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r M''SS
Always working for the best
interests of Maupin and all of
Southern Wasco County.
Publishes only that news fit
to print Caters to no particular
class, but works for all.
Number 27
Many Vl.ltln, "Chain Gangers" En
Joy Maupln'i Hotpiiality -Fiat
Public Program
Odd Fellows to the number of
about 200 gathered In Maupin on
Monday to take part In the 18th an
nual district convention of the order.
Early In the day automobilea began
arriving, but It wa not until even
lng that the full number wan count
The convention took up at 2 :00 p.
m. and continued until five o'clock
when an adjournment was taken for
supper: The Rebekah members had
made preparation rr many more
than ant down to the sumtuous
spread, which waa kid In the audi
torium of the High school. A tem
porary kitchen had been built at the
Ide of the building ard It was there
the meal waa prepared.
In the evening an open meeting
wan held, at which nearly every one he doea at lank
of Maupin attended, tenter McCorkle The play is one. on which a royalty
acted an presiding offirial and when .must be paid and it from the pen
the program opened he announced a of J. G. and Elliott Nugent and it
aong by tho ladle quartette it be- published by Samuel French of New
Next Friday Night
Odd Fellows Program11
a Feast oi Speech
and Music
Senior CI ui Play "Kay,M to Be
Stag! With Fine Cast
What tl la '
In another column of this Issue of
The Timet appears an advertisement
of the coming High school play,
"Kempy," with tht cast as it will be
hown at the addltorlum next Fri
day evening, May 18. A parsusl of
the cast will show that tht cream of
the talent of tht school has been
given parts, and with tht intensive
coaching of Mias Marjorie Tlllotson
bill be put on in a manned superior
to any like entertainment aver pi
fored a Maupin public.
The story of tht play hinges on the
vicissitudes of one Dad Bence, who
I put to it to find a suitable husband
for his daughter, Kate, tht expensive
and talented member of tht Bence
family. The play deals with many In
congruities and ludicrous situations
untQ Kate finally solves the vexed
matrimonial question by eloping with
an astonished but love-sick plumber,
Kempy, who hag no idea of perpetrat-
Write In Name of Butler
On Your Primary Ballot
(By Bm R. Lltfla)
Tht race for tht scat in congress
from the second Eastern Oregon dis
trict, recently vacated by N. J. Sin-
'nott, is probably the most interest
ing and hectic of any ever held in this
part of the state.
At present there art seven avoved
candidates seeking the- office.
Among these are men who have here
tofore been unheard of, politically
or otherwise, except in their home
communities. They all may have
qualifications for the position they
seek, but according to word coming
from cities whose favorite sons have
thrown their hats into the ring, there
ig room for argument on that point
Without mentioning any names in
narf lnla t Via man tvVtn . r. In talirh
lng matrimony, at least not yet, but with nation.a, po,itic. ar.
have been staUd above, kozer has
promised to act on the request.
Piorco Active
One of the amusing side of the
campaign occurred in Hood River
lat week when Walter Pierce, who
is looking at Sinnott's seat with wist
f uleyes, was seen hobnobbing with
G. A. Palm iter, master of the state
grange, Palmiter is a republican,
and for a time did not know just
what to do. According to those who
claim to know he did not actually
announce himself until Pierce had
come to Hood River to talk' the mat
ter over with him.
The Butler supporters see in this
an ulterior motive. When a demo-
Mallatt Makes Good !
Over the County:
Mooting With Eaconrageramt I All
Partr Vi.Itd Wonld B Power
! Coonty Coart
When a man makes good in his
own business that is a good index
that he would do a, well in public of
fice. George Mallatt, who is running
for tht nomination for commissioner
in the Third district of Wasco coun
ty, is one rancher who has . madt
good. Only a few years back he was
working for wages. Today be is
owner of hundreds of farm land and
is farming in a manner which brings
him good returns. He is president
of the Farmers Elevator company of
Shaniko and has held that position
from the time the company was or
ganized. The ranchers of Shanik'q
and Antelope districts were a unit in
demanding that he make a campaign
for the office and it was only after
much thought that he consented to
accede to their wishes.
