The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, May 10, 1928, Image 3

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Model 1
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THE Ford Motor Company is making a new car, but it it
still proud of the Model T. It wants every owner of one
of these car to run it a long as possible at a minimum
of expenw, ,
Because of this policy and because of the investment
that millions of motorists have in Model Tears, the Ford
Motor Company will continue to make ' parts 'until, as
1 lenry Ford himscl f says, "the last Model T is off the road."
' More than eight million Model T Fords are still in active
service, and many of them can be driven for two, three
and five years and even longer. v
; So that ou may get the greatest use over the longest
period of time at the lowest cost, we suggest that you take
your Model T Ford to the nearest Ford dealer and have
him give you an estimate on the cost of any replacement
parts that may be necessary.
You will find this the economical thing to do because a
malt expenditure may enable you to maintain or increase
the value of the car and give you thousands of miles of
- additional service.
No matter, where you live you can -get these Ford parts
at the same low prices as formerly and know they are made
in the same way and of the same materials as those from
which your car was originally assembled.
Labor cost is reasonable and a standard rate is charged
for each operation so that you may know in advance
exactly how much the complete job will cost.
Ford Motor Company
Detroit, Michigan
Can only fruit, and totatoes by
the water-bath method; uw the pres
sure canner for the non-acid vege
table, for meats, fish, chicken, or
mixture of these foods.
To keep the of your
rhubarb pie from becoming noirtry.
pre-bake it until it is delicaately
rolored, but not brown, before you
put in the filling-. If you have a
glass or eartenware pie plate, you
can tend the pie In it to the table.
When fitting a garment, try the
Ream in different pesitions, expeci
ally those of the shoulder. Study the
figure to find the position which will
emphasize the best features and con
ceal those which are not so good. It
i, tetter to put the attention on the,
figure, rather than on keeping the
the lines of the pattern.
Spring onions ccan be served on
toast in the same manner as aspara
gus. Allow six or seven finger-sized
onions for each person. Trim off
the green tops, and cook the onions
in tlightly salted boiling water until
tinder, in an uncovered veasel. They
bhould be cooked tender in about 20
n inutes. Drain, and season with
melted butter, salt and pepper. Have
the toast ready and serve at once.
In ordrr to make the first straw
berries, go a long way, cream to
gether a third of a cup of butter,
three-fourths of a cup of powdered
sugar, and one-eigth teaspoon of
salt When thoroughly mixed, add
the stiffly beaten white of an egg
and one cup of fresh crushed straw
berries. The acidity of the berries
cause, the sauce to seperate some
what, but this can be overcome by
warming it slightly over hot water
and stirring until smooth. Serve at
once on cup cakes or cottage pud
ding, or chill to make thicker.!
Will Be Held at R..h It Smart's ea
Saturday of Thi Weak
The ladies of tiie Community club
will hold a ihome-cooked good, sale
this week Saturday at the Resh &
Stuart store. At that time such edi
bles as pies, eaakes, cookies, buns,
fruit and vegetable salads, baked
beans, cottage cheese and other de
lectable articles, of food will be of-
fered for sale.
Ladies, spare yourselves the wor
ry and stew of getting up a Sunday
dinner. Patronize the Community
club's sale and lay in sufficient to
do you over Sunday, thereby giving
yoa the day for enjoyment and recreation.
The Maupin Times, $1.50 for
a Whole Year.
Let us put the sheriff's office on
a businesg baais. Vote for McMahon
for sheriff.
STATEMENT of Ownership, Mance.
meal Etc., required by the Act of
Congress of August 24, 1912.
Of The Maupin Times, published at
Maupia, Oregon, weekly.
Publisher Semmes & Semmes.
Editor C. W. Semmes.
Mortgagees -Jct.iline E. Morrison,
Marganthaler Linoijrp Co.
S. E. Notson
in Congress
Second District ? .
FAVORS-Construction of Umatilla Rapids
More liberal forestry policy.
Unflinching enforcement of 18th Amendment.
Court to settle internatonal disputes, with
proper protection of national integrity.
More liberal federal support of good roads.
Development of resources of .Northwest.
Outlawry of war.
Just treatment of former soldiers.
Was born and reared on a farm and is familiar
with farmers' problems.
Write in and mark" thus: X S. E. NOTSON.
MOTTO: Just and fair treatment for all in all
i i
Taid adv., by Notson-f or-Congrss Club, Spencer
Crawford, Secretary, Heppner, Oregon
jiaA aaa f - J. AAA AAA J V
uuu.uuu in roaus; iu,uuir,uuu
' eral
3. C. Penny company buys site in j Madras street being improvtd.
Bend for f 100,000 new store. 0od River nd Mosler fruit dis-
Columbht River' wheat shipment tricts promise a bumper wop.
Klamath Falls Two log trains a
day will run on a Sprugue river rail
up to March 31 total 88,340 bushels.
Klamath FalliH-Great Northern
nni Southern Tacific will rebuild and
operate Strahorn-Sprague river line.
' Bend Vellow pine being planted
in lodgepolo areas;1 as forestry ex
periment. t ' , .
State releases 2,300,000 yonng
silverside salmon' from 'Clastkanim
hatchery, v
: Oregon banks had $292,175,336
deposits, February 28.
' Klamath Indian, will offer $100,.
Enterprise State telaases 8,400,-
000 soekeye, salmon from hatchery
Condon Twentmen arc at work
here oiling John Day highway.
Condon Webrli canyon road to be
resurfaced before gruin harvest
' Wheeler Westwood sawmill has
capacity of 175,000 feet a day.
'Rcedsport Petro Moran pians
fish packin g plant at Winchester Bay.
"Sid" Johnson
For Democratic Nomination
Vote 48X Johnson, A. S.
43 years a resident of Wasco and Sherman coun
ties. Will enforce the law without fear or favor
and will always recognize the rights of our citi
zens; will keep a ti;ue accounting of fees Receiv
ed. .
Paid Advertisement
Oregon City New Zion Lutheran
church will cost about $24,000.
Oregon will oil 380 mille. of new
roads this year, and re-oil about 450
Thousands of
New Words
spelled, pronounced,
and defined in
Th"Supnmi Authority"
ere ore a ftu) tampln t
hot pursuit Rsd8tar
Air Council capital ship
mud gun mystary ship
8. P. boat ' irredanta
aerial cascade Eathonia
American Legion Blue Cross
girl scout airport
cyptr crystal detector
alpplo ' superheterodyne
' f M t lerakaaaa.
2700 PaM
6000 Mi
407.000 1
Word, and
Gt In fi Writs for a asmpls
past f III New Word, apKlmta of
RetuUr and India Papers, FREE.
' Sp'riiiafleM.Maih.U&A.
' Legloiv Hall
Saturday Even'g,
with the
May 12
of The Dalles in unequalled
The above Orchestra conies-with a repu-
best time of the season. Hear them.
, 7f!