The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, May 03, 1928, Image 3

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Mark Stuart, wife and little son,
Dale, motored to The Dallea yester
day. J. W. Davidson van a fuest at the
Bank Hotel, The Dalles, Monday
Dr. Stovatl, wife and aon, Eatel,
went to CoryallU Saturday and visit
ed a day or to there with relatives.
Supt Croncwald, with tome frlendi
from The Dalles, spent day recently
fishing' in Deep Creek with fair euc
cwt. Bert Brown and wife were on the
river Sunday.' Bert la now employ
ed at a machine shop in the county
teat town.
Anna McCoy and sls'tr were busl
new visitors from these part at The
Dalle, yeterday.
Nate Alexander and wife spent
part of lust week at the home of
Frank Creagcr, coming" down from
Juniper Flat.
Mrs. Win. McClure and children
are in town from Fairview and will
spend a month here visiting with
friends and relative.
Floyd Richmond came up from
Portland last Friday and remained
at his parents home from that time
until Monday morning.
George TilloUon and wife came
quarters at the Maupin camp
Mm. Eva McClure i at the home
of her slater, Mra. Andrew Cunning
ham, thlg week, coming up from
Tom Gallagher and family have
left Eaat Maupin and are now oc
cuplng the Woodcock cottage on the
West aide.
"Shorty" Miller, of the Wllaon
Painting Co., went up the river Sun
day and aucceeded In bringing in a
nice catch of fifth.
Johnny Williams tried put his new
"WUllama' Special" trout fliee last
evening with the result that he
Lrought In a nice mesa of trout. '
Criterion News Notes
On Thursday last Mesdamea
Appling, Klrsch and Wilson were at
Maupln, helping to make costumes
fur the coming school play by the
Leslie and Albert Troutman spent
Thursday night at the Klrsch home.
D. B. Appling wa, fishing on the
river Sunday. He made a fine catch,
but lost four of the best trout on the
way home and" that's no fbh story.
"Buster" Skinner of Cottage
Grove wa, visiting friends in Criter
ion last week.
Gertrude Klrsch spent last Sunday
afternoon visiting with Margie Ap
pling. Mrs. Appling and Dale Patrick
visited Mrs. Klrsch one afternoon last
Lane la at work on the
D. D. Wilson ranch.
Mra. Lucile Cantrell and daughter,
up from The Dalles yesterday and j Sdna. spent Saturday last with the
B. C. Scott motored
business trip last
Mr. and Mrs.
to Dufur on a
Tom Beatty and wife of Hood
River are visiting at the J. E. Wood
cock home at this writing. They will
make their return trip to Maupin
Wednesday a. m.
Cecil Mayfield and wife made a
business trip to Maupin last Thurs
day. - Mrs. Bradway and Richard attend
ed church services at Wamlc but
After an enforced absence of
some week, Miss Lammeroth is again
at her school work. She wsa injured
in an auto wreck while on her way
home at Boyd, having had an arm
broken when the car overturned.
Miss Crystall ; Wrenn spent the
week end with her parents, return
ing to Tygh Sunday evening. She
is attending school at tin latter
J. E. Woodcock and wife attended
the Heilmeier sale last Saturday and
reports prices as being good on live
stock. Edwin Dlsbrow found a den of
coyote pups, there being seten In the
famlily. The mother escaped.
Henry Kramer I, cleaning up brush
and burning trash around the saw
remained over for the meeting of the
Rebekahs lodge in the evening.
Sylvester Kramer came over from
Dufur Saturday night and spent
Sunday with hlB parent at Lakeview,
He is employed at tho Johnston store
In Dufur.
Maupin people registered at the
Bank Hotel at The Dallea Monday
were L. B. Woodsidc, Lewis May
hew, Bobby Davidson and Alfrod
The Kramer, were in town from
their 'Lakeview ranch on Tuesday
inorninjr. Joe is rnnchmc tn his own
place this summer ond anticipates
a bumper crop this season.
Roy Crabtree has finished his
spring plowing and now has some
leisure time in which to make gar
den. Ho, with his wife, and father
were in town Monday laying in a
supply of garden tools.
Signs Fischer was visiting with
friends at East Maupin on Monday.
Doings at Pine Grove
Will L. Doud and wife of Dufur
visited at the Rutherford and Klrsch
homes Sunday last.
John Slusher spent the last week
end at the Klrsch home. On Sun
day he accompanied Mr. Klrsch,
James Appling and Theodore Klrsch
to Deep creek ( where they investigat
ed a bee tree) with the result they
brought home a swarm of bees and
some honey. They also went fishing,
John caught three trout, one of them
being the largest caught by the
party. He wore the fish out that
evening showing it to friends, but
when he went home had enough
trout for a fish feed for the family.
C. A. Duus and Jerome Kidder
were on the sick list last week.
The Duus family visited with R.
H. DeCamp In Maupin last Sunday.
D. L. Rutherford shipped a bunch
of fine porkers to the Portland mar
ket last Saturday.
D. D. Wilson ha, sold his swine to
Ed. Herding. !
Relatives visiting the Rutherfords
on Sunday last were: Mrs. M. K.