.Mr. Mallatt is as much concerned
in the matter of taxation as any man
in this county, and if he is elected
crat is out to assist a republican I
a certain district, there is apparently u the board will use hi, utmost en-
cne of the proverbial "niggers in
laughing behind their hands at the "woodpiie The Eutler men 8ay
York. Mint Tillotaon waa enabled,
by special arrangement to secure the
right to produce it in Maupin.
A glance at the cast will show an
Index to the whole story, and also
will Inform our readers as to who will
take the scveal parts. Remember the
dsU, Friday, May 18, and make ar
rangements to be delighted for once
with the production of a High school
Let us put the sheriff's office on
a buninesg basis. Vote for McMshon
for sheriff.
composed of Mesdames J. II. Wood
cock, Geo. L Morris, H. F. Bothwell j
and R. E. Wilson. The singers re
sponded to an encore, h(rh was ren
dered in the four ladies' usual man
ner. N, G. Hedln next occupied" the
stage, he having been chosen to moke
the speech of welcome. Mr. Hedin
Is an braator of no mean ability and
his words of welcome were well
chosen and aptly delivered.
Mr. II. G. Wolfe, from Kent, next
on the program, delivered a message
from the Kent Rebekahs to the Mau
pin members. That gentleman spoke
feelingly of the great work tht aux
iliary is doing and the message he
carried was accepted in the spirit
in which It waa sent. -
Mist Elizabeth Rutherford was the
next number and the little lady dem
onstrated she wss "nil there" when
delivering a reading. She waa round
ly applauded, for her effort was most
pleasing to all.
Maupin haa two precocious little
ladies la Jean Renick and Irene The convention went into session
woodcorx, and they showed their i immediately after the close of the
versatility as Scotch lassies in a program, the degree team of The
Scottish highland fling. Their time Dalles lodge exemplifying the work
was excellent and tho grace of move-'of tho second degree, 0. S. Walters
ment showed careful preparation and being chosen as the candidate to re
much practice. They responded to a ceive 'same.
well-earned encore by duplicating j Thdse from ouUido and who rcg
one measure of the fling. Miss Helen istercd were:
weberg presided at the piano in this Dufur, Ridgley No. 71 -F. Hay-
Mad Portland Trip .
Mayhew k Davidson, tht Msupln
truckman, each took a load of hogs
to the Portland market Sunday even
ing. On the return trip Bobby car
ried a load of merchandise for Mau
pin business men, thus making his
Lizzie earn her keep by carrying
freight both ways.
KEMPY, ..May 18.
chanceB a few of the. aspirant have
for succccss in the primaries. Nomi
nation will come from write-in votes.
What percentage of the voters will !
go to this trouble in problematical
Another point to be considered is
the question of how many election
boards will count a vote for the
name written in if there is no X
marked in front of the name.
InUnt Mwt Be Clear
Of course the judges and clerks
of etection who are familiar with
the election lawB of the state of
Oregon will count ar.y vote where
the intent of the voter Is clesr, and
it doesn't matter if the name written
in is spelled correctly or not Nor
does it make any difference oi the
X is aim "added. The intent of the
voter should be considered and count
ed. r K
The campaigners who are backing.
State Senator R. R. Butler of The
Dalles for the office have written
to Secretary of State, Sam Kozer
asking that he issue ft statement, for
the benefit of county , clerks and
election boards, instructing these of
ficials on the. points of the law which
deavor to bring about an equitable
assessment of farm lands and oher
Pierce is doing his utmost to cut the 'property of the countv. He i. W
vote of their candidate, becaust alterably against the practice of tak-
0. V- R. & U. Railway
Pays Large Sum as
Half of Taxes
Sasa S87.3M.35. Half of Tun
Seat to Sheriff -What tho
Railway Pays For
Checks aggregating 157,384.35
were mailed to Levi Chrisman, sher
iff of Wasco county, from the Oregon-Washington
Railroad & Naviga
tion company headquarters in Port
land, Thurhday, May 3, covering the
first payment of the 1927 taxes
levied upon the property of Oregon
Washington Railroad A Navigation
company in Wasco county.
