The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, March 29, 1928, Image 3

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    Nick Karolei wan traiiHactliig
buNlneii at thu county scat loot Sun
day. J. G. Kramer and wlfo were In
from their Lakovlew ranch hut Sat-
Sheriff ChrlHman .wan in Maupln
hut wock, taking caro of hia politi
cal fence.
R. W. Richmond wai among those
from here who ware at The Dalles
on Tueaday.
Art Fargher and wife wore regis
tered at the Rank Hotel -at The
Dalles Sunday last.
' Miss Fannie Derthlck tpent Sun
day last at the home of her grand
parents at Tygh Valley.
Dr. Stovall and wife vldted with
their daughter Mrs. Lloyd Woodnido
at the Dalles last Saturday.
Willis M. Driver and wife were
trading with Maupln merchant, com
ing over from Wamlc, Monday morn
ing. '
George Claymler -vent to The
Dalles Tueaday and when ha returned
was driving a new modern Chevrolet
G. G. Kinling of the Clarno Oil
Basin company wa in Maupin on
Tuesday on busincHK for hU com
pany. o
Miss El Ic Sitmf is the guest of
Mine Fannie Derthick nt the hitter's
home this week, coming from Tort
land. H. N. Putman, serreary of the
Clarno Hajtin Oil company, was in
Maupin a short time Tuedy after
noon. Stewart (Brick) Mr Lead, being
snowed out at his ranch on Tygh
Ridge, spent yesterday in Maupin
with relatives.
H. M. Shearer wan at The Dalles
Tuesday and when he returned had as
pntwengers Mis Dorothy Ilurris and
The Times man.
Mlas Winifred Kaiser returned to
her studio at the state university
lust Sunday, after spending a week
with home folk.
Engineer K. D. Lytic of The Dalles,
was looking over the highway Mon
day with a view to improving same
prcviou to oiling operations.
W. W. and Ralph Richmond went
to Portland Tueaday and remained
there a few days thin week. .They
are preparing to go to Montana to
John Addington, bother of our
Mo::c, who lives at Rufus, was a
guest of his brother In Maupln last
week. He In engaged in road work
at Rufus.
J. P, Abbott was down from his
Wapinltla ranch Tuesday. Mr.
Abbott says hla ewes are dropping a
good percentage of lambs, there be
ing many twins already born.
George Mallatt was In from the
Bakeoven country yesterday. Mr.
Mallatt has lately filed for the of
fice of county comniMiioner from
this dlHtrict, subject to the decision
of the voters at the May primaries.
Mis Dorothy Harris returned from
a visit with the homo folks at Mt.
Scott, Portland, Tuesday evening.
She hud been laying off from her
teaching for several duya, suffering
with an aching tooth, which waa at
tended to while she was awsy.
down from Uabeoven vesterduy and
will upend a few duys in town.
Henry Calloway, The Dalles un
dertaker was In town last Friday
looking after matters connected with
his candidacy for the office of coun
ty coroner.
Tourists have begun to arrive at
the Maupln Camp Ground. Several
have occupied cabins there during
the past week, with Indications, point
ing to an IncreuHe shortly. ,
Billy McClure left for Portland
Lthls morning and will seek employ
ment In the big city. He has been in
Maupin the past two month,:, as
sisting Johnny Williams to erect new
camp ground cabins.
"Dad" Caole to contracting wool,
having made contracts with several
Juniper Flat ranchers for their clips.
He is paying from 30 cent to 32
cent a pound. Those ranchers who
have wool for sale and dispose of it
to Dad, will be given an advance
of $1.00 per fleece if they want it.
WM. Dr.k. Call.
Wm. Drake, erstwhile farm in
structor at the Warm Springs reser
vation, now residing at Clencullen
near Portland, was in Maupin Thurs
day last, having come up on bvii
ncs. Mr. Drake ha been in a hos
pital for some time, receiving treat
ment for cntararU on her eyes, but
we are plea ed to learn that the ail
ment has been removed by operation
and that ludy is again enjoying the
uho of her eyes. Mr. Drake return
ed to his home Friday.
