates the erection of a modem
homo in Maupin and will make this
place his general headquarters.
: Personalities :
John Mannion spent the
part of last week In Bend.
Alvls Martin, wife and son, Frerie
spent the Fourth at Clear lake.
Miss BerU Mathews was a busi
ness visitor at The Dalles la t Monday.
Mr. Carter in a brothrr of Ed. Car
ter, powder muii at the rock crush
er. '
, Clarence Nelson and wife came
over from Grans Valley and spent
the Fourth with Mrs. Nclson'j moth
er, Mrs. Nancy Martin.
Mrs. Earl Cunningham of Waplni
tla was In town on business Tues
day forenoon.
Dr. Elwood partook of a camp
dinner with the Martins at Clear lake
on the Fourth.
Clarence Fargher and wife were
at Wamic to attend the Alfred Nys
funeral this afternoon.
Oliver Reh and wife drove to Port
land on the Fourth and visited with
relatives during the day,
The Richmond families were
among the many who picnicked at
Clear lake' on the Fourth.
R. C. Fulkcrson visited his broth
er, I-ee Fulkerson, at Wallula a few
days the -first of the week.
Miss Olive Tumor Is at home from
her school at Portland and will vl it
with her parents here for the coming
E. Hart, mechanic at the Maupin
garage, returned this morning from
a trip to Portland, where he went to
celebrate the Fourth.
Bruce Bothwell and wife and Mr,
Ed. Bothwell were in , t .Maupin on
business ,V Monday. .... The Bothwells
live on Juniper Flat.
X; -0
Tom and Emmett Ashley trans
acted business In Maupin' this (Fri
day) morning, coming down from
their Bakeoven ranch.
, o
"Bud" Locke, a former Maupin
boy, came up with Floyd Richmond
from Portland and greeted old
friends the next day. This was
"Bud's" first vkit to Maupin in five
Billy FiKcher ha erected and Is
now occupying a neat cottage on his
ranch, the building standing near
the bank of Stag creek.
Mrs. James Ruric expects to
leave the first of next week for Gas
ton, where she will spend the bal
ance of the summer with her par-,
Phil Mott and wife of Falrvlew,
spent the Fourth at the home of
their daughter, Mrs. Andrew Cun
ningham, and husband.
Now At Hotpiul
Mrs. Ernest Becks is now at The
Dalles hospital, where she expects
to soon undergo an operation for
the removal of goitre with which she
has been troubled for a number of
years. At present the patient is
taking treatment which is designed
to build up her condition so Jhat
the will be the better able to with
stand the operation. Her many
friends her wish her the best of luck
In her trouble.
Cai.upt Yes, but the main reason
ic because a little paint can make
her look like new and fool any man.
D.7 TTr About
JTttlV UpS Town
Fourth of July was celebrated
this year at Tygh Valley with a good
attendance. W hile the list of event
was not large, ttill those there en
joyed themselves by patronizing the
few stands and visiting with friends.
A large party of young people
came to Tygh from Sherman coun
ty last week, camped there and stay
ed over for the celebration.
The Oregon-Washington work
train i making good headway in
excavating for the new Woodcock
Hour milL
'Tended Service Station
John Confer i. learning the tier
vice rtation trade. During several
days this week has been an assistant
to "Dad" Richmond at the Shell
Htation, and takes hold of the busi
ness like a veteran. John' says that
business, slacks off at times, but as
soon a& he sits do a to play a game
of rrltibage autoi drive up in flocks,
causing him to forget to count his
Thanks, Richard
Richard Johnson has the thanks
of The Times family for a fine bas
ket of early, Alexander peaches. As
sauce and pie filling the peaches
made a most acceptable desert. Dick
has a fine crop of fruit coming on
and he will be able to dispose of
all of it locally.
Driving; New Coupe 4
D. Short is a recent purchaser of
1 fine Chevrolet coupe. To proper
ly brenk the buggy in he, with Mrs.
Jean Wray, took in the big Indian j
congress and rourth or July cele
bration at Prineville, going to that
city on Tuesday.
Bur International Trucks
The display of International
trucks made by the Bates Sbattuck
at the Tygh Valley celebration re
suited in the sale of two of those
popular vehicles. Ollie and Bruce
Bothwell accepted delivery oj one
Friday morning and Charley Walk
cr will receive the other one.