The total taxes levied against the
railroad's property In Waaco county
amounted to $114,768.68, distributed
as follows: Schools taxes, $48,090,
00; road taxes,' $37,611.07; county
general fund, $16,717.27 city taxes,
$5,770.75; state general fund, $3,
974.91; World War Veterans state
fund, $11,401.33; cocunty library
fund, $1,079.40 and state military
fund, $123.95. J. W. Morrow, the
railroad's general tax agent, stated.
1 Pierce knows he can't beat Butler in
Butler Strong
On this point even some of the
other candidates are not without
doubt Butler is the Wrongest can
didate in the field when the who'.c
district is considered. Each of the
other candidates will poll a good com
plimentary vote in the various com
munities, but it will take a lot of
votes all over the district to decide
the winner. In thi. race Butler has
the advantage, as his record in state
politics in one which all other candi
dates envy. Not a county out of the
18 will fail to recognize Butler, and
those republican, who cast their bal
lots for the best intererts of the party
and the district, swill pretty nearly o
solid for Butter.
Some prognosticated predict that
the race will narrow down, .with some
candidates dropping out before elec
tion day. At any rate tltere will be
enough candidates to still make the
race one of the most interesting in
many years. .
A Business Man For
v a Business Office
number, as well a. playing the ar
companlment for the singing by the
The address of the evening was
den, J. M. O'Brien, A. W. Boule,
Olen Enaley, J. E. McMurry, C. H.
Swett, Ernest Swett J. G. Cod
knecht, Perccy Swett, Ellwood Ad-
made by Rev. Henry Young, a past kisson, C. C. Cooper, A. J. Uuderhill,
master of the grand lodge of Odd i C. E. Terry, Wm. Steuber, W. B.
Fellows. Dr. Young explained in a Sloan, J. W. Maau, Bennie Butler,
clear manner just what Odd Fellow- A. J. McMurry, E. J. Swett, Thomas
ship stands for, its lessons and f- Jones. C. M. Heisier. W. D. Taylor.
forts toward the betterment of man
kind. He went into the innermost
worklngg of the order, told of its
organization and how its teachings
have permeated to the far corners of I, H. Scheer.
the world. He paid a special tribute
to the Rcbekah branch of the order
and invited all right-thinking and
right-acting men to join with the
"chain gang" in making the world a
brotherly community.
N. G. Hedin and Mrs. R. E. Wil
son were next on the program, they
rendering a rendition of that old
time song, "My Gipsy Maid." They
also -were called back end responded
with a song of modern times.
As a special number up entertainer
named Hendricks favored the audi
ence with a step dan.'e, showing that
his. feet had been educated as well
as his hands. His offering was well
received. -
Mr. L. E. McCorkle, a local reader
and elocutionist, followed with a
humorous reading "When Father
Rode the Goat." The lady delivered
the reading in her usual illimitable
manner and she wos the recipient of,
great applause when she explained
that the "goat" part of the story wag
but a dream.
Fred Brown of Kent Lodge No.
185 extended greetings to the Odd
Fellow, present and lauded the, work
and alms of the order. ; ,
The ladles quartette closed the
program with, song and encore,
i thus bringing to an end one of the
most enjoyable and well arranged
program., ever attempted by Maupin
Hal Hots Meeting With Success In
Race for Secretary of
Stale's Job
Clean Out Court
House For Good
While national politics and local is-
contlnue to occupy the major
portion of the voters' attention, the
supreme court investigation has
somewhat taken the speculative mind
off the eastern Oregon congressional
fight and transferred its activities
to state affairs. '
The race for the nomination as
secretary of state has definitely nar
rowed down to T. B. Handley, Mult
nomah county lawyer, and Hal
Hoss, former secretary to the gov
ernor and for maany years prom
inent in newspaper work.
Hor moved into Portland last
week and opened headquarters in
the old Shrine rooms at the Im
perial Hotel, and commenced im
mediately on an active campaign.
He has spoken before several wo
men's organizations and ' political
meetings, and is being " endorsed
generally by law-enforcement agen
cies and individuals Interested in
clean government According to
Tho Only Way to Remove a Stench
Is to Do Away With tho Caute,
So Go To It
ing the funds of one district and ap
plying them to another, a practice
which has prevailed heretofore. As
a member of the county court he will
pot be a party to trades and will
work his hardest to the end that one
member shall not dominate' the ac
tions of the court. .
