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itiIiii!!!li!!!Ilil!S!!!!ii!i!l!:!i:iiiiil!!i! Doings at Pine Grove
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The Man the Republican Party
Can Win With In November
R. R. Butler
Candidate For Congress I
He Is the Logical and
Outstanding Candidate
for the Republican
Linn A Son Mill Ready to Start
at Pin Groy. Will Do
Commercial Sawing
Rev. V. A. Matthew and wLf
have returned to their former charge
at Simnasho, having been living- at
(ilencullen since the reverend re
signed his mission at the Indian town
lust fall. Since his leaving the Pres
byterian mission at Simnasho, on the
S Warm Springs reservation, has been
ES I closed. Rev. Matthew, for IS years
j labored with the Indians and was
rsjmuch beloved by all on the reserva
S3 1 tion. During the winter months the
Er reverend gentleman usually visit, all
Sipnrta of the reserve to minister to
i his charges, giving them, besides
S3 sviritual 'consolation, rations, cloth
S3 ing and even money. During his in
EES cumhency of the mission an addition
s to the church, there has been added
ss community house with kitchen for
tthe preparation of lunches for the
3 'Indians who -pome to worship, the
S3 passionary's residenca, pump tower,
3 I barns, etc., A graded day school Is
.l also maintained. Thcro ij, a well,
jS, court house and a jail, school in
zrz J strut-tor's house and farmer', house
uiU- ith the necessary outbuildings. The
whole i supplied with water from
community system. Rev. Matthews
s-s has been cnlled east on several oc
S3 fusions to tell of work done among
S3 the Indians. He is nn ardent sup.
3. porter of legislation and regulation
3 that tend to the betterment of the
33 i Indian charges of the country.
S3 New Sawmill Ready
Sr.! The Linn A Son sawmill, which
S3 was burned last August shortly after
being made ready to start sawing,
-wy 3 has bren replaced by another mill
On Your Primary Ballot on May 18th s on "e,linL !;umber
S3 and timber holdings. The new mill
i ready to begin operations and will
be used in commercial sawing.
T inn jf. I 1 V T T ) . til
I a week after their own mill had been
j burned and in the first week of op
I elation that structure, too, went up
in smoke.
Loslie Plum and fiimily have ar
rived from The Dulles and Mr. I'lum
haB gone to work with the forest
A community dinner at the U. B.
church, Sunday school and morning
services followed by a musical pro
gram featured the day's activities at
the church last Sunday.
Mrs. Addie Cundcrmun and two
sons, who hall from Midlund, Mi
chigan, are working for Lewis E.
Autos may now drive into the
national forest as fur as Long
Trough camp on the old road, and
as far as Cedar Post camp on the
new road. Trees are out of the
way and the snow drifts opened. It
L estimated that bv tha flint nf .Inn.
ubvgi as tar as v. icur uixe may t
Politically and avorably, no other candidate is so well known as Judge But
ler.' He has served a3 State Senator four terms. He has a mind of bril
liant qualities and silver tongue which has won him the honor of being one of
the best known public men in Oregon. He is 46 years old, 22 years a resident
of the Second district The Republican party and the Second 'Eastern Oregon
District will be safe with Butler.
Write his name in.
KEMP Y, ..May 18
Play Safe With Your Party and
Paid Adv, by Butler for Congress Club, Ben R. Litfin, Sec, The Dalles, Ore. 3
Ashamed of Maupin
Several Maupin people attended
the play of the Tygh Valley schools
at that place last Saturday night.
One of the party, a lady who takes
in every home play, remarked that
she was ''ashamed of Maupin" when
she compared the way the Tygh play
was produced with the Maupin school
' play.
fender having been ripped off and
the frame bent in the shape of a
Grades Entartainment
Don't forget the entertainment at
the High school auditorium to
morrow (Friday) night. An elabor
ate program hag been faithfully re
hearsed and an evening of real en
joyment is promised. The entertain
ment will be given by the pupils of
all grades from the first to the
sixth, inclusive.