McLeod and daughter Olive, A. H.
McLeod and daughter, Janet, from
The Dalles, and W. Bartley and wife
from Roscville, California.
W. E. Hunt made a business trip
WilV ! 10 ne "N"1 on Monday. s-
Mrs. D. L. Rutherford recently re
ceived word of the marriage of her
tJcorge Richardson is putting in a "". wr "J 91
time of work at th Maupin camp ' f nclsc. t Mr. Walter Eklund of
,j i the same city.
iiiv wum vi uiuiig me mgnway
in this section is progressing rapidly.
' A baby Porcupine is the
particular pet of Mrs. O. J.
lams. " -
one !
Mrs. Ed. Fischer of Bend is visi
ting her son, Billy, and will remain
couple of weeks. ' , N
Workman are tngafred In building
coffer dam for the foundations of
the new bridge.
Bob Bell concluded his vacation
yesterday and is again at his post
t the 0. W. depot
Mis, Gladys Martin entertained her
friend, Fannie Derthick, at her home
Wednesday afternoon.
o '
Supply Man Doel returned to
Portland yesterday, after substitut
ing for Bob Bell at this side's de
pot s o
Mrs. Mary Nelson came over from
Grass Valley and is visiting with her
mother, Mrs. Nancy Martin, this
week. " '
; , ,-o- y , .
The oiling crew, at work on Cri
terion hill, is making their head-
Today (Monday) they are near the
Lakeview school houe, and by the
time The Times is Issued Maupinites
may be noticing track on rug, and
floors, to say nothing of oil on the ol'
Tom Slusher spent Monday night
at the Rutherford home.
Mrs. Austin and Mrs. Kirby and
daughter are visiting with Mrs. D.
D. Wilson. Mr. Austin is Mrs. Wil-
on's mother.
Doings At Smock
Weather cool.
Farmers busy plowing for summer
Mrs. Bradway returned from Kan
sas last Thursday. She reports fruit
killed by heavy frosts on April 12,
also that young alfalfa frozen black,
The season is very backward, the
farmers Just beginning to plow.
S. G. Ledford and D. M. Stanch
iff attended the JHeilmeler sale on
Saturday last ,
I v j A - 7
Life Resident. Taxpayer. Farmer.
World War Veteran
Harold Sexton
Candidate for the Republican
Nomination for
Wasco County
The Dalles,
' Benjamin F. Richardson gave a
dance last Saturday night at his hall
at the First and Last chanch auto
park. A good time wan reported, as
dancing continued until dawn.
Roy Batty and family visited at
Pine Grove Sunday.
Wm. Moore and Carl Powell vis
ited the John Powell home, where Mr.
Moore got his horse after wintering it
at Powells.
Julius Shepflin wa, taken to The
Dalles by Mr. Hall, the Raleigh Pro
ducts motor route man. Julius' in
jured foot was lanced again, also the
calf of his leg. He was brought
home by Ben Richardson. Julius will
have to keep off his foot for 30 days
or more, to prevent possible loss of
his leg. '
J. C. Sanford, joint owner of the
old Sam Brown 960-acre farm, now
operated by Julius Shepflin, brought
a new man up from Portland to
drive a team in plowing. His Ford
son tractor is running daily.
Frank Nutt of Portland i, plowing
for Roy Batty. Roy is hand feeding
40 orphaned lambs, with good re
sults. ... - ' j
Pine Grove grammer school gave
a successful social last Friday j
night with attendance from all over1
Wapinitia Plains. Good music,
games and contests featured the
evening', gaiety. Harry Lewis won
the prlxe for the best sock darner,
he defeated .0. Bronner and 0. S.
Walters. They, however, have no
time to darn socks.
Welton McCoy is a good judge of
neatly shod feet, a, he took first
prize in the curtain-judging foot
game. Mr. Howard defeated Alva
Hammer in the finals of the track
sack races.
Charles Davis and Robert Shcpfin
discovered that the law of gravity
still is in existence when they run
at diziy speed with their No. 9's in
a spud sack.
Calvin Burnside spent the week
end with friends at .Wapinitia and
Pine Grove.
Mr. Wiesbeck made a trip to The
Dalles from the Beaver Creek camp.
Mr. Meyers, powder man, Andy
Booth, Carl Powell, W. A. Dane, Ben
Richardson and Frank Richardson are
working for Mt Hood National For
est department under Joe A. Gra
ham, ranger. They are slashing out
a cattle lane and doing road work.
John Sinclair in conditioning the
baby truck tractor to duty in 1928
A 1 A
ioe a. oranam reports more
money for various road projects
than the average year has had, par
ticularly for the High Rock road that
will connect with the road near
Estacada. This new fire line road
taps one of the finest huckle berry
field, between Hood .and Jefferson,
but if T. H. Sherrod, superintend
ent of Mt Hood National Forest,
prevails, will be a closed road for
tourists and berry pickers.
This strange policy iB to be follow-'
cd in the name of "fire protection"
we can't understand why the parti
cular area needs more protection
than the rest of the numberless Cas
cade hills. ,
We believe the average people who
pay for roads, county and state, or
federal, are entitled to their use.