Mr. Mallatt is courageous in that
after he has studied a question and
arrived at a decision he will not be
swerved from his line of reasopiing
by other than an unanswerable argu
ment, and when he knows he is right
will maintain his stand against all
opposition. A8 a fanner his sympa
thies are with his class, and all who
make their living from the soil will
be given a square deal in every in
stance, for he considers that fact
that when the farmer is attacked tht
whole country suffers.
Voter, will make no mistake by
casting their votes for George W.
Mallatt at the coming primaries. He
will be a strong contender for the
right and will do what he can to
ameliorate present assessment con
ditions. A vote for him will be a vote
against existing conditions, and will
be for the. good of the whole coun
ty. Place an X next to his name and
by so doing make sure you are voting
to better yourselves..
Let us put the sheriffs office on
business basis. Vote for McMahon
for sheriff.
K E M P Y, ..May 18..
Schools of Neighboring Village Will
Coaaao Activities For Season
With Fino Program
The end of the school year will
be observed by graduation excer
cises at the Tygh Valley High school
tomorrow night The year just clos
ing marks one of the most success
ful in the history of Tygh Valley
and those who will graduate will
leave school nicely equipped for fur
ther educational advancement Prof.
Clyde T. Bonney, although having
to surmount opposition on the part
of a certain' element of his place
hag succeeded in placing his charge
on a much higher level that it ever
reached, and to him much credit is
due. He has been ably essissted by
Mia, Margaret Elliott while Paul
Light contributed not a little to the
tchool's progress.
the political talk around the hotel ; order.
W. C. Hanna.
Tyghi Valley No. 178 A. B. Mat
thews, C. Duncan,- Clyde Bonney, S,
G. Ledford, H. Ward, M. O. Wood,
Wasco, Sherman No. 15711?. A.
C tl
Antelope, No. 140 Isaac Hixon,
K. F. Thomsen, J. E. Kimsey, H. J.
Wolfe, Dolph Kimsey, W. NRooper,
B. C. Friend, R. S. Friend, Jas. R.
Robertson, Jr., W. A. Rees, Jr., H. A.
Recs. i
Moro, No. 113 Jas. Sanders, W.
J. Cady, Geo. A. Williams, Geo. N.
McDonald, N. W. Thompson, C. W.
Belknap, L. L. Peetz, A. M. Young,
W. A. Ruggles, Jas. Trultt, , Alex
Jackson, A. G. Futtcr.
Grass Valley, No. 131 -H. Schlll
Ing, T, M. Garrett, W. E. Garrett
J. J. Wiley, W. B. Wilcox, T. M.
Rolfe, D E. Vinton.
Kent No. 185 W. G. Helyer,
Fred Haynes, Ted Brown, W. G.
Helyer, A. Von Brostel, A. L. Mot
ten, H. G. Wolfe.
Odell, No. 181 John- Dtfshwali,
Fred J. Howard, O. H. Ehrch.
The Dalles, Columbia No. 5 F.
M. Sexton, C. M. Zell, J. W. Adkins,
F. E. Catty. R. N. Kortege, Glenn
Cooper, Anton Paulson, David R.
Bnird, Gus J. Weigolt, Thos. W. town, one weighing 154 pounds, an
Baird, 1. D. Calbreath. ' ther 148 and a third 143 pounds.
Scattering F. M. Griffin, lone;, The Times family whs remembered"
E. R. Lester, Pilot Rock; Ihnry by our big-hearted rancher with one
Young, Canyon City; J. Cahendro, of the porkers and for a few days-
Hood River; Bruce H. Hull, May- we will ignore the butcher and sub
ville. isiat on young pork a8 part of our
The next convention v lll be held 1 daily sustenance. Thanks, awfully,
at Hood River. B.
There has been much-dissention
between occupants of the court house
and the general public this campaign
and the cry ha8 gone forth that in
order to remedy matters a sweep of
some county offices in the only way
to effect a cure for the ills com
plained of.
Clerk Crichton, Assessor Davis,
Sheriff Chriman, in fact all officers
to be elected this year, with the ex
ception of county superintends and
county tresurer, should be discarded.