Mrs. L. D. Kelly visited friends at
Wapintia ast Friday.
Mi mi Bcsie Starr waa a bed guest
of Mis Doris Kelly lart Thursday
Karl Bronner of Wapinitia waa
rTiered at the Hotel Kelly Satur
day laat.
Mrs. Krncst Hartmnn and daugh
ter, Crystal, were in Ea.t Maupin
on Friday last.
John Mannlon, who has been at
Karlen's the past two month", came
Chain Store Sign
Bates Khattuck got busy Satur
day and decorated the awning of hi:
store with a huge sign, which an
nounces the fact that his place of
bu iness is "Chain RED & WHITE
Store." The sign is a loud one and
should attract the attention of all
passing the Shattcuck ttore.
n:1 TTn About
1 lt,ftJUd Town
Went to CorTIli
George Tillot on with his wife
and her sinter. Mwa Vcrla Lewis,
went to Corvalli Friday, returning
early Sunday morning. When they
came home they were accompanied
by Bob Lewis, who 'a taking an
engineering course at the college.
: S
To the Voters of Wasco County:
In announcing my candidacy for the of
fice of County Sheriff, subject to the Re
publican primary election, I desire to state:
I have resided in The Dalles the last 20
years, locating here in 1908. I served the
O. W. It. & N. railroad in various capaci
ties of trust for many years.
In September, 1921, I opened the res
taurant known as "Mack's Cafe", which has
become known far and wide as a good place
to eat.
I advance my solicitation for your sup
port in the coming primaries, pledging that
if I am nominated and elected to the office
of Sheriff that I will give the people of
Wasco County an efficient, courteous and
economical administration. I owe no po
litical debt to any group or individual, and
if elected will carry out my duties without
fear or favor.
Respectfully submitted for your consid
eration, C. W. McMahon
We have been told that a certain
young man student in the Maupin
High school who, when disciplined I
ffiF Uima irtfrai't !n t.t flia viilim '
v. i.i v .... uvv.i'.i .sa hi iv . 1. 1 1 . n -
came so upset that hi invited the
teacher into the hall to indulge in
fisticuffs. In light of that incident
might it not be a good idea to in
clude a course in prize fighting in
the curriculum of our cchools?
Carl Pratt, our rural carrier on
Route A, does not like slippery
weather. Monday morning he had
hard work negotiating the hill near
Lou Kelly's and when he reached
the Flat wore himself out keeping
his Lizzie in the road.
Billy Heckman begun excavat
ing for the new bridge to be con
structed over the Deschutes at this
place. Billy says he will have the
structure in shape for travel soon
if the authorities will only give him
time enough.
Those Maupin men who are stock
holder in the Clarno Basin Oil com
pany arc most optimistic concerning
prospect for .triking oil. While the
drill 'is down but 170 feet, still it
Is going through a strata of blue
shale, which i a rea onably sure in
dication Hint oil underlies, but at
what depth cannot be said.
Tygh Valley High school plays and
dances always draw good attendance
from Maupin. The play given last
Saturday night is said to have been
of high class and produced in a
manner to pica e all. In producting
plays it i necessary that competent
instruction in dramatics be given and
in the; matter of the Tygh plays that
instruction was plainly evidenced.
The ranchers of Shnniko and An
telope have decided they want Gco-
Mallatt to represent then on the
County board of commissioners.
Well, George is a good man, knows
the need:) of the county regarding
roads and if elected would work to
the end that his section be recognized
in the fullest measure in the matter
of such throughfarcs.
After much digging and explosion
of dynamite, Nick Karoles has at hist
found the bottom of the hole he will
use as a rccc poll. 'Jack (Nick's
rouran, and side kick, put in many
strenous hours excavating lor the
pool mid says that between digging
and playing pinocle he falls for the
card game every time.