We believe that lightning-caused
fires, exceed man-made firch Rnd
that the general public is now edu
cated to fairly good conduct while
in the forest At any rate we feel
; that T. H. Sherrod should not ex
j reriment to the closing of sccenic,
. hunt and berry or fishing roads,
opened at tne public cost to the tax
payers and particularly to the local
j pioneers. Indians visit the High
hurricane deck of pinto, fuzz-tails.
Why keep out white folks? We be
lieve it can't be dune and ar willing
to predict that it won't work.
Wapinitia Sunday school C. E.
and church issue a general call of
welcome to all Wapinitia Plains
folk to join them in service on Sun
day, May 6. A basket dinner to be
enjoyed at noon. Music and de
votional excersiws and service by
Rev. Everett Hazen to feature the
days' get together.
Vergil Mayfield had the bad luck
to burn out the bearing in his Ford
car. While he and Cecil were loco
moting over the new macadam re
cently. R. W. Richmond and family vis
ited with Mr. and Mrs. Andy Booth
at the "First and Last Chance" au
to park, Sunday.
Alice Davis and Verla Lewis spent
the week end at the Harry Lewis
and family home.
Mrs. Lester West teacher at
Wapinitia. has been hired to teach
at Pine Grove for the fall term.
Miss Flossie B. Overman, teacher
here for three years, did rfct re
apply for the next turn. She plans
to be near her parents at Philomath.
Bruce Hull, principal of the Wap
initia High school, who formerlly
taught in The Dalles will oppose
Wm. Crichton for county clerk. Mr.
Hull has all the qualification, to fill
the office with credit and efficiency.
He enjoys a host of friends who will
vote and boost his candidacy
"Wipe the Slate," should be the
general slogan of the present cam
paign, to be sure of a new broom.
Complete renovation of all depart
ments of county affairs and noth
ing lesg will do the" job. Mr. Hull
comes to the front us a good corner
stone on which to build up from the
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cunningham
drove their Angus herd to Sunflower
Flat to pasture the Glass homestead
range before general release of the
Wapinitia cattlemens stock, May 6.
Fred Ault and Co., timber owners,
were at Pine Grove Saturday and
Sunday on business.
Tim Linn went to Portland to buy
a sawmill He will build on the
Hedin umber Co. Dane claim and
will start sawing at high-gear for the
local demand as soon as he can set
up his mill.
Lester West and N. G. He din were
surveying on the H. V. Rutherford
ranch when Lester became stricken j
with an intenae pain in his knee at
tended by swelling. Hedin took his
team to the barn and drove his auto
into the field, carrying West to and
from the car on his back. After sev
eral hours of administering hot wa
ter applications and liniment, he
finally obtained relief for Mr. West
who was turned over to his wife up
on her return from school.
Autos can now drive to Camas
ranger station and to Cedar Post
camp on the new road.
Make Your Headqarters at
The Black and White or
American Restaurants
where every service awaits you.
Both Restaurants have been entirely remodeled for
your convenience.
E. 3. McMahon
Matipfa (parage J
E. W. SHELLEY, Manager
Battery Work, Oxy-Acetylene Welding
Our repairs speak for themselves and when a job
leaves this garage it carries the motto that
All Work Guaranteed or Money Back
De Larhue
Onhcal Comnanv Q
Voft Block, Tie Dalles, Orcfoa
In Internal Medicine for the
past fifteen years
Will be at
MAY 16 ,
Office Hours: 10 a. m., to 4 p. m.
No Charge for Consultation
1ST N O W! -til
We mean that now is the time to have your
Automobile Overhauled
This is the place to bring it We have the largest
and best equipped machine shop in Wasco county. .
Xkm Dallas, Oraaoa
Dr. Mellenthin is a regular gradu
at in medicine and surgery and is
licensed by the state of Oregon. He
does not operate for chronic appen
dicitis, gall stopes, ulcers of stomach,
tonsil, or adenoids.
He has to his credit wonderful re
sults in diseases of the stomach, liver,
bowels, blood, skin, nerves, heart,
kidney, bladder, bed wetting, ca
tarrh, weak lungs, rheumatism,
sciatica, leg ulcers and rectal ail
ments. , Below are the names of a few of
his many satisfied patients in Ore
gon who have been treated for one
of the above named causes:
H. H. Blake, Marshlield.
Elmer Booker, Condon. V
Besie Eckles, Empire.
D. G. Horn, Bonanza.
W. C. Helyor, Kent. '
' P. M. Roster, Mt Anffel.
, Mrs. L. H. Martin, Moro.
" Davis Steinon, Allegany.
Fred Shields, Klamath Palls.
Joe Shoeships, Gibbon. "
Dt'I. Waeenblast, Portland.
Remember the above date, that
consultation on this trip will be free
and his treatment is different.
Married women must be accom
panied by their husbands.
Address: 224 Bradbury Bldg.,
Rock berry fields every year via the. Lbs Angeles Caliiarnia,
,.t'-' y Between ! ; v
and Way Points ' and Way Points
ii j i
Groeery amid,