The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, March 08, 1928, Image 4

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Correspondents' Weekly News Items
, Tjrh Valley Doings
The Tygh Valley basketball team
plans to play the second team of The
Dalles in the gymnasium at Tygh
tomorrow evening at 7:30. After
the game a dance will be given by
the young people for the benefit of
the gymnasium fund.
Monday evening, March 12, the
basketball team will play Mosier
High school team at Mosier and the
return game will be played at Tygh
on Friday, March 16. This game
also is called or 7:30 and a dance
will follow.
Friday evening, March 23, the reg
ular annual basketball game be
tween Maupin and Tygh will be
played in the Maupiit gymnasium.
Both the Junior and High school
teams will participate. The pro
ceeds will be divided equally between
the two schools, as was done in the
case of the football game and will
be done in the case of the baseball
game between the two school to be
payed at Tygh.
"When A Feller Needs A Friend"
will be given at the I. 0. 0. F. hall
on March 24, at 8 o'clock. This play
abounds in ludicrous situations and
will be enjoyed by those who may
find it convenient to be present at
that time. There will be a dance af
ter the play. The dance will be giv
en in the new High school gymna
sium. Next week's Times will carry
our ad and complete information.
A good many Tygh people attend
ed the Legion play given last Friday
at Maupin. This play was brim full
of action and thoroughly enjoyed by
our people.
Paul W. Light, athletic coach for
Tygh Valley High school, took the
junior basketball to Shaniko,
this evening for their first game of
the season. The return game will
be played at Tygh one week later,
March 15. At this time the games
will be a double header, both Junior
and Senior teams of Shaniko playing
similar teams, of Tygh Valley.
News Of Busy Shaniko
Margaret Rees played for the as
sembly singing Tuesday morning.
Continuing the work of prepara
tion for the basketball contest with
Mosier this week Friday, L. V.
Broughton and the Shaniko players
drove to Antelope Monday afternoon
for joint practice.
The General Science class has be
gun the study of plant life. We
have a powerful compound micro
scope, which adds reality to our
During the last two week ends our
school received a spring clean up.
Clean windows, fresh curtains, new
ly oiled floors together with this
wonderful spring weather, makes us
all happy. Mrs. Harris ha3 planted
bulbs and is planning a window box
of flowers in her room, while in
dividual plants will furnish cheer in
the other rooms.
The pupil are taking advantage of
the nice weather by making use of
the see-saw, the swings, the bar, the
ropes and the trapeze.
Litte Opal Herman is staying with
Mrs.. Guyton this week while her
mother i8 at The Dalles, under the
care of ear specialists. Mrs. Her
man hag been troubled since late
last fall with her organs of hearing.
,.The Freshmen are enjoying
Scotts' "Lady of The Lake."
Two basketball games between the
light weights of Tygh . Valley and
Shaniko schools were arranged for
Tuesday noon by Coach Paul Light
of Tygh and L. V. Broughton. The
.':rst game will be played at Sh'ir.ikc
this evening.
The Shaniko youths have played
four basketball games this season
and are beginning to feel like veter
ans. They are learning rapidly and
should make a fair record next year.
Doings at Pine Grove
Joe A. Graham has made the
rounds of the West Flat to get vol
unteer fire fighters, who consent to
respond to calls when emergency
fires demand outside help. He has
found the response good, as we all
want our forests protected for use
instead of a fire loss. Mr. Graham
plans, to have fire fighting tools and
equipment stored at Ben Richard
ion's. He also plans to have a lot
of line grub rations on hand so the
ruen can get on the job when called
witb the least possible loss of time.
The snow in the timber and wa
tershed is melting very slowly, due
to the density of it. On that account
the slashing of the new cattle lane
will be Blow,
W. W. Richmond and son, Ralph,
have completed their wood cutting
contract for Ted Endersy.
Fred Hackler was out from his
ranch on the Sun Flower Flat Sat
urday night
W. A. Doane spent Wednesday last
in Maupin, looking up some paint
W. A. Doans and Virgil Mayfield
are putting up wood on Mr .Doane's
Misa Overman is expecting her
mother from Philomath this week.
Mrs. Chas. Walker is taking care
of George Beebe'a children.
Reuben Walter's sprained ankle ia
improving but he is unable to walk
on it
The Geological surveyors are
boarding at the F. G. Laughlin
Mrs. Maggie Ray, formerly of
this place ia quite sick at Maupin.
Linn & Sons are hard at work in
the fuel woods on the Alexander
Mr. Hull and Miss Meredith,
the teachers in the Wapinitia Gram
mar and High schools, made a week
end trip to their homes at The Dalles.
0. Bonner has recently completed
a water and drain system at his home
on the Flat
George Beebe spent several days
at Maupin last week visiting his
brother-in-law and folks.