We wonder why it is that a bunch
of youngsters will always destroy
property when it is left unoccupied
When a rmall house i found vacant
that place is unially the rendezvous
for th? youthful element and when
thoy have decided to seek other
fields the house is left usually with
out windows.
(From The Times March 30, 1917)
N. G. Hedin had a crew of men
at work on the irrigation project on
the Flat last week, cleaning out the
ditches, as sonic of the fields have be
some flooded.
Miss Minerva Thall, former pri
mary teacher in the Maupin school,
lost all her belongings in a fire
at the Hay residence at Wrentham
last Friday night.
The first baseball game of the
season, played by the teams repre
senting Maupin and Tygh Valley, re
sulted in a victory for the home
team, the score being 10-1, the visi
tors getting their one run over in
the last inning.
Wheat is again being cold the Port
land price being $1.78 per bushel.
Two carloads of hogs were shipped
! from here Saturday morning, bring-
ing the raisers $5,000. One hog
belonging to Milt Morris brought
The play, "The Deacon's Tribula
tion," will be put on at the Shattuck
hall by the Tygh Valley High tchool,
tomorrow night.
The County Industrial club meet
ing, scheduled for the end of this
Avcek, has been postponed until April
19, owing to the bad condition of
roads, on Tygh idge.
F. C. Butler and A. M. Young
have begun work on the foundation
for a flouring mill at Tygh. The
mill will be built on the wte of the
one which burned down.
Oregon will reach $1,390,000.
Within four years, Fortland Cham-
are prices legitimately placed on good goods; are not
specials, but are made as low as is consistent with
safe merchandising. We have many customers who
live in Mapin and vicinity, and all who have traded
at the Parlor Grocery know that we always give a
bargain with every article purchased. A glance at
the list below will show the savings we have listed
for the coming week:
Sperry's White Down Flour, 49 It), sack, $1.83
Sperry's White Down Flour, per bbl $7.29
White River Flour, 49 lb. sack, per bbl $8.00
Cane Sugar (Manufacturers) per cwt $6.09
Cane Sugar (Best Grade) per cwt $6.29
Bordens & Libby Milk, per case, $4.75
Golden West Coffee, 5 lb. tin, $2.65
Cream Pail Coffee, 10 lb. pail, $4.75
Parlor Blend Coffee, 5 lbs.... $2.15
Ghirardellis Chocolate, 10 lb. tin, ; $3.25
School Boy Peanut Butter, 5 lb. tin, $1.30
K. C. Baking Powder, 10 lb. tin, $1.33
Calumet Baking powder, 10 lb. tin, $1.65
Tender Sweet Corn, per case, $2.99
Silved Dale Catsup, No. 10 tins, 60c
Libby & Del Monte Pumpkin, No. 10 tin, 55c
Yola Dill Pickles, Quart Jar, 35c
Happyvale Pink Alaska Salmon, per doz.... $1.95
Merrimac Salmon, 15Vfc oz. tins, per doz $3.25
Johnson Mince Clams, l's tall, per doz $2.33
Small White & Red Mexican Beans, 13 lbs $1.00
Fancy Oregon Prunes, 40-50 size, 25 lb. box,..$2.25
Fancy Blue Rose Head Rice, 13 lbs $1.00
Mission Black Figs, 25 lb. box, $2.75
Mazola Oil, gallon tin, : $1.95
Climax, Horse Shoe & Star Tobacco, per lb 70c
Rex Concentrated Lye, per dozen tins, $1.25
Crepe Toilet Paper,, 18 rolls J$1.00
The Dalles, Oregon
110 East Second Street.
and Way Points
and Way Point
Grosnf: amid,
aft Mbrkeft
Nearly every member of our ex
changes contained flattering notes
favoring the nomination and election
of Hal E. Hoss to the recretary-of
state's JoD- Thr ncw.ipnper people
of Mr. Hoss and will back him to the
limit in his campaign.
Klamath Falls Contract let for
$8,000 union High school furnishing.
Lapine will build 4-room school,
realize the Elreugth and capabilities with gymnasium,