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The Maupin Times
C. W. Semmei, Editor
C. W. Semme and E. R. Semmei
' Published every Thursday at
Maupin, Oregon
Subscription:, One year, $1.60; iix
months, $1.00; three montlis, 5v)cts.
-lected I nromlse an administration
of economy and justice to all.
I served two years as deputy cor
f this county. Am familiar
ith the duties of the oft tee and will
An nil in mv Dower to so conduct its
.iffairs that there will be o material
.eduction in administering same.
Tntered as second class mail mat
tor SeDtember 8. 1914, at the post-
cfke at iuaupin, Oreon, undr the
Act of MarchS, 1879. ; '
It is said that one nan of Wasco
county remarked that he could stand
in the center of his place and count
at least 15 stilU in active operation,
We wonder why that man is not taken
into court and compelled to divulge
Jiis knowledge, thus civing the
sheriff's office a chance .to take in
some of the infractors of the Vol
stead law.
Conference Supt. Mere-
Conference Superintendent Geo.
McDonald, arrived in Maupin last
Friday, having come in from Portland
to be present at the quarterly con
ference of the Wapinitia-Maupin
churches. There were some matters
of vital importance to the church to
be decided by Mr. McDonald, which
were acted upon at the conference
held at the Maupin church Sunday.
When a suballren teacher seeks to
disturb the morale of a school by
innocous remarks and acts against
the rules promulgated by the school
principal, then it is that there should
be a vacancy in the position accupied
by the dissenting one.
When all has been uud there is no
reason why county and state offices
should not be filled by capable as
pirants. Scanning the 'promises of
candidates there i3 no ' chance for
any but the very best men to be elec
ted. '
It is reported that the Prince of
Wales suffered six falla from his
horse in a period of five days. We
suggest that Eddie ride in a "how
' dah" one of those things strapped on
backs of elephants.
A man must be expecting the ine
vitable when he begins " to scan the
obituary columns of the daily newspapers.
Political Announcements
The following announcement are
paid by those who sign them.
To The Voters Of Wasco County:
In announcing my candicacy, for
he office of County Sheriff, sub
ject to the Republican primary clec
lion, I desire to state:
I have resided in The Dalles for
the last twenty years, locating here
in 1908. I served the 0. W. R. N
railroad in different capacities of
truit for many years.
In September, 1921, I opened the
restaurant known as 'Mack's Cafe,
which has become known far and
wide aa " a good place to eat"
I advance my solicitation for
your support in the coming primaries,
pledging, that if I am nominated and
elected to the office of Sheriff, that
I will give the people of Wasco coun
ty, an efficient, courteous, and eco
nomical administration, and if elect-
id, will carry out my duties without
fear or favor.
Respectfully submitted for your
3-29-5-17 ' '
Working on Wrecked Area-
Walter Rutherford, brother of
Mrs. N. lledin, writes that he is em
ployed at present in repairing the
tragic result of the great dam, which
spread disaster to many at Los
Angels recently.
Play Big Succen
The play given by the pupils of
the Wapinitia schools last Saturday
r.ight was well attended iind proved
most entertaining. The teachers of
that school had diligently rehearsed
he characters so that when the cur
tain went up each act went off with
a smoothncsg pleasing to all.
Spetial Writer Ca!U
C. M. Hyskell, special t rlter on the
Portland Telegram, was a welcome
caller at The Times office last Fri
day. Mr. Haskell is making the
rounds of this section and while here
picked up some Interesting data,
which will be incorporated in an arti
cle dealing with Maupin and the De-
chutes valley.
Candy Sale
The united clubs of this district
have arranged for a candy tale at
the High school building tomorrow
night. Then will be presented the
Grade play, "Treasure Farm," at
which a good attendance la expected.
The money derived from the sale
will be used to help pay expenses of
those club members who are chosen
tc attend the state vlub meet the
coming fall.
Were April Fooled
Those of our people who slipped
into bed Sunday night carrying the
idea that they had escaped being
"April fooled," awoke next morning
tb the fact that King Winter had
slipped one over on them In the
shape of a snow storm and cold wave
that night
I respectfully solict the support of
the voters at the primaries of May
IS, 1928, on the Republican ticket,
for the office of counly coroner of
Wasco county. If nominated and
To the Voters of This District:
I am a candidate for the office
of County commissioner from the
Third district of Wasej county, and
ask the confidence of the voters in
such candidacy by soliciting their
votes ,at the primary election, May
If nomiated and elected I promise
to do all in my power to see to it that
the county receives a full dollar's
return for each dollar exepended;
thu I will riot enter into any com
bination whereby one district will be
deprived of its just shbre of tax
money, and will work to the best of
my ability to the end that taxes be
reduced as much as possible. I am
unalterably opposed to the practice
of transferring district funds to other
parts, thereby depriving the rightful
sections of their just proportions of
tax money.
Called to Wapinitia
Dr. Elwood was called to Wapinitia
on Monday to treat Miss Crystal
Hartman, who was confined to her
home with the prevailing ailment
flu. At this writing the young lady
is much better.
Track Meet Dance
The Tygh Valley schools will stag
a dance at their gymnasium on the
evening of May 21, being a conclu
sion of the district track meet, to be
held at the Tygh Valley fair grounds
that day. Special music has been re
hearsed for this dance and a general
good time is promised.
time is life's beginning. It be
hooves all to take advant
age of that time to pre
pare for the fall and Win
ter Thar sirA enrn fn fnllrtw.