Dr. Clnrke, of the Clarke Optical
Co., 360A, Alder Street, Portland,
will be in Maupin all day and even
ing, Monday, May 14th, at the Home
Sprinkling Sawdust
Nearly every business place , in
Maupin has applied a liberal dose of
sawdust to their floors. This was
done in anticipation of oil being
tracked in when the road oiling crews
beging spreading their road dressing
on our streets.
Went After Sheep
Billy Hunt was down from his
ranch yesterday and went from here
to the Smock country, where he look
ed over a band of sheep with the idea
of buying. Mr. Hunt pastures sever
al thousand head in the forest each
year and the addition of a few hun
dred more woolies makes no extra
j The Meyers and Booth families
j moved last Sunday to Bear creek to
j be near the work of the Joe A. Gca
jham forest crew. A new comple
ment of workers went to the forest
from Wapinitia last Monday.
Criterion News Notes
Mrs, Peter Kirsch and Mrs. D. L.
i Rutherford attended the club demon
stration given by Miss Helen Cow.
! gill at Maupin on Tuesday last. Both
lad ie reported on interesting demon
stration. ' '
j Genevieve Allen wn.i a guent of
jMaragarct Appling Tuesday evening.
Gertrude Klrsch spt nt Wednesday
and Thursday evenings with little
Mary Ann Slusher.
P. J). Wilson Inst a aliiublc brood
mare with her colt this week.
Ed. Herrling bought his seed spuds
of P. J. Klrsch, He has his spring
plowing done and Js ready to plant
poUatoes, after which he expect, to
spend some time fishing.
Bernire Hollis spent the last week
end with Aline Wilton.
Tom Plaster and wife were guests
at the W. II. Aldrich home on Bake
oven last Sunday.
Bert Appling was.' in Shaniko on
busines, last Saturday.
Mrs. D. L. Rutherford and daugh
ter, Beth, attended the Odd Fellows
convention at Maupin on Monday
Harold Kramer was absent from
school last week.
Mrs. D. D. Wi1n and daughters,
Aline and lona, wer In Maupin hav
ing dental work done last Friday.
Theodore and Ernest Klrsch fish
ed on Deep creek last Sunday, Theo
dore catching 12 nice trout.
Sylvester Kramer of Dufur visited
with his parent, lust Saturday tvtn-
Arthur and Jme Appling dug
three coyotes pups out of den, on
Peter and Ed. lUrrllng attended
the Odd Fellows convention at Mau
pin and 'both report splendid time.
James Appling killed 10 large
rattlesnakes on hU father, ranen
this week.
Floyd McLeod Is the proud owner
of 14 pure bred pigs of one Utter.
ho van bvat that for fin pigs?
"Buster" Skinner left on Tuesday
for Cottage Grove, where he was
tailed on business.
Geo. Fltijohn was a weak end
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McLeod.
Mrs. C. A. Duus his been on the.
sick list this week.
Sylvester Kramer and Florence
Cavin spent Sunday at Tygh Val
ley. Mrs. D. n, Wilson wtnt to Mau
pin morning to consult the doctor
regarding the condition of her little
daughter, lone, who has been ill the
psst several days, lone In feeling
better now.
Malcolm McDonald was visiting
friends at Criterion last Saturday.
Mr. McDonald la now employed on
the Connolly Rroa. ranch.
Mesdames Kirsch, Appling and
Rutherford received o shipment of
i coster, for early fryers on Monday.
Stemrot is appearing in a number
of alfalfa fields this spring. Trials
at the experiment station have Indi
cated that Grimm alfalfa ia relative
resistant to this dlcase. Some setd
sold as Grimm ha proved rather ius
ceptiblle. The safest plan U to buy
certified Grimm, which normally Is
K E M P Y, ..May IS....
