The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, April 05, 1928, Image 3

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    th MAtipiht
J. S.' Brown and wife were down
from thalr Pint Grove ranch lust
Saturday. '
Emll Heckler of Waplnltla -was
registered at the Dank hotel at The
Dalles last Sunday.
Mr. Rose Duhl and Mlw Edna
Derthlck were in from the Tygh Val
ley country lait Friday.
Dee Woodslde attended the meet
ing of itockholder, at tht Maupln
Suta Bank on Tuesday.
Prof. Nagel and f ho Time man
called on Prof. Clyde T. Bonney at
Tygh Valley Sunday afternoon.
A. A. Derthlck and wife were over
from Du'fur Sunday, being guests at
the home of their aon, Una Derthlck.
Mlta Leona Martin went to Gate
way Friday to spend the weok end
with her parents, returning Monday.
Hen Cooke arrived from Portlnnd
luxt week and in spend'ng a few day
visiting with relatives .nd friend in
Mr, Slgno Fischer came over
from The Dalles Monduy and visited
with' friend a couple of day the
first of tho week.
L. B. Kelly went to The Dalle
Tuesday o a to be prcnt at a
meeting of tho county court Wodnev
day morning.
Frank Fleming came over from
the county teat Tuesday and attended
the bank meeting that day. Mr. Flem
ing la a director of that Institution.
Mr. Lester Crofoot came down'
from Two Spring Monday and went
to her father', ranch on Bakeoven.
going to ee her father, recently In
jured by the kick of a horse.
MIr Marjorie Tillotaon went to
Bend on Friday's 0. W. train, going
there to make personal application
for a position on the Bend teaching
force. Shej-eturned Monday morn-In.
Mr. LcRtcr Crofoot of Cove creek
wa a guert at the L. D- Kelly home
lust Friday..
Frunk Richardon of line Crove
viitited with East Maupln relative the
laitt of last week,
Hugo Fischer wife and aon, Verne
went to The Dalle last Friday on
a business miwlon.
Billy McCkire ha returned from
Portland and will remain here with
relative and friend a ahort time.
Mr. Signe Fischer was in East
Maupjn several days this week. She
it stopping at The Dalles tempor
arily, ,
George Richardson came down
from the Connolly aheep ranch Mon
day and ipent a few hours In East
Maupln. ,
Frank Klint, section foreman on
the 0. W.., with his wife, went to
Portland on a business errand on
The William service station is
now connected with telephone, an
instrument having been retailed last
Monday. Ring 4-F-88.
An operator named Doel Is taking
Bob Bel)' place at the O. W. depot
while Bob 1 away on a month' va
cation. Tom Gallagher and family are In
habiting two of the Maupin Camp
Ground cabin while awaiting a
chance to rent a house. Mr. and
Mr. Gallagher are employed at
A fewEaster novelties left. Get
them for 10 cent at the Maupin
Drug Store.
.V v -fS"' -J
' v . .
v i! "NX 7
To the Voters of Wasco County:
In announcing my candidacy for the of
fice of County Sheriff, subject to the Re
publican primary election, I desire to state:
I have resided in The Dalles the last 20
years, locating herfe in 1908. I served the
O. W. R. & N. railroad in various capaci
ties of trust for many years.
In September, 1921, I opened the res
taurant known as "Mack's Cafe", which has
become known far and wide as a good place
to eat.
I advance my solicitation for your sup
port in the coming primaries, pledging that v
if I am nominated and elected to the office
of Sheriff that I will give the people of
Wasco County an efficient, courteous and
economical administration. I owe no po
litical debt to any group or individual, and
if elected will carry out my duties without
fear or favor.
Respectfully submitted for your consid
eration, ' .
C. W. Iclahon .
Cabins All Painted
The tourists cabins at the Maupin
camp grounds have been given a
coat of paint this week, the work
having been done by the Wilson
Painting company. The roofs bear
a brilliant coat of red, while the
buildings shine resplendant In white.
As soon at the screen doors arrive,
which are expected this week, the
new cabins will be at the disposal
of tourists. Lately each of the ca
bins already in commission has been
occupied, travelers seeming to realize
that more re- was to be obtained
In a good bed there than by continu
ing their journies.
Accepted Road Job ,' -
J. W. Temple has vacated his posi
tion at the Maupin garage and has
accepted a position with the state
as truckman and mechanic on the
road oiling division. Je went to
The Dalles Sunday morning and there
Joined Engineer Stewart and the
two continued on to Salem, where.
Temple was given a truck. He ex
pects to be stationed either at Mau
pln or on the Kent section.
was organized at th school house
Friday. It membership consists of
eight student. Lejter Crofoot is
president! Vera Canfield vice-president
and Louise Morjanren secretary.