Start a bank account in the spring, add to it during
the rest of the year, and when the cold days of later
life overtake you there will be that nest egg wait
ing to cheer the declining years. Start saving with
Maupin State Bank
Must sell immediately. $10.00per
month. A rare bargain. Write
Tallman Piano Store, Salem, Ore
gon, for particulars. 22-t3
GOAT FOR SALE Toggenberg milk
goat for sale, just fresh. Call on
J. W. Temple of at The Times of
fice. 22-t3
FARM FOR RENT-300 acres,
fifty acres in cultivation, one half
in wheat, one half in stubble, re
mainder in brush and pasture.
FOR SALE One Duroc boar, two
years old. John . Ayres, Wamic,
Oregon. 18t3
FOR SALE One 16-inch Oliver
gang plow. Guaranteed. John
Ayers. 18-t3
Slight Auto Accident
Last evenmg while attending the
hill back of the Turner residence.
Jimmy Abbott ran into tho car driven J
by Andrew Cunningham. The Abbott j
car was shimmying along the roud ',
and in trying to avoid a eolliiion An- j
drew pulled to the extreme edge of
the toad. The result wim that tho I
Cunningham car sustained a broken i
wheel, bent axle and few other In
juries. Mrs. Cunningham was some
what upset by the shoo as well as
sustaining some cuts on her hands.
Renick Is "ChampW
Oscar Renick displayed his Insight
in tho game of solo at the Rainbow
Tuesday evening by winning the
highest number of points In the
night's tournament Barber .Kaiser
was next high, whllo Juniper Flat
carried off the little end. Julius,
Shepflin, substituting for Joe Rig
glen, took home the big stick of
Candidate For Sheriff
I hereby announce myself as a candidate
for office of Sheriff of Vvrasco County, at the
Republican Primaries, May 18, 1928.
If I am nominated and elected I will enforce
the law and conduct the office in a courteous
and economical manner.
Paid advertisement
Seven miles fron Wapinitia. Suit
ed for goats or sheep. W. A.
Dane. 1942
broke .horses for sale. Weight
froml300 to 1500 pounds. Phone
9F4, D. B. Appling. 15-tf
A-l condition, 500 pound capacity.
$27.50. Reason for. selling, too
small for present user. Call or
phone Shattuck Bros., Maupin. tf
The Dalles, Oregon
Connected with the
Crandall Undertaking Co. 15 years.
" Paid advertisement
75 Caterpillar tractor, in good con
dition. Frjce very reasonable.
Call or write W. C. Hanna, Dufur,
Oregon. 20-t3
Notice is hereby given that Harry
S. Woolsey, Administrator of the
estate of
Fannie G. WooUey,
deceased, has filed in the County
Court of Wasco County, State of
Oregon, his final account as such
Administrator, and that Monday,
the 9th day of April, 1928, at the
Vmtir n( ten n'rinctr ft. m.. has been
fixed by said Court as the time for
hearing objections to said report ana
the settlement thereof.
Harry S. Woolsey,
Gavin & Gavin, Attorneys for1
Estate. ma-Ao
Candidate For Coroner
I hereby announce my candidacy for the of
fice of Coroner of Wasco Co., subject to the Re
publican primaries of May 18, 1928.
I have had two years' experience in that
office, having served that length of time as depu
ty coroner, and know how the business should
be conducted. If nominated and elected I will
do what I can to conduct the office with economy
and in justice to all.
Paid advertiseent.1 f
Uhe Dalles
Floral Co.
When you desire Flowers for a
party, wedding, funeral or any
other purpose, phone 710, The
Dallet, or leave your order at
The Maupin Times office and
your order will be delivered on
the next mail or stage.
Where the best 35 cent
meal is served in
The Dalles'
Next The Dalles
C. N. Sargent, - - Prop.
to every owner of a
odel T Ford
ON MAY 25, 1927, when Henry Ford first announced his
plans for making a new car, he announced also that he would
continue to make parts for the Model T Ford. He said:
"The Model T Ford car was a pioneer. It blazed the
way for the motor industry and started the movement for
good roads everywhere. It broke down the barriers of
distance in rural sections, brought people in these sections
closer together, and placed education within the reach of
everyone. We are still proud of the Model T Ford. If we
were not, we would not have continued to make it so long."
For twenty years, the Model T Ford led the automobile
industry and it still serves more people than any other auto
mobile. Over one-third of all the automobiles in use today
are Model T Fords an indication of the sturdy worth
of the car and its value to all walks of life the
world over.
The Ford Motor Company will continue to make re
placement parts for .these cars "until the last Model T is
off the road." That is a part of Ford service. That is what
Henry Ford meant when he said: "We believe that when a
man buys one of our cars we should keep it running for
him as long as we can and at the lowest up-keep cost."
Because of this policy a considerable part of the Ford
manufacturing plants is given over to the making of parts
for the Model X Ford. These replacement parts are made
of the same material and in the same way as those from
which your car was originally assembled.
Make it a point, therefore, to see the nearest Ford dealer
and have him look over your Model T Ford. You may find
that a very small expenditure will enable you to get thou
sands of miles of additional service, and at the same time
protect the money you have invested in your car,
Ford Motor Company
Detroit, Michigan
4fta' i