A Letter From Hoi
Mrs. E. A. Mayhew, living at
Woodburn, recently ordered The
Times sent to her address. She
vrote :
"Dear Editor:
"You will find enclosed $1.50 for
our home paper I pot a sampl? copy
a 'ew days ago nn i it seemed lil:e a
'fUer from home. '
Subbed For Pratt
j Rev. Everett Hazen substituted
for Carl Pratt as mail carrier yester
day. Mr. Pratt was called to The
Dalles because of the condition of
his father, who was to undergo an op
eration for a-chronic disorder. '
K E M P Y, ..May 18.
Busted the Bug
The Froley boys are bewailing the
busting up their new Ford bug, which
had shown resplendent in white and
red paint for a short time. The boys
drove to Shaniko last Saturday night
and on their return trip collided with
what they said was a bridge. The
bug ia now aa dilapitated insect, one
Visited at Dufur
Yesterday Emtry Davis, with his
wife, Mrs. J. W. Temple and the
latter's daughter, Mrs. Gordon Met
teer,' motored to Dufur where Mr.
Temple is engaged in road work.'
Sheep-Sheared Lawn
Ollie Webtrg is trying hard to
qualify as a bnrbrr. Yesterday he
got down on his mnrrow bones and
with fchw'p shears in hand neatly
trimmc-d the grass from the curb
next his reidence loti.
Bobby Is Riled
Bobby Davidson i3 up in arms
against some pilferer who helpedhim
Belf to sundry parts of our truckman's
Chevrolet. The car is parked at the
rear of Bobby's domicile, but that wa3
no security, for whoever took tools,
parts of the machine and several
other appurtenances belonging there
to, evidently knew Davidson's habits
and did his work when no one was at
home. - S
Cflubt the Limit
Frank Klint, Emcat Becks 'and
Kick Karolus went up the river last
j Sunday and proceeded to catch all
I the trout that the law allows. Nick
j fished in one hole,' landing nine and
: losing 18. His basket was full when
'the return trip was made, the others
i having nice catches of trout.
Remember the graduates. A nice
assortment of presents, suitable for
graduation, at the Maupin Drug
K E M P Y, .May 18..
For Delegate to the Republican Na
tional Convention for Nomination of
President and Vice-President.
Fred E. Kiddle
of Union County. Delegate-at-Large.
Voters will find his name on the ballot as fol
lows: ,
"Hoover for President, McNary for Vice-President."
Fred E. Kiddle
Candidate for Delegate to the Republican Na-
tional Convention
Paid Advertisement.
. D.CTibNARY '
Hundreds of Supreme Court
Judges concur in highest praise
of the work as their Authority.
The Presidents of all leading Unl
versities, Colleges, and Normal
Schools give their hearty indorse
mcit. , '
All Stntes that have adopted a
large dictionary as standard have
selected Webster's New Interna
tional. The Echoolboolcs of the Country
aclWe to the Merriam-Webuter
system of liacritical marks.
The Government Printing Office
at Washington uses It as authority.
Yl'PlTE for a mple page of the New
Wwiii, i"vdm;n uf E;giJar and India
rapera, I-REE. jfr.
(Win . A J . J
of Maupin High School
a Three-Act Comedy Drama by
J. C. and Elliott Nugent
Cast 6 Characflersr
Dad Bence, a retired harness marker Ira Kidder
.Ma Bence, his wife ..Irene Matthews
Jane Wade, the married daghter Genevieve Seethoff
Kate Bence, the talented daughter.... Ella ShepfHn
Ruth Bence, the youngest daughter. .. Merle Snodgrass
Ben Wade, Jane's husband............ ...: .....Estel Stovall
Duke Merrill, in love with Kate'!, ....1, ........Glen Graham
Kemp James, the dumber....... .' Jesse Crabtrec
What with the increasing cost of living and his stationery income, Dad Bence
is anxious to find a suitable husband for Kate, who is an artistic and expen
sive member, of the family, until she solves the problem herself by elpping
with the astonished and reluctant plumber. Kempy doesn't mean to get mar
ried at all at least not yet-but he does. Come and hear the whole story
RMY, May
Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French of New York, .