; Evangelist W. T. Xlotzback of St.
Louis, will begin a serio of revival
meetings at the church en Sunday,
April 8.
J. A. Lake installed a telephone in
hia store this week. In addition to
connecting the with Tygh, he
has a switch and a private line to the
drug store central.
Joe Graham returned last week
from a trip to Clackamas. He reports
the snow there as being nine and
one-half feet deep; four feet at
Clackamas Prairie; three feet at Bear
Creek. He made the trip In from the
Dane ranch on skis.
The baseball game between Mau
pin and Tygh at that place was
stopped last, Sunday by rain In the
fifth innfng. Tygh
agin next Sunday.
will play here
Nine homesteaders of this section
have made intention to make final
proof of their claims. They are
Isaac N. Winfrce, Wdliam F. John-'
son, Moses F. Goodenough, Thomas
A. St. Dennis, Burtle 'O. Nosker,
Herbert M. Greene, Jame9 Baxter,
Rufus II. DeCamp, Chester A. Bar-genholt.
E. C. Huntington, representing the
Valley Produce company, was here
several days recently baying potatoes.
He shipped two carloads from here
on Wednesday.
An elaborate Easter program has
been prepared and will be rendered
at the church Sunday morning.
The building formerly used by
Shattuck Bros, as an oil and paint
room ha been moved north of the
bank and Mr. Cilbert it remodeling
it for a garage. '
Bateball Season Open
The season of baseball for the Pa
cific league was formally opened on
Tuesday. Portland pUys this week
at Los Angels, and now fans will
be all agog to see the papers and
find out just how our state team
On Business in Portland
Mrs. Henry Seethoff, with .Glen
Graham as driver and hf r daughters,
Cretrhen and Jean, accompanied by
Mrs. Martell, went to Portland last
Saturday on a business trip. They
returned to Maupin Tuesday after
noon. . ', "
"Vjfaupin fiage I
E. W. SHELLEY, Manager
Battery Work, Oxy-Acetylene Welding
Our repairs speak for themselves and when a job
leaves this garage it carries the motto that
AH Work Guaranteed or Money Back
Danced at Willowd.le '
The Tygh Valley High rchool or-
rh j cnostor played ror a dance at Willow-
$ H1n hall lau Rtiir.) .4....UUU
j .... "v .r-nutunj 11') lib, lt WIHVII
a number of Maupin young 7eople
(attended. Those from here were:
(Ernest and Sylvester Kramer.
"Budge" Greene, Cyril and Orville
Fraley, Clarence Hunt, "Dubbs"
Doanev Ira Kidder, Ivan Mott, Gus
Derthick, Misses Ailcne and Mary
Greene, Besrie Starr, Adeline See
thoff, Ella Shepflin. Ethel Kidder,
Dorig Kelly, Fannie Derthick.
Taking Journalistic Courte
Claude Hall, who will be remem
bered as a clerk at Butler store a
couple of yours or more ago, has
entered O.' A. C. as a student in
journalism. Claude was here a
matter of two years, and made many
many acquaintances, 11 of whom will
be pleased to learn -f his ambition
to shine as a writer. .
New Baby Girl ,
Mrs George Miller of Tygh Val
ley presented her husbnnd with a
new baby girl at The DtJles hospital
on Sunday April 1. While the date
might have some significance with
Fome people, yet with George it
means that his household has been
gladdened and that tho little , Miss
Miller will fill a long-felt desire on
the part of her proud parents.
Da 1 or fin a
Ontiral Cnmnanv
Vogt Block, The Dalles, Oregon ,
We mean that now is the time to have your ,
Automobile Overhauled
This is the place to bring it. We have the largest
and best equipped machine shop in Wasco county. ,
Tk Dallas. Oraa-M
Pkoae 383-J -
Visiting Parents
Floyd Richmond drove up from
Portland Tuesday evcrin,g and from I
that time until this morning visited ,
i with his parents in this city. Floyd
is conducting a service station and
storage garage at the metropolis and
any8 that his business -is increasing
Cut Up Veneer Blocks
Fred Ault was in Maupin several
days recently, cngnred in cutting the
; i supply of veneer blorks, which had
been delivered to Hip O. W. Rail WAV.
into stove wood. Trouble with the
Vancouver Veneer company compell
ed holding the timber here, so Ault
took advantage of the time and made
stove wood out Cf it.
. - , ? TAID ADVERTISEMENT . . . , , .. - . . . v &
Coleo Toilet Sonp. Nothing better
fir the face and hands. 3 for 25
cents at the Maupin Drug Store.
(From The Times April 6, 1917)
The Hunts Ferry Industrial club
- .Between
., '
and Way Point
and Way Points
S 0. P. RESH
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