John Sinclair is continuing to
drag the Clear Lake-Wapinitia high
way as far aa the snow will permit.
The Percy Driver road dragging
for the county on market and side
roads is again under way.
Chas. Lewis and family have mov
ed to the R. B. Driver ranch, re
cently purchased by the late Delbert
M. ccy. Mr. McCoy has leased the
place to her brother.
Julius Shepflin made a Monday
trip to Maupin for the purpose of
having his battery charged.
Robert Shepflin spent the last
week end at the Sanford Boycr
The Pine Grove Athletic club met
at Ben Richardson's place Saturday
night, the principal occupation of
the evening being that "of pushing
leather." This elimination practice
is designed to produce some good
smoker material for coming boxing
Julius Shepflin is cutting wood on
the old Brown ranch.
Andy Booth has moved to the Ray
for pleasure
R. J. Raraolds Tabaer
Caaifur, WlufWa-Sslm, N. C
Kaylor place, whero ho will work
this spring.
Pine Grove school is planning a
St. Patrick social, whereat games
and contests will fill the evening
with merry making.
Walter Sharp has gone to work
for Harvey Morris.
Cabbage can always bo used for
salad if lettuce is not available.
Don't forget the salt in preparing
the breakfast cereal. Very often a
lasting dislike for cereal is due to
lack of proper salting. A teaspoon
to a quart of water is the usual
amount needed.
When you want to make a meat
loaf, have the butcher cut off a fresh
piece of meat and grind it while you
look on, or take the meat home and
grind it yourself. Uae the ground
meat the day it is bought 'if possible.
Early spring is the time to get
ahead with hot weather clothing.
Stores are full of attractive cotton
fabrics. Invest in a few dress lengths
and make them up in odd moments
so you will be prepared when the
first warm days4 arrive.
Liver that has been fried with ba-'
con and a little onion may be seal-'
loped with rice in a baking dish. Salt
pork may be used instead of bacon
and raw potatoes thinly sliced, in
stead of rice.
Jam or jelly tarts made of lei
over pie dough and left-over pre
serves, will solve the question what
to have for dessert, with very little,
trouble. Pie trimmings can also be
cut into cookie thn'?s, brushed with
egg-yolk, sugar arv cinnamon, and
used for cookies.
The following are important ques
tions concerning any farm lease: (1)
Is it in writing? (2) Do you under
stand it before you sign? (3) Is it
in writing so that the meaning will
be clear at any time? (4) Ia it fair
to you and to the other party? (5)
Does it give the tenant a reasonable
opportunity to make a living and get
ahead? (6) Does it require proper
and conservative care of the leased
premises? (7) If there are reserva
tions are they in writing? (8) Does
the lease state what each party is to
do and to contribute? (9) Does it de
fine clearly the rights and privileges
of each party? (10) Does it provide
for a settlement of differences of
opinion? (11) Does it provide for
procedure when the tenancy is to be
ended? (12)Does it contain the fol
lowing essentials of a legally com
plete lease? (a)the date; (b)signa
tures of both parties; (c)definition
then Camels are
made for you.
Mild, mellow, fra
grantthere's a
world of enjoy
ment in smoking
Today, as for many years, Camels lead
by billions, and they continue to grow
If you are building, use moderate
priced flooring and cover with
and if you need a new floor put down
Linoleum and save work. Full line of
Gold Seal
Hundreds of Designs to Choose From
Bring in measurements and select yours now
of the term; (d) description of the
r.rnnortv. nH fMn OT0m.r, tn
the amount of rent to be paid; the j
time when and the place where it is
to be paid. A good lease should per
mit of an affirmative reply to each
of these questions.
Armstrongs Linoleum,
for vrry Floor in (lit Horn
iliil Mmk
y,,:.S7iaHyis?te 1
Third and Washington Sts., The Dalles. Phone 300
Mark Stuart and John Confer!
. WCnt l th Kl,lt th' "'"'"'"K after-
I. 0. 0. F.
Lodgo No. 209, Maupin, Oregon
meets every Saturday nijjht in I. 0.
0. F. hall. Visiting members alway
welcome. 1
James Chalmers, N. G.
O. F. Ramck, S.c'y.
Fir.t National Bank Bldg.
T.ha Dalles, Oregon
Phone 391
Hundreds of Supreme Court
Judges concur In highest prslsa
of the work as their Authority.
The Presidents of all leading Uni
versities, Colleges, and Normal
Schools give their hearty indorse
ment. All Stores that have adopted a
large dictionary as standard have
selected Webster's New It.tema
The Schoolbooks of the Country
adhere to the Merrlam-Webster
system of diacritical marks.
The Government Printing Office
at Washington uses it as authority.
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Wonii, lutclmtn of Regular and India
Papers, FREE.
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Your Watch Haywire?
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brini? it to The Times
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make tha rancher and out-of
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