The matter of Crictyon admitting
taking fees belonging to the county,
the almost life tensure in office of
Chrisman and his failure to step
aside several times in favor of others,
the arbitrary and overbearing atti
tude of Davis, the czar-like attitude
of some members of the county
court and the meek subjection to the
will of the county judge on the port
of other members of that body, have
nauseated .the voters to the extent
that a general house (.leaning i. in
.KEMP Y, ..May IS..
Let us put, the sheriff's office on
a business basis. Vote for McMahon
for sheriff.
Will Give First Dance of Year at
Community Hall on Saturday
Night This Week
lobbie. and offices where vote dop-
aters gather, Hoss has a tremen
dous advantage , in Multnomah coun
ty because of his great strength out
over the state.
Hoss is being promoted as a "busi
ness man for a business office," as
the primary interest of every citizen
If the voter8 are awake to their
own good they will not hesitate in
casting their bollots for new men for
offices, men in whom they cart place
trust with no fear of betrayal. By
so doing the court house will be
purged of officials who have become
irksome and will be filled bv men
of Oregon is to see that the office of worthy of the confidence placed in
secretary oi state is maintained at a them.
high standard of efficiency.
Shady Brookers have at last
aroused themselves and will again
take their place in the amusement
world. A big dance is scheduled
for Community hall at Shady Brook
and will be pulled off next Satur
day night May 12. The well and
popularly known Tygh . Valley . or
chestra will play and the whole even
ing will be enlivened by a supper
prepared and served by the ladies of
the community. If you want the
best of the season attend this Shady
Brook dance. No diasapointment
there, as it is well known by all who
have taken in dances at that place.
MaopiniU, Eating Dust
The highway road sweeper has
been doing its best on Maupin's main
street several days this week and as
a conequence Maupinites have been
compelled to "eat a peck of dust"
each day during the operation. When
a burial takes places, one of the
forms of thes ervice in that of drop
ping a handful a earth on the casket
that being accompanied by the for
mula ''Dust to Dust and, while
we realize that sweeping the road
way is part of the oiling program,
still we are averse to having our
dust issued t ous in other than home
opathic dose
Txes, have become burdensome.
The county suffering under "a large
bond issue and assessments have
B. Derthick took been made in such a manner to call
up a number of suckling pigs and i forth demands that a remedy be
Some Pork
Six week ago O.
proceeded to fatten them. Yesterday found, one .that will tend to a lower-
he brought three of the porkers to j ing of taxes at least an equaliza
tion of same. Those having to do
v.ith levying of taxes seem to have
forgotten that the ranch and home
ownrs are the onea who will have to
meet conditions. Let them out and
dmand that new officers be' placed
in positions that have to do with
tax matters, and then demand that
the new officials do their full duty
K E M P Y, JWay 18.. ...
KEMP Y, ..May 18.
Annual Fuhormaa Arrives
D. D. Morisey, whose, summers
are not complete if he does not spend
part of each at Maupin, where he
fishes in. the Deschutes, arrived last
week with a friend and the two are
waiting the, time when the trout de
cide it time to take the fly. Mr.
Morisey has been here the past
couple of seasons and say there is
no stream in the country equaal to
our river for real enjoyment in the
fishing game.
Cruthor Will Move -
The men operating the rock crush
er at the foot of the Tygh grade
have about concluded their labor at
that point and will soon move their
equipment to the quarry near the
Hunts Ferry warehouse. They have
accumulated many large piles of fine
gravel, some of them having - been
piled a ways up the White River
grade, and that crushed here will be
applied on the roadway of the Cri
terion hill.
Redmond F. McCafferty erecting
a new filling station at corner of E
and 6th streets. ; ;
to all taxpayers of the county.
By all means have a house clean
ing at the court house.
Oil Not Liked
' While all will appreciate the high
way after the oil has Fettled and the ;
last coats received their dressing of
gravel, still at this stage of oiling
operations autoi&ts are bewailing the
condition of the roads. All cars
coming through over the oiled sec
tions show contact with the dressing
and motorists are cussing because of
the labor entailed in cleaning their
cars after such a passage.
Let us put the sheriff's office on
a busines8 basis. Vote for McMahon
for sheriff. ' '' 2 ' )
AH varieties of concentrated fruit
juices for making punch. One-half
pint bottles, 35 ccnts at the Maupin.
; Drug Store.