Miller It New Butcher
"15 'IP Miller, an ;d-time resident
f Maupin, but -ho for tfte past
few years ha,, nede his home nt
Portland, is now serving customers
at tbo Resh itlore in the capacity of
meat cutter and butcher. Bill 's
hindy with sa.", knife and cleivcr
is prepare to cut your sleake
as you wet:"; them.
Graaed MeKettrick Ranch
While on his way to the forest
reserve with his sheep hands John
Fitzpntrirk grazed his woolies on
the MeKettrick ranch- at Pine
Grove. The sheep will be in charge
of Orin Farlow during the grazing
Attended Druggist Convention
Dr. Lawrence S. Stovall and wife
were at Salem a few days the first
of the week, the doctor attending
a convention of state druggists at
that city, While away the Sto-
valli visited with friends and rela
tives in the Valley.
Sold Service Station-
Floyd Richmond drove up from
Portland Thursday evening and
spent a day with his folks in Mau
pin. Floyd has disposed of hlg ser
vice rtation irt Portland 'and now is
engaged in piloting a tnxicab around
tho streets of Oregon's big metro
polis. '
A Bclin chemist has invented
tablets that when put into a glass of
watef turn it into wine or beer.
A nsw gas mask has been develop
ed for the United States army which
allows the wearer to talk to his qom
rades while wearing it.
Flexible rubber -bumpers for iauto
mobiles which will save cars fmn
damage in case of collisions have
been invented in Germany.
A compressed air-driven machine
has been developed to pack railroad
ballast about ties more rapidly and
evenly than can be done by hand.
Mrs. L. p. Kelly, Doris and Mi.
Jim . Rusic camped at tho fair
grounds during tho two days' cele
bration., ... o
Lester Kelly is at Portland, hav
. f, ing gone there on Monday. He was
V summoned to serve on the federal
grand jury. '
Wiley Harris has been visiting
friends on this side, having taken a
few day, off. from his ranch work
on Bakeoven.
. o
Jim Rusic has taken Bob For
tune's place ai. herder, for Pete Con
roy and left for the mountains the
first of the week.
To PUy at Bend
Bill Forman will take his Wap
initia "Colts" to Bend next Sunday
and will play a team representing
the garages of that place. Forman's
huskies are fast enough to make
nearly all amateur teams hustle to
win, and the wily manager figures
on bringing a victory back with
him. ;
A new automatic cable-laying ma-
I chine has been Invented in Germany
which not only diga trenches and
lays the cable, but fills the excava
tion. ,
. Mrs,. Clfirk Richard: on .was' a
Fourth of July guest of her daugh
ters, Mesdamcs 0. J. William8 and
Albert St. Dcnnin.v '
- i. . ' o
L. C. Carter and family are or
cupying one f the ' camp
Attended E. C. Convention
Rev. Everett Hazen and wife re
turned from Vancouver, Washing
ton, Saturday last, after having at
tended the C. E. and S. S. conven
tions at the town at the end of the
Intor-state bridge. They left Mon
day, visited at Amboy a couple of
days and from there continued to
the ( convention city. Mrs, ' Hazen
represented both the Maupin and
Wnpinitia Snbbnth schoolB as delegate.
Calls On Siiiler .
Geo. Hammond, assistant master
mechanic in tho Southern Pacific
raidrond shops at Portland, with
his son, visited at the home of his
ground , sister, Mrs. R. E. Wilson lart Thura-
The lost has returned. "Butch"
Copple has decided there is no
better place on earth than Maupin
and turned his nose hitherward the
first of the week. 'Butch" has
wandered far since he left about
three weeks ago, ostensibly "for
church," but will be content at the
Maupin garage for tome time to
come, or at least until time to go to
Fifteen-two, fifteen two and a
pair of jacks make 13, according to
the cribbage count of "Dad" Rich
mond. It is possible that when our
worthy Shell ga man went to school
he devoted his time and attention to
methematics, as he can beat any
mechanical counter in getting the
result he wants.
John Confer bemoans the scarcity
of trout in the river and neighbor
ing streams. To hear John tell of
what fishing there was about here
at one time makes one regret he did
not always reside on the bankg of
the Deschutes.
There are many kinds of fruits
to tempt the appetites of man.
Dick Johnron says that cherries and
peaches are the cat's whiskers; Ben
Fraley Inclines to apples; Oliver
Resh declares there is nothing so
tempting as cucumber; Bob Wilson
prefers the fruit of the vine while
"Shorty" Miller emphasizes the fact
that hen fruit, turned over in the
pan in the one dish de luxe.
The celebration at Tygh seemed
to have been prolific of fights. We
have been informed that at least a
half dozen fisticuff encounters took
place during the daylight hours of
the Fourth,' and there is no record
of the many which occurred during
the darw hours of the night.
It is hard to keep a good man
down. Judge Lake of Wamic has
been down for the past three months
but uch 1 his spirt that he has over
come nis aisaDiuty ana came w
Maupin today. The judge Is a
dyed-in-the-wool Republican and j
say that Herbert. Hoover is mei
hardest man to beat in the United
States. And there are millions of
others who agree with him.
. x
Wilson the painter is not feeling
well these days. He claims his ap
petite is falling off, that he is not
able to at more than two big
steaks at a meal, and that surround
ed with spuds, salad, brown gravy
and topped off with a piece of
cherry pie. Gee whiz! What would
he eat if he were feeling fit?
Morris Greene had a tent at the
celebration. He livtd under the
canvas covering and felt real safe,
as he had Hank Harpham standing
guard while he rested. Hank re
cently returned from California and
Is loaded down with stories of the
"Golden State," although he thinks
there is no place like the Deschutes
Whenever Maupin people go to
Portland and desire to take a ride
about the city, , they should find
Floyd Richmond, who is driving a
taxicab. The former Maupin boy
has became & resident of the metro
polis and has familiarized himself
with all the highways and byways
of that big burg.
Wilson Painting Co,
House and Sign
Call, Write or phone, Times Office.
Maupin, Oregon.
First National Bank Bldg.
The Dalle, Ore job
Pbon. 391
and Way Point.
and Way Points
H Make Your Headqarters at j. "
1 The Black and White or
1 American Restaurants
5 where every service awaits you.
Both Restaurants have been entirely remodeled for
5 your convenience.
E. J. McMahon
We mean that now is the time to have your
Automobile Overhauled
This is the place to bring it. We have the largest
and best equipped machine shop in Wasco county.
Tka Dalle. Orasoa
PkoM 3&3-J .
A French engineer has built an
unrinkablc boat , of great speed,
equipped with a 600-horsepower en
gine. . ; ,
Scientists at Johns Hopkins have
discovered s germicide 72 times
more powerful than carbolic acid.
r not Vurot
An American history class lri ont
'of the high schools had been hav
an Interesting discussion of Cftvu wi
"Now," continued the teachr,V'who
can name a song Inspired by John1
Brown's experience?"
"John Brown's body lies orer the
ocenn." exclaimed one member of the
class enthusiastically. 1
Frrtm The Timeg July 6, 1917
Frank Richardson had his finger
over th.t muzzle of a 22 calibre
rifle last' Sunday when the gun was
discharged. Result, a b;dly mangl
ed digit.
' 0
Mm. Dm Morris, a one-time resi
dent of Tygh Valley, died at The
Dalles last Saturday. . She had been
sick about' one yer. bhe was tne
youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
V. P. Steers , of Tygh Valley. The
remnins were brought to Tygh and
interred in the Hauscr cemetery.
cottages, they, having arrived from day night, returning to Ma
Anaconda,' Montana, on, Monday, the next morning.
Why I A Woman?,
Latnipi., Why ia a woman like an
Catsupi I don't know unless I t's
because rhe's always running son c-
body down.
Catnip t That's one reason all
right, but here's another. Becai ie
Quite a number of Wapinitia peo
ple went to The Dalles last iRCur-
dny for the purpose of attending a
Circus. iney were uKotT"
for the Bhow failed to appear, be
ing detained by a teor-up of the
track east of The Dalles.
o ''
Drillers struck water in the Vol
ney Endcrsby well at a depth of 160
feet Water welled up a distance
of 25 feet in the' hole
Meeting Mail
Order Prices
We have a large stock of No., 1 Tires and Tubes
which we are selling as cheap as they can be had
of the mail order houses. Below we, quote a few
prices, but invite car owners to come in and see
just what theyare before buying elsewhere.
Usco 30x3 1-2 - - $6.25
U.S.-Tube, $1.90
Usco 29x4.40 - - $7.55
Nobby Tube, $1.50
Goodrich 30x3 1-2 - - $5.55
1 Goodaich 29x4.40 - - $7.45
I M vpiNn arage''